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Governments across the world silencing free speech through Big Tech

  • Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – explains how Elites in The U.S. & India Launder Censorship through Big Tech.
  • Everyone has the right to criticize the Government, that is the foundation of the First Amendment. Dr.Shiva running as a political candidate criticizing the Government of Massachusetts for violating Federal Law, by deleting ‘ballot images’ is protected by the First Amendment.
  • Yet only when Dr.Shiva would mention keywords like ‘ballot images’ or names like Michelle Tassinari, Twitter would lock his account and ultimately banned him from Twitter within 17 minutes.
  • This is done through an infrastructure that was built with a technology infrastructure & SOP called the ‘Partner Support Portal’ only for Trusted Partners of Twitter. The Government has this portal so they can silence citizens who go against the narrative they want to push.
  • India has a similar situation with Sambit Patra who posted a tweet about a toolkit of documents he found that the opposing party created, with instructions to praise their party & give them credit for anything positive in the news. When he posted that tweet, the opposing party contacted the police to go to Twitter headquarters and flag Sambit Patra.
  • From Boston to Bombay exposing the Government & Political forces by criticizing the elites’ corruption, they are silencing citizens through their backroom channels and portal infrastructure that is built for Government & Big Tech to work as one. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Good morning, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I hope everyone’s doing well. I wanted to continue the discussion we’ve been having that’s emerging from our Historic Lawsuit on how the Government Launders Censorship through Big Tech. As many of you know, we have a historic lawsuit in the United States which has now evolved in a very profound way.

The lawsuit began during my election run in September where I exposed that the government was deleting ballot images. That led to a series of events where I was thrown off Twitter. Then, by court order, I was put back on Twitter. Next, the Government essentially was told not to communicate with Twitter any further. So, that stopped for a brief moment. On November 4th, I was put back on until February 1st.

The reason I’m sharing this timeline is that our historic case in federal court right now is a case about the government silencing political speech, when that speech was critical of the government. Let me repeat that again. Our historic case, and it’s not only a case that’s relevant to the United States, as I’m also going to talk about India. It’s a case that’s relevant now globally because it’s about the elites in government. The elites can be in different political parties who want to push their narrative.

Government & Big Tech Partnership Infrastructure

They’ve created an infrastructure that came out in their playbooks. If you want to go look at some of the previous videos, we have found evidence that the government has created an infrastructure to silence speech silently. This infrastructure launders censorship through Big Tech. So the government can say we didn’t silence that person they did. It’s a very insidious way of doing this.

In my case, I was running as a political candidate. The criticism I put forward against the Government of Massachusetts was that they were violating federal law by deleting ballot images. It could be you talking about some other issue. It could be on any matter, but we have a right to critique our government. That right is of the most profound importance of the First Amendment.

This amendment says that anyone, particularly if it’s a public interest, can bring up some issues. You can say, Hey, I think the government shouldn’t be doing this over here polluting something, or the government is putting bad stuff in water. In this case, the government is deleting ‘ballot images.’ Everyone has a right to criticize the government. That’s the foundation of the First Amendment.

What happened in my situation however, was that the government contacted Twitter, and had them throw me off in September starting on September 24th. Then, in the United States, when I took that to court, October 30th of 2020, the judge ordered the government to stop doing that! Stop contacting Twitter. Then, I was put back on November 4th of 2020.

Between November 4th and February 1st, I continued tweeting, but again on February 1st, in a video when I shared, again, courtroom-proof-evidence that four emails showing the government had deleted ballot images, I was thrown off within 17 minutes. That action resulted in our most recent hearing, where Twitter was brought into the courtroom with the government of Massachusetts, and the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED).

We submitted evidence showing that the government has created an infrastructure. This is a technology infrastructure, a machine-like infrastructure where they can tag you as an influence operator, which means you are spreading “misinformation or disinformation” as they believe. Then, they can report you to Twitter through a special portal called the ‘Partner Support Portal’ for Trusted Partners of Twitter. Government has a Trusted Partnership with Twitter to silence citizens who go against the narrative that they want to push forward. All right. So that’s what’s going on in our lawsuit and we’ve exposed it in the lawsuit. It’s received many victories.

More recently, the judge wants to go into discovery and depositions because he thinks the merits of our case are so intimately tied to the defendants’ aims to dismiss it. So, he wants to do some type of limited discovery and depositions. This is great because we’re going to get more about how the Government and Big Tech work together.

India Political Party & Twitter Partnership 

Why this is important is because in the last month or so, in fact, recently, a similar set of events has unfolded in India. I want everyone to listen to this very carefully because what you see unfolding in India reflects the heart of our lawsuit in the United States. So whether you’re in Boston or Bombay, as I put it, “Elites from the US and India want to use Twitter as a vehicle to suppress any alternative narratives.”

