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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – Explains first lawsuit to uncover U.S. Government Censorship System to silence speech.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains the playbooks which were written by the defendants in his lawsuit, which expose the actual system that they’ve created to surveil, blacklist, and silence the speech of every American.
  • Dr.SHIVA exposes the dozens of federal agencies supporting the effort to centralize US elections.
  • State election officials can use a nonprofit to shut down a US Senate candidate. This is called laundering censorship.
  • The State Election Director and the Secretary of State in Massachusetts delete ballot images, which is a violation of federal law.
  • Twitter needs section 230, so when the government calls, Twitter jumps, Their stock valuation tanks if they lose section 230.
  • We need diversity of ideas. These people are actually the real racists. They want to segregate everyone into little boxes. They don’t want me to have a different thought. They don’t want you to have a different thought. They hate the First Amendment.
  • The Republicans and Democrats split up black and white, they split us across left and right, they never will do anything. Our lawsuit is the most historic lawsuit and we were the first to expose this.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good evening everyone, it’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. This is going to be a very tight and condensed broadcast to bring all of you up to date on our historic lawsuit, but more importantly, what we’ve uncovered. And for the last three to four weeks, we were working on our Revised Second Amended Complaint, which is what the Judge wanted by order. And we were adding the new discoveries we’ve made. What I wanted to share with you is that our lawsuit is the first to uncover what I want to call the “Government Censorship System to Silence the Speech of every American”, not only on social media, but it looks like on all media.

As many of you know in September of 2020, is when we discovered this Infrastructure first existed because I was the first victim of it, while I was running for United States Senate, and I’m going to read you portions of the lawsuit. And on October 30th, 2020, at our first hearing in federal court. We were the first ones to find out the first glimpses of this Infrastructure that the government of the United States, starting with the government of Massachusetts and others have created a direct portal to social media companies like Twitter, to Silence Speech Silently to Launder Censorship.

Big Media Will Not Cover This Historic Lawsuit

We don’t expect any of the media to cover it because the media will only cover buffoons who don’t really want to fight it, like Trump. Trump is about making money off everything. Our lawsuit, which is being supported by you, is not about making money, it’s actually about winning. On October 30th, 2020, is when we discovered this Infrastructure on May 20th, and 21st. The night before that, in our 20 hours of hearing, the night before that, where I was representing myself against seven lawyers, a night before that we discovered the Playbooks.

The Playbooks, which were written by the defendants in my lawsuit, which expose the actual system that they’ve created to Silence Speech of every American. And then more recently, one of our volunteers discovered The Long Fuse Report written by the same election officials and government actors who think that they will tell all of us how they want the world to be. And in particular, they are committed to violating the First Amendment. And that’s what our lawsuit alleges.

I’m going to walk you through our lawsuit that I’m going to share with you the diagram. Every line in that diagram is backed up by facts that anyone can find publicly. And it is, for the first time we’re going to share this, about the Infrastructure, the Enterprise that Election Officials and Government Actors have created to coordinate the Silencing of Speech of every American. And our lawsuit is the only lawsuit on the planet that was to discover this.

Shame on the left-wing & right-wing media, shame on Trump, shame on Bernie Sanders. All of these guys will not cover our lawsuit, because we’re going at the heart of the issue – that both left-wing and right-wing Republican and Democrat have been coordinating for the last 50 years. And it was heightened with the Patriot Act after 9/11 and gotten to where we are today, with the formation of CISA, by the way, signed by Trump to ensure the silencing of speech.

Win Back Freedom

Our lawsuit is the first time it has been covered. I want to encourage everyone to go to where you will find all the elements of this historic lawsuit for everyone to read. And I encourage all of you to go read it. We’re going to read a section of it right now so all of you understand what’s going on. It is a 75-page lawsuit that I worked with our attorneys to put together and it’s a very important document because every American, everyone on the planet, should read this. Unfortunately, they don’t expect nerds or “Engineers or Scientists” like myself, to ever run for office, because this is all controlled by a bunch of elites who get to run for office. And it’s their insiders.

