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Dr.SHIVA and the #TruthFreedomHealth movement has been urging truckers and working people in Canada to unite. In this discussion, #TruthFreedomHealth Warrior-Scholars join us LIVE from Canada, including from the convoy.

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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – facilitates coverage with Truth Freedom Health Warriors on what is happening on the ground with the Truckers Convoy in Canada. 
  • On January 14th, 2022, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai and the Truth Freedom Health Movement called for Canadian and American Truckers to Strike in resistance to the Canadian Government’s Trucker Vaccine Mandates.
  • The Canadian Government’s mandates risked choking off supplies to Alaska, jeopardizing the food security of Alaskan working people.
  • Canadian Truckers began organizing Protest Convoys from all over Canada converging on the capital city of Ottawa.
  • Truth Freedom Health Warriors in Canada are on the ground supporting the resistance efforts of Canadian Truckers.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Alright everyone, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We’re going to be reporting live, many of you have been asking, I’ve been getting tons of emails, “Hey, Dr.SHIVA, what’s going on in Canada with the truckers out there?” As many of you know, almost three weeks ago, we did one of the first Lives talking about what was going on in Alaska, and essentially urging the truckers in Canada to unite. And get together and basically ensured that the government of Canada wasn’t going to be repressive. And what’s been amazing is there’s been a Bottoms-Up Movement, as we can see, that’s happening.

The most important thing that we also want to report is, John, bring everyone on, our movement has been extremely active on the ground. These are just some of the few of our Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholars on the ground in Canada. I’m just gonna, for those of you who probably didn’t study geography class too well, I just want to show you the geography of Canada.

So if you see here, this is Canada. For those people who are in the United States, obviously, up here is Alaska. Down here is the United States, the continental, but we have Jayson Chabot over here, one of our Truth Freedom and Health leader warriors out in Vancouver, which is British Columbia. We have Marica over here in Calgary in Alberta. We have Dezirae who’s literally in the trucker’s convoy, you can hear those noises of the trucks in Saskatchewan.

And she’s traveled on the convoy all the way to Ottawa to support them. And then we have Tony Ashdown in Ontario. And we have two other people in Ontario. They’re having a little bit of trouble connecting, but we’ll be giving more reports live. But let’s just go to our team here live. We’ll start with Jayson and we’ll sort of jump around. Jayson, you’re out in Vancouver. Why don’t you tell us what’s going on there, what you’ve seen on the ground and what they’re planning in Vancouver? Go ahead. Jayson.

Jayson: Thanks very much for having us all here, Dr.SHIVA. Here in Vancouver, obviously, we had to have many of our trucks leave earlier in the week. But that doesn’t stop us from supporting them this Saturday actually, at a truck stop on Lickman Road. It’s again Lickman Road in Chilliwack.

Again, more geography for people in the rest of the world, but Lickman Road Truck Stop in Chilliwack. There is actually going to be a big rally in support for the truckers as they obviously arrive in Ottawa this weekend. So, that’s what’s happening here on the West Coast. And obviously when it comes down to everybody else on the East Coast, I’m sure we’re all watching on our computers.

Dr.SHIVA: And how many people did you see there on the ground, Jayson?

Jayson: Yeah, that basically the news reports don’t want to report on this, and that’s the same thing, but what you can totally see is what you’re seeing probably around the country as well, which is overpasses lined with people and flags, and just people celebrating the fact that finally finally someone’s got the ability to express their emotion, and their feeling that I’m sure people have just been waiting to express.

So, it’s just a matter of having that focal point. So that’s what we’re experiencing here is overpasses, and flag waving, and like I said, this rally coming up this weekend on Saturday. If you’re in the BC lower mainland area, the Lickman Road Truck Stop in Chilliwack is going to be a focal point for a huge support.

Dr.SHIVA: So anyone in British Columbia, if you go to Lickman Road that’s this Saturday, right?

Jayson: That’s right, yeah, the support. There’ll be a Vancouver and lower mainland Truck Support Convoy. That’s what we’re planning to do on Saturday. Lickman Road Truck Stop in Chilliwack.

Dr.SHIVA: Let’s go over to Dezirae. Dezirae we’re gonna just do a quick snapshot because Dezirae has been on, she’s part of our Truth Freedom Health warrior team. Dezirae maybe you can just tell a little bit of people what you’ve been sharing, I’ve noticed a bunch of the banners you had on Truth Freedom and Health, but you’ve been out there. Why don’t you just give where you’re from Saskatchewan and what you’ve been doing traveling down?

