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The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – feature Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholars on the ground across the globe from New Zealand to Canada.
  • A Canadian Warrior interviews truckers in Canada for the truckers convoy 2022 including one of the original organizers. 
  • TFH Warriors in Oregon do banner drops on busy highways to spread awareness of the movement for Truth Freedom Health®.
  • New Zealand having massive rallies all happening at the same time as the truckers convoy in Canada, showing their support in solidarity. 
  • Truth Freedom Health® is the only movement grounded in Systems Science education impacting people all across the world.


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Marcia: I’m here talking to Jerry. I’m reporting for the Truth Freedom Health® Movement of Citizen Journalists. Thank you so much. What’s this place called where we are?

Jerry: This is Milk River 509 – it is where the 509 crosses Milk River.. My name is Jerry, I just came down a week ago, a little over a week ago. I just wanted to – wanted to do something.

Marcia: Yeah. I mentioned to you about the Truth Freedom Health® movement. Then you said you heard about Dr. Shiva.

Jerry: I have heard. Yeah, I do not know a lot. But yeah, I’ve heard good things.

Marcia: Yeah. He made the first announcement about the mandates for truckers when they came. He said the truckers need to unite, working people unite. Right? Yeah. So what does it mean for you to be here?

Jerry: It means standing for freedom, standing for my daughter, standing for our country. We were losing national pride in our country.

And this has brought it back together, we’re standing for something. It means standing and saying to the politicians, corruption, no more. You can’t get away with this. That means telling the next politicians that come and you try pulling some of the crap that they’re pulling. We’re gonna do the same thing to you.

Marica: What would you consider a victory? What would you be like? What do we obviously be going to do this as long as it takes right?

Jerry: To drop the mandates. All mandates regarding COVID If they try to do anything, or go back on their word. We will be coming back.

Marica: And then the freedom right, the freedom that we have lost over time, right? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Warrior Speaks to Trucker at the Border

Marica: Hello, hello, everyone. I’m a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar and leader. And I’m here with a fellow Albertan. He agreed to this interview. To tell us more about what’s going on at the border here. We are actually at the finish line. At the Coutts border.

Pete: My name is Pete, we, I’m one of the original – I started this movement, you could say for the border freedom convoys. So I was one of them.

Marica: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. So could you tell us why did you get involved?

Pete: I’m a cross border trucker. And I don’t agree with being forced to put something in my body that is deemed dangerous. And it’s unproven and, and all that good stuff. So. So as of this moment, I’m out of a job. So we’re here fighting for our freedoms back.

And, you know, that was the final straw, you could say, I don’t agree with all the mask mandates and everything we’ve been forced to do over the last two years. So we’re here to, you know, win all that back.

Marica: And you support the freedom to choose

Pete: Absolutely 100%. Yes, yeah. And, and with that being said, I would add that, you know, we’re not here to tell you, you know, you can’t get vaccinated or you have to get vaccinated, it doesn’t matter. We’re here for everybody. Vaxxed or Unvaxxed it doesn’t matter if you should have the freedom to choose whether you want to do that or not.

Marica: Yeah, that’s right. And do you know, can you tell us actually what’s going on right now, what do we have here at the borders?

Pete: There’s a group of truckers here and the farmers, of course, have joined us, and our fight for freedom.

So, we had the border blocked, and then we opened it up, and negotiations didn’t quite go the way that they were supposed to. So, we have closed it back up again, it seems to be the best way to get the message across. So as of this, right, as of this moment, the border is closed this particular border at Coutts, but there are other borders that are open for people that absolutely have to crossed the border, there’s still options for them.

Marica: And can you tell us a little bit how can others support you?

Pete: Basically by joining other rallies, other protests? If you can’t make it to this one, that’s fine. You know, show your support wherever you can, your local towns, cities, wherever you are, there’s something going on all across the country. So by showing your support, you’re automatically supporting them.

Marica: So are you saying you stand up for yourself and you’re standing for us?

Pete: Yes, absolutely. We’re all in this together.

Marica: At this point what would you consider to be victory?

Pete: Obviously, when all the mandates are lifted, right. ah, that would be That’s what we’re, that’s what we’re fighting for. Because if we leave one single mandate in place, they can just step back on that and say that the numbers aren’t the numbers are going down or this or that they can use some kind of an excuse to just bring this back in two or three weeks. So they have to come and say that we are dropping 100% Of all the mandates.

