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Dr.SHIVA discusses how Trump and Biden got campaign contributions from Big Pharma in a LIVE call in show

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, scientist, engineer, educator – presents an Economic Systems Analysis on how Trump & Biden got Millions from Big Pharma with guest Frank Licata and takes Live Calls from the audience. 
  • Frank explains his involvement in the Trump campaign starting in 2015 and how he put out thousands of signs & built many billboard ones and organized rallies. Then was “kicked to the curb” when RNC took over in 2020, even though Frank and his team had so much success in 2016.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains the archaic & medieval manner of the Pharmaceutical drug development process. This process is very long, drawn out, inefficient, ineffective, and extremely expensive, while most of the expense goes to advertising as well as the R&D.
  • Dr.SHIVA shares how vaccines no longer have to go through the normal process and no one can sue for injuries like normal pharmaceuticals drugs. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, all production has been fast tracked with no liability and now Pfizer, who had been losing billions of dollars previously, is projected to make $26 Billion.
  • Dr.SHIVA presents the proof that both Trump and Biden accepted $1 Million from Pfizer. Trump created Warp Speed to save Big Pharma and now Biden is buying 500 million doses of vaccines with American taxpayer money from Pfizer, thus delivering them a multi-billion dollar paycheck.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA:  Good evening. This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. We are going to start shortly. And we’re going to be talking about how Biden & Trump both got a million dollars from Big Pharma at least. And it’ll really help people understand the interconnections between whether it’s Left or Right, Republican or Democrat, there is a WWF wrestling going on. And it’s very, very easy to get caught into that. I also have a friend of ours joining today. We’ll see if he’s coming in. Everyone, we have a friend of ours joining here. Good to have you. Frank, are you coming in?

I actually have a meeting where we do our live Monday evening meetings today. But we’re going to be having a discussion today on really intersecting facts. And so I want to elevate the conversation and the political consciousness of people to really help people understand how the relationship between Government and Big Corporations has become so blurred, which came out in our lawsuit between Government and Twitter where Government ends and where Twitter begins. Nobody really knows anymore. So, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about. And I have a guest of mine joining me today. Frank Licata, who’s a hard working electrician who worked on the Trump campaign extremely hard. Frank, you’re there, right. Let me add, Frank, you want to say hello to everyone on the stream?

Frank Licata:  Hey, Dr.SHIVA, how are you? Okay,

Dr.SHIVA:  Good to have you, Frank. Let me just give the intro and I’ll come back to you. Okay, so you just hold on. To everyone listening, one of the most important things to understand is that our lawsuit in Massachusetts, which is a historic lawsuit, is bringing out something quite profound. And what that lawsuit is bringing out is that we’re Government ends in a Big Corporation, like Twitter begins, nobody knows anymore.

I want everyone to really start looking at this from a system standpoint. You know, today at 7pm, every Monday evening, I teach our Systems Course, it’s part of the VASHIVA.COM platform. And we’re our intention here is to really elevate the conversation, elevate people politically, because the American working class is being completely taken advantage of by both parties, Republican and Democrat, Trump and Biden, Bernie and Cruz, whatever you want to whatever name you want to assign to it.

And those people want to get this. We have an opportunity to actually liberate ourselves by building a Bottoms-up movement. We have to let go of all these political parties as one big shit show. It’s one big WWF wrestling and Frank will talk to you about his journey he went through and what made him come to the realization. Frank will talk to you about how he went to every VIP event Trump had. He put up 1000s 10s of 1000s of signs, was an avid supporter. And I gave money to Trump, many of you gave money to Trump.

And on the left there, people supported Obama there people supported Sanders, not about Trump. This is about the fact that we have two political parties, which are both part of big government, which control the dialogue, which essentially work with Big Corporations where the blurring has become in such a way that you don’t even know where Big Pharma begins and where Government ends, where Twitter or Big Tech begins where Government ends.

And if you can start seeing this deeper understanding. It’ll evaporate all this nonsense that where people become cult like to Bernie, cult like to Al Sharpton, cult like to Biden or cult like to Trump, cult like to De Santis or any one of these parties. And what I want people to start thinking about is think about, I didn’t have a chance to do this diagram, which I wanted to, I’ll probably do it on a follow up call, or a lecture here. But if you want to think about Big Corporations over here, and you want to think about Governments over here, they have created such linkages, that corporations, fund, politicians and Government, Government in return gives them certain access and benefits.

And they’ve done this collusion in such a way that the Government can sometimes say, Oh, we didn’t do it, the private company did it. That’s what’s happening with our very important lawsuit, everyone should go to and support this lawsuit. And our goal is everyone should just give $1. That’s all we’re looking for $1, because we want to build a movement. I’m putting that link there. So, the point here is this, that what we discovered in factual documents, and I’m going to share facts about Biden and Trump here, so everyone who has any concerns about the facts, can have an opportunity to look at it, and essentially have a detox of both of these parties.