But because I decided to run for office with all of your support, because they tried to screw us and because we were relentless, we have figured out how they basically have created an Infrastructure with the desire to violate the First Amendment. And that’s what I want to go over with you today. So, let me begin by encouraging everyone to go to And I want to also emphasize to everyone that I want all of you to take the opportunity, when you go to, to be part of this movement. And we’ve made it accessible to everyone.

Everyone, donate just $1, because this is not about others who are just raising tens of millions of dollars, be it for election fraud, God knows what they’re doing with their money. But this is about building a movement to recognize that the First Amendment in this country has been violated. We don’t have freedom in this country. Let’s stop talking about fighting for freedom, it’s been lost. So, let’s remove our rose-colored glasses. The other thing that we want to emphasize is that we need to Win Back Freedom but we need to understand the devastation that’s taking place to freedom. And that’s what our lawsuit is bearing naked for the world. I want everyone to go to, and I want to walk you through what we put together for all of you because you guys asked for this and wanted it, and we’ve delivered. First of all, I want everyone to donate $1, because I want you to be part of this.

The Long Fuse Report

It says on July 22, 2021, Dr.SHIVA per order from the court filed the revised second amended complaint, which includes the latest discovery of the Domestic Censorship Infrastructure. A 24 by 7 Speech Surveillance System to Surveil, Blacklist, and Silence Americans created by the Rico defendants. Our case is a Rico case. And these defendants have worked with Twitter, with the Harvard Belfer Center, with the Department of Homeland Security CISA, and with billionaires including Pierre Omidyar and Mark Zuckerberg. None of these people are elected by you or I, to name a few. And you can go get the whole lawsuit complaint here. And then there’s also a report to The Long Fuse Report.

This The Long Fuse Report is, in my view, without hyperbole, as important as the finding of the Pentagon Papers. Because The Long Fuse Report done by these academics, who are Monitoring my speeches, is all about the fact that they’ve been Surveilling, Blacklisting, and Censoring Americans. Domestic. And they wanted to circumvent the First Amendment. I want to walk you through the introduction of this lawsuit. The reason I want to read this is because there’s the introduction, then you have all the details. I want everyone to listen carefully, so all of you understand what’s really going on in the United States. And that fact is that “We lost Freedom”. It starts by saying, this case is about the government Surveilling and Blacklisting a minority to all the left elite liberals, “Yeah, I’m a minority.”

Who you so claim that you want. You’re so much against racism, but the elites are the ones who are Surveilling and Blacklisting a minority, a political candidate. Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, and then eventually silencing his speech in the midst of his US Senate campaign. Why do they do it? Because I criticize government officials, which is the most afforded speech by the First Amendment; and thereby they violated my First Amendment Rights, the foundational principle of the United States. Starting in June of 2020, Dr.SHIVA, a candidate for US Senate, as many of you know, in Massachusetts, was one of the top six individuals. This is what came out of The Long Fuse Report, which we discovered on June 29th. It’s a 300-page report, I’m listed in there 22 times, ranked as an equal to Trump as a repeat spreader.

But I’m not funded by billionaires. I’m not funded. I’m not in the left-wing or right-wing camp. The Republican GOP does not want an independent face. But what the report said, I was one of the top six individuals in the United States who had been identified in The Long Fuse Report as an Influence Operator. So that’s per the Playbooks. Remember the defendants created the Playbook. And as an Influence Operator in the Playbook created by the defendants, it said that I was under 24/7 surveillance by teams working four-hour shifts. This is starting as early as June 2020. And they were using Infrastructure of Technology and Relationships, as shown in Exhibit A, co-architected by these defendants. The State Election Director of Massachusetts, the Executive Director of NASED, all of these people are part of creating an Infrastructure and their names are on the Playbooks, and they don’t want to hear it. They’re freaking out right now because they thought I would just walk away and be happy getting on Twitter.

Election Officials & Government Actors

The issue here is these are Election Officials and Government Actors, including Twitter, who have created an Infrastructure. What does that Infrastructure look like? I’ll show you that shortly. The diagram is quite amazing. Starting in October of 2017, government officials concluded that though the nature of US elections was Decentralized, which means spread across 10,000 jurisdictions, and using different kinds of machines, diverse methods, paper and electronic. And they actually admitted the fact that we had all these different kinds of machines was actually the best way to do cyber hacking. Decentralization is good, they admitted. And this is at a March 21, 2018, US Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. These are people like Amy Cohen, these are people like Eric Rosenbach. And they said Decentralization is actually good. No one can hack it.

But they said they needed to eliminate such Decentralization because it was a hindrance to their desire to establish and use a Centralized Infrastructure with Non- Government Allies to fill the gap between Domestic Government Agencies who have no power to curtail Speech, and Federal Intelligence Agencies who are forbidden from curtailing Domestic Speech, in order to Censor Speech by Surveilling, Blacklisting and Silencing US citizens Domestically. The First Amendment doesn’t allow them to watch you or I and Silence us. So, in order to go around that, they created this Infrastructure. And thus, allow government officials to Violate the First Amendment. So, what is that Infrastructure?

What we discovered on October 30th, 2020, in my own lawsuit, it was the government that contacted Twitter to shut me down. On September 24th, I released four email conversations on Twitter, which exposed the fact that the State Election Director and the Secretary of State of Massachusetts, Deleted Ballot Images, which is a Violation of Federal Law. They could have disagreed with me and Tweeted back at me, but that’s not what they did. When I put the four emails exposing the State Election Director and her name on those emails, she contacted through this enterprise, the state, the Executive Director of the National Association of State Election Directors, who used this Infrastructure. They had created an Infrastructure. Using that Infrastructure, Twitter jumps when the government calls, because Twitter needs the government.

Why Does Twitter Need The Government

Why does Twitter need a government? Well, Twitter needs section 230. When the government calls, Twitter jumps. Otherwise, their stock valuation tanks if they lose section 230. So, when I put up those four email screenshots on September 25th, the State Election Director who’s a lawyer, and we found out sits on the executive committee of the CISA Government Coordinating Council. She, who has a degree in history, sits on the board of the MIT Data and Elections Council Laboratory. She’s also a member of the US Election Assistance Commission. She’s everywhere. So, when she contacted Twitter, Twitter had no choice but to remove a US Senate Candidate. And what’s that Infrastructure I’m talking about that our lawsuit is the first to discover? And this is why all of you must become Citizens Journalists and share this.

How It Works

What you see in this diagram is how Election Officials and Government Actors coordinate with platforms to Silence Speech. Michelle Tassinari, who’s the woman that had me taken off Twitter in the middle of my Election Campaign. Quarter of a million Followers, that’s how I raised a million dollars. In the middle of my election campaign between September 25th because of her, because she wanted to protect herself as our lawsuit states; she wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t suffer a Custodial Sentence. She used this entire Infrastructure to shut down a US Senate Candidate between September 25th and November 4th I was locked out, in and out. Our campaign of 3000 volunteers, our incredible volunteers. Starting on September 4, what was the slogan of our Election Campaign?

Stop Election Fraud – Exposing Tassinari

“Stop Election Fraud.” We did four protests outside Tassinari and Galvins office. But when I shared those four email screenshots, she unleashed her Infrastructure. I was a canary in the coal mine that they tested their Infrastructure on because they’re getting ready to go after members of Congress. Michelle Tassinari’s job as State Election Director is to coordinate elections and towns and certify voting machines. It’s not to silence a US Senate candidate. She did this because I was exposing her and her boss Galvin. She’s the president of NASED. She’s an advisory board member on the MIT Elections Data and Science Lab. She’s on the executive committee of CISA.