And then that way, we can hold them accountable. You said you’re gonna drop them all. Now you have to and hopefully, if they do go back on their word, you know that the Canadian people can then stand up in force and say, No, that’s not happening again.

Marica: And we have seen over the past few years that we can’t really trust them.

Pete: Absolutely not. We cannot trust anything they say on TV. Yeah, absolutely not.

Marica: This is unity that we see here. The truckers coming together. It has been very moving. Yes. For the people all around the world.

Pete: Absolutely. Which goes to show you that the people themselves aren’t for this. They don’t support it. They don’t want it. There is very few percent, you know, that are actually for this – being the average person out there that wants no part of this. Absolutely not. We can see that.

Marica: Yeah. I think you know, this is already a win.

Pete: I would agree. I would agree.

Marica: Yes. Yeah. You know, having this many people. We had to come here on this side. Yes. So we can have a little quiet time. Yes. There’s a lot of people out there.

Pete: There’s a lot of people here at this very moment.

Marica: You know people keep coming and going. And I feel that yesterday there was even more.

Pete: There was about – I don’t know the count of the horses. But there were many, many horses here with riders and there was all sorts going on.

Marica: All I want you to know is that. We are standing with you.

Pete: Thank you.

Marica: And doing our part from Truth Freedom Health® movement, that is supporting working people. Unity. Yeah, absolutely.

You know, you need 100% That’s something you know, we are connected more than we know. Yes. And you especially depend on each other. When you are driving at night when you make aware of your colleague.

Yes. And you don’t even know him. Right. That’s what’s all about?

Pete: Yep, exactly. 100%

Marica: Okay, well, we will be in touch and I hope you check what the Truth Freedom Health® Movement is offering and how we can all support you further.

Pete: Thank you so much.

Warriors on the Ground in Oregon

Heather: What you got going on here?

Tim: Oh, you know, just another day in paradise. Put up some Truth Freedom Health® banners, so we can get 1000s and 1000s of views. The ground game is where we win the war. And it’s really simple. We got together with some other warriors here today.

We just put these up. We have some Truth Freedom Health® American flags, get lots of people honking. And it’s really important to let people know that there is a movement out there.

New Zealand Warrior Interviews at Freedom Rally

Natalie: Hello everyone, and I just wanted to touch base with us and just summarize the last four days and three nights down at Wellington at the freedom village, outside parliament. 1000s of people who’ve lost their jobs, their source of income, the freedom of choice to say what can be put into the body, their means of providing for their families due to the no jab, no job mandate everyday people, working people peacefully protesting.

We have prepared nurses, doctors, teachers, police officers, security personnel, truck drivers, personal trainers, plumbers, frontline personnel, drainlayers, builders, childcare workers, mommies, dads, children, grandparents have all gathered to express their concerns in how government’s legislation has divided our nation.

Hello everyone, I’m here with Jay this evening, and I’m just gonna ask a few questions to share her story and what made her come here which is really important for all our people here in New Zealand standing outside here outside the beehive that the parliament building and Wellington so first of all I’m going to ask Jay to share her journey down here and what made her come out.

Jay: Hello everybody. I think our reason was we wanted to come down here to support the convoy 2022 – For our children back home who we have left at home, and for my mokopuna and also Aotearoa. The journey down was truly truly amazing.

So we traveled from Whangarei and then we stayed at Hamilton. And so in between Hamilton and Whangarei the support was truly amazing. Aucklanders were out on their bridges late at night in the rain. As you know, on our way down it was pouring down with rain.

On the way down, there was so much support. We stayed in Hamilton early, and then we made our way down to Palmerston North, stayed there overnight, the support right down to Palmerston North was truly, really, really beautiful. And then we woke up early to come down to Wellington. And coming into Wellington was really amazing.

We had the Bridges were full of people with all their signs. Very, very emotional. And then coming in and just take it over. I mean blocking off the streets because there’s too much of us.

And you know, it was really cool, because we had all the Wellingtians, out on the side of the road supporting us and welcoming us on and it was really, really beautiful.

Natalie: On your way through to Wellington there was even porta-loo’s on the side of the roads. People out there with baking and bring hot drinks for everyone. Yeah, wanted to stop, just take that break, and then come on down to Wellington. Would you like to acknowledge any particular people?

Jay: Yeah, definitely.

So I know that voices for freedom have a lot to do with the kai side of things. And also I’m Canada who gave a huge koha to go towards the stands, and also to our truckers who also supported of cause. Huge week. Yeah, but I really yeah, really truly want to thank them.

