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MIT PhD Reveals the Systems Science of State Silently Silencing Speech in Historic First Amendment Lawsuit

  • Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – reveals the Systems Science of State Silently Silencing Speech in Historic First Amendment Lawsuit. 
  • Dr.Shiva’s discoveries show how the Government uses an infrastructure for surveillance, censorship & blacklisting. Government uses that infrastructure to silence anyone who goes against the Government narrative on any issue.
  • The Playbook Dr.Shiva discovered in court, shows the System Science the defendants created to silence him for exposing Government malfeasance & is the infrastructure they use to Silently Silence You on any topic, particularly Political Speech.
  • The ‘Partner Support Portal’ is a dedicated reporting channel to enable Twitters partner organizations around the world to Expedite Emerging Issues directly. This tool is used by the Government and is highlighted in detail how the Government should use this tool.
  • The Government uses Systems Science to silence political speech using this Big Tech infrastructure with an intelligent feedback loop that constantly senses influence operators through technology. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I hope everyone’s doing well, and we’re going to be discussing a series that I’m going to do, because out of the important discovery, what we revealed in court testimony, which is the Playbook. This is the Playbook that we shared in Federal Court, which has become quite extraordinary. Our discoveries show how the Government actually uses and has an infrastructure for surveillance for censorship and blacklisting. And how they use that infrastructure to direct and make the social media companies silence citizens speech, who criticize the government.

What I wanted to do was, I thought, this is an awesome educational opportunity for all of you to start understanding the Science of Systems, because what we’re seeing in play here is how the elites use the Science of Systems for the State, to Silently Silence Speech. And that’s what this is actually about. My goal here is to step back a little bit. And what you realize is, once you understand System Science, which is what our movement is for Truth Freedom Health. I want to play a quick video for you. Because what I want to do today is intersect what’s going on with this lawsuit here, with what our platform has been doing.

It’s just very interesting, in some ways, is divine providence that our lawsuit, and what’s occurred here to Win Back Freedom at is directly tying into the mission of our movement for Truth Freedom Health. That’s what I want to talk about today. I want to take a little bit of a step back, because I’m going to give you an overview. I’m not going to have an opportunity to go and discuss everything about System Science, we have a whole course program for that. And anyone who wants to support this movement gets access to that and the varying levels of commitment people want to do so I’ll talk a little bit about that. But then I’m going to jump back into this playbook.

Government & Big Tech Use System Science

And you’re going to see a direct connection between how those in power are using the power of System Science, which is the framework that they have created, which is actually the ideological framework for creating this infrastructure that they’ve created to silently suppress speech. So they Launder Censorship, to organizations like Twitter and Big Tech companies. And if you can understand this, you’ll realize that on any issue, be it Election Integrity, be it Medical Freedom, be it whether you want Clean Food, or clean whatever the movement is, that if you’re against the government narrative, that you will be silenced using this infrastructure.

It’s really important for everyone to understand the nature of this infrastructure. So I’m going to step back. And my goal is that I want to inspire all of you to obviously support this lawsuit. I want everyone to give $1 just $1 to I rather have lots of you involved in this movement, millions of people giving $1 versus you know, two or three head honchos coming in and helping us out. That’s not what this is about. This is about building a broad movement, as a part of this lawsuit, but more broadly, is a part of the movement for Truth Freedom Health. So let me share with you a quick, quick set of slides I put together to hopefully help articulate this better.

Intelligent Feedback System

This is a diagram that you’re seeing here, which is a diagram that represents what’s called an Intelligent Feedback System. In the course that I do every week, I teach it Monday evening. We’ve had close to 10,000 people go through the course. But my view is that if you do not understand the Science of Systems, I was talking to some young people today. And I said, Look, if you guys don’t want to really do your homework and learn the Science of Systems, you’re always gonna be following the left or the right. And you’re just going to be part of the left-right narrative. And you’re never, you’re not really serious about solving anything.

This is what I would tell anyone – I have a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological engineering and design. Just because you know how to use Photoshop doesn’t mean you’re a designer just because you play around with gears, there is a science to everything. There’s a science to building a bridge, there’s a science and engineering to building an airplane – that may be accidentally configured out and spent a lot of time but if you understand those scientific principles, you can do things much better and you can actually solve problems. Similar to that there is a science to politics. In fact, there’s a science to every system in the universe. And that’s called the Science of Systems.

I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of the fact that if you go to – our slogan, there’s ‘Get Educated to Be Enslaved.’ So if you go to, you can learn more about that training program. But this diagram is important. Because if you understand this diagram, this is the Engineering System Science of every system in the universe. And the textbook that I created here, it’s not to sell you a book, but to let you know that in system itself, and its ‘System and Revolution,’ anyone, you don’t have to go to MIT can learn this, either in a couple of hours through the course.

I talk about the Foundations in ‘Systems and Revolution’ about this science. My intention is every example that includes our loss. It’s an opportunity for you to raise your political consciousness. I encourage you guys all to explore and that platform, but you will begin to understand what this diagram is about. This diagram is the science of every system. So, every system in the universe has a goal, if it’s an intelligence system, in the case of the government, or the case of those in power, its Power, Profit and Control. So that’s their goal, as you can see on the left over here, right, in order to achieve their goal, those in power are looking at what things are actually going on, they have a feedback loop here.

So they’re actually assessing what’s actually going on right now. Hey, we want power, profit and control. Are the masses getting more freedom and truth and health? If they are, we’re going to start controlling that by sending in different inputs into this thing called a system here to get an output. But we may face disturbances, which means people fighting, filing lawsuits, okay, and so on. Again, once again, I don’t have time to go into this, there’s a deeper course, which I encourage you to take. But there is a Science of Systems.

Now. Another way you can look at it isn’t a pencil way you can look at it this way, same thing, you have a goal, you have the forces of transport, conversion and storage, which are forces everywhere in the universe. But more fundamentally, this diagram as the earlier one is a foundational science of every system. And what you’re going to realize is that in these playbooks these guys who put this together, which are the defendants named in my lawsuit over at the epicenter of the swamp of the universe, Harvard’s Belfer Institute or Kennedy School of Government, they have applied System Science, I’m going to show you how they’ve done that.

How it Was Discovered

In order to understand that, let’s just jump over to how I discovered all of this. On May 20, and 21st, where my lawsuit hearings, and again, it is a David versus Goliath story, it’s me against not one set of lawyers, not two sets of lawyers, but three sets of lawyers in federal court. And in that some of you may have seen it on zoom. If you had the opportunity – it is quite fascinating.

But here, I have to defend myself against three sets of lawyers. And the total number of lawyers was close to seven lawyers, three of the top lawyers from Twitter, three of the top lawyers from the Government of Massachusetts and the lawyer from the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED), as many of you know, and quick summary, you can go look at the other videos, the government chose to silence my political speech, because I was critiquing them and exposing that they violated federal law.

They had contacted Twitter, very different from Twitter. Twitter didn’t do this independently. The government made Twitter do this. And that’s the basis of my lawsuit. case number 11889. So that lawsuit has gotten various victories, we’ve survived motions to dismiss, but on May 20th, and 21st, which just took place the judge, and it was multiple motions for dismissal that was being looked at a motion for joinder Rico forum selection, a number of things. I had to present our case, but in the latter part of the second day, on May 20th, and May 21st. I basically had found that I had submitted evidence to the court under the judges requests, an order that I have found evidence that the government has created an infrastructure, a standard operating procedure, and SLP as we say it an engineering for suppression of every US citizen’s speech who critiques them.

How did I find this? Well, I found it because, you know, I’m a little persistent and I found a set of papers, these letters. A letter written by this woman Katie Minshall who’s at Twitter. And she’s writing to someone in the government in Britain. And she’s talking about what is called the Twitter, Twitter partners Support Portal. Remember what came up in our hearings on October 30th was we had elicited from the defendants the government, that they have a Trusted Partnership with Twitter a trusted partnership with Twitter, which allows them to contact Twitter on a hotline, a VVIP hotline to suppress and silenced speech. Never before had this been talked about.

Our lawsuit is the one that brought it up and exposed it. When that occurred, we realized that Twitter’s not a private actor, they have a direct relationship with the government. And as a result of that, one of our many victories we got but that one was the judge ordered Twitter to stop silencing. The judge to be specific ordered the government to stop contacting Twitter to silence me. Government, that’s who he ordered. Well, that was in October when I was thrown off on February 1, 2021. I was thrown off again.

Why? Because once again, I shared those four email screenshots exposing that the government of Massachusetts violated federal law. I was critiquing the government. Okay. By the way, this is, as many of you know, this is one of the most fundamental aspects of the First Amendment that you and I can say anything against the government. The night before the hearing, I’m like, What is this Twitter Trusted Partnership (TTP)? Sometimes they say Twitter Twisted Partnership, but how are they doing this?

Partner Support Portal – PSP

I searched and I searched and I searched, and my persistence paid off because I found this letter. And in this letter, this woman, Katie Minshall, is writing to someone in the British Government. Or I think the Scottish Government and she’s talking about this thing, called the ‘Partner Support Portal.’ Remember this woman is at Twitter. Katie Minshall is at Twitter, she’s saying the ‘Partner Support Portal’ (PSP) is a dedicated reporting channel to enable Twitter’s partner organizations around the world to Expedite Emerging Issues directly to us.

