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For the past 70 years, the Elites have been escalating their War against working people.  Prior to January of 2020, before the Elites unleashed their “pandemic,” there were tens of millions of working people across the globe taking to the streets to fight corruption, and attack on worker’s rights.  Those movements were explosively growing… and, then the – the pandemic.  Those events paralleled what occurred a century ago in the 1920s when the Spanish Flu epidemic appeared just as Worker’s across the globe were rising up in the United States, India, Russia, Europe and across the globe.  

Have the Elites learned to unleash “pandemics” when they see Working People taking to the Streets?


It was THIS movement – Truth Freedom Health® – which immediately called out the global Elites in January of 2020.  It was THIS movement that then exposed the Obvious Establishment of Fauci, Gates, Clinton’s, Big Pharma, Big Academia, that had unleashed this “pandemic.” It was THIS movement that provided the analysis that this was not just a “pandemic,” but an attack to subjugate working people.  It was THIS movement that also exposed the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment of Kennedy, Trump, Bernie’s, AOC’s, who all were part of the fake opposition that for years had been enabling the Elites to suffocate the advancement of Working People by constantly corralling and misleading them back into the arms of the Establishment.

The movement for Truth Freedom Health® has consistently educated working people that the Mandates, Censorship, Election Fraud are the Final Stages of Total Slavery & Consolidation of Power Profit Control by the 0.001%. Over the past 16 months, the Elites – Billionaires – Have Profited from the “Pandemic,” doubling their wealth, while Small Businesses and Working People have been obliterated and enslaved.


On January 14, 2022, it was THIS movement, in response to scumbag Trudeau’s mandating truckers in the United States must get vaccinated prior to crossing the Canadian border to deliver goods to Alaska, that did a video and called for the Canadian Truckers to join in solidarity with their fellow U.S. Truckers! 

The movement for Truth Freedom Health® was ecstatic when it heard of the Truckers of Canada unleashed their Convoy shortly thereafter.  Starting in mid-January, the Truckers organized convoys, galvanized others across Canada to support their efforts, and surrounded Parliament in Ottawa, and also became present at the US- Canadian border.

There were MANY political trends in the Truckers Convoy, from nationalists to anti-vaxxers to libertarians, and more.   However, for the past decade Truckers in Canada have been economically devastated, long before the vaccine mandate. The attack on their wages has been brutal.  Large trucking companies have collaborated with Trudeau to choke the small family truckers through regulations that only the large trucking companies can afford.  The effort of this collusion between Big Trucking Companies and Government has been to destroy the small trucking families and force them to join Big Trucking which can further exploit the independent Trucker.

The Vaccine Mandates are part of that collusion of Big Trucking and the Government to bring the Truckers to heel, and a part of long history of Regulations being imposed to destroy the independent Truckers.


We are in this situation in history because of collusion by the OBVIOUS Establishment of Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Tech such as Fox, CNN, Pfizer, Fauci, Google, Facebook, etc. & The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, Left & Right – “Liberal” & “Conservative” – Who Never Say or Do the Right Thing at the Right Time. This includes the likes of: Trump, Opportunist Politicians, Talk Show Hosts (Joe Rogan), Kennedy’s, Bernie, Hollywood, Gandhi’s, AOC’s, Etc.


Let us remember this CENTRAL PRINCIPLE: Our Oppressor HAS NO SKILLS!  They survive by the illusion of power.  Their only skill is to Divide and Rule us.  Even at THAT, they delegate.  That is HOW they Survive. We applaud the actions of Independent Truckers to take a stand.  To escalate the Movement for #TruthFreedomHealth, we must follow a plan.  The next steps for such a plan are outlined on Page 4. 

Working people – truckers, plumbers, electricians, small businesses, engineers, nurses, doctors, etc. – should provide their services ONLY to those that stand for Truth Freedom Health®.   Remember, you DO NOT have to serve Your Oppressor!  Stop delivering, serving, and enabling Your Master to profit off your skills & services.  

YOU DO HAVE THE CHOICE.  CHOOSE WHO YOU WISH TO SERVE!  Non-Compliance – Simply Not Serving Your Oppressor – Will Make It Harder for the Establishment to Stop and Destroy a Movement. 

The Government waged a war of attrition against the Truckers.  They used the negative 20 to negative 40 temperatures, cut them off from fuel, resources, and funds.  What the Government wanted was for the entire memory of this Bottom’s Up movement to be erased from people’s minds.

But there is one thing we must remember:  the Elites do not want you to know the Truckers WON, by the very fact they mobilized Bottom’s Up. The Establishment never expected this.  

NOW, we must escalate the Movement with a Systems Approach.


HISTORY teaches us the Principle of Decentralization.  It IS A Risk to be centralized in one location and at mercy of Establishment’s resources.  The Truckers Convoy strategy of having stayed in ONE LOCATION had weaknesses. The Establishment cut their fuel, cut their funds, and unleashed the police.

The Truckers were a CENTRALIZED Target!  The study of history and the Science of Systems teaches us the Principle of DECENTRALIZATION, which offers the path to victory. It’s time to apply that Principle.

What Can the Establishment Do if You – a Worker – be it a Plumber, Nurse, Engineer, Electrician, etc. simply Choose Who YouWill Serve, and Who You Will Not Serve?

Answer: The Establishment Can Do NOTHING! 

That is Power.  That is How We Break the Back of Our Oppressor.




The Movement for #TruthFreedomHealth Call to Action is Simple:

Beyond Left & Right

Beyond Black & White


For Truth Freedom Health


It’s time we seize the occasion of the current historic events to now do the Right Thing at the Right Time.  Here are those Next Steps:

STEP 1:  Realize Truckers in Canada – Working People – WON the first day they organized Bottom’s Up and said, “to Hell with Politicians.”

STEP 2:  Take Time to Regroup and Strategize on how to escalate the Movement without being under the mercy of the Establishment.

STEP 3:  Recognize Non-Compliance and Decentralization are Key Principles to a winning strategy that history has shown time and again.

STEP 4:  Consider that ALL Working People – Including Truckers – should escalate and advance the Movement by ACTIVELY CHOOSING WHO YOU SERVE – e.g., WHO YOU DELIVER GOODS TO.

STEP 5: Do NOT SERVE YOUR OPPRESSOR should be the guiding principle.  For example, support the local supply chain not the big corporations’ supply chains.

STEP 6:  Expand the Movement to All Working People – Beyond Just Truckers – Be it Nurses, Electricians, etc.  By practicing the policy of Non-Compliance and choosing to Serve ONLY Those Who Stand for Truth Freedom Health.

Step 7:  Study The Foundations of Systems to understand the science of HOW WE WIN Truth Freedom Health (

Step 8: EVERYONE MUST SUPPORT WORKING PEOPLE by getting on the ground, meeting others in your local community to educate Working People on who is the Real Enemy and why “Workers Unite!” IS the Path Forward.

Step 9:  Build community with fellow Truth Freedom Health Warrior-Scholars locally and globally by using the private social media platform at

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