But what we discovered was that the Government has given Twitter – has given Big Tech section 230 immunity, and in relation, in return for that. Twitter and Big Tech have given the Government the ability to censor the speech of Americans. The Government can do this. So, where the Government ends and Twitter begins, nobody knows. That’s what we want to elevate the discussion about. And more importantly, and I can do a whole nother lecture on this, the American working class is the most dangerous working class to the elites, because the American working class, unlike any other working class in the world has the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.

And so over the last 50 to 60 years, the elites have been working very, very hard to brainwash the American working class, distracting them with celebrities, Hollywood entertainment, reality shows stars, the Left and the Right, Republican and Democrat. And where you’re going to see in today’s live show is that these guys will say anything, and they’ll in fact get you drawn into their WWE wrestling. And if you get drawn into that – the big elephant in the room is always going to be missed. In this case, we’re going to use a case study of Big Pharma, Big Pharma was going down the tubes.

And what we’re going to share with you is that Trump and Biden both who got 1 million dollars, and when I put this out there, people had certain credulity, where are you getting those facts? Well, I’m going to share those facts. So, there’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I challenge all of you who did have a concern with Oh, this is not true. Trump didn’t take a million dollars. Well, after I show that to you, I encourage you to call in, we can talk about it, because we want to have open discussion and debate. We don’t want to be blindsided from the blind, we don’t want to be censoring others from the left or the right.

The people on the right say that the left censors and why See, when I put out the facts about Trump, there is a vocal minority of quote unquote Trumpers, who want to attempt to censor me and try to tell me to shut the hell up. Well, those of you know me, regardless what the consequences are, to me, I don’t care about, you know, gathering followers, I will always tell the truth. It’s not about followers about building a movement. This is about recognizing the truth and the facts of how we build a movement.

So, that’s why we’ve created the VA Shiva platform where we, every Monday evening, I work a full day this evening, from seven to 10pm. And another three hours I start my next day, we’re going to be educating hundreds of people across the world on why we need to build a Bottoms-up movement, we’re going to be educating people on the Science of Systems.

And that’s the foundation and then we’ve created a platform underground in our own data center, independent of Big Tech where people, the alumni of this training, get to interact and then we’re creating on the ground activism. If you want to be part of that, great, but part of that is – what I do, try to do at least once a day, sometimes I miss because if I get busy –  is to always take a topic and to educate all of you from a system standpoint. And if we can understand the system’s nature of life, then we can actually start to figure out the truth for ourselves.

So let me bring in Frank, Frank, maybe, Frank, are you there?

Hey, Frank. Frank can’t hear you. Hold on. Let me unmute you. Here we go. Yeah. So Frank, how are you doing?

FL:  I’m doing well. I’m up here in Andover, Massachusetts.

Dr.SHIVA:  So Frank, maybe we just want it because I don’t have a lot of time. And I have some slides set up. But maybe we can take a couple of minutes. And if you can walk through people, you know that you weren’t really that political. You got politicized by the Trump campaign of 2016. Our campaign. And if you can just share with people very briefly how you got into that, and the immense amount of work you did on that campaign. And then what really happened in 2020. And then more recently, what got you to your conclusions? Go ahead, Frank.

FL:  Sure. Yeah, no, I, I entered politics in 2015 when Trump came down the escalators, but I basically was part of his campaign and was a very active volunteer for a year and a half. I spent working primarily in New Hampshire, but also Massachusetts, as well, where we support New Hampshire on numerous tasks, I mean, everybody. And it was a true grassroots campaign come re-election time for 2020. We all got kicked to the curb.

And the RNC took over and said, we’ll take it from here. So that’s basically what happened. But I spent a year and a half, pretty much full time, unpaid, as a volunteer, anything and everything they needed me to do. And it was truly a movement, you know, or so I thought it was, I thought it was, you know, the outside agent of change, and so forth. I was most impressed by the fact that he did not hold office before and he didn’t need the job. Much as with your campaigns, that’s a similarity. Somebody that is not a politician is basically who I like. And I actually I was not affiliated with any political party. I’ve always been conservative voted that way. But I only became a republican for Trump because they were looking for delegates.

Dr.SHIVA:  Frank, but what was the thing that changed your thing? And can you tell people how much work you did on the Trump campaign? And then what happened?

FL:  Yeah, well, it was, it was everything was on the ground with the signs, like you said earlier. I can’t even remember large billboards type signs, we did rallies, setting up rallies. And there were quite a few. I went to, like, working, you know, not as a guest. But as a worker. It was pretty neat and I got to meet the future president, his family, and I thought it was pretty nice. But it was a lot of work. But there were a lot of people that were doing the same thing. We’re all like, kind of we had this camaraderie. You know, where we all were on a mission.

Dr.SHIVA:  So Frank, when was the turning point? If we can? What was the turning point for you?

FL:  I think the turning point actually was 2020, when they basically just kicked us all to the curb. You know, because we just figured, well, we did so well, in 2016, and beat all the odds. Why would you want to have that again for re-election, but it was almost like they didn’t want to win. It’s like, Alright, you guys have done, you know, RNC GOP will take over from here. Yeah, that’s right.

Dr.SHIVA:  And then you helped out with our campaign. Let me go to the PowerPoint deck, because people are eager to see that. I’m going to give you an economic systems analysis. And some of this, I shared some parts of this I shared before, but some of you may not have seen it. So let’s just go right into this.