And then in this second page, she goes, dozens of UK partners – so that they had rolled out this technology, this infrastructure in England, including some government departments, and a Parliamentary Security Department are now enrolled in the tool. Okay, the parliamentary security department of the UK was enrolled in this tool where they could report on people. The PSP has proven particularly effective in highlighting, quote, unquote, hateful, quote unquote, abusive behaviors that undermine political discourse and harm the stability of this debate, including content directed at candidates and members of parliament.

What this means is when they rolled this out in England, this infrastructure was rolled out so the government could contact Twitter to stop citizens from quote unquote, hateful quote unquote, abusive behavior quite a lot, large latitude, right. And remember, the British government and the Brits, the British government does not care about the First Amendment. It’s not in their constitution, like we have in the United States. So they’re, they’re obviously fine with suppressing speech.

That’s what this document was. When I found this, I said, Wow, what is this? Now I found what this PSP is, the first time I saw it, and I searched and I searched more and more and more, and using some of the advanced search methods in Google. And I was surprised. That led me to a series of four playbooks, which I’ve shared with you yesterday, which again, which I presented in federal court, which has now been accepted as evidence. And those playbooks actually describe not only the PSP, but the fact that it is a tool of government in detail.

Authors of the Playbook Infrastructure to Suppress Speech

And this infrastructure was developed at the Belfer school at Harvard. But the authors of this infrastructure and the architects are the defendants, in my case, the woman, Michelle Tassinari, who’s a state election director, who I was critiquing government official. It involves Amy Cohen, who is the Executive Director of the National Association of State Election Directors, (NASED) another state actor, which involves all the 50 government officials in the United States, who also reported me when I shared the truth that the government of Massachusetts violated federal law. Okay, so all of these state actors have contacted Twitter using this playbook.

I’ve gone over the playbook and we’ll go deeper but I want to give you the overall architecture that they use, the Science of Systems, which I want all of you to take time to learn and educate, to contribute to this movement. And I’ll talk about how you can get access to learn the Science of Systems. It’s a must that everyone does that if we’re going to fight with these guys. When we go over here, what we realized is, she goes on to say, at the beginning of the election campaign, we work with our counterparts at Facebook and Google, in addition to Twitter, to create one stop advice, one stop shop advice, which means one stop, where here the government, Twitter can work with the other organizations to suppress speech.

Then it says, in conjunction with the web and social media team in the Scottish Parliament, I ran a series of Twitter quote unquote, she’s saying safety training sessions with members of the Scottish Parliament with my counterpart in Facebook in July. So this woman, Katie Minshall, is sharing how she worked with the other social media people to install this infrastructure, which is an infrastructure only for government officials. And this was in 2018-19 in London. And if you follow this out, they also use this infrastructure, then an Indian election, then in Taiwan, and then they brought it to the United States.

This was sort of tested, battle hard elsewhere. Now, who’s Katie Minshall? Well I looked her up. This is public information. Well, she’s an alumni at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Well, that’s where all of these playbooks were developed with the defendants I just shared. She went from Twitter, to the Belfer school. Okay, back and forth. That’s how these guys work. Now, it gets even more interesting because when you unravel this, you also find this individual, Robert B. Zoellick, is also a senior fellow at the Belfer Center. Robert B. Zoellick, everyone should remember that name.

He’s also a senior fellow at the Belfer Center, which, by the way, has this very interesting Orwellian mission to ‘Defending Digital Democracy,’ quote, unquote, defending as though someone authorized them to defend our democracy, okay. These are unelected people, all the most of these people here. So, the state election directors are unelected, but here what you see is this guy, Robert beads. olek is a senior fellow at the Belfer Center. All right. Well, Robert Zoellick was a former head of the World Bank. I worked with the Bush administration. But this is even more interesting.

What I interestingly found out was who was Zoellick? Well, if you go to Wall Street Journal and look up Twitter, right, here’s their stock as of today. It’s gone up. censorship is profitable.

And what you see here is you look at the board of directors. See various people obviously Jack Dorsey’s there, but then you see Robert B. Zoellcik, there he is. He’s an independent director, National Endowment for quote, unquote, democracy. He’s also on the board of Temasek Holdings, which is one of the large investment companies which invest in China, but there he is. Robert Zoellick, you can see from right here, all right. He’s a board member at Twitter. He’s a board member at Twitter, he’s not some random guy. And he’s also a senior fellow at the Belfer Center. All right. And maybe still is but at one point, he was a senior fellow. So that’s what you have.

