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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA reveals why BOTH Neil Young and Joe Rogan are ignorant and use “science” when needed to either sell more albums and tickets or grow their viewership. Isn’t it time we rely on ourselves. #ToHellWithHollywood#WorkersUnite.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains why Neil Young and Joe Rogan are Both Opportunists that are entertainers.
  • Entertainers Neil Young and Joe Rogan both use their entertainment platforms to take contradictory positions on important scientific issues that end up misleading the public. Joe Rogan has hosted pro-Monsanto “Scientists” on his show while ignoring real scientists who talk about the real scientific issue of GMOs which is Substantial Equivalence.
  • Neil Young produced an album and promotional tour selling anti-Monsanto music, again ignoring the real issue, the scientific issue with GMOs which is Substantial Equivalence.
  • Joe Rogan has recently switched to a more skeptical position of the COVID vaccinations to pander to a more conservative audience, ignoring the real scientific issue of personalized and precision medicine. Joe Rogan has exclusively featured “scientists” on his show which themselves jumped on the COVID vaccine skepticism bandwagon, ignoring real scientists who called out the COVID fear scam immediately in 2020, such as Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai.
  • Neil Young promotes the fake vaccine “Science” of one-size-fits-all medicine, ignoring the modern science of personalized and precision medicine. Neil Young criticizes Joe Rogan on the fake issue of “vaccine misinformation” instead of the real issue that Joe Rogan himself is merely jumping on a bandwagon to get views.
  • Both Joe Rogan and Neil Young are entertainers pandering to their respective audiences, holding contradictory sets of Pro vs Anti positions, while ignoring the real scientific issues.
  • Only a Systems Approach informed by the scientific method allows us to break through the pro vs anti dialectic and identify the real problem and the real solution, be it on the vaccine issue or the GMO issue or any other issue. The public should never rely on entertainers or celebrities to outsource their opinions.

Hello everyone, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today we’re gonna have a discussion about the positions that entertainers get involved in when they frankly don’t know anything about science and most of what they do is opportunism. And this may be hard to swallow, especially for people who want to kiss ass to entertainers, and want to be Star fuckers. I hate to be so straight about this, but this is what’s really going on. Joe Rogan is an entertainer. Neil Young is an entertainer. You have to understand I have some intimate knowledge of these people.

In 2014, I was actually invited by Neil Young – and John will play the video shortly; to participate in the movement to label GMOs. Separately from that many of you know that I’ve been heavily involved long before the Grifters got involved going back 20-30 years in Biological Engineering. And in as early as 2019. I was the first one to talk about the need for Personalized and Precision medicine and to look Beyond Vax & Anti-Vax.

Entertainers & Celebrities Mislead Into The Dialectic

And in fact, when we talked about GMOs, we were about taking a Beyond, you know, Anti-GMO Beyond Pro-GMO position now. So let’s step back a little bit and recognise that Rogan is not a scientist. Neither is Neil Young, what are they? What are they, everyone? What is Joe Rogan? And what is Neil Young? They’re entertainers. Entertainers, at the level that they operate at, are dependent on you to buy their albums, buy tickets, and increase their value, and their value is a direct function of how many views that they get. Okay?

That’s what entertainers are. Their value, their balance sheet is a direct function of how many views that they get, how many tickets they set, and how many albums they get. If you watch most celebrities in Hollywood, they’re constantly tracking their fans and their views.

And if you have, once in a while, some celebrity, most of the, quote unquote, “celebrities” are very different from really, really, really well tuned artists who put in a lot of time, a big difference. But the celebrities and entertainers are very concerned about how many people are watching their views, and they literally have agents, and they have an entire infrastructure that is watching their views.

And if their views start tanking, then they got to do something to get eyeballs. All right? That’s the economics of this, as I always say; follow the money. Their economics is – they need to have views and you know what? They need to have views. If that means one day, they’re supporting, you know, PETA, and another day, they’re supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation, another day. They’re Pro-GMO, and then another day, they’re Anti-GMO another day, they’re Pro-Vax, and Anti-Vax. That’s what it’s about. And the Contradictions Among both of these individuals is, which I’ve some intimate knowledge about, is quite important to understand.

Rogan is basically a podcaster, who built his base by being very, very clever and taking opportunistic positions as needed. If you go look back at his old podcast, when he was talking about GMOs, he was praising Kevin Folta, who’s a, frankly, a paid off shill of Monsanto.

In fact, he got paid to do communications and you can go look at the video and we can go look at Reddit shortly and you’ll see that, you know, Rogen acts like he doesn’t know a lot and but then he says, you know, he’s convinced about the research done by Pro-Monsanto – scientific shill, Kevin Folta. F O L T A, you can look him up. At that time I was doing. We did a series of six research papers, and many people called Rogan and they said, “you should have Dr.Shiva on.” Right? He really had no need for science.

He brought the Pro-Monsanto shills on and he didn’t really bring any real scientists on. So he brought the, quote unquote, scientists at that point. At that point, he was Pro-GMO, or you know, there’s really no big deal. And frankly, Joe Rogan is very ignorant, because he did the exact same rhetoric on the Pro-GMO movement that confused the long history of natural processes of recombinant that takes place in nature with laboratory recombination that occurs in a petri dish. He took on the New York Times in the mainstream media position saying, well, “everything is genetically modified,” right? Because we breed things, etc.

Well that’s bullshit! Okay? There’s a big difference between what occurs in the lab, and what occurs in nature. And we’ll talk about that. So that was Pro-GMO Joe Rogan. And if you go look at Joe Rogan, he was very, very waffling. He didn’t say shit about the jabbine, in 2019, and 2020, but around 2021, after he became on Spotify, and if you go look at it, his ratings on Spotify were becoming flat in the summer of 2021.

And then he suddenly starts saying, Well, you know, he starts taking a potentially, quote unquote, “Anti-Vax” position, alright. And he had lost his number one position on Spotify, to a group of gamers. Who would become broadcasters, alright?

So that’s Rogan; quote unquote, “Pro-GMO”, quote unquote, Pro & “Anti-Vax.” Go to Neil Young. I’m the only guy among both of these guys who actually does research and actually has degrees, but they don’t want anyone who goes beyond the dialectic. You see, these guys are entertainers. They need to keep something Pro & Anti. And we’ll talk about this dynamic.

