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3rd Historic Lawsuit Victory for Dr.SHIVA and the People of The United States

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – shares details of his 3rd Victory in historic lawsuits and reads directly what was filed in most recent affidavit.
  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai now includes Twitter in historic lawsuit to gain complete relief from Massachusetts local government colluding with Twitter to suppress his 1st amendment right of free speech.
  • The history of Boston is synonymous with suppression of speech, in 1650 the first book burning in the U.S. happened in Boston Common when the general court ordered William Pynchon’s book to be burned.
  • In 1944, the book ‘Strange Fruit’ was banned in Boston and Cambridge book store owner Abraham Isenstadt was unwilling to comply and was criminally prosecuted by the government of Massachusetts for selling 1 copy of ‘Strange Fruit.’
  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai has fought his entire life to take a public stand for the downtrodden with integrity, unlike hypocritical Jack Dorsey who’s Twitter Partnership has been exposed, Dr.SHIVA wins again by shedding light on lies with the Truth.

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Hello, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva. It is February 26, 2021.Today, I had to file a document that the court strongly encouraged me to file. It’s good news, because last Friday, the judge ordered me to strongly consider also bringing in Twitter into one of my lawsuits.

Just to step back, as many of you know, in 2020 I ran for United States Senate in Massachusetts. We had an incredible campaign. Ken who’s right here is one of our great volunteers. We had 3000 volunteers on the ground, and we put up 10,000 lawn signs, 20,000 bumper stickers; we were everywhere in Massachusetts. We ran as Republicans and the Republican Massachusetts GOP, which is the swamp, did not want me to challenge the Democrat Ed Markey. You have to understand, if you really rise above the adolescence of the WWF Wrestling of Republicans versus Democrats in their seeming differences, you realize that they’re actually one. They’re one party guys. They don’t really want any one of us coming bottoms-up to actually take out even their opposition because they want controlled opposition.

As our movement was rising, we were everywhere in Massachusetts. On September 1, we found out that the word on the ground was that Shiva won the Republican primary by a landslide, and we found out that September 1st I win where the ballots are hand counted in Franklin County by nearly 10 points, and in every other county 60-40, 60-40, 60-40. Clearly, I knew election fraud took place, there’s no way this guy who was nowhere to be found, won. As you look at all the work I did during that period, we learned about how the machines control elections by being able to flip votes, they have the weighted race.

Suing the State

So I filed two lawsuits. The first lawsuit was the fact that when I started sharing on Twitter, starting September 1, I started sharing on Twitter, that what had actually occurred was that the Secretary of State had destroyed ballot images, which by law they have to save. In fact, I went on Twitter and I shared email exchanges with me and the Secretary of State’s state election director where she admits that she deleted ballot images, and I said you violated federal law. When I did that I was suspended from Twitter for not once, but for nearly 21 days. So when I shared those tweets, it was the government we found that had contacted Twitter. So I filed a lawsuit, and it’s very different from filing against Twitter. What we found out was that the government colluded with Twitter. More specifically, the government had strongly encouraged Twitter to do it, and Twitter succumbed to it.

Initially I just went after the government, and we had a big victory on October 30 2020, where the judge acknowledged they had done this and told the government to stop it. After that, they attempted to, in our two related lawsuits, try to get our motion dismissed, and the judge denied their motion. Then on February 1, I again shared those four emails of my interactions with Tassinari, which is the State Election Director, and bam, I was permanently suspended from Twitter. So I went back and I filed an emergency hearing. In response to that motion for a hearing, we filed our position, they filed oppositions, the judge gave us another victory, a big victory. The judge basically ordered me, strongly encourage also including Twitter in the lawsuit, because before I was saying the government did it. And he said, I can’t give you complete relief unless you bring Twitter. So it’s big news.

Suing Twitter

Today, February 26, was my deadline to file back my position as the judge had strongly encouraged me to consider bringing them in so he could consider if he wanted to give me complete relief. So, that’s what happened today. I want to read to all of you the affidavit I filed because it’ll really give you the sense of how swampy Massachusetts is, and more importantly, how the government can collude with Twitter silently. So you and I don’t know about it, and it’s very hard for ordinary citizens to expose this, but we have a historic lawsuit here, which is really our lawsuit to defend freedom. So I’m going to read this to you, and you can listen as you’re chilling out, and I hope you enjoy it.

This is the affidavit that the judge wanted me to file to strongly consider also adding Twitter as a defendant. This is what it says, “On February 19, 2021, this court ordered me to consider adding Twitter, Inc.,” which was exactly seven days ago, “adding Twitter, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, as a Defendant, in this case because it was,” and this was in the judge’s order, “‘questionable whether the court may grant plaintiff complete relief.’” Reading this, they want to grant me relief, but in order to grant complete relief “on his motion if Twitter is not a party to this case. Such relief may also implicate Twitter’s interest, which could be impaired in its absence.” So, they want me to bring in Twitter. Big, big victory for us, and this is the judge wanting that.

