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  • Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses on Warroom with Steve Bannon How the State Tells Twitter Who to Silence.
  • This lawsuit shows the Government & Twitter work together to suppress political speech. It was revealed in testimony that the Government has a “Trusted Twitter Partnership.”
  • On May 20th-21st Judge Mark Wolf brought everyone in, consisting of Twitter, Massachusetts Government officials, and the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) , a vehicle they use for censoring speech.
  • The night before the hearing Dr.SHIVA uncovered a playbook called the ‘Election Influence Operations Playbook,’ while he was trying to figure out what the “Trusted Twitter Partnership” consisted of that was revealed in court.
  • While searching for the “Trusted Twitter Partnership” he found the ‘Partner Support Portal’ (PSP) which was deployed in England so the parliamentary security forces could use that portal to report on citizens, the PSP was then deployed in India, then Taiwan and finally brought to the States. 

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Steve Bannon (SB): Dr. Shiva tell us about your case in federal court. You’re winning against the oligarchs. They’re in absolute shock. You are not a lawyer, are you sir?

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai (Dr.SHIVA): No, I’m not Steve, but I’m learning. On May 20 and 21, we had nearly 16 hours of hearings. It was me against three of the leading lawyers from Wilmer Hale at Twitter. Additionally, there were three lawyers from the government of Massachusetts and one lawyer from the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED).

Our case Steve is fundamentally about the government and this is very critical – this case is very different from the Governor Desantis bill. There are some weaknesses there. We’ve shown that the government and Twitter work together to suppress political speech. The judge on October 30, gave us a big victory because in testimony we showed that the government has a trusted Twitter partnership. The trusted partnership is a special portal where they can report on U.S. citizens when they expose violation of law by government officials. That came out in testimony. No news media picked up on that Steve except you.

On October 30th in testimony, a federal judge and I exposed, in cross examination, that the government has a special trusted Twitter partnership to call Twitter and tell them what to do. There’s a big illusion here that Twitter is some massive corporation that does stuff on their own. We’ve shown that the government tells Twitter what to do.

Also on October 30th, I was thrown off Twitter when I was still running for political office. Let us remember that political speech is the most protected aspect of the First Amendment. They violated that amendment and admitted to it in testimony on October 30th. The judge gave me all the terms of the preliminary injunction, which was to tell the government to stop calling Twitter and if you, Dr. Shiva, have any issues go on Twitter and rebut them. Then, on Twitter on November 4, Steve, I kept tweeting away. On February 1, I had a video lecture where I displayed the same four email screenshots that got me thrown off on October 30.

Those screenshots exposed courtroom-proof-evidence that the government had violated federal law when they deleted valid images. That’s why I got thrown off on the 30th. Then on February 1, right, when I shared that same thing, I got thrown off again. I went back into federal court on February 4, with another injunction. The judge responded back and said, before I can give you complete relief, I also want you to bring to Twitter what’s unique about our case.

Steve, we didn’t go after Twitter, we went after the state government. What we showed was that there was state action involved. On May 20th, and 21st, a judge brought everyone in including Twitter, myself, the government and the National Association of State election directors. This action is also the vehicle they use. The night before the hearing, Steve, what I was trying to figure out is what is this trusted Twitter partnership? There’s nothing written about it. Lo and behold, Steve, I got very lucky. I found this playbook called the Election Influence Operations Playbook. Here they are.

Where did I find this playbook? I found this on a server because I’d seen an email interaction between the head of Twitter in London talking that they had built a trusted Twitter partnership named the Partner Support Portal (PSP) a very banal term.

The PSP portal was deployed in England so the parliamentary security forces could use that portal to report on citizens. Next, the PSP was deployed in India, then in Taiwan and brought here on September 20. The architects of this document, Steve, are all the defendants including the Twitter legal team and the government of Massachusetts State Election Director Amy Cohen of NASED.

On the 20th, when I brought this up, the judge said, I want you to submit that as evidence. On the 21st the judge states he stayed awake to the early morning reading it. He started the 21st hearing and said, this case will more than likely be taught in every law school as an exemplary model of unconstitutional law. Then the judge said, you know, you brought this case this far. Are you also open to having a constitutional lawyer help you? He’s appointed a constitutional lawyer. This is unprecedented. Further Steve, the court will fund the expenses of it.

Where we are at right now is that everyone suggests that Twitter acts on its own. What our case has shown is that it is history in the making. This case has shown that we’ve lost all political speech in this country. The manual is a standard operating procedure manual of how the state can suppress the speech of American citizens, particularly political speech.

Steve, in this document it’s like out of the CIA. Step one is they brand you as an influence operator. Once branded as an influence operator, they apply severity levels. Next, they have action steps and how they’ll monitor you. I was branded. Steve, it’s a step-by-step manual on how to suppress a speech politically, particularly of those who dissent against the government. Steve, there is a bullet text in there which says one feature of an influence operator – get this – is someone who exposes corruption of a state election official. This is exactly what I was doing, Steve, so I was targeted. It’s freaking amazing, man.

Help Shiva –

SB: Dr. Shiva, how can people follow you? Give us your Twitter. Tell us how people can assist you? This audience wants to know how they can help and what they have to do. Give us your contact points, because this is going to be one of the most important cases out there. You’re one man alone right now, so tell this army how they can support you.

Dr.SHIVA: Everyone should go to We put all the court documents there. You can contribute on I’d rather have 5 million people contributing $1, Steve, and whatever people want to contribute.

This is the case of the century because we’re showing that we have lost our freedom in this country. This is the result of an infrastructure done at the Belfer Center institute at Harvard. Some elites got together and created an infrastructure – a program that gives them direct access to Twitter. So Twitter is no longer a private company. That’s a problem with the Desantis bill. Twitter is a state actor and that’s what this lawsuit exposes.

SB: Okay Dr. Shiva. Thank you for coming back on. We’ll have everybody pile into that. Thank you so much for joining us, Dr. Shiva.

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