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The Problem

The trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry is in peril because of its medieval product development approach that is unable to predict toxicity and risk upfront in the development process. Meanwhile, the emerging market for supplements, herbs, and functional foods, while a potential alternative to conventional medical interventions such as drugs, vaccines and cell therapies, is producing products in an ad-hoc and unscientific manner.  CytoSolve® provides a revolutionary technology platform for addressing the major problems across both conventional and alternative industries by addressing a fundamental problem in the product development of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vaccines, supplements, functional foods, and cosmeceuticals: the inability to determine efficacy and toxicity, upfront in the product development process, without the need for animal testing and risk to humans during clinical trials.

Additionally, the conflict-of-interest created by over-dependance on government grants and collusion between traditional academics and special interests has created a need for innovation in the very development model that is used to perform scientific research. Research has become highly centralized under the control of a small group of academics and government bureaucrats who’s personal agendas determine which areas of research receive funding, regardless of the public interest.

The Solution

CytoSolve® provides the world’s first computational systems biology platform for scalable integration of molecular pathway models to enable predictive and quantitative understanding of complex biomolecular processes and diseases to determine risk, toxicity, and efficacy UPFRONT in the product development process. CytoSolve®’s technology platform is enabling innovative and visionary manufacturers to develop and deliver products to end-consumers that truly advance health and well-being, faster, cheaper, and safer. For example, CytoSolve® is empowering the scientific analysis for the qualitative-quantitative determination of key parameters in the Certified C.L.E.A.N. and Certified R.A.W. certifications, that is supporting healthy product decisions by the end-consumer.

CytoSolve® believes that our technology provides the perfect ideal systems approach for advancing a more transparent Open Science that advances the public interest by directly involving the public.

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