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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – provides a Systems Analysis of what happened in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the deeper issues leading up to it, and how the elites create the conditions to divide and rule the working class. 
  • The Elites seek to divide and rule working people, left from right, black from white. WE working people must UNITE beyond Black and White, beyond Left and Right, to win Truth Freedom Health. The Kyle Rittenhouse situation provides an exemplar case study to understand why the Elites create conditions to provide a no-win situation for working people.
  • The Elites do not need to orchestrate individual instances. Once the conditions are in place, they wait for a reaction to happen, then are ready to take advantage. The academics at Oxford and Harvard control the dialogue, the dynamics of history, how to frame any problem, and the deep ties to the British Crown – the history of divide and rule, its relevance today, and how it always leads back to the British Crown.
  • Dr.SHIVA discusses how censorship and racism are very powerful vehicles for divide and rule. This ensures that the real problem is never addressed, and the elites will always promote a fake problem and fake solutions. The elites are always thinking ten steps ahead, and are very clever at creating conditions. 
  • Dr.SHIVA discusses how his lawsuit exposed the Censorship Infrastructure in the United States which was funded by the Atlantic Council, and how the elites are trying to bring back the concept of royalty. A small set of people with immense access to wealth have used the institutions of academia and the media to gain power, profit, and control. It is those institutions which control governments, judges, and legislatures. 


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Hello, everyone, good afternoon to people on YouTube, Facebook, our own platform VA Shiva.TV which we’ve just launched, and to people on Instagram, Twitch, and a bunch of other channels we’re live streaming out. Today we’re going to be talking and essentially providing a Systems Analysis of looking at what just happened with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. As some of you may know, the jury found Kyle Rittenhouse unanimously not guilty.

Clearly when you look at the evidence that took place, it was presented that one, there are a number of people arguing that there was really no investigation done before charges were even made. The other part is clearly this was self defense by any means that you look at this, and we’ll discuss more about that. But there’s a deeper issue that we’re going to be talking about. That deeper issue is what we want to educate everyone on using the System’s Approach.

Divide and Rule

What I want to discuss today is really using this opportunity to educate everyone. There’s the apparent issue that just took place moments ago, which is that a young man was, in my opinion, rightfully found not guilty because it was self defense. But the bigger issue is how the elites, and that’s what we want to talk about, are always about creating conditions to divide and rule us. What we’ll realize is however you look at the situation and the events that lead to it, the elites always try to create a no-win situation to split apart black and white people. It’s the divide and rule model.

As a part of today’s agenda, I want to really talk about the dynamics of divide and rule, the dynamics of how censorship works in that so you don’t have any dialogue, and you can see that’s what the press did here. He was convicted long before any trial even took place, when the trial was taking place. That censorship serves to make one set of the population feel disenfranchised.

That’s where the divide and rule comes in. The other piece I want to talk about is how the elites create the conditions for divide and rule. What we’re seeing right now, long before the Rittenhouse case, long before the actual case, there are many events that were put into place that go back probably 50 years leading to this important point that are really about creating the conditions for divide and rule.

How We Got Here

As a part of this, I will also bring out the real issues of racism. The elites, by the way, censor any real discussion on racism, so the left and right are always divided. One group talks about racism in a very limited landscape, and the other group does not even want to acknowledge racism exists. So the real discourse on racism never takes place, and we’ll talk about that. The elites are very clever at consolidating knowledge and power and what the narratives actually are, and that’s also what led up to the events of today.

Ultimately what we want to talk about is that all of this is against working people. Whether it’s in Kenosha, whether it’s in Newark, New Jersey, whether it’s in Chennai, India or Bosnia. Ultimately what we see is the British Crown. In the example of World War One, why they have brought Harry here, it’s really about executing this principle of divide and rule so working people do not unite. We’ll talk about that. Ultimately, we want to really talk about how the press is always utilized by the elites to create this dialectic or this division.

As a part of that, I want to also review in this context how this goes back a long way before Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle Rittenhouse and the working people of this country are ultimately victims of this. Black and white. Because each one of these conditions, the elites are very clever, they control the petri dish of reactions. They’re like the alchemists in the sense, they control this petri dish, they’re able to inject stuff into this petri dish to create conditions where we all want to be at each other’s throats.

