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In this video, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, leads a massive bottoms-up Truth Freedom Health® rally on January 6, 2020 to end vaccine mandates – just as COVID’s entry to US was being announced – with mothers and families in New Jersey. Dr.SHIVA reveals why those in power are terrified of working people uniting beyond Left & Right and breaking from the Establishment and the manipulative grifters of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


What you have is you have a bunch of corrupt legislators over there that think that they can manipulate signs, and they can manipulate history that they can constrain freedom. And it’s all bullshit. And it’s about time that the people of New Jersey, as they’ve shown lead this entire country that we need to build a revolutionary mass fierce movement.

That’s how we get true freedom and how we know everything in this world without fighting for. And that’s what I learned in New Jersey. And I’m so happy to be back here.

And I thank God on this day that I have the chance to come back. It’s a very, very important day. I know we have this beautiful, silent march.

And we talked about the fact that this is an important spiritual day. For me. This is the eve of my mother’s death a few years ago, she was an amazing woman.

She was a amazing mother. So I want to dedicate today, not only to my mother, but all of you mothers, because it is the power of the female energy, the mothers, that is how we’re going to win. And that’s what that statue represents up there.

It’s, it’s not coincidental. We’re standing right next to that statue of victory. So let’s talk about two things a Jersey boy wants to bring back to you.

You know, I grew up here in Paterson, in Clifton. And in Parsippany, and in Livingston, my dear parents kept moving to the better school systems, they had very little money. And most important thing I want to share with you is that that journey was a journey from truth, freedom and health.

That’s what I want to bring back to you and how we get there. In order to unify ourselves, we all have to have a common goal, right? Everyone talks about unity, but I don’t think they want to unify with us. They’re corrupt.

We’re not there for power prop. Unify that is we get millions of people out here we have to build a fierce movement bottoms are important to me that I discuss what that is, but none of them ever want to educate any of us. Because what the scientific method says you don’t really know anything, right? Even one simple problem I take seriously because I know I have the humility to know as an engineer, that I could have made a mistake when you build something.

Now contrast that to our attendees and pediatricians, all very nice people how they’ve been trained. Someone says, hey, my kid is vaccine injured. Something has happened when when he got these three shots.

Oh, you’re wrong. Right? Medicine has become the only field where the customer’s always wrong. Every other field that we treat the customer’s always right.

All of us who work for a living, we don’t get our paycheck if we don’t treat the customers, right. But for some reason, in the healthcare industry, the customer’s always wrong. And that is anti science.

And that’s anti engineering. But I learned truth about the scientific method in engineering. Right here in New Jersey.

I also learned how to landscape I learned how to, you know, snow blow, I learned how to write, I had jobs all over, I learned how to program. And in New Jersey is where I created the first email system. It wasn’t done at MIT was another in Silicon Valley, the first email system was done by a 14 year old New Jersey boy in Newark, New Jersey.

That’s where all the facts are there. In called an email, I wrote the 50,000 lines of code, and I have the first copyright, but that was done in New Jersey. You know, what’s unfortunate about New Jersey is there’s a lot of freaking smart people here.

But they don’t get the credit, Silicon Valley and MIT get the credit. There’s and that’s the opportunity that those legislators do not know we have. Let’s go to freedom.

You know, my parents left India because it was a caste system, right? Your name matter, it didn’t matter what you did. So they left there because I remember as a kid, that’s why my parents came here for freedom. And it was freedom that my mother taught me.

There was a very interesting incident. my chemistry teacher, I think in Parsippany wouldn’t allow me to take an exam. Even though I was invested in my mother got up and she went to that teacher and you said How dare you not let my son take that exam? Because I was a new kid on the block.

You know, they hadn’t seen someone like me. Anyway, I took the examiner I won but my mother taught me to fight uncompromisingly. She was a freakin fighter.

She would fight, fight fight, because she knew as an Indian as an untouchable woman in India, that she would never have gotten educated unless she took matters into her own hand and stood up on her own two feet. You see, 1940s women weren’t supposed to get educated and untouchable woman wasn’t supposed to get educated. It was through fighting.

And we have to realize that legislators are not going to give us anything, nothing. They’re watching who’s gonna butter their necks out of their bread. That’s what’s going on.

Everyone heard of the Mansfield Amendment? Academia has become the oldest profession in the world. Everyone know what that is? Right? Academia has become the oldest profession in the world. That’s what’s actually happened.

You have mediocre people who are trying to get grants every day. is trying to get their students into positions of power. It’s all become a fundamentally business game.

So they don’t really care whether climate change is happening or not. They don’t care whether vaccines are happening or everything gets reduced. Every problem is broken into pro climate, anti climate pro GMO, anti GMO pro vaccines, anti Vaxxer.

You see what I’m saying? Democrat Republican, the reality is neither party gives a damn about any of us. And we have to realize that this is not about Republican or Democrat, because this issue what’s so powerful about this issue, you have working people on a Monday coming out, this has not occurred in probably many, many years. And that’s what they’re afraid of.

