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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, U.S. Senate Candidate discusses his WRITE IN campaign for U.S. Senate and his recent $1.2 Billion lawsuit against the Massachusetts Secretary of State.

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All right. How many? What is going on? And why do these people constantly wear these masks with fear? Well, first of all, it’s good to be on your radio station. So let me give a little bit of background.

The, you know, in back in March, or January of this year is when the I think January 6 is when the quote unquote Coronavirus was announced. And when it first came out, I was the first one to share with people that the real issue here is to boost the immune system that this was essentially will go down in history as one of the biggest fear mongering hoax is intended to suppress dissent in order to push mandated medicine and to essentially destroy economies. And those tweets went viral.

And as a part of that, I got various calls from people and one of the chief economist with the United States government saying Shiva, you know, the President is being listening to Fauci, it would be really valuable if you did more of your videos on science. So if you notice, starting around in March, early March, I started doing probably two to three videos on the science side really explaining to people why it’s important to boost immune system. And that started showing the interconnection between Fauci and pharma, and essentially, the whole medical model, the sort of the fake science medical model of always blaming a germ, this goes back to a long, long time always saying, this germ is going to kill you, or that term is going to kill you.

And this goes back all the way to, you know, the 1800s and 1800s. When, when you know, scurvy came, and people used to say, Oh, my God, that scurvy was being caused by these, you know, these unhygenic sailors and I found out it was because of deficiency vitamin C. And then you go back to when pellagra came, which was sort of a horrible form of eczema, that people said, oh, must be the Italians coming in, they’re bringing in some disease.

And yeah, and then and it turned out that was because of vitamin, niacin deficiency, B three, and so on. So now today, we have very, very, you know, powerful ways to image, you know, quantum dots, all these ways to do imaging, so we can always find some virus in your body, and you can correlate it to some disease. So because of that, the germ theory hunters are always blaming everything on some bug.

And the problem is that we have about 380 trillion bugs within us, you know, we have about 380 trillion viruses within us about 60 trillion bacteria, we’re all walking germ factory. So the whole notion that the pathogen of the virus kills you is actually wrong. It’s actually a weakened and dysfunctional immune system.

And I’m considered one of the leading guys on the immune system in the world. And I was asked to give the, the prestige lecture at the National Science Foundation about six months ago. And so this is not fringe or you know, New Age type medicine.

It’s what people know, study, study the immune system that your body is looking to be exposed and your body’s looking to strengthen itself. In fact, in Massachusetts, 98.2% of the people who died, all had pre existing conditions, the average age was 82.

5. And of people died, and the life expectancy in Massachusetts is 80.5.

So the bottom line is the mask stuff has nothing to do with public health. What it has to do with is a distraction from not addressing the really public health issues, which have to do with infrastructure, which have to do with obesity, which have to do with people being isolated. It turns out people are socially isolated and depressed.

People start taking antidepressants, those antidepressants suppress the immune system. And by the way, social this social isolation is worse than high blood pressure is worse than you know. Obesity is worse than smoking.

So this entire thing has. You know, my dad, right? There’ll be 103 blogs willing to February, that guy was singing, dancing. He was shocked.

I mean, he would forget things like you know, regular. When they closed the day, kids. He lost 22 pounds.

He looks like a skeleton. His mind is not the same life, friend, and he’s very depressed. So it’s definitely on that point.

I agree with you because he’s a social, social guy. Yeah, we’re all supposed to be social human beings in 19. I think Ada, there is an article in science.

And then there is another one done by the work of Steven Cole in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and it clearly shows that social isolation causes inflammation in the body and your body stops making anti microbials which help you defend yourself. So the whole thing is so awful when you think about it. Basically, the fake news behind Fake news is fake science.

But again, you know, we ran the fire Fauci campaign back in March, we collected over 120,000 signatures, which we delivered to the President. And the reality is what you have is in Massachusetts, which is supposed to be the mecca of science and technology and medicine, you have the opposite taking place. You have Charlie Baker, who is for lock downs, Charlie Baker is for mask wearing Charlie Baker’s for forced vaccination and Charlie Baker just just endorsed a the designated loser.

You know, who was is a setup to lose to marquee and we just found out he endorsed him and, and here’s Charlie Baker who hates President Trump, who loves Hillary Clinton, who loves Joe Biden, and who’s a quote unquote Republican who just endorsed a guy who completely you know, people like the fake Trump errs, like Jeff Qunar, the fake Trump errs, like how he car all indoors. So when you start really, I get really angry, okay, really, really angry. Because people want to tell me how wonderful Charlie Baker’s doing Listen, he’s got COVID.

