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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – explains why the elites divide us into Left & Right; Black & White in a discussion with two brothers who have a liberty podcast.
  • One of the brother’s interviewing Dr.SHIVA shares his experience on how taking his ‘Foundation of Systems’ course was fascinating & eye opening – good for people who are looking for answers to what is going on in the world today.
  • One of the core elements is to educate people, which is that those in power understand, it is called ‘System Science’ and one of the System Principles is a principle of ‘Self-organizing Systems.’
  • It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat, both parties have been creating racism to split blacks and whites while never providing infrastructure in inner cities, pitting blacks against whites so we never get to the real solution.
  • The liberal & GOP elites are playing WWE like actors, they are like Pepsi & Coke. They trap working people into a dialectic having one side calling the other racist and the other side denies racism. When the real racism is the elites creating a caste system while they distract working people with their theatre.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Good morning, everyone, or good afternoon. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today we are going to have a discussion, with two very interesting folks, one out in Michigan, part of the group that is really into liberty and freedom. And we are going to talk about why those in power, the elites, need to divide us by ‘left and right’ and ‘black and white’. And that is what we are going to talk about. Why is it that the elites have created this division about Republicans and Democrats?

So let me bring them in. And let me start over here. Hold on one second. Are you guys there?

James Mundy: We are here.

Dr.SHIVA: All right. Great. Yeah. So let me bring you guys in here. And hopefully everyone can see you guys. Let’s jump right in. And we have people joining us. Go ahead.

JM: That sounds great. Yeah. Welcome to Liberty Monks Podcast. James Mundy here with Mike Mundy. How are you doing today, brother Mike?

MikeMundy: Never better sir. How are you?

Dr.SHIVA: Are you guys’ brothers?

James & Mike: We are.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s good.

JM: Dr.SHIVA, I’d love to give some of our listeners, audience, some of your background. That’s right.

Dr.SHIVA: Sure.

JM: Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai is the inventor of EMAIL. He has a US Government patent on that. And he’s the inventor of Polymath, has four degrees from MIT. He is a world-renowned System Scientist. Dr.SHIVA is a Fulbright Scholar. Lemelson,MIT awards finalist, first outstanding scientists and technologists of Indian origin recipient, Westinghouse science talent honors recipient and was nominated for the US National Medal of Technology and Innovation is just scratching the surface of what the good Doctor’saccomplished up to this point and it’s only a glimpse into his professional life. Dr.SHIVA, a warm welcome to ‘Liberty Monks’.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, great to be here. How are you guys doing?

JM: Doing? Well, my friend, doing well.

Dr.SHIVA: I’m doing good. Awesome.

MM:So, someone smarter than me?

JM: Yeah, he might be a lot smarter than you.

MM: Okay.

JM: Well, Doctor, I would love to dig into some of the things that you see going on in the world today, and what efforts you and your network are taking to make a difference. And I’ve had the experience of being at some of your meetings recently. Crystal, who we know works very closely with you, encouraged me to come on some of those. And I learned a great deal, really fascinating eye-opening stuff. I think especially for people that are looking for answers to what’s going on right now. One of the things that we wanted to bring up initially. with youwas just like we’ve got such a split right now in so many different areas. And in one of those areas is based on what happened in the 2020 election. And they had a lot of people that say there’s no fraud, nothing weird going on, you have something that has massive fraud that this election was stolen. Can you give us some insight into what a logical explanation as to what happened in this election? And now you actually ran for Senate in Massachusetts and had an interesting experience with that. So, I’d love to hear more about that.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, James. That’s a very interesting question. One of the things that we are doing, as you know, is building this movement for Truth Freedom Health that everyone should be aware of, is that one of the core elements here is to educate people about something very, very profound. Which is that those in power, understand something called ‘System Science’. The reason that history and what may seem to people, if you look at a lot of people, they’ll say, well, we’re just talking to one of our Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholars out in Oregon, he goes, “You know, I meet people and they don’t they say, you know, what, you can’t do anything. The people are so powerful, I’m just going to do my little garden and run my business. I don’t care about what goes on. And other people say, “Well, you got to choose the lesser of two evils.”

What’s happened is that those in power, or third, is the world is what you just said, so divided. How do we bring this stuff together – a sense of desperation? And what you really realize is that those in power, these possibilities that they’ve created, are these very low standards of possibilities that they’ve created is by design, and those in power have very, very smart people. Not the ones that you see on TV, be it Bernie or Trumpers, Obama or Mitch Mcconnell running the operations, these there’s and I’m not even talking about some ‘deep state’ I’m just talking about they have aligned themselves with people who understand the ‘Science of Systems’.

In the 1930s, and 40s, people started asking, scientists started asking some fundamental questions. How do you build machines that can emulate humans who were the beginning of what was called ‘robotics or cybernetics? And those kinds of questions developed the modern ‘Science of Systems Theory’ or ‘System Science’. And people learned that there’s a physics to whether how your body runs is the system, or how the universe runs is the system, or the computer runs as a system, or a simple thermostat, or windshield wiper. All of these systems are large scale Political Systems, or Economic System. There is a fundamental science, and that science is called ‘System Science’. And there’s around 10,000 people in the world who really understand this change, James and Mike, and those who understand it go to institutions like MIT, like Kennedy School of Government, like Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the NSA, CIA.

I mean, and those, that science informs those people of how to (a) understand the direction of people, movement of people, how to sense and gather data on how people may be changing, and how to manipulate people, no different than how you would do the same thing to maintain homeostasis in your body or maintain a thermostat, it is called the ‘Science of Systems’. And the ‘Science of Systems’ is like a nuclear weapon. And if we want to change the world, and we do not understand this science, it’s like people having bows and arrows fighting against someone who’s got serious hardware and weapons and guns. You’re never going to win.

So that’s why, my journey over the last, I’m 57, since I came to the United States, as a kid, when I was seven, was always motivated to understand Political Systems having grown up in a Caste System in India, and also wanting to understand Medical Systems because my grandmother was a very interesting healer, and I saw empirically heal people.

My journey, I was very fortunate to go to places like MIT, decided to invent the first Email System, and to get a job when I was 14 years old, doing science, mathematics, and engineering, but America afforded me all that. But through that journey, I never forgot where I came from. And that journey really led me to this point here, where I’ve essentially unravelled and understood the ‘Science of Systems’. But more importantly, I’ve created a way that I can teach this to everyone on the planet, because in the modern world, we live in a world of systems, very complex systems. And if people don’t understand the physics of how these systems run, they’re one day going to vote for Obama thinking he is going to be their Savior, another day, Bernie, and another day Trump, and then say, okay, maybe now it’s Ron De Santis. Right, and maybe it’s this guy, that guy.

