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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – presents a CytoSolve® project for the Open Science Institute analyzing ingredients for Pfizer’s mRNA jab.
  • Operation Warp Speed accelerated clinical trials and two vaccine candidates were given fast track by the FDA.
  • The Pfizer Jab Has Ten Ingredients Including: Genomic Material (mRNA for SARS-COV-2 Spike Protein) Nanoparticle composed of four lipids: PEG-lipid, ionizable lipid, neutral lipid, and cholesterol lipid. Four salts and Sucrose
  • Concentration per dose Pfizer Jabbine is 72 nanomolar
  • CytoSolve® Open Science Project aims to assess the safety and efficacy of these ingredients.


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Welcome, everyone. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. It’s 6:30pm. It’s Friday, Hope everyone’s doing well. What I wanted to do today was, I wanted to do the complete version of our Part One, the complete version of our project that we recently completed, which many of you have contributed to, it’s “What’s in Pfizer’s mRNA Jab?” And it’s Part One, The Complete Version. This is, as we’ve shared before, this is a very, very important launch, because it is actually a part of the CytoSolve® Open Science Institute Project. This is our, we’ve done many of these, but we wanted to formalize it into the CytoSolve® Open Science Institute.


And we want to thank everyone who’s supported this. But this is going to be a series that we’re going to be doing to really help understand of what’s in the Pfizer Jab, what is the side effects of it, because with the CytoSolve® engine, as you’re going to learn, as many of you know, we have the capability to understand that. Okay, so that’s what we’re going to be doing today.

And I hope this completes. I did an early version of it. And if you remember, I had something come up and I had to stop it, which is unfortunate. And I’d made some commitments to actually, dinner and then I just stopped it in the middle. So, I’m going to do the entire version again. I hope this helps all of you.

Before I start this, I always like to share with you a couple things. And we have a number of videos we’re going to play for you. But first of all, many of you may know that we have launched a number of Institute’s now, as a part of delivering solutions. Our movement for Truth Freedom Health® is not just about critiquing what’s going on, but also delivering solutions.

Journey to Systems

And as I share with that, I wanted to share with all of you My Journey to Systems. It is the approach to take a Systems Approach is what our entire movement is about. So, I want to share with you a video that we put together, it’s up on the website, If you want to learn more. But this will give you My Journey to Systems and Truth Freedom Health® and Everything. So here we go.

Alright, everyone, so that will give you an idea of my sort of long Journey to Systems. And we’re going to talk more about Systems. But today, we’re going to apply System Science. So, you can actually understand What’s in the Pfizer Jab. This is something all of you have wanted us to do. And if you notice in the logo, VASHIVA is our main website, Truth Freedom Health® is the movement.

Scientific Research By the People, For The People Utilizing CytoSolve®

And today, we’re going to be sharing with you on the bottom right here CytoSolve® Science By the People, For the People, which is a CytoSolve® Open Science Project. Essentially, the model here is anyone here can actually contribute to Scientific Research. And that’s what we’re launching today, the CytoSolve® engine, which has been, which came out of my work at MIT, which we’ve been using for the largest Institutions in the world, Scientific Institutions.

It’s a validated platform. So, what we’ve done is, we want to take that platform, and we want to give it as an engine to the people. In order for us to do that, you guys can directly contribute to Scientific Research. So instead of giving your Tax dollars here, then they go here, and they go here. And the problem is that science has become unfortunately, the Institutions of Science have become corrupt. But imagine you being able to direct where you want to support, so you can give 50 cents $1, whatever you want to give, but we will actually go do research using CytoSolve®.

What’s in Pfizer’s mRNA Jab?” Part One: The Complete Version

The question many of you asked for was “What’s in the Pfizer Jab? Will it harm me?” So, over the next few weeks, months, we have that project going on, we could have many, by the way Open Science Projects going on. This Open Science Project begins with – First of all, understanding what is in the jab. You’re going to learn what is the mRNA physically look like and all the different ingredients in there.

And then using CytoSolve®, we’re going to start understanding the different components and how it affects one of them. The key Molecular Pathways of Inflammation, okay. Inflammation, as many of you may know, is critical to many, many different things that occur in the body.

Okay, so let me first of all, thank everyone and welcome, everyone. So let me go right here. And I’m going to go to the first slide.

What we’re going to learn today is what’s in the Pfizer, we call it the Jabbine. Okay, the Comernity and the Jabbine. By the way, you can also see everything you’re seeing here on, we’re broadcasting LIVE.

If you don’t want to support YouTube, and you don’t want to support Facebook, you can go right to And you’ll see everything LIVE right there.

And we want to thank again, everyone who’s supported the development of this infrastructure. As many of you know, when you contribute, you can go to, you can contribute, you can get the course, but what you give actually supports the infrastructure independent of Big Tech, and we have more and more, some really cool things coming.