–        Also if everyone wants to know more about a platform, go to VASHIVA.COM, you can check everything out. But let’s just go right into the bottom line here.

Now, many of you know that for many, many years out of my PhD work at MIT, I created a platform called CytoSolve. Now, what is CytoSolve? And where did CytoSolve really emerged from an understanding of recognizing the entire development model of medicines, particularly any type of medicines, nutraceuticals. Pharmaceuticals was being done in a very, very medieval manner. Let me walk you through that – and when I share that, what I mean by that medieval manner, and we bring up the PowerPoint, if I can bring it up. If you look at this, and this is sort of background information everyone really needs to understand.

What you’ll see here is the following: the entire drug development model works in the following way. And by the way, what is a pharmaceutical? A pharmaceutical is a drug that does not, or a chemical compound that does not exist in nature. Okay? So, a chemical compound that doesn’t exist in nature can be something like Lipitor or something like ibuprofen, something that exists in nature is something like Vitamin C, right? Or zinc, right? These are minerals that exist in nature.

Now, when a new compound is created, synthesized, the drug development industry needs to go through this very, very long drawn out process to get that compound, which is called the new compound to the market. Let’s say that compound is something like, you know, Advil, right? So which is, by the way, a generic drug right now. So what do they have to do, they have to take that new compound. And the first thing they have to do is they’ll file for a patent.

Second thing they’ll do is, they will then have to do testing in a test tube, that’s called In Vitro testing, in vitro – in vitro, if you want to quickly note that – that means in a test tube, So in vitro testing gets done. And that will take a couple of years where in the test tube, they have to show for example of trying to say, hey, this reduces pain or inflammation in a test tube, they will create the environment where they’re creating some cells with inflammatory response, they’ll drop, let’s say ibuprofen in and if it makes sense, and the data is matching what they predicted that take a couple of years.

And they go into what’s called In Vivo testing, which means they test this on animals, okay? Now you have testing taking place on animals that could take three, four years, hundreds of millions of dollars, right, depending on how long you do the testing and the extent of it. And that’s called in vivo testing. Again, you’re looking at that process from the synthesis of the product to the in vivo, that could take around five, six years.

After that, the pharmaceutical company then needs to go file for what’s called clinical testing. Clinical testing means that they have to test on humans. Before they can do that, between this point right here that you can see here between the in vivo and the CRO, which means clinical research organization, they have to go to the FDA, and they have to get approval or allowance to be specific, which means the FDA looks at their animal data and saying, Okay, looks like you’re not going to kill human beings. It’s not that toxic, you understand the dosages. And that’ll take a couple of years.

So, now you’re into it about, you know, anywhere between 6-7 years, and then they start human clinical trials. First trials are called Phase 1, small sets of humans. Phase 2 is larger sets of humans. And Phase 3 is many, many large, you know, hundreds of 1000s of humans. So Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3. And after that they spent, if you look at the numbers – are close to $5,000,000,000.13 years, the drug because patent life is only seven years has, at best, let’s say seven years of a patent life left.

If it costs them 5 billion bucks, and there’s let’s say 100,000 people can take that drug, they have to sell that drug, whatever the numbers are 50,000 bucks, or 500,000, whatever that numbers come out to be to make back their money. All right? Well, and remember, for pharmaceutical drugs, you can actually sue the pharmaceutical company and courts, federal courts are state court if they injure you.

Think about it from the pharmaceutical companies standpoint, it’s a lot of money to get this drug out there. And they can be liable. And they can be sued. Okay, and you can do that. This is the drug development process, and everyone needs to understand this. Well, this process is important to understand that this process requires not only money, but it’s not working. It’s a medieval process. It’s a medieval process, meaning that it’s an archaic process where it’s not even using any real technology. In particular, in these areas right here. You can see the results of that process, that orange line there represents that year, over year, Big Pharma has been spending more and more and more money in trying to get new drugs through and less and less of the pharmaceutical drugs are actually coming out. Even the FDA is not allowing drugs to come out. Okay, because of the side effects. So, this is where pharmaceutical companies were up until you know, the last 10 years, they know they’re failing, the R&D process is old, it’s not innovative.

And even as you can see in the picture, Even Big Pharma is not allowing those drugs through. Okay. So this is a reality that pharma has to face every day, they’re not making money from this very, very old archaic process right now. And you can see in this other diagram, the same thing, the orange, the green line represents new molecular entities that are being allowed. And the yellow line represents more and more R&D so that lines going up less and less new chemicals are being found.

Here’s another profound way of looking at it. The orange line here represents more and more money, the pharmaceuticals come into this very old process. And less and less new drugs are even being allowed by the FDA. You can see the downward trend. Now, if you look at the global report, this came out just in the beginning of last year, right when this quote unquote, epidemic was hitting, what does it say? Frank, can you read it?

FL:  Can’t see – I’m looking on my phone. It’s very small.