The elites, those in power, understand systems. And one of the Systems Principles, James, and Mike is a principle of what’s called ‘Self-Organizing Systems’. What is a ‘Self-Organizing System’ is one of the fundamental principles of how the universe operates, which means the reality is that real things do not occur in the centre. In nature, there is really no centre, things occur at the edges. Meaning that if you look at a cell, it’s at the cell membrane, where the interesting stuff takes place, the nucleus, what we thought for 40 years was the centre, the DNA is actually just storage. No different than physics is realizing that it is the edges of the universe where interesting things take place. We thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe once and we figured out that the sun was, and we figured out the entire solar system spins around the Milky Way. And it goes on and on and on.

This concept of decentralization is where the truth is, which means bottoms up movements. What’s happened is that the elites have, particularly in the United States, the elites, the global elites, for that matter, have done an amazing job over the last, since starting the 1950s, to wipe out, to completely obliterate the history of the American working class fighting for its rights. I’ll repeat that, again, the global elites have wiped out the history of the fact that the American working people have been the tip of the spear of a global movement for freedom. Why do I say this?

One of the things you know, when you took the course, we talked about this, if we unwind history, and you go back to the 1800s, when the Industrial Revolution was taking place, all over the world, people are saying, ‘What was going to occur?’ Karl Marx writes a Communist Manifesto, observing what took place in the Paris Commune or what was going on in the industrial era. He made some interesting observations, he got some of the stuff wrong projecting into the future. Adam Smith before that was looking at, you know what it means labor and capital.

But in the United States, the American working class, particularly women, led the American working-class movement, starting in the mid to late 1800s. It was squalor to work in an American factory in the 1800s. The working people were treated like garbage. And by the mid to late 1800s, working-class movements in America were leading the global working-class movements. And the elites in this country thought that there was going to be a revolution again, a Great Upheaval. People should just Google it.

I never learned about an AP history class. Most political science majors, maybe learn about it. had to learn how to teach others not to ever discuss it. But the reality was that the great upheaval resulted in, for example, you’re in Michigan, right and in Hey Mark, and you know, you’re in your next state over there in Illinois, in Chicago, in the hay market, Haymarket Chicago. That’s where the fight for the eight-hour workday took place. Four American workers are hanged for that, and one of the great travesties of justice. And that was in 1886, around May 3, and in commemoration of those American workers and the movement, workers all over the world said, May Day, May 1 was going to be International Workers Day. That’s the truth of it.

Now, most Americans don’t even know they think it’s running around a maypole or something. Eisenhower changed it to Loyalty Day, Reagan changed it to Law Day. There was an effort by the elites in the United States to deny the fact that the American working people knew how to protest, knew how to rise up, Bottoms-up, and they needed to obliterate that. Why? Well, because the American working class is the only working class on the planet that has the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.

The Indian working class, there’s still a British Commonwealth. The British is this stupid idiot, Harry, who came to the United States of the America, “the First Amendment is bonkers.” That’s what he said. That’s what he said. The British elites do not believe in the First Amendment, they think it’s only preserved for kings. Still, to this day. All the Commonwealth countries like India and Australia and other Commonwealth countries deny it.

If you look at the American working class, in this perspective, no other working class can send fear into the heart of the elites, the Indian working class, a lot of people, but they don’t have the First Amendment or the Second Amendment, the Chinese working classes essentially have been made slaves and the Australian working class and European. I mean, they’re just basically completely disarmed.

In this context, the American working class was the tip of the spear of those movements. And when you go look at the early 1900s, again, all of this has been wiped out of American history. The early 1900s were when those working-class movements peaked. And in the time of the Great Depression, the elites thought they were going to lose it all. They literally thought they were done. And that’s why Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was a racist and a classist and a complete elitist, was not a nice person. He’s been made out to be a hero. But he was forced by those workers; movements of the American working-class men and women to give certain concessions, the eight-hour workday, build roads, build bridges, give us nutrition, clean up, yeah, infrastructure, put in Water Systems give vitamin A, stop child labor, none of those things just happened because of Republican or Democrat. Those were hard fought gains of people on the streets fighting, people’s names, we don’t even know, Bottoms-up men and women, the American working class. That movement is what really brought all the prosperity during 1940 to 1980.

In the United States, if you look at the growth of the American Pie, it was all of those fights. those struggles of those, people’s names we don’t even know, though true patriots. The American working class that because of the infrastructure, the elites were forced to build. That’s when we had the growth. By way of example, 18 years before the measles vaccine even came out 98 to 99% of measles was wiped out, by that infrastructure, clean water, clean hygiene, all those things. The plumber, and the sanitation workers, as I’ve repeatedly said, did more for public health, than did the pharmacist or the medical doctor. That came much later.

We need to understand that public health really came from infrastructure. And because of that explosive infrastructure that America put in and invested in which they didn’t do on their own, the elites, they were forced to do it. Between 1940 and 1978 the American Pie grew, whether you made $5,000 a year, whether you made $5 million a year, everyone’s incomes grew. That was all the tide lifted everyone up. All right. Now, the republicans and democrats, the elites did not like this, because they were like, they had to bend over to the will of the people.

People in power don’t like to do that because they think they’re better than you and I. What did they resort to starting in the 1950s, quote unquote, right wing Republican elites. They chopped off the legs of the American workers by branding anyone who said “Working People Unite” as communists. They did the Big Red Scare. That’s why they really did it. Because they were so pissed off at what these women and men did in the 1800s and 1900s. They scared the hell out of them. They said we can ever have these peasants ever organize against us. They branded all those people, communists, they scared the hell out of them. Obviously, every American worker listens to someone in Russia, like they don’t have a brain of their own. They branded that. So, that made that sent a lot of fear that enabled the Left wing and people that really need to listen to this carefully. This was what happened. The left wing therefore created top-down unions. Before it was Bottoms-up, it was very vibrant. I mean, between 1940 to 1978, you had nearly 100 to 200 million workers who struck. Think about that, it means there was a vibrancy in the American workers to fight for their rights.

By 1970, the union’s Top-down control by mob bosses and democrats, quote unquote, the left Democrats, supported by the right the Republicans. The unions are basically nonsense. The unions basically signed agreements with corporations, and we won’t strike. We won’t do work stoppages they basically defanged the American working class. Between 1982 and today, maybe 2 million workers have ever even participated in strikes 1/10.

What happened between 1970 to 2020, the American Pie split into two. And the RAND Report that just came out last year shows this, it shows a definitive, beautiful work done by two very good scientists, economists, they show now that we have two American Pies, the big American Pie for the 5%, where Jeff Bezos can – his wealth in the in the last year of Trump went from 100 billion in wealth. Literally in one, nine months, Jeff Bezos’ wealth increased from 100 billion to 210 billion, Amazon went from a $900 billion company to a $1.8 trillion company while American small businesses were shut down. While restaurants were closed, why the elites thank Trump did this, he wasn’t better than Obama, Obama printed $4.2 trillion, Trump printed 6.2 trillion.

Why? Because for the last 50 years, the elites have been running a bogus shell game. And that shell game has been particularly heightened with Obama in 2008. And after Trump, they’ve been keeping interest rates artificially low, so they could get low interest loans to fund their bogus businesses, while hard working Americans, when they actually needed to grow their businesses. And as interest rates were going to rise, they had to keep them suffocated, which means they needed the Great Reset, okay, to stop the demand for capital, we’ll get more into this.

The bottom line is, if you follow the money, starting in 1970, the left and the right Republicans and Democrats worked together to suppress the Bottoms-up movement of the American working people. So that resulted into American policy of 95% of American working people today as their wages have gone down by 60, or 70%. If you’re making $50,000, you should actually be making $120k. That $70,000 differential was given to the elites, there was socialism.

The same Republicans who say I’m against Marxism, socialism, they’re the ones who’ve benefited from that, the right and the elite on the left, there’s no left or right. They’re both one. They just have two faces as needed to perpetuate this WWE wrestling, Trumpo versus Demento Biden.

JM: That’s what you can’t conquer. You can conquer people’s well, and their patriotism and all those things that we talked about the liberation with, with united citizens, right, especially here in United States, right.

Dr.SHIVA: You have to perpetuate. The two weapons that the elites have used is this division into a bogus Left and Right, and racism. And the elites are very, very clever. We can talk about this; the democrats act as though they are the stalwarts of black people and minorities. They speak the race game. There is a real racism.

The real racism is perpetuated by the elites of both parties. The left says, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re for black people’. People like Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson. But they don’t give a damn about black people, because they never built infrastructure in the inner cities. Even the civil rights movement was heisted by Robert Kennedy Sr., and frankly, Martin Luther King, when you really look at it, they never promoted people like Malcolm X, or a lot of leaders who wanted infrastructure.

They push Martin Luther King to quell down the real issues. What the right did, the elites on the right, they deny racism exists. That essentially throws more fuel on black people saying ‘what are you saying?’ and therefore, the white working class runs over to the Republican side because they feel they’re being attacked. And they’re being branded as white supremacists.

But the reality is both wings of the establishment perpetuate racism. They’re the ones who perpetuate one denies it. The other falsely says that they’re the stalwarts of it. And the real solution to racism is infrastructure in the inner cities. And none of that was ever put in. What we did was with civil rights, the civil rights movement was essentially hijacked. And we have with civil rights is, what they did was saying, well don’t use the N word, don’t use these words, political correctness, and let’s do affirmative action, which pitted poor blacks against poor whites.

We don’t have infrastructure in inner cities. If you look at, in Boston alone, where the so-called liberal Kennedys have ruled for how many years? The average net worth of a black person, right in Boston is $8 $8.

JM: 8, 8, That’s $8?

Dr.SHIVA: Yes, it’s $8. You can google it right now, type in $8 and net worth, that’s by the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. And that of people like John Kerry, who live around Lewisburg square in Boston is $257,000. This is supposed to be Massachusetts the centre of the liberal people who so care about minorities. It’s all bullshit.

These people are the ones who have thrived on segregation and then they point to quote unquote rednecks and say they’re the racist. The American white working classes, the real racist of the liberal elites, and the elites in the GOP, both of them they’re playing Pepsi and Coke. They get one group to get the white working class, all pissed off like, oh, they’re calling me racist. And by denying racism exists.

I moved into a pretty much an all-white liberal neighborhood in Boston. In Belmont. After I moved here, one night, I got a knock on the door, and the cops didn’t believe I lived here. They wanted me to show my ID I said, this is not South Africa, they burst into my house. There is racism. The way we build bridges of white working class needs to reach out to its black brother. And so yeah, there is racism. And you know, what we as working people are going to solve it.

The real people who perpetuate racism are these elites. Elizabeth Warren is a racist. She’s the one who used race to get a job at Harvard. That’s racism. But the Republican elite also perpetuate racism. They act as though they’re cancel culture and all of this.

In Massachusetts, it was a Massachusetts GOP who did not want a son of working-class people, me, to win the Republican primary. They’re the ones who colluded to keep me off the debate stage. I mean, you would think if they were true republicans, in the spirit of Lincoln, they would have embraced me, this guy came from nothing. He represents the true spirit of coming from Bottoms-up.

JM: And your opponent didn’t have your ground game.

Dr.SHIVA: He had nothing. He was a pasty face, white elite lawyer from Greenwich. No, seriously. And this guy, I went in all white working-class towns in Franklin because everyone black and white loved our campaign, Truth Freedom Health.

If you go to Franklin County, the results come out. They couldn’t rip that away from me. Pretty much an all-white working-class County, was hand counted paper ballots, I went by 10 points. And this guy who no one even knew, no lawn signs, no bumper stickers, no one knew was appointed, chosen by the Massachusetts GOP. He wins in an all-black county and all Hispanic County. 60/40 60/40 why this guy’s a man for all seasons. I’ve never, what was his marketing? He should be teaching at Harvard Business School, his marketing techniques.

The reality is, the elites of the Democrats and the GOP use race to take election integrity. For 30 years, the Democrats have been supposedly fighting election integrity and voter suppression. Well, now the left or the right talks about mail in ballots.

Trump raised $300 million, quote unquote, fighting for Election Fraud. Where did that $300 million go? All of his lawsuits were garbage. You read them, they were really poorly written. I mean, why is it that my lawsuits are still in court, both of them and the reality is Trump didn’t want to win, he used it to make money. And we as former Trumpers, which is what I am, I gave him money. I campaign for him. I busted my butt for him like a lot of our friends.

The real crime scene when it comes to election integrity, there is a real issue, and that is a fact that both Republicans and Democrats, both parties have been certifying voting machines with a capability where you can multiply votes by a fraction, it’s called a weighted race feature. Everyone can type in on Google weighted race feature, Diebold 2002.

You will find the manual of the Diebold voting machines as early as 2002. On page two, chapter two, page 126 is a paragraph called the ‘weighted race feature’, which, which says if you get 2000 votes, James and Mike got 2000 votes, they can multiply Mike’s votes by point five (0.5), he becomes 1000 votes and yours by three (3.0), you get 6000 votes, it’s a feature.

That feature was created on these voting machines for housing associations when they took votes. Let’s say you own 2000 square feet, Mike owned 1000 square feet and I own 500 square feet and we were voting on whether we should put a new boiler right in the basement of the condo unit. Well, you would typically pay a little more based on square footage. You got two (2) votes, Mike would get one (1) vote and I would get point five (0.5) votes, but that feature should not be in federal election systems.

The left and the right, Republican & Democrat are all scumbags in this. If you look at Michigan, for example. The Michigan legislature, Republicans, they don’t care about whether Trump wins or Biden wins, they already control the legislature, they’re quite happy, and they don’t want to rock the boat. It’s not like Republicans protect Republicans or Democrats protect Democrats.

When you really unravel the politics, you’ll find out that the Republicans and Democrats will take a state, you get to have the Senators and the Governor and you get to work at the federal level, we get to run the state, because remember, if you control the legislature, you control the flow of multi billions of dollars. You got all your friends working for you. That’s what the American people need to understand.