They’re not afraid of just a vaccine movement. They’re afraid that working people are going to refuse a four year old kid, my grandmother was a poor village farmer, she could observe your face, she applied India’s system of oldest medicine. And she would figure out the right medicine for the right person at the right time.

That’s called Personalized Medicine, which is what we’ve come to in the United States. Now, even the NIH recognized you have to go to the right medicine for the right person at the right time. Well, my grandmother attaches a lower arm to tobacco, didn’t get any education knew that and she practiced that system of medicine.

That’s what compelled me when I came to the US, as a 14 year old to work at Rutgers in Newark to study six. That’s what forced me, I got me excited to go to MIT to get all those degrees. And what did I learn from that? That in order to know health, you have to take a systems approach.

Okay, and I’ve been trying to educate people on that. A systems approach means the ankle bone is connected to the football, right? That means you cannot have truth without freedom. And without truth, you can’t have health and without healthy people, we don’t have warriors to go fight for freedom.

It’s all connected guys. So you make people sick, you injure them, you put them on high THC cannabis all day, you Quiet everyone down and no one wants to freakin fight anymore. But everyone here is healthy.

That’s what they’re afraid of. You guys are actually healthy. And you want to fight.

You see all traditional systems of medicine. I don’t know if you know this, the warrior and the healer were the same person, the warrior and the healer because a warrior went to war against death. And the healer went to war against that.

They didn’t separate Oh, I’m going to be this little namby pamby little, you know, pussyfooting person, and then I’m going to be this healer, the new age thing, it wasn’t that we have to be fierce warriors. That’s how we heal the world. So healing and freedom and all these things are interconnected.

So the principle there. When I say the science, things settle when it comes to the immune system, which I’m going to talk about in Livingston, everyone’s invited, we have a beautiful place there. I’ll announce the actual location at 4pm.

Some of you may know I was invited back to my high school to do a presentation. Four years ago, Livingston High School honored me into their Livingston Hall of Fame. But at that time, I had taken some of the best chemistry students as a way to give back, they intern with my company, we analyze genetic engineering and GMOs.

We published a series of five papers, and we conclusively showed that when you genetically engineered soy to soy plant upregulate, formaldehyde downregulates glutathione. Well, anyway, this year, a couple of weeks ago, I call back, the principal of Livingston High School, called back that science teacher and the superintendent, I said, Look, there’s a major vote coming up in New Jersey, and there’s a lot of ignorance. And then Reverend said, Mr.

Walker, I want to come back and teach the scientific method. So as agreed upon that I would do a 2pm. Today, a lecture to the science students teaching them the modern immune system.

And at 6pm, there was going to be a talk where I would educate the public. Well, lo and behold, you know, we put this out, and a woman in New Jersey, who is an executive at BlueCross BlueShield, whose husband is like this witch Sweeney and considers themselves to top 70 God power players, who is the general counsel or former general counsel of the Democratic Party, this woman called up the superintendent and said, I’m an anti Semite. This is in Livingston, New Jersey, okay, which is like calling me a Klansmen in a black neighborhood.

It’s amazing. Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you look around, they’re the ones who give bonuses to doctors to give vaccines.

Yeah, they’re basically a distribution agency for vaccines. Blue Cross Blue Shield has struck a deal with the New Jersey State to reimburse doctors and pediatricians. I don’t know if you know this, pediatricians and doctors don’t make any money on vaccines before this.

So they had to incentivize them. Free stuff. Plus, they cover the administrative expenses.

Plus they give them bonuses. Okay, so Blue Cross Blue Shield, which this woman belongs to is the chief it is an executive at is the one who did a hit job, but we’re not going to let them get away with it at 530 and Livingston icecool. We’re going to do it vigilant.

What’s up, Jesus is joining me. And at 70 8:30pm. Back there, we’re gonna do a talk on the modern immune system.

That’s how we fight back.We don’t ever let them attack us and get away with every attack on any one of us on any of these dog whistles. By the way, by point of reference, there is real anti semitism taking place in this country in New Jersey and New York, but you have two types of anti semitism, real anti semitism, and the people use a dog whistle of anti semitism, white supremacy, racism, they’re the anti Semites.

Let me repeat that, again, when I grew up in India, you have these politicians, Hindu politicians who go among Hindus and Muslims who are living well, and they say, negative stuff against the Muslims, or Sikhs who are living together, the Sikh politicians would say something against the Hindus. This is an age old tactic, you separate people up, you use a dog whistle. So let’s start calling out these people who start calling people white supremacist, racist anti Semites, because they are essentially misusing these terms.

And it’s very, very bad. But getting back to the truth, freedom and help the world we’re at right now, we have a huge opportunity if we follow the six principles, number one inclusivity. How do we get to truth freedom and health, we have to play a very different game than the way the game they play, they play the game of exclusivity, which means a few set of people sit behind boardrooms probably made it little cafes over here and make decisions, we have to be inclusive.

Number two, it has to be transparent. If you notice everything I do whether I disagree with someone or not, I’m out there open with it. That’s okay.

