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A systems analysis of sophisticated American Fascism.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – discusses why American Fascism is More Sophisticated Than Any In the World with Dan Happel.
  • People always blame “Big Tech” which is what the Establishment wants, that way Big Tech can claim they “act” on their own. This Lawsuit exposes that the Government Launders Censorship with Big Tech. It is the Government that tells Big Tech what to do.
  • Some authors of this infrastructure that is used to censor American Citizens are Twitter Legal, Michelle Tassinari, and Amy Cohen, just to name a few, but these are the defendants that are in the lawsuit for Dr.SHIVA’s case. 
  • The Playbooks Dr.SHIVA discovered are the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) guides. These Playbooks define the ideological framework of what they call Influence Operators, which is how the Government defines misinformation. Particularly any citizen who critiques the Government against their narrative or exposing their corruption. 
  • American Fascism is very Sophisticated, you give contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative, you go to Harvard, you write a beautiful manual under the Belfer Institute and you call it Defending Digital Democracy. Fascism in third world countries is very direct. You pay someone & they do something for you. 

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Good afternoon, everyone. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We’re going to be doing an interview with my good friend Dan Happel, and we’re going to be discussing the lawsuit. But I’m going to be focusing on why American Fascism is in many ways, much more sophisticated than anyone ever thought of – anything in the world, far more than Chinese fascism or Russian fascism. And what we’re going to talk about is the lawsuit that we have in Federal Court, which has survived multiple motions to dismiss and has gotten many victories. And the fact that a tree is falling in the forest and no one’s covering, it pretty much says, the historical nature of this lawsuit.

That’s what we’re going to be discussing with Dan today. We’ll begin by reviewing the circumstances that led to this lawsuit, and they’re going to talk about up to date on what’s going on and how all of you can be part of this movement for Truth Freedom Health, and be supporting this lawsuit.

And if you want to know more, you can go to, has all the details about this last lawsuit. That’s what we’re going to talk about, but we’re also going to emphasize the fact that in America right now, you know, people talk about communism, socialism, Marxism, but it’s way beyond that. It’s actually the government, the Government of the United States Launders Censorship through Big Tech.

There’s been so much distracting emphasis. As if Big Tech acts on its own, but it’s not true. In fact, the recent, interesting editorial that came out in the Wall Street Journal speaks to the highlights of our lawsuit. I want to really focus on that. And the goal today is to arm all of you with something very important that our focus – if we want to win, this needs to go at the real enemy of people, which is the government. I’m going to be having this discussion with Dan. Dan, are you ready?

Dan Happel: Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai he is a four degree, MIT graduate, he has gotten a doctorate and among other degrees, he is a Systems Analyst. And he ran for the US Senate seat in the state of Massachusetts. He ran against Elizabeth Warren a few years ago. And then he ran in the primary election this last year. And I tell you what – his situation is a story that everyone needs to hear. This gentleman has seen it all. He’s going to be talking about how the Government uses Big Tech, to create a police state scenario of fascism as you will, in a state where we’re supposed to be living in a state of freedom, and truth and honor. Dr.SHIVA, welcome to the program. I know our listeners are going to be really interested to hear your story.

Dr.SHIVA: Thanks Dan. Thanks for having me on. Look, I think what I want to do is, you know, Dan, I really like educating people from a Systems Approach. And what’s happened in this country is, we don’t educate people from a Systems Approach, we cherry pick pieces of knowledge. So, people never have an opportunity to really see how the dots Connect, and systems thinking helps people connect the dots. Let me first of all, the thesis that I want to get across to everyone as for the last, you know, three, four years, everything’s been on Big Tech, Big Tech, Big Tech, as though Mark Zuckerberg acts on his own, as though Jack Dorsey acts on its own, or Google acts on their own.

But what we have discovered in our lawsuit, which is probably the most important lawsuit without hyperbole of the century, is that where the Government ends and where Twitter begins, or Facebook begins, or YouTube begins, has become completely blurred. These Big Tech organizations are actually state actors. They are used by the Government to Launder Censorship.

You see one of the interesting things when I grew up in India, Dan, I realized that in India, the corruption is out in the open probably in China and other places like, Russia, but it’s sort of people know your politicians are corrupt people know there’s corruption. People know the government is fascist. But in America, we’ve been given this illusion that we have freedom and that’s what makes American fascism so much more sophisticated. Because the well meaning working people in this country believe that their government actually stands by the First Amendment.

In fact, what our lawsuit shows is that the Government Launders Censorship, using Big Tech and is the biggest violator of the First Amendment. So, that’s the core thesis. How did we arrive at this? Well, many of you know that. I ran for US Senate against Elizabeth Warren, we built up an amazing campaign without any support from the Republican establishment. And then that was in 2018. And 2020, I ran again. And by 2020, because of the respect that we garnered on the ground in Massachusetts, we had close to 3000 volunteers. We had 10,000 lawn signs, 20,000 bumper stickers, and we raised close to $2 million.