This is not about helping the American people, they’re running an industry where they get into power, they get graft, they get money, they get all sorts of ways that they make money on the back end. Think about coming back to infrastructure. When you think about infrastructure in the United States, this is what’s fascinating. In China, and in Singapore, from the time they say, okay, we’ve allocated $10 billion to build that bridge. Within two years, they start the project permits and everything is done right.

You could say, China and Singapore, authoritarian countries, well, the same also occurs in in Canada, and then Germany takes two years How long it takes in the United States from the time even after they say $100 billion is allocated to fix the water systems in Michigan and Flint, Michigan, let’s say, guess how much time it takes to actually start that project? How much time does it take you guys?

JM: three years, four years, 5 years

Dr.SHIVA: 10 years, 10 years? There’s a very good analysis done by Philip K. Howard, in the United States, it takes 10 years. You know why it takes 10 years, because you got to pay off all these people, all these regulations between two states and three states and city and council and everyone’s need wants to be paid off. It’s total corruption.

So where is that brought the United States to a D minus (D-) and infrastructure globally, by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Now remember going back to the 1800s and 1900s. It is infrastructure that created public health, not wearing these masks and the jabinations and all that, getting a jab. This is all bullshit. When you’re really unravelling.

JM: And we’re seeing the infrastructure right now dilapidated in the United States, once again.

Dr.SHIVA: The infrastructure like in Massachusetts, where MIT is the number one engineering school in civil engineering is an F minus, minus (F – -) Everyone should just look, American Society of Civil Engineers.

That under infrastructure, you’re looking at bridges, you’re looking at now even electronic, digital infrastructure, you’re looking at roads, when all of these break down, and all the environmentalists should also, when a bridge doesn’t get fixed on time, all that stuff seeps into the groundwater, right. When the piping systems don’t get fixed, it is infrastructure that truly made this country great.

Starting in the 1900s – 1940s, well, all of that stuff is breaking down. And so instead of focusing on that, which would actually be the real solution for public health. They have us over here distracted. Oh, you got to get a jab and you got to wear this diaper on your face. And then you’re going to be getting public health. Well, okay, fine. Let’s even give to those people who want to wear the diaper and feel the jab is necessary for them. Great. The discussion I was okay, so that means you care about public health. Well, if you truly care about public health, you have to understand that this generation of our generation right now, the generation that was born in this current generation is expected to live less than the previous generation. Lifespans are going down. 30 to 35% of young kids are obese. Alright, and you go down the list. Three out of five chances of you going to a hospital, you’re probably going to get some other infection coming up, and 1.6 million Americans get hospitalized every year for an adverse reaction to some pharmaceutical drug. I can keep going on.

When you look at the actual issue of public health, the poor infrastructure, the layers of corruption, like Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, all this stuff. We don’t have superior infrastructure anymore. We’ve weakened our infrastructure at every level.

It is infrastructure that creates jobs. $1 in infrastructure has a $6 return 6x return. $1 that you give free money away, like Andrew Yang and Bernie and all these guys subsidies, it’s your return is you lose 60 cents.

JM: What it doesn’t incentivize people to go to work and it creates a style in production, right? Is that what is that?

Dr.SHIVA: Well, the reality of what’s happened. from an economic analysis, is that the elites have been running a bogus economy, or real economy has real free market competition. You engender real innovation. What they have created is an insider game. Jared Kushner gets to go to Harvard. He was not a good student. His father gave $2.5 million. Why is Ivanka Trump in the White House? What qualifications did she had? Why is Hunter Biden not in jail? Why is Chelsea Clinton has a job, she got a professorship at Columbia. This is royalty.

This is not the America that my parents and I came from India are your parents, your parents, grandparents, who got on ships, that what we’ve created is a caste system in this country, where people who are frankly not that intelligent, and don’t work that hard, because they hit the birth lottery get into positions of power. And that’s what’s really happened in the United States. And we can’t deny that.

The result of that is the big corporations and businesses that these elites run aren’t even run on real fundamentals. Mike and James, they’re not really run onreal business. What they’ve done is in order to keep their businesses going, they issue corporate bonds. They need to get low interest loans. Think about real estate development. What it is real estate development has nothing to do with being creative. It has to do with can you get low interest loans?

And take Jared Kushner, how does a guy, a young guy 20 years old start buying a property in Somerville here in Massachusetts? Well, Father gave him a ton of money. And then he builds one home and you get low interest. So real estate developers need low interest loans. Many of these corporations who don’t really have a real sound balance sheet need low interest loans.

That’s why when Obama came in, the banks failed. Well, Obama didn’t let him fail, even though he acted like he was some radical and you know, revolutionary. He in the White House night, that meeting that they all met, saved all the Big Banks. And what, how did they do, they printed was called ‘Quantitative Easing’ which was a simple word for we’re just going to make money appear out of nowhere $4.2 trillion, or $4 trillion. Ever since that happened, it’s called ‘modern monetary theory’ MMT. No one even knows how it works.

MMT says you just put money in and something will magically occur as long as we can keep inflation low. What the elites have been doing – is they’ve been propping up the stock market, propping up their companies. I mean, what is Twitter, Twitter, or if you really think Facebook, they don’t really make anything.

There’s no real value, but Twitter has $1 billion in revenue, it gets a 48x multiple, they’re worth 48 billion, The New York Times, which actually has maybe writers forget whether we like them or not, they do 2 billion in revenue, they only get a 6 billion valuation. Silicon Valley creates artificial concepts of valuation, oh, they’re a platform company, they get a 40x multiple, they’re a publisher, they get a 3x multiple. You see, they just make crap up.

The entire elites run on this fictitious economy. Meanwhile, I started business, I have employees, I gotta pay them. I gotta meet payroll. I can’t be like Jared Kushner having my father-in-law there. Then when I get out of office, I can go to Israel and get a 100 million $500 million loan. That’s what the elites do. They don’t have to run on the same playing field.

They’ll talk about, you know, the market economy and we’re against Marxism and socialism. But they have Marx, they practice Marxism socialism for themselves. They don’t practice real capitalism.

What we’ve done is that the realities, it’s like a pot about to boil over. When Trump got into office, Trump was very valuable for the elites. Why was he valuable? Well, they knew it was going to, that this Great Reset needed to take place. What better than to have a white guy riling up all the American white working class and acting as though he was your champion?

Telling them lock her up, lock her up? And right after he gets into office because Ah that was before the election, but now we move forward. You saw the video I put out there. This is quite really, really messed up what he did. And none of it and then the Q movement.

The Q movement was “hold on.” He’s a genius. He’s going to do something. Hold on. Something’s going to happen. He had to bring in Bolton and these complete numbskulls warmongers, because he’s planning a chess game. And that went on for four years. After January 6, he’s going to be back on January 20. In August, I got an email from the ‘Q’ guys. Oh, my God, Shiva, Dr.Shiva, what’s going on? Trump is planning on doing a whole tour with Bill O’Reilly in December. That means he’s not going to be reinstated. I’m so it’s like, this was one big shit show, kabuki theatre that was done. The reset could take place.

