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Key Points:

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives a systems analysis of historical truths about Ukraine and Russia.
  • Since the end of the Cold War, the British Crown and American Deep State have continued to view Russia as a major competitor, and have sought to isolate and demonize Russia, as they did Germany in their build-up to orchestrate World War One. While Putin is no friend to the global working class, the International Globalists Elites do not tolerate competition.
  • In 2014, The British Crown and US Deep State overthrew the Russian-Friendly Ukrainian Government in a CIA-backed coup, and installed a Pro-Western Government in Ukraine, which began suppressing ethnic minorities and cultures, especially Russian-speaking ethnic groups in Eastern Ukraine.
  • Mass-protests of ethnic Russians began in Russian majority areas of the country including Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk.
  • Russia militarily occupied the Crimean peninsula in a bloodless takeover. The Crimean people voted 97% to declare independence from Kiev and join the Russian Federation by popular referendum.
  • Minors and other organized groups of workers join the anti-Kyiv protests in Eastern Ukraine, escalating the movement.
  • Donetsk and Luhansk formed independent governments and declared independence from the Pro-Western Ukrainian Government in Kyiv.
  • The Ukrainian military and ultra-nationalist paramilitary groups attempted to crush the separatist movements with force, with Western Powers supplying weapons and funding. This included the British Crown, and the American Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.
  • The fighting ground to a stalemate and a tense ceasefire was eventually reached.
  • Western Media began to spread rumors of an impending Russian invasion of Ukraine around the same time Canadian truckers were inspiring working people around the world.
  • The Ukrainian military broke the ceasefire and began heavy bombardments of civilian areas in separatist-held territory in Eastern Ukraine.
  • The Donetsk and Luhansk separatist governments ordered the complete evacuation of all civilians to neighboring Russia.
  • Russian President Putin formally recognized the legitimacy of the Donetsk and Luhansk governments, which immediately requested military peacekeeping support from Russia. Russia agreed and sent soldiers into Separatist-held territory in Eastern Ukraine.
  • Hostilities broke-out during the following night, with both sides blaming the other. Putin announces a “Special Military Mission” to secure the safety of Russian ethnic minorities in Eastern Ukraine, and to remove the ultra-nationalist forces suppressing them.
  • With the COVID fear-hoax losing power throughout the world, the Globalist Elites have carefully created the conditions for their next crisis to justify their suppression of working people: escalating global war.
  • The Elites have meticulously pushed Russia into a corner to force Putin into reacting forcefully, using Ukraine as their sacrificial pawn.


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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA shares what is really going on with Russia and Ukraine. His SYSTEMS Analysis provides us with a perspective so Working People do not get bamboozled into supporting the forces of US and British Imperialism.

Hello everyone, this is Dr. SHIVA. I hope everyone’s having a good evening. I wanted to take some time today to provide everyone a Systems Analysis of what is going on between Ukraine and Russia.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but I’ve been very, very busy with a number of other things: with launching our Open Science Institute, with doing this stuff as we mobilize more and more people to join the Truth Freedom Health® Movement, the Election Systems Integrity work, our work on CytoSolve®, etc. So, my days have been pretty busy. Plus, with all of our team people bringing stuff together.

What You Will Learn Today

But today, I want to give people number one, a background on the history. First of all, a lot of people don’t even know where Russia is, a lot of people don’t know where Ukraine is, so you’re going to learn very soon, where those countries are geographically. Many, many years ago, when I was in high school, I had a great modern European history teacher, Mr. Rasinola.

And so, you’re going to learn about the Bosphorus Strait. Why that is strategic, particularly the Black Sea. And you’re going to learn today stuff that the news media will not cover, because the news media in the United States, both Left & Right, are pro-global imperialism. They serve their masters in U.S. imperialism and their and their ultimate masters in British imperialism.

You’re going to see that connection. And ultimately, you’re going to realize that Working People throughout the world, whether it’s the American worker, or the Russian worker, that Ukrainian worker, or the British worker has nothing to gain by supporting this war. The only people who gain to win are the super, super Elites, the 0.001%, who basically doubled, tripled, quadrupled their wealth in the last 16 months are promoting this thing called the pandemic.

So, I want to do the Systems Approach, so everyone understands this. And we’re going to walk through this very carefully, we’re going to also look for some questions that if people are interested, and we want to have a conversation today, but I want everyone to really, really recognize that you have the forces of British and U.S. global imperialism, which has been wanting to force Russia to bow and Russia didn’t choose to bow.