In response to that I’m filing this affidavit, and this affidavit that I’m filing will really give you the essence of what’s going on in America right now. In this filing I just did, I said, “I hereby file this affidavit in support of my motion for joinder, and leave to amend my complaint in order to add Twitter as a defendant and add claims against Twitter.”

History of Censorship in Boston

I wanted to first of all give a background on Boston. A lot of you may not know Boston, we think was a center of the Revolution, but it’s actually the center of the worst suppression of speech. Boston has a long history of strongly encouraging private actors to suppress speech. Let me just read it to you guys.

“The history of Boston is synonymous with suppression of speech. In 1650, the first book burning,” the first book burning, think about this, “in the world happened in Boston Common when the general court ordered copies “— this is Massachusetts in 1650 — “ordered copies of William Pynchon’s book to be burned because it was not sufficiently loyal and deferential to the folks in power in Massachusetts. William Pynchon. William Pynchon was then expelled to England where none of his books was burned.” In fact, if you want to see it, here’s the book burning that they did. There’s a picture of the book burning right there, so they actually burned William Pynchon’s books because he was not deferential to the crown in those days.

“After that for over 300 years, numerous books were banned in Boston despite the establishment of the United States and the passage of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.” So even after the First Amendment was passed, Massachusetts continued to burn books. “Massachusetts continued to have laws on its books that defied the First Amendment of the United States and enforced the government’s views and what was acceptable speech, and criminally prosecuted people who asserted the first amendment rights.” So even though the US Constitution had the First Amendment past, Massachusetts continued to be backward.

Puritanism Continues Today

For example, this went all the way to 300 years later. “In 1944,” that’s only about 80 years ago, “the anti-racism book, Strange Fruit was banned in Boston. On May 26, 1944, the author Lillian Smith, penned the following in her letter to the American Civil Liberties Union annual meeting about why the powers in Boston banned her anti-racism book.” So, here she’s writing a book against racism that was banned in 1944, and I’ll just read your part of it, but there are many others.

In her anti racism book, she said, “but there are many others who fear the effect of Strange Fruit on the racial status quo. And I think within this group, we shall find Boston’s major reason for banning the book. These people believe it is to their political and economic advantage, to keep the Negro and the Jew and labor where they are today.” She’s not only talking about blacks, and not only to wages, but also labor, poor working people. They fear all change. They know when racial segregation begins to weaken that other forms of segregation, exploitation will crumble with it. They fear the book because it has the effect of stirring imagination and reawakening guilt feeling.”

That book was banned in Boston. Now, what’s very interesting that I want to share with you is that we discovered at that time, there was a guy called Abraham Isenstadt. He owned a small bookstore in Cambridge. Well, guess what? Abraham Isenstadt was unwilling to comply. Remember, businesses are always under pressure by the government, so Abraham Isenstadt, as I put in my affidavit, was criminally prosecuted by the government of Massachusetts for selling one copy of Strange Fruit in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is the name of the book.

The SJC, the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts, which is a state court, upheld his criminal conviction because the prosecution complied with the letter of Massachusetts Law, Chapter 26, Section 28, as it had remained on the books in one form or another from 1711. Massachusetts in 1944, still was complying with the law from 1711 before the American Revolution, which allowed people to ban books and with case law as it existed in Massachusetts, throughout the Commonwealth, and that was the case Commonwealth versus Isenstadt in 1945. That law, which is Massachusetts Law, Chapter 272, section 28, remained the law in Massachusetts, even after the Supreme Court reversed the Supreme Judicial Court in a later decision in 1966 that reiterated the supremacy of the US Constitution, the First Amendment, even in Massachusetts. Massachusetts doesn’t give a damn about the US Constitution, so they go after Abraham Isenstadt. So, the ban in Massachusetts on selling, possessing or reading Strange Fruit, which is a book that was banned in 1944, was repealed, guess when? Do you know when? In 1982, after the legislature rewrote chapter 27 to 72, section 20, to seek compliance with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. That’s 206 years after Massachusetts joined the Republic, then the state legislature rewrote that law which was behind the times, even to the First Amendment. The legislature rewrote it again in 2011 in response to Judge Zobel’s finding that even the 1982 version was unconstitutional. So it only took until 2011, that’s only 10 years ago. Think about this. This is how backward Massachusetts is where we’re living, where I’m living.

By the way, to everyone joining, I’m reading my affidavit we just filed in court. We had a big victory last Friday, where the judge strongly encouraged me to also bring in Twitter because then he feels he could give me complete relief, but he can’t do that without bringing Twitter. We were just going after the state when they threw me off Twitter. We’re also bringing Twitter.