Everyone better learn what CISA is, because your dear old fellow Donald Trump, who claims that he’s for protecting us, he’s the one who signed CISA into law. CISA is an organization out of the Department of Homeland Security, which has been given so much power to surveil and blacklist all of us. They have created this complete connection with social media companies.

She’s also on the executive committee of CISA. She’s a member of the Council of State governments. She’s a member of the Bipartisan Policy Center. She’s also the author of the Playbook. There’s four Playbooks. The two foundational documents, Michelle Tassinari’s name is there. She’s not your average election director. She’s more than that. She has high level security clearances; our lawsuit brings out. She’s a member of the Bipartisan Policy Center and guess who funds that? It’s funded by Pierre Omidyar, a billionaire. None of these people are elected. You and I didn’t elect any of these people.

She’s there with these other election commissioners. She’s over here with this fool Charles Stewart, who’s a professor at MIT. And Charles Stewart at MIT, right when I exposed the fact that Tassinari already deleted ballot images and violated law, he did a nice quote to attack my credibility and say, “ballot images don’t need to be preserved”. That’s what our lawsuit states. And so why is a woman with a history degree on the MIT elections data on science lab? Does she really know anything about data analytics or Science? Tassinari’s on the executive committee of CISA, which is part of Homeland Security. She’s on the government Coordinating Council. The executive committee, Maggie Oliver, who’s the president of National Association of State Secretaries of State. Robert Kolasky, who’s the assistant director at CISA with Ben Hovland is of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). So, Tassinari is pretty wired in. And Tassinari shows up because she worked at the Belfer Center as an author of the Playbooks, as our lawsuit brings out.

Who is Amy Cohen & The National State of Election Directors – NASED

But who’s over at the Belfer Center? We’ll talk about Amy Cohen, but Robby Mook. Robbie Mook, Clinton’s campaign. Tommy Hicks, who’s the commissioner of the EAC. Matt Rhodes, who was good buddies with Romney, and Matt Masterson, and Eric Rosenbach. He was a former Chief of Staff of the Secretary of Defense, and he was a witness, and he’s also the co-director of the Belfer Center, who believes that they are defending our Democracy. No one elected these people. These people hide in the back thinking they’re so much better than you or I.

And Rosenbach went to the Intelligence Committee with Amy Cohen on the 21st. And he said the federal government must oversee social media. They’re saying this all blatantly. Go look at the March 21st hearing. But when he gave the March 21st hearing, he’s there with Cohen and John Condos, who was a former head of NASS. Amy Cohen is the executive director of the National Association of State Election Directors, NASED, which is a force of 50 state election directors, a government actor. So, on September 25, when I put out that tweet, Tassinari contacted Cohen, and it’s all in court testimony. She unleashed this Infrastructure. These people all believe that we need to stop “misinformation” and “disinformation”.

Diversity of Ideas is Real Diversity – Real Racism Oppresses That

Nowhere, in their discourses, who is deciding what’s misinformation and disinformation. It’s as though they get to decide. Not that this country was built on the marketplace of ideas, diversity of ideas, real diversity, all of these people, many of them are the same ones who speak out against “racism”, but I’m a brown skin Indian guy, a minority, and they did not want me. Because in their box, Indians like me, are supposed to stay in their box. I’m not supposed to speak out, I’m supposed to be a Gandhian.

That’s what they really don’t like. Because deep down in them, they do not want the diversity of ideas. And we have to understand that diversity of ideas is what leads to science and innovation. And that’s what made America great. It’s Innovation. And it comes from all sorts of wild ideas. In the open marketplace of ideas. These guys do not like that. In The Long Fuse Report which I recommend everyone gets, in the first pages of this report it says that we need to figure out a way to go around the First Amendment, because we can’t silence domestic speech. It says in this document that they need to create non-governmental entities to fill the gap.

