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LIVE from Ottawa, #TruthFreedomHealth Warriors Report on this Historic Movement of Working People Uniting to WIN. In this report, we discuss the current situation and what must be done to ensure that this movement escalates and is not hijacked by the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. The key demands for #TruthFreedomHealth are put forward.

Key Points:

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – encourages Truth Freedom Health Warriors of Canada to escalate the movement.
  • On January 14th, 2022, Dr. Shiva and the Truth Freedom Health movement called for Canadian and American truckers to strike in resistance to the Canadian government’s trucker vaccine mandates.
  • The Canadian government’s mandates risked choking off supplies to Alaska, jeopardizing the food security of Alaskan working people.
  • Canadian truckers began organizing protest convoys from all over Canada converging on the capital city of Ottawa.
  • Truth Freedom Health warriors in Canada are on the ground reporting LIVE from Ottawa.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.Shiva: We have some really, really good news from the ground. We have a number of our Truth Freedom Health Warriors on the live they were going to wait for people to join early. We have Marica out of Alberta. Heather? Where are you out of?

Heather: I’m in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr.Shiva: Calgary! We have Dezirae, Steven, and Marty who are literally in Ottawa right now. Dezirae was with the convoy and she will be reporting live what’s going on. John’s here in Cambridge, and I’m also here in Belmont here. We’re going to wait for people to join but it’s very, very cold out there. Hey Dezirae, you want us to play the video? You have a couple of minutes or are you almost there?

Dezirae: Were there pretty much!

Dr.Shiva: So, what we want to give a couple of minutes. I can just play this quick video guys. Right, then we come to you. So, we want to just give everyone a quick update. Everyone knows that the convoy, the Truckers Convoy in Canada, which everyone should be supporting. It’s Working People Bottoms-Up. We’ll be right back, our Warriors have descended upon Ottawa, the Trudeau fellow has basically fled Ottawa with his family, and he’s in hiding, right now.

So, no one knows where the hell he is? But it shows what happens when working people rise up. And one of the things that we want to do is I want to just set the stage for what Dezirae is going to share with us. We have a video that just came out this morning, I believe, from the Canadian transport minister. This is from the Canadian transport minister. John, can you play that video? This is the Canadian Transport Minister, talking about the protests. Go ahead. John, can you play this?

Evan: Many people on Parliament Hill, will the government now rethink its cross-border trucking vaccine handy? What’s the response from all the Parliament? You’d asked Erin O’Toole, and several members of the Conservative Party to join us this morning, but they were unavailable. But joining me now is the federal transport minister; Omar Alghabra. Good to have you on the program. Minister, what is your reaction to the protest and the message that these people feel that the government’s heavy-handed approach is infringing on their freedoms?

Omar Alghabra: Good morning, Evan. And it’s good to be back on your show. Let me just say that most credible trucking organizations have distanced themselves from this protest, including the Canadian Trucking Alliance. And in fact, they’ve issued several statements including another one yesterday. And, as you and I are speaking, truckers are delivering for Canadians, they are an almost 90% of them are fully vaccinated. They are delivering across the border and ensuring that goods Canadians need are being delivered.

A second look, I am relieved that so far, the protest has been peaceful. I hope that if the protest is going to continue that it remains peaceful. It is really important to remind everybody why we have these mandates. I share the frustration that most Canadians have towards public health measures. We all want to get out of the pandemic as quickly as possible. And this is why we have these mandates. It’s not the first time that government’s mandate public health measures, especially when we are in a pandemic. So, these measures,

Evan: I got to tell you Minister, I spoke to, I was out there speaking to a lot of different people. A lot of them are furious at the Prime Minister for dismissing them as a quote fringe minority holding unacceptable views. They go back to comments that the Prime Minister made during the election about people being racist. They felt that they were being dismissed, that they were being disrespected. And that’s animated their anger and fueling a lot of this. What is the response where those statements mistakes?