You’re also going to understand the hypocrisy of the Elites in this country, which talk about self-determination and supporting diversity, that they’re the actual ones who’ve been pushing racism and nationalism, ultra-nationalism in Ukraine, against the ethnic minorities there. So, you’re going to learn a lot today, it’s going to be very fully packed.

Recognizing Truth Freedom Health® Movement

Before I do that, I want everyone to recognize that our movement as you can see below, there’s a scroll, is a Movement for Truth Freedom Health®. And this Movement for Truth Freedom Health® is an educational movement where we want people to Get Educated. Or you will Be Enslaved.

You’ll get lost and not understanding what’s right for your health, you’ll get lost and not understanding how Big Academia, Big Tech all collude together. And you’ll get lost in not understanding how government and Big Tech work together against our Freedom.

Truth, Freedom and Health is actually what is under attack. And one of the important things to recognize as a part of this is that our Movement for Truth Freedom Health® takes a Scientific Systems Approach. We want everyone to get educated on a Systems Approach.

The analysis I’m going to share today, you’re not going to get from mainstream media. You’re not going to get from the grifters. You’re not going to get from the number one master grifter of our time Joe Rogan, or sucker Carlson, because these guys essentially watch which way the wind blows. They wait about six, nine months, and when it’s convenient to say something, they will.

But what our movement teaches people is that real heroism, real leadership, is about saying and doing the right thing at the right time, not when it’s convenient, and it’s popular. When it came to the vaccine mandates, now you have every Tom, Dick, and Harry against them.

And those people are promoted. But two years ago, our movement was the only movement which called out Fauci, which called out the global elites, and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

So, before I get into the Russian Ukraine thing, I’m going to play a video for everyone that I want everyone to watch. And I want everyone to become a member of the Truth Freedom Health® Movement or whatever capacity you want. But I do these videos to inspire you to take a Systems Approach that goes Beyond Left and Right.

Let me play this video for everyone. I really call it the anthem video of why you should become a member of the Truth Freedom Health® Movement. I’ll be back in a few minutes and we’re going to get deep into Ukraine and Russia.

Alright, everyone, I hope that video was valuable. So go to I want everyone to learn the Science of Systems, so you actually understand how the world operates. And you can apply to your body, you can apply to politics, you can apply to Engineering Systems, you can apply to anything.

Elites Understand the Science of Systems

But those in power, who are really running the world behind the Elites, their Intelligentsia, actually know the Science of Systems. There’s about eight to ten thousand people in the world who go to places like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, the Fletcher School of Government, Oxford, Cambridge, and those Elites understand the Science of Systems.

That’s why they’re able to map things out. And if we, as Working People want to win, and really get Truth, Freedom, and Health, we have to understand that Science of Systems. So, it took me about 50 years to organize this into a curriculum, we have a community, we have an entire framework to really build Leaders. So please go take advantage of it.

The Truth about Ukraine and Russia: Why British and U.S. Imperialism Want Russia to Bow, or WAR!

Let’s jump right into what’s going on in Ukraine, and, and Russia right now. So let me bring this up. So, the title of today’s talk is The Truth about Ukraine and Russia, why British and U.S. imperialism want Russia to bow , or War? And it’s really a Systems Analysis.

So let me begin by first of all, to those of you listening, we’re now on every major podcast, I will try to describe this. So, you don’t have to get online.

Where is Russia

But first of all, where is Russia? The school systems are so bad these days, I don’t think most people know where Russia is.

But if you notice where Russia is, it’s quite a large piece of land. It’s north of Mongolia, it’s north of China. And you can see it expands all the way if you go far east all the way and go Far East enough, you get to the straits where you know, Alaska is over here, as you can see, and then all the way into Europe, on the west.

So, let’s look a little bit closer. Now. Just to give you the size of Russia, it is the largest, you know, total areas, it’s got 17 million square kilometers. 17 million square kilometers, the next largest continent, there is Canada, which is up here, which has got, but it’s still half, Russia has double the square kilometers of Canada, Canada has about 9.8 million square kilometers, Russia is 17 million. So just keep that, in the back of your mind how big Russia is, Russia is massive.

To give you the size of the United States, the United States has about 9.5 million square kilometers, literally about half the size of Russia. And if you go something like to India, India is about 3 million. So, they’re basically five or six India’s could fit inside Russia. So, Russia is massive. So that’s the first thing.

Ethnic Regions of Russia

If we look at Russia, Russia is composed of many, it’s a federation. They have many different ethnic minorities, from people of the Mongolian background, people of, you know, European background, all different races, and ethnicity ethnicities reside in Russia. So, you can see these are some of the ethnic regions of typically separated by language.