The Pro & Anti Narrative

Because whenever you have Pro & Anti, then you can cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching; make money. But the truth is never Pro & Anti that’s called dualism or the dialectic. Truth is not Pro or Anti. Gravity has nothing to do with whether you’re Pro-gravity or Anti-gravity. Gravity exists. Okay? When you talk about GMOs, the real issue is Substantial Equivalence. The real issue on the Jabbine – is the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time.

It has nothing to do with Pro or Anti-Vax. We’ll come to that. Neil Young; entertainer, your nice liberal white boy, okay, makes some good music. He got on the Anti-GMO, GMO labeling thing. And he called on me, in fact, his girlfriend or I think she says girlfriend, Daryl Hannah knew me and the research I’d done and they had me come up to Vermont. And they had me present my research at a press conference because there was a GMO labeling bill that Governor Shumlin had put forward, okay? And I was the main scientist brought in and John will play a piece of that shortly.

But now you have the same Neil Young who is against, you know, genetic engineering, etc. But he’s Pro-vaccine. So, you have to understand that none of these guys know any science. And that’s why it’s really funny to watch. People say, “Oh, Joe does a lot of good stuff!” Well, no, that’s not the issue. It’s like saying Madonna does a lot of good stuff, okay? Or it’s like saying, you know, the Beverly Hillbillies do a lot of good stuff, okay? These people are running shows.

And this is why we are in the situation we are in, is because we need to start recognising that people need to start having respect for real science. And taking what I call a Systems Approach; a Systems Approach goes Beyond Left & Right. And when you take a Systems Approach, you will not get caught in this dialectic. You won’t be following Donald Trump one day and then Robert Kennedy or Joe Rogan and then Neil Young, you will actually look at things as they are.

Seeing things as they are is the foundation of science, okay? And when we start seeing things as they are, we go Beyond Left & Right, we realize we need to build a Bottoms-Up movement. And that’s the scientific reality that emerges out of that if we want real change, if we want to be caught in the dialectic, okay?

Then go suck Joe, or go suck Neil Young, you know, if you want to listen to them to have fun and entertainment, great! But don’t look to these people for scientific content. Alright? Hey, John, do you have the video up there?

The Real Science

And let me give you the background on this. Many of you know my PhDs in a field called Biological Engineering. From the number one institution in the world on this, MIT. And I’ve studied at the genetic level, we do computational modeling, we created a technology called CytoSolve®, which allows us to model by molecular pathways. I was very, very new to the entire field of genetically modified foods, but when I looked at it, I took a Systems Approach.

There were Pro-GMO people on one side saying – and this was their argument, the Pro-GMO argument went like this. “Well, you know, genetic modification has been going on for 1000’s of years when the Incas, you know, played around with different rice and beans and they did hybrid, or the farmers did you know crossbreeding of animals, right?” They said, That’s genetic modification.

And therefore, when we’re going and manipulating one gene, that’s just a long history of genetic modification. Why are people so upset? That was Pro-GMO perspective, nothing to see here move along, the Anti-GMO perspective was, “well, you know, this is gonna kill us, this is gonna do this, you know, genetic engineering is Frankenfoods, etc.” Okay. So you have this Pro & Anti-perspective.

When I started delving into this, we had to look at the actual science and many of the people in the ,quote unquote, Anti-GMO movement did not even know this principle called Substantial Equivalence. And you may want to write it down; Substantial Equivalence. As we start digging into that, what do we find? We find out that in the 1970’s, a law was passed that basically used medical device law to start assessing the equivalence of genetically modified food. So the law, the guideline on Substantial Equivalence was really built for medical devices went like this.

Suppose you created a stethoscope. Well, a few years later, let’s say you created the same stethoscope, but you just change the color by way of example, from white to black. Well, before this policy of Substantial Equivalence was put into place just for that one little modification; white to black. You’d have to go through an entire regulatory approval framework by the FDA. The FDA also controls medical devices, okay?

And so here’s a very interesting person’s comment, who is a very ignorant person. I want to bring this quote up, who says, “Shiva doesn’t play well with others?” No, we don’t play with liars and fools, and people who manipulate you. So, Koan, if you want to do that and be stupid, you can go play with them. We’re not here to play with anyone, we’re here to build a movement.

Obviously, you don’t have that intention. If you want to go suck on all these other people because you want to think they’re better be it; Kennedy, Trump, go play with them. We’re not here to play with people. We’re here to build a movement. So this is a problem, we have a lot of very ignorant people who want to go play with people. We’re not here to play with people, sorry, for being so brutally straight with you.

But this is the problem, a lot of people jump into movements, and they really don’t know what they’re talking about. They need to go get training, they need to understand the Science of Systems, they need to look at history and take a working person’s approach to this. This is not about playing with people. We’re not here to play with anyone. Okay? Play times over.

When you really look at this, the reality is that when innovation was taking place in the medical device industry, the FDA came up, they wanted to, you know, if you simply change a white stethoscope to black, why should you have to go through all this further seven year review. They came up with a policy called Substantial Equivalence, what Substantial Equivalence said was that if you can denote certain criteria; you the manufacturer of the device, and you can say that device A is substantially closer to device B, then you can fast track your innovation.

Now, when genetically engineered foods came, what people decided was, what guidelines should we allow? What’s the framework we use to decide if this genetically engineered corn should be allowed into the market? So what they did was they went and dug up the Substantial Equivalence guideline for medical devices.

And what they told these genetically engineer companies was, “if you write down the criteria, and then you say, the corn that you genetically engineer is “substantially equivalent” to the natural wild type corn, then you can get it approved.” So the issue was, what are the criteria people decided on? They could say, “oh, the corn is six inches high, height of the corn, the color is green on the outside yellow in the middle, it has this much water content protein,” very high level parameters.

A Monsanto could say see, our corn or our soy is Substantially Equivalent. Does that make sense? So using the policy of Substantial Equivalence, people are able to get through. Now this concept, the Anti-GMO, or the Pro-GMO people really didn’t know a lot about. So we delved into it very deeply. And what we found was that in order to establish the Substantial Equivalence, what about if you use other criteria?

Like glutathione levels, formaldehyde levels. More importantly, you have your normal wild type corn. What happened when Monsanto did genetic engineering? How would it change this corn at the biochemical level?