Omar Alghabra: I’m sure not everyone, obviously at that protests or people who are sympathetic to that protest are racist. But some of the images, and the voices that we heard come out of that protest was alarming Canadians saw for themselves. We had swastika flags. We had the Confederate flag. We had voices that call for the overthrow of the government. Canadians saw for themselves that some voices are really disturbing and unacceptable.

So, I understand that there are some people who are sympathetic to the protest for other reasons. But we cannot look the other way. Yesterday was the fifth anniversary for the Quebec mass shooting. Just few days ago, we commemorated the Holocaust Memorial. We always say, “never again,” it is alarming to see swastika being flown on Parliament Hill.

Dr.Shiva: So we see this is the official story from the Canadian Health Minister. We’ve seen some comments about what people think about this. But the big thing that everyone needs to understand is the Canadian government has been colluding with some of the big truckers’ alliances to actually squeeze workers, and we’ll talk about that they’ve been pushing so much regulations on the small and large trucking I mean, the Small Business Truckers that the vaccine mandates are actually part of a long history of attacks. But let’s actually go over to Dezirae, Truth Freedom Health Warrior Scholar on the ground, which he is taking the convoy, go ahead. That’s great. Tell us what’s going on down there. Tell us. Can you show us all the Nazi flags?

Dezirae: Nazi flags? I haven’t seen one. I can show you we’re just down the road. So, I don’t know if you can see behind me, but the police are down that way. They blocked the roads off. Everywhere. I’m going to go around just a ways away because we want you to be able to hear us right now.

So I see lots of people, earlier everybody was up speaking. And they want everything to end. People are peaceful, they’re very much encouraging peacefulness. Do the Canadian thing, that’s the message, honestly, we just want it to stop; end the mandates, we want our freedom.

Dr.Shiva: So, to let everyone know that you guys are a little bit down the street. Because by the time you get there, it’s going to get very, very loud, right?

Dezirae: Yeah, I can show you guys. I’ll walk down there. Anyway, can you hear me I’m not going to be able to hear you. So, you just got to give me a wave!

Dr.Shiva: But we just want to let people know that the main mainstream news media doesn’t, has no reporters really on the ground sharing any of this. So, you’re basically the Truth Freedom Health reporter now, so go, share everything. Why don’t you walk down and show us what’s going on down there?

Dezirae: Well, one thing along with that. One of the doctors who spoke earlier this afternoon, he had a sheet of paper, and it was taking him a little bit of time to fumble through his papers. And then, so it’s a little bit of an awkward silence. And he felt kind of bad. So, we’re cheering for him. And then everybody was like, “Thank you for the truth. Thank you for the truth.” So that was super fun. I was like, yes. So, that’s the atmosphere here.

Dr.Shiva: That’s excellent. Well, a lot of the work you and everyone a lot of the activists we’ve been doing, we’ve been hammering away at this point that we need to build a Bottoms-Up Movement of Working People. So, that’s what’s so exciting to see these Truckers and Working People coming up. And as you’re walking down, I’ll talk to our audience and maybe when you get there you can show the number of people, Dezirae. We’ll just get Heather and Marica also to tape the words. Keep sharing with us the scenes, if you can, you can flip your camera too.

Dezirae: I don’t really know how to do that.

Dr.Shiva: Don’t worry about that, then just turn it the other way. But you got to get us some good shots so everyone’s sees?

Dezirae: I will get you good shots, I promise.

Dr.Shiva: You have close to 700 people live watching you guys. From all over the world. And I’ll keep putting up so one of the first things we want to let people know is that the people the Working People in Canada have put forward demands for Truth, Freedom and Health. Dezirae, and I spoke earlier and we want to share with you some of those demands.

And our movement has always put the focus on building a Bottoms-Up Movement of people to understand the dynamics of what it takes to build a movement. Dezirae, Marica have very close to 2,000 Truth Freedom Health Members and Warriors all over Canada now. But they’ve been out there educating people, distributing flyers, etc.