“In addition to the consciously pretextual use of an unconstitutionally vague law, which was easily understood back in 1944 by Lillian Smith herself, the powers in Boston strongly encouraged all private actors, which means bookstores, cinemas, etc. to enforce the establishment’s arbitrary moral code. It’s like Puritan times. Be they book distributors or cinema halls or theaters, and you should see censorship of the theater in Boston. Daniel Doherty ceases, here’s interesting the Watch and Ward Society, which is a censorship society in Massachusetts, influence was total and extended far beyond the plain text of state law. The threat of individual prosecution was in addition to a real threat of withdrawing the license of theaters, cinemas and booksellers, if they offended authorities, the abuse of licensing power so the government would use licensing power generated comprehensive self censorship, both within Massachusetts and amongst publishers, and film distributors outside Massachusetts. This is Massachusetts film distributors voluntarily made special versions to be shown in Massachusetts movie theaters, that was different from the same movie shown in other parts of the United States such as Manhattan. So Massachusetts, people would do other movies, the same movie, they do other versions to make sure that the government would not get upset with them. So Massachusetts almost has been running like a backward country.. After the Supreme Court finally prevailed in establishing the Writ of the First Amendment with Massachusetts, the government seemingly complied for a few years.

Now let’s talk about my case. I gave that context to the judge, that Massachusetts has been a serious swamp of censorship going back to 1650, all the way up until modern times. I said, “with the arrival of computer algorithms, however, the government of Massachusetts is again free to enforce its will and return to its endemic long and trench tradition of defying the 1st and 14th amendments. Now without any concern about public intention, let alone opprobrium, the silence of my speech was completely accomplished silently, through strongly encouraging Twitter to use computer algorithms to flag my tweets, anytime I refer to the State Election Director Tassinari, and or those images.” I put up images which showed where she was saying, “Yeah, I deleted ballot images, I don’t have to comply with federal law,” and me saying, “you violated federal law,” those are the ones that the government had Twitter shut off. I said, any time I referred to Tassinari in screenshots or emails, which revealed the defendants, which means our opposition, plaintiff is me, defendant is them, intentional violation of federal law, these algorithms respond as programmed, first with a suspension for a few hours, then with the suspension for a few days, then with the suspension for few weeks, and then finally, with a permanent suspension.

All of this was done by the government of Massachusetts. That’s what you need to remember. We keep saying big tech, but this was done by the government of Massachusetts to suppress my speech for revealing the truth that the government, Secretary of State Galvin and State Election Director Tassinari fully knew that they intentionally violated federal law and the US Constitution when they deleted ballot images. So, that was a background.

Now, in my filing today, again to those of you joining, in our court case, we got a big victory. The judge wants me to bring in Twitter. Jack Dorsey, this elitist scumbag, goes around to BLM events, he went all the way to India to say that he’s against the Indian caste system. There’s a picture in which I’ll share with you, here’s Jack Dorsey, your Silicon Valley, hypocritical liberal elite scumbag acting as though he’s against racism, for black people, and against caste. Now, remember, I’m going to read you this because this is going to really show the hypocrisy.

Dr. SHIVA’s History of Fighting

The heading of this part of the affidavit is very, very, very deep and extremely, somewhat emotional, because it’s very personal as I’ll share with you. Here it says,”All my life, I have fought at personal risk against casteism, segregation, discrimination, oppression, and I wanted to let the court know that, to me, this has not been about brand building, I don’t go fight so I can look cool. That’s what these celebrities do. They’re not real fighters. They’re fake fighters.” I said, “I was born a low caste untouchable and experienced grinding poverty and crushing oppression on a farm in southern India where I grew up, my family moved to America in 1970. And I grew up in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey, my entire life has been a fight against all forms of oppression and segregation. I put my life on the line at each instance, and placed personal interests at great risk to take a public stand for the downtrodden.”

“Ever since I moved to Massachusetts from New Jersey in 1981. My life has been a constant, continuous struggle in the ”liberal elite” in control of the state and their daily hypocrisy. What I have observed is their words of fighting for the poor, the oppressed people, working people are contrary to their deeds. While at MIT, I placed my degree,” and I want to share this with you let me go go to this because I think you guys will like this. Even people watching on Instagram should probably see this. So this is what I shared here. This, some of this is going to be interesting for you guys. I said, right here. I said, “while at MIT, I placed my degrees and PhD at risk when I fought publicly for the rights of women and protests and improved and the pervasive misogyny and sexism within the elite at that University. I was inspired by my mom’s experience of struggles in India at a time when women, especially from her background, were not expected to become educated. You see, my mom came from a very horrible background. The fact that she even got educated is quite profound.” And I wanted to share that here.

I also fought publicly for the rights of workers at the university fought against liberal elites profit of profiteering apartheid, South Africa, fought to release political detainees from genocidal war in the government in Sri Lanka, fought for the entry and inclusion of more women, poor black and white in science and engineering, fought against endless imperialist wars overseas and fought against a fake left and right, Republican Democrat divided.

There’s a picture of me of my PhD graduation, where I was the only guy while I was getting my PhD. There’s my degree in hand, protesting the war in Iraq. And then here’s me, actually chasing off this genocide, a leader who come to Sri Lanka, who had imprisoned one of my friends there, and here’s me, there’s young me over there, right? They’re organizing the food service workers, because they were not getting treated well, and here’s me talking at a symposium about why there’s no women in science.