So, using CytoSolve®, our technology, we modeled all the molecular pathways that are involved in what’s called C-1 metabolism. Again, I’ll walk you through this and using those pathways. We then said, what happens when Monsanto does genetic engineering?

Do any of the fundamental chemicals change in the corn? Well, we found out two chemicals change, one chemical is glutathione. In the genetically engineered corn, our technology predicted, CytoSolve®, that glutathione levels will be lower in the genetically engineered corn, glutathione levels. Glutathione is an antioxidant, it protects the corn long term.

And formaldehyde levels will be higher in the genetically engineered corn. So we came up with two criteria no one ever had considered, because if you had measured those criteria, the genetically engineered corn is not equivalent. And just to live, give you the amount of effort we put in this was a lot of research; that Joe Rogan never wanted to share with the public. But he did put Monsanto scientists on there, or the Pro-Monsanto scientists. He didn’t put the MIT PhD who had done a bunch of papers on this. And you have to really ask Joe, “why?”

Why? Because we will be getting to the heart of the issue, it would not be entertainment. So let me share that research with you. Because this was a lot of research we did. And we have to understand that the mainstream journals don’t even publish this even though with all the credentials I had, but we did get it published.

Let me share with you so you understand the level of depth of work that we did, that Joe Rogan never covered. And he had ample opportunity to do so, because a guy at that time it wasn’t in his interest to go talk about the truth of GMOs. Okay, you know, he’s a grifter. That’s what Joe Rogan is.

And if you want to be entertained by Grifters, great! Don’t follow us, don’t follow the Truth Freedom Health movement. But if you want to build a movement that is really based on science for people’s Truth Freedom Health, then get on board. But if you want to be a grifter, and be entertained and sit on your ass, and watch TV and be, you know, “oh, wow, Joe Rogan said this, oh, you know, Alex Jones,” or wherever you want to watch as entertainers.

That’s what those guys are, or Tucker Carlson. The difference here that you’re listening to, is that I was forced to bridge two worlds; the worlds of science and engineering, and the worlds of activism and media. Which is not common. Typically, you don’t find a scientist and engineer, also spending another 100% of their time trying to educate people, right? Most nerds are supposed to be part of the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex.

CytoSolve® – Real Solutions for Real Problems

Let me share with you before I play the video I did with Neil Young. So, when we go here. So what do you see here? These are papers that CytoSolve® was published in journals. First thing we did here again, this was back in 2015. And this was the first paper we published, which is called “The Discovery of the Key Molecular Pathways of C-1 Metabolism, and Formaldehyde Detoxification in Maize” – through a systematic review.

And, in fact, we weren’t able to find other scientists to work with us, we actually went and got three high school students, AP chemistry students, who are the best students, many of them went to the best schools to actually do this first analysis but we published the first paper really talking about the molecular pathways involved in C-1 metabolism, and I’ll come back to that what that is.

The next paper we published after that was “Modeled the Molecular Pathways of C-1 Metabolism” And you can see that here, I was a senior author on that. So we literally took these molecular pathways, and we mathematically modeled them. C-1 metabolism is a pathway involved in how plants metabolize carbon.

Then the next paper that we did again, you can see that was the second paper, we published a second paper where we literally modeled what happens when plants undergo drought. What do I mean by that? So what happens is when plants undergo drought conditions, the plants start using up their glutathione because they’re trying to protect themselves. So glutathione levels drop, formaldehyde levels go up, because in plant metabolism, formaldehyde is produced, the natural process.

But you have glutathione processes which detoxify the plant. Let me repeat that again in all plants, plants are producing formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen, but then they clean it up. But when a plant is under stress, such as drought, the glutathione levels will get used, but hopefully after, you know, a couple of weeks of drought, you know, it doesn’t stay there forever, then the glutathione levels go up. So that’s the second thing that we showed. And that was a second paper.

Third paper, I’m sorry, “Integrative Modeling of Oxidative Stress and C-1 Metabolites Reveals Upregulation of Formaldehyde and Downregulation of Glutathione.” And then we did another paper where we asked a question, “Do GMOs Accumulate Formaldehyde and Disrupt Molecular Systems Equilibria?” And let me show you this paper, this was the fourth in the series that we did. And in this paper, you can see here, this was a lot of work. I was a hermit, for probably about two years writing all these papers. But what you can see here is we modeled all the molecular pathways involved in Plant C-1 metabolism. And then this is the system.

So here’s a C-1 metabolism pathway. You can see plants create formaldehyde there, detoxed through the glutathione pathway. But when genetic engineering takes place, we found out something fascinating, it does the same thing as a plant being oxidative stress. And in that condition, you see the formaldehyde level, which is normal, right? We’ll start to go down, and you see glutathione levels go down and formaldehyde levels go up.

Formaldehyde levels increase and you have glutathione levels drop. So that’s what we showed in this path in this system. So what we had fundamentally shown was that during the state, when genetic engineering takes place, we had shown that glutathione levels will drop and formaldehyde levels will go up.

When that paper came out, that was like a bomb went off. And all of these people started attacking me, including this guy, Kevin Folta, who Joe Rogan had on and was praising him. Now, you would think that Joe Rogan would bring me on, he brought some schlock scientists on, okay? And he was praising Folta.

Because Joe Rogan is an entertainer. He doesn’t want to get involved in it, you know, he’s really not a fighter. Big tough guy! Okay? He waits until the wind is blowing in the right direction, then he jumps in, if it is profitable, for most entertaining for him. And this is what everyone needs to understand. And if you don’t want to understand this, please go to our institute, take the course and get straight, otherwise, you are just being a sheep.

So when that fourth paper came, the fifth paper came out, where we showed that glutathione levels drop, people said “oh, you got to prove this. You got to prove this in an actual plant show to us that this is truly the fact.” Guess what? That’s what we did.

Everyone knows that we’re building a movement for Truth, Freedom, and Health. Our Truth, Freedom, and Health movement is about you. We’ve created an institute to train people on systems theory, how to become an activist and how to get on the ground. Alright, that’s what it’s about. And you can go to, which is below.

But let me finish this up before I go there and play the video, with myself and Neil Young. So when this reality came out of people attacking us, we went and did more science. What we did was, we did greater research. And I want to take you to that. And this in this research.

What we showed was that the – “In-Silico Analysis done by CytoSolve and In-Vivo, (which means actual plants grown in greenhouses) Concurred that Glutathione Depletion takes place in GMO Resistant Soy, Advancing the System’s Approach” So let me share with you that again, this was published in 2016.