You have Twitter, and the Belfer Center, closely involved. Now, what gets more interesting is that this stuff, these documents, which I’m going to share, just shared before, was actually created. The authors of it were Twitter legal at the Belfer Center when they work there, at work with them or collaborate with them. And Amy Cohen Cohen and Michelle Tassinari. Michelle Tassinari, is a state election director in Massachusetts, Amy Cohen is from the National Association state election directors, all right. When I sued them, when I brought them in, they acted like, Oh, we don’t know anybody, we’re you know, we’re all just private citizens, while they all knew each other.

The Election Cyber Incident Communication Coordinator Guide

Getting back to this core here. I hope everyone’s seeing this, these people are one close knit family. What I discovered through my persistence in my search and getting ready on May 19th, for the Lawsuit. What is his ‘Twitter Trusted Partnership,’(TTP) what I discovered was a goldmine of information. And that goldmine led me to these things called this document called ‘The Election Cyber Incident Communications Coordination Guide.’ And remember to everyone, I’m suing the state election director in the state of Massachusetts. Well, when you look at this election guide, Who wrote it? Well, let’s look at who wrote it. Okay, who’s one of the authors of this ‘Election Incident Communications Coordination Guide?’

Let’s see this. And I want everyone to see this plain and simple. You’ll see that one of the people who is an architect and a contributor to this is not some nobody. And here’s the state election guide. You can see right here, this is one of the guides, is the person that is a woman that I criticized. Well, that Michelle Tassinari right there. She is the elections division’s Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Mass, she’s the one that I expose was violating federal law. And here’s Amy Cohen, her counterpart of the National Association of State Election Directors, (NASED) both of these work together to throw me off Twitter, yet they claim, maybe they knew each other, but they had collaborated in the creation of this guide. Alright, so that’s the first thing we need to be absolutely clear on. These people are not strangers to one another, they actually know each other.

The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook

Now, the second part of this is if we go back, and we share the screen again, the window here, what do we see here? The second document I found is a ‘The State and Local Election Cybersecurity Playbook.’ All right, well, who are the authors of this? So, these two documents are done in 2018, leading to the documents I’m going to show you in 2020. So again, this was done. If you look at the Belfer Institute, quote, unquote, ‘Defending Democracy,’ well, who are the authors of this document? Well, you’ll find out, let me go right here and share this. Let me share this. And we’ll find out that the authors of this are none other than the same people.

And it’s important to understand these are people who were concealing to their court, this kind of relationship that they had being architects. So this is, again in 2018. Again, at the Harvard Belfer school here. All right, and what do you see here is, right here, let me see if I can turn this Yep. So what you see here is, again, ‘The State Election Cybersecurity Playbook,’ and voila, you see, again, this woman, Miss Amy Cohen, shows up here, Executive Director, and Michelle Tassinari. This is a person I and both of these people are suing again, they claimed, you know, they didn’t have any kind of relationship like this, but they’re architects at least playbooks. And we’ll get a little more deeper into that. So you have again, that’s very important.

The Election Influence Operations Playbook

Remember, both of these characters were being sued in court, they concealed this relationship that they had. The next thing is there is also another document here. Okay, we get into the next document here. This document is called ‘The Election Influence Operations Playbook. Election Influence Operation Playbook – Part 1. And then we’ll come back to this. There’s also the Elections Influence Operations Playbook – Part 2. And what we’re going to realize is that the author of these two playbooks gets even more interesting is none other than Twitter Legal.

And the National Associate State Election Directors (NASED) worked on the two previous documents, but they also worked on the others, but with Twitter legal, and I just want to again, share with you the evidence, here’s the evidence. So there’s no, you know, we’re not making this up. This is not some, quote unquote, conspiracy. This is actually evidence that is now in federal court and has been submitted as evidence.

I’m going to show you the playbook number one. You see, this playbook is called ‘The Election Influence Operations Playbook.’ We’re going to realize what is an influence operation in the context of System Science? ‘Understanding Election Mis and Disinformation.’ And Who is it for? It’s for state and local officials. This is a guide built by and for state and local officials to suppress quote unquote, quote unquote, “Mis and Disinformation.” And who are the authors here? Look at this. It is none other than the National Associate State Election Directors (NASED) Amy Cohen, and Twitter legal Okay, Twitter Legal, Twitter legal again, came to court and acted as though this woman was just some private citizen who had reported me, they lied, absolutely lied.

Government’s Big Tech Systems Architecture

They’re not, she’s not just a private citizen. As the head of this organization, she contacted Twitter to throw me off, because I was exposing a violation of federal law by her colleague, Michelle Tassanari. That’s so you see, and by the way everyone should understand I’m not just a private citizen, I was running for political office. My campaign was – Stop Election Fraud. And here, I’m exposing a government official, which is one of the most protected forms of speech in the U.S. government. And when I exposed her with courtroom proof evidence, she contacted Twitter, and that’s in the playbook, and then called Amy Cohen, who also contacted Twitter using the force of 50 State governments, went into Twitter legal, and they shut me down.