In 2009, I finished my Fulbright and I went back to India, and I share that so there is a history. I wanted to share with the judge that I’ve always been fighting in a very, deep way that has a lot of meaning for me. So I said, “In 2009, after completing my Fulbright, I was invited by the Prime Minister of India to import my expertise in science and innovation and lead the reforming of India’s leading scientific institution, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in India, for which the Prime Minister served as president. The goal was to unleash innovation and commercialize the numerous scientific innovations and findings made by the scientists in India. The scientists were relieved and overjoyed to finally have one of their own in authority and supported me fully. “

So I basically was in India in my Fulbright, and the Prime Minister of India said hey, why don’t you come back here and help our scientists for a couple of years, and I decided to do that. I quickly learned of the feudal and colonial infrastructure, which actively suppressed Indian innovation and realized my appointment was simply for show to have an MIT PhD Fulbright Scholar allegedly in charge. I could have accepted the corruption and simply stayed on to enjoy the immense material benefits and stature they offered while knowing it was an empty position. So what did I do? Me being me, I wrote an honest report, summarizing my findings for review by the leadership, including the Prime Minister. That report resulted in not only my termination, but also eviction, death threats, and attempted false arrest and prosecution. All of this was unleashed by the progressive, “liberal elites” of India who quote Gandhi every day. I had to leave India in the middle of the night to avoid being killed.

In the judges affidavit, I actually included the article that came out in nature. You can see it right here. And what I shared here was, “The most prestigious journal in the field of science, Nature, published a report on my being forced out of CSIR within five months of being appointed.” So, here I’m sharing with the judge that I’ve had a long, long history of fighting. “As a very dark skinned Indian American, I have experienced racism daily throughout my stay in Massachusetts. Belmont police where I live right now, threatened me with retaliation for purchasing a modern house in the “liberal Snake Hill” area, this is after they entered my home without a warrant because they could not believe that a black skin man could be living in such a house in Belmont.” So I’ve actually experienced real racism, not BS racism that Smollet talks about. Just as the progressive elites in India, the liberal elites of Belmont fabricated a false arrest, which was outright dismissed by the courts. And true to form, the Boston Brahmins,”by the way, that’s what they’re called. “The Boston Brahmins in control of Massachusetts tried to use that false arrest against me during my 2020 run for US Senate even though the court records have been sealed.”

“All of my life I chose to fight against all forms of segregation that the “liberal elite” support as correctly delineated by Lillian Smith, in 1994 itself. My fight has been real, not for show, and aimed at meaningful improvement in ordinary people’s lives. It has not been a fake exercise in brand building, or aimed at becoming a member of the elite establishment. At the age of 57,” which is what I’m right now, “I do not need to put myself at risk and run for US Senate and take on the “liberal elites.” I could easily live in a comfortable life in Belmont, run my biotech companies in Cambridge and make nice with the Boston Brahmins in charge, regardless of who occupies the governor’s office. I fight because that is a commitment I made to my oppressed grandparents in that small farm in southern India, when I was 12, as well as to the many working class people, black and white in New Jersey, who taught me and gave me my values. It is who I am, which now brings me,” as I told the judge, “to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.”

Jack Dorsey’s Collusion

Listen very carefully, let’s talk about Jack Dorsey, because I’m making the argument why I want to bring in Jack. The judge wants me to bring him in, but I want to make a strong argument. Dorsey is actively colluded with the Boston Brahmins. Remember that? The upper caste Boston Brahmins of Massachusetts to interfere in the election campaign? Because look, it was the government called Twitter and Twitter works with them to throw me off in the middle of my federal election campaign. Quite amazing. Twitter has actively colluded with the Boston Brahmins in Massachusetts.

Someone says, “hello from New Jersey, politics is corrupt.” Yeah.

Twitter has actively colluded with the Boston Brahmins of Massachusetts to interfere in the election campaign of a low caste black skin untouchable who ran for US Senate so he could actually help the downtrodden and marginalized people in Massachusetts, and the United States with fresh new ideas and a strong background in science, engineering innovation. It is undeniable and hideous that Dorsey has chosen to silence me.

Let me show you this picture. Now, to everyone watching this, you’re going to find this quite amazing. So I said, “It is undeniable and hideous that Dorsey has chosen to silence on behalf of the elites in power, a low caste untouchable, that’s me, who has been an actual fighter for the oppressed and the voiceless his whole life. While Dorsey puts out photos and press statements that claim he’s a champion of diversity, inclusion, and the fight against racism and casteism. In 2018, Dorsey traveled to India and claimed to strongly oppose casteism, which he said he was against caste and other social ills in that country. Here is Dorsey in India, claiming to smash Brahmanical patriarchy that’s Brahmin patriarchy, you can see he’s holding this up. He’s among all these supposedly liberal elite women., this is all a PR schtick, wearing a stupid little hat, his frickin beard and his little, right, whatever, right? This is PR guys. PR it’s not real.