In the heat of all of this debate, where Joe Rogan is holding, you know, he’s bringing in Pro-Monsanto people who never brought in the scientists who actually know what he’s talking about. In spite of the fact people talk to him.

So what you see here is when genetic modification occurs, this system of pathways are involved. And what we showed was we applied CytoSolve®. And what we showed was that all the molecular pathways involved. And lo and behold, what we find is when genetic engineering takes place, glutathione levels drop, as you can see here, same here, in the absence of glyphosate, as well as the presence of glyphosate, which is Roundup, it drops even more.

Then what we did was we did a very interesting comparison. We were very lucky. Researchers in Leeds in the United Kingdom, in-vivo means in the greenhouse, they had grown corn, and they found out the glutathione levels in corn. Sorry, I mean soy was 9.9 levels. And in Roundup Ready, soy, it was 3.7 see that difference? Well, guess what our models had predicted in the previous paper, 9.7 and 3.9. Very close. So this was significant. And the entire scientific community stopped critiquing us, in fact, became very silent.

We had shown conclusively that, we have shown conclusively that genetically engineered soy had far less glutathione, nearly 250%, less than organic. So, I hope everyone sees this. And this was published. And in fact, my Co Co researchers in this were Michael Hanson, you can look up Michael, Michael’s a very esteemed scientist, and John Fagan, along with Dr. Deonikar. So there you go. We had shown this is not about Pro or Anti-GMO.

Substantial Equivalence – The Real Issue

This is about Substantial Equivalence, that had the government said, let’s compare glutathione levels, the genetically engineered soy would never ever have been allowed on the market. That’s what we’re talking about. Any questions about that?

So, based on this research, when the GMO labeling was going on, I was invited by Governor Shumlin in Vermont, and Neil Young. So this is not about Pro or Anti. This is about fundamentally, we take a Systems Approach to look at the complexity of molecular pathways, and what we discovered was, when Monsanto – by the way, genetically engineered soy was created, because Monsanto was spraying Roundup, which is a herbicide technically, to kill off the weeds. The roundup was actually hurting and killing the corn.

So, they then created a genetically engineered version of the soy called Roundup Ready soy. And that Roundup Ready soy was engineered to resist Monsanto’s herbicide. Quite amazing. And as a result of that, what you ended up having was Roundup Ready soy. And Monsanto’s claim was they were genetically equivalent. And idiots like Joe Rogan, were buying into that saying, Oh, this is just normal genetic modification. So, let me now play this video here.

That was a long, 15 minute talk I gave at a press conference. And it was up in Vermont. And at that time, Neil Young appeared to have a great reverence for science, but he was also putting out an album, I think it was called Monsanto years or something.

In fact, after that press conference, there was a big audience and he went and gave his rock concert. And he was selling an album on Monsanto. So you say the GMO movement also was fueling his Monsanto. You know, his album. So only one can wonder whether he was truly for science and brought me in to really understand the scientific method or whether this was to sell albums.

But my position was, what we had fundamentally discovered was these genetically engineered foods are not the same as what’s in nature – that Rogan was promoting with the idiots that he had on his show. Alright, so I hope that’s clear. Now, fast forward to today, there is a news article that just came out.

Some of you may have seen it in The Daily Beast, and a friend of mine sent it to me. and The Daily Beast was attacking me. So we bring this up here. So this was the article on The Daily Beast. It says Neil Young’s long record of spreading scientific misinformation. And the article basically is saying, hey, Neil Young is basically the rocker threaten to pull his music from Spotify to protest Joe Rogan’s Anti-vax.

So the article is very clever, quote unquote, clever article. It basically attacks Neil Young for earlier. Being Anti-Monsanto. It goes, this is the same Neil Young in 2015 released an entire album The Monsanto years, that’s wall to wall songs from the Anti-biotechnology point of view.

“Young’s Anti-GMO rhetoric helped fuel a narrative that it made it easy to spread fear and distrust about the COVID vaccine.” So they’re saying because he was Anti-GMO, it helped build the, quote unquote, Anti-Vax movement, most of which use novel biotechnology methods, some of which use genetic engineering, which is true. And then, you know, so attacks Neil Young and saying, you know, he was the one who really started the Anti-Vax movement. And he was really the problem. And then it says, As a case Garner coverage Anti-GMO crowd was reenergized.

“Once more Neil Young sees a moment releasing the Monsanto years, See? Seize the moment, and embark on a tour of the same name. At one pre-show conference, accompanied by Vermont’s then Democratic Governor Shumlin, Young pledged $100,000 to the legal case defending the GMO labeling law. Another guest at the conference was Shiva Ayyadurai; a technologist who’d published dubious research.” Suddenly it becomes dubious research. Okay, showing GMOs were dangerous.

“Ayyadurai in 2018. Would run as a Republican against Elizabeth Warren.” Okay? “Ayyadurai has pivoted to spreading COVID vaccine misinformation. It was his tweet that started the #FireFauci hashtag.” – Well, at least they gave me credit for that.

When then President Donald Trump retweeted it, anyway, the reason I wanted to share this article is this article basically has one thing that’s consistent between me, and both of these, frankly, clowns. Rogan and Neil Young is, I have been extremely consistent in my position of the need for the scientific method.

It is the scientific method, which established the foundations that I discovered on Substantial Equivalence to show that it’s not about Pro or Anti-GMO, quote unquote, which is what the dialectic is. But the real issue is that genetically engineered products are not the same. So, to claim that they’re the same without labeling something is fundamentally wrong because it does it basically, you know, makes it very confusing.

Okay, that’s a real issue on the vaccine side, okay. Again, I applied science, and if you go back to 2019, we did a series of research and we fundamentally showed that the it’s not about Pro-Vax or Anti-Vax, because that just gets people never bringing the vast majority of people that really understanding anything, it’s really the issue of Precision and Personalized Medicine.

What science shows is that your body chemistry is different from mine. We are very complex beings. The immune system is complex. The immune system model that was used to create the job goes back to 1915. The Kennedy vaccination act of 1960, was based on old science; Ted Kennedys’, another Kennedy who protected the pharma companies, was based on old science and supporting Big Pharma.