One of the things that when the Russian Revolution took place, one of their emphases, believe it or not, was on this concept of self-determination that if people wanted to break away and have their own regions, they should have the right to do that. So that’s been one of the policies within Russia, but these regions represent that.

So here is another way to look at it – is you have the eastern region that you can see up here you have the central region, the Northeastern fleet, the Western and the southern. And those, as I said, map to these different regions. way on the eastern side of Russia over here is the area in question.

Where is Ukraine

Here’s Ukraine, Ukraine, surrounded on the east by Western Russia, and on the south by Southern Russia. So, let’s go in a little bit closer here. Here’s Moscow to the north of Ukraine. St. Petersburg is to the northwest of Moscow. And you can see that, over here you have the Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Many, many years ago, I’ve had a chance to travel to Finland. Very interesting country, but obviously there’s a border here. All the European countries are here. You see UK over here, Germany, France, Poland. These are all to the east of Ukraine. Kyiv (Kiev), right here in Northern Ukraine is the capital of Ukraine and to the south of Ukraine, you have Crimea right here, and you have the Black Sea.

Significance of the Black Sea, Crimea, and Donbas Region

And you’re going to realize very shortly what this is ultimately about is – it’s about the Black Sea, and I’ll talk about that. And the Bosporus Strait. And south of the Black Sea, you have Turkey, and to the south of Ukrainian, Romania and Bulgaria. Let’s go in a little bit. So, Ukraine is where we’re talking about. And obviously the south of Ukraine, this area called Crimea and to the east of Ukraine is this region called Donbas. And that’s we’re going to talk about now.

The Donbas area or region has two provinces, Donetsk and Luhansk. Alright, this is the Donbas region, where I want to emphasize this, that many in the American media have not been covering this. But that region that I just put up here, has been a region since 2014 of contention. So, this is an eastern Ukraine part. This is the eastern part of Ukraine, this region, the Luhansk region, the Donetsk region, has ethnic minorities there who actually feel more allied with Russia than they do with Ukraine.

British and U.S. Imperialism Supporting Ultra-Nationalism in Ukraine Feb 2014

And since 2014, this has escalated because British and U.S. imperialism have been supporting ultra-nationalism in Ukraine, and to the people of Donetsk. And the people Luhansk, these people were former supporters of the Nazis, who were ultra-fascists. And so, one of the things that happened here, we go back to this diagram here is, what you’ll notice is around 2014, it was under Obama. And there was a CIA-backed coup that overthrew a Russian friendly government in Ukraine. And they installed the pro-Western government, a very ultra-nationalist, frankly, a racist government.

Obama’s Involvement

So, Obama, who talks all about inclusivity, and helping minorities and all that he actually supported the instantiation, or the installment of a racist nationalist group in Ukraine. And that group did not want to support any type of federalism of other ethnic minorities. Right. So that happened in February of 2014, that everyone should be aware of, in this region.

Let me go in a little bit closer here. So just to give you an idea, again, you can see the Donbas region, which now consists of Luhansk and Donetsk. And these are the two areas that the ethnic minorities there said, hey, look, we want our own region. They wanted autonomy. There were various trends, and some people said, we want to be part of Ukraine, but we want our own autonomy, and other people wanted full independence.

So, the United States and that all came out in reaction to Obama, who implemented an ultra-nationalist fascist government in Ukraine. So that’s something that needs to be understood.

Ukrainian Government failed to break a stalemate with the pro-Russian Protesters

So that’s the region that we’re talking about geographically. Now, this is what I want to talk about. So, you can see, in April 11 of 2014, the Ukrainian government failed to break a stalemate with the pro-Russian protesters in the east and we’re talking about that Donbas region. And if you recall, a month prior to this is when Crimea voted nearly 97%.

Crimea is Russia’s real access to the Bosporus Strait

In the Western media. We were told Russia was invading Crimea. Well, the reality was, the Crimeans feel very closely associated with the Russians, and they embraced when Russia came in. And we’ll get to this, but Crimea is Russia’s real access to the Bosporus Strait, to move their goods in and out from Russia out to the rest of the world. But unlike what the Western imperialist media said, including the British media, and both Fox and CNN – was a reality was Crimea embraced Russia, and we need to understand these facts.

Real Facts- 97% voted Crimea to join Russia with nearly 90% Turnout

In fact, if you look at the data in a vote that came up in Russia, 97% voted to join Russia with nearly 90% turnout. The western globalists and the imperialists spun that as saying, oh, this was a false referendum, but it was absolutely not true. By all accord, the people of Crimea wanted and felt links to Russia and Russia recognized the Republic of Crimea as a Sovereign State.