And what was important to understand was that we had working people, not like, you know, college students that support Bernie, but actual working people who will take time off their day. And we must have done close to 500,000 standouts all across Massachusetts as a true movement. And the slogan of our movement was Truth Freedom Health.

Now, the establishment, the Republican establishment was really our enemy, because they work with the democrat establishment. So, anyone who’s still in kindergarten political consciousness, as though Republicans and Democrats are different, needs to raise their consciousness. Otherwise, you’re just into the WWE Wrestling Federation model. But what you really realize is when someone like myself, comes Bottoms-up, actually builds a movement, this sends more fear into the heart of the establishment.

So what did they do? We ran in the primary, which was on September 1st, 2020, the Republican primary the word on the street, and in every town in Massachusetts, was that I won by a landslide. Heck, no one even knew this other guy who the Republican establishment had found to run. He had no lawn signs, no bumper stickers, no organization. On September one, when the results came in, on the evening of September one, we saw that we won in one of the counties, which is 80 to 90%, hand counted paper ballots, so we went by 10 points there.

And in every other county, eerily, the percentages were 60/40 60/40 60/40 60/40. I mean, this guy’s from Greenwich, Connecticut, no one even knows about this guy. He wins in Hispanic neighborhoods and black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods, when he didn’t even run a campaign. So that’s when I had to, up until that point, we had a number of people on our campaign who were saying, you know, Dr.SHIVA, the only way you’re going to lose is Election Fraud.

And I just thought they were just talking like, you know, conspiracy theory. But when I saw this occur in front of me, Dan, that’s when I realized that I had to learn how these voting machines work, how all of these processes work, why because in all those other counties were quote unquote, lost by 60/40 80 to 90% of the counting was done using electronic voting machines. What happened – is fundamentally different than when you vote with a paper ballot, right, the paper ballot you fill in, and it’s actually the paper ballot is reviewed by a human being to human beings review the paper ballot and they tabulate your votes.

However, when a ballot is done by a voting machine, the ballot is converted to a digital image. The image almost is like a Xerox copying machine. I mean, the voting machine First of all, it makes an image in the computer. And then the AI software and the computer looks for the dots Oh, one dot for SHIVA one dot for Dan. So there’s no humans involved, it’s done by the machine. Now, according to a federal law that was passed in 1974, any record generated in connection with a federal election must be preserved for 22 months, any record.

So well, when you put a paper ballot through that electronic voting machine, it creates a record which is a digital image. And that concept has been confirmed in multiple states, including Florida and Arizona. In court, they’ve confirmed Yes, you must preserve the Ballot Images.

All State Election Directors know about this. What I found out on September 1st, is when they stole the election from us. I started using all my MIT knowledge, my knowledge as an inventor, guy who invented email and many other electronic systems to understand how all this works, and it’s pretty complicated. It’s hidden for most Americans, and you find out that the paper ballots, first of all, are supposed to be converted to an image and supposed to be preserved. I also discovered that on all of these voting machines, all manufacturers, they have a feature called the Weighted Race Feature, the ability to multiply a single vote by a factor.

It could be greater than one or less than one. So if you got 1000 votes, Dan, and I got 1000 votes, your votes can be multiplied by 2.2. So you get 2200 votes, my votes could be multiplied by .5, so I get 500 votes. So, it’s quite extraordinary that this feature exists. And all the State Election Directors know about this feature, because they’re the ones who certify these voting machines. So when I found out this, it took me a while to figure out how my votes were manipulated. But the first thing I found out on September 9 was I wanted into the Secretary of State and I said, I want those Ballot Images.

I issued a public records request. And in 10 days, they’re supposed to respond back to me. Well, on September 24, there were a couple of days late. They wrote back to me in an email, the State Election Director, and her name is Michelle Tassinari. public official. She’s also the chief legal counsel for the Secretary State of Massachusetts. In an email, she said, We don’t save Ballot Images. We don’t have to – by Massachusetts law. First email from her to me, I responded back and I said, Please show me the statute. What is the law? The next email from her doesn’t answer the question. She simply writes back, we save the paper ballots, but we don’t store the Ballot Images, I write back and I say you violated federal law, this election is null and void, because there’s no chain of custody.

Those four emails back and forth, 2 from me, 2 from her, I take screenshots of them, and I put up on my Twitter account. Now you have to understand, I had close to 350,000 followers painstakingly, I built those every one of my followers are real followers, right? No fake followers, no bots. And when I put up those four screenshots that I was suspended off Twitter. So, what was I doing? So, let’s understand the conditions. First of all, I’m a US Senate candidate, a federal candidate with a massive following. Right, I was critiquing the government. Number two. I’m a federal US Senate candidate, and also a citizen, and I’m exposing government malfeasance. You could agree whether it’s wrong or right, whether it’s inaccurate, but I’m doing something in the interest of the public. The First Amendment, the highest protection it has is for Political Speech.