“It is beyond hypocritical that Dorsey has actively colluded with the elite establishment, the Boston Brahmins in Massachusetts to smash a low caste untouchable who came up the hard way. Who came up the hard way? And that’s what I want the judge to understand that this guy’s an absolute hypocrite, and everyone needs to understand that. So who came up the hard way and ran for office to represent others who have been shut out by the one party quote unquote, “liberal elites” in control of Massachusetts and provided the government a covert means everyone needs to listen to this what’s actually going on? It’s not big tech, it’s the government working with them, and provided the government of Massachusetts a covert means of silencing me. Dorsey actively supported the caste system in Massachusetts while claiming to support inclusion, quote unquote, social equality and diversity overseas and black lives matter in the United States. So that’s Dorsey stick. Oh, I help the poor. I’m against caste in India and Black Lives Matter here. Unlike Dorsey, I have fought against casteism my entire life in the East The West. That’s why I fight against the elites. The elites are the upper caste, where all the low caste people today in America, they suppress us. Dorsey supported the elites in power both in east and west. Check this out. In fact, this past month that I just put in my affidavit Dorsey’s Twitter has silenced agitating farmers in India on behalf of the elites in power over there.

As a child of poor dark skinned Indian farmers myself, I can only conclude that Dorsey is a posturing fraud, who is a member of the quote unquote liberal elites himself, and has zero interest in changing the existing power structures in any way, and neither East nor West. The recently departed, Michael Apted documentary in his landmark up series 1964 to 2019. Series A lack of socio economic mobility in English society. Dorsey supports the same lack of socio economic mobility and the continued preservation of power within the quote unquote, upper liberal upper caste of Massachusetts because what did he do? If Dorsey truly opposed casteism, he would have ensured that my voice is not silenced by his own company Twitter on behalf of the agents of the Boston Brahmins, Tassanari, Galvin and Cohen and would have ensured that his company does not provide establishment upper castes, a covert means to accomplish an end run around there strong restrictions imposed on the government by the US Constitution. Okay, so how do they do this?

Dorsey actively helps the upper caste Twitter, Dorsey actively helps the upper caste carry on oppressing the downtrodden in the United States, undisturbed by the new elites in big tech or by any notions of due process or equal protection or who the United States must be as a nation. And here’s the central point. I then went on to make I said Twitter didn’t just succumb to the Massachusetts government., when they deleted me off Twitter, Twitter is an active partner in the government silencing of speech, given the century long history of private actors succumbing to the will of the government in Massachusetts in fear of losing their commercial licenses or being publicly excoriated as anti social or aiding crime. One would think it is not a surprise that in the year 2020, Twitter too will silently succumb. In fact, I testified. So on October 30 2020, hearing for the restraining order that Twitter had no choice. So I’m trying October 30 2020, where we got another victory. I had testified that Twitter at that time had no choice to cave in to a concerted powerful push from the government and its agents, pre textually, classifying my tweet about the state election director Tassanari deleting ballot images in conscious violation of federal law. Now, one of the things you guys need to understand is, in previous case law, which we found in 2015, Judge Posner wrote the following regarding the affidavit filed by an employee at Visa,, that denied any coercion by Sheriff Dart, though the coercion was explicit.

So basically, the government had coerced a company to basically suppress speech., then there’s some case law on this. So I said in my case, here, it is a matter of record that the Secretary of State of Massachusetts and the state election director acted in concert with the National Association of State election directors and the National Association of Secretary of State to do whatever it takes to silence my speech on Twitter, in the midst of my federal election campaign. 350 years of Massachusetts history shows that the most private businesses lack the gumption. That’s the problem with these Massachusetts is they put pressure on businesses and businesses Massachusetts lack the gumption to withstand that level of Massachusetts State government power and single-handedly defend the Constitution of the United States. But we would be wrong to think that is the end of the matter. So here’s a reality.. The reality is Twitter is vastly different. Twitter consciously chose to collude with the government. In my case, even before the state election director, the Secretary of State and others reached out to silence me during my federal office.

Twitter and State: “Trusted Partners”

Now why do I say that? Guess what it turns out Twitter actively established a Twitter Trusted Partner Program, I don’t know if you guys know that. It’s called a Twitter Trusted Partner Program with the government and actively colludes, with efforts by the government to silence speech using this privileged Twitter partnership. So if you contact Twitter, complaining, that’s a different lower caste than the government they have actually have something called a Twitter Trusted Partner. So that’s what they did when they contacted to throw me off, a political candidate. Twitter’s Trusted Partner Program serves exclusively as an end run around the US Constitution as restrictions on the government. The sole purpose of Twitter’s Trusted Partner Program is still allow the government to silence speech silently. Without any public scrutiny of the state’s actions. This is quite profound, and to serve as a government convenient cut out that allows the government plausible deniability for its own action. Twitter did all it on its own. It’s a private company. You see, the government contacted Twitter, they have a Twitter Trusted Partnership. And when Twitter takes you or me down, the government can tell I had nothing to do with it. This is repellent and execrable, it is impossible to tell where the government ends and where Twitter begins.