It says, US elections are decentralized, almost 100 state and local election officials are primarily responsible for the operation of elections. Dozens of federal agencies support this effort. However, none of these federal agencies has a focus or an authority regarding election misinformation originating from domestic sources, which is you and I within the United States. This limited federal role reveals a critical gap for non- government entities to fulfill – they are saying that we need to Launder Censorship.

And by the way, Tucker Carlson won’t cover this because he’ll just talk about what is necessary to get your eyeballs. Stop following that fool, little preppy boy. What you see here is that these people, these non-governmental government actors, over since 2017, have been creating these blueprint documents. All publicly available. But I guess it takes a guy who still values the first amendment to connect the dots. These documents are the Playbooks. Here’s The Long Fuse Report.

The Playbooks over here were created by the defendants and these folks who think they know better. And the Playbook outlines step by step, how they will silence speech, how they’ll brand someone an Influence Operator. That’s what they did to me. So, they were surveilling me since June, they had blacklisted me as a repeat spreader, which is what they call someone whose word goes viral.

I’m noted as the top six people in The Long Fuse Report. And then what they’ve done is these documents are the blueprints to these groups CISA out of Homeland Security, NASED, NASS and the Department of State. And these groups, using those blueprints have been created through a nonprofit, an Infrastructure called the Election Infrastructure. ISAC, brought to you by a nonprofit agency, which Guess who funds that? Pierre Omidyar through the Democracy Fund.

And this organization works with the Partner Support Portal. And these people also work with a bunch of people over here at the Election Integrity Project, EIP over at Stanford. And in fact, one of those fellows in June, January of 2020 I noticed someone went on my Wikipedia page and said that Dr.SHIVA is a pseudo scientist. Totally defamatory. This fool and we know his name because you can go look it up, is Ashwin Ramaswami. It’s all facts. This fool who thinks he’s the nerd of the century that he knows better than everyone else, went on Wikipedia and said I’m a pseudo scientist.

At that time, in January 2020, I was saying wow, is this related to what’s going on with my lawsuit? Well, guess what we found? This guy is one of the authors of The Long Fuse Report, which was tracking me. So, they want to make someone who brings out the truth, who’s got all those MIT degrees and credentials, they have to unleash hell to destroy my credibility. They use that guy, Charles Stewart. Amy Cohen, again, I don’t know how she became an expert in cybersecurity. She’s giving a talk at the department at the Senate Intelligence Committee. She’s also over here as the Global Cyber Alliance advisory member. And she works with all these people.

One of the people she knows through this is the director at Associated Press because he’s also on here. And when I said look, ballot images were deleted, guess who did the hit job on me? AP, Associated Press. Guess who gave an interview over there saying that ballot images don’t need to be preserved? This guy Charles Stewart. This is the enterprise that we’re talking about. They had an enterprise that was used to not only silence me, they were surveillancing me, blacklisting me, but when I exposed the fact that a State Election Director had violated federal law, and forget even that. Just the fact I criticized her, and to protect herself, because she knew I had lots of followers, she knew I’m running for Senate, she unleashed this Infrastructure to silence a US Senate political candidate. We have every right. That’s what the First Amendment allows us to critique our government. And I’m running on top of it for the US Senate.

They don’t want this diagram coming out. But every line in this diagram, every interconnection. You look it up yourself, you may have a different opinion. But finally, what I want to end with is when Michelle Tassinari contacted Amy Cohen to silence me, then went over to Twitter. Well, right here is a woman called Stacia Cardille. She is the Deputy General Counsel at Twitter, she filed the false affidavit. She said we decided to take Dr.SHIVA off. The government had nothing to do with it. Remember, I was taken off on September 24th, all the way into my election was over on November third. After that, I was back on Twitter.