The American white American working class, they needed Trump for that, a lot of them voted – for by the way, Obama, and then they moved to Trump. So, they wouldn’t rise up and fight, right? Because if Hillary was in power, many of these people wouldn’t have let their restaurants get shut down. Wait a minute, what? What would Trump in power kept people thinking something’s around the corner. Waiting for Godot. He kept going on and on and on all the way to the day of January six. He said, I’m going to walk with you. I’m going to walk with you. Right? He didn’t walk with them. He didn’t walk.

This is, so this is why the elites are very clever, because they know the ‘Science of Systems’. They know that if you create a dialectic, the WWF that’s what it was called. When I was growing up you know, you had Mad Dog fighting against someone else. And they both were making money, they sometimes they’d actually hit the guy in the nose so looked a little bloody and looked a little real. A little bit of reality. But overall, they’re on the same team. And that’s why the elites need this fake Left – Right illusion. This is why they need the Republican-Democrat narrative.

If you really look at it, the eagle has a shoulder to shoulders and two wings. The two shoulders are the obvious establishment of the left and the right. The Bidens and the Clintons and the Obamas on the obvious establishment. The Bushs and McCains and the McConnells on the right. But the way they keep this game going is they need the wings, the left-wing and the right-wing to flap and yak once in a while for Bernie Sanders and they need the Bernie Sanders in the ALCS. They’re the ‘Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, to yak at the Bidens once in a while and say, oh, he’s not left enough. Or they need Trump to whack McConnell once in a while. But if you look at all those emails you get from Trump, and the RNC and the Trump campaign have an agreement. All those $300 million that was raised. We need to follow the money.

These people think that the American working people are stupid, and that they will just use them. And you’re looking at someone who came from nothing. I know the value of this country, freedom, the First Amendment. No other country has this. The Second Amendment, no other country has this. And the millennials in this country have forgotten the importance of that word of both of those two amendments. Because it is what was the foundation of building the working-class movement. It is why the economy prospered between 1940 s to 1970/80, there was a vibrant working-class movement in this country, people struck, you know, they were a big participant. After 1970/80, all the way down to today, there’s no working-class movement. That’s the way the elites wanted it.

For the last four years, we all waited, Trump is going to do something, Trump’s gonna do something. He did nothing. He did, frankly, he did something, he executed ‘Operation Warp Speed. That’s what he did. And why did he do that? Because the pharmaceutical companies in the world are going down the tubes, pharmaceutical drugs. I went to school for this, I went to school to study Biological Engineering, pharmaceutical companies in the last 20 years, are going out of business.

What is a pharmaceutical drug, it is a compound in nature, that does not exist as synthesized in the lab? The pharmaceutical companies have all these synthetic compounds that they’ve been testing in a test tube, and then they kill animals and then they have to go through clinical trials. It takes 13 years to get one of those synthetic compounds to prove it cures the disease. And most of the time, the stuff that comes out has side effects, and people can sue pharmaceutical companies. Well, that business has been failing,

By way of example, Pfizer, which made $65 billion in 2012 – 65 billion. Now, you would think if they’re doing so great, their revenue should go up. In 2020, they only made $40 billion, they’ve lost $25 billion in revenue. That’s a massive, massive loss.

Pharmaceutical companies are in a dire situation. Their only future is a jab. Because the jab market, thank you to John Kennedy, created the National Vaccination Act of 1962. After people were getting injured, his brother Ted Kennedy, instead of getting rid of that, saved these manufacturers, and they created the National Vaccine Act. I call it the jabbine the ‘Jabbine Injury Program’. You can’t sue them, indemnity, and then their other nephew runs around, Kennedy acting as though he’s fighting for medical freedom when he says he jabbed all of his kids. He’s that ‘Not-So-Obvious-Establishment’.

What we have today is that industry, the jab industry is a wonderful industry for Big Pharma, it’s their Savior, you can’t sue them. And it’s growing at 17% per year in the pharmaceutical industry. Synthetic drugs used to put $1 in. 10 years ago, they used to get 10 cents in return from R&D. Today, they put $1 in, they only get 1.8 cents in return. So that industry is tanking. This is why they are so desperate.

This year, Pfizer alone in one year is going to make $26 billion one year, what they lost in all 10 years. This is why Pfizer struck a deal with Israel to make them their poster child, why we need to get up to 70% jab rate. Even if they get 30% of the world population is jabbed, that will result in 2 billion people. $20 is their manufacturing price. That’s $40 billion. They need to make $40 to $50 billion in 2021 to save their industry just tanking going up. We got to follow the money.

That’s why it’s extremely important that we start educating people on a ‘Systems Approach’ to looking at the world. If we don’t take the ‘System’s Approach’, we’re going to be this left-wing, right-wing, they’re going to think Ron DeSantis, mark my words, he’s going to be their next Savior.

Then the democrats and their farm team, probably people like Tulsi Gabbard, she’ll talk a good game as I’m a veteran. I’m against the military. She was at the Council of Foreign Relations, she bet she wasn’t an independent, she gave all of her – she blessedJoe Biden.

We have to move beyond left to right. If you look at it historically, the reason they keep the Left-Right, the Black-White narrative going is they do not want us to wake up, forget these elections. In our local communities, we learnour chops on how to articulate this. That’s why I keep emphasizing, we need Truth Freedom Health Warriors and Scholars. We get to understand the science, the ‘science of systems’.

Then people have to understand the interconnection between why you need to fight for Freedom because without freedom; you can’t practice science (truth), without science, you can’t figure out what’s right for your body or your infrastructure; without Health, you don’t have the strength to fight for truth or freedom.

Second thing is we need to build a ‘bottoms up movement’. We got to just let go of all of this stuff, about left to right, because that’s what they want. They want us fighting each other. They don’t want working people uniting along the real issues, looking at a real problem and figuring out what the real solution is.

If you look at election integrity, it is the issue of the voting machines. Trump didn’t want to touch that. When you look at medical freedom, the real issue is we need the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. It’s not about pro or anti Vax. That’s a distraction.

Frankly, the real issue is do we care about public health? Do we care about precision medicine? what’s right for you may not be right for me. Telling everyone that they should all get the same jabs goes against this fundamental principle of medicine, which is the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time.

JM: Well, and it’s very clear that, you know, if you have good investigative journalists, you can uncover corruption. You can get good information and truth out to people with movements like you’re creating, you can get good truthful information to people, you’ve written about this unholy alliance between Big Tech and the federal government. What is this alliance for? And what is the goal of this alliance?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, so I think it’s a good transition, maybe you can just share it on your screen or let me share it over here from someone everyone knows should know by now.

If people go to Everyone needs to understand that there is a solution. I, as an engineer, as an inventor, I hate people whining, and getting depressed. Like I see a lot of these people on the so-called right so-called patriot movement talking about this is going to happen, and the magnet sticks over here, and this happens and that happens. They’re going to depopulate. I mean, it’s all like just this nihilistic existential stuff like, my God the world. Where does that get you mentally, nowhere. There are people doing speaking tours on this making money off of it. It’s really sick.

The real issues, what is the solution? And the solution is number one. There can be no movement, there will be no quote unquote, revolution, there’ll be no change. Without people understanding the physics of change. You can’t build a bridge. If you don’t know Newton’s Equations, you can’t, you may get lucky one day, but it may fall down.

You’re not going to build an airplane without understanding Bernoulli Principle. Until we understood those principles, we didn’t really know how to get lift. But once we did, we knew how to do wing design. People tend to live in the darkness, well, we can never build a light bulb. Well, we did figure it out. Once you understand certain metallurgy, and you did innovation, there is an innovation to building a movement, a political movement. That requires an understanding of ‘System Science’, Engineering System Science. That knowledge didn’t exist until about 90 years ago.

Now, someone like me, who was on a parallel track to political understanding politics and understanding engineering systems theory, there’s probably no reason that I’m the one who sort of discovered how you can marry the two and figured out how, because of thefact that I ever forgot where it came from. I got to teach this back to my people, which are working people. I could have easily stayed at MIT, easily been an elite Professor somewhere, and sold out, but I didn’t.

The curriculum that we put together, where people go to we’ve made it in such a way, and we’ve created our own infrastructure. For years, I ran one of the largest data centres for email in the world, in that infrastructure, which we’ve donated to the cause, we’ve created our own platform.

What is that platform? It’s ‘A’ platform of education, ‘B’, it’s a platform where you can connect with other alumni. You can talk with people as your political consciousness rises, you’re going to need like-minded people. You can also continue to grow. We’ve created our own version of Facebook and a forum, all underground, I don’t care to give this to everyone.

Third, we started creating activism activities that people can do in their local communities. But it’s really centred around education, ‘System Science’, Truth Freedom Health. If you think about that, the trident, and have Truth Freedom Health, the middle of that is freedom.

The lawsuit, which is what you’re referring to, is, you know, it’s quite in some ways, I don’t think it’s coincidental that I found myself, I never wanted to run for electoral politics, I decided to run. We find out that they cheated us on this election, which I never believed occurred in the United States. And as I put on my engineering hat, as a guy who built Email Systems, as a guy who’s got a bunch of degrees from MIT, I was horrified to find out that these voting machines, this is on September 1 is when they attempted to steal the election from us. They think they’re successful. We still haven’t conceded.

We have two lawsuits, which have survived dismissal. But on September 9, is when I discovered that all of these voting machines, you can multiply votes by a factor. The other thing I learned is, according to federal law for a federal election, all states are supposed to preserve the Ballot Images. Remember, I told you I wanted the hand counted county in Franklin County, but in every other county I lost, and all those use voting machines. I went to the Secretary of State on September 9th, and I said, you’re supposed to by law preserve the Ballot Images, because when you go to those voting machines, a paper ballot gets converted to a picture, it’s called a Ballot Image. The AI on those voting machines tabulate the ballot images, the Ballot Images, de facto become the ballot. That’s what they’re used to counting.

On September 24th, I received email,had an email conversation September 24th and 25th with the secretary state of Massachusetts, were in these four email interactions. The Secretary of State is telling me that they deleted the Ballot Images, and they were fine and doing that because their state statute doesn’t say they have to which is violation of federal law for federal elections you have to so when I shared those four email interactions, James, Mike, on my Twitter where I’ve never been suspended – boom, I was thrown off.

As we unravel this, as I took it into court, by myself, no swamp lawyer here wanted to take it on. They’re afraid of rubbing certain people the wrong way. What we find is that what was supposed to be a 45-minute testimonial ended up going for four and a half hours. In those four and a half hours, we find out unequivocally that the government, all state governments have a Partnership with Twitter, a ‘Trusted Partnership’ with Twitter.

They get a portal where they can report American citizens, if they are tagged as Influence Operators, they call them IO’s. There’s an entire infrastructure that our lawsuit uncovered. On October 30th, we, in testimony and sworn testimony of the Communications Director of the Secretary of State, admittedthese partnerships, and admitted they contacted Twitter to throw me off. Why? Because I was exposing government malfeasance.

While I was a political US Senate candidate, think about this, they’re gonna have a hard problem with qualified immunity on this. Because protection of political speech is the highest form of protection. Government officials cannot be screwing around the federal election. During that time, I was a federal candidate, they silenced me because I was calling obstruction of justice. I was exposing the fact that the State Election Director and the Secretary of State were violating federal law.

That’s what I was sharing was in the interest of the public. It would have been one thing, as a judge asked them, ‘well, if you disagreed with him, why didn’t you simply go on Twitter and argue it out with him? But that’s not what you did. You contacted a private actor in two ways you went through your special portal that Twitter gave you. And you contacted the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED), which is a force of 50 state actors. And you also had them kick off Dr. Ayyadurai.’

The judge was quite flabbergasted. He first of all, gave us a hearing, which is a big victory. Second, he gave me all the terms of the preliminary injunction where you told the Secretary of State to stop contacting Twitter, stop contacting NASED and told them if you have a problem go online. Well, so I was put back on Twitter on November 4th, but it was too late. James, my election, I lost four weeks in my election.

Then when I started tweeting away on February 1st, when it was the first time, I again shared those four screenshots. I was – bang – thrown off Twitter in 17 minutes. Twitter then claimed, we did some internal review. Bullshit. You didn’t do a three-day internal review, I exposed him in court to the Deputy General Counsel of Twitter and lied to the judge. In the May 20, and 21st hearings, the judge basically told everyone listening, there’s like 500 people on Zoom, he goes – ‘this lawsuit, more than likely will become a law school examine every constitutional law class’.

Tucker Carlson didn’t talk about this. No right-wing media talk about this, no left-wing media, because it wasn’t about Democrat or Republican, my lawsuit, our lawsuit, which is what it is now, shows that both Democrats and Republicans work together to silently silenced speech, using Twitter.

We found four (4) playbooks of documents that clearly show that they have an infrastructure, a way, it’s a manual, I discovered. That manual says this is how we’re going to associate keywords with this Influence Operator; this is how we’re going to assess their severity level; how dangerous they are to us; then we’re going to continually monitor them with their high severity.

That’s why I got thrown off on September 24. When they lied to the judge saying, we’re going to not to contact Twitter, but they did. Once they tagged me, I was tagged and bagged and blacklisted. It’s like the No-Fly List. That’s why in 17 minutes, I was taken out on February 1st and was deplatformed, but our movement, the movement for Truth Freedom Health is the one that brought this out.

And no mainstream media will cover this, because our lawsuit will expose that Fox News is an agent of the government; that CNN is an agent of the government.