And all of these people were involved in creating these playbooks which they conceal to the court and these playbooks are the architecture. They’re the systems architecture, they’re the systems architecture, of the State Systems architecture of the state, silently, silencing speech, particularly political speech, of every American citizen who starts critiquing the government. Think about it. This is why we need to Win Back Freedom. This is why those of you listening, you must, if you understand the importance of this and you believe in the First Amendment, I don’t care if you’re left or right, you support whatever you want to support, but the heart of the First Amendment is being violated.

And that’s why I want all of you to give just $1 just $1 at, because this lawsuit so far is a David & Goliath lawsuit. I’ve been supporting it myself, fighting for it myself. And I need your support, because we want to bring in some powerful constitutional lawyers, some other people to help me now. And the judge has even advised that, because he sees the importance of the substantial consequences of this to every American. I can’t do that, we have to do depositions and discovery. Right now, I probably spent a million dollars of my own time and effort in doing this on my own, but we need to bring in others to help me. I’m still going to be the QB, but I need other people. Go to to help.

Organizational Architects of The Playbooks

Going back here, what do we see here? We see that Twitter legal, and NASED are the architects of this. We will notice here in the PowerPoint is the playbook. This is a set of playbooks that are put together. This is a set of playbooks that, and what you find out is anyone who’s an engineering scientist, this is not just some paper, it’s actually the manual for suppressing speech, all these set of playbooks. And again, by the way, this has all been submitted to court.

What we see here going back to that diagram, what do you see here? Steps to counter Influence Operation? So what is an Influence Operator? Well, in the state’s mind, it’s a way of calling someone a commie or branding them as an enemy of the state. It’s someone who has influence and who can. And that influence is different from the state’s narrative. Okay, so an influence operator, someone like me, who says, Wait a minute, you know, we should really when it comes to the immune system, we should really talk about boosting the immune system, beyond Pro & Anti Vax. Right? When it comes to Election Integrity, the real issue is the voting machines, right?

They don’t want someone like you or me, as we’re building our social media following to have influence and operate that influence. So, they have branded us as IO’s, IO’s, which means someone who’s an influence operator, okay, and influence operator. That’s what they’ve done. They have come up with an ideological framework, which is founded in System Science. And why do I say that? Well, when you look at this diagram, look at what it has. It has a diagram.

First, you set your goal, which is anticipate and prepare what you want, which is make sure these people quote unquote, don’t spread quote, unquote, misinformation and disinformation, then you identify and assess them sense who they are, then you respond by sending an input back into the system, and the new learn and improve. Well, you know what, that’s what an intelligent feedback system is. They have a goal, which is to take out people who go against their narrative, they have their sensory system and their controllers who will input stuff in this case contact Twitter to get their ultimate output. And they’ll see if this is constantly taking place. Which means let me explain this again, this way everyone should take the understanding of System Science.

So, you have a goal, the government goal in this case is make sure no one else is perturbing their narrative. That’s their goal. So they watch what’s going on. They sense they have the tools to sense, right keywords, what you’re saying, how much you’re tweeting, are people following you. And if they sense that you are a threat, then they’re going to control the conversation by contacting, the input that they’re going to put into the system, the social media system is that contacting Twitter, through their PSP portal, and telling Twitter to take out that person, but it doesn’t just end there. It’s a feedback system. It continues, they continually monitor you.

Systems Science

This is classic systems theory. It’s classic System Science. And this is why I want all of you to learn the Science of Systems. And I am teaching that – you can go to and become part of the platform at I’ll play that video at the end. But all of you must learn the science, this is the enemy knows the science. When you look right here, this is their process. This is what they’re doing: business System Science and action. What they’re doing is, first of all, they identify what an ‘Influence Operator’ is. And if you look here, one of the goals of identifying what an influence operator is. They actually have in their manual, who is an influenced operator.

You’re going to see one of the ways that they characterize an influence operator. And this is right out of the manual. Okay, they’re literally following the manual when they, you know, took me out, so what do you see here, you see what it says? Anyone who critiques people who run elections, or the people who run elections are corrupt. What that saying is, if you in my case, I as a Senate candidate said, Hey, Michelle Tassanari, the state election director, she’s an election official who is corrupt, she violated federal law. Well, then I go on their radar.

Let me just repeat that, again, that is one of the most foundational elements of the first amendment that I can report. And I can challenge the government officials. This is why the United States exists. It’s the core of the core of the core of the United States. So this manual again, all of these manuals developed by these defendants at Harvard Belfer, they’re the architects of it clearly says right here, that one of the ways that you identify and influence operators, are they saying people who run elections are corrupt? Damn right. That’s what I was saying. It’s exactly what I was saying.