But one of the core things is this, movements are not going to be won by any type of top-down model. It’s got to be Bottoms-Up. That’s what’s so exciting about this, but one of the key things to remember is, when movements like this come up, the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment is going to organize to overtake these movements.

So let me just share, we’re going to share with you sort of the core demands that the Movement for Truth Freedom Health has put forward, which is in alignment, which is number one. The number one is if you can see this as we need to end the Trudeau Government workers to power. Some people said end the Trudeau Government, that means we don’t want to replace it with another. But Working People need to participate in government, not just lawyers, not just another set of politicians. But Working People.

This means people like truckers, people who work for a living. So, it’s a very important first demand. The second one is to end the jab pass, end mask mandates, no to division and segregation. It is a government which perpetuates racism. And they’re trying to point the finger at these everyday people rising up from the bottom, it is the government which does divide and rule. When it comes to truth, our Movement, and people on the ground and putting forward that many of these universities, many of these universities have a huge Pharma Alliance. So, the truth never comes out. So, the narratives they build, Dezirae was telling us that one of the health ministers was saying that Vitamin D has no effect at all. That Vitamin D has no effect. That’s what the health minister saying. Ridiculous.

Dezirae: So, what she – what she said was that vitamin D was fake news.

Dr.Shiva: “Vitamin D was fake news.” So, we demand that we are investing in our alliance with Pharma. When it comes to freedom. We know that in Canada or the United States, or everywhere. Governments have an unholy alliance with Big Tech, this is how they’re able to censor speech. But that’s got to end. When it comes to health, no more one size fits all medicine, the health model is not going to move forward by saying everyone needs to get the jab, or everyone needs to do this.

And finally, if they want to talk about racism, we can talk about the infrastructure in the inner cities, be it Canada or elsewhere, there’s not proper infrastructure. So, I just want everyone to see we have very, very clear demands. But most importantly, we need to escalate this movement. This movement initially, people thought they want to constrain it to just to be about Vax and no Vax, that’s not what it’s about.

If you look at the history in Canada, 23,000 Truckers are, there’s a deficit of 23,000 Truckers in Canada. No one wants to go into the trucking business because the wages have explosively gone down. And the government has imposed massive regulations on these small business truckers, it becomes so expensive to be a small business trucker, so people are not going to the trucking business.

So, the regulatory framework has been destroying the truckers, not only in Canada, but in this country. I went to a big protest in the White House about a couple of months ago. So, what we’re witnessing here it’s Beyond Vax & Anti-Vax.

So, Truth Freedom Health says we need to escalate this movement. It can’t just be about vaccines or no vaccines, they may just throw us, “Oh, we got rid of the vaccine mandates, now what? Everyone go back home?” No, this movement has to escalate Beyond Vaccine, Anti-Vax to build a powerful Bottoms-Up Movement, but the most important thing is it cannot be just restricted to just the Vax/Anti-Vax discourse. Heather – Do you want to say anything before we go to Dezirae?

Dezirae: I can keep showing! I’m in Ottawa now, look how pretty it is! We’re trying to find a high spot so I can see you more things, and people.

Dr.Shiva: We’ll come back to you. So, the main thing we want to share with everyone is that when a movement comes up like this, there’s a lot of excitement. And then people forget there are forces right now; one force wants to crush this movement call it, it’s all about Nazis.

Another group of people are lying to try to sell out the movement. Don’t try to say, “okay, we just got the vax mandates removed let’s all go back to work, or vote another government into power, another party.” And that’s called the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment and we teach people that in our movement.

It’s Not-So-Obvious-Establishment because it is always the enemy of movements. So, we got to watch out for that. Marica, do you want to say any points to that before we go back? We’re live in Ottawa with Dezirae. Go ahead. Marica.

Marica: Yes, thank you, Dr.Shiva for doing this live and bringing the truth. What’s happening in Canada.

Dr.Shiva: Let everyone know you’re in Canada.