And now the other Kennedy RFK, Jr. Which many people mistakenly in the bullshit medical freedom movement who really don’t understand medical freedom want to suck up to. This guy’s Pro-Vaccine, and just his mumbo jumbo.

The real issue, it’s the reality is there is no risk benefit analysis done and and your body and my body are different. The immune systems are very complex. The decision about whether you should get the jab or not, between you and your healthcare professional. That’s a very different approach.

Someone said Kennedy was a crook. They’re all heroin addicts. True, right? And they just go from nonprofit to nonprofit. So, the reason I wanted to do this today was to let you know when you take the scientific approach. You take a Systems Approach, you go Beyond the Pro & the Anti.

So you think about it over here. You had Joe Rogan Pro-GMO Anti-Vax, suddenly, and he just became this in the last six months, three to six months. You know what, because he needed views. And he probably had someone say, “You know what, a lot of your audience is conservative, they want your position on vaccine, you’ll get more audience. Okay, let me do that.” Just like Neil Young, in the Anti-GMO movement. He said, “Well, Neil, you know, if you do a Monsanto, you’re going to get more followers.” They are watching followers, guys, they don’t give a damn about what they really believe in. I hope this is clear.

Now, before I continue, there’s a couple more items I want to hit. To those of you who are seriously interested in being an agent of change, not sort of being a grifter, then you have to recognise that, number one, we need to take a Systems Approach. And there is a Systems Approach to understanding how we build a movement.

And it’s not from celebrities. It’s not gonna come from billionaires. It’s not going to come from sucking up to Republicans and Democrats, it’s going to come from you. It’s going to come from you building a movement. And that is what we’re educating people on.

Hey, John, can you play the video that we just did with a young fellow from India? So we are training people to get on the ground and build a movement. Who are training people to go on the ground. So this is a video that we just did. Because our movement and everyone should become a Truth, Freedom, and Health warrior.

We have created a real gem for you. We’ve created the scientific training on what it takes to actually understand Systems Science, engineering Systems Science. The second thing we’ve done is we’re training people in our own infrastructure. not reliant on Big Tech on how you can commune with other people who are learning this knowledge and become a true warrior, not a grifter. We’re talking about really building true warriors.

But the reason we wanted to play that video is whatever we talk about any topic we talked about, in this case, we’re exposing in many ways the opportunism of two entertainers; Neil Young and Joe Rogan. But the solution is to recognize that entertainers are what they are, they’re entertainers. Don’t expect them to put in the hours studying science, and engineering and really understanding anything, they’re going to go with the wind.

And if you’re going to follow entertainers to figure out what the future is, it’s really a mistaken way to be in life. It would be like you trying to get you know someone who’s a fisherman to try to help you do electrical work, okay? A fisherman’s, a fisherman. And he probably knows how to do that. But he probably knows very little about how to do electrical work, okay?

Building a Bottom’s-up Movement

Similarly, you wouldn’t want someone who was your, you know, dentist to also do your electrical work for you. So meaning that there are skills that people have, one of those skills we’re trying to develop and people is when you take a Systems Approach, we can use the principles to build a movement; every Monday evenings, we have put together a curriculum for three hours, you can learn, you know, 20-30 years of engineering System Science delivered in a way in a very shortened way, and we have the courses up.

So you understand System Science, that System Science will become the basis for you to understand the failures of the left, and the right. The failures of Republicans and Democrats, failures of parties, and failures of election systems. And the only way that change has ever come up has been through Bottoms-Up movements.

That’s what this movement is about, second; in our own infrastructure, we don’t use Amazon, we don’t use Google. It is in our own data center, we have created our own private social media, so you can start building community. And third; none of this is real unless you get on the ground, and you start becoming an activist.

So when we hear about other people and other movements and “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,” we’re not really that, frankly, that impressed because many of the Grifters out there, they wait until a situation occurs. They wait see which way the wind blows and then they jump in, like this guy; Robert Malone. You see that Joe Rogan and opportunists will interview another opportunist. Birds of a feather flock together. This guy didn’t say anything for two years. And now he’s saying something after he’s made all of his millions off, you know, of vaccines.

So it’s really important to understand, it’s not about what people say, But when did they say it? Did they say the right thing at the right time? And do they want to build a movement? John kindly play that other video that we just did with a young gentleman, who was one of our Truth, Freedom and Health warriors.

Let me just introduce this. So every Saturday, not only do the people in our movement learn how to fight, not only do they have a community, but we want people to get on the ground, even if it’s one person. And this concept is hard for people to understand unless they actually go do it. So we had a young immigrant who actually came from India, who lives in Buffalo. He’s been part of our movement for a year, but this is the first day he went out and he put together his own sign, and he’s going to tell you his journey.

I wanted to play that video, because anyone can be an agent of change. And I mean that in a very sincere way, if you understand, and you really get this principle that this is really about you awakening, to recognizing that you need to remove the shackles of all the celebrity worship, Hollywood worship, you know, worship of Neil Young, worship of Joe Rogan. And recognize that history shows it’s only been a Bottoms-Up movement, it is when people individually, in their local communities, understood the scientific principles of going Beyond Left & Right, building a Bottoms-Up movement.

Truth Freedom Health

So if you go to, you know, it’s taken me 40-50 years, my journey has been to figure out how do we get to Truth, Freedom, and Health? How do we combine science, activism, you know, Systems Science and put it together. There’s nothing like this that exists out there. And that’s what Suresh was sharing.

Sometimes when you have, you know, a gem or a jewel handed to you, sometimes you don’t believe it’s there. But that’s what we’ve created; our movement. And it is for you to learn for you to have the infrastructure so you can communicate with others without being thrown off. Okay? It’s private social media. And third, it’s about activism activism, activism, you’re getting on the ground. So I hope all of you take advantage of this. I hope all of you recognize that we need to build a movement.

Right now, we’ll be doing a video shortly this week or sooner. A massive number of working people in Canadian Canada truckers are uniting. And they’re uniting to build a Bottoms-Up movement, their politics is still being refined, and our movement can really help them advance sooner than later. So they don’t make mistakes.

But we’ll have a number of our Truth, Freedom, Health Warriors all over Canada, we’ll be doing some live interviews with them. Definitely, by this Saturday, because there’s convoys going there, we’re going to support them in raising money, to support them in our own infrastructure because they’re under threat of being thrown off on other frameworks, right? So keep an eye on that.