And that’s what my four screenshots expose courtroom proof evidence that this woman is corrupt. And when I put that up, bam, I was thrown off and that’s it. That’s where our court case started. Where it evolved to is we peeled away the onions. We have found out that the government practices System Science, they haven’t methodologies to sense you out. And that’s one of the first aspects of Systems Theory. Then they also have these details of who and what they are doing. So, again, anyone who quote, unquote, I wasn’t spreading disinformation, I was telling the truth. Often focus on people that enable election often, as it says, incidents often focus on people that enable elections to run, okay, which means I focus on but I was focusing on our election official.

And over here, it says misinformation, disinformation may spread for quote, unquote, false allegations of disrupted election hardware, software and infrastructure. And you have to understand what was I saying in my tweets? I was saying that they had destroyed Ballot Images. So, again, that was their quote, unquote, misinformation, but they had destroyed Ballot Images. It’s in black and white. She told me that. Here you have the state election official, who contacted Twitter, but it’s coming. She’s following the manual. She’s following the operating Guide, which is founded on Systems Science so they identified me and then so that’s this identification process that I’m sharing right here, all right.

Then the next step of this, in each aspect of this manual, is that they go in gross detail to explain how you identify the influence operator. That’s in part one. And in part two, how you know what keywords that they’re saying, How to report them to Twitter, how to use their portal. And in fact, it says in black and white, that this is a VVIP portal and you use this, they react quickly. So this document.

This playbook is not just some paper, it is the infrastructure for surveillance, blacklisting and censorship of U.S. citizens. And just to make this a little more clear, I wanted to bring up part two of this guideline and just quickly walk you through this. But bottom line, what I want to do in today’s conversation here, or talk here, is to let you know that what they’re doing is ideologically they’re using the framework of System Science. And we must learn System Science, because they know how to watch, sense, and input. And that’s what this framework is. And it’s a classic example. I find myself in a profoundly interesting position because this is what we teach. This is what my life has been about studying System Science.

Feedback Loop

And here we’re saying how they’re malevolent, in an evil way, using System Science to silence the speech, political speech. We go to this document here. We’ll see that, here is a playbook. Now, we’re looking at the second playbook. This is a playbook part 2, and this is the really more juicy one, because step by step, it goes through and it says the four stages of countering election influence operations. And there you go. There’s a System Science diagram, how you assess people, you identify them, you input into the system, and you continually monitor them, it doesn’t add. So I was thrown off on September 24th. And then I was thrown off again, on February 1, every time I shared the facts of the lawsuit, this woman Tassinari, and the screenshots showing that they violated federal election law, federal law.

They had me in their loop and still have me in our loop. So, the injury is ongoing. It just didn’t end on September 4. In fact, that’s when it started. And that’s what all of you need to understand that the government that is in this case, this wheel is owned by this RICO Enterprise. Government starts here, they start the wheel spinning, they watch it, they support nscd goes through this. Here in this area, they describe how you organize your organization, what people’s roles are, the communication coordination that you should do step by step guide.

And then it goes into detail telling you that you should get your official Twitter account to the government, because it’ll give you higher level access, not just the beginning, then it goes into gross detail here. As you look into it, how do you identify and assess somebody? Right, develop indicators, warning signs, keywords. Now, up until I showed this evidence in court, the defendants were saying we don’t know anything about keywords. We were not even involved. That was all Twitter. No. This is the again, what does it say here? It says right here. The influence operations playbook for state and local officials, state and local officials. So, they had tagged me with keywords.

Whenever I put up those screenshots. Whenever I put up the word lawsuit, election fraud, they had all those tags. This wasn’t done by Twitter, this was done by the government again, they are the intelligent quote unquote, intelligent system in this process. So then you see, and then you see the keywords. They, they’re they’re training people how you go onto Twitter, and you look to develop your keywords. And then they say how you should monitor people in real time. Then they tell them, they have a toolkit, how you determine who, what, when, where and how to identify your influence operator, and they say, assess the severity.

So when they assess me, do I have an established voice? Yes. Do I have credibility? Yes. Do I have volume? As many of you know, if you go on to my Facebook and YouTube, I get lots of engagement. This would have categorized me, again, they’ve a threat level analysis is a high level threat, medium and low. Now with high level threats. This is a response. They tell people in the playbook to respond two ways. First, they tell the secretary state officials to respond directly using their portal access to Twitter, but they also report to others in your state and authorities. This is to that other organization NASED. So you give yourself more voices to amplify your voice.