So our lawsuit is so vastly different than these other lawsuits. It’s not a section 230 we’re actually going after this collusion. But for this Court’s eliciting testimony, so on October 30, the judge and I got testimony out from O’Malley and Tassanari at the hearing. These defendants and Twitter’s would have continued to conceal the very existence of the Trusted Twitter Program. It was this lawsuit, our lawsuit that exposed the fact that the government has a Trusted Twitter Partnership. Nowhere on Twitter’s website do we find any mention of Twitter’s Trusted Partnership with government officials to help the state silent speech silently. Twitter’s website takes care to conceal its deep willing collusion with the government, and they give the impression if you go to Twitter’s website, they give the impression that it partners only with other private companies for marketing purposes, and you can see it. The court now knows that this claim is a lie. It is anodyne description of civic integrity. Twitter takes care to avoid a description of the Trusted Partner Program that is intended from the start as an end run around the restrictions on the government. It is vital for all of us to acknowledge that Twitter did not do what the brave Abraham Isenstadt did. Remember, I said, Abraham Isenstadt in 1944, here was a guy, small bookstore owner in Cambridge. There’s a book on a shelf that the government has said his ban, Abraham Isenstadt, he had courage he stood up. So the point I wanted to make to the court, here’s a vital difference. It is vital for all of us to acknowledge that Twitter did not do what brave Abraham Isenstadt did all by himself in 1944 stand up for the US constitutionally protected rights and liberties and the foundational principles of the American Revolution.

Isenstadt stood up to the government of Massachusetts, despite being one solitary owner of one solitary bookshop. Twitter, on the other hand, is much more powerful and as a global voice, to not just stand up to the government, but expose whatever it takes efforts by state officials to silence speech. Dorsey is no Isenstadt. Isenstadt in deeds not in words fought segregation, racism and discrimination when he was willing to put his own business on the line and risk criminal record to fight for free speech and defend the First Amendment. Dorsey, on the other hand, gave Tassinari and Galvin, the governor of Massachusetts, a trusted Twitter partnership. That’s what Twitter does with the government. Colluded with them to silence a black skin low caste untouchable who was exposing a violation of federal law that serves to deny the guarantee of ‘one person one vote’ to every American. The irony and hypocrisy is beyond pale. Unlike Twitter and Dorsey, Isenstadt chose to live not by lies, So applying the Isenstadt analogy, Twitter’s willing clandestine relationship with the government is equivalent to the government of Massachusetts. So imagine having the government of Massachusetts just having a backdoor to Isenstadt bookstore and a collusive relationship with him to silently exclude books from sale that do not meet with the state’s approval while claiming it was a private business decision. All right, Twitter. So if you think about Twitter, I wrote to the judge to maybe visualize as a modern bookstore, with the tweets being equivalent to books. It is now a matter of record that unlike Isenstadt, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has granted the government privileged backdoor access and a controlling say over which books Dorsey puts up on display. Both Dorsey and the government see eye to eye on are in full agreement that voices such as mine, that promote all forms of desegregation and meaningful structural change must be silenced. Just like the book, Strange Fruit was silenced by the quote unquote liberal elite in Boston nearly 100 years ago. This is no different from how it was in the Soviet Union or East Germany is still this in today’s China. Now, I included in my, in my document here, a very interesting tweet which I will show to everyone. You’re reading my affidavit, anyone joining, I’m reading the affidavit I just filed in court where we got another big victory. So this is what I did, I put up this tweet from Aleksey Navlny, which says, “of course Twitter is a private company. But we have seen many examples in Russia and China, of such private companies becoming the state’s best friend, and the enablers when it comes to censorship.,”

and then I add with talking about this I go, it’s time to live not by lies on February 3 1974. Despite being a native born citizen, an army veteran, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from Russia by the progressive elite for performing actions systematically that are incompatible with being a citizen of the USSR. You guys may remember this. Some of you may not know this, because he publicly revealed the fact that the Gulag slave labor unions were established on original orders from Lenin on February 12 1974. Just the day prior, Solzhenitsyn penned a letter, you should read it. It’s called ‘Live not by Lies’ that was published in full on February 18th. In the post, and is attached to this affidavit, the credo expressed in that essay 46 years ago this month, applies fully to us today. And to the resolution of this case, there is testimony already in the record, and even before any deposition or discovery that the government officials who are defendants here in concert with Cohen, which is the executive director of the National Association of State election directors strongly encouraged Twitter to do whatever it takes to silence my speech. There is evidence in the record that this action included the use of computer algorithms that detected certain words and or images, an algorithm that the defendant allowed to continue in place even after the defendants assured the court that they would ensure that I would no longer be silenced on Twitter because of them.

The silencing of the citizens speech through through the use of stealthy computer algorithm by the governor of Massachusetts is unacceptable as documented silencing of citizens speech for decades through the threat of licensing actions by the government of Massachusetts, there is no difference that contempt for the first amendment shown by the government of Massachusetts throughout the entire period of the existence The United States is palpable and continuous. And that I end by saying these defendants expect everyone to live by lies, including Dorsey and behave as if Twitter acted on its own to silence me, and that the government of Massachusetts does not silence speech. It is time to live, not by lies, Twitter must be responsibly held for silently acting as the agent of the elites in the government. That’s what makes this lawsuit quite historic and for living by the lie that the government has no influence on how Twitter deplatforms, it remains unacceptable for Twitter to run a covert program designed specifically to provide the government a stealthy way to perform an end run around the US Constitution. I hope you understand what I’m saying. The government silenced my speech, Twitter gave them a Twitter partnership. The government can say Oh, Twitter did it. You follow what I’m saying? But when the government did it and they have a relationship called the Twitter partnership, this court must allow Twitter to be joined to this lawsuit and grant leave to amend the complaint including claims against Twitter such that the truth is finally revealed. And ordinary citizens are protected from a covert program that allows a government to violate their rights, at will, under the garb of the private sector, respectfully submitted under pains of penalty Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Our Fight for Truth Freedom Health®