Marica: Yes, I’m in Calgary, in Canada. And you have been talking about this power that Truckers actually have in trucking not being in union. In Canada, not many of them actually have tremendous power that they stepped into it. And I just wish more people will realize, and learn about them; Not-So-Obvious-Establishment and controlled opposition, that is actually going out now. And they’re trying to corral people back to the establishment, and I have been watching and following, how actually going to settle a play in just kind of in the background, what needs to happen.

So, there’s all these Grifters coming on and supporting Truckers and I see this as taking away the power that they have. So, I’m very proud of this movement that has been through from the day one making it clear that the Working People need to Unite and that we need to learn basically what is down the road, and we need to be educated.

So, thank you for bringing us on and to bring awareness. It is pretty hard. There’s censorship, it is huge. You saw the transportation minister on the news, there’s no reports of how huge this is and actually taking over all around the world. We have people organizing Truckers in Australia, in Croatia, all through Europe. It’s becoming very, very, big.

Dr.Shiva: Thanks Marica, let’s just go over to Dezirae. Dezirae? Do you want to show us what you got, Dezirae?

Dezirae: I didn’t know you had seen or not; but I was showing along the way. I just found some other people from my home province!

Dr.Shiva: Live in Ottawa out there you know we have been telling the Working People to Unite and this is what the beginning looks like. Dezirae is our Truth Freedom Health Warrior who has gone through the training, she’s been on the ground, she has been making signs as well!

Dezirae: We’re live with Dr.Shiva right now! I don’t see any Nazi’s here.

Dr.Shiva: Heather? Can you tell us where you are? And what you witnessed there? Go ahead.

Heather: I’m in Calgary, and I was talking at the rally yesterday. We’ve had rallies recently that the numbers have been growing, and growing, and the enthusiasm and excitement, and peacefulness, and unity that is bringing our country together has been really beautiful. I’ve been moved to tears daily watching the convoy move across the country, seeing children, and families, and neighbors, seeing the Hutterites who are typically very apolitical come out and support the movement was incredibly moving and their dedication to ensuring that Truckers and people in the convoy were fed, despite RCMP attempting to not permit that from happening.

I see nuns. This Bottoms-Up Movement seems to really work and is really effective and it’s come together rather organically, and it’s very inspiring. So, I think it’s important for us to organize ourselves so that we can be as effective as possible within the movement that’s taking place so I appreciate you being here Dr.Shiva.

Dr.Shiva: You’re welcome, we have a lot of people thanking you guys, and thanking us for the coverage, because the mainstream media is not covering this. Let me go back to Dezirae. Dezirae Are you there? Let’s go back to Dezirae, there’s a lot of people very, very, excited! There you go, excellent! The crowd! Isn’t it interesting?

Dezirae: I don’t see a lot of hate, or nazi’s, or rude people. There are people of different ethnicities and maybe a few drunk people. And I might smell a little bit of pot. People are peaceful, happy, and cheering for freedom. Like I said, yesterday, when I came, it was overwhelming. Just so many people.

And I haven’t been down the half of it. Like I haven’t done all the walk or anything yet. And they had a lot of people speaking earlier this afternoon. So, the main area I showed you, there was no empty spaces earlier today. I think we all kind of have a threshold on how long we can stay outside but we got to find bathrooms.

Dr.Shiva: You walk back, get warm! But we have a lot of people thanking you on the ground. So, if you need to head back, keep showing and get warm! Let me just – I think one of the main things that you and I were talking earlier, was the following. That when a movement like this builds and Marica, I’ve been talking about this; there’s the obvious establishment, you have the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, what we call the Grifters.

And then you have our movement, frankly, and historically, movements like Truth Freedom Health have always been snuffed out by the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment. When a movement comes up. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment uses people like this, to corrals them into one wing of the establishment.

So, they take the fervor and the anger of people in the excitement. And then they say, “Yeah, we don’t want the Trudeau Government,” but they get ready to put in some other government. And that’s what’s happening. We’re seeing that on the ground as we speak. So, because our movement exists, we’re going to be the watchdog of that.