DR.SHIVA:  Okay. It says – global report top 20 pharma companies lost $2.6 trillion in market cap. What does that mean? That means on the stock market, these guys are tanking $2.6 trillion, by the way, that’s the entire size of the weapons industry. So, one quarter pharmaceutical companies lost $2.6 trillion. Again, their methodology is old, it’s medieval. They put more and more money into it, they’re not making money back. And guess what? Their market value on the stock market is going down?

That’s what’s going on in reality. Now, here’s another thing you have, whatever every $1 that pharmaceutical companies used to spend, okay. For every $1 pharmaceutical companies used to spend on R&D they used to get, if you notice, 10 cents back, okay? Now, 10.1% return, now they’re only getting 1.8% return. Vaccines are growing at a rate of 17% per year, vaccines are growing at a rate of 17% per year. All right, that’s what’s going on here.

Now. You also notice here, if you look at these companies, nearly the orange line represents how much they spent on R&D. And the blue line represents how much they spend on I’m sorry, the blue line, the blue graph represents the blue bar, how much they spend on R&D. And the orange graph is how much they spend on marketing. So you can see they’re spending roughly double in some cases, like Johnson and Johnson on marketing, because the entire drug development process is failing, right?

So these are just data points. And you can see the same thing here. These are other industries over here, pharma spends roughly 30-40% on marketing versus other industries.

FL:  Exactly. Thats why you get bombarded with ads on TV all the time for these drugs.

Dr.SHIVA:  Right. Yeah, that’s why you get bombarded with that. One of the things to understand is, uh, this is the economics of it. This is the actual economics of it. So what you see here is when Lipitor, which was Pfizer’s most top drug,

Now, remember, what I shared is pharmaceutical companies, how do they work pharmaceutical companies, one of the important things is they make money off their patents. When they put out a drug, they have 20 years for their patent life. And when that drug goes off patent, they come crashing and burning. It takes them 15, 13, 12 years to build the drug. And they have a limited amount of time to make money. So you see right here is in 2010-11, liquid tour went off the market. You see that Frank? How much revenue – they dropped? Yeah, that’s just one drug. So, less and less new drugs are being discovered, and more and more of their drugs are coming off patent.

This is like an industry that’s crashing and burning. Now let’s go to these results, which are very important. What you see here is like $25 billion with Pfizer lost, in the last 10 years, you can see that $25 billion from 2011 to 2020. They lost and in fact, in the last four years in 2016, they lost close to $10 billion. From the time Trump took office $10 billion, and over the last 2011 period, they lost close to $25 billion.

The bottom line is you need to understand the background because Pfizer has been tanking and losing money. Here’s the bottom line Pfizer has been losing. Lost $25 billion. Frank, you see that in 10 years? This company is a tanking company. That’s what’s actually happening.

Now let’s get to the reality here. With Vaccines – according to Bernstein research, it was one of the most respected research companies on Wall Street. They have predicted that in just one year, one year, what do you see? They’re expected to make $15 billion. Okay, this was a prediction that was made about a year ago, okay, six months ago? Well, the recent data is that Pfizer is going to make $26 billion this year alone. Think about that – Pfizer is gonna make, but this was a prediction about six months ago. So $40 billion. All of these failing pharma companies are gonna make in one year, Pfizer will make around $15 billion.

So, let’s look at the Biden administration. Just two days ago, Biden announced What did he announce? He’s gonna buy with American taxpayers money 500 million doses of the Pfizer jab. That’s gonna be about $10 billion. So right there, Pfizer is gonna get $10 billion. Biden was elected when it was elected. Frank in January of this year, February, March, April, May, June. So in six months, he’s delivering them a paycheck for around $10 billion dollars. $10 billion bucks under and if you read this article, let me go to it.

It says President Biden is slated to announce the plan this week at the Group of Seven meeting in Britain, where he’s expected to be joined by Pfizer CEO Alberto Bourla. Okay, who is by the way, was honored by Israel just recently as for a lifetime achievement award, and Israel has become the poster child for Pfizer, meaning Pfizer did an agreement with Israel back in January, and to talk about how everyone should get germinated and return, Israel gave Pfizer all that data to essentially make them a poster child. Alright, so again, that’s what you see here.

So, we see right here, that Biden is or – where the government ends or Pfizer begins, nobody knows. The government, our American tax dollars, $10 billion, probably more 15 billion. A check is going to be written to Pfizer, under the rubric of we’re helping these poor darkies all over the world. We got to get them jobs, America’s coming to help them.

FL:  But is that called corporatism?

Dr.SHIVA:  It’s called corruption is called. That’s a very sophisticated word. It’s called corruption. I hope everyone gets this. your tax dollars are being transferred from American taxpayers, which should be going to infrastructure, building roads, bridges, water systems to Pfizer. I hope everyone understands that. Simple, simple, simple stuff. I’m not sure why the mainstream media or no one else is covering this because it’s right in black and white.

Yeah, well, this isn’t the same article. So they created an organization called Covax, which is from the WHO, and guess what? They’re going to deliver 2 billion doses by the end of this year. Now. over a month ago, I did a deep analysis for everyone. And I shared with you the mathematics of this, if you remember, I did an Excel spreadsheet and I said their goal is to get 2 billion doses out there, which means 30% of the people vaccinated 30% of 7.1 billion people is 2 billion. The average price that all of the pharmaceutical companies are charging is 40 bucks, they will get 50%. Right goes through all the middlemen, the end manufacturers will get $20 bucks. $20 bucks, times 2 billion is $40 billion.