The people in Canada have been abused by this guy, Trudeau who’s basically you know, just a puppet of the British Empire still, the Commonwealth. But the people in Canada are extremely good people. And the working people of Canada, particularly the truckers are the ones who are coming together. This is a good development, but they need the right politics. It’s easy when movements come up, the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment comes in and misleads them.

So anyway, Terry Lima says Suresh is right, this is a gift. This is a privilege to be an agent of change. We invite you to join us. Yes. So you can go to, or go to directly. But I don’t want to oversell this because it’s really not to sell. The more thing is to make you aware that if you’re serious about wanting to change things for the better, we have to build a movement, but the movement has to be built on the right principles.


Anyway, in closing today, what we covered today was. Why Neil Young, and Joe Rogan are both opportunists. So don’t get caught into the media drama, okay? You know, in 2014 and 15, when the Pro & Anti-GMO movement, very much like Pro & Anti-Vax was going on. The same tenor was there in the Pro & Anti-GMO movement. The movement for Truth, Freedom, and Health and our scientific research was always even keeled.

We said, it’s not Pro or Anti. It’s about the fact that when you look at the science, genetic engineering of food creates a product that is not substantially equivalent, which is what both sides were unaware of. So, we took it to the realm of a Systems Approach. Alright, that’s number one. And then when the, quote unquote, Anti-Vax & Pro-Vax movement came, you can go look as early as 2019. It was this movement, that first of all called out Fauci, it was this movement said it’s not about Pro or Anti-Vax. It’s about the right medicine, for the right person, at the right time.

You see the establishment wants us to be fighting against each other. They don’t want us to go to the root of the issue. When you go to the root of the issue, there is no Pro or Anti on anything. Let me repeat that. The establishment wants to create the Neil Young’s and the Joe Rogan’s. They want to create the Republicans, and the Democrats, they want to create the Pro-Vax & Anti-Vax movement.

They want to create the Pro-GMO Anti-GMO movement. But when you go to the substantial issue of the science, we can bring together everyone because the real systems science brings together people, that’s really the unifying force. The unifying force is not me getting kumbaya with the people on the Anti-Vax or the Anti-GMO side? No, because there are a lot of Grifters over there.

This movement stands on its own two feet on a Systems Approach. And our goal is to say Look, stop fighting neighbor to neighbor against Pro & Anti-Vax. Understand, it’s about the right medicine for the right person at the right time. That’s where public health comes. Okay. There you go.

Hollywood Brainwashing

Someone just joined saying, “bashing Joe, he’s an opportunist, his podcast with Malone woke up so many people.” – No, it didn’t. It didn’t really wake anyone up. What it did was it made you think Joe Rogan is a fighter, and he isn’t okay? Joe Rogan is an opportunist. So go back and review this video. Okay? And yes, we’re not bashing everyone. We’re bashing opportunists. So if you want to go suck up to them and think everything’s hunky dory, go do that.

But what I suggest you do is learn how to be an activist and get on the ground. Go talk to your neighbors, take the System Science course and learn what’s really going on. This is about exposing misleaders. And this is about you. If you were as fervent as you are about defending Joe Rogan, why don’t you be as fervent about supporting a movement that really wants to go Beyond Left & Right? And we are going to call it opportunist.

So, maybe you also want to support Joe Rogan because he had Kevin Folta, the Pro-Monsanto scientist and he was praising him. Okay, that’s the Joe Rogan you’re supporting. So get over yourself. Okay. We will continue to bash all of these opportunities, as many as there are over and over again.

What we are not going to bash are those people who want to build a movement Bottoms-Up, so sorry, you need to also be bashed on your erroneous views of how things work. Joe Rogan deserves to be bashed, he is an opportunist, period.

His Spotify was going flat, though, look at it. He was basically flat on Spotify. That’s when he started bringing Malone on let’s bring up that article. John. Yeah, John, bring up the article. So Jill, please wake up. Okay. Don’t be stupid. All right. Because that’s what you are. When you are supporting these entertainers. And you’re calling me it on bashing people.

I’ve actually done the science, I’ve actually been on the ground with other people. So here’s an article; “Joe Rogan influenced Wayne’s and Spotify air.” Look at that article 2/6/2021. Okay, a few weeks later, he suddenly starts talking about, you know, he’s potentially against vaccines and all this kind of stuff. He needs views. Jill. Thanks, John.

So, same with Neil Young, he needed to sell some albums. Anyone else who wants to critique, my critique of the opportunists? Let’s talk about it. Let’s have an open discussion. “You need not to call people stupid.” Okay, well, you need to recognise that you are being ignorant, because it doesn’t matter if you used to support me, then you really didn’t learn a lot of the lessons, you’re probably take the course and understand a lot of the blind spots, because you are at a kindergarten level. If you think that Joe Rogan is an agent of change. He’s not an agent of change. Okay, he’s an agent of opportunism. So you didn’t learn a lot of the fundamentals. Jill, go back to class. Sorry.

It’s just the way it is, we got to build a movement now. And if you’re relying on Joe Rogan, Neil Young, Donald Trump, you know, Robert F. Kennedy, you know, you got a long journey. Anyone else? I mean, let’s really discuss this, you know, this is about you. This is about people getting up.

Joe Rogan is getting support from concerns about publicly saying that Obama is the best president we’ve had. Yeah, Joe Rogan’s all over the map. He covers his but he’s got a very large deal with Spotify, which is supported by Morgan Stanley, and has a significant amount of shares. They’re an investment banker. Go look at his agency, you know, one of the biggest star fucking agencies in New York. They support all the pedophiles out there. So you’re talking about a machine that’s behind Joe Rogan.

And the naivete that people have. It’s really interesting for me, people want to talk about fighting the establishment, yet they go support people who are part of the establishment, who are kingpins of the establishment. Okay? They’re entertainers. And this is why change doesn’t occur because these same people speak with such boldness, as though they know what they’re talking about.

When they frankly know very little! And they have very little respect for people who actually put in the effort to learn things, and learning principles. They think they know it all; it is that hubris, that change doesn’t occur. And we are here to bash those people. Because those people are the reason we’re heading into slavery in the world. Those people are the reason that no movement has taken place because they think they know it all. And they don’t know at all. I’m sorry, go do your homework.

