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How Trump & Bernie Serve the Establishment, by Playing The ‘Not-So-Obvious Establishment’

  • Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – recaps in a previous video in further detail, on how the ‘NSOE’ operates and plain facts about the last 4 years.
  • Bernie claims he is anti-establishment yet concedes and endorsed Clinton & Biden, the Left burned itself out acting as the “party of the working people” they needed to fill that vacuum with Trump.
  • Trump’s service to the establishment was to speak the rhetoric “Lock her up!” “Protect Small Business” and similarly both sides need the dialectic to stay relevant, which is why we have AOC’s too.
  • Jared Kushner & Ivanka raised money for Cory Booker and Snowden & Assange we’re never pardoned but Kushner’s dad was pardoned, lastly they raised 300 million dollars for Election Fraud, where did it go?

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Bernie and Trump serve the swamp, it’s going to be a follow up to a talk I gave a couple days ago. But it’s going to really be about how Trump and Bernie serve the swamp. And it requires an understanding of political theory. Without the understanding of political theory, this may just seem as some to some, you know, there’s a lot of people actually wanting to understand what’s going on. But we’re going to actually do a deep analysis of this, I did a version of this talk. Back on Saturday, two days ago, actually about 10:50pm. And we did it for about an hour or so. And I think it got close to 70,000 viewers, and a lot of a lot of very incisive comments. So I thought it’d be important to do a follow up today, I want to take about 30 minutes to really talk about this. So people understand this. I have, by the way, everyone knows today, Monday evening is our Truth, Freedom and Health warrior class that I teach. And it’s also an entire program that’s part of our VA Shiva platform for Truth, Freedom and Health. Let me just remind everyone, so as people know, the approach that we take is not Left, and not Right, not Republican, not Democrat, not Pro or Anti. That’s a dialectic that the establishment purposely creates. So we never go after the real solution. So they want you to watch a wrestling game, they want you to watch a soap opera, or they want you to be entertained, they don’t want you to solve problems.

And what it has done to working people, as we’ll talk about has been devastating. If you’re an American worker today, and you’re making about 50k, you should actually be making 120k. And Republican and Democrat since 1971, have completely squeezed the American workers today, we actually have not one American Pie, which grows along with GDP per capita, we actually have two American pies. One is for the 5%, and one is for the rest of us. And that’s been brought to you by the swamp, both Republican and Democrat. We’re going to talk today about how Trump and Bernie actually are instruments of that swamp, they serve that establishment in a very clever way. And it’s time that everyone wakes up to this, so we can build this Bottoms-up Movement.

Truth Freedom Health®

I just want to emphasize that the only way through this is for us to build our own platform, which is what we’re doing. So if you go to And then we’ll start our talk shortly. If you go to, as many of you know, we have our platform that we’ve deployed. And as it says, we have our own hardware on infrastructure on software, that platform also actually consists of three components. It consists of the component, which we call the Educational piece, which is the Foundations of Systems programs, so you actually learn political theory, engineering theory, on how you can apply it to politics, I’ll be doing that I do a art class today, we have several 1000 people who’ve gone through the program just in the last few months. So I encourage everyone to become a Truth Freedom, and Health warrior. Second part of that platform is we build community tools. So you can feel like you’re not alone as you’re learning this very, very incredible knowledge. So you, you build a community, it’s in our own data center, it’s not part of big tech. It’s the social media components that we’ve created the equivalent of a Facebook, the equivalent of a forum, our Truth, Freedom and Health warriors enjoy. The third is we provide you tools so you can get active in your local communities That’s how we change, not top down. So let me just play this quick video, so you can understand.

Alright, everyone, thank you. So again, to let everyone know, every Monday evening, we have our Truth, Freedom, Health training class, go to, sign up. But it’s a fundamental program, as the video just said, that’s necessary if we’re serious about building a Bottoms-up Movement, which is what we’re here about. And then we also have a bunch of tools, you can go check it out. But anyway, you can join as a member, you can join as a supporter, where you can get some educational tools, and you can join as a warrior.