That’s what they also did, again, following the playbook to the letter and then they tell social media platforms how they should report to Twitter. And they say right here, if you’ve been enrolled again, this comes back to the PSP, the partner Support Portal. And this is that special portal for the government you and I can’t get to it. It’s only for state election officials. This is what’s important to remember, it’s a special vehicle for the government. And then since I was tracked as a high severity threat, they do 12 different steps. But the key is right here, continue media and digital monitoring and feedback loop, you say this, this System Science Feedback Loop.

Now, they don’t do that to a low level security threat, but to a high level security threat. They put them into the loop, they practice System Science. And then the document goes, I mean, there’s many sections of this, but there’s a toolkit for them. And among that toolkit, is how you use Twitter. Through their Partner Support Portal, Chief election officials have access to this special reporting tool, special reporting tool, Trusted Twitter Partnership. PSP expedites a review. Alright, expedites a review, again, says it expedites it, remember, everyone, I wasn’t thrown off, after some review by Twitter, I was thrown off in 17 minutes.

On February 1, when I shared it again, in a lecture, like I’m doing now, I exposed the fact that the government had taken me off. And because of those four screenshots, the key takeaway here is for you to recognize there’s a System of Science, there’s a Science of Systems. And I want you to learn the Science of Systems. Before I go to that, and I end with a video on that. I want to emphasize to everyone that we have a historic lawsuit. I’ve been doing it on my own. It is truly a David versus Goliath story. And I want everyone here to recognize that you have a historic opportunity to be part of making history.

The judge on the 20th and 21st. Hearing, he says more than likely this case, this lawsuit, will be taught in every exam every constitutional law class, he said more than likely, all right, it’s a huge compliment. Because what it means is we have also said this has substantial constitutional significance. This is a federal court judge, a scholar, a legal scholar, saying this. All those other lawsuits done by whoever they’ve all failed, ours is in federal court. It is alive. It has sustained multiple victories, survived motions to dismiss, and not one mainstream media has reported on it.

Win Back Freedom

We don’t care about them, but you can report on it, you can be part of it. I need you to be a citizen journalist, I need all of you to go to, just give $1 just give $1. And when you go to, what you’ll see is we’ve created a very nice allegory here, though, the graphic that I created for this is not just some simple graphic, it’s showing on the left side, the force of all of people’s movements all over the world, from the women’s rights movements from revolutionary movements, right? all coming together. The Civil Rights movement, the singular point in history, which is the Dr.Shiva lawsuit, which is taking on, remember I’m taking on three groups of lawyers. And what do you see here, you see right here? David here is royalty. It’s the forces of government. Harvard, Belfer, Stanford, TUFTS. These are the author’s architects, the NASED state election directors who launder censorship.

You see, Twitter just uses a foot to suppress it. The media has put all the prep the emphasis on that, but this is your government. This is the government. And as this site says, it redirects to here. It says contribute to Win Back Freedom. This is a first lawsuit to expose how the government censors US citizens speech on Twitter. For years, we were told, Twitter acts on its own as a private company, and you cannot question their decisions.

Following the deep platforming of Dr.Shiva testimonium hearings in federal court elicited how government and Twitter have created an infrastructure for government to launder censorship of speech through Twitter. This website provides all documents as they emerge and this historic lawsuit, the presiding federal judge declared in this case is one of substantial constitutional consequences and a lawsuit that will likely become a law school exam in constitutional law. Dr.Shiva is representing himself against Big Law and Big Tech.

It’s truly a David and Goliath story. We the People versus the elite who never liked the First Amendment kindly Contribute whatever you can even $1. So please go do that. Because this is an opportunity for all of you to be part of history, I’d rather have like 5 million people giving $1, because we’re going to need a war chest to take these guys on, I brought it through over the last six months this far. But we need to war chest so we can win this because the merits of the case are that strong. In fact, the judge has suggested a constitutional lawyer that be appointed.

So that’s where we’re at many victories. The mainstream media is never going to cover this because this is also going to implicate FOX and CNN – that they also work with the government. Know that this is a real fight. And that all of us, it’s us versus, quote unquote, royalty, who never you know, before 1776, people did not, you know, those people who fought us and still fight us did not want the First Amendment, but particularly they want to silence political speech. So, that’s what I want all of you to do: go to The other thing I want you to do is when you go to, this is a very important point I want to make is I hate taking something for nothing.

So when you go to this website, one of the things you’ll see is when you hit contribute, okay? That I want all of you to give $1. But if you give more than $1, right, if you give $25 or $100, guess what, I want to give you tools, so you can become a warrior for Truth Freedom Health, I give you there’s about I think there’s about 15 different gifts, all the icons don’t have it. So, you can join the course, you can get access to the VA Shiva platform, and activism or you can just get access to the book, etc. So when you get to this lawsuit, I want to encourage you to also advance your education. This is an opportunity for all of us to raise our consciousness beyond left and right for you to learn System Science.