Creating the Conditions to Divide

For example, we’ll talk about what occurred in World War One, how the British actually perpetrated World War One. Created it. Got the British people hating the German people. This is by design. The results of this lawsuit are important to understand because on the one hand, justice was served, but it should never have even gotten to this point. Before I go there, I always like to start with this video because one of my intentions is that everyone listening, and all of us, start recognizing that those in power create the conditions of division. In this case, black vs white, “black Nationalism” vs “white nationalism”, branding people, using the media to make sure discussion is suppressed so one group gets angry at another group.

That’s fundamentally the dynamic. But that dynamic and those interconnections between the press, the elites, those in power, and the analysis I’m going to provide you can only be elicited if we take a Systems Approach which goes Beyond Left & Right. That Systems Approach is ultimately focused on teaching you or making sure that you become a Leader. A Leader in taking the System’s Approach. This video will give you a particular glimpse of why we need to take a Systems Approach in understanding this, and then I’m going to give you my Systems Analysis.

Academias Involvement in Controlling Speech

Let’s take a Systems Approach to understand what took place. Remember, when we take a Systems Approach, we want to use it to see the interconnections between the parts. One of the things we teach in taking a Systems Approach is we want to not look at things as left or right, black or white, meaning division, we want to look at a situation in an objective way but look at the interconnections between things.

The interconnections we want to look at here are the press, the motivation of the elites, we want to look at the timeline of history, we want to look at some important issues like racism, what is racism, and we want to recognize that those in academia, for many, many years have put forward what they believe everything should be talked about, and what is right speech, and what is not right speech, essentially to control speech.

The Deeper Issue

These many dynamic elements are the points that lead to the Kyle Rittenhouse situation, and what is likely going to occur after and I’ll make some predictions on that. First of all, we want to take a Systems Approach. The first thing we want to understand is what is the real issue here. There’s two real issues. In the last hour or less, that young boy was acquitted. Clearly, when you look at what was presented, the prosecution had to have made an argument that was beyond any type of doubt, but they couldn’t. What did come up clearly was this was clearly self defense. The other issue was he was clearly defending himself and he had every right to do that.

More importantly was those who the prosecution was representing, if you look at their records, these guys had some serious criminal records. They were not squeaky clean like Rittenhouse. So when you look at the apparent facts, it was, in my view, I don’t even think that there was any investigation conducted to even charge him properly. It shouldn’t have even gotten to this lawsuit situation. The second issue was clearly self defense. Luckily, the jury got that. But there’s a much deeper issue that we want to discuss today. If we don’t discuss this deeper issue, we’re not going to understand that it is those in power which created the conditions that even got to this point.

Massive Division

If you go look on social media right now, you’ll see this massive division. One set of people relieved that Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty, and a whole nother set of people who are saying this is awful, we need to eliminate the Second Amendment, this was not self defense, this is white privilege, and so on. No one wanting to look at the reality of what took place. You’re going to have further division. We want to talk about that. The reason we want to look at that is that the deeper issue here is divide and rule.

The elites have mastered the art of creating conditions, chemical reactions you may want to say, if you want to take an Engineering or Scientific Approach. Imagine you’re a scientist or a biologist and have a little petri dish. You can create the conditions there and different things will grow based on the conditions you create. Well, most working people, we don’t control these conditions. The amount of people who have access to the media, immense amounts of wealth, they can create these conditions.

History of Divide and Rule: The British Crown

As we showed a few days ago, if you go back to World War One, we looked at how The Group, that’s what they were called, in the 1800s, led by Cecil Rhodes, led by Britain, how they created the conditions to vilify Germany because Germany was rising as a power. That dynamic is not that different from how the press was vilifying and being the judge and jury on Kyle Rittenhouse. So they were creating these conditions for essentially division. In the case of World War One, the British Crown which hates the First Amendment, hates the Second Amendment, they created the conditions to vilify Germany.

They used the press, they used novelists, they used all sorts of media, they used immense amounts of power. Bankers in the US funded them to create this petri dish. The alchemy starting in the 1890s to create the conditions that eventually a spark would take place. One of the things we want to understand, the “conspiracy” here, the elites in my opinion, do not map everything out to the detail, they don’t need to do that. They just need to create the conditions. When the conditions are created, they wait for a spark to start a fire.