So, that occurred in March of 2014. But what I’m sharing here was in April of 2014. What took place was in the Eastern Region on April 11. The government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, he had promised devolution to local government in the hope of state often demands from their independence, which means he was going to give people autonomy. So, there was a plan to give people autonomy in that region.

But they weren’t really giving them what they wanted those people at that time in the Donetsk and Luhansk region, which is eastern part of Ukraine, which is now known as the Donbas region, consisting of Donetsk province and Luhansk. Actually wanted far greater autonomy. Alright, so that’s what was going on on April 11.

The next day, which occurred on April 12, was the Eastern in East Ukraine. In that region protesters joined, and were joined by miners. So, here the protesters in the eastern part of Ukraine, for many, many years at one of their autonomy, they felt like they didn’t really have their own sense of identity.

United States under Obama is Who incited Ethnic Minorities in Eastern Ukraine by supporting installation of an Ultra-Nationalist Government

The United States under Obama is the one who incited these people and put in an ultra-nationalist government there. I mean, what do you expect these people feel like they’re really not part of the Ukrainian people. They’re their own ethnic minority. So, Obama again, and the so-called liberal elites who claim there for multiculturalism, and they’re against racism. They actually supported a fascist Nationalist government in Ukraine.

And so, the reaction of those people in the Donetsk province and the Luhansk province was in direct reaction to what Western imperialism did, and we’re going to understand why they did that, because the British imperialists, and the U.S. imperialists have always wanted to screw around with Russia, particularly Britain.

If you go back to my video, I did on World War One, you will realize back to Cecil Rhodes and the British royal families, they don’t want any competition. They want to run the world. They want their empires. And if you go back to World War One, you’ll realize the analysis I did, looking at the one of the Hidden Histories book that was done by two extremely well researched researchers in Scotland, Scotland researchers, they showed how Britain saw the rise of Germany, coming up saw the rise of Kaiser Wilhelm, and for 30 years, they had a plan to vilify Germany because they didn’t want any other powers.

It’s one big bully trying to make sure no other guy can come on the block. And that’s what Britain has been trying to do with Russia trying to demonize Putin, trying to demonize Russian forces. I’m not saying Putin is by any means a great man. I don’t know him, but he’s just another thug on the block. But the big bullies, the U.S. and British imperialists don’t want anyone else even on there. So that’s very, very important to understand.

Ukrainian Miners Unite in that Region are a Powerful Force- April 12, 2014

So, in this effort, the people of Donetsk and the people of Luhansk say ethnic minority said, screw you to what Obama did was by supporting this nationalist guy in Russia, they started protests on April 12 of 2014. Those protests blew up to such a point that the miners; now you have to understand the Ukrainian miners or the miners in that region are a powerful force.

One is where you have protesters, but when Working People join these movements, that’s explosive. Just like what we’ve been talking about. It’s one thing, you know, a bunch of Grifters talking about some issue. But it’s another thing when Working People build a Bottoms-Up Movement. That is where real power comes from.

And what you see happened right in on April 12 is that the protesters were joined by the miners on these barricades, so this is very, very significant. So as this article in The Guardian said, word spread quickly to the few 100 pro Russian protesters in Donetsk in East eastern Ukraine, the miners are coming the crowd parted as a group of a dozen or so burly men in orange work helmets march past barbed wire, and tire barricades into the 11-story administration building, which protesters seize last weekend as they demanded greater independence from Kiev.

So, that was on April 12. This was quite devastating to the Ukrainian government in Kiev, because here that ethnic minorities are rising up, they want their own independence, and they have Working People strike. That’s when it’s dangerous for the establishment. Just like in the United States, when the truckers’ convoy or Canada when the truckers convoy took place, because Working People were rising up, and that’s when the elites get concerned.

So that’s what happened in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. And as this article says, and this is where the central point is, it says. “It’s hard to arouse the miners, but when you do, there will be trouble,” said Artyom, a former miner, who was guarding the administration building on Friday night. “If the miners all rise up, it will be an economic, physical, and moral blow. It will be hard for everyone.” So, the point that this miner was saying is that, hey, look, if the government in Kiev and Ukraine doesn’t want to give us our autonomy, and Working People get involved, the government in Kiev has a serious problem.

And again, one of the goals of the ethnic minority in Ukraine was, hey, look, we’re we just want our own autonomous region no different than the United States. We were federalism. We have different states. So, within Ukraine, they wanted their own state, they didn’t want to – the rational thing that many people are willing to listen to is we still want to be part of Ukraine, but we want to have our own autonomy. So, this was all going on. And the U.S. government is essentially supporting ultra-nationalism.