Well, here you see just two days ago, the numbers are coming out in black and white – 2 billion doses. That’s their target. Frank used to do sales, right? Their sales goal is 2 billion doses. This is why they’re pushing the 70% vaccination rate, they’re happy if they get to 30% Frank, you know, you give your sales guys a high target and you’re happy if you get 30%. That’s what’s going on now. Now, let’s go to Pfizer. Now this morning, you know, just like I discovered my playbook, I had to follow the money. And I said, Wow, I wonder if Biden got money from Pfizer. And everyone should google this.

And it’s funny because everyone has been many people, many great good people have been trained not to follow the money. But to simply get involved. Well, Biden sleepy Joe and Trump is, you know, has brass ball then or Trump is an idiot and Biden’s great, right? They get into this left, right camp, just Google it. Well, Biden got 61.8 million from unions. But guess what? Listen very carefully. He also got $1 million first contributions to his inauguration committee from Pfizer. Hope everyone sees that. All right. So Biden got $1 million to his inauguration committee from Pfizer.

So small change. When I put this out there, people are saying, well, Trump doesn’t need the money. And I’m gonna get to Trump. Well, if he didn’t need the money, why do you take it? Okay, and Frank, wasn’t Trump extremely frugal and how he ran his campaign?

FL:  Extremely. Yes. Very cheap.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. So, so yeah, million dollars, a lot of money. The inauguration committee of Biden took it. Now, let’s go to Trump. Here’s Trump. That’s a wonderful article, Trump was out on the stump saying, you know, I don’t want their money. I don’t want their money.

This was in 2016. I don’t want their money. Well, and again, everyone needs to understand. They create the dialectic Trump remember, most Trumpers, most people are anti-establishment and hate Big Pharma. Someone gives you the talking point, go pound away pharma, you’re not going to take money from them. Right? Sounds good, right? It’s great marketing. But let’s look at the reality. What actually happened. Well, the reality is this. Trump talked about that. But look at this.

He actually took $386,000 in pharmaceutical donations from the Center for Responsive Politics. Trump actually got – after elected after he talked about he’s against Big Pharma. He, too, got a million dollars for his inauguration committee. Let me repeat that, again, to all the folks who probably do not want to accept the facts. Let me repeat that again. Trump also got $1 million to his inauguration committee as contributions from Pfizer, directly from Pfizer. So up until during his campaign, he was attacking Big Pharma, but he took their money in. Biden took 1 million bucks, Trump took 1 million bucks.

Now, let me share with you the facts. And I’ll take you to the original source so everyone can go check it for themselves, because I think it’s very important people go do the science. So what do we see here? Here is the Trump inauguration committee, FEC filings right there. And if you go down here, what do we see right here, we see right there Pfizer, $1 million. Actually, there’s another $447,000 that was also given, but the total that was given for the inauguration was $1 million. It’s in black and white. If people have a problem seeing this, let me also take you to be original.

Let me make this a little bit bigger. And I’m going to share the original document where I got this data from, and by the way, I just discovered this because I was just following the scientific method and saying, How is this possible? So if we go here to this PDF, which is the actual FEC documents, you see that Frank?  So that’s a 58. Let me just point everyone right here on Instagram. That’s the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee. And now let’s look for Pfizer. Because by the way, when this list every and there’s Pfizer, you see that Frank? There we go.

Okay, there’s Pfizer right there with the $1 million. That’s the original source document. I’m also going to share with everyone the spreadsheet that you can actually find right on which is right here, which I downloaded. And right here we see Pfizer. You see that Frank right there. And you can see the million dollars that was given to this is the open secrets of Trump inauguration contributions.

FL:  Are there other pharmaceutical companies too? Or mainly Pfizer?

Dr.SHIVA:  Well there’s Dow Chemical another million. Okay, I didn’t even look at that.

But you can see, these are the companies that gave to the inauguration committee. I didn’t even bother looking at that Frank. Wait, Amgen. Oh, that’s another half a million. Wow. Thanks for letting me know Frank Amgen also gave another right there half a million dollars. So Amgen, Pfizer, and we also see Dow Chemicals, all right, which produces a lot of the chemicals. I didn’t even think about that. So let’s bring this back to reality. So the reality is that you have politicians, they know Trumpers are well meaning good people most Trumpers do not like Big Pharma. They’re anti-establishment types wouldn’t you say so Frank.

And so it’s a great talking point to go out there and say, I’m against Big Pharma, I’m against Big Pharma. I’m not gonna take their money, but then you take their money when it comes in, you take a million bucks. Now, to the very foolish people who are in the cult, who were saying, well, that’s not a lot of money for Trump – He’s a billionaire Really? Well, if that is the case, why did you take the money? Why did you create that condition for yourself?