Rhetoric Versus Deeds

So let me just focus on something quite important, which is about looking at Trump and Bernie. So you start understanding how both of these individuals essentially serve the establishment. It may not seem obvious, we’re not talking to them as individuals. But the first thing I want to say is to the people on the left, there’s a lot of stuff that Bernie says that sounds good you know, I’m for the environment, right? I’m for workers, I believe in revolution all these words, bla bla bla, bla, bla, words, words, words, words. You have to look at those words that do not match his deeds as we’ll talk about, all right, because he presents himself as an anti-establishment candidate, to the working people You know, minorities, working people, poor blacks, poor whites, etc. So he is their fighter. And this is essentially what we teach in our course, there are three elements that we need to do to build a bottoms-up movement. To understand the interconnection between Truth, Freedom and Health. Why we need to build a bottoms-up movement, but most importantly, the not so obvious establishment, which is the most powerful insidious weapon that the establishment has. So we stayed connected to their two party dialectics politics. Okay. So the way that model works is on the left wing, they have the obvious establishment like the Clintons, and the Obamas. And the, you know, Biden’s, but then they have the ‘Not So Obvious Establishment’.

The Not-So-Obvious Establishment

So if you think about the eagle having two wings, you know, one wing of the establishment is the obvious one. Alright, so you have two wings, right? The one wing of the establishment is, let’s say, the left, and that left wing has its, you know, the shoulders and the arms, but then it has its fingers, right? The elements that actually drag people in, so they don’t leave. So if you look when, you know, when Obama ran, right, people are starting to get the working people and are starting to get disenfranchised with the two party system. So they brought in Obama as a populace to keep them in. And then they needed Bernie also. Well, so the left wing burned itself out in terms of acting as it was a party of the working people. So the right attempted to fill that vacuum with Trump. And Trump’s goal, or a service to the establishment was to speak a lot of the rhetoric I’m going to take on Hillary, I’m going to lock her up, right? And so on. And the end, you know, or we’re going to protect small businesses, right? Not help the big guys, right? I’m for the small guy, but you can look at what happened over the last four years is that the big guys actually profited maximally. So it’s one thing saying the words, but at the end of the day, the Republican establishment, just like the Democrat establishment needs Bernie, they need the AOCs to speak the rhetoric.

The Republican establishment now needs Trump. This is why you had a guy like Matt Schlapp, who’s if anything is, if you know him, you know, he was a political director connected with the Bush’s for many years. Okay. This is why he started up CPAC. And they’ve embraced Trump, because Conservative Inc, needs Trump. As much as the Democrats need Trump, just as the Republicans or the right needs Bernie and AOC because they keep the dialectic going. Okay, they want to keep the dialectic going. So you and I, and working people don’t build a bottoms-up movement, which is locally based, where we interact directly, we build our own force against this dialectic. So that’s what the political theory is about. And if you want to learn more, when you understand that there are forces, they’re no different than gravity and electricity and magnetism, there are actual forces that are used by the establishment to manipulate you. One of those forces as powerful as gravity, is the ‘Not So Obvious Establishment’. over the last four years. And by the way, it doesn’t matter what these people say. In fact, what you have to understand is that you have to look at the actual end results.

If you look at the end result today, if you are one of the 95% of the American populace, and you make $50,000, you should actually be making about 120k, I did that in a talk earlier, clearly showing how over the last 50 years, there used to be one American Pie, which grew nicely during 48 to 1971. But between 1971 there’s two American pies, one little small pie for the 95%, a lot of crumbs there, and one big American Pie for the 5%. Both parties using their Left or Right elements have manipulated people to keep this dialectic going when nothing ever gets solved, the Pro versus Anti. The unemployment rate today, the actual unemployment rate today in the United States is 25%. Okay, so forget the rhetoric. So just a couple of slides I wanted to share with you. And this is just to give you some pointers of how we need to understand how the establishment actually operates. Because otherwise you’re going to be thinking, and that’s why there’s a lot of confusion today, because people are wondering what the hell happened over four years. I’m talking about a lot of working class people who supported Trump, including myself and others. Alright.