Pfizer Jabbine COMERNITY

But anyway, the Pfizer Jabbine is actually an mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine. It creates this spike protein, so you’re going to learn that the mRNA, which is inside the jab, your body takes a messenger RNA and will actually make the spike protein and then the spike protein is used by your body to create antibodies.

Okay, that’s the engineering exercise here. This was developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, it was approved for individuals five years of age and older. And the schedule for this delivery is you’re supposed to get two doses – two dose primary series, so one and two, and then you’ve got to do a booster after six months for individuals 12 and older. Now, the important thing to understand is that it turns out, you got to keep getting doses every six months, because of the efficacy. Okay, so it’s a very nice recurring revenue model.

It’s like getting a, you know, the blade for the Schick razor, right, you can keep going. So, they sell you the razor, and then you keep having to buy the blades. And that’s sort of a very, very lucrative revenue model that they’ve set up.

But this is the booster keeps going. In fact, if you talk to scientists, even at Pfizer, who I’ve spoken to, they’ll tell you – yeah, it’s not that efficacious, you got to keep using the thing, okay. And this is what happens when you try to mimic nature doesn’t work that well.

Development Timeline

(Insert Timeline slide)

Here’s the timeline of the jab’s developments in March of 2020, when Pfizer and BioNTech announced their partnership. And they did what’s called phase one and two trials beginning on healthy subjects that was really started in mid-April, they did what are called clinical trials, what does phase one and phase two mean? Phase one and phase two, for people who don’t know what that means is phase one means you do it on small sets of humans, you know, 100 to 200 humans, and then you go to 1000s, which is phase two, and you go to 10s, of 1000s. Phase one, phase two, phase three.

Now, thanks to the collusion between Big Pharma and Government, they accelerated this through quote unquote, Operation Warp Speed, what would have taken in a much more methodical way much more detail way real studies, they accelerated and that was brought to you by the Trump administration. So, they did the clinical trials. And then two vaccine candidates were given fast track by the FDA.

That was in early July. And phase two and three safety efficacy trials began in late July. And phase three trials expanded to increase diversity of population here in September, and then they got emergency use in December 2020. And January 2021, the distribution started. So August 23, of 2021. That was when it got full FDA approval. All right.

So, that’s the timeline that I wanted to also make everyone aware of this went through some process. But I can tell you, from a pharmaceutical perspective, this occurred in a very, very rapid time for most pharmaceutical companies, when they’re putting out drugs takes 13 years, 12 years. And there, the pharmaceutical profit model has been tanking.

But when you can get out the jab like that, and there is no liability. And you don’t really have to pay if there’s liability. It’s frankly, you know, the goldmine of a business model.
So that’s what we’re looking at here.

COVIDE19 Vaccine Global Development

Alright. So, the global vaccine development, there were nearly 194 vaccines that came into this. Now 42 of the vaccines went through Phase 1. 44 were in phase two, as of this writing. Phase three of 40 vaccines. 23 vaccines are still in use. And 10 vaccines are now in Phase four, which means that’s called – are being monitored.

And you can see there’s different kinds of vaccines, the blue indicates it’s a viral vector vaccine. What does that mean? They literally take another virus, okay? They take a virus of some other virus, and they inject into it a piece of the DNA, which will code for the mRNA protein, okay. That’s what these viral vector vaccines are ones in blue.

The ones in yellow are really the vaccines that we know is nucleic acid mRNA vaccine, okay, there’s about three of them that got approved, and out there. The three light blue ones are the whole virus vaccine, that’s what you would call your traditional vaccine where they literally take the virus and then they attenuate it, which means deaden it a little bit and then give it to people. Okay, that’s meaning they’re literally we’re giving people the Coronavirus, and then the little pink one here is the protein-based vaccine where they’re literally just giving the spike protein.

So there’s different kinds of vaccines. Alright, the mRNA vaccine we’re talking about is the one with the nucleic acids. Okay.

What You Will Learn Today

What we’re going to learn today is what’s in the Pfizer Jabbine? What is a function of the Pfizer’s mRNA? The different components. There’s a number of components, what is the concentration of those components? You’re going to learn very shortly, how much, how many mRNA molecule particles are actually in one jab. And you’re gonna find out it’s trillions of these particles, but we actually did the calculation. CytoSolve® did.

And how were these components made? You’re going to get an idea of the manufacturing that went into it. What’s in it? How much of it is in there when people get the shot. Okay, we don’t want to grift here and start talking about crazy stuff that the establishment always attacks. You see, when you put crazy stuff out there, you don’t get to talk about the real elephants in the room.

And this is one of the things that’s been going on ever in this movement. For, you know, true health, it’s been going on in the movement for truth freedom on elections, you have the real problem, which most people don’t want to talk about the Establishment, and then you have the Grifters, the fake guys who come in and talk about the real problem, but just like talk all sorts of other crap. So, we don’t, we missed the big issues here.

What we’re going to learn here is that the reality is, this stuff was untested, we’re gonna over the Open Science Project, you’re gonna learn, it’s really about The Right Medicine For The Right Person At The Right Time. And the goal when you take a Systems Approach is to arm you with the Truth, and to unify people based on the Truth, not to create these dialectics. And that’s one of the things our movement really talks about.

And by the way, you notice there’s a scroll here, anyone, if you want to support our research, your research, go to And when you support us, we actually support you. I don’t like to take people’s money for anything without giving something back.

You can support the Open Science Project, you can contribute. And when you contribute, you actually get a bunch of gifts, given back to you. So let me go back here.

So, that’s what we’re gonna learn today. This capability is brought to you by CytoSolve® which is a 23rd century platform for discovery, where we can do things faster, cheaper and safer. And what we’re able to do is we don’t cherry pick the Science. We look at, for example, in this case, we looked at everything that was set out there, we analyzed it, we then organized it. And this lets us really bring stuff together.

$Trillion Dollar Pharma Industry in Peril – Bailed out by Jabbine and OWS

In the traditional Pharma Model, when they want to create a particular drug, they don’t do this process. Okay, they will do in vitro screening on that particular compound, only one compound, which means in a test tube, then they’ll go tested in animals, this takes around six years, then they go through phase one, phase two, phase three. Before Operation Warp Speed (OWS), it used to take around 13 years to get a pharmaceutical drug out there, and one to $5 billion, but Operation Warp Speed, they can really curtail a lot of the Clinical Research.

So this was basically pharma guys, vaccines were a big, big wild west for them, because they don’t have to do all this testing. And so just to give you the background, pharma companies were spending more and more and more money on R&D spending, and they were getting less and less new products coming out. This is why they need the Jabbine.


Okay, I want to do a quick video to really explain to you what is CytoSolve®. I want you to understand this. And the reason I want you to understand is many of you sitting there at home, may have your own ideas. Imagine you becoming a Research Director, you can say hey, look, I want to understand my parents or someone’s going to take this drug, will that drug cause side effects, you can literally bring together a group, you can support the research to go do that research.

So, we’re basically arming you with these powerful capabilities for CytoSolve®. And we can go do research here now. I want you to understand what is CytoSolve® first, so you get a true understanding of this. So let me play that video for you.


Alright, everyone, I hope that gave you a background idea of CytoSolve®. And now you can start thinking – really start thinking about which problems we want to solve.
We recently just published a paper in one of the leading journals in cancer and I just want to show you this. I’ll probably do a talk on this. Let’s say it Leukemia, let me. let me bring this up. So all of you know what we’re doing.

Okay, so we use CytoSolve®, to actually figure out every imagine all these diseases. You can’t go solve these diseases unless you really have a map. And the problem in most of the Sciences, Researchers in many of these Universities, they don’t get incentivized to do the big thing. They get incentivized to just look at pieces of the puzzle. You can win a Nobel Prize for that.

With the CytoSolve®, we can go figure out the entire Systems Map or what we call the Architecture. I want to share something with you. We just published this. And this was Citizen Scientists was from work that we did.

Molecular Systems Architecture of the Interactome of Leukemia, done by CytoSolve®.

In fact, Stanford came to us, okay, and I’m the Senior author of this paper. It’s a big win for all of us, but it also shows the incredible things we can do with CytoSolve®. Let me bring this up here.

And what you see in this paper, this is the paper we just published. It’s called the Molecular Systems Architecture of the Interactome of Leukemia, again, it’s done by CytoSolve®. Okay, and you can see what we’ve done is we’ve literally mapped out every Molecular Pathway.

Here’s the big contribution of leukemia, this had not been done before, but using our technology, we’re able to do this, and this is what we can do with every disease on the planet. And we can directly do Scientific Research.

And to end by the way, those of you who like your animals, we’re not killing any animals when we do this research.

That just came out just a few weeks ago. All right, so just start thinking about it, that we can really do science for the people by the people. All right. It’s an extraordinary time – a Revolutionary Technology. That’s what CytoSolve® is. So let me go back to this.

Pfizer Jabbine Composition

Now, let me go back to our let me go back to sharing the details. So now you understand what CytoSolve® is, let’s go right into what’s in the Pfizer jab. Okay, so I want you to look at this, it looks like you’re looking at a hairy ball or something, okay.

But what you’re seeing is, this is called a nanoparticle, okay? The Pfizer mRNA is delivered using a nanoparticle, okay. Some of you may have heard about nanoparticles, but you’re gonna learn what a nanoparticle is. So, nanoparticles, think about a big beach ball. Okay, and inside of that beach ball are ingredients.

The surface of that beach ball has things that you can add to it. So, you can stick on like Velcro to different things. You can actually use it to target things, but literally, it is a piece of fat. It’s a big globule of fat. That’s what a nanoparticle is. And inside of it, you can put in different ingredients, but you have to add things to stabilize those ingredients. Okay.

In this case, with the mRNA vaccine, what they put into that beach ball is the mRNA, the messenger RNA, basic biology, your body will take in that messenger RNA, and your ribosomes will use that messenger RNA, which is a blueprint, and there’s another video of done on to create a protein, right? messenger RNA is a blueprint to create a certain protein. And in this case, a protein that gets created is this spike protein, your body sees that spike protein, and then it will start creating antibodies.