Remember, I saw you when he bought the COVID site that you’re looking for. And then they want to raise money, the GOP and they do good talking to us, like with dumbbells or raising money, and it’s still going to trump it’s going to the establishment. Yeah.

So what you have is Massachusetts is a unit party. One of the key things to let a we’ve been trying to educate people on as a part of our movement for truth, freedom and health is this. Here’s some very common principles look in science or an engineering or if you’re an electrician, or your plumber, you have to live with the laws of nature.

And similarly, in politics, there are some fundamental laws. The problem is that confused people one of the laws in politics is almost a physics of politics is there is the establishment, which you can obviously see. And then there’s a knock so obvious establishment.

And in Massachusetts, you also have the that’s one law. The other law that you want to think about is the law. The fact that nothing changes for working people, which is all of us until we fight for ourselves.

If you look at Charlie Baker, he is not one of us. He’s a blueblood he should have he should be back in wherever in 1776. London, he should have he’s a red coat and be a Charlie Baker or the Democrats.

They’re basically one party. They work for the elites, Democrat and Republican. No one is fighting for us.

Our campaign she ran for Senate is a bottoms up campaign. As you know, we raised you know, you know, 3000 over 3000 volunteers on the ground over 10,000 lawn signs, you know, 20,000 bumper stickers, over 20,000 donations, all bottoms up over 500 standouts, that’s a real bottoms up movement. This is why Charlie Baker and his Democrat friends flipped a switch to basically rigged the election we were on the edit for landslide victory.

They found a dope, who by the way it works for a law firm represents white collar criminals, okay. You are in so many cities and towns, like I know, for the New Jersey thing with vaccines, but I really didn’t hit on like that a walk in your life. And all I did was work, work, work.

People, volunteers, and I just get to a show and I’ll be the real people. You interact with people like us are the people, they just go and they read off. Okay.

So how many cities we visited a total of around 250 cities and towns we did over 506 understand that’s our volunteers are still out there. We’re doing a write in campaign. The bottom line is still out out.

These are white collar criminals. That’s what they are. They’re not blue collar people like us.

They never worked a day. They’re all from the elites. And I’m telling you, it there is a fundamental difference.

I grew up in working class towns in New Jersey among Black people, Italian people, Irish people. I’ve worked since I’ve been 1214 years old. I still work everyday and run a US Senate election these people do not run.

That’s why this fool who Charlie Baker’s designated loser. I’m not even gonna give him any publicity. I call him the designated loser the doofus that Charlie Baker rose chose he was done to keep me out from defeating Ed Markey.

They want to keep their own little whether it’s this fool or the other doofus. They’re all against working people. So it’s time that working people wake the hell up and realize that you got to choose one of your own black or white, whatever that is black, brown or white.

And that’s who I am. And that’s what this campaign is about. And people need to learn that how we cars a scumbag Jeff Koons is a scumbag both of these people We’ll talk a good game about Trump.

But when you really look at it, how we card support a Jeff deal who faked a handshake with Trump supported this, whatever this fool, okay, that’s what they do they have their stick. They do not. They’re not Trumpers go look at how he car everyone he supports, never wins.

Let me just say this well, because people are listening on the radio. My guest today is Dr. Shiva, I adore your writing Kennedy.

Now he has an MIT PhD writing candidate, like I said, for the US Senate, he’s gonna be a huge asset in the Senate as a working scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, was running for a one year term in the US Senate to actually focus 100% of his time on working for the American people, it’s raw, you can fight me all day long. You can show me your ballot vote read, it doesn’t matter. You have to stop programming, like you said stick as I call the GOP gangster politician.

That’s what I came up with. Okay. And I want you also to explain because I made a lot of people I’m gonna make a friend here, but I really don’t.

Because when you tell me if you as far as I’m concerned, you sent me straight on why his name isn’t even O’Connor’s COC. Koc? Sorry, that’s what he calls himself. This is a guy as a marketing genius.

His website is caught. I mean, sorry, I don’t mean the other one. But that’s what caught for Senate.

So you have to understand that the only way that these people win, is by cheating. That’s why they don’t need to campaign. You didn’t see any of these guys lawn signs bumper sticker.

So I just want everyone to get it clear that there is people who work like us working people, and there’s people who don’t work. And you cannot vote for these people. So we’re the ones who are basically slitting our own throats by listening to arguments like she was going to split the vote.

It’s not about splitting the votes. It’s about whether we want our throat slit or not, because whether you vote for Republican or Democrat in Massachusetts, I mean, these fake Republicans, fake Trump errs are Democrats, you’re voting for the same. The fact is, we were headed for a landslide victory we won in Franklin County, which was all hand counted, predominantly hand counted votes.