And as I shared earlier, these are the real demands of the Movement for Truth Freedom Health. And these are the demands I want to share with everyone we shared earlier. But it’s important to bring them up. It’s definitely End the Trudeau Government, but doesn’t mean replace that government with another means, workers to power.

And that means Working People come to power. And obviously, the mandates and the jab passports, no to divisions in segregation. It is the government, the Canadian government or other governments that have been doing divide and rule.

When it comes to truth, we need to start investigating these universities and these university professors and their collusion with Big Pharma, we need to also end governments unholy alliances with Big Tech. And finally, when it comes to health, the health cannot be based on one size fits all medicine.

And if the governments like Canada really want to end racism with nice pointing, pointing the finger and saying there’s Nazis here and there. The real way to end racism is infrastructure in the inner cities. So, these are the big, big core demands that working people want. Working people do not want one government being replaced by another government. And it’s very, very valuable that people have risen up and working people, and the core of our movement has always been Working People Unite.

So, it’s really, really powerful to see that message getting through and the other someone just posted, “France protested at Pfizer,” we’ve been telling people to go to the heart of where the establishment is, and they’re not really government buildings. So, we did a massive protest here in Cambridge, at Pfizer, someone in France is following suit, etc.

But our Movement for Truth Freedom Health is guiding – is really the guiding light to make sure that the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment doesn’t hijack movements be it Kennedy’s in the US, or the Democrats, or the so called certain wings of the right wing party. None of these serve any interest of the working people. And this movement must escalate. Marica, do you want to say a couple of other things. Oh, go ahead, Dezirae!

Dezirae: I was just showing you a sign that this lovely lady has here, it says, “you give me hope!” Not being forced to take back our rights or rights are being taken away if you don’t want to get it if we don’t want it let us not get it. One thing that I saw yesterday or two, three days ago I came from Saskatchewan, I’ve been driving with everyone in the middle of nowhere, it was super sweet.

Dr.Shiva: Dezirae we’re going to just wrap it up but this was wonderful with her, and the truckers. Dezirae, that was awesome. People are very, very excited. So, you’re getting support from: Poland, Bolivia, Australia, Scotland all over the world. So just let people know that it’s okay. Close up to one of the truckers?


Dr.Shiva: I’m just going to wrap it up. So let’s just be clear to everyone. Just to summarize, there’s a massive Movement of Working People who got United, and they got united against the attack on Truth Freedom Health in Canada. And those Working People took to the streets. Which means they organized the convoy. Dezirae, we have close to 2,000 members in our Canada Movement, all over people have been working very hard.

Educating people on the ground one on one, which the news media will never cover, people like Marica, Heather just joined as a new Truth Freedom Health Warrior. But our movement is about Bottoms-Up. The Movement with Truckers and Canada is just the beginning. The Not-So-Obvious-Establishment right now is running around in the back rooms, I guarantee you, trying to move deals with different wings of the establishment, hey, let’s give them the vaccine, let’s eliminate the vaccine mandate. And we’ll negotiate something against the working people. That’s typically what they do. This is a moment for vigilance.

This is not yes; people should be excited that working people came out. But history teaches us this is a moment for vigilance and to escalate the movement. This is a moment bring more working people into this not just end with or focus it with the media, the media wants to make it just about vaccines.

That’s what the media wants it to do. But it’s not about vaccines, as if you talk to and you look at what’s been going on in Canada or the United States or anywhere in the world working people are being enslaved. The vaccine mandates are part of a long history of that regulatory attack on people. The jab mandates have nothing to do with health. They’re really about control, power, and profit. Power, Profit and Control. So, Marica, do you want to say a few things before we end?

Marica: Yes, sure.

Dr.Shiva: Head on these points of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment before we add Go ahead.