So, the old model of a vaccine quote unquote vaccine is where someone sneezes on you. And that sneeze is carrying all different virus particles. The surface of that virus particle has what are called antigens, like the spike protein, your body gets it and it responds as I’ve talked about before, with the immune response, but here what they’re trying to do is to circumvent that by literally giving you the messenger RNA, the DNA, quote unquote, the DNA sequence, which will use your body’s machinery to create the spike protein, okay.

Going back to what is in the Jabbine. What you see here is this is called the lipid lipids are what are known as fats of fat nanoparticle. So, you notice right here, they’re five major ingredients, plus another five, so there’s about 10 ingredients, but let’s walk through this. So first of all, this blue circle is the surface of that beach ball or that nanoparticle. Okay, and that is composed of what’s called a neutral lipid.

DSPC and we’ll talk about this, okay, so that’s the blue, then inside of that is the ionizable lipid which gives structure on the inside to keep or give shape to that nanoparticle. And these are positively charged ionizable lipids. Essentially, think about a piece of fat that’s positive, positively charged, or a molecule of quote unquote fat, the outside is PEG-lipid, and we’ll talk about this. And that’s here.

Those are these hairy creatures outside. And then the inside of it, these triangle green things are cholesterol, again, so what they’re doing is they’re literally creating a membrane, okay, they’re simulating a membrane. And then inside of this, these blue arrows with the negatively charged particles allow, so remember, positives and negatives attached to each other.

So if you look at here is the mRNA, which is this piece of messenger RNA. It’s negatively charged. So, remember, negative likes positive, right? So, the positive charge here stabilizes the mRNA on the inside, the positive also stabilizes, so you get this configuration, okay.

All right. So, cholesterol, and then mRNA. So those are the five major ingredients which we’ll walk through.

The other ingredients are Potassium chloride, Monobasic potassium phosphate, Sodium chloride, salt, right? Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate and sucrose. Okay, sugar. Okay, so those are the 10 major ingredients.

We’re going to walk through this, what we did at CytoSolve® as we actually do, calculated in one jab, how much of these are in there? Alright, so we’re gonna walk. And the reason that’s called the concentration. The reason we want to calculate the concentration in part two is once we know the concentration that’s actually going into, we can then say, okay, if you have this much concentration, how will it affect you? Right? Right? It’s all about concentration.

And remember, it’s how much of something you’re getting. That’s what science is about. Science isn’t about just talking about random nonsense.


Science is always about how much that’s where we get to being able to do reproducible things. So that’s what’s in this nanoparticle now. So now we’re gonna just talk about this blue thing, the mRNA messenger RNA.

Okay, so we’re talking about this blue piece right here, again, basic, basic biology. I’ve done other videos on this. They jab you with the vaccine.

And then the muscle tissue in that jab is contained mRNA. What is messenger RNA? Well, your body, you know, your body’s creating messenger RNA, all the time, your, your double helix DNA, it’ll open up. And then at the transcription level, a piece of messenger RNA, which represents a gene, will leave the nucleus and go to translation to the cytoplasm, where there’s a structure called the ribosome.

And when the messenger RNA comes into the ribosomes, the ribosomes start creating a protein. The messenger RNA literally gives you instructions to create a protein. So, if you want someone who’s gonna have blue eyes, okay, they’re gonna create the protein for blue eyes versus someone who has brown eyes.

Okay. So that’s why the double helix DNA has pieces of genes, the messenger RNA codes for a particular protein that’s coming from that gene. Okay, so here, they’re delivering the messenger RNA through the nanoparticle.

COVID19 Spike mRNA Sequence has 4284 Nucleotides

Alright, so that’s what that blue is. And then we did some details are going to teach a little bit of genetics here. So, this is the messenger RNA sequence, it’s the sequence, a piece of messenger RNA is made up of nucleotides, okay.

So there’s 4284 nucleotides long, in this piece of messenger RNA. And it’s got two pieces here, it’s called the S1 domain, just think of that as one piece of it. And the S2 domain, these different colors, all code for different pieces of the spike protein.

So here we go. This A region codes for the domain region A, and there’s really curly ribbons, and these are literally – because proteins fold onto themselves. The green over here is this other region, which is 1-275.

And that codes over here, the blue region is domain B. And then you have another set of regions which are coming from over here. So, the green region HR1 codes for this blob over here, the CH region, which is the central helix is coding here.

And there’s a cleavage site. And then the blue is from the CD. But anyway, you can see these are the different pieces of the genome in the nucleotides.

And they code literally for different pieces of the protein. So basically, again, think about the protein as like a building. Okay? different stories, different bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. And the mRNA is giving instructions, okay, we’re going to put a little piece here and a piece there. And that creates what’s known as a spike protein. And that’s what you’re seeing here.