“You burn bridges before they’re even allowed to form. Joe has had more positive impact in the freedom movement, then you doesn’t mean he needs to be right on everything.” Sid what you just said makes no sense. What are you saying you burn bridges, what bridges? Joe Rogan is an opportunist.

Please don’t follow this movement. If you think that he needs to be right on everything. What has been right on? I don’t know what he’s been right on. He’s an opportunist. So you need to go look up the word opportunism. And I suggest you sign up for the Truth, Freedom, and Health class so you understand the words that you’re saying, if you take each sentence there, it’s like you literally took those sentences and you cut and copied them from some brainwashing you got when real criticism comes out.

Your immediate reaction is; burn bridges, keywords, positive impact on the freedom movement, really? What positive impact? What he’s doing is misleading people to think Joe Rogan is taking care of everything, and we don’t build a Bottoms-Up movement.

I want to explain this what Sid doesn’t understand, the presumption with him with Sid is he’s actually studied how to build movements. Sid doesn’t know jack about building movements. He thinks Joe Rogan is building a movement. He thinks Joe Rogan is helping the freedom movement – No, he isn’t.

What Joe Rogan is doing is helping Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is making sure his Spotify views go up. Joe Rogan is taking advantage of ignorant people like Sid, who thinks that he knows how to build a movement and Sid, you are ignorant. Okay? I’m sorry.

And it is that ignorance which lets you speak with such audacity, that we’re burning bridges. No, we’re building. And by the way, we do want to burn bridges. I’m sorry. We do want to burn bridges with the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment and the establishment. We don’t want those people. Yes, we do want to burn bridges.

But we are going to build, and Unite Working People against the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and we’re going to build a real movement. And if you think Joe Rogan’s building a movement, you’re out of your mind, you got a lot of studying to do.

“The celebrities aren’t there? Because they’re good at what they do. They sell their souls to be there.” Julie Pourtant, you get it. What people don’t understand is there are real craftsmen, real actors. In Hollywood, for every 1,000 celebrities, you’ll maybe find 0.1 real actors, celebrity means you want fame. Celebrity means you want views. Celebrity means, you know, a lot of people are saying “well, why do you attack everyone Shiva? You’d have more viewers.” We’re not here to get viewers. We’re not here to get viewers.

We’re here to build a movement. We’re here to raise consciousness. So I’m sorry, that doesn’t fit into your ridiculous paradigm that you’ve been brainwashed in. But the reality celebrities want views. Madonna wants views. So one day she’ll show her vagina somewhere another day. She’ll show her ass, okay? She wants views. Okay? We don’t want views. We want to build a movement.

We don’t want Joe Rogan one day supporting Kevin Folta, and not putting real scientists and another day saying he’s suddenly against vaccines. And he puts on another, quote unquote, scientist who actually, you know, was part of the Big Pharma institution. Alright, that’s a grifter.

We don’t want celebrities – don’t look to Joe Rogan or any celebrity to outsource your opinions. One bad MF; you nailed it. This is the wisest, most clearest, succinct statement that says everything we’re discussing today. “Don’t look to Joe Rogan, or Neil Young, or any celebrity to outsource your opinions.” I added the Neil Young. That’s what it is about. Thank you one bad MF, you nailed it.

I like Joe Rogan for MMA fighting. Wonderful. That’s wonderful, right look I think Malin Nyugen, you nailed it. Understand what these people are. He’s an MMA fighter. Okay. He needed to get gigs. He has an agent. He’s got to be on stage. Alright, that’s where he’s at. If you’re an electrician, a mother, people work for a living, you’re not about views and getting on stage, or an engineer like myself, we’re about building things. These people aren’t about building things except their brand. Period.

“Joe Rogan is not trying to get anyone banned or canceled. Big difference.” Well, let’s talk about that. Little more subtle. You know, there are – you have to ask Joe Rogan, when he started following me before Twitter, when we were the first ones to expose the establishment, many people reached out to him. Why has he never put the research, the efforts of our stuff on? That’s just a question. We’re not looking to him. Okay? So it’s a way of controlling the conversation.

So Joe Rogan likes to create the dialectic where it creates views. Does he really want to talk about the real issues of GMOs? Strategery 101. Does he really want to talk about the real issue of vaccines? Do you really want to do that? Because you know what, it removes dialectic and we get to the heart of the issue, and which means we’ll build a movement and it will expose him.

So that’s a part of canceling that he does, he doesn’t let me take a Systems Approach to go to the core. Let’s ask him to do that. He will never do that. He’s part of a machine; which is about entertainment. “The establishment decides who gets canceled and who doesn’t,” exactly look, the Late Show guys, Stephen Colbert. Had Neil Young on to talk about him being Anti-GMO. Has nothing to do with Stephen Colbert being Anti-GMO, he needed Neil Young to be on there for entertainment. In fact, when Neil Young was on that show, go look at the show, go look at it. He has a big corn a guy in a big corn costume come out and they made it ‘entertainment.’

They are not interested in building a movement. They’re not, if anything, they want to keep you glued on that. You know, on your iPhone thinking Joe Rogan is doing something so you say “Oh, Joe is taking care of everything. I’m going to support Joe and Dr.Shiva should not be bashing Joe. Because Joe is building a movement.” Bullshit!

Joe ain’t building shit, except his brand. “Trashing Rogan is nonsensical. He’s literally red pilling millions of people, has the largest podcasts audience which gave us doctor’s McCullough, and Malone when everyone else was censoring the truth.”

Let’s talk about that. Okay. Where were these guys in 2020? I don’t know whoever put that up. The house has already burned down, beach patriot. Where were these guys? It’s like the space shuttle is blown up. And then you say, “oh, yeah, I knew about the O ring!” Come on. 2020. This movement is the one who raised the alarm with Fauci and everyone, 2020.

Where were these so called McCullough and Malone in 2020? They’re doing entertainment now. So, please don’t be so naive. And this is what our movement is trying to wake you up to. You have to do the right thing, at the right time. Not two years later, when you can get views and it’s popular to talk about it. Well, it’s too late; Operation Warpspeed has been passed, these companies are making $65,000 a minute, Malone also was part of it.

This movement, our research was the one who said the right thing, at the right time. So yes, we are gonna bash them. And you need to understand that these people are not agents of change. They’re entertainers. I’ll keep repeating that. And after the house after we’re all enslaved, which is what’s already happened. Now you’re talking about what you knew. Let me give you an example; Alan McDonald. He was a guy who knew the space shuttles, O-Ring on the solid rocket boosters. Were going to have problems.