So that’s what I just did everyone today. This is our fight. And so you can see our movement for Truth, Freedom and Health. We never walk away. We keep fighting. And that’s why we need all of you guys to go to You can contribute. By the way if you guys want to support it’s called the First Amendment lawsuit, go to Support, contribute, but more importantly, when you contribute to us, I’m here, I’m fighting for all of us. Because the fact is, we live in a fascist state right now when the government acts as Oh, that’s just big tech did it. It’s big tech. No, it’s not big tech. It’s a government working with big tech. That’s what this lawsuit brings out. But I’m able to see these connections and we’re training our Truth Freedom and Health warriors to not be stupid anymore and stop just saying Oh, Democrat, Republican., Trump, look, Trump is part of it. The non Trumpers are part of it. The Republicans are part of the Democrats are part of it. They’re all one big family guys. Nothing happened against Hillary, nothing. It’s time to wake up. So now they’re going to create the Republicans versus the Democrats, the Trump Republicans, it’s all bullshit. Nothing’s gonna happen unless we build a bottoms-up movement. I don’t see anyone from the Trump campaign calling support this. Do you know Ken? No one, they knew about my lawsuits, my two lawsuits, our two lawsuits are the only ones that are surviving. Because we are going at the heart of the issue, because we take a systems approach. And when you take a systems approach, that’s when we’re going to win. That’s why we just got another victory. That judge is ordering me to bring in Twitter. He says, I want to give you a complete relief, but I can’t give it unless you bring in Twitter. Okay. So what I need all of you guys to do is first of all, look at this video again, join our movement. And I always want to see if there’s any questions up there? Ken? The people have? No people are just excited.

Yeah, how much did Jared Kushner make? Let’s talk about Jared, what the hell is Jared Kushner? How does Jared Kushner was at Harvard, his dad gave Harvard $2.5 million.. My parents didn’t have that to give to get me into MIT. I actually made it in there because I was hard working and worked my butt off and actually accomplished stuff. I didn’t even know about MIT until two weeks before I applied. So Jared Kushner gets to be what, a 35 year old kid, right? The senior White House adviser and Ivanka Trump. Come on guys. And we all put up with it. I gave money to Trump you guys did for four years. Nothing happened to Hillary? Nothing. Not one thing. Jared and Ivanka are friends with Chelsea, and their friends.? They’re all friends. It’s all bullshit. It’s all WWF wrestling. The only movement that can liberate us is this movement for Truth, Freedom and Health. And I can say it confidently. Because we are based on an engineering science approach, which says we need to understand the dynamics of change. And that change can come when we understand the foundations of systems. And that’s why I keep pounding away that we have that everyone says, Dr. Shiva, we want to help you. How can we help you? Well, the way you can help me and you, is we need to get 50,000 Truth, Freedom and Health warriors across this country. We want conscious people who understand that there’s a controlled opposition, they create pro versus anti, so they have to have the dialectic, guys. They want us watching MMA fighting. That’s what this bullshit is. They don’t want us, that no media will cover this lawsuit, where is fucking Tucker Carlson? Where is he Ken? Nowhere. This is the real lawsuit. This is a historic lawsuit. No one covers it left nor right, Trump or non Trumpers. And the reason they don’t cover it, because we’re going at the heart of the issue, we want to stab the establishment right in the heart and destroy them. They don’t want to win, we want to win, we’re working people. That’s why I’m telling you, you need to get your head out of you-know-what, and get educated. So I want to play my video again, and pound it away, over and over and over again until we get 50,000 people on board because that’s the number we need. Like to create a nuclear reaction to win, we need 50,000 educated people who get these dynamics. If we do not get these dynamics, we’re not if you don’t get these dynamics, and you don’t really understand you’re just watching this YouTube show that YouTube shows on social media, you’re actually basically not going to have the educational base to win. So let me play this. So everyone go to and join this movement, it is your movement, it is your, frankly, your way out to really destroy the establishment, otherwise, there will be no significant change. And I’m not going to be able to do it by myself or not by 10 people, we need 50,000 people to sign up to be Truth, Freedom and health warriors this year. Let me start this again,