So, what you see here is this is very, very important. And this is why the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk region in the Donbas region were so upset with what the United States did.

The reason they were upset, and I want to read this quote, it says, “We need to fight for our rights and to protect the Donbas from Bandera supporters. I don’t like the Kiev regime,” this was what one of the miners were saying, referring to Stepan Bandera, a second world war nationalist leader who was commemorated with dozens of monuments in western Ukraine but widely reviled as a Nazi collaborator in the east. Many protesters see the new Kiev government as dominated by nationalists from Western Ukraine, which was a largely agrarian economy.”

So, to the people of that Donbas region, Obama had supported, essentially a Nazi sympathizer. And it’s quite incredible again, the U.S. media never talks about this. So, this was really the impetus for the ethnic minority, they’re rising up.

Now remember, they border Russia, and obviously, Russia saw this potential as an opportunity to support them, but Putin has said that, you know, he was supporting the people there because he didn’t want to see another ethnic cleansing take place. But Russia, you have to understand, did not ever annex them, right, did not ever fully go all out, they were always hopeful that the group there would figure out their relationship with what was going on.

Minsk Agreement

Alright, so that’s a background. And I’ll come back to something you’re going to learn also what the Minsk Agreement is, and what was going on there. So that’s the background.

Now one of the articles I recommend everyone to read, I mean, even though I don’t recommend The Nation, but there’s a wonderful analysis by Anatol Lieven in The Nation, and you can look it up. It’s called “Ukraine, the Most Dangerous Problem in the World.” And I’d read this, about a year ago, it was written in November of last year, sorry, November 2021.

And it’s a very, very good analysis. It’s not a perfect analysis, but it gives you a perspective, and I’m going to share some of this with you, what was going on in Ukraine. And Anatol actually says that this is an explosive problem for the world, but it’s also very, very easy to solve. And the United States purposely, he says, and Britain is really not addressing it. It’s almost like they want a war to take place.

Analysis Highlights

But let me share with you some of the highlights of this analysis. What this analysis basically says is, look Since the Ukrainian revolution and the Donbas rebellion of 2014, – Donbas which I just shared with you, many of the Ukrainian governments have vowed to recover Donbas. So, the nationalists in Kiev want to take back Donbas by force. And despite there being a ceasefire, so there is a war being waged there.

In fact, Obama, Trump, and Biden all provided weapons to the Ukrainian forces and the separatists were losing but there was a ceasefire called the 2015. That’s what he’s referring to, despite a ceasefire in 2015 that suspended full scale war, probing attacks and retaliation by both sides have led to repeated clashes as in March and April of this year, which was in 2021.

And successive U.S. administrations have expressed strong support for the Ukrainian side and future NATO membership. So far, blocked by Germany and France, though they have stopped short of promising to defend Ukraine.

United States and Britain have wanted Ukraine to join NATO to Squeeze Russia

Let me now bring the essence of this that’s going to get to the core of this. Both the United States and Britain have wanted Ukraine to join NATO. Let me tell you how incendiary this is. This would be like China wanting Mexico or Canada to join the Chinese Union. But the United States and Britain have wanted to squeeze Russia further by telling them that they by incentivizing NATO to join, to join NATO sorry, Ukraine to join NATO.

Just let that sit in your mind what that means. So, in your own backyard, which is a way Putin, and the Russian people would say that they want Ukraine to now become a part of NATO, which is essentially saying you’re going to become part of British and the force of British and U.S. imperialism, not the not the forces of the Working People, the United States of Britain.

So, this has been the real move. The events in Ukraine have been quite interesting because there was an agreement called Minsk 2 that Anatol discusses in this article, and Minsk 2 has always been on the table. The Minsk 2 Agreement basically said, hey, look, let’s have a situation where, Ukraine, we demilitarize. We give autonomy to the people of Donbas, in the region in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, we give people autonomy.

We tell them that they select to be part of Ukraine, but we demilitarize and there’s no reason escalate this war. And the United States could easily have, because United States gives close to a quarter of a billion dollars for Ukraine. Use that leverage to tell Ukraine to settle this through the Minsk 2 agreement.

Instead, the U.S. really didn’t do anything. It’s almost they wanted the system to escalate. And what Anatol Lieven brings up in this article is that the clash, you know, US – Russian clash in Ukraine could be very, very catastrophic, it could lead to nuclear war. But instead of moving on it, none of these administrations in the U.S. did anything. In fact, it almost seems like they wanted this to be prolonged.