So in India, a gentleman by the name of Sambit Patra had put out a tweet where he found what he calls a toolkit. I think he’s one of the health ministers or a medical officer associated with the current government. I actually did a video with him many years ago. He’s with a party in India called BJP. The BJP is the ruling party in India, so imagine like the democrats are ruling, or the republicans are the ruling party. Some people call them the “right wing” Conservative Party. Sambit Patra is a member of that party.

The toolkit Sambit Patra found is basically a set of documents created by the opposition party; the Congress Party in India. That toolkit basically was proliferated by the Congress Party. Sambit Patra said, relative to the pandemic in India, “to tell supporters of the Congress Party, that when you tweet something, make sure that you’re always tweeting stuff, praising Congress party officials, and tagging them how great they’re doing in terms of fighting for the oxygen and services but always tag them to make them look good and to expose and basically attack the BJP party”, and many related things. Basically, he put this toolkit out, okay. Well, it started going viral.

The opposition party is called the Congress Party, and there’s something we need to understand. The Congress Party in India has become the party of the elites. They liked bootlicking up to the British. The first prime minister of the Congress Party was a guy called Nehru. He was the first Prime Minister of India installed by the British. See India in 1900s never had a good revolution, which Indians did want. They wanted to have a good revolution like America did.

India & British History

Gandhi was brought in essentially to transfer power from white men with crowns to brown men with white hats. As part of that transfer, Nehru was the first Prime Minister of the Congress Party. While Nehru literally was sleeping, literally was sleeping, having an affair with the former viceroy and the emperor of India Mountbatten’s wife. Okay, that’s how close they were. So Nehru is a complete scumbag, but they’ve tried to make him look like he was some great scholar, etc. The point is this, that Nehru’s entire family has been running India. His daughter then became the Prime Minister, his grandson became the Prime Minister, and his grandson’s wife became the head of the Congress party. Then, they were trying to get his son Rahul Gandhi into it.

The entire Congress Party’s direct connection to the British royalty, means their support of them. (They never liked the First Amendment). The Congress Party, according to Sambit Patra, put out this toolkit. When he exposes the toolkit, guess what the Congress Party did? Well first of all, they contacted the police in Delhi and said you should go to Twitter’s office. Twitter’s allowing this stuff to go on. Twitter started flagging Sambit Patra’s tweets that it was misinformation or disinformation, etc. I forget the exact label that they started putting on there. So now, the party which supports Britain is against this first amendment. By the way, you have to understand that the Congress Party had just recently, over the last, five or six years, lost power to Narendra Modi’s party.

You have to understand that Narendra Modi came Bottoms-Up. He was not part of the Nehru Congress Party infrastructure. So the Congress Party did not like that. In fact, he won in a landslide victory. So the BJP party was really part of the populist movement going counter to the Congress Party in India. I hope everyone’s understanding the dynamics. So the current party in power in India was truly a Bottoms-Up Movement. I mean, they won in a landslide. They didn’t even need to build a coalition in the previous election, quite powerful. So Modi represents that party. The Congress Party is represented by Rahul Gandhi, who is a cokehead. Okay, he is literally, the former great grandson of Nehru.

Boston to Bombay Political Censorship Infrastructure

The Congress Party has been wanting to come back into power. They are in many ways the liberal elites of India. They think they’re the ones who are going to save all the poor people. Does this sound familiar in the United States? So they essentially got Twitter to put these labels on Sambit Patra’s tweets. They also wanted the Delhi police to come and contact Twitter. So the police show up at Twitter’s offices and there’s no one there. Luckily, citizen journalists showed up there, and the mainstream media was putting out, frankly, fabricated news that the BJP had contacted the police. In fact, it was the Congress Party. Then, the Congress Party pulled away their police complaint.

The reality that’s occurred right now, and that’s emerging in India, is the government said, Hey, we stand for free speech and Twitter essentially was trying to interfere in that. Well on who did Twitter interfere? On behalf of the political forces? Those forces that did not like the critique that Sambit Patra put out. What you see here is one political force telling Twitter what to do. In the United States, that’s what we discovered in our lawsuit and we exposed that. The political force of the elites did not like me criticizing them.

Similarly, Sambit Patra was criticizing the elite political forces in India such that they were essentially using the pandemic in India for their own political benefits. Here in the United States, I was exposing the fact that the government of Massachusetts was violating federal law. In both cases, whether it was Boston or Bombay, India, the US, or Delhi more specifically. What you find here is that political forces have a backroom channel. This channel is a Trusted Partnership more than likely. If people did an investigation in India into Twitter, then they could tell Twitter what to do. That’s what’s fundamentally going on.

