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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

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A deep and immense love – a connection to those who value truth, freedom and health, is what compelled me as a 12-year-old boy to take on a big mission. That decision is what has governed my every action. I believe I owe it to you as a visitor to this site to share the particular moment and the events that set my course, which now lead me to you, perhaps, in our collective journey forward.

In 1975, I returned to visit my dear grandparents in my village Muhavur in deep South India. Five years earlier, I had left India for America on my seventh birthday in 1970, and it was on this trip back to India in 1975 that I chose my Dharma – my path. It is a moment that is etched in my soul – a moment I’ve shared with perhaps a handful of people. On that trip is when I realized the stark differences between America and India as well as the similarities of the hardworking farmers like my grandparents and the working class folks in New Jersey, where I was growing up in the towns of Paterson, Clifton and Lake Hiawatha.

When I was leaving India on that 1975 trip, my grandparents came to the train station to send me off. As I saw them through the window of the old caboose train, I saw them weeping – tears flowing. It was at that moment, as I too wept – I committed myself to becoming useful – an instrument of liberation for hard working, loving and honorable people like them – be they in India or America.

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Dr.SHIVA explains why the Real Solution to Big Tech Censorship…

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MIT PhD Dr.SHIVA Explains WHY HealthCare Costs are HIGH & the Real Solution

MIT PhD Dr.SHIVA Explains WHY HealthCare Costs are HIGH & the Real Solution

In this video, Dr.SHIVA breaks up the real reasons why…

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai Discusses "BioMediaWarfare"

Dr.SHIVA Discusses “BioMediaWarfare”

Dr.SHIVA explains his new concept “BioMediaWarfare” - the next generation…

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Dr.SHIVA Explores Speculation of Coronavirus Being a “Bioweapon”

Dr.SHIVA explores speculation of coronavirus being a “bioweapon,” while teaching us some science.
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MIT Presidential Fellows Distinguished Lecture: Innovation Anytime, Anyplace by Anybody

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai will be delivered a scholarly lecture at the MIT Presidential Fellows Distinguished…

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Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Invention of Email by Shiva Ayyadurai

In 1978, Shiva Ayyadurai, a 14-year old, dark-skinned, lower-caste, Indian immigrant boy, working at the…

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What Molecule In Red Chili Pepper Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Chili peppers are available throughout the year to add zest to flavorful dishes around the…

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The Harvard Coop Author Series Presents The Future of Email

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai will be appearing at the Harvard Coop for a book signing…

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Dr.SHIVA Explains Why Marx Would Vote for Trump Over Bernie

Dr.SHIVA analyzes the current situation in Massachusetts and America and explains why Marx would have…

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MIT PhD reveals the Truth about “Gun Violence.” Beyond PRO-GUN & ANTI-GUN.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai discusses "Gun Violence." A lot of attention has been brought to this issue…

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Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health Series – Who is Smarter? The STATE or YOU?

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai shares the REAL SOLUTION for Immune Health & Freedom

In this lecture at Medfield Public Library in Medfield, MA, Dr.SHIVA discusses the REAL SOLUTION…

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