COVID19 Spike mRNA codes for 1255 Amino Acids

So what you want to pay attention to is that there’s 4284 nucleotides, and it and when, and your body takes that mRNA. And it’s going to create the spike protein. Well, how many? How big is that spike protein? Well, the molecular weight of that is about 180 to 200 kilodaltons kDa.

And basically, if you think about this, 4000 nucleotides will code for 1255 amino acids. Remember, all these little pieces are made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of life, okay? So, they’re pieces of amino acids that are put together that create these protein sequences, and that’s what you’re seeing here.

Function of mRNA – Create S Protein

And by the way, this is a crystalline structure obtained from a cryo-electron microscope of the actual spike protein. So, this is what it looks like. It looks like this little, you know, V structure here. And this literally matches to what I just shared with you here. Okay, these are literally the components.

It’s 100 angstroms wide, and you can see it’s 170 angstroms high just to give you an idea, you know, 100,000 human hairs 100,000 nanometers, okay, and the height of this is 17 nanometers, okay, 170 angstroms is equal to 70 nanometers one nanometers 10 to the minus ninth meters, and the width is 10 to the 10 times 10 to the minus nine nanometers, that’s the width, okay? So, you can get an idea of the size, but this is very, very small because this is only 10 nanometers.

A human hair is 100,000 nanometers wide. So, a human hair, if you look at the width of it, is 10,000 times wider than the spike protein. Okay? So again, I want to give you the size of this, so you get the understanding here, okay. So, it’s a very, very small little piece of protein. But this is when the mRNA codes, it will make a bunch of these proteins.

mRNA Amount and Concentrations Calculations

Alright, so now I want to walk you through this. We, the CytoSolve® team, had to get this data. And as we’re getting ready to do more research, we wanted to really find out how many of these messenger RNAs are in a jab. We had to do the calculation.

Amount of mRNA in 1 dose of Jabbine: 30ug = 0.00003 g

And you can see that, so you see here is the amount of mRNA in one dose, so the Pfizer Jabbine is 30 micrograms, micros 10 to the minus six. So (0.00003 g). That’s how much grams of mRNA are in there. So, it looks like very, very small, but let’s figure out how many molecules that actually means.

Volume in 1 dose of Jabbine = 0.3 ml

Well, the total volume, remember volume is the mass over volume(m/v), that’s called concentration mass over volume. Basic, basic, basic chemistry. Okay, so total volume of one dose of the Pfizer Jabbine is point three milliliters (0.3mL) A liter, if you remember is about 1/3 to one quarter of a gallon, but this is point three milliliters, 10 to the minus third liters. Point three of that. So, that’s how much the total volume of one dose of the Pfizer Jabbine is.

Weight in 1 dose of Jabbine = 1388 kDa = 1,388,000 g/mole

Now what’s the weight? The molecular weight of messenger RNA? It’s 1388 kilodalton, which if you want to do it by grams, would be 1,388,000 grams. Okay, that’s in one mole.

Molecules in 1 dose of Jabbine =12.96 trillion

Now, the number of mRNA moles is the amount of mRNA in grams over the molecular weight in grams per mole. And so that’s .00003 grams in one mole is 1,388,000. Then you calculate the number of mRNA moles, and we find out that’s 2.16 times 10 to the minus minus 11th moles, okay. And now we know if you go back to your chemistry, in one mole, is 6.02 times 10 to the 23rd number of molecules. Okay, that’s chemistry, if you forgot it, basically, it’s a big number six times 10 to the 23rd. Objects. Molecules are one mole.

Okay, so now we’re going to calculate how many molecules there are actually. When you multiply all this out, you find out in one jab, there are 12.96 trillion mRNA molecules, 12.96 trillion mRNA molecules in one of these jabs.

Molarity of mRNA in 1 dose of Jabbine = 72 nM

Now we want to find out the concentration. And so, we say the number of molecules in one liter solution of mRNA in one dose of Jabbine is moles per amount of solution.

We know that the amount of solution is point three milliliters, so the molarity of mRNA, one dose of the Jabbine is 2.16 x 10 to the minus 11. That’s this number here, times 0.3 times 10 to the minus three, and that gives us 7.2 times 10 to the minus eighth moles, which is 72. As you can see, right here, 72nM, nanomolars.

Now why is this important because when we’re going to do further aspects of the Open Science Project, we want to know how much concentration of the mRNA is the body is all about concentration, you know, give you an example. You can eat too much of anything. Or if you don’t get enough of something it’s not going to do so there are things called micronutrients.

So nothing is bad or good at nature. It’s all about the concentration. So, it’s how much you get, okay, turns out if you eat a little bit of mercury, it can actually support brain function. If you take too much mercury, it’ll destroy your brain. If you take a little bit of arsenic as it’s in, for example, the heartworm pills and it’s been known for many, many years, arsenic nitrate, you can support heart function, you do too much it can be a poison.