So, Minsk 2 has been on the table for a long time. In fact, the United States, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said there’s a consensus here in the international community remains that Minsk 2’s implementation is the only way to end this deadly conflict. So, there was already a framework to stop war, and the United States really did pursue it. It’s like almost they want more.

And so successive Ukraine governments, with support from the United States have insisted that Ukraine take full control of the Donbas. So instead of trying to give the ethnic minorities, their autonomy, maybe a federalism like we have in the United States where you have California, and you have Florida, you have different states, to give them that, they have been supporting Ukraine, which wants to really piss off the people in the Donbas region even more. And, in fact, they incentivize Ukraine not to really significantly do anything.

So again, let me just emphasize during 1991 through 2014, there was a relative peace in that area, until the United States, under Obama’s leadership supported this ultra-nationalism. So just keep that in mind. There was fundamentally a recognition to the people in Donbas, the Donbas region, the eastern part of Ukraine, that the Ukrainian government had no interest in giving them the rights of self-determination.

In fact, if the United States imperialist like Obama, so are into self-determination, the UN basically says, if a country is different language wise, and they feel like they’re different, they should have the right to secede or right to have their own nationalism. So, Obama really didn’t support this.

The Constitutional Solution versus NATO Control

So, what is possible here is there is a peaceful solution, which is you basically give those people and autonomy. You do what the United States supports of federalism, we have Massachusetts, and we have California, and we have all these different states. And that’s one thing that’s on the table, which is give essentially a Constitution for the Donbas Autonomous Republic. And that would mean that region in eastern Ukraine, let me go back to that so everyone understands what I’m talking about.

If you’re joining this, in this region over here, we go back here, this region would become like a state of Ukraine. No different, let’s say, like Massachusetts. And if this, if Ukraine’s l Donbas like the United States, you would make this a Federalist state, Federalist country, and the Donbas would have some autonomy, they could have their own Constitution, etc. However, the United States does not want this, neither does Britain because that region – because they would get people in their own Senate, they would get people in their own Legislature, and may vote against becoming part of NATO.

Why Western Imperialism wants to Control Ukraine to Become Part of NATO

I hope everything is becoming clearer now. Western imperialism, global imperialism wants to control Ukraine to become part of NATO and you’re going to realize why. And if they gave autonomy to the Donbas region of these ethnic minorities, those people wouldn’t they have seats in their Ukrainian Congress or house to represent they may vote against being part of NATO.

So, the successive U.S. governments, which basically do not serve the American people, the Working People of this country, they have wanted to have Ukraine join NATO, because this would be able to help them suffocate Russia more. So, they don’t want to give these ethnic minorities their own area, in the midst of everything.

The U.S. elites talk about, we’re against racism, where we want diversity, etc. So, I hope this is clear. Let me see how people are doing on the comments. So, everyone understands. Is that does that make sense? So, I think people are getting it. So now, let me step back and look at this geographically.

The Atlantic Council is a Think Tank Arm of the British Elite who authored the Censorship Infrastructure Exposed in Dr. SHIVA’s Win Back Freedom Lawsuit

One of the important things, there’s an organization called The Atlantic Council, if you remember, when we exposed the Censorship Infrastructure, we talked about the Atlantic Council, which is a really a think tank and arm of the British elite. And the Atlantic Council is the one that put together the framework to make sure that governments of the world could have an unholy alliance with Big Tech, and our lawsuit exposed that. So, the United States government can use Big Tech to silence Americans, the British government can use Big Tech to silence British citizens and so on.

And it was the Atlantic Council, which was the architect of that unholy alliance. Well, the Atlantic Council is the one that is advising the Elites. Remember, these people understand System Science. Why they should really screw over Russia good. Let me show you the reality of this. So, you understand the geography. It’s really, really important to understand geography. Let me share with you the screen here that’ll show you sort of walk you through a quick map here.

Importance of Knowing your Geography

Here is the map of the world, or the region in question. So, let’s walk through this, I’m going to zoom in on this. So, here’s, as you can see, here’s Russia up here, as we talked about Kazakhstan, and Mongolia to the south. But over here in the east, right here is Ukraine.

Let’s zoom in on this, and you’ll understand what’s going on. So, as we zoom in on this, you see Ukraine, and the south of Ukraine is a Black Sea right here. And let’s zoom in a little bit closer on this.