Trump and the Swamp

So first of all, let’s look at some of the ways that Trump in the swamp work. Well look at the first thing is he made Jared Kushner, his senior adviser. Quite interesting. Here’s a guy Jared Kushner, so who is Kushner? I mean, he got into Harvard because his father gave $2.5 million, and his father is a complete scumbag. So this is who became the senior advisor? The senior adviser to the President of the United States. Well, let’s look at what Jared Kushner is about. So well Jared Kushner, here’s Ivanka and him raising money for Cory Booker. Okay? It’s not like they, they just supported him. They actually raised money for him, okay? They raised money for Cory Booker. I just want to put that in here. So you know, sometimes a picture says 1000 words. Alright. So that’s one thing. The other thing is, Booker says, I don’t regret fundraising with Kushner and Ivanka, which means he’s fine being their friends. These people are the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. And yet overnight, they became, you know, stalwart fighters for working people.

And Cory Booker and Jared Kushner again, Democrat receive campaign cash from Trump’s son in law. And if you look at it, you know, with him and his related companies close to about 100k. Now, the other thing is, this is something very dear to me. You know, here you have Assange and Snowden. Trump did not pardon them. He did not part Assange or Snowden. Yet, he did pardon Kushner senior who hired a prostitute to frame his own brother in law, which means Kushner’s brother in law, so just think about that. Alright. Um, you have a fellow All right, who Trump can get a huge chance to support you know, pardon, Assange and Snowden. These guys have put their lives on the line to, in many ways, expose to the American public, how deep the swamp really is, and how we’re all being spied on. And, with one stroke of the pen, he could have helped Assange and Snowden, but he didn’t. All right, and this is something you need to really understand. Who did Trump help? He did help Jared Kushner’s father, who’s a complete scumbag. Alright, unfortunately, you know, this is something, I mean look, I gave Trump money. I supported him, so it’s hard for me to even go over it, but this is the truth. Then he’s in bed with CPAC and Matt Schlapp which is Conservative Inc. and Matt Schlapp is as Bush as you can get, okay. He is as Bush as you can get. He is as swamp as you can get. The next thing is Trump never went after the real crime scene of election fraud. The Trump campaign RNC made money off of election fraud. Okay, they made close to not a little, a lot. They made $300 million off election fraud. They lost every freakin case. Rudy Giuliani, as I understand, was making 100k a week. And they didn’t go after this. Because they were making so much money talking about fighting election fraud.

Our team here in Boston and a team of our volunteers, we did so much work exposing this, not getting paid $1 because of our love of this country. These guys brought in 300 million, the Trump campaign and the RNC. Where did that money go? And you should go look up the people of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign. This is just the facts. Nothing but the facts, unfortunately, that we have to share here. Then finally, he endorsed Ronna McDaniel, and this was November 11. Right, right after he’s lost. Well, who’s Ronna McDaniel? Okay. Well, Ronna McDaniel, she’s the RNC chair. And, you know, here she is, she’s Romney’s niece. And there you go. Okay. So I just want to put that out there.