We lost in every other county to a full 6040 6040 6040. We’ve discovered there were in all the towns that we issued voice for which they gave us data stiletto more votes and voters. How can you have more votes and voters in Boston? Over 4000? More This is what happens in banana republics and third world countries.

Yes, so we issued for us, which means please that by log we asked give us a voter rolls have people actually voted the names which they call the participating voter list, and then give us the actual ballot. So it should be the same. So if there are 100 people that voted right, there should be 100 ballots.

Well, for example, that in Boston, there are 4114 more votes and voters. Where did those ballots come from? in Newton 1780 more votes of voters? Look, I’m a math guy. I’ve been programming since I was a kid.

I was horrified when I discovered that in the software, electronic voting systems which are machine counted, which are in all the towns that we lost, that there’s a feature in that system where they can multiply your vote by a weight. It’s called a weighted race feature. So if you got 1000 votes selected, and I got 1000 votes, they said, Okay, we want you to lotto win to win, we’re going to multiply her votes by 2.

5. So you get what 2500 votes and cut Chivas votes by half. So I get 500 votes, well, well, ah, you get 3000 total votes, but only to 2000 1000 People 2000 People came in, you say? Go back until we don’t know what they’re going to do.

We know it’s not even caliber, let me put it even simpler than that. I’m telling you. Very simple.

They have a feature in the electronic voting systems called a weighted race feature, right? Sounds like a lot like one person supposed to be one vote, while it could be one person gets two votes, and another person gets a half a vote. Okay, so let’s say 1000 people voted for you in actuality, and 1000 people voted for me, what’s the total number of votes? 2000. Okay.

But when they’re counting the votes on the electronic machines, they can multiply your votes, let’s say by a weight 2.5. So you get 2500 votes, and they can cut and they can multiply my votes by point five, which means I get 500 votes.

This is a feature stiletto that’s in the system. Yes, and and this isn’t the standard voting system, a woman called Bev Harris discovered this in 2001. Now, it gets even more interesting when you take your ballot and listen to Very carefully, if it’s a hand counted ballot, it’s paper, right? Two people look at it.

When it’s machine counted, your ballot gets scanned and made into a picture like on your iPhone or your Android. That picture is counted by the vote the software, no human counted, the software looks for the dots. Okay.

That’s called the ballot image, right takes an image of your ballot. Well, they’re supposed to save that by federal law for 22 months. Guess what I found out when I issued a FOIA, Massachusetts deleted all the ballot images.

Isn’t that nice. So you don’t you’re basically a criminal covering his tracks. So I just filed a $1.

2 billion lawsuit against the Secretary of State. Because when I started sharing all of this information on Twitter, the Secretary of State contacted Twitter to shut me down, forget Twitter what they do. But here, this would be like you and I, being at a restaurant.

Let’s say it’s a restaurant we’ve gone to for 30 years, and I start attacking Charlie Baker, I started attacking the Secretary of State, and the next day I show up to the restaurant, they said Dr. Shiva, you can’t come in Why, oh, the Secretary of State said we don’t want you here. That’s called the state suppressing my speech, which is the fundamental reason the First Amendment was set up.

So how much is the value of the First Amendment infinite. So we filed you know, which I think is a nominal amount, $1.2 billion.

It’s a federal lawsuit, and we asked for a restraining order against the Secretary of State so they wouldn’t do it until the elections over. So we gotta fight. Anyone who votes for any of these two idiots.

You’re slitting your throats. In 2020. You have a real person like me, who’s one of you? Whose works since I was 14 years old, earned my degree is not like Elizabeth Warren, who faked her way in fake Indian.

I actually earned all my degrees like everyone on here. You know, we work for a living, we pay taxes, okay? These people do not pay taxes. All of these people are white collar criminals.

In fact, the guy that Charlie Baker endorsed, works for white collar criminal law firm. That’s what they do. No one gets us off.

It’s funny, because while I was watching your campaign, on the one I wanted you to come to Arabia, Massachusetts. Yeah. Remember? That was awesome.

Yeah. We had never heard of this. No.

People heard no, that’s what I heard. And I think that this guy Koc to people who follow him with them. This is how it started.

That’s how I heard about him. I feel they put this guy right. Because you were making you were unbeatable, and I still feel that way.

But what I don’t like to see is I’m seeing ballots, people are voting. And they really are doing a disservice to the masses. Well, look, there’s no red or blue.

All this stuff is nonsense. There. It’s it’s people need to wake up work.

And look, my job is to be a catalyst a letter to educate people. I’ve been studying politics since I was four years old. Because I grew up in a caste system in India, which was racism and oppression on steroids.