As you go into the Black Sea region, so if you’re Russia, up here, let’s go back here, how remember Russia, in some sense, if they want to get goods and supplies, Russia is up here, to you know, to India or down here, you know, it’s a long haul for them to do that, they can go around this way, or they can go up through the Baltic, but Russia has always had access, one of the areas is through the Black Sea.

So, here’s Russia over here. If you let me just go back up a bit here. So, Russia can have ports in the Crimea, which is Crimea, is central to Russia strategy, of its own existence. And then through the Black Sea, here’s Crimea. They can take supplies and goods, watch this very carefully. If you remember European history, this is called the Straits of Bosporus right here.

Strategic Importance of Crimea for Russia

It’s a very, very strategic importance right here, through this is where Russia takes goods from Russia, through Crimea, out to the rest of through the Sea of Marmara, right up through, you know, out here to the Mediterranean, etc. Otherwise, Russia has a strategic disadvantage. So, the Straits of Bosphorus are central to Russia, and so is the Black Sea. Alright, so I hope that makes sense.

So, this is why Crimea is critical for Russia. And this is why, if you look at the Donetsk, right here, and Luhansk, up here, these regions are also important because this is how Russia can get its goods out of Russia to the rest of the world. And to give you the importance of this over many, many, many, many centuries for Russia, or, you know, at least for the last 100 years.

Let me go back to my PowerPoint. Now, this is an article that came out in one of the think tanks saying Black Sea should be a U.S. and NATO priority. And let me tell you why.

Now, why would suddenly NATO want to make this such a priority knowing that it’s the lifeline for Russia? Look what this article says.

It says, “Russia’s Black Sea ports as a country’s only warm water ports have always served its economic interests. For example, on the eve of World War I, (which is about 100 years ago), 50% of all Russian exports and 90% of Russia’s agricultural exports pass through the Bosphorus, (which is that straight I showed you out of the Black Sea.) Today, every 15 minutes, an oil tanker makes the same trip carrying Russian or Kazakh oil. The latter, of course, transits Russia, so Moscow receives transit fees. Russia also uses its Black Sea bases, many of which are located on the occupied Crimean Peninsula, to stage military operations further afield, such as Syria.”

And if I go here, let me bring you this article. I just want to stop this and show you the recent article that came out recent analysis that came out by the Atlantic Council. Now the Atlantic Council is the imperialist’s real Think Tank. And if you look at it, look what they wrote just in a few days ago, they said NATO must seize the current strategic opportunity in the Black Sea. And this article really talks about why the Western powers need to really go screw with Russia, and to essentially occupy the Black Sea.

But this is out of this fascist organization called The Atlantic Council, which in my view is an enemy of all Working People. The Atlantic Council is the one that created the Censorship Infrastructure. They’re the ones who are behind. In fact, the Belfer School’s document on how government in the United States should suppress and silence speech on the internet to anyone who even questions election fraud in the United States. That’s the Atlantic Council.

So, the Atlantic Council is really the masterminds of the Systems Approach to really choking Russia. Now, again, we’re not here supporting one thug over another. But it’s clear that you’re going into Russia’s area, and you’re going and screwing around with them. While the British and U.S. elites claim that they stand for minorities and self-determination, etc.

Characterize Russia as an Enemy to Achieve the Goal to Control Ukraine

So, the net of this entire puzzle, when you put it together, is that the U.S. media, and the end, particularly British and U.S. imperialism, want to characterize Russia as an enemy, when the real goal is to bring Ukraine under the fold of U.S. and Western imperialism, and to really surround Russia from all sides. And obviously, if you’re a Russian nationalist, you’re not going to support that.

And so, the people of Donbas, the Donetsk and Luhansk region, who are in fact, a different group, are not given any autonomy. So, the U.S. could easily still now exercise a version of the Minsk Agreement and say okay to Ukraine, because we give, the U.S., Americans give so much, nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to Ukraine, they could say, okay, Ukraine, stop it timeout, give these people in the Donbas region, make them a state, give them autonomy, give them their own region, they can still be part of Ukraine. And we can resolve this, it’s, it’s totally on.

And then at the same time, they can use that as leverage to go to Russia and the UN to say, hey, look, Russia, you can’t go militarizing the region. But instead of doing that, they want to actually start a war. Because the U.S. and the British imperialism model is a one or zero. We want Ukraine to be a part of NATO to choke Russia, or we want nothing. And that’s where we’re at.