Bernie and the Swamp

Let’s go to Bernie over here. Okay. Bernie and the swamp, Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton and talked a good game. I’m gonna fight for the working people. But at the end of the day, he supports the swamp, same here, he supports Joe Biden. At the end of the day, fight, fight, fight, but then supports Joe, who’s one of the most corrupt families, one of the most corrupt people in politics, and then he endorsed pro Monsanto. Warren. Well, here’s Elizabeth Warren, again, part of the ‘Not So Obvious Establishment’. And the reason I want to bring up Warren, is that she is again, part of the liberal left, which is used to sucker people, young people, particularly back into the democrat wing of the establishment. And look at this. This is Bernie’s words, Bernie Sanders takes on Monsanto. Big AG monopolies in rural revitalization. So you read this and you think, Wow, Bernie’s against Monsanto. Well, look what he does. He endorsed Elizabeth Warren. Well, why do I bring this up? Look at in 2013. There was a Monsanto Protection Act. Okay. Well, the Monsanto Protection Act was an act, essentially that you could not sue Monsanto. Well, look at Elizabeth Warren voted yay for that. And this is so scumbag Bernie, who the press and the media promoters he’s a big fighter against Monsanto endorse, you know, Warren, now I give you these contradictions for the following purpose. So to people on the democrat wing side, if there’s any people who think Bernie’s a great guy, here’s Bernie endorsing Hillary. Okay, here’s Bernie endorsing Joe Biden. Here’s Bernie endorsing pro Monsanto. Warren why the media tries to present him as though he’s a guy who takes on Monsanto. Well, he endorsed Elizabeth Warren and supported her when Elizabeth Warren is the one who voted yay for the Monsanto Protection Act, which basically means that you cannot sue companies like Monsanto. So I bring this up, because I want people to start breaking away from this two party Left, Right establishment because it’s not going to get us anywhere. We’re going to go into more and more suffering. So if you look at both wings of the establishment, this is a subtlety that people need to understand. The subtlety here is that the hardcore wings of the establishment, the Bush wing, of the right, you know, the Romney of the right, you know, the Karl Rove there are guys, which are like the hardcore establishment wing.

And then the Clinton, the Biden, the Obama wing. In order for them to survive, listen very carefully. They need their alternative populist wings to keep people coming back to within the purview of the republican Democratic Party. So they need Bernie to rile up people. Right. And he does this with such consistency. The last minute he says, yes, you have to endorse Crooked Hillary, yes, you have to endorse Biden. He never is ripping off and building a third movement is he? Because he gets paid off. That is his job. Same thing we’re seeing now with the right, the right didn’t have their Bernie equivalent. That’s why they need Trump. And this is why Trump is now at CPAC. This is why Trump is part of the Matt Schlapp Conservative Inc, Matt Schlapp was a guy who endorsed, was part of the Bush plan. So both wings of the establishment have their frills, to bring people in. And if you look at someone like Trump, I mean his son in law, you know, the senior adviser, 35 year old kid who got into Harvard because his dad gave 2.5 million.

Jared Kushner, you know, no big deal. He ran fundraisers for Cory Booker, him and Ivanka. So just think about that. It’s not like they just voted for Cory Booker, or they, you know, gave him a lot of money, they ran fundraisers for him. Big difference.

Systems Approach

So the point to understand is that we’re going to keep coming back at this issue, that the only way forward is to recognize there are scientific principles. There are engineering, scientific principles, the same principles that run your computer, the same principle that run your body,  they are the same principles that run political systems. And until you know those principles, you will always think, oh, wow, Trump said a lot of good things. Bernie said a lot of good things. And you will always be, unfortunately, in a situation where you feel let down, that’s where people are at today. They feel let let down. And if you look at the Trump behavior, he never said I’m never going to concede my election while he did concede. Not only did you concede, you have the Q anon stuff which kept perpetuating through words, something’s going to happen to trust the plan, okay, and so on to the left and the right. It’s not the core establishment of the Romney’s of Bush’s and the Obama’s, and the Clintons, that’s at the core. It is the ‘Not So Obvious Establishment’. Which is a physics that you need to understand, because they’re the ones used to keep people in and the establishment needs them. And they need to have what we call the dialectic of left and right Republican and Democrat.