Key Takeaway – Concentration per dose Pfizer Jabbine is 72 nanomolar

The key takeaway here is the reason I did this calculation. You don’t have to memorize it, in science, we’re trying to calculate concentration. Because this concentration is now, we know how much of that ingredient is in there. That’s why science guys do that. Very simple for those of you wanting to follow great. You can look at the video, simply put, there’s a lot of mRNA molecules, okay? 12.96 trillion in one jab. And this is a concentration – 72 nanomolar. That means 72 times 10 to the minus ninth moles. Okay, that’s all you need to know.

Pfizer Jabbine Composition – Four Lipid Nanoparticle Surrounding mRNA

Alright. What are the other composition? Okay, so we just talked about the blue stuff.

We also have the neutral lipids, the ionizable lipids, the PEG, and the cholesterol. Okay, so I want to now walk you through each one of the lipids I talked about the mRNA. Now we’re going to look at the structure of the nanoparticle.

Okay, so we’re going to talk about the nano particle. Okay, so let’s go look at that. So, what’s the nano particle, again, you’re going to learn what lipids are. So, when someone says, a nanoparticle, you’re gonna understand that a nanoparticle is literally a circular, spherical like structure that is composed of fats.

Lipids Support the Absorption by the Body

And inside that fat structure, you can deliver a drug, you can deliver anything like that, by the way. Just a quick aside, in Traditional Indian Medicine, you never just ate a Turmeric pill, you’ve heard of the yellow pill called curcumin. In Indian medicine, you would typically boil milk, and then you would put it, you would put a teaspoon of turmeric. And you stirred it. Why? Because the turmeric was surrounded by the fat molecule, and that made it more absorbable. So fat is a very powerful way to absorb things into your body. So that’s why they’re sort of using the same principle here.

Alright, so this is a fat molecule, but inside of that they’re putting mRNA so your body can absorb this. Alright, so again, the Pfizer jab is composed of 1234 lipids. Let’s go through each one.


The first lipid is, just to understand what is a lipid? And a lipid is a, it’s called a macromolecule. Okay, that’s composed of fatty acid. What is a fatty acid? A fatty acid has two parts to it. One is the hydrophilic. The thing that loves water, hydrophilic, philic means love. This part loves to attach to water molecules.

And this part here, okay, likes to attach to the fat molecules. By the way, this is soap. Okay. Soap actually has a hydrophobic group, which attaches to the dirt in your body. And this attaches to the water. So, when you put soap on you, this attaches to the dirt that’s attached to the water and you take away dirt, okay?

But anyway, this is a lipid. Okay? It’s two pieces, a water loving group and a fat loving group. The hydrophobic piece right here repels water, and this thing loves water.

Four Lipid Types – Mimic a Cell Membrane

Okay. So, and there’s different kinds of lipids that are in the mRNA jab: PEG lipid, ionizable lipid, neutral lipid, and cholesterol lipid. Let’s go through each one there for lipids.

PEG- PEGylated Lipid

The PEG- pegylated lipid is this one, the ionizable lipid is this one which is positive charge. The neutral lipid is this one and the cholesterol is here. So now I’m going to walk you through each one.

What is PEG lipid, its Polyethylene glycol, poly ethylene glycol, PEG. If you look at the back of many consumer products, it’ll have PEG in it. Okay. That’s what this is. And here’s the molecular structure of it. And so, it provides a hydrophilic layer for the nanoparticle. That’s this piece right here. And, and this is a fatty layer here.

So, this is again, the hydrophilic and the long chain hydrophobic. Okay, so this is one of the lipids that is in the Pfizer nanoparticle. And the purpose of this, that they put in was to prolong the half-life of the nanoparticle, so it lasts.

Remember, when this gets injected into you, it’s going to deteriorate. So, they added PEG almost like a preserve. Something that preserves the structural integrity of the nanoparticle. So that’s what that PEG lipid does. It essentially supports the nanoparticle structure.

Ionizable Lipid

The next thing is the ionizable lipid. This is to neutralize a negative charge of the mRNA and to stabilize the mRNA let me go back to this so they stick the mRNA in here so they have this lipid to stabilize it you notice what happens a positively charged things surround the mRNA so they’re like are holding it together like a vise grip.

Okay, so they keep the mRNA stabilized again, what’s the reason they’re doing this is, if it wasn’t stabilized, it probably break apart into different pieces. Okay?

So that’s the purpose, the stated purpose of putting the ionizable lipid, okay?

Neutral Lipid

The neutral lipid right here we go to that. This associates with the cholesterol on the nanoparticles, and it forms the core lipid structure of the nanoparticles that mimics a cell membrane. Remember, your cell has a membrane, what they’re doing here is that this stuff, which is a neutral lipid, which does all the hairy stuff outside. Literally, they’re creating somewhat – emulating the cell membrane, okay? That’s a neutral lipid, DSPC. Okay? That’s what this is. Let me go back to this. All right. Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, DSPC, right.

Cholesterol Lipid

And then they have cholesterol. And this associates with the neutral lipid with the nanoparticles and forms the core lipid structure of the nanoparticle that mimics, again, a cell membrane. They’re using the cholesterol and the neutral lipid structure to go back to this, they’re creating the cell membrane.

If you look at this structure very carefully, what we’re really saying here is they are literally creating a cell membrane. And inside that, the mRNA is there. So, all the lipids that we went through the four different lipids that they literally manufactured, engineered this nanoparticle.

And inside that is where the mRNA is, okay. So, there you go. I think, again, to review, these are the lipids, you understand what a lipid is, there’s four different kinds of lipids, PEGylated, lipids, ionizable lipids, the neutral lipids and the cholesterol lipids. Okay, this, and by the way, what we did was, we literally had to go through this very carefully.

And again, we want to find the concentration because the next part two, and three, and four of the Open Science Project is going to start figuring out for each one of those particles, how will they affect inflammation in your body? Okay, and this is why you guys, what everyone wanted to know, right?

Because Inflammation is a key, which can cause all sorts of different problems. So, the PEG lipid, we found out, there’s 0.08 milli molar, the ionizable lipid, there’s 1.87 milli molar, the neutral lipid, there’s 0.38 and the cholesterol is 1.73. Okay, so there’s a lot of this, which is the thing that holds the mRNA.

Together, the neutral lipid is on the outside that cholesterol and the ionizable that have the highest concentration, because they’re literally holding the mRNA together, okay.
So think about them as literally the vise grips that are holding every mRNA molecule again, there’s 12.96 trillion mRNA molecules in one jab. Alright.

Everyone doing all right, I know I’m hitting you with a lot of details, but we want to get down into the details. So, you guys can review this video, it’s really an educational video. So, you can use it to really understand what’s in the Pfizer jab.

What are the other ingredients, there’s other ingredients, I’ve only talked about the five, the mRNA. And, and the four other lipids. Now I’m going to walk you through the five.

CytoSolve® Capabilities of this Revolutionary Technology

And we ran our own Open Science Project, we mapped out all the molecular pathways of pain and inflammation in the body. And before I go to the other ingredients, I just want to share with you some very practical uses. And we ran all of those ingredients, all of the potential ingredients in nature that could lower pain and inflammation.


And we were very fortunate to discover a product called mV25™. We were helping other companies. And I want to play a little video just as a break. So, you can get this around just because I don’t want to hit you with too much. So, let’s just take this break. So you’ll understand that what we did was we used CytoSolve®.

Not only can we use it for research, not only can we use it for what doesn’t work, but we can also use it to understand what does work. Okay, so I want to just take a quick break here and tell you about mV25™. Lots of you always ask about this and sometimes I don’t but let me just show you that mV25™.

Alright, right. So that’s an example of something where we use CytoSolve®. To map out all the molecular pathways, we didn’t kill animals, we went through these different ingredients. And we found a set of ingredients.

When combined together, it’s called a synergy principle that does well now, the synergy principle can also have negative effects. And that’s why this Open Science Project with the Jabbine is going to be interesting. Because what happens when you take these lipids and the mRNA and these other ingredients? What will it do at the Molecular Systems level.

So that’s what’s one of the cool things that’s going to come out. And it’s going to be very exciting to see what we discover, and we’re going to share all of this with the world. Okay, so we’re not going to have to wait, etc, we’ll just share.

So let’s talk about the other ingredients out by the way, mV25™, you can go right to the CytoSolve® website. And if you go there, this is a labelling on it, you can find out its CytoSolve® OPTIMIZED as we talked about, which means that as the technology improves, we’re going to keep finding better stuff. But if you, you can go literally to the shop right there.

And if you go to right there, and you can get it right there. Alright, so that’s where you can get mV25™ in the shop.

Pfizer Jabbine Other Compounds

Other Ingredients

Now the other ingredients that are in here, there’s five other ingredients. Potassium chloride, Monobasic potassium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose. There’s five other ingredients in here. So, what are these? This is what the molecular structure looks like, here’s potassium, chloride, K is potassium.
And there’s chloride. And these little dots represent the valence electrons, okay?

If you remember your basic chemistry, there should be eight electrons, you know when a molecule feels fulfilled. So, 123456 a line means there’s two more, that’s eight.

Okay and potassium has, it said here is monobasic potassium phosphate, which is another ingredient. Here’s sodium chloride over here, sodium and chloride. Here’s dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate. And here’s sucrose. Guess what this is? This is sugar. All right.

What is the purpose of these? Well, the function of potassium chloride that people, I have issues with potassium as you talk to me, but it balances the acidity in the body. The monobasic potassium phosphate balances. This is acidity in the body.

Sodium chloride does the same thing and the dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate balances the acidity in the body. Now the sucrose, the claim is it helps a nanoparticle maintain their shape during freezing, remember, these mRNA vaccines have to be kept very, very cold. Alright.