Imperialism Divide and Rule Tactics to Keep Power, Profit, & Control

So, the reality is, I hope this gives you an insight of what’s actually going on. And here, and I want to share a couple more things with you. But before I go to that, I want to encourage all of you to recognize that the elite, the elite and the imperialists, the globalist always want to make the world be left and right, pro or anti. So now they’re teeing it up to be pro-Putin, anti-Putin, pro-Russia, anti-Russia, pro-Ukraine, and in fact, the media organization in the United States have already started putting out fake news saying, if Russia invades Ukraine, it’s going to increase inflation. So, Russia is to blame for increased gas fuel costs. That’s what they’re getting ready to do.

We need to wake up and realize that the Working People of the United States, the Working People of Britain, the Working People of Ukraine, and Russia have nothing to gain from this War, nothing. It’s basically thugs in the world’s environment, wanting to get pieces of the world, and they want to bring Working People to support it. That’s why we put Workers Unite.

And we should not be part of this. And by the way, workers unite is not a slogan that’s owned by Karl Marx. It’s a slogan of the American working class, the world working class movement that existed long before Karl Marx existed. So, we say Working People Unite.

Truth Freedom Health®

Before I come back, there’s a couple of important other things I want to share. I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of the Institute we’ve set up at Truth Freedom Health®. I want you to take that, but I have a couple of important points to share. But before I do that, I want to share with all of you the features video on what we have put together. We’re going to head into war. We’re going to have these bogus pandemics if all of you don’t learn the approach – the Science of Systems. So let me play this video and I’ll be back shortly


Join Truth Freedom Health® Open House every Thursday 8pm EST

Alright, everyone, so what I want to wrap up with is the following. First of all, right now I’m a little bit late, so I’ve got to wrap this up in three minutes. But every Thursday evening at 8pm EST, I do an Open House, and everyone’s invited, so we can have a one-on-one conversation. And John just reminded me, let me put this up. I’m going to put the URL up if anyone wants to join today. I’m going to put it right here.

It’s And I’m just going to post it here also, if you guys are interested, but I want to encourage everyone to join us there. That’s at 8pm. Today, that’s at 8pm. Today, we have an Open House, and you can interact, and you can learn more. But our goal is to train lots and lots of people in the Science of Systems. So, you guys can do this analysis.

And our goal is to have 10s of 1000s of people all over the world, who really can break Beyond Left & Right, break Beyond Black & White, and really understand how we get to Truth Freedom Health. So, you can join us at 8pm tonight. You can sign up and it’s all free. There’s no cost, nothing. So please join us.


But in closing, what I want to emphasize to everyone is the following, that when you look at the analysis I just shared, follow the money, follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.

And what you will see is that ultimately, the Elites in power are about power, profit and control. So that’s what guides them. They have their Intellectuals and Institutions like MIT, Harvard, etc., who know the Science of Systems. And they’ve mapped all this out, mapping it out means how they’re going to go execute actions, to essentially achieve their gains.

At the same time, they have a media strategy, the media strategy is linked to the propaganda, how they want to manipulate all of us to join. To join them to support their wars. Go back to look at World War l. And Britain is the master of divide and rule, the British Empire which still controls the world. And now they work with global imperialism.

Key Takeaway

In Russia, the key thing, the key takeaway is this, that the global imperialists always want total monopoly, they don’t even support market forces, they want to be the number one ruler. NATO is a vehicle they use for that. And they never want Russia to have any type of autonomy in their own region. And definitely in Ukraine, they don’t even want the ethnic minorities to have any type of autonomy.

While they talk about, they’re against racism, they’re against ultra-nationalism and all this, they actually use the forces of fascism, they use the forces of ultra-nationalism, to suppress other people. As I talked about, in my earlier video on Afghanistan, the United States and British imperialists have always been supporting fundamentalism, and fascism, and crazy people, and dictators.

What they did in Afghanistan was to reinstall the Taliban, because they found $3 trillion worth of minerals there. And, and they suppressed the Bottoms-Up Movement of the Afghan people, democratic movements, they purposely left all that weaponry there. So, the Taliban could suppress the people of Afghanistan. And that’s the policy.

So, in Ukraine, the goal was to support Zelensky, to bring Ukraine to heel so they could become part of NATO. And that’s becoming problematic for them, because they may have not properly called this, and they may have escalated us into a serious war. We’ll see what happens.

But anyway, I hope this analysis helps all of you. I hope all of you watch this video again, study this from a geographical standpoint, I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. It’s a way that you can support yourself and you can support this growing movement we’re creating to go Beyond Left & Right to build truly a Bottoms-Up Movement.

Anyway, I hope this is valuable, and I look forward to the next video we’ll be doing shortly. And all of you again, join us at the Open House tonight at 8pm. Thank you everyone, be well.

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