When I put those tweets up, I was thrown off Twitter. Interestingly enough, a bogus quote, unquote, “fact checking” organization did me something very valuable. First of all, they attacked me saying, oh, no ballots were deleted. I never said ballots, I said Ballot Images, which are the ballots in the electronic voting machines. That’s the first thing. The second thing is in that article. They said that we contacted the Secretary of State of Massachusetts, and they told us they contacted Twitter. Let me repeat that, again. This fact checking organization, which is doing a hit job on me, confirmed that the government contacted Twitter to throw off a US Senate candidate because I was spreading quote, unquote, misinformation.

That’s when I didn’t know enough about the machines yet, Dan, this is in early, late September. But I knew I had a substantive First Amendment case, because political speech is something that’s protecting the government cannot be called private actors. And if they are, that private actor also becomes a state actor. No swamp creature lawyer in Massachusetts wanted to take this on. I had to do it myself.

Meaning I had to learn the law. I had to file a case in federal court. This is not in some local traffic court. It’s not in state court. It’s in federal court. And so I filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit. And I also filed a preliminary injunction, which is layered on top of that lawsuit, demanding that our campaign because we have set ground support, we moved into the general election as a write-in candidate Dan, we said screw the Democratic Party, screw the Republican Party, we’re still gonna run.

And on September 1st, our campaign slogan was Stop Election Fraud. So that is the campaign plank, Stop Election Fraud, starting on September one, so this is now. On September 24th, I’m getting thrown off by the State Election Director for trying to Stop Election Fraud and calling them out on it. All right, quite amazing. On October 30th, we get a hearing in federal court, quite extraordinary. Judges typically don’t like to have these kinds of hearings, they typically want to dismiss stuff very quickly.

We go into what was supposed to be about a 25-40 minute hearing, and it ends up going for 4.5 hours, me against three lawyers on the government side. And in that hearing, history takes place, meaning a fact finding history we discover for the first time in the world that the government has established a Partnership with Twitter. I’ll repeat that, again, the government, in this case, Massachusetts, and every state, we find out has a Trusted Partnership with Twitter. A Trusted Partnership, which means you and I are distrusted strangers to Twitter. The government is a trusted partner.

Let everyone just let that sink in. So the government, and as a part of that, they have a special portal, where they are on boarded. And when the government calls Twitter, Twitter jumps, all right, never before talked about never before disclosed, our lawsuit discovered that. And by the way, if everyone wants to know the history of the lawsuit, they can go to And I just want to put that out there. If you want to go check out we’ve put up every brief that I filed, all those were done by me, no lawyers helping us, but by me, so we saw October 13th, what we established as a Government as a Trusted Twitter Partnership.

The Judge gives us an extraordinary victory there. He says he orders the government of Massachusetts to stop contacting Twitter. Number one victory. We also find out in that testimony that the government of Massachusetts also is part of a behemoth organization called the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) based out in DC. They are a government, quote, unquote, nonprofit, which has involved every State Election Director in the country. They also have a Twitter Partnership, Dan.

What happened in testimony we find out not only did the governor of Massachusetts contacted Twitter to shut me down, because I was exposing their malfeasance. In fact, Michelle Tassinari, who could get a custodial sentence in prison, she in testimony we find out her communication director, you know, spills all the beans, tells us that Tassinari also contacted a woman called Amy Cohen, who is the executive director of NASED, to have them contact Twitter to also bump me off.

They hit me with two ways, one directly, but also indirectly using another state actor NASED. That’s why I was thrown off now. So I get thrown off. And I was thrown off for nearly three weeks, because every time I brought those screenshots Dan or referred to those screenshots, I got thrown off. So they had said in the keywords in place, I was tagged as an enemy of the government of Massachusetts. So on November 4, after the elections are over I get put back on Twitter, and interesting enough, right, I lost my last three weeks of campaigning, Twitter is my platform.

By the way, there’s a fundamental difference between Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, YouTube’s typically for gamers, right. Facebook is for friends and families. But Twitter, you have to understand, is the premier platform for political speech. It’s where politicians are, it’s where discourse on politics takes place. I was removed off of my platform, my main platform during the most important period. Starting on November 1st, I start tweeting again then, and I tweet, tweet, tweet tweet, on February 1, I again do a one hour long lecture, which started I believe, at 8:12. And it went to I believe, 9:31 pm EST. And in that lecture, I share the history of what was going on with our lawsuit. And I share again, those four screenshots, Dan, and bam, within 17 minutes, I’m thrown off Twitter again.

Alright, so the next Monday, which is February 3rd or 4th, I filed another preliminary injunction, I said, Your Honor, they violated your order. They acted as though they were following it. But in fact, when they contacted Twitter, they had set the algorithms in place for the processes, so I would never be able to talk about that kind of speech. Again, constraining speech on a topic is an even worse form of violation of political speech, which means you can talk about everything else. But you can’t talk about this. I think it’s called prior restraint.