Marica: Yes. I mean, this is obvious what’s going on now. That’s how desperate government is and using all the means to – to corral people back. I worry a little bit about people not knowing really and understanding what can happen to the movement because they, – if they don’t stand their ground, they were committed to stay on the ground, by the way until Trudeau leaves, and all the mandates are scrapped. So, we will see what’s going to happen. We keep following.

I encourage people to get serious about and to get to know more because it’s available, that knowledge is available, how we actually slowly got enslaved over a long period of time, and we are talking at least last 50 years. So that knowledge is available. So, everybody should join our movement, which is a standing for Truth Freedom Health. And we have a government pushing for more power, more profit, and more control.

Dr.Shiva: Thank you. Very good. So, I think the key takeaway is someone just put up one bad MF, “RFK is for vaccination of all Americans, and he himself is vaccinated along with his entire family.” I think the key thing right now, is people need to recognize that a movement has begun, it’s begun.

And that movement cannot explosively grow without the right Political Theory. So, I want everyone to go to We have organized that curriculum. So A, you get educated. Without education movements will die very, very quickly, they’ll get overtaken. B, people need to have community of other people, or at a level of consciousness that understand there’s not 15 or 10, or many different ways to win.

There’s frankly, one way and that is way of understanding Systems Theory, building community, and getting on the ground new activism in our movement is the only movement on the planet that offers that it is frankly, the only way forward. And this is why the people in Canada activists out there have been pounding away telling people to build a Bottoms-Up Movement.

And we’re seeing that and, and it’s really, really important at this point that people recognize, to grow this movement we need to be aware of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, like in in the United States, like the Trump’s, or the Kennedys, or the Bernie’s and in Canada right now as Marica and I just shared. There’s the Not-So-Obvious Establishment is coming in like vultures. They want to snuff this movement out.

They’re figuring out ways to use the movement to negotiate political positions. That’s called Opportunism. You know, I did a video a couple of days ago, talking about Neil Young, who’s from Canada. If you remember Marica and Heather and this other guy, Joe Rogan. And a lot of the people who frankly are unconscious incompetence got so upset. Why am I attacking Joe Rogan? Well, Joe Rogan is institutionalized, Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, just because he covers certain things doesn’t mean he’s for a working people’s movement. And Neil Young, was against GMOs at one point No, he’s Pro-Vax. Joe Rogan was Pro-GMO.

He had the number one guy who was like the Fauci of GMOs, Kevin Folta on his show, praising him. But even though people said, “put Dr.Shiva on,” he never did, and he’ll never put someone like me on, because we are the real fighters, he will put the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment on and create a dialectic. And that is what the media does, immediately wants to make the truckers movement Pro-Vax, Anti-Vax, that’s not what it is. Not what it is. And we have to be very careful that the politicians and the opportunities will come in, and they may even say, “Okay, we’re going to eliminate the vaccine mandates.”

But they will take a pound of flesh from the working people for that. That’s what vultures do. So that’s what I wanted to let everyone know that what’s occurring in Canada is historic. But it will be unfortunate if that movement doesn’t escalate. And the good news is a Movement for Truth Freedom Health exists. Historically, a movement like ours did not exist, people rise up, and then you know what happens?

Boom. The movement sort of just evaporates, because the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment destroys it. Let’s just say a few words from Dezirae, and we’ll sign off. Thank you, everyone. That’s right. Do you have any final words? We need to go ahead, Dezirae, final words we’re signing off.

Dezirae: You know what this crowd gives us hope! Apparently, for other countries, other places, and hope for freedom. So, thanks for watching, and get out, and do some local activism.

Dr.Shiva: Do you have your sign? Show your sign!

Dezirae: Oh, my goodness. Dr.Shiva, do you want to see the guy that’s in his Speedo? Does everyone see this?

Dr.Shiva: Yeah, let’s see it! Haha! All right, everyone. Thank you very much. Be well, be the light; Let’s build the movement. Thank you, Heather. Great to have you, one of our new Warrior Scholars. Thanks, Marica. Bye-bye. Thanks, John.

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