And the reality is this. Pharmaceutical companies are tanking, they need to be saved. And the way they got saved out of this was they got Operation Warp Speed. So Trump delivered them Operation Warp Speed. What is Operation Warp Speed? Operation Warp Speed means that 13 years of testing gets eliminated, okay? You don’t have 13 years of testing anymore. You have nine months of quote unquote testing, fast tracking. Trump did that for Pharma. Forget even Vax or anti-Vax, this has nothing to do with vaccines or anti.

FL:  The R&D is reduced and the marketing is gone. Pretty much those expenses.

Dr.SHIVA:  Big time right. Now, don’t even – forget even the vaccines, it has nothing. Let’s even forget about that. Let’s assume it was another industry, let’s say it was the airplane industry, I think, you know, both I’m sure both Biden and Trump got Boeing to give them money. Imagine how all of us would feel if they did Operation Airspeed. For Boeing, right? They said you don’t need to do testing, you can put engines on you can you know, airplanes take decades to get out there to the market.

FL:  This reminds me of the Affordable Care Act under Obama, where the insurance companies all got rich, basically off of this, you know, because everybody was a customer.

Dr.SHIVA:  Everyone became a customer, right? It’s a very good point, Frank. So in this model, what we have is everyone became a customer – is because the government and Big Pharma are working so well together. We’re all being forced to become customers. That’s what Obama did. He saved the Big Banks, which I talked about yesterday, Trump saved Big Pharma. So the bottom line is this. Trump got $1 million, at least. There’s another 47. We saw it there. We just saw there’s another two and a half million right that came from Big Pharma to his inauguration committee contributions. For the Trump inauguration.

Biden also got $1 million from Pfizer. I haven’t checked out how much more Biden got. But it’s clear Trump got at least just quickly looking at a two and a half million from Big Pharma. And Biden, we know at least got 1 million for his Inaugural Committee. So when you put all this together, stop creating this fake dialectics, stop making excuses and politicians recognize that there’s two worlds going on here. This is one world of our politicians creating the dialectic wanting, they can take anything to get you enraged about something. And that’s the theater. And then over here is a reality.

The reality is you have a major industry which has been tanking. And now the jab and the Jabbinations and this product is their life raft out of these massive falling industries, massive falling revenue. Trump, who received donations, contributions from the inaugural  committee, at least 1 million from Pfizer. Biden also got that. One guy teed it up, and the other guys, you know, brought the bacon home. That’s all it is. So what I want to do is if people want to call in and we can discuss this, I’m going to put up the call in number, Frank, we’re going to take some calls if that’s okay with you. I can only do a few calls tonight because I have my class to teach. But we can follow up with this. If people want to make a call. I’ll recognize you.

But you know, we will have to have a discussion here so anyone can call and people can see it there. And by the way, Frank Trump the reality show he ran was what’s called he fired people right? thing he did and I Don’t remember Fauci ever getting fired. Okay? You know you’re fired. Well, Fauci is one of the biggest swamp creatures who also has been orchestrating all this. He never got fired.

FL:  That was your hashtag #FireFauci.

DR.SHIVA:  Yeah, we had hashtag #FireFauci is what we started. We are the ones who collected hundreds of 1000s of signatures and hand delivered it to the White House. Okay, so someone’s asking, what is the alternative? Well, the alternative, the bottom line alternative is that we need to build our own independent movement. It’s not going to come from political parties. Anyone interested in that go to, we have built a massive Bottoms-up movement. And that movement is to build a politically conscious working, working movement all over the world of people who recognize that when you actually look at it, we’re all being taken for a ride left and right, and we have to move beyond Left and Right.

And whatever passion you have at a point, there’s a lot of trumpers. As you know, Frank voted for Obama. I think you may have also right? Yeah. Steam that year. Yeah. But there’s a lot of people did because Obama was the flavor of the month, right. And then Trump became the flavor of the month. I’m gonna take, I’m gonna put in the interest of time, I’m going to take four calls we got here. Let me bring someone in. Hello. Hello. Someone there. Yeah, good. So share. We have you live. Go ahead and tell where you’re from. Are you from New York?

Caller: y’all. I actually live in Suffolk, Virginia.

Dr.SHIVA:  Okay, go ahead. What’s your question?

Caller:  Alright, so, I’m a Trump supporter. You know, I’m definitely open minded to listen to different opinions. And what I get is just like him, why did they push it so hard? Well, I understand like, if they probably didn’t come up with vaccines, and we probably wouldn’t have the economy open and everything like that. But why does he not like to come out with people like getting blood clots, seizures? I’ve known people that a person is like, You know right after she got the vaccine, she had seizures. Why aren’t why isn’t the FDA shutting this down?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. So first of all, you have to understand I gave a lot of money to Trump, you can look up, you know, I was out there with Frank, supporting I’m sure you were and not just voting for him. I mean, we were out in the rain. Right. Frank, putting up signs always aligned with him for the last three year very well. What’s that Frank?

FL:  naming Pocahontas?

Dr.SHIVA:  I mean, yeah, we were the ones who went after Pocahontas. So I think the important thing to understand is that there’s no question and anyone who knows me how much loyalty I had.

I also have to connect the dots. Now the question you bring up is a very important one. Look, forget it was the vaccine, just create another product, like I said, airplanes. What was done here was essentially a corporate gift that was given. Right? You basically told a major industry, you don’t have to do any testing, we’re going to reduce the timeline. And remember, with the vaccines, you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers, you can sue pharmaceutical manufacturers, but you cannot sue vaccine manufacturers. So number one, you and I can’t sue them.

Number two, that industry, this industry is growing at a very low rate, pharmaceuticals. Vaccines are growing at 17% compounded annual growth. It’s a great investment. You And the third thing is with Operation Warp Speed, there’s no testing. So to answer your question, the bottom line is that politicians are puppets of huge corporations. You give them a million bucks for their inaugural contributions. Don’t tell me that you don’t owe them anything. You watch Trump and you watch Biden, Trump gave them Operation Warp Speed, and Biden is writing out a check for them for $15 billion dollars. It’s black and white. So don’t try to create this false dialectic between the Republicans and the Democrats or Trump or Biden. They’re one and you can see it play out here. It’s in black and white.

FL:  He only used his own money during the primary. It was during the general election when he was taking major donations.

Dr.SHIVA:  So let’s take the next call. Hello, hello. What do we have? How are you doing? Good? Can you talk louder so everyone can hear you? Where are you from? And ask your question. Great to have you.

Caller:  Yes, I’m from New York City. Good. Yes. I’m a Trump supporter. And I’m just listening to everything you’re saying. And it makes sense which you are saying I just was wondering like, like you said it was all did he like expose a lot of things that then? I don’t know. Like, yeah, know what I’m saying.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, so let’s talk about that. Look. I never voted for anyone ever in my life. I was always a ground political activist in 1984. I think I’ve shared with you. I saw how just Jesse Jackson acted like you know, he spoke all this stuff right and was acting all anti-establishment. And at the last minute, he sold us all out. He gave his votes to Mondale and that’s when I decided never to vote for any politician.

You have to also remember Trump and Jesse Jackson were part of the Reform Party. So the establishment is very clever. They always have people who talk a good game, you know, even sounds great, right? They may even expose stuff. That’s the part of the game of keeping us attracted. Okay. I don’t know if you ever saw WWE wrestling, or WWF. It was called that when I was growing up.

Caller:  I was a big wrestling fan for a long time.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. So you know these guys it’s all fake. But once in a while, maybe they got the guy’s nose bloody. Okay, so look real.

Caller:  Exactly. Like you. I’ve never voted a day in my life. Like I really like believe like, blocked, drain the swamp all this? Right. Right. And these people were trying to say with the vaccine thing -that we think about – Why are they pushing this stuff? It’s not even a vaccine. And then is this the you know, the people use that the Q thing, that the if they saying that he was doing this? Because he wanted to stop the lockdown and expose them, but he let people diet?

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah, that’s just that’s just dumb. Okay, that’s just people rationalizing, okay, you have to look at the facts as they are. The Q movement came right after two weeks after Trump and told everyone that Trump was a 17th or ninth dimensional playing chess, right? That we have to stop and just wait and wait and wait. And for four years, we waited. And that is not the way to be a good citizen.

What happened in my opinion, when you connect the dots again, I gave money to Trump, we supported him. We were loyal to him. We fought against many men. In fact, we fought against the RINOs. But the reality is when you apply the reality of System Science, and you realize the establishment always has two arms, the left and the right. And in America, what’s happened is the American working class has been getting devoured, been getting destroyed. There’s a 25% unemployment rate right now, in the United States. The average

Caller:  everything you said makes sense. It’s just that I You said you could I mean, I’ve been listening to you for a while and I know you were a supporter. And I’m, like, I just really bought into like, he really was never a politician. Now when you say what the Reform Party understands.

Dr.SHIVA:  I mean, me neither was Jesse Jackson wasn’t a politician either. You know. My point is, the establishment is very clever. They watched the movement of the American working class, the American working class was getting more and more and more upset. You know, they did that around Obama, they used a black guy that, well, they quieted the American working class down for eight years, then they brought in a white guy, Trump, but you gotta look at the facts.

The guy took him, you know, he said, he’s against Big Pharma, you took him? I mean, we did. I mean, I didn’t even see this until Frank pointed out. There’s Amgen, Dow, and also Pfizer. I haven’t looked through that whole report. But that’s at least 2.5 million bucks. And if you’re so yeah, it’s Yeah. So you can go look it up. I’ll put the videos there. But the more important thing to understand is why do people rationalize? Why are we begging for crumbs? And the reason this has happened is that we many people have come to the point because there’s been no movements in this country, people have gotten fat, dumb and lazy, that we have to build our own movement, screw political parties.

That’s the lesson to be learned here. Sometimes it’s good to get your eyes wide open and realize that the only way forward is to build a movement. And that is the only way that American working people have ever gotten anything, but thank you for your comments. Okay. Oh, yes. Be well, thank you.

Caller:  Thank you Dr.SHIVA

Dr.SHIVA:  Be well thank you. I’m going to take one more call. Then I got to go into my class shortly. So what do we get next? How are you? Oh, yeah. Good. How are you? Please tell us where you’re from? Toronto, Canada. Great to hear from you.

Caller:  (Unrecognizable chatter) Talking about Democrats

Dr.SHIVA:  Well, you have to hear me. I have never been I never voted in my life. Yeah, let me give you my background. So I never voted in my life. I read Yeah. Now let me finish.

Caller:  Just like a Democrat. (unrecognizable)

Dr.SHIVA:  So I registered initially as an independent and I voted for Trump. And then we registered as a Republican when we ran here in Massachusetts, and we ran Against Elizabeth Warren Frankie remember that campaign right? Only the Real Indian Can Defeat the Fake Indian – was a very powerful campaign.

FL:  That line was classic,

Dr.SHIVA:  Yea people can go look that you have to look it up. So if the previous caller wants to go do some research, you should go do that. And then we ran again as a Republican here, okay.

And our lawsuit is a lawsuit that is first to expose Election Fraud in the country. And in fact, our entire campaign as a Republican even though the Massachusetts GOP were a bunch of scumbags who found a designated loser because in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts GOP colluded with the Democrats. So that’s what took place.

And by the way, I don’t think this caller is actually from Canada – he used a weird calling number. He said he was from Toronto. But the bottom line is that I have never supported the Democratic Party, in fact that you go look at the history of my thing. I’ve been the one who’s ripping the democrats were the ones who exposed Jesse Jackson, we exposed Al Sharpton, we exposed Bernie Sanders that’s on the left. But now we have to unfortunately do the dirty work.

You know, it’s a dark skinned indian guy, who’s got to do the dirty work of exposing the right wing also, which misleads working people. So the bottom line is this, do we want to build a real movement to win? Or do we want to be followers of one wing or the other wing of these parties? And if we want to do that, you’re in the shit show over here called WWF wrestling.

And the reality that you see here is both Biden and both Trump took money from the man because both of them are puppets. Ultimately, Trump, who claimed he had brass balls, didn’t lock up Hillary. He didn’t, you know, snuff out Fauci which he said, You know, you’re fired, nothing happened to Fauci. And he was the one to tell people to walk to the Capitol. And working people are now in jail, not Hillary.

So it’s time to open up our eyes and recognize we need to build a Bottoms-up movement, screw both parties, and it has to be local. So anyway, I hope this is valuable, I got to get to my class. I hope everyone goes to And let me put that up there and recognize that we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. And that movement must be based on whether we want to Get Educated, or do we want to Be Enslaved.

And that’s what it’s ultimately about. If we want to be enslaved, then keep playing in the shit show of the Democrats or Republicans, if you want to come out of that, which is what we’re going to do, regardless of what both of these parties do, but we’re going to build a vibrant Bottoms-up movement, number one, educating people on the fact that both of these parties no matter what rhetoric they use, it’s entertainment at that point in time, and that’s what Trump was, he was entertainment to bring us back into the fold.

And for four years, we all followed the plan, right? Waiting, waiting, waiting. And at the end of the day, the big elephant in the room is one of the largest industries, which is tanking and got saved by two guys, Trump and Biden, who both got a million dollars in contributions to their campaign, specifically to their inauguration committees. Frank, you got anything else to say?

FL:  No, I was just thinking you had some out of state callers there that maybe they don’t realize that here in Massachusetts, both parties are essentially the same. The Mass GOP is merely an arm of the mass Democratic Party. I mean, it’s kind of unique in the state. It might be a microcosm for the country, but we have it really bad here. And as you said, We fought the Republicans, as Republicans. We fought the Republican Party just as hard as the Democrats. I mean, they clearly helped keep the democrat incumbents in place by squashing you – who would have beaten them twice would have beaten the incumbent, Democrat US senators.

Dr.SHIVA:  Yeah. And I think the important thing to understand is, our campaign has the only two lawsuits in federal court that have survived dismissal, and nobody’s talking about it, and no one’s talking about it. Right. Why? Because they are real lawsuits. Yes. All that the 300 million that the Trump campaign, the RNC raised, many of you gave money to them. Where is that money, all those lawsuits have failed. And I read those lawsuits that were horribly written.

I, as a non-lawyer, have two lawsuits which are both about to make history. You can go to one lawsuit as we’ve exposed the fact that government election officials did not like me exposing their malfeasance, they contacted Twitter to throw me out. That was a grossest violation of political speech in the First Amendment. That lawsuit is a lie. All of you who gave money to Trump, you should ask for your money back if you’re serious about fighting, and you should take that money and give it to, because we’re actually fighting the real fight.And then the other lawsuit we have is ‘One Person One Vote’ in Federal Court, which has survived dismissal. So, let’s get what the real program is. And stop being dilettantes and screwing around over here with either of these characters. You can call demento. What is Biden? He’s demented or Trump with the brass balls. That’s WWF wrestling. Well, he doesn’t have those big brass balls, because he really did nothing to Fauci. Right. So, that’s the reality, so it’s time to wake the fuck up. Thank you. Thanks, Frank. Thanks. Good night. Well, good night. Good night, everyone.

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