Natalie: and Jay actually come along here with her husband and family members, right to our little babies as well and, and one of historical events that they’re going to be able to talk about and many years to come. And so what is this all about is about just the mandates, or do you think it’s evolved into something we need to really address here and Parliament’s?

Jay: Yeah, I think I mean, you know, everyone’s talking about Yeah, to get rid of the mandates. But it goes deeper than that. I feel.

I think the whole government is corrupt. And so the government needs to go. Period. So as you know, this is a Tapu ground. This is a Pa that Parliament is sitting on.

And I do know that Ngati Tama have come and they have served the government. And so we have until the first of March for them to give us a reply back. So fingers crossed, I’m really hoping that this is some kind of movement, but there goes deeper than just the mandate. If they get rid of the mandate, they can bring it back up again. So it’s not

Natalie: So it’s not going to solve things by just getting rid of the mandates, we need to go actually deeper into it.

And our government is not even prepared to come out off these seats. And even just talk to me and acknowledge the people that are here that had some really serious concerns. I think that should they even be in governance. So it’s another thing that we need to really establish and make sure that, you know, all of us here, there’s an interconnection with truth, which must be told and how we have to have our freedom to congregate together, have open discourse, have transparency, so that everyone’s voices can be heard, and that we can have good knowledge too, for health.

So it’s really important. It’s not just about the words, but it’s the interconnections that we make. about humanity and being human and respecting each other. So yeah, I really feel that there should be something just more than just the mandate.

And I did hear the brother came in earlier today and Cam had mentioned they had a group of the Whanau come up from Taranaki. Who came to bless the land, this was about five weeks prior to what the eventuated. So they had lifted what Jay was saying about the Tapu on the Land there. And it was good to hear that.

And those things are real spiritual. And it’s really meaningful to all of us here. And we’re thankful for, you know, those things that have been done in preparation for us to be here. So what would you say a victory would look like? In your own words, what would you think of victory would be?

Jay: a victory after this? Well, I really can’t put a word on that for now, until it actually happened.

Because we know how corrupt the government is. And we know how sneaky they are like snakes. So I, yeah, I can’t, I can’t put a word on it. I just pray and hope that we can celebrate there, we can get back to normality, that we can go back to work and provide for our family, and never come back here again.

Natalie: So it’s about getting back to some kind of normality, where families can enjoy the company and not be divided. Because I know there’s lots of families that have been divided by this. And we don’t want that division. We want togetherness and unity and solidarity.

I’m also hoping for that there’s going to be a bit of a corridor at six o’clock in the morning. So if you can help in any way, what would you suggest at the something that people would do? Whether it be to join a stuff or to actually just come down?

Jay: Yeah, I feel that, you know, the more I mean, every day, I’ve been her eleven days, every day, more and more people have Coming, coming. And I think from what I’m seeing now, I think that people need to reconnect for the purpose for the kaupapa and why we are here today. And so I believe that you know, there are four, there are a lot of people who have, who come to us, and they are people that don’t truly know and have awoken yet.

And so there needs to be some way where we can wake the people up, and that it’s not about coming down here for a party to get on the booze. It’s more than that.

Natalie: Because Jay has been here since day one. So you know, we really want some movement to have a conclusion. Yeah. So they can also get back to the family back home and then we start back, getting our jobs back and being unified in our own communities. So Thanks, Jay for giving your views, I appreciate that and thanks to all that are viewing. Ka kite ano!

Jay: Nga mihi!

Interview on Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand

Natalie: And thanks for your viewing tour. I’ve got Jenaya here with me today. And we’re going to just go through a couple of questions that a lot of us out there that may not be aware of. First question is Jenaya, how did you get involved?

Jenaya: I got involved because I had an uncle who was vaccine injured. And I’m just coming into all these silly mandates here in New Zealand, you know, the vaccine passports, wearing masks, not being able to be with family members who have passed away or, you know, just things like that when my baby cousin passed away, our family from Auckland couldn’t come down.

But yet our sports teams are traveling to London to you know, to France, but our family members were double vaxxed. So why were they not allowed to come, you know, outside of the open borders when our own sports teams traveled outside of the open borders to overseas. So that was how I first got me. Yeah

Natalie: Explain to me right now.

Jenaya: So right now we are here, what was the question? Sorry. What was this question about?