But when you take all that away, and you look at the reality, working people, not only in this country, but in the world. In the last four years they have been getting squeezed and they needed a Trump to placate the white working class, in this case. The working class by and large, they needed a Bernie to talk all this crap, and then bring them into Hillary, and that’s what you see right now. I mean, if you look at many of the people that Trump is aligning himself with, like Matt Schlapp, they’re the Neo swamp. They’re that because the established as well, you know, the working people aren’t buying our messaging. So we need Trump’s messaging, the working people weren’t buying the Democrat messaging. They needed AOC and Bernie’s messaging, but both those people serve the swamp, Left and Right horse trade against working people. This is why when you look at the end result, in the last four years, 600 billionaires doubled their wealth in months, working people, there’s two American pies in this country. So like, you know, one thing Bill Clinton got right, if anything was he said, it’s the economy stupid. And it’s true. The economy for working people 25% unemployment, when you really look at it, forget the way they manipulate the stats, actual unemployment. And if you’re making $50,000 today, you should be making 120k that $70,000, particularly starting in 2019. Over the years, more and more of your money has literally been siphoned over to the 5%.


Anyway, I have to go and do my talk today. Yeah, look, I encourage. By the way, everyone go to, become a Truth Freedom and Health warrior. It doesn’t matter. If you agree or disagree. There are, it’s like you can’t disagree with gravity doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, it exists. Similarly, the ‘Not So Obvious Establishment’ is a powerful tool of the establishment to keep us fighting each other. You see, they need Trump right now. It’s not because they need Trump to harp you or me, they need Trump to keep the WWE or WWF wrestling match going on. So it’ll be Trumpo versus, you know, demento Biden, and that, and the republicans will use the rhetoric to raise money. That’s what they did with election fraud. We in Massachusetts went after the real crime scene of election fraud, which is computer algorithms. Trump didn’t want to go after that. Go listen to a speech mail in ballots on the right or voter suppression on the left are not the real issues. It’s the fact that we have electronic voting machines, which can flip elections, I have a feature in there called the weighted race feature that computer algorithms, which should never be allowed. So the only solution is paper, hand counted paper ballots counted at the precincts and posted at the precincts. That’s a solution we’ll be talking about. So when you want us to be Pro-Vax, Anti-Vax. But the real issue when you apply systems solutions that will teach you is not Pro or Anti, it’s about the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time. We need to boost immunity. That’s our solution. Right? They want the bullshitter Robert Kennedy who’s been bullshitting people acting as though he’s against vaccines, right? Fighting the pharma companies, they just want that dialectic, nothing has happened. More and more of our rights are being lost. You go look at the pro and anti GMO movement. Same thing you’ll find. Same thing with the fake election fraud versus a real see if I’m for I’m against election fraud. It does exist. Well, the real issue is the fundamental issues, we need to get rid of those voting machines. But these guys won’t talk about it because Republicans and Democrats have been profiting at least two decades off selections. So if we want to truly win if we want real democracy, if we want Truth, Freedom and Health, we have to take a Systems Approach. And in order to take a Systems Approach, you need to be educated because your educational system hasn’t taught you that. It’s taught you, if anything through that thing called the TV to brainwash you about celebrities, reality shows, how billionaires are going to help you and how we should feel sympathetic to billionaires. It’s not going to happen, when you look at the arc of American history. It’s always been Bottoms-up movements by working people go look at the late 1800s 1900s. And because of the fear of the working class movement, rising up the right wing brands it as communists, and the left wing tries to take all that Red Scare and manipulate it into people joining top down unions, this is a reality but you’re not going to get this until you actually get educated. So please go to, sign up some support if you know, you can support the movement, you can contribute, you can just become a member. Or you can become a supporter and get access to education, understand how these principles apply to your body, or the ultimate levels to become a warrior. And that’s what we’re building. We want 50,000 warriors all over not only this country throughout the world where they become hard activists in terms of working in their local community and where we have the tools independent of big tech where you can communicate. Anyway, thank you, everyone, be well and those of you joining our course tonight. I welcome you all. I’ll see you in about 20 minutes. Thank you be well.

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