Dezirae: Yeah, I am from Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatchewan. We followed the convoy. We arrived kind of late. We were kind of chasing them, which was no fun because I only caught the tail end of the convoy in Regina. And like, I am overwhelmed with how many people were out. Like I caught the tail end, I was driving and I’m like, I can’t be in the convoy, I have to watch this. And like in Regina, they had fireworks, like the amount of people that were lined up on the sides, and they’re just like, so excited. Like, it’s insane.

And like, we’ve driven since Tuesday afternoon, with rest stops and I have a friend that’s traveling as well. And there’s so much support. So for me, my message is like, nobody’s alone. You’re not alone. That’s absolutely a big deal. You’re not alone in this. There’s so many people.

There’s somebody that was out with her six months bundled up in sleeping bags in like minus 32 degree weather, Celsius. So it’s just the support is overwhelming. The Hutterite colonies, they were to give us food and the Winnipeg Police, they said “oh, no, no, it’s not safe to park everybody here, it’s too congested.”

So, the wonderful people followed the convoy for another two hours to where the place was safe, so that they could give everybody food. And there was so much food, it’s Oh, it’s ridiculous. I was eating some of the food for breakfast this morning. So we’re now in Hearst, I’m at the truck stop. We did go through a snowstorm, or there was a snowstorm on another road. So we had to take a different one. So change of plans.

Dr.SHIVA: Where are you right now? You’re in Ottawa, right? Right here?

Dezirae: No, not quite in Ottawa yet. We are in Hearst, Ontario right now. Which is, we’re gonna go to the meetup spot. I don’t know if I should give that out. We’re gonna go about 150 kilometers from Ottawa tomorrow night. And then we’re all gonna convoy together. It’s the gathering point tomorrow night, and head into Ottawa. I think we’re supposed to be there around lunchtime on Saturday. And that’s why all across Canada, there are solidarity rallies, you know. There’s one I think in Regina, Saskatchewan at the Legislative Building on Saturday as well.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s great. So let’s, let’s go. We’ll come back to Dezirae on the convoy and it’s very exciting. Marica? Marica is one of our Truth Freedom and Health Warrior Leaders in Calgary. Marica, why don’t you just tell us what you saw? And what’s been going on? And then what’s going to be happening there? Go ahead Marica.

Marica: For sure, yeah, I have been involved with the movement for some time, and I have been watching how working people are waking up and realizing their true value. And so with the truckers when on January 15, Trudeau announced that truckers need to have vaccines to actually transport goods and services, you know, truckers decided that they had enough. And so they organized and decided to go to Ottawa. So I have been part of this, watching how it is actually built up, and exactly what we learned in your book. That this is how revolution starts.

So, I’m actually seeing that people of Canada are uniting. And these people that we depend on, and they are arteries, and veins of our society are actually realizing their true power. Working people are realizing their true power. So, this is exciting. I went on Monday morning to the truck stop there. There was going to be a sendoff and it was just so many, that they ended up leaving late, and this is my understanding that they’re leaving late anywhere. You know, he’s just running a little bit behind.

But nevertheless, trucks are ready, people are ready, a lot of kids on the streets with the signs. It’s just amazing how people are coming together and everybody felt the same. Yet somebody decided to do something about it. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Learning in the Truth Freedom Health Movement.

What else I would like to say, I have been also following and listening live from a woman that is organizing. And well actually who has a GoFundMe, and she’s just an ordinary person that decided to help truckers with a couple $1,000 for the fuel. So it has grown so big, and it’s not about much about funds and I’m not sure even if truckers have access to any of those, but determination, and desire for change is just bubbled up and it’s overflowing right now.

Dr.SHIVA: Marica one second, what I want to do is, if you notice I’m putting all these comments. Can you see these Dezirae?

Dezirae: I can. I love it!

Dr.SHIVA: So these are all over the world supporting what’s going on. There’s something– God bless you Dezirae. We have close to you know, about 700-800 people live listening from all over the world. About 700-800 people live, right now, okay, listening from all over the world. So this is really, really cool. So one of the things I want to do is, Dezirae, you spoke about something very important. And so did you Marica; is that this is about people getting on the ground.

And this is what we’ve been thinking that needs to happen. What’s also important to happen is when a Bottoms-Up Movement comes up like this, people also need to be ready for the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment which will attempt to hijack the movements.