Natalie: People pouring in and expressing it concerns our governments.

Jenaya: So right now we have all the groups are so diverse here. You know, we wouldn’t be standing for the same thing if it was anything else. But the fact that we’re all brought together.

We have one thing that we all have in common and that’s that we want to get rid of these mandates. We’ve all here, we’re all here to fight together, we’re all here at unity. And so I’m just pumped. When I look out, I just see, when I look out, I just see, like, honestly hope, I just feel so relieved.

And I feel like I don’t have to put a guard up. And, you know, because it gets depressing when you’re fighting it alone. But when you have people where you can see the power of and you can be the power, it’s amazing.

Natalie: The power of the people, they are uniting here in Wellington, before the beehive.

And so as you can come on down, the more boots on the ground, the better it is, and there is hope growing. And so whoever does go home, take that home with you and share it within your communities. But that’s where we got to start local, go local, go local, are just a few more questions. How could others support the cause?

Natalie: How can others support the cause? I reckon just sharing all of our posts that get out from here, our lives that we do down here, even though I’ve had some friends who are actually not allowed to be on here, because they work for government agencies.

And so they still come but they hide, which is hard for them, but they still have to provide for their families. Even just coming down here as a, you know, makes a big impact. We have all sorts of people down here. So yeah, just the support, just liking sharing anything that gets out to do with us as a means, yeah.

Natalie: And stuff that you know that we need to donate or, you know, bring down look here, or, or just come and be yourself and be with like minded people, as they’re like food that people can contribute, and just come along. Yeah,

Jenaya: we have our food tin down there. So if you want to bring some food, now we have, I know there are people in our coffee car, but exhausted. So even if you wanted to come down and volunteer, we are people at our admin desk. So anything you need to bring down, bring to our admin desk, and it just comes to everyone.

Natalie: Is this stand just about the mandates or hasn’t evolved into something more?.

Jenaya: And for now, it is about the mandates. That’s our sole focus right now. But keeping the main thing, the main thing for now.

And you know, what, if something, if it evolves into something bigger than it does, and for now, that is keeping the main thing, the main thing, we want these mandates over with and whoever wants to find more they can find more than free to

Natalie: The last question now. What do you consider as a victory?

Jenaya: What do I consider as a victory? I consider that everybody, everybody’s here together. We are all different – the fact that we are all diverse, different religions, different races, different beliefs, and we’re all here together. Standing for the same thing. I can stand here, proudly call strangers my family, because we believe the same thing. And they have my back more than, you know, some people who are close to me, you know, have my back. And so it’s amazing.

It’s amazing to see different people here. And that is a victory because, man, how do you how do you have two different you know, races come together who have nothing in common. Except we do have one thing in common and that’s that we want these mandates over so

Natalie: All of this for the rest of the day. Janae is gonna be here working security for us, and making sure that we keep safe and looking after everybody and it’s what it’s all about.

It’s a fight for human rights and humanity. So if you get a chance, please come on down to Wellington. That’s where it’s happening. And we’ve got a terrific load of people here and like Jenaya said, all in different ethnicities, so all races come along.

Okay, so Truth Freedom Health®. That’s what we want to move in. That’s what this is all about to that interconnection. So you can join on VAShiva join our

Whangarei is uplifting. We have several few people here today, expressing their concerns and standing in solidarity to support our Whanau down in Wellington as well. There is a science to building anything.

Newton’s equations allow us to build bridges and skyscrapers. The knowledge principles define the engineering of planes and rockets and Maxwell’s educations are what give us motor, electricity and power plants. Now if we seek to truly build a revolutionary movement, to win Truth Freedom Health® – we must uncover, learn and educate others and the science and scientific principles to build such a movement.

Dr. Shiva has uncovered that science, the Foundations of Systems and it’s three key principles. First, is the interconnection between Truth Freedom Health®. Two, why we must build a bottoms-up decentralized movement. Three, the reality of the Not-So obvious establishment are for sometimes known as controlled opposition, created by the establishment to distract and derail any bottoms-up movements of working people where workers must unite for Truth Freedom Health®.

Thanks for tuning in with us and being in our lives and video shoots in our interviews, down in Wellington over the last few days and back here in Whangarei in our local home and to go up to Waitangi with the occupancy, occupant, occupation, I’m really getting tongue tied, tongue tied really feeling the tiredness of the travel down to Wellington, be well, and much love from Aotearoa, New Zealand!

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