Fueling the Spark

If you go back and look a few videos ago, the conditions that the elites created then starting in 1890, they started vilifying Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm the second, because they wanted a war with Germany, because Britain did not want anyone coming up to Germany’s level. So they made William Kaiser Wilhelm the second evil. They put out new stories about this. They did that in the 1890s, 1900s, 1910. Then they had the opportunity with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, that was a spark they needed to justify the war with Germany. Same thing in the US. The bankers and the elites created the conditions.

They vilified Germany, they had invested a lot to bankroll the war. Then when the Lusitania was torpedoed which was carrying munitions, they used that to go attack Germany. Understand this dynamic. That’s why I want all of you to free yourself. Take an opportunity to go to, learn the dynamics of Systems. This is the dynamic. The elites think ten steps ahead. They’re very, very clever at creating conditions. They create the conditions, and then when the spark occurs, they just fuel that spark. The conditions here were the recognition that those in power know this dynamic number one, they know the dynamics of divide and rule.

Who are Those in Power?

Who are those in power as we talked about? It is at the top of this pile, what we call the elites, are the academics. Today in the world, two institutions in my research and my investigation really control the dialogue, the dynamics of history, how to frame any problem, like racism. One institution is in England by the name of Oxford, and the other institution Is the United States, its sister institution named Harvard. Harvard and Oxford. Remember, Harvard existed before the revolution. They have deep ties to the British Crown. But the model here is divide and rule. I was born in India. The British were extremely clever at executing divide and rule in India.

The British came to India with nothing as paupers, but they ended up controlling India. How did they do that? Well, they got all the king’s fighting against each other. In India prior to British rule, Muslims and Hindus and Christians all lived in peace. But colonialism divided all these people up, had all the people fighting against each other. While they were fighting against each other, Britain essentially robbed India. It’s a divide and rule model. They reimposed the caste system, as history shows. That same policy of divide and rule was also used in the United States when the colonists first arrived here. What did they do? They brought with them the remnants of divide and rule.

Power, Profit, and Control

In the United States, or before the United States was even formed, they were very clever. They had black slaves fighting against the poor white settlers fighting against the Native Americans. These three groups they made sure were always fighting against each other while they were extracting immense amounts of wealth. Whether you look at what the British did, divide and rule in India, their progenitors did the same thing, or their people who came to the United States, or at that time to the colonies here, continued that policy of divide and rule. One of the dynamics we want to recognize here is that those in power do not want unity among races of people. They do not particularly want unity among working people. Everyday people, black, white, yellow, brown, people who actually work for a living.

Transfer of Wealth

Today there are two American pies in the United States. Over the last 50 years, what’s actually happened is the American working class has been devastated, be it in places like Kenosha, be it in places like Newark, New Jersey, be it in places like Boston, and it’s been done through having people, men fighting women, blacks fighting whites, while over here the raping of the American working class, since we’re talking about the United States, has been taking place. This dynamic is occurring in every country. Since 1970, for example, until today, and if you look at the dynamic of what’s going on, 47 trillion in wealth, according to the RAND Corporation, was funneled from working people’s salaries upward to the 5%.

Today there’s two American pies. The 95% of everyday working people, black and white, if you’re making about $50,000 today, you should be making $120k. That’s literally come from the elites raping working class people’s wages and sending it over to people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. So there’s the big American Pie over here for the 5%, and a very small American Pie for the 95%. 25% of Americans, 22.8% if you look at the actual data, are unemployed. 22.8%. The wages of Americans have literally been devastated. None of that is talked about.

How To Divide and Rule

How is this done? How was this divide and rule process done? Number one, by controlling the dialogue, censorship. Number two, as a part of that, you ensure that censorship always leads to a dialectic, pro or anti. The real problem is never addressed, and we all always promote a fake problem and a fake solution. The real problem and the real solution are never addressed. In this context, let’s talk about Kyle Rittenhouse, what led up to this. As many of you know, the days before Kyle Rittenhouse had to defend himself, there was a set of incidents that took place where a black individual essentially attacked police officers, and unfortunately resulted in a fatality.