You can’t talk about this particular speech, but we’ll let you talk about everything else. I went back into court this time the judge, remember we never went after Twitter. We went after the government. Right, if we went after Twitter, they would have just balked at us in our lawsuit and would have been dismissed. This time the Judge suggested he goes before I can give you complete relief, quote, unquote, I suggest you bring Twitter into my courtroom. That was why I had to file what’s called a motion for joinder motion for joinder.

Again, if people go to, you can see that motion again. I had to do all the work. You know all All this paperwork then all these briefs, okay, written meticulously. So those were filed. And the Judge after reading those, he called the hearing on May 20th. Supposed to be a two hour hearing. Well, the hearing went on for two days and 20 hours, Dan.

And this time, it was me against seven lawyers. Twitter brought in all their big guns. Felicia Ellsworth, who’s the vice chair at WilmerHale, one of the probably the number one law firms in the world. Three lawyers from their three lawyers from the Secretary of State and one lawyer from NASED, because now they had all become our defendants. And we were also filing part of it for Rico, and we were showing that the Twitter was at the end of this process, right. They’re doing the government’s job.

Anyway, the hearing goes on and the night before the hearing, I read all these briefs, 1000s and 1000s of pages, because this was a motion. This was a hearing where they’re arguing my lawsuit should be dismissed. There’s nothing here, move along, right. Move along. There’s nothing here. You know, this darky has nothing to say. Yeah, you know, Who’s this guy? And the good thing was they actually, you know, read the racist Wikipedia in some ways a good thing the racist defamatory Wikipedia so they had assumed I was some crackpot, right? This guy didn’t invent email. In fact, the Secretary of State’s lawyers had called my stuff “antics.”

Well, those antics weren’t antics when I actually had courtroom proof evidence and the government had violated federal law. In court the night before May 19. I’m reading I’m preparing for the lawsuit. I’m trying to figure out what this Twitter Partnership is, I can’t find anything about it. I search and I search and I search. And lo and behold, I find a set of four manuals, playbooks, that’s what they’re called, developed, architected by the defendants, Twitter Legal as an author of this playbook. Michelle Tassinari, at law, an author of this playbook, and Amy Cohen.

And this was architected at the Harvard Belfer school for Defending Digital Democracy. Okay, very Orwellian. And this set of documents lays out step by step, by step, how you target, surveillance, blacklist, what they call an Influence Operator. The book is Elections Influence Operations Playbook – for government officials, part 1, part 2, and part 3, part 1 and part 2, I found Part 3 – apparently I have to send an email to get it – so I want everyone to listen to this. The government has a playbook.

And if anyone is in or has done engineering work. It’s called a Standard Operating Procedure guide and SOP. It’s an SOP for censorship. Part 1 of the playbook defines the ideological framework of what they call influence operations, an Influence Operator, and it lays out what is an influence operator an influence operator, someone who’s quote, unquote, disseminating misinformation, as a government deems. And they bullet how you can they give examples of how you identify an Influence Operator, and guess what one of the bullets is, I think the fourth or fifth bullet is anyone who critiques an Election Official. And says that they are corrupt.

Let me repeat again, in the playbook is an actual bullet which says, if someone says stuff against an election official and says they’re corrupt, tagged them, they are an Influence Operator. That’s exactly what I was doing. Right? I was saying this woman violated federal law. So that’s part 1 defines the ideological framework. Part 2 of this playbook tells you what to do and they have a systems diagram. Step one, assess your enemy. And they have a checkoff box on how you assess them, including setting up keywords in my case, probably Ballot Images, lawsuit, Tassinari, right.

DH: We’re going to have to break here, Dr.SHIVA, but please keep that very subject in mind. And we’ll be back in a few minutes and we’ll pick up there.

Dr.SHIVA: I’ll continue my broadcast over here. Dan tell me when you’re back. Okay. Thanks.

DH: Thank you.

Dr.SHIVA: So to those of you listening at home here, I’m doing an interview with Dan on his radio show. But the key thing I’ll come back to Dan, I’ll repeat this again. Those of you listening need to understand that American Fascism is Extremely Sophisticated. American fascism, is orders of magnitude more powerful than Chinese fascism or Russian fascism.

Because you know what the people in China and Russia actually know their government fascist, but in America, we don’t know that the broad mass of Americans don’t know that. And what our lawsuit is about, at the heart of it is exposing that the Government Violates the First Amendment, the Government essentially uses Big Tech to Launder Censorship. And it is way beyond any of these other lawsuits out there.

Because all these other lawsuits when they talk about election stuff, they’re blaming China or they’re blaming Russia, or it’s coming from one side of the political wing or not. Right, you know, James O’Keefe, you know, he just talks about as though CNN is a violator, or New York Times know, both sides of the media violate people’s First Amendment are the reason Sucker Carlson will never cover this lawsuit, because that’s what he is. He’s part of the establishment. And I have so much anger towards that guy, because he fools people on the right and conservatives.

What Tucker Carlson is about is that he’s part of the establishment, he or no one else left or right will ever cover this lawsuit, because it will ultimately expose that day. Big media is a tool of the government. Our lawsuit is discovered the playbook, the actual manual, the technical manual, the infrastructure that the government uses, and they follow it step, by step, by step, by step to tag someone like me, who has influence who operates in a very prolific way putting out content, and that people like me, are seen as a high severity threat.

And when Dan comes back, I’ll walk through that playbook. But this is what we shared in federal court. And this is why the Judge, in our case, declined to dismiss our case on May 21. He says, I want to move this

DH: Influence personnel that they’re talking about they they actually yeah,

Dr.SHIVA: Are we starting up? Okay, then are we starting up again? Okay, so let me let me, let me go back to Dan. So Dan, as I was telling the people here is, American fascism is what we need to talk about many of these lawsuits, right? done by one wing of the establishment, just, frankly, they’re not going at the heart of the problem. So for example, I emphasize everyone out there, if you’re serious about winning, you can’t think left and right, any more Republican and Democrat, if you’re doing that, you’re never gonna win. Because on the election integrity issue, for example, all of Trump’s lawsuits failed. They weren’t going after the real issue. They used it to raise money.

It’s not mailing ballots. When you apply a Systems Approach, and you connect the dots, what do you find out? you find out that the real crime scene is the voting machines, which have a feature to flip votes and multiply votes by an algorithm. Okay, it’s in every voting machine itself. It’s not the manufacturers, it’s the State Election Directors, Republicans and Democrats who certified those voting machines.

Then you have some other people blaming China and Russia, again, misdirection and distraction. It is the elites in this country, who do not like the American working people having the First Amendment. They do not like the American working people having the Second Amendment. They never wanted the Blue Bloods, who were the Tories who fought against the colonists in this country, never wanted to give the First Amendment and those Tories and those Blue Bloods didn’t leave and head back to London. They’re right here in Massachusetts. They’re here at places like Harvard, when you walk on a Harvard yard, you’re walking back into the 15th or 16th century.

This is why there’s a doofus. I don’t want to give him his title, Harry, of the quote unquote, royalty, right? Two weeks ago, he was here saying the First Amendment is quote, unquote, bonkers. You see, the British never wanted to give us plebes and peasants, the First Amendment, they still don’t, because they actually think they know. They know at all, that they’re going to determine what’s right for us. And that’s why this manual was developed at Harvard with all of these defendants. And so on May 20th, is when I presented it and the Judge initially didn’t get it, but in the afternoon, he goes, Oh, my God, he goes, I want you to submit that as evidence.

I stayed awake all night on the 20th, wrote my brief and submitted it. On the 21st morning when the Judge showed up, he said, You know, I was awake at six in the morning reading Dr.SHIVA’s found playbook. He got all of his law clerks to read it. So when he came in, he said this case, our case will more than likely be a law school exam, in every constitutional law class, and this is a Sr Judge, Federal Judge, we had close to 300-400 people on Zoom.

And he said this case has substantial constitutional significance. And then he turned to me and he said, you know, you’ve brought this case on all by yourself. And you’ve done a pretty good job. I’m paraphrasing, and by the way, and he said, I recommend that you get a constitutional lawyer to help you do the briefings. So you can get all your arguments even honed even better, because there’s certain points of rules, federal rules, etc. And he goes, would you take a lawyer, and he goes, I even have the rights to fund it. He goes, I’ve done it in criminal cases. It’s unprecedented, but he has the right to do – it’s been done.

And I told him, Your Honor, look, the only reason that I haven’t gotten a lawyer is because my platform was Twitter. That’s where I used to raise money, I raised a million bucks there. For my campaign, I can’t even do that. And every time I talk about my lawsuit, I get taken down, which is, again, a very important violation of political speech. So after that, I went through that manual, Dan, page by page, by page. And I think the Judge was blown away.

I said, Your Honor, go to this page. First step – is they use keywords to tag an Influence Operator, and these are the keywords they use. Step two, they have a methodology, a three part methodology, how they tag you have your level of influence, high, medium, and low. And I was tagged as a high Influence Operator, because I have lots of my tweets get retweeted, I have a following. And I have credibility. And for high level Influence Operators, they have a very particular process. It’s a 12 step process where not only do they throw you off, but they monitor you forever for the rest of your life, Dan, it’s a cyclical process.

And that’s why when they threw me off on the 24th 25th, and again, they threw me off on February 1st, those two events are not separated, they’re connected. They’re one event. And it’s still ongoing, because I’m still thrown off. And then I showed the Judge the page, I think, page 47 of part two, where it describes the Twitter Partnership Support Portal PSP, which is a special access portal VVIP portal the government gets and how they communicate. And it also has this two pronged approach when you want to take someone out, do it on your own, but also call others, which is what they did with NASED to amplify their voices.

