EchoMail – Unleash the Power of Email

EchoMail - Unleash the Power of EmailSince 1993, EchoMail has educated the largest brands in the world and provided an all-in-one technology platform for managing customer service, marketing and sales through email.

Core Technologies

EchoMail has developed a patented platform for Electronic Relationship Management (ERM). The patented EchoMail Relationship Operating System (ROS) provides for flexible captured electronic interactions, automatic filtering, data warehousing, analytics, workflow, business intelligence and delivery through the EchoMail Relationship Management Operating System (RMOS).

The EchoMail Digital Refinery


Customers can license the RMOS Technology or its individual components known as The Digital Refinery. The Digital Refinery is the nucleus for multiple industry specific domain-centric software applications. The figure above illustrates the EchoMail RMOS system and The Digital Refinery.

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Systems Visualization

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