That led to a set of protests that were going to take place. Kyle Rittenhouse came to that event by his testimony to essentially protect that community from potentially all the events that we’ve seen take place elsewhere, where people were burning down businesses, etc. But what led to those events? What led to this divide? We need to step back a little bit and really look at the understanding of racism.

Who Defines Racism?

In the United States, there has been no real discourse on racism. Black people, white people, brown people, yellow, whatever your race is, there has been no open dialogue about racism. Let me repeat that again. Divide and rule, as I mentioned, works through the dynamic of censorship. So when you censor some very complex topic, and you just make it black and white, people get upset because they feel they really can’t have dialogue. So in the United States, with the use of these leaders, we could probably trace back all these papers written by professors at Harvard and Oxford.

By the way, many of these guys who write these papers are either old white guys, or Jewish people, or Chinese people or Indian people. Rarely black people and everyday working class people. Someone should do a demographic analysis of the people who are writing papers on racism at Oxford and Harvard. You will find them more than likely not being poor whites or poor black people. It’s people from all these other backgrounds who frankly know nothing about racism, or nothing about what it feels like to be an oppressed individual, yet those people write these papers. Using those papers and those articles that they get published in these journals, they define what racism is. Over the last 60-70 years, they have defined racism to be the following. They define racism to be if you use the N word. If you use the N word, you must be a white supremacist.

Fake Solutions

Growing up in the United States, growing up in Jersey, I was called the N word, but I never thought of that as racism. I thought of that as just ignorance. But that’s what they equate to racism. Yet they allow people like Elizabeth Warren to claim that she’s a Native American. In my view, that is real racism. They have defined a very effed up version of racism. In fact, a very narrow view of racism so they can pit blacks against whites. Their solution to solving racism is fake solutions like affirmative action which actually pitted poor blacks and against poor whites together. More importantly, the elites, they’re creating the conditions.

First, they construct their narrative of what racism is. They’re the biggest racists, and we’ll talk about that. Then they give their proposed solution, which is a fake solution. We need affirmative action, for example. There’s other fake solutions like these. Then what happens in this model is they very cleverly ensure the leaders who talk about, let’s say, this issue of racism or the solutions, are their chosen leaders coming from the crown or the royalty.

Gandhi’s Role in Divide and Rule

So in India for example, as the Indian people are starting to unite and rise up in the 1920s wanting to kick out the British Crown, wanting real freedom, what did the British do? They projected onto the Indian people someone called Gandhi. Gandhi, who was a British agent. They put among the Indian people a guy called Nehru who they made their prime minister who was essentially an Indian guy who was literally banging the emperor of England’s wife. Let me repeat that again. Those in power choose the leaders that are acceptable to them to create those conditions to keep people oppressed.

So in the Indian case, they divided and ruled everyone, they took over India, and then when the people wanted to rise up and unite, what did they do? They impose on them their leaders. Gandhi was an agent of the British. He told the Indian people it’s good to get your head bashed in. Nonviolent nonsense, it’s not good to defend yourself. Then Gandhi served to bring in an appointed Prime Minister the British liked. A guy who was in no way the enemy of the British. He was friends with the British. He was so friendly, he was actually screwing the former British Emperor’s wife. That’s how incestuous these people are.

Real Solutions Are Never Addressed

Now you look at the American situation, there was a righteous rising up against racism in this country, and it was at a time when it wasn’t just black people rising up. We need to understand if we actually go look at the history of the 1900s starting at that time, women wanted universal suffrage for blacks and women. Universal suffrage, not only for women. What did those in power do, just give it to women so they wanted to separate women from blacks, etc. But the march of the Civil Rights movement was not just the march of black people. It was a march of poor whites also. Those movements were rising in the early 60s and mid 60s.

Yes, there was severe racism against black people, that’s undeniable. But there were immense attacks on everyday poor whites. That’s also forgotten. Those movements were coming together. The royalty at that time, the Kennedys, same thing. They didn’t want to really address the fundamental issues of Infrastructure. That’s the real solution. Infrastructure in the inner cities. Opportunities for poor blacks and poor whites, putting in proper educational systems, water systems, which by the way, Infrastructure is what leads to public health. That was never addressed.