And so I’ve been wanting to understand this just as much as I got all those four degrees at MIT and understood physics and engineering. I know politics, and you have to wake up, no one is going to fix stuff, but us thinking a pasty faced white guy, I’m sorry, who lives in Dover, who is going to help us and I think that that’s not even racism. These people are elites.

They don’t give a damn about you, and the people that are going to help us really don’t care about your race. No, but what I’m trying to say is these people are elites. They do not give a damn about you.

And so interesting enough, this guy wins in Lawrence, all Hispanic. He wins in Brockton, all black predominantly, and it doesn’t make sense. How does the guy win 6040 6040 6040 everywhere without ever campaigning? Well, I got 100,000 votes, the same numbers I got in 2018 when I only had 10 volunteers.

Okay. The bottom line is people need to understand that for far too long. The media always talks about Venezuela and Cuba and China and Africa, all those third world countries, right.

Well, we become a Third World Banana Republic. This is what takes place. People legitimately run they come bottoms up.

I mean, we had signs billboards everywhere. We spend close to three quarters of a million dollars. This guy spent nothing.

So this would be like you and I running two different Italian restaurants so I don’t I have cockroaches in my restaurant. I don’t take any ads. You have an amazing great food you spend $10 million As an advertising and all the customers come to me doesn’t happen, doesn’t happen unless the mobs running my restaurant right for me.

So that’s what the bottom line here is we live in a world. Bottom line is an election was stolen from the working people of Massachusetts. That’s what took place.

That is you got to write. Rarely, if you want, you have to make change. You can’t just be everybody in math and use the data, beautiful songs that we got so confused with the link in our play.

It’s quite organized. But I want to thank you for coming. And I’m a volunteer myself, I’ve been putting this if you want to help, PMS, get in touch with me are amazing.

And I really pray to God that you get in there and good luck and let everyone know to write in Dr. Shiva, Dr. Period, Shiva Shi B is in victory.

A is in America for us, Senate’s really easy. Stop voting for them. Thank you.

Thank you, but I adore your data, right. So if you if you Hi, everyone. I’ll continue.

But anyway, just to let everyone know, you know, we are running for US Senate in a writing campaign that was with stiletto on an FM station. But one of the things I want to share with you is we have filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit to let everyone know we don’t just walk away we fight.

And this Friday at leverage circle right in Boston leverage circle where you know, store drive 93, all of them me, we’re holding up a huge, we’re having a huge rally there to stop election fraud and to support our writing campaign. And then this weekend on Sunday, on Sunday, coming up in October 25, which is we’re gonna have a massive rolling rally a lot of working people are coming up big trucks, big pickup trucks, bring your cars, we’re going to start in lemon stir and you can look up on our website and we’re going to drive down at Worcester and back. And this is going to be a Shiva and a Trump rally together.

So working people must unite beyond black and white. If you vote Republican. In Massachusetts, just as an AR, you vote Democrat, you’re voting for fake Republicans and fake Democrats.

You’re looking at a real Republican, a real person who believes in democracy, who fights for democracy and a real person who is independent minded. So whether you’re our D or you, you must write in you got to write in Dr. Shiva for Senate you have no other choice unless you want to slit your throats and keep getting taken advantage of by both of these people.

There’s no reason to vote for anyone but but you got to stop voting for them. Because the voting is all rigged. You got to write in and when you write in, we know they’re gonna probably try to cheat again.

But writing says that you are part of a movement now you’re taking your sword, which is your pen, the pen is mightier than the sword. And by writing in like the founders of this country did when they wrote their names on the Declaration of Independence, they were declaring their independence. That’s what this is about.

You have to take your Swift sword your pen, and you have to declare your independence. That’s what this is about. If you continue to vote for these fools lawyer one lawyer two doofus one doofus two, I can’t do anything for you.

You’re basically slitting your own throats. And it’s a probably the most dramatic way I can say it. But the and they’ll use the argument of me splitting votes.

It’s not what it’s about. They want you to slit your throat and pay homage to them. This we have to rise up as working people and get one of us said not one of them.

And that’s what this is about. This is a movement for truth, freedom and health. So right and Dr.

Shiva let all your friends know to do that. It’s time we start doing what’s right for us, not what’s right for them. That’s what this is about.

So remember to vote for Shiva for Senate by not voting but writing in write in Dr. Shiva for Senate. Let me see what I got here.

Yeah, and if you’re outside of Massachusetts, let all your friends know to write in writing right in Dr. Period, Shiva, Dr. Shiva.

That’s what we need to do. Anyway, everyone, thank you very much be well, I’ll be coming back shortly to give you an update on what’s going on with Charlie Baker, Charlie Baker, what’s going on with him? His endorsement of the designated loser everything is coming.

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