So, all of you, if you’re from India, and you’re listening to this, or wherever you are, our lawsuit is the tip of the spear of the movement of the century. This means that the Government Launders Censorship through Twitter. Government Launders Censorship through Twitter to silence political speech silently. Therefore, if you critique your government or an opposition party which has close connections with Twitter, you will be tagged and bagged and shut down.

What we expose in our playbooks that I shared in many of the videos is that we have discovered the technology infrastructure that was literally created in Massachusetts by state officials, by Twitter legal, and by a national organization. This infrastructure was architected at the Belfer Institute at Harvard. The Belfer Center is actually a technology infrastructure that allows government officials to have a direct pipeline, a Trusted Twitter Partnership to Twitter, to silence speech. In my view, what I see unfolding in India is that the same infrastructure is more than likely used.

In this case the infrastructure is used against an opposition party by a party which probably has the same political views as Twitter. That’s why our lawsuit in Massachusetts which we have – let me just take everyone to the website where everyone can read about the lawsuit. I encourage everyone to go to I’ll give you an update on the lawsuit, but this is a website if you type in it redirects here. You can see it on

We need everyone, whether you’re in India to contribute 70 rupees which is about $1, or whether you are in the United States, just $1. Our goal and the point of this lawsuit is that this is the first lawsuit to expose how the government can tell Twitter to suppress not only US citizens, but all citizens’ speech on Twitter. For years we were told Twitter acts on its own as a private company and you cannot question their decisions.

Following the deplatforming of Dr.SHIVA, which took place on February 1st, testimony at the hearings in federal court elicited how the government and Twitter have created an infrastructure. This infrastructure allows the Government to Launder Censorship of Speech through Twitter. The website provides all the documents as they emerge in this historic lawsuit. The presiding federal judge declared this case is one of substantial constitutional consequences, and is a lawsuit that will likely become a “law school exam in constitutional law.”

Dr.SHIVA is representing himself against Big Law and Big Tech. It is truly a David versus Goliath story. ‘We the people’ versus the elite – who never liked the First Amendment. Kindly contribute whatever you can, even $1. So that’s what I want people to do. Our lawsuit is part of the larger movement for Truth Freedom Health® which we’ve created at the platform to do so at VASHIVA.COM. People should go to VASHIVA.COM.

First of all, support this historic lawsuit at Recognize what you see unfolding in India, is the exact same pattern, right? Ruling elites who do not like alternative narratives or criticism, can have a backroom direct channel to Twitter. That’s what’s actually going on in India. It’s in many ways reflecting what we have discovered here in the United States. That is, establishment political forces can suppress speech through their Twitter Partner Support Portal (PSP).

The PSP creates an entire infrastructure for state-sponsored censorship. That’s what’s going on. It’s the biggest violation, and the biggest, most important event of our time. So I encourage all of you, and hope all of you will be part of this historic movement to Win Back Freedom. It is essential for everyone to recognize that without this fundamental ability to to speak freely, we actually have no speech at all. This is because the foundations of at least the U.S. Constitution were based on the First Amendment and particularly the protection of political speech.

Right now, what I want to share with everyone is where we are with our lawsuit. When we ended the hearings on May 21st, the judge recognized that state action is involved. He now wants to move to discovery. Additionally, he’s also recommended a constitutional lawyer for me. That’s where we’re at. So my goal is, I’ll still be speaking, but I’ll have a couple of lawyers helping me navigate this case. We want to make this an airtight case, to expose that the government basically violates every citizen’s speech all over the world through the use of this Trusted Twitter Partnership.

Truth Freedom Health®

Let me see if you have any questions? By the way, if you have friends in India, or friends overseas, please share this, because we are creating our movement. By the way, when you contribute to the movement, to, some people are giving $25 bucks to $100 bucks. When you do that, I’ve also created a whole course set.

This course is part of our Truth Freedom Health® program where you can understand the Science of Systems. You’ll understand how we built the movement. We’ve also created our own platform of social media underground for you. Then, how we get activated. The Truth, Freedom and Health movement is a global movement. This movement is the tip of that spear that is now becoming our historic lawsuit. So that’s what I wanted to share with everyone today.

So, whether the elites are in India, or whether they’re in the United States, whether they’re in Boston or Bombay, wherever they are, the elites want to control the narrative, particularly the political narrative. Political forces in Government have a relationship, a direct relationship with Big Tech. They’ve created an infrastructure for that. So this is the grossest violation of free speech, globally. So wherever you are, support this lawsuit to Win Back Freedom,

Thank you, everyone. Have a good morning, and if you’re in India have a good evening. Be well.

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