And I said, Your Honor, they followed this manual, step by step, step by step. This was an architecture, this was an infrastructure that they had in place to Launder Censorship. So they can say, oh, Twitter, did it, we have nothing to do with it. Right. But the reality is, where the government ends, and where Twitter begins, or where Twitter ends, and government begins, no one knows anymore. They’ve all been blurred. It’s one. And this goes at the heart of the First Amendment. Because this means Twitter and NASED, all these people are state actors, they don’t get the refuge of the First Amendment anymore.

The Judge basically said, Dr.Shiva, I want you to go talk to this lawyer in the 300 people, and the opposition was objecting. We talked about the lawyer, and he said on May 27, come back and tell me if you want to bring in a lawyer, and then tell me how you want to proceed. So the hearing made a journey, it’s in a recess, and what we need and more. And he said, I’m declining all these motions to dismiss. And he said, I would like to do a fact finding mission because the merits of this case are so intertwined. With the arguments that we’re making promotion dismiss, we should have some level of limited depositions and discovery trials.

The Judge wants to move this to trial. Extraordinary. And he wants to do discovery depositions again, now, one media organization has covered this. Why? Because this is going to show that FOX news, CNN, they’re all an extension of the government too and that’s why I have to you know, I call them Tucker Carlson, because that’s what he is. He sucks up to the establishment, but he acts as though he’s fighting for, you know, people and he isn’t he just he’s an actor. Entertainment. Same with Chris Cuomo. That’s why everyone is listening out there. You have to become citizens, journalists.

I am asking everyone to donate $1 Dan, I mean, the amount of opportunity costs I’ve lost in this is quite incredible. And by the way, the two people threw me off. They’re not even supposed to get their private citizens, right. Only Galvin, who’s the Secretary of State, can get legal support. Michelle Tassinari is not even an elected official. Neither is this woman O’Malley. Yet they’re getting state sponsored legal support, you say and we’ve are getting. So, the point is everyone listening, this is an opportunity for everyone to be part of a real Bottoms-up movement, this has to be a movement. That’s why I’m saying, if we could get 5 million people to donate $1, because we’re gonna have to do depositions, discovery, I brought it this far down.

But all this other stuff, we’re gonna need some serious support. And I want to see it as a part of a movement. Dan, it’s not me fighting this alone. This is about the heart of what this country was built on, which is the ability for you as a human being to say anything against your government. That’s what no other country has. That’s why my parents got up one day and they left India, heading into the unknown, my dad with $75 in his pocket, no job, no job sitting here. That’s why your parents and your parents, parents, parents got a suitcase and they got on a boat, because they didn’t know where they were going.

But they knew that this country had the First Amendment. And that’s what this is about. But this is about the Government, not Big Tech. It’s going at the heart of the heart of the issue. We’ve peeled away all the layers of the onion. And we’re at the nucleus of the real quantum of the real issue here, which is that the Government of the United States is a Fascist Government. And we it’s not even a statement. Now we have the manual, we have evidence in federal court. People have written books about it, theorizing that, there’s people who talk about it. Well, everyone who’s talked about it, and theorized about it, you got to get behind this lawsuit. And everyone needs to do citizen journalism, and write your own little post and share it everywhere. Because Big Media and going to cover this. Big Media will not cover this, because it’s not in their interest because they are part of censorship.

DH: Dr.SHIVA we have JD Hall on with a program we did about a week and a half ago on this very subject. And JD, who is a newspaper editor in Montana, the Montana daily is the largest subscription newspaper in the state of Montana. But he said, I couldn’t believe I fell so far down the rabbit hole after listening to this conversation, because JD had been working with legislators in Montana, to try to stop Internet censorship because he’s been censored as well. That the federal government was so intimately involved in this. So that’s why this is such an absolutely key case to go before I think it has to go to the Supreme Court. And I think it has to go in a way that they can’t kill it.

Dr.SHIVA: Well, that’s why Dan, I think the judge here is a constitutionalist, yes, in my view is a lot of courage. And that’s why he recognizes I brought it this far, I need someone who has constitutional law experience. I’m writing my briefs, so I dot the i’s and cross the T’s on this. But to everyone listening out there, you know, you know, there’s a very interesting movie I saw over the weekend. Okay, two movies, me and Michelle. So one is the story by James Brown. And the other stories about a Eddie Murphy movie about Dolomite, very interesting. You know, who did black films which, you know, the white media would never want to cover.

But what’s interesting for me, where I connected with this Dan is, in my case, I always seem to go at the heart of the establishment issues. But I also have the issue that I’m a dark skinned indian guy, okay, and this cannot be ignored. So there is race here. And there are fundamental issues, in my case. And when you see those two movies, what you find out is, you know, James Brown, the way he made his major break was the record companies only wanted him to do top down and go screw that.