And it was Alan McDonald, who took a lot of heat at the right time and did not sign off on letting the space shuttle take off, and the space shuttle blew up. And Alan McDonald died about six to nine months ago. And he said, – it was the most important thing in life – is to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right people. You’re doing this now. It’s not being a leader. It’s not helping the movement. It’s getting views for you, making you look like a hero. You’re not a hero.

The houses had already burned down and now you’re coming in. So get that straight. It’s a very very important political theory. And this again makes you not have to do what you have to do, which is to be responsible to build a movement. You think McCullough and Malone are heroes, they’re not too little too late. Sorry, they don’t get credit for that.

“Joe is not a grifter LOL, he never claims to be an expert on anything. He’s most watched because he’s real and comes across as being honest. He’s also had great guests.” Really? Okay. I think you should go look at that.

If anyone today Spotify, is not some small media company. They are a $28 billion company. So John, follow the money. How do you become the number one person on a $28 billion company? All right, you have to play by the rules, you will never put real, real scientists on there who call out stuff before it occurs, you will do it as a historical story. So to you this is all entertainment. To us and those people who want to build a movement, 2020 was a point to talk about this stuff. Where it was Joe Rogan in 2020? John? where was he?

Where was Joe Rogan in 2020? speaking about this? “All you do is criticize, don’t solve any problems.” Really? Okay. What we do for a living on target. All we do is solve problems. And if you want to understand that, the number one problem is – to build a movement, and that’s what we’re building.

Number two, if you looked at the GMO research, the problem that we solved was to go to the heart of the issues. Go look at CytoSolve®. Okay? The invention of email. So my whole life has been about solving problems. I’d like to know what you’ve ever invented.

Anyway, “why are you always so focused on other people?” Well, the reason we focus on the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is so we don’t make mistakes again, you know, for the last 70 years of history throughout the world, what’s actually happened since 1970 a little bit before that, is that the forces of the establishment have been working. And this is one of the important problems, to develop the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, to develop entertainers and celebrities.

And these people that we talk about, and we need to take them, and critique them – is they are living examples of political forces that are used by the establishment. And the reason we do this, so you can start identifying them so we don’t make mistakes again. So, when we talk about a Donald Trump, it’s not about Donald Trump, we’re talking about the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. When we talk about Bernie Sanders on the left, right? Or AOC. Who we also critiqued. These people talk a good game, but their goal is to sucker people in.

Again, you need to take the Foundations of Systems to understand this, or otherwise, you will keep thinking we’re just critiquing people, I’m sorry. That’s what we do in science. Okay, if you look at the history of any development, you have to critique, you have to critique, because you’re trying to get to the truth.

And here as an educator, and our movement has many educators, but one of the key things is to point to the direction. That’s how we win, which is to build a Bottoms-Up movement. But we also need to know that when you talk about celebrities, when you talk about politicians, these people are not about building a movement.

So, I encourage all of you to go to And recognise that this movement may not be for all of you. It’s for those people who really want to build a movement, just like you know, not everyone needs to probably learn math, or physics or science or anything, you know, you can do what you want to do. And you can keep putting your fingers in some, you know, live socket and getting yourself burned over and over again. That’s what’s been happening.

For the last 20 years, people follow one wing of the establishment, another wing, and then they feel all depressed. And then they have the entertainers to entertain them and they think the entertainers are doing their job. Anyway, I think this was a very good, great questions.

Yeah, look, our movement is open, transparent. We encourage people to join, we encourage open discourse, we encourage critiques, but the bottom line is we need to build a Bottoms-Up movement. And more importantly, we’ve created the infrastructure for all of you to enjoy it. Meet some incredible people as you’re seeing on the chat. here.

And, uh, you know, if anyone wants to contact Joe Rogan and see if he can handle the criticism, he probably can’t. He can handle sort of namby pamby criticism, but not real stuff. Okay? And that’ll be his test. Right? So, and he can critique me, we’re open to having a discussion. But he’s had many opportunities and he won’t, he’ll bring on people that’ll be entertaining. Okay?

What I want to do is I want to end with the video. So all of you understand what is CytoSolve®. Because CytoSolve® is this solution that we created, and we’re going after every major disease in the world right now. That was my PhD work and using CytoSolve®. We are modeling molecular pathways.

One of the important things we’re doing is we’re now taking all the ingredients in the vaccine. I’ll be doing a video on this tomorrow. Each ingredient we’re going to walk through, and each ingredient we’re running through CytoSolve® as an Open Science Project, people can support it, we’ll talk about it more tomorrow. We just launched it, but I have some new updates. But that is a technology that we’ve created, took me many, many years to develop it, validate it, you know, commercialize it, and it’s primetime for use.

John, do you have the CytoSolve® video, and then we’ll play something on mV25 But everyone, go become a Truth Freedom Health Warrior. Don’t take it personally, my criticisms of your ignorance because it is not about you it is the fact that there are blind spots. Some people are unconscious incompetents; because they don’t know what they don’t know.

And perhaps by sometimes hitting people right between the eyes, they’ll say, “wait a minute, why did he call me ignorant or stupid?” And etcetera on that’ll make them realize that the goal here, is to awaken people to recognize that we need to build a movement.

All right, everyone, I thought it would be fitting to end on CytoSolve®. Because CytoSolve® is the platform technology that we used when we did the GMO research nearly 10 years ago. And it’s the same platform technology we use. And we’re going to use it now as a part of our Open Science Project.

In fact, we used in 2019, that to expose this whole failings of this one size fits all model. It was because of that background. We were able to start the #FireFauci campaign. Long ago, we didn’t wait two years, two years is a long time. You know, when you’re dealing with crises, you know, two years talking. And Joe Rogan and others talking about problems from two years ago now, is not leadership. Okay?

These people are not helping the movement. In fact, they’re making people think they’re going to solve it when the bridge is already burning down. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening. I wish you well, go to And we will be doing a talk tomorrow on an update on the CytoSolve®, Open Science Project, and then also initial set of a video update on what’s going on with the truckers in Canada and everyone should support them and Working People Uniting everyone get on the ground, go to, it is the only movement on the planet, which is about you, empowering you. Thank you, be well.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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