The Hijacking of the Civil Rights Movement

Instead, the Kennedy swooped in, they didn’t like people like Malcolm X, they didn’t want Bottoms-Up leaders, so they chose Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was acceptable. He was a bourgeois black, he was a Southern Baptist minister. If you go look at history, a black Baptist minister was on the top of the pecking order relative to everyday black people. The royalty of the time, the Kennedys, selected Martin Luther King. You can go read some of the very interesting writings, Malcolm X talks about how the march on Washington was a circus.

It was organized by the SNCC and the Kennedys. That was to project Martin Luther King forward. More importantly, it was to project fake solutions to the fundamental real problems of Infrastructure which would have solved real racism. That never got done. What really got done was we had the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, and statues got built for Martin Luther King. But fundamentally, what never got done was Infrastructure never got built in the inner cities.

Perpetuating Racism

Right here in Boston today, and you can look this up, Boston, the so-called center of Harvard, and all the liberal elites, right in Boston where John Kerry lives, and all the elites live in the heart of Boston, you have massive segregation still. The average net worth today in 2021, this is by the Federal Reserve and you can look it up, the average net worth of a black person and a white person, and most of these are the Boston Brahmins, is insanely a massive difference. The average net worth of a black person today in Boston is $8.

Let me repeat that. The average net worth of a black person in Boston today is $8. Their counterpart, typically the John Kerry’s and those types, is $280,000. In the midst of all these liberal elites saying how much you’re a racist, I’m a white supremacist, I’ve been called a white supremacist, they’re the ones who perpetrate racism because they’ve never addressed the real issues of racism which is Infrastructure, and the real issues are poverty.

MLK and Malcolm X

What’s fascinating is, after they projected Martin Luther King as their leader, when Martin Luther King said poverty is really the issue here, and when he spoke up against Vietnam, boom. A few weeks later, Martin Luther King is assassinated. More importantly, if you look at Malcolm X, Malcolm X came from Bottoms-Up.

The elites never wanted Malcolm’s ideology about how we need to empower black people, we need to put Infrastructure. That was never allowed. In fact, Malcolm X gave a very famous speech, he said, I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. But I do not believe that clash will be based on the color of the skin.

That’s after Malcolm X had broken from the black nationalist Black Muslims. He started realizing that the elites were the ones who were running and creating the conditions for divisiveness. After Malcolm X gave that speech, within two weeks, he was executed. By the way, we just found out yesterday that the so-called two people who were supposedly his killers did not kill him. I think one of them was 80 years old or something. It’s really unfortunate. It’s clear the Hoover administration was behind the execution of Malcolm X.

The British Crown

The point is that the elites create the conditions, they thrive on racism. So when you put all this together, they want black people at the throats of white people. They have created the conditions. So if you think about this lawsuit verdict, yes, the jury did the right thing. But at the end of the day, what has it done? It has created this division. You create the conditions of divide and rule, you never solve the real problems which is Infrastructure in the inner cities, you never address the real issues of poverty, you annihilate any real leaders that come from the people like Malcolm X who want to talk about the real issues, you annihilate even the fake leaders who they project like Martin Luther King when he does speak about the real issues.

So you want racism. And what is racism? Racism, the real definition, which the elites at Harvard and Oxford will never talk about, real racism is using race for one’s advancement. Using race, exploiting people. The elites did when they first came to this country. They said stuff against Native Americans, they said stuff against the blacks and the white settlers, they had them all fighting. So how do we do racism today? In the same job you pay a black person on the factory lines a little bit less than a white person, you do that with women and men. So you have the “rats” fighting against each other. Racism is a very powerful vehicle for divide and rule. This goes right back to the British crown.

Bringing Back the Concept of Royalty

Remember, divide and rule cannot exist without censorship. What we’re witnessing right now in the United States is that government, as we showed in our lawsuit with the Playbooks, government and Big Tech are one. They control social media. I think when people were putting up videos of Kyle Rittenhouse, they were taken down off YouTube. They were saying it was too violent. The social media, Big Tech, Silicon Valley guys in government have become one. That is what our lawsuit showed unequivocally. This is why our lawsuit got too hot for the judge to handle. I shared this diagram which showed the entire Censorship Infrastructure. That Censorship Infrastructure reveals that the Censorship Infrastructure in the United States was funded by the Atlantic Council.