So anyway, everyone, that’s what we got to do. It’s so clear to me. I can’t say this emphatically anymore. We have to build this movement and we have the path, we know what is to be done. No one else is offering solutions, because these people either are out to make a buck, or they want the dialectic to take place left, right, Republican, Democrat, our movement for Truth, Freedom and Health is the only movement that is a clear path to liberation for all of us. And it’s taken me my whole life to figure this out. There’s a science that we figured out which we’ve converted to education. There’s all the technology learnings I’ve learned from building companies from our data center we own we’re giving that to this movement to build an infrastructure for you and I’m going to show that to you, when you log in, when you become a warrior, you get all the education when you become a supporter, you get the books and some other stuff, you can just become a member, for nothing. But when you support this movement, and you can, by the way, support our lawsuit, you can contribute to it. And remember, I’m representing myself, I don’t know if you guys know we’re not paying one scumbag lawyer, Rudy Giuliani got $100,000 a week, Did you know that Ken? 100,000 freakin dollars a week, I did all that election research and our guys, not one penny. And then we offer people on our site. An MIT like education, when they contribute 100 bucks, they probably be charging $50,000 give me whatever, right? That’s what these guys do. But we’re working people we don’t, we’re not scumbags. We’re building this movement Bottoms-up. So when you join, you get the platform of education, and we keep adding stuff. Then on top of it, we’re building a community.

In our data center that I built, I ensured that no one’s gonna get kicked off, when we have discussion. We can talk about vaccines, we can talk about masks, we can talk about election fraud, you put those words out there, you get zapped. On top of that, we’re creating a Facebook equivalent for warriors that I’m about to release a Twitter version. And then on top of that, we’re giving you tools so you can become activated in your local communities. This camp, this movement is about you going local, you becoming like a navy seal, nuclear physicists fighter by having the right knowledge. That’s what you need to do for you. Stop wasting your time with all this other BS, conspiracy theories, Q shit, aliens, China, it’s not outside, it’s us. That all gives away your power, we have to build that movement doesn’t matter what they do, it matters what we do. So in closing, go in, sign up, become a warrior, contribute, don’t contribute anything, become part of the, become a member, but you guys got to start learning, you have to become conscious incompetence. But don’t be an unconscious incompetent, which means become aware of what you don’t know. And what you don’t know is there is a physics, there’s a gravity, there’s an electricity, there’s a magnetism, to building the movement, and you have that access to that education right here., so let me just share that with you.

So if you go to And when you sign up, you get access to infrastructure that is in our environment that no one’s going to take away from us. Alright, no one’s gonna take away from us, it’s our environment that we can sign on. And people can use this infrastructure to create revolution. So if you go to the dashboard, revolutionary change, and so when you log in, depending on logged in as a leader level, you get access to the videos, you get access to the cards, where you can actually print these cards out. There’s a vaccine card, it’s almost like a cliff notes, it’s an activism weapon, you can print this card out, and you can hand it to your friends, it’ll teach them the real science of what’s really going on in vaccine vaccine from an MIT PhD. The real issue is personalized medicine and boosting immunity. And it teaches them the public health implications. And it’s done in such a way that everyone can probably feel comfortable with it, let me actually share the entire screen here. So everyone can see this. Otherwise, you guys won’t be able to see it. There we go. So that’s one of the important elements that you guys have access to tools here that you can take advantage of. The other piece that we have here. Everyone loves this, is this forum that’s continuing to explode. Again, this is in our infrastructure. So you can come here and you can have discussions with people. You can, for example, there’s a science here, people are talking about the PCR test, right? You can have conversations with people when they’re going on here., so you can have amazing discussions, there’s all this very, very good, intelligent discussion, so you won’t feel alone.

In addition to that, those of you who become warriors can also have our own equivalent of Facebook here, but it’s our own. So here’s John’s page. So you can see here you can have groups here, there’s Oh, there’s Oregon group that just started Wow, it’s pretty cool. A Japan group, Canadians group. So all these different groups are starting.. So we have different groups starting online here with different members so people can start joining these groups. So when you go to the, there’s different groups here. So there’s a warrior’s group, which has the membership is just starting to start here. And remember, you can start connecting with people all across the world who are becoming Truth. Freedom Health warriors, but about several 1000 now, and these people are just starting to get on. And more importantly, there are tools that you can use that I built, that actually teaches you how your body’s is a system, called ‘Your Body, Your System’, you answer a set of questions, you can figure out what kind of system you are, that’s a red dot, the black is where you are today. And the system actually builds you a personalized program of the right foods supplements that you can look at supporting yourself with. And then we have the book, The classic books System and Revolution that’s available here. So no one here should really feel like they can’t get access to this knowledge. This is the equivalent of, of a serious educational institute, a community site, plus activism. It’s got all the tools there.

So it’s up to you. And again, I wanted to let everyone know that it is our systems approach that keeps us giving us victories. It is our systems approach that really exposes the election fraud issues that went viral all over the world. It is our systems approach starting as early as March 2020, that we exposed over a year nearly a year ago, I was the first to say this whole Coronavirus stuff would go down in history as one of the ways to suppress dissent. Push mandated medicine and destroy economies and every one of those things is come true. When you take a systems approach. You will find the truth, you will know the truth and you’ll be able to educate others but if you don’t take a systems approach you’re going to be the left or the right and that’s what they want. They want us fighting against each other. They don’t want working people uniting bottoms-up and exposing them. Anyway thank you very much. Be the light. Thank you. Go to and become a Truth Freedom and Health Warrior.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior®.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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