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There are foundational scientific principles that govern the functioning of EVERY SYSTEM, be it your body and everything inside and outside of it – either natural or man-made. By understanding those scientific principles, you can be armed with the knowledge to change the world. Without that, you will be a slave subject to manipulation of: Pro- v. Anti-, Left v. Right, Republican v. Democrat, CNN v. Fox, on any issue.

Dr.SHIVA’s aim in providing this curriculum – The Foundations of Systems – is to train leaders – Truth Freedom Health Warriors – who are committed to learning the “physics” of revolutionary change. Every Monday evening, join Dr.SHIVA LIVE as he conducts this course. Join the VASHIVA community as a Truth Freedom Health Warrior.

Just as one cannot build a bridge without Newton’s Laws; an airplane without Bernoulli’s Principle; a transformer without Maxwell’s Equations, we cannot build a movement for Truth Freedom Health without Dr.SHIVA’s Principles.

Dr.SHIVA’s Principles will educate you on the nature of ALL systems, as the basis to comprehend: (1) The interconnection between Truth Freedom Health; (2) The importance of why we must build a Bottoms Up Movement; and, (3) How the disturbance of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment derails and destroys movements.

What is Included

Includes Live Online Monday Training Sessions with Dr.SHIVA

As part of becoming a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, you get access to LIVE 3-hour Monday Training sessions with Dr.SHIVA.

Includes Foundation of Systems On-Line curriculum consisting of Four Courses
(approximately 10 hours of course material) + Online Laboratory

In addition to attending Dr.SHIVA’s LIVE program, you will also get access to online video course curriculum that you can study on your own time, and take an exam to get certified on your way to becoming a Truth Freedom Health Leader.

Includes Systems Health Portal

The Foundations of Systems™ program provides you the principles to understand the fundamental nature of all systems. The program is designed for anyone, regardless of your educational level, background, or profession. You will learn the five principles of all basic systems, and the nine principles of all intelligent systems, and the commonality of those principles in modern engineering systems and systems of medicine practiced over 5,000 years ago.

Includes Your Body, Your System® Online Portal

You will be provided access to Your Body, Your System® – an online “laboratory” that allows you to explore these principles within your own body. Once you complete the courses, you are also eligible to take an exam. If you pass the exam, you will receive a Certificate. You will also be provided access to the Systems Health Portal, a technology platform that allows one to manage other Your Body, Your Systems® (YBYS) users (including you). Included in the portal are licenses for two YBYS users, including yourself. You also get access to access to two CytoSolve® Scientific Research Reports.

Includes the worldwide bestselling eBook System and Revolution

You will get access to the bestseller eBook Systems and Revolution, which serves as the textbook for this course. You will learn how these principles apply to a wide range of systems be it your body or in political systems.

Includes three (3) other eBooks

You also get access to three (3) other eBooks, The Science of Everything, Your Body Your System, and Your System Your Life.

Includes Scientific Paper – Rosetta Stone of Eastern & Western Medicine

The Science Behind Your Body, Your System® – This paper provides a scientific and systems theoretic understanding of Dr.SHIVA’s work at MIT as a part of his Fulbright research on Siddha and Systems Biology that resulted in recognizing the correlation between the lingua franca used in traditional systems of medicine and modern control systems engineering.

Include two (2) CytoSolve® Reports

Join as a Warrior for $100 per year which gives also you access to the training and other great scientific and research content on the application to molecular systems of powerful herbs.

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