Again, everything goes back to Britain. The British Crown, not the British people. There is a reason that this fool Duke and idiot of Sussex are here. They are here to bring the milieu of America back to the concept of royalty. When you look at the Rittenhouse case, there’s a long history that brings us here. We need to take a Systems Analysis. It was good that the jury got it because the big hope we have in the world is working people getting it. Working people do not want race war, but it is the elites who want race war. We have to recognize left and right, both wings of the establishment perpetrate race war.

Controlling the Working Class

In the United States, one group says that racism doesn’t exist. Another group which is the left therefore has owned racism. The Republican wing denies racism exists, therefore it’s created a vacuum for the AOCs of the world, the Bernie’s of the world, to define what racism is. They have defined racism as a few things.

Don’t use the N word and support affirmative action. If you do that you’re not a racist. But forget people like Elizabeth Warren, forget institutions like Harvard, forget institutions like Oxford, which pit races of people against each other. They’re the ones who create these conditions. They’re the ones who created the condition that they have pitted black people against police officers.

Why? Because they never put Infrastructure into these inner cities. Infrastructure was never put in. The Civil Rights movement never addressed the issue of Infrastructure. It never addressed the issue of the destruction of the family that started taking place because of poverty. So because of that, we live in a world right now on every issue, be it racism, every issue, when you take a Systems Approach, you will understand this.

On every one of these issues, we get divided. Ultimately this division is about controlling working people. When we teach the System’s Approach, this is why I keep saying the slogan that I want everyone to start saying is we need to move beyond black and white. Beyond Black and White, Beyond Left and Right, and Working People Must Unite for Truth, Freedom, and Health.

Divided States of America

When you look at the jab mandates, the mask mandates, when you look at the censorship, you can’t just look at these issues isolated. That’s what the media wants you to look at and they want to separate us. Pro-vax, anti-vax, pro-jab, anti-jab, pro-mask, anti-mask, pro-Big, Tech, anti-Big-Tech. The real issue is the censorship, the mandates, whether it be the jab or the diapers, they’re all about controlling working people psychologically. That’s what this is about. Beyond Black and White, Beyond Left and Right, Working People Must Unite for Truth, Freedom, and Health. So that is a singular goal. In order to do that, we have to take a big step back and we have to recognize that we need to take a Systems Approach. There is a science to this. I can tell you without equivocation, those at Oxford and Harvard, these people are very clever people. Very clever people.

They have well funded professors, well funded policymakers who are thinking day and night ten steps ahead how to create the conditions to divide us. Let me repeat this again. You’re looking at someone who got a bunch of degrees at MIT, has hung around with these academics. The academics of today are paid to play. They are about control. They want to create narratives. When you take the elite institutions at Oxford and Harvard, just go look at the demographics of the people who are professors there, most of them who are creating these narratives of what is racism, for example.

These people are thinking ten steps ahead. They’re not thinking just about Kyle Rittenhouse, they’re not thinking about BLM or America first, they’re thinking about creating conditions that the United States gets divided. It becomes a divided States of America. Why? Because their ultimate masters are elites, bankers, which ultimately, I’m going to do more videos on this, go back to the British Crown.

Censorship Infrastructure and the British Crown

The British Crown was devastated when they lost this country. When the First Amendment and the Second Amendment were implemented. No other country on the planet had those two things. That was a momentous event in human history. Ever since that point, there’s been one country, only one country which has been wanting to devastate America.

No, it’s not China. No, it’s not Iran. No, it’s not North Korea. It’s the British Crown. The British Crown is the one that occupied the United States after the Revolutionary War. They’re the ones who burned down the White House. They’re the ones who got us involved in World War One.

They’re the ones who perpetrated World War Two, and they’re the ones behind the Censorship Infrastructure in this country. It was funded by the British Crown. The royalty still exists. Let’s not be naive. That royalty wants working people never to unite. They do not want black, white, yellow, us working people uniting. So they’ve created two wings of the establishment. That is by design, They’ve created the “legislatures” and the “governments” and the “judges”, they do not want us organizing Bottoms-Up. Because if the slaves organized Bottoms-Up, and if the son of slaves, or indentured servants to be more specific, someone like me, happens to get all those degrees and happens to start putting together educational programs to start educating you, that is dangerous.