Good news is in Canada, we have people who are trained now, right, who will defend these movements and make sure they go in the right direction. What I want John to do is, just a few days ago, right near, you know, up in Northern New York, up in Buffalo, New York, we had a young immigrant who got up and held up a Truth Freedom and Health sign to support the truckers there and here.

And John’s gonna play this video, it’s a very beautiful video because he’s never done this before. And to Dezirae’s point, there’s nothing like getting on the ground, and connecting with human beings. The establishment doesn’t want us to connect one on one. They want us to live in our own little holes beyond the internet, not build a movement, okay? So John, can you play that video for everyone? I want everyone to watch this video. I don’t know if you saw it everyone, but let’s play this video. Go ahead, John.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s one of our movement people who’s an immigrant who just came who still knows what freedom means because he came from a country there is very little freedom. So, Dezirae, why don’t you share with people because you’re in the convoy, how much the news media, and the establishment there has been trying to suppress the coverage, and how they’ve been trying to characterize it? Maybe you can share that with everyone.

Dezirae: Sure, a few days ago, there was a report that the truckers in BC, are protesting the icy conditions, in some bad road conditions, in Canada. I think the truckers in Canada know what the road conditions are like. And I think there’s a little bit more than that. I think somebody said that we only had like 12 trucks too? There is a variety of numbers out there. I’m not going to promise any specific numbers, just because I haven’t seen it yet.

Dr.SHIVA: But there’s more than 12 trucks right?

Dezirae: Oh, heck yeah. I videoed, like we caught the convoy this morning. And they came through, like I was videoing for 30-some minutes and people were coming through and I had to re-video again. And then I was like, okay, we’re catching the tail end. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. So, yeah, that’s not true. I don’t know if there’s 50,000 to 60,000 people from Canada here. That’s what some of the numbers are out there. I don’t know. We’ll see tomorrow and the next day.

Dezirae: A couple other things, like I was joking with my buddy that’s driving here as well that it’s a typical Canadian thing. We’re kind of deadlocked, and I rolled down the window, I was talking to people, and I’m like, “thanks for coming out!” And they’re like, “ thank you!” And I’m like, yeah, totally Canadian. “No, thank you”, back and forth, you know. So humanity is well and alive. This is just proof, right?

Dr.SHIVA: It’s awesome. So, Tony Ashdown, you’re in Ontario, right, Tony?

Tony: Well, yes, I’m in Ontario. I’m about an hour and a half south of Ottawa.

Dr.SHIVA: And why don’t you give us your observations, what you’ve seen there, Tony, on the ground?

Tony: Well, I haven’t really seen anything. We’re quite far south of the convoy itself. They took a northern route to Ottawa rather than the 401, which is the main thoroughfare from Windsor up to Montreal. But this is history in the making. I’ve heard that the convoy itself is 100 kilometers long, and in American terms, that would be 60 miles of nothing but tractor trailers in the convoy itself.

Our Prime Minister; Justin Trudeau, has decided that he was exposed to COVID, and is now isolating for five days. So he’s hiding, he’s hiding from this event. He’s also came out and said that the truckers themselves were misguided and misinformed and all of that nonsense. And he’s pretty well trying to avoid, or diminish the meaning of this convoy, which is absolutely huge, huge! One of the biggest protests the world has seen, right here in Canada, coming to a climax, I guess you could say, on Saturday in Ottawa.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s excellent, Tony. What’s interesting is I think many people know that Canadian people are very kind and loving people. And the fact that Canadian people are getting on the ground, and showing their displeasure. I don’t think the government really thought this was going to happen. They thought people would just roll over and be nice to them.

Dezirae: Dr.SHIVA, can I say something to that? The one thing that Trudeau is pushing that like people are, you know, we’re racists, we’re bad people.

Dr.SHIVA: I heard that, I saw that.

Dezirae: You know, like, I’m, like I said; with the food, with the visits, with the thank you’s. Like, the people in the convoy just want the mandates to end. We are not violent. I have not heard one bit of people wanting, you know, planning anything like that. So we just want the mandates, you know, done, and the passports–done. We want to get back to our lives, and we want to be able to, you know, say what we want to do with our own health, right?

Dr.SHIVA: So, you’re in your truck, and you’re at a truck stop right now, right?

Desirae: Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA: Is there any activity there? I know it’s really cold there.