Because it’s good public discourse. That’s how we have debate. They do everything secretive, right? Third principles systems thinking the ankle bones connected to the foot bone, they reduce everything.

They take a complex system like the immune system, which has five major systems, which I’ll talk about which is up online, and they reduce it to one variable, the antibody, right? You take a very complex system and you say, I’m going to inject this vaccine, and I’m going to measure the efficacy of that vaccine using one variable, the antibody, its total bull, I just gave this talk at the National Science Foundation. That’s the problem they have. That’s why that woman had to call me an anti Semite.

You understand? They don’t want real scientists. They don’t want real science. They want fake science, because fake scientists have fake news behind fake news right now.

That’s where it’s going. Next thing is freedom. No censorship, total freedom, right? They practice censorship, we have freedom.

Next thing is decentralization. They want centralization, big media, big power, etc. Finally, personalization.

Everyone’s a unique being here. And this is a fundamental issue here. Everyone’s unique, your immune system is very different.

Today, it’s actually a pretty amazing opportunity. We have an array of medical interventions, you can go there people, your chiropractors, acupuncturists, people believe in herbal medicine, we have access to so many range of medical interventions, and one size does not fit all, one size does not fit all. And that’s the what modern science is showing after 2003.

What’s been shown is we have the same number of genes as a worm. I don’t know if you guys know about this, we have 20,000 genes, we thought we had a half a million genes. So that has flipped biology on its head to realize it’s not the number of genes.

It’s how molecular reactions take place. It’s epigenetics is far more complex, the environment, the foods, all these things affect us. So we’re headed into a world of personalized medicine.

So if we’re headed into a world of personalized medicine, how can you tell that a child has to get every child has to get the same set of vaccines in this vaccine schedule? It’s actually against their own medicine. It’s against their own science. So I hope then, Gopal, I hope Sweeny all these guys are listening to this, because men go Paul’s parents are medical doctors, okay? And I’ve been trying to reach out to both of them.

His mother comes from my mother’s village, and have been, but maybe then just wants to be a nice, good career politician. Okay. But I hope he’s listening because he is, here’s my number again.

617-631-6874. And you should call me because me, you and your parents can get together from Italy and some dosa, and we can have a conversation. But if you want to become just a scumbag politician, then go your current way, but I’m offering you an olive branch.

It’s time that you give me a call when I say this with all sincerity. As someone whose mother comes from your mother’s village, you need to give me a call. Because it’s time that we understood that the immune system that’s used to develop vaccines is 50 to 150 years old.

It’s not science. If you actually use a modern immune system, you find out that when you do a medical intervention that you set a whole orcas ration of molecular reactions, the microbiome will try to rebalance itself, the innate immune system, the interferon system and the neural systems. It’s not like you just go stick something in and everything’s fine.

Right? engineers get this. But for some reason, medical doctors don’t get this. And definitely politicians don’t get this because they can do whatever they want.

And we all suffer, right? So, in closing, we have a huge opportunity. Whatever they do, it doesn’t matter, guys, let them do whatever they want. But we will and will continue to escalate the movement, we must escalate this movement, because it’s beyond just their little vaccines is for truth, freedom and health.

And the only way we’re gonna get our power back is to build a groundswell movement and realize all these three things are connected. You guys see what I’m saying? It’s not just about vaccines. Vaccines is the tip of the spear, because it’s showing that they are seeing how much they can choke us how much that they can choke freedom and get away with it, because they want to control the bloodstream of the entire population.

That’s what this is about. And we cannot allow them to do that. Nor can we whatever they do in their let’s say they pass this bill, no one here should feel depressed.

No one I’m telling you that right now. That means we’re going to escalate this movement, escalate, escalate, escalate.What they do, doesn’t freakin matter.

What we do matters. We build a movement on our battleground, not there. Because we will never win on their battleground you have Norcross, who owns Sweeney, Chris Christie went to Linux and a complete sellout.

I’m so pissed off with that guy. Okay. So, we need to build the movement.

We need to know that we are the light we are the truth and we are the way know the truth. Be the light. Find your way.

That’s what we need to do. Thank you.True freedom.

True freedom. True freedom. True freedom.

Health. Freedom. Health.

Freedom. Health. Freedom.

Health. Freedom. Health.

Freedom, health. Three feet of health. Truth freedom.

Health. Data. Health.

Freedom, health. Truth. Freedom.

Health. Freedom. True freedom.

Health. True freedom. Health.

Freedom. Health. Truth.

Freedom. Health. Freedom.

Health. Freedom. True freedom.

Health. Freedom. True freedom.

True freedom. Power. Two theta.

Two theta. Two theta. Two theta pal.

True freedom. True freedom. To freedom health.

Freedom, health. Truth. Freedom.

Health. Freedom health. Two three and power.

Freedom. pseudo science, a. Science.

Science a. Science a settled science age. So science as science age settled.

Science a science. Science ain’t settled. Science ain’t subtle.

Science. Science. settled science.

They settled science. They settled settle. sighs Hey, settle.

sighs All right.

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