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Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Weapons of Mass Distraction & Deception

In this discussion, learn how the SWARM has a well-organized machinery - a SYSTEM - of those who talk the talk with "sharing Truth" with bombastic claims that they are "fighting for you" but are wholly agents of the SWARM. They speak "Truth" - half-truths and #DelayedTruth - to entertain you, NOT to mobilize you into action to Link to Full Post:
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Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Awakening YOU to OUR Goal

In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, asks "Do you want to awaken what OUR GOAL must be to win, OR do you wish to remain a SLAVE to THEIRS?" He shares that he is the only Presidential candidate with the answer and SOLUTION to that question. Full blog post here:
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Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE: Tucker and Rogan HATE America, & the “Darkie” Who Invented Email

In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email shares why Tucker Carlson a.k.a. #FuckerCarlson and Joe Rogan, and their likes in the Mainstream and Grifter Media Network, HATE America AND real leaders like Dr.SHIVA, an MIT PhD, who Invented Email, who has a history of solving PROBLEMS. Link to blog post:
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Daily Roundup Jan 30, 2024

JAN 30, 2024 VASHIVA Events Order Bumper Sticker Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – DESTROY Zionism, SAVE Humanity K9-701™ – Whole Health Pet Supplement mV25 – Momentum to Move Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – To #FreePalestine and Ukraine, We Must #FreeAmerica! #Shiva4President Dr.SHIVA™ LIVE – Why…

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