JM: All these roles are owned by the same three corporations.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, in fact, the National Association of State Election Directors gets funded by the Rockefeller Brothers and the Murdoch children. People need to wake the F up. I don’t want to hear any more. That’s why our movement we’re not here to convince people. We want to find 50,000 Truth Freedom Health Warrior-Scholars who are serious about building a movement. Let me just share with people here, if you go to, you’ll see an interesting graphic that I put up there, it has the David versus Goliath story.

The Goliath here is not Twitter. It is the elites who are using Twitter. Twitter in this picture is on the foot. It is being used but all the entire analysis occurs by the elites. And that’s why the Win Back Freedom Movement is really the tip of the spear of the movement for Truth Freedom Health with freedoms, pointed right in the centre. Our goals, first of all, I want everyone to go, become Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholars, go to, you got to get educated or you will always continue to be enslaved. And the fortune that you have, as you’re looking at someone who spent a lot of his life putting together this curriculum to change the world.

Everyone can learn this physics, and anyone can learn it, you don’t need, whether your mom, your school teacher, you don’t have to go to MIT. But the second thing is, everyone, if you can’t participate that way, give $1 just $1 to to support this lawsuit, because after the May 20th and 21st – 20 hours of hearings, the judge also appointed me constitutional lawyers, well, you got to pay him, they’re gonna have to do depositions, they’re gonna have to do discovery. I bought the lawsuit this far. Like I’ve essentially brought it to the five-yard line. But to go to the 35 briefing all by myself to go from the 50-yard line to touchdown, we’re gonna need everyone’s support, this is your lawsuit. Either go and become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior and/or go to and give $1 because we need to be a movement. It’s not about five people giving a million bucks. It’s about 5 million people giving $1. It’s a movement. And that goes back to the essence of what we want to do is we got to have working people uniting, globally. I mean, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the United States, you can give 70 rupees if you’re in India or 100 yen. It’s $1.

Because what we discovered was that this government infrastructure, where they have a special VIP access to all the major companies, including Twitter, was first deployed in London by the parliamentary security forces, then it was done in India, and other Commonwealth countries, then it was done in Taiwan, then in Australia, then brought here. Everyone listening to this podcast, our lawsuit in Massachusetts by though which is a centre of the suppression of freedom, the first book burnings took place, Massachusetts.

It was not until 1984 that a book called ‘Strange Fruit’ was still banned. You couldn’t even sell it. Massachusetts is not, the revolution occurred here. But the bluebloods who lost the revolution here never went back to England. They hated giving us peasants, the First Amendment. This lawsuit is the tip of the spear. It is the inflection point in American history. Everyone needs to get behind this, you really have no choice unless you just want to be a slave. But we have to recognize that as a site says we have to Win Back Freedom. It’s not about fighting for freedom; we have to win it back because we’ve lost it. It’s unfortunate, but that’s where we’re at. We have to be quite observant about this and recognize that we need to Win Back Freedom.

MM: You mentioned there are some copycat lawsuits that are just efforts that might muddy the waters and discredit your lawsuit. Well, what’s funny is,

Dr.SHIVA: What’s funny is Tucker Carlson had this guy, and it’s all about Democrats versus Republicans. What it is, Mike, it’s to muddy the waters because Democrats do this to Republicans, freaking red blooded Americans, Democrats and Republicans are doing it to everyone. It’s to dilute what we have on the table here and they’re making money off it again. That’s what these guys do. In Massachusetts, I ran as a Republican. It was a Republican Party who colluded with the Democrats. Look at what’s going on in Michigan right now. They’re denying any election fraud. It’s all done by the Michigan Republicans.

You say, sucker Carlson? That’s what he is. He’s a sucker. Because he’s an entertainer, he puts on these faces. I hate the guy. He was supposed to put me on about a couple years ago. Then he listened to a hit job story, because then Tucker talked about that same set of incidents to him. You know, in my own home, remember, I told you these two cops came in, right burst into my house, didn’t believe I lived here. And after my sister got on the phone, she said, ‘No, he lives there.’ Then they told me we better not catch you on the street. Well, two years later, they used a domestic incident which had nothing to do with me to file false claims and a false arrest, which was outright dismissed. The Republican GOP will bring that up and Tucker should have put me on where to explain that and he didn’t because he didn’t want to embarrass himself. But then two weeks later, he talked about how he was held up in a similar way with a false claim. Tucker Carlson is a complete asshole. He takes advantage of the white working class. He just does enough for entertainment, you watch which way the wind blows. This is why those people like me, who gave money to Trump voted for Trump, thinking he was anti-establishment. We people did the same with Obama or Bernie. The establishment creates these actors, to keep us in this realm.

To answer your question, Mike, if anything that’s real like is legitimate, they’ll create some other smokescreen to basically distract and split it, left all the left does this for the right, no, both parties have been screwing around with the voting machines. Both parties have been creating racism to split blacks and whites. Both parties have ensured that Twitter got and Twitter and Facebook on section 230 immunity. In return, Twitter and Facebook for the quid pro quo was we will give you access to Americans and we will help you silence them.

You see what I’m saying? In the middle of all these hearings that they have with Ted Cruz talking is bullshit, he did nothing. Twitter and all these companies got to keep section 230 immunity. And in return, what the timeline shows is that the government negotiated we’re gonna give you section 230 private companies, you let us spy on Americans through your infrastructure. That’s what’s taking place.

I don’t want to hear anyone saying Trump is some great guy or Tucker Carlson or this Democrat, Republican, – bullshit. It’s all bullshit. They’re splitting the working class up so they can continue to enslave people. That’s what’s actually going on. If you look at the actual unemployment rate in the United States, the actual unemployment rate, it’s 25%. Because remember, if you don’t look for a job anymore, the denominator vanishes.

JM: That’s right.

Dr.SHIVA: These people, and we have to recognize that the 70 to 80% of hardworking Americans only have $400 in savings. People need to wake the hell up and look at the real issue. I don’t want to hear about Trump. I don’t want to hear, oh, Trump. Trump was in there.

We delivered him close to 150,000 signatures, we drove down if you remember, we collected them. We told them about Fauci, he did nothing. And now he’s talking about Oh, yeah, Fauci this. Well, what did you do when you were in there? You kept the guy there. You brought in a bunch of scumbags. And then you told all the Trumpers as well, I’m playing ninth dimensional chess, I’m a genius. Come on, come on.

The victims here are the American working class. You put a black guy in, you use him, Obama, then you toss him out. I mean, the guy came out of nowhere. And then you bring Trump in, okay, talks a, blah, blah, blah, blah, hard. But Trump was a pussy. I’m sorry, at the end of the day, he didn’t fire people. You’re fired. You’re fired. Well, what happened to Fauci, bug guy, tough guy. What do you do to Fauci? Nothing! Nothing! So that’s the harsh reality. You’re such a tough guy. What did you do to Fauci, but what you did was you supported Operational Warp Speed, which basically eliminated the need to do testing, forget even the jab. Think about it as another industry.