He started going to all the small venues, and he would do his, you know, he would continue that same with Dolomite. No one believed in this guy. He still went to the small venue, small venue, small venues and built up his following Bottoms-up. And we have to recognize that we have to reestablish the integrity of the power within us as people. People think politicians are going to do something. Ron De Santis. I mean his bill is garbage. His bill is a distraction.

When you really look at it, people should go read his bill. It’s not going up to the central issue. The bill is going to get thrown out in court, because it is still not dealing with the issue that they’re a state actor, and that would be meaning he would have to put a mirror to himself. Okay. Conservatives use this architecture to attack. You know, liberals and liberals use architecture to attack conservatives. Both parties are using it when it goes against the government. Elite narrative, you see it’s not conservative liberals. Same thing just happened in India.

The existing Congress Party, who has their direct probably link to Twitter, was labeling using Twitter tweets that were being exposed by the health minister of India who’s from the opposing party, and the opposing party of India came out of nowhere. So wherever you look, you’ll find the entrenched political forces telling Twitter what to do. They tell Facebook what to do. You just saw this: The Wall Street Journal, just the editorial board, just put out an article over the weekend.

Because up until four days ago, if you said that the Chinese virus was manufactured in the lab, you get thrown off Facebook. But when Biden said it was okay to go explore that. Now Facebook has relaxed policy policies, meaning when Zuckerberg jumps when the government tells him to, Jack Dorsey jumps when the government tells him to this is called fascism. This is sophisticated fascism. But it’s not done in the Russian or the Chinese way where they shoot you if you don’t do it, it’s done more sophisticated, you hang out at the same clubs, you go to the same ski resorts, right? You party with them, you’re one clique.

You hang out on the east side, or the West Side of New York together with them. Okay? It’s Pepsi versus Coke, but they all hang out together. That’s why American fascism is extremely sophisticated. It’s not as direct, right? The corruption in places like India and China and quote unquote, second or third world countries is very direct, you pay that guy and he does something for you. In America, it’s more sophisticated, you give contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative, right? You become part of the club, right? You go to Harvard, and you write up a beautiful manual, and you put it under the thing called the Belfer Institute, and you call it a playbook, right? For Defending Digital Democracy. It’s very sophisticated.

Right? So the American people were the kindest, most loving people I’ve met, you know, I’ve traveled all over the world and have been made naive by this kind of fascism. And our lawsuit is exposing that in the light of day showing that the government, the government of the United States, we don’t have freedom anymore, Dan, so it’s not about like, get Trump in and he’s gonna help us Trump was part of it. Trump was part of this, what we have is we have fascism, and we have, that’s why when we named that page, we call it So it’s hope we have to win.

But it’s we got to Win Back Freedom, we don’t have freedom anymore. It’s lost, it got lost, because we put our trust and our emphasis on one party or another party, or we got caught up in the WWE Wrestling Federation. And we have to let all that go. And we have to build a Bottoms-up movement. And then you know, when I spoke on your show, before, we’ve created the infrastructure for that movement, and that’s if people go to they can, they can witness that and be part of that. You have to understand there is a nuclear physics to building a movement. So we teach you that we’ve created our own, we have our own data center, our own infrastructure, so people are organizing their people are interconnecting there.

And then people are becoming part of this movement. And then they get to have their own social media. And then we give activism things. But is a page, everyone should go to just $1. $1 because it shows that we want to build a mass movement now. And it’s not only in the United States, our lawsuit, any one of the world should participate in it. Because our lawsuit goes at the heart of freedom, every working person who wants freedom, again, should back and support this lawsuit, and share it with everyone else, period. That’s the formula for success right now. We have the lawsuit. We were in federal court, we haven’t been dismissed. What more do you want?

DH: Well, and you’ve won every single one of the hearings, you’ve come out of every hearing on a positive note. And in fact, you’ve been against some pretty sophisticated legal teams who are trying to dismiss everything you’re doing. Obviously, there’s something to the case, or this Judge wouldn’t be handing you the keys to the kingdom. I mean, he pretty much told you if we have to, we’ll help you with a constitutional attorney, just to make sure this goes through the system, just to make sure that we continue this case and see it through to the very end.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, Dan, one of the interesting things that was also a turning point for this Judges, the one of the deputy general counsel’s a Twitter woman called Stacia Cardille, who also was the attorney for the Obama White House. She submitted an affidavit three days before the hearing and in that affidavit, she completely lied, fabricated. Let me tell you what you put in the affidavit. Remember Twitter. This is like deadly for Twitter this lawsuit. In her affidavit, she said, Your Honor, We don’t know that we don’t listen to the government, we make decisions on our own.