Dezirae: Yeah, well, it’s only minus 20, probably with maybe minus 30 with wind chill, but I’m back out. Most of the trucks are, I think they’re moving on about another two hours yet tonight, so that we only have a few hours to go tomorrow. It’s slow traffic. But when we pulled in, we were talking earlier, it was nuts.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, it’s awesome! I think one of the things that, you know, when we, some people may know that our movement was sort of, typically we’ve been always ahead of the curve on this. If you remember, when we first talked about this, it was literally about, I think, three or four weeks ago, when we noticed that Trudeau had put forward a law which said that any US trucker going through Canada had to get vaccinated, right?

And we did a Live on that, we had a bunch of people calling in, and at that point, it was basically to choke off Alaska. And our movement said it’s really, really important that the Canadian Truckers unite with the American Truckers. And it’s basically the call of our movement has been working people unite.

And the fact that Marica, Jayson, Tony, Dezirae, I think we have about 2,000 Warriors up in Canada. They all need to support the truckers and all of you out there. But this is a very, very critical time that people recognize that the movement needs to be supported also with the right kind of food; not only physical food, but with the right political food. So people do not compromise in any way.

Right now the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, I’m sure Trudeau, we know that there’s the big unions, the big trucker unions out there, right, and the big, large trucking companies.

And we don’t want the trucking movement on the ground, Bottoms-Up Movement to get sold out to those top guys. And that’s going to be one of the, you know, one of the most important things we need to watch out for, not just Trudeau, but there’s going to be a lot of vultures circling this movement right now to try to compromise it. They’re gonna say, “see, all these truckers are there, why don’t you throw us a few bones?” And that’s what history shows.

You know, we want to make people aware of that, that this is an awesome opportunity to people to learn the lessons of history. Jayson, go ahead. There’s a bunch of people writing in Jayson, you can see the comments: Anne McAlonan says, “proud to be Canadian and history in the making!”, if you can see that right? “For freedom”, right? “Amazing how much evil , someone said, “is around. Nothing the tyrants do goes unseen by God.” Someone says, “Throw the bums out.” right? So it’s real. Go ahead, Jayson?

Jayson: I posted in the chat the route that will be taken on Saturday. It’s been liked a couple of times. So if people want to find the route they’ll be taking on Saturday. There’s also a picture too I can forward to you and you can post it if you like.

Dr.SHIVA: Why don’t you tell what the route is, Jayson. Yea, email it to me Jayson

Jayson: Yea, the route is going to be starting on January 29, starting at 10am, northwest corner parking lot of 290-91 A Street in Langley. And then the route’s gonna go from Langley to Chilliwack ending at the Lickman Road Truck Stop.

But just to comment on the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. Obviously one of the strategies that the Canadian Government had here was to get a whole bunch of people, these emergency wage subsidies. And so now people are being attacked based on whether or not they took the wage subsidy, and it seems to be a race to whoever is going to have some sort of moral ground.

Our Canadian Charter of Rights does recognize the supremacy of God and the Rule of Law. And the only comment I can say on that is that there is a lot of religious establishments that took that wage subsidy. And they’re throwing insults, and attacking the movement for again, not having a moral right.

And I think that in itself is the compromise right there, is that the government has got some form of a state run religion happening here. And I think if we can expose that, we’ll maintain a moral integrity to this convoy, because I know it was very popular for people to go through, the people have donated on the GoFundMe, and start calling out people who were taking funds from the government. Well, I’m positive if we were to look in the background of some of those people, we’d see they were taken funds as well. So we need to get rid of those types of critiques, and keep this on the up and up when it comes down to integrity. And I think we’re doing a good job of that.

Some of the places that were attacking this have been called out for actually being lobbyists for the Liberal Government. I know that came through with the Truckers Alliance there. That was one report that came out; they were not in favor of this, and they were recommending their vaccine to statistics. Well, that got debunked when they were exposed, as being lobbyists for the Liberal Government. So I’m glad that those types of things are done.

That tells me that we’re going to actually make a big dent in the conscience level of people’s mind making sure that they see that this is truly a right thing to do. And I think people have been looking for that more than anything. That’s been suppressed big time, especially with the government trying to take control of, say, the religious aspect of this.

Dr.SHIVA: That’s great, Jayson, thank you. I think what I want to do is I want to just wrap up, but I want to, we’ll be doing more reports: Dezirae, Marica, Tony, Jayson. We have many, many other Truth Freedom and Health Warriors out there. Two of them were trying to join us.

We did this very last minute. Marty, and Steven’s in Ottawa, right? And he’s going to be hosting Dezirae there, as I understand. To everyone listening out there, I think the most important thing everyone needs to understand is what’s going on in Canada should be occurring in every neighborhood every part of the world.