Think about, think about you and all of us were in the railroad industry. The railroad industry is going down the tubes and a new industry called airplanes is coming. And imagine President Trump said, ‘You know what, you don’t need to do testing on these new modes of transportation’. If you put out a railway locomotive, you got to go through 15 years of testing, but for an airplane, you can get it out in nine months. And if the wings fall off, if that crashes, you can’t sue the airplane company. That’s what we have. That’s what ‘Operation Warp Speed’ is. No testing. That’s why they don’t know.

Meanwhile, you have these foolish people running around talking about depopulation. This is a distraction. The real issue here is follow the freakin money. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which has been tanking overnight, is going to make $25 billion and their CEO who used Israel as their data stream to show how great it is. He got honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Netanyahu. These guys are one big little shit show. And you and I aren’t a part of it. Left and right, Republican and Democrat, Trump and Biden, Trump got $1 million for his inauguration from Pfizer. Biden got $1 million for his inauguration from Pfizer. This is using the American working class, taking advantage of them. It’s sickening!

JM: Well if every if everybody knew about this, the way that you’re describing in the way that you understand it, and in the we’re talking about it, there, people would rise up There’ll be a lot of anger in there. Well, what do you and?

Dr.SHIVA: It would unite people too is the other thing, James it would bring people together on the left and the right. Because people are really at the end of the day, in the last 50 years, American working class, whether you’re red or black or brown or blue, whatever you want to call it, your salaries. Usually, if you’re making $55,000- $50,000, she’s making $120,000,that’s actual money. Your $70,000 was sent over to the other pie, it was siphoned off $47 trillion was siphoned off over the last 50 years. And this was done by a think tank, the RAND Corporation. It’s black and white, we need to start focusing on uniting working people not playing this stupid games, not saying Oh, DeSantis is our next Savior. I mean, the DeSantis says the bill is a garbage bill, go read the bill, it’s gonna get thrown out on the courts. All $250,000 it still doesn’t address the issue that the State of Florida has a backdoor to Twitter.

Okay, so these guys watch which way the wind blows? It’s like, they got to appease the masses. They’ll say anything. I’m against Big Pharma. What Trump said he took $386,000. And on his inauguration, he took in a $Million from Pfizer, so people have to go and the interesting thing is more and more. The elites don’t even bother hiding what they do, it’s like out in the open.

JM: It’s in plain sight.

Dr.SHIVA: It’s in plain sight. It’s in plain sight.

This woman, Chelsea Clinton, I mean, I know what it used to take to get a professorship, you got to write papers, you got to prove she gets a professorship in Public Health at Columbia, just like that,

JM: Just like that.

Dr.SHIVA: Just like that.

Think about a kid who came from nothing working hard, he goes to college busted his ass and gets his PhD. He has to do research. And then he and Chelsea Clinton are on the board of partners, which is the one that got the full contract for the testing. These people are one little caste system.

My parents left India to get out of the caste system. We live in the modern caste system. And that is why we have to recognize that the elites need to divide us into left and right, black and white. That is how they keep the attention off them. If we keep doing this, we deserve to be enslaved. And the only way out of it is to get educated and be the son of low caste Untouchables. Working Class, I was fortunate to learn all this stuff. Everyone should go to, you can’t say, ‘Well, I don’t know what’s going on’. No, I put together the curriculum now. Like it’s there for this study.

JM: And it’s all there. Like I tell everybody, it’s all there in a format that’s really easy to understand, and very, very cut and dry. And there’s a lot of content and look through a lot of the content. And it’s really, really good stuff.

Dr.SHIVA: We’ve made it’s you’re getting an MIT PhD education and ‘Systems Theory’ in potent. Everyone can learn it. That’s really the innovation here, that you don’t have to apply to MIT, hang out with a bunch of nerds and go through that for 30 years. You can every Monday evening, I teach it. But I’m frankly, I don’t at this point, given where I’m at on an emotional and personal level, I don’t have time to even convince people anymore, James, we want to find those 50,000 people who get it. Because every year that goes by that we don’t build this army of Truth Freedom Health Warriors, we’re going to head into the dark ages.

There was a very famous anthropologist, I think, many years ago, who did an analysis of different centuries. I think it looked at like 15 – 20 different centuries. And he said during the first 20 years of any century trends, like the year 2000 to 2020. In the first 20 years of any century, the direction of that century is determined whether it’ll go into the Golden Age, or whether it will go into the dark ages. And right now we’re headed into the dark ages. And we have to take away our rose colored glasses and look at things as they actually are.

All the ‘Q’ people out there. Get off your ass, throw away your stupid rose colored glasses. You all got fucked by Trump. Excuse the language. That’s what happened. You waited and waited and waited and people took advantage of you. They took advantage of good people. It’s like, you know, something’s gonna happen. You don’t have to do anything. No, we have to do it. Everyone here should learn this science. Everyone should love to start learning how to articulate it. Reach out to your neighbors, bridge the gap between left and right. It’s the only way otherwise we’re just going to be slaves. We’re already adding to slavery.

JM: Well, that to me, I know we’re up against a time limit overnight. I really appreciate spending time with you learning more about your passion behind all this and the root of it. And all I can say is that some of this stuff is hard probably harder, For people to hear and but it begins your point, it’s not anybody’s job to convince others what’s going on, you really have to have a vested self-interest is self-preservation, the preservation of all the things that make this country great in this world great. And I thank you for coming on. I really, really appreciate it. And it’s great to get that. Yeah, I’m glad I’m glad to have you on again.

Dr.SHIVA: I think the most important thing to understand is we need to move beyond black and white, beyond left and right, working people unite for Truth Freedom and Health. Remember, when you really study the ‘Science of Systems’, it doesn’t matter what opinion you have. Gravity exists independent of your opinion. We need to understand the fundamental truths in the world. And the truth is there is something called the ‘Not-So- Obvious Establishment’, we do need to build a bottoms up movement, and the movement for Truth and the movement for Freedom and the movement for Health all need to come together. Those people are the one and to a people, those people are nerds. And those people are yoga people. We all have to come together because they’re all interconnected. Without Freedom can’t get the Truth, and without truth you don’t get to Health you don’t have the strength to fight for either one. Anyway, thank you, guys.

JM: Thank you again for spending time with us today. God bless you. God bless you. God bless America and stay well. Thank you.

Dr.SHIVA: Be well thank you. Alright, thank you, everyone. I hope you enjoyed that. That was an interview I just did with a great group of guys. I met at Red Pill Expo, a sibling team, two brothers, very nice people out in the Midwest, but I hope everyone recognizes that we need to build a movement beyond left and right. This cannot be about Trump or Biden or Bernie or AOC. It’s all just garbage. It’s all just one big you know, distraction. We have to learn the ‘Science of Systems’ go to You have to start interconnecting with other like-minded people, alumni, and I’ve created that platform. So go to become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholar and go to and donate $1 to be part of this movement to Win Back Freedom. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening.

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