And in her affidavit, she said, remember, I was deep platformed, or suspended on September 24th. And then again on February 1st, so she was speaking to the February 1st de-platforming when I was thrown off for good. She said on February 1st, he had a six strike policy. And in her affidavit, she doesn’t even share the tweets. In fact, she shares a post from Facebook. Quite interesting. But she says on February 1st, he got three strikes. And when those tweets were done, we had an individual review it by hand, and then it got escalated to a review team, like as though they did this huge deliberation. Like they did it. And then she said on February 3, we d platformed. Him.

And I said, Wait a minute, I said this is complete horse-shit, excuse my language, because I have an email from Twitter, coming on 9:48pm on February 1st, which says you’ve been thrown off Twitter for good, which is 17 minutes after my a video that I did, literally. I submitted a follow up declaration to the court that evening, and I said, Your Honor, this woman is completely lying. There was no deliberation, this was all automatic. It was done – the guillotine fell on me in 17 minutes.

There was no escalation. There was no deliberation by Twitter. This was done because they tagged me on September 24th. And they did it. And then I had saved all the tweets, Dan. And I said, Look, Your Honor here, those so called six tweets, every one of those tweets refers to the lawsuit. And the Judge says, What’s wrong with these tweets? He’s talking about his federal lawsuit. So they lied in court. And the judge basically said, you know, like, I can’t take this credibly serious – your affidavit. So they are freaking out. Because Twitter’s trying to show as though they do stuff on their own when they don’t they follow the government’s orders. This is fascism, American fascism.

DH: Yeah, absolutely. And you know, you’ve made the statement, we’ve got to forget the right wing and the left wing, we’ve got to realize that this bird won’t fly unless it has a right wing and left wing, and it’s flying together. And we’ve got a government that’s out of control. And we’ve got to quit thinking in terms of left and right, we’ve got to realize that the government is out of control. Because they work together. They’re all part of it. Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA: And the most important thing, Dan, is those words that you said, Look, others have talked about it, you know, people have written books on this right theoretical philosopher, political, we actually have the lawsuit, which shows it. This is bigger than anything, Snowden is hiding away in Russia, I’m still here. This is bigger than that issue, because this is about political speech. This is more than just citizens. This is about you critiquing your government.

And we have the playbook, the manual. You see what I’m saying? It’s easy. It’s so that’s why it’s up to all of us. Now, mainstream media is not going to cover this, because it will lead to them. It’ll lead to Fox News, it’ll lead to CNN, how they control narratives, because government tells them what to do so, so everyone listening, you got to go donate $1 at WinBackFreedom, it’s not for the money, it’s to show that you actually care, that your energy that this lawsuit means something it already means something look when New York versus Sullivan took place, or any of those great lawsuits, the people who knew what it meant, we’re on board.

And that’s where at this very historic point, this lawsuit will be as this judge said, a law school exam in every constitutional law class. This is a lawsuit of the century and no media will cover it. Because it’s against their interests. It’s the interests of everyone listening for you to cover this lawsuit. Everyone’s got to get off their butts. And you have to be citizens, journalists, you have to listen to this video. You have to write your version of it, and you should send it out and point back to this video. That’s what needs to happen. We don’t need spectators. We need active citizens right now.

Because of this lawsuit, we have to win this lawsuit. Because if we don’t win this lawsuit, it’s game set match. It’s over. We will because this lawsuit goes at the heart of how they manipulate Medical Freedom issues. goes at the heart of how they talk about digital rights issues or election integrity, because it says whatever the government says, This is what the narrative is Twitter and Facebook jump, and our winning this lawsuit will regain the freedom we’ve lost. That’s what this is about. This is the Lawsuit of the Century without any exaggeration. And we need everyone to get behind it.

DH: I agree. I agree. We need to get everyone go to That’s to and donate $1 I mean, if we have 5 million or 10 million people, a dollar is not going to cost you anything. It shows how many people are understanding and supporting this effort by Dr.Shiva. Dr.Shiva this is fantastic.

Will you be at the Red Pill Expo coming up at the end of the week here on June 5th and 6th As a matter of fact, you start the conference, you’re the first speaker, and I welcome everybody to come to and get your tickets. See Dr.Shiva, you’ll get a chance to meet him in person. Dr.Shiva, I am fascinated I – you carry the conversation because I don’t have to say anything. You’re doing a terrific job. God bless you, my friend. We’ll see you in four days. And the Event Center, the monument senator at Rapid City for Red Pill Expo.

Dr.SHIVA: Thank you, Dan, thank you very much. Best to you.
Thank you

Everyone listening there. That was Dan Happel, I’ll be at the Red Pill Expo. But the bottom line is this. I think I have to do a video every day on this lawsuit, because we have to build a war chest right now. And I want to build a war chest from $1 from everyone out there, because it shows that we have a movement.

This lawsuit is a tip of the tip of the spear of the movement for freedom which we need to win back. So go to, support this lawsuit and become citizens journalists. Share this with everyone you know, write your own take on it. But get the word out there. Do not look to mainstream media. Do not look to the left or the right. You have to do it. Thank you everyone, be well be the light. Thank you

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