The bottom line is, is the elites have been using this quote/ unquote “pandemic”. It’s really not about vaccines. It’s really about slavery. And if you look at what’s going on with truckers right now, not only in Canada, and the United States, everywhere, their wages have been going down massively. You can just do some little bit of research.

And it’s a population where it’s typically the 40 to 60 year olds, and they know that they have been squeezing the small business owner truckers. 15%, only 15% of the truckers are from the large trucking companies, controlled by a lobbyist government. The 80% to 85% are small family owned business truckers; this is how they survive.

Dr.SHIVA: And part of this regulatory framework is to crush the Small Business Truckers and force them to join the big trucking companies which can be easily controlled. So this chess move that Trudeau, the United States, every government is trying to do, that was what the part of the pandemic was about. And Amazon was part of this. If you really think about it, Amazon was one of the only retailers with Walmart and Costco, which was allowed to be open. All the other small retailers were wiped out. So that gave massive, massive control to a few large retailers, and a few large trucking companies.

But the establishment in the next few weeks is going to try to blame the truckers. Call people racists, call people white supremacists, all this nonsense. And that’s why you’re going to have that attack by the establishment, and then we’re going to see the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment try to use the movement of the truckers to try to win some gains for themselves, to try to get some crumbs.

And the good news is our movement for Truth, Freedom and Health exists, we’ve trained our people to observe this, and people like Dezirae, Marica, Jayson, Tony, and others are not going to let people get away with this this time because our movement exists. We don’t need to sell out. So what Jayson said is right on the money.

So, that’s the next phase that we need to be aware of. Dezirae, do you have any last points because we have our other meeting coming up? You know, our Warrior meeting coming up that we do. And to everyone listening, today we have an Open House. John, maybe you can just put the Open House in the chat, if anyone wants to come at 8pm to learn more about the movement. John if you could toss the Open House link in the Chat. Go ahead Dezirae, we’ll sign off with you right at the truck stop there.

Dezirae: Yeah, I guess last words, you know, if you’re in Canada, come on out. Try to find me, or us. And, you know, like, I don’t know, just have faith in humanity is one thing that I’ve been learning. Definitely join Dr.SHIVA’s movement, there’s so much to learn. I’ve been working on the leadership course as well, and I don’t know it all, but I’m going to continue to learn as we go. And, you know, I want to say to everybody else out there, just to let you know that Dr.SHIVA’s movement is honestly the only thing that has probably kept me pretty sane. So I always feel empowered after every single meeting that I’ve been on. So be the light, right?

Dr.SHIVA: That’s great, Dezirae, and our movement is always open and we want to invite everyone to come tonight. We have an Open House, the link is right there, you can just sign up and join us.

But it is, it is everyday people, working people like Dezirae and everyone out there who gets on the ground that’s going to change the world. The world is not going to change by Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson or Neil Young or celebrities or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who speaks one thing, and says another. It’s not going to happen by Donald Trump.

It’s going to happen by the people that you’re seeing right here, and everyone here. And so it’s time that we watch what’s going on here and we start having dignity for our fellow workers, and we let go of these misleaders. Because the misleaders will always take a movement, and they’re opportunists.

So, Dezirae, you’re out there in negative 20 degrees weather. You’ve been a longtime resident of Canada, and you said what you’re seeing is historic. Marica is an entrepreneur, runs her own shop, right, and educates people on these principles. That’s how a movement gets built.

Dezirae, thank you very much for sharing what you’re doing. But it’s brilliant. Let’s move forward. John, thank you very much. We’re going to be at our Open House at 8pm. Everyone’s welcome. But everyone out there, watch what’s going on.

This is how a movement happens: Bottoms-Up. But we have to watch it and defend it and explosively grow it. Not one inch to the establishment. Not one compromise to the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, right? And we will be very critical. Some people say, “why are you bashing the Not-So-Obvious Establishment?” We will bash them because those are the people who always fuck up movements. And those working people, those truckers out there, putting their lives on the line. And those people are our comrades.

Our comrades are not Robert F. Kennedy. They’re not Donald Trump. They’re not celebrities. They’re not Neil Young. They’re not Joe Rogan. They’re opportunists. So, these are our heroes. Thank you Dezirae. Thank you Marica. Thank you, Jayson. And Steven and Marty, we’ll get you on next time. Thank you, everyone.

Marica, Dezirae, Tony, Jayson: Thank you, Dr.SHIVA. Bye Now

Dr.SHIVA: Bye Bye

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