That’s what I need you to do. And I need you to take this seriously. For far too long, we’ve had the left narrative and the right narrative. It’s beyond Trump is beyond Bernie’s, beyond all of that this is our opportunity to Win Back Freedom, we’ve lost it. We’ve lost freedom. These documents show that we have state sponsored state suppression, and an operating system. So we need to destroy that. And this lawsuit is a vehicle to destroy that it is a historic lawsuit, it’s already made history.

And it’s an opportunity for all of us to make history together. So I request all of you to kindly consider supporting just give $1 is part of the movement until all your neighbors and all your friends to go to Win Back Freedom and give $1 they want to give more great, but I rather again build this broad, massive movement, because we have the lawsuit of the century or the millennia. So anyway, in closing, what I want to do is I want to play for you the video I normally play, which will give you an understanding of what our movement is for Truth Freedom Health, and why it’s important. And I encourage all of you to also recognize that that movement also gives you an opportunity to learn and get educated etc. So let me play this Thank you,

Let’s go when we have an opportunity to Win Back Freedom, but we must recognize where we’re actually at. We’ve lost our freedom. But this case gives us a historic opportunity to win it back. Because we’ve gone through all the layers of the onion. And we’re going at the real issue. This is not Big Tech, it is the government. That is the source. That is the Alpha and the Omega of this. They’re the ones who created this infrastructure. And we caught them red handed in Massachusetts in my political campaign for US Senate when we critiqued them and we exposed that they’d violated federal law. They contacted Twitter using their Trusted Twitter Partnership, the PSP portal. But more importantly, we uncovered the depth of their nefarious activities, which is a created infrastructure for surveillance for censorship and blacklisting of all of us who will critique them.

This is why many of these issues don’t move forward. This is why the issue of medical freedom doesn’t move forward. Because they have a direct channel. Any issue that goes against the government narrative can be shut down like that. And for private citizens, but what’s so egregious is I was shut down as a US Senate federal candidate whose campaign was about election integrity. But my definition of election integrity is different from theirs. So they have to cut off that view. And therefore they have to restrain my speech, restrain political speech. It’s like the most egregious violation of free speech, we have to win back our freedom.

I will be at the Red Pill Expo. So I hope all of you, I’ll be giving the keynote talk. It’s called David versus Goliath, Dr.Shiva versus government & Twitter, it’s going to where we live in historic times. And it may seem that darkness is always there, but there’s always the light, and the light comes from us, it’s not going to come from these politicians, it’s not going to come from the left or the right, you know, talking heads, it’s going to come from you. And this lawsuit gives all of you an opportunity to participate in a very simple way, give $1 just $1. And if you want to get more great, but begin by just giving $1 and become citizens, journalists, take the content of this video what I’ve shared, write about it, learn how to write, learn how to communicate, talk to your neighbors, we need to reconnect with people become a Truth Freedom Health warrior.

Because we teach you the Science of Systems, you get access to an amazing community of really conscious, politically conscious people who are learning this as students, almost in a very scientific way. And we have my own data center, we have our own servers that come through your contributions, that infrastructure is being used to educate people, and connect with people. We have our own version of Facebook, our own forum. And then we give you activism, things to do. So when if you want to learn more about that,

I suggest you go to And when you go to, we have all these incredible tools that all of you can get access to, based on you know how much ever you want to whatever your commitment level is, if you go to VASHIVA.COM/JOIN or You can also you get access to all these gifts. So those of you contribute $100 or more, get access to these gifts, where you get the science, you get access to all my lectures, you can in fact get certified as a Truth Freedom Health warrior, you get books, you get more than one book, you get multiple books, you get access to a tool that will help you apply systems to your own body. You get the Science of Systems to understand how food is a system, you get access to social media, portals and tools, and then you get access to this amazing set of activism capabilities that you can use.

So this is more than just a one hit thing. This is the lawsuit as a tip of the tip of the spear. Our movement is really the Trident that’s leading this for Truth Freedom Health. So anyway, do this for you, do this for the founders of this country, do this for those people who fought for the singular thing for the first amendment which no other country has, that allows you to actually explore what it means to be a human being beyond the slave. That’s what this is about. This goes to the heart of what it means to be a human being. So thank you, everyone.

I hope this is valuable. So I’ll keep doing a series on this on the architecture will and you can see this state apparatus has been created for suppression of speech. You can see how it affects many different areas of our civil life right now. How many many different issues but this lawsuit is a lawsuit. It’s a first case to show that the government makes Twitter suppress speech and it launders censorship to Twitter. That’s what’s powerful about this lawsuit. Thank you, everyone. Have a good night be well

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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