And then, when I again shared those four screenshots on February 1st in a class I was teaching, bang, I was taken off again within 17 minutes. Well, this woman Stacia Cardille lied through her teeth in her affidavit, and we brought it up to the judge. She said Oh, Twitter decided to take Dr.SHIVA off. We first did a review and then we did this, it took three days. Well, I was taking off in 17 minutes. I brought that up to the judge. And she acted as though she didn’t even know who Tassinari was. Well, we found a document saying that she participated in a winter conference, the NASED winter conference, that she concealed from the court, she knows all these people.

This is how it works. And I’ll do a whole other long session tomorrow. We’re just beginning everyone, we are just beginning. But I can tell you this, that we have lost freedom in this country. And it’s not going to come from Donald Trump. Donald Trump takes a real problem and creates a fake solution. And you know, I supported him, I gave him money, I put up signs for him. But he takes a real problem and delivers a fake solution. He makes money guys, that’s what he’s about. Our movement, by volunteers by people like you, is actually about going after them and making them accountable. They try to get away with what’s called qualified immunity. These people knew what they did. There’s case law saying they should not be doing that. And yet they did it. And you know why this is happening?

Because the American people have been outsourcing their activism to scumbags called Republicans and Democrats. To Bernie’s and Trump’s. I’m sorry, that’s the way it is, I have to tell you the truth. So, it’s time that you all become part of a movement, a Bottoms-up movement. Go look at the history of the American working class, we didn’t get anything given to us. It was through struggle through building movements. You know, what you want to think about, think about the Godfather, a bunch of the dons sitting around a table. And in the old days they split up territories.

You know what they split up today? They split up narratives. AOC, you get to talk about climate change. Donald Trump, you get to own election fraud, he’s not going to do anything he was talking about to make money. Now you get to own this area, you get to own Russian collusion. That’s what they’re doing. The Republicans and Democrats split up black and white, they split us across left and right, they never will do anything. Our lawsuit is the most historic lawsuit and we were the first to expose this. And what we need to do is build the movement, you will not find this diagram anywhere else. This is pure Truth. It is Truth.

Because what we’re sharing here is in our lawsuit, everyone should go check it out. Everything is in there. We are sharing with people what’s actually going on in this country. What’s actually going on is they’ve created an infrastructure, we call it the Censorship System. They created this System to Launder Censorship. When you go through this diagram, what you’re seeing here is these government actors. What’s going on here, state of election officials can use a nonprofit to shut down a US Senate candidate.

This is called Laundering Censorship. So, they can say oh, we didn’t do it. They did it. No, you did it because you’re the ones who created this entire Infrastructure. That’s why our lawsuit is a RICO lawsuit. We’re bringing out it’s an enterprise. And I want all of you, if you’re serious about this country, and you really want to save this country. Step one, we’ve lost the First Amendment. I was a canary in the coal mine that they tested this on. The next is going to be a member of congress.

Go to, Donate $1. Be part of this movement, because without Freedom, there will be no access to Truth, there’d be no Health. And it’s a game set match. But most importantly, the reason they want to censor us is they want to cut the neck off real diversity, the diversity that they talk about black, yellow, white, transgender, that’s not real diversity. Real diversity is a diversity of ideas. Places like Harvard have created a multi-racial aristocracy. They got black people, yellow people, but they all think the same way. That’s what they want.

The issue is we need a diversity of ideas, real diversity, these people are actually the real racists. They want to segregate everyone into little boxes. They don’t want me to have a different thought. They don’t want you to have a different thought. They hate the First Amendment. They want to go back to the British Commonwealth. That’s what we have to get in our heads. They hate the First Amendment. There’s a reason that Harry is here a month ago and he says the First Amendment is bonkers. I want you guys to think. I want you guys to go to Win Back Freedom. Read this lawsuit, analyze this diagram. Share it with your friends. It’s time you wake up and recognize you’ve got to let go of Republican and Democrat. That’s what this is about. I’ll come back tomorrow but go to $1 it’s easy for you to be part of this movement.

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