Sucrose Maintains Shape of mRNA to Preserve the mRNA to Keep the Blueprint Intact that Creates the Spike Protein

The sucrose helps maintain the shape of the mRNA. Because what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to preserve, they have these preservatives to make sure the mRNA stays intact. So, when it goes into your body, it’s like you’re giving the blueprint, you don’t want the blueprint to be shredded, and then the blueprint is used to create the spike protein. Okay, so that’s the model and here again, we figured out the concentrations.

Potassium chloride is 0.45 millimolar, Monobasic potassium phosphate is 0.25 millimolar, the Sodium chloride is 144.83 millimolar, the Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate is 1.32 millimolar, and the sucrose is 58. Basically, a lot of salt and a lot of sugar. Okay, pretty interesting.

Okay, go back to basic salt and sugar, sodium chloride. It’s the highest concentration in there, and salt and you have sugar 58.48.

Pfizer Jabbine Summary

Alright. So, at the end of the day, these are the composition of the Pfizer Jabbine, neutral lipid, ionizable lipid, the PEG lipid, and cholesterol.

Those are the first four embedded in there as the mRNA, the blue squiggles here, and then all these other things are put in there to balance quote unquote, acidity and other structural features. So net is the Pfizer Jabbine, as we can see here, has 10 different ingredients, including the genomic material, which is the mRNA for SARS-COVID spike protein, the nanoparticle composed of four lipids, four salts and sucrose. And the CytoSolve® Open Science Institute Project aims to assess the safety and the efficacy of these ingredients.

Next Steps- Discovery of Each Ingredients Effect Individually in the Molecular Pathways of Inflammation

So that’s what we’re going to be doing next. Okay, over the next few weeks, we’re gonna now take each one of those ingredients that we just shared with you. And we have molecular pathways models that we’ve developed over the last 16 years. So instead of taking this and killing a bunch of animals,we have the mathematical models of inflammation.

We’re gonna see, hey, what happens when we drop in this lipid? What happens when we drop in this lipid? What happens when we drop in the salt? And we’re literally going to mathematically figure out how much it does. And remember, these things affect other bodily bio molecular functions. And that’s what we’re going to discover.

Truth Freedom Health®

I want to emphasize to people that this entire project is, I want to put up one of our Chief Scientists said, we should let people know that any one of you can contribute to this project. Just go to and you’ll notice at

One of the big things we’re doing is we want to – I never want to take something from you guys without being able to at least offer something back so if you go to me go to, if you go to

Okay, and go right there right now. Let me bring that up.

You will see on that site, we have just launched among the many other things we’re launching, okay. The You can have a video which will explain what the movement is, but you can click right here to contribute.

And when you, if you choose to contribute, whatever you want to contribute, we’re actually offering you back many, many other gifts. If you can contribute $1. But one of the things you can do is if you contribute $100 or more, you get all these other gifts and you get you become a part of the Truth Freedom Health® Warrior program. Or you can get other gifts but give whatever you want to give or don’t give anything, it’s up to you.

Truth Freedom Health®Institute Opportunities

But if you want to be part of the Open Science Project, it’s awaiting for you to support in whatever way you want. The other thing I want to mention to everyone is that we have recently launched if you go to our website,

We have launched a number of Institute’s. Our goal is to deliver all of you different solutions. There are a number of Institute’s we’ve launched right here. Let me go through right here. We have the Open Science Institute as you can see here, The Systems Health Institute, The Election Systems Integrity Institute and Innovation Institute, the Systems Visualization Institute, obviously true for them help advance Media Institute and Citizens, all of these have been around, but we’re going to formalize them where people can get training, how to be a Citizen Scientist on the ground, how to be a Citizen, Warrior, etc.

Okay, so go to Support Open Science. And let me take a few questions if we have any, that if you guys want to post anything, I’ll look at it right here.

Open Science Institute Opportunities

But again, this is a very, very exciting time. We’ve already done many Open Science Projects. That site right off the website, VASHIVA, you can go to the Open Science Institute, email me at . Expo, share with me what you would like to study. And the last thing I want to end with is, you know, we’re taking a Systems Approach here, and it is a Systems and the Systems Approach here, you can use it to understand Your Body as a System, you can use to understand Politics, you can use it to understand Engineering Systems. And the video I want to end with this, I want everyone to support yourself, go learn the Science of Systems.

And instead of spending hundreds of 1000s of dollars going MIT or 10s of 1000s. You guys can become a Warrior Scholar at, and we’ve set up some incredible tools for all of you and I’ll play that as we close and I wish you all well and this will give you all the different capabilities that come in the


Alright, everyone, I hope that was valuable. Have a great weekend. I’ll be doing another video shortly on a follow up to the Election System stuff. So, keep an eye out for that. But I wish you well. Be the Light. Be well. Go to Truth Freedom Health® and do it for you. The Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar, that’s our Institute. And I was just explaining to someone who just called, if you don’t get this knowledge, you really frankly are doing a disservice. Because the Knowledge is here, and you can elevate your consciousness. So, Be Well. Go to, Be Well. Thank you!

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