Working People Unite

That is why I encourage all of you to go to Understand that the only way out of this, and I can say this with utter conviction is for you to get educated. Either Get Educated or Be Enslaved. That is the only way forward. It’s not going to happen just by saying I just want freedom, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, by the way, the First Amendment is gone in this country.

It’s not going to happen just by taking care of your health by saying I’m just going to forget about everything, I’m just going to do my yoga and take care of my health. It’s not going to occur through just innovating our way out of this through technology, Bitcoin, etc. It’s going to happen through a movement that intersects the movement for Freedom, the movement for Truth, and the movement for Health. That is the only way.

All Roads Lead Back to the British Crown

Those in power at places like Harvard and Oxford know this. They spend day and night creating the conditions that leads to the spark of a jury trial in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Tomorrow it’ll be something else. It’ll be another Kyle Rittenhouse. There’ll be some other condition, and they are waiting. They have created the conditions without ever addressing the real issues of racism so you have blacks and whites against each other. Then eventually they hope there will be some spark that will create a real race war. That will depress this country and you know what happens then? Those people in power will buy the assets of this country.

Ultimately it’s economic for a song. Britain, the British Crown has so much wealth they’ve acquired over the last three to five years in their offshore bank accounts from all the money laundering they’ve been part of. Mark my words, all roads lead back to the British Crown. There is a reason that doofus Harry and idiot Markle are here. This is about divide and rule.

This is about destroying one of the most powerful events that took place in the world in human history, which was 1776 when the First Amendment and the Second Amendment were created. This was a devastation to the elites of the world. It is censorship that is used to create divide and rule.

Get Educated or Be Enslaved

In the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the media was unleashed to already make a decision. It wasn’t just against Kyle Rittenhouse, it was to create the division. Because then the conservatives who support Kyle Rittenhouse now say oh my God, CNN, they’re already predicting, they’re already crucifying him. It’s to create that division, that dialectic. I want to talk about solutions.

The solution here I keep repeating is, as my great grandfather said, it was a poor indentured servant, a slave, he had very little money but if someone in the village came and asked him for money to buy a book, or to go to school, he would gladly figure out some way to help that person. And the education we need here is a Systems Understanding.

It’s taken me 50 years to put together that knowledge. That’s number one. The other thing is we have to start talking among ourselves, we have to intersect. We as people have to lead. Social media calls us “followers”. No, we need Leaders, so we’ve created a community. Finally, each of you need to learn how to become activists on the ground, and I’ve created tools for that. So there is a real solution. The only solution is to get educated with the knowledge of Systems Science. We don’t have to sit here thinking that there’s nothing to do, that we have to take a left or a right.

The Only Way Forward

Alright, everyone, I hope that was valuable. When we do these videos, we want to do an analysis of a real situation, be it current or historical. But analysis can lead to paralysis, if we don’t actually have a solution. So when you consider what just happened with Kyle Rittenhouse, obviously to his family, and everyone, it must be a very, very grateful day for them from this jury because their son was properly acquitted, in my opinion. We’ll see what happens after this. It was clearly self defense.

The people attacking him, if you look at the background of these people, these people had all sorts of crazy criminal records before this. He was a young kid who was there to essentially protect businesses, and that’s what he was doing. But the more important issue there as we just finished in conclusion is we’ve looked at what led to this set of events. What led to this lawsuit, what led to the BLM protests that were going to take place, and it all leads up to the real problem. When you peel away those layers, and you look at those interrelationships, you find out that the real issue is that those in power never want to empower working people.

It’s ultimately about freedom versus slavery, or more specifically, it’s about the forces of power, profit and control, versus the forces of Truth, Freedom and Health. It’s not left and right, it’s not black and white. It’s about the forces of Power, Profit and Control by a small set of people who use all these institutions of academia, they use institutions of media, they have immense access to wealth, it is those institutions which control governments, they control judges, they control legislatures. They use that to create these conditions.

The only way forward is first for you to understand this dynamic exists, for you to understand Systems Science, and then for us to unite beyond black and white working people, and to understand that we have to fight for Freedom, we have to fight for Truth, and for Health altogether. I hope this analysis was valuable, and I wish you all a good weekend. Be well, thank you.

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