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In this video, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, educates listeners in Twitter Spaces on the nature of the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment – the “Grifters” – who work hand in hand with the Establishment to conceal truth, spread half truths, and ultimately to delay truth, so as to distract working people AWAY from the real heroes and real agents of change, who are INDEPENDENT of both wings of the Establishment. These grifters are consummate actors, never risking anything and profit by speaking “truth,” after the damage has been done. They are truly dangerous and exist to ensure no real change occurs.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


grant, I want you to meet Dr. Shiv. You know, Dr.

C blew our mind earlier. Dr. Schiff.

You want to jump off your mic real quick? Yeah. How are you doing? Grant? How you doing, guys? Good to meet you to meet you talk? Well, part of a lot about Okay. Well, thank you for the previous speaker because I wanted to, what I thought I do is Nelson give a little bit of a background, which will put all of this in context.

But let me just give you a brief background on myself. And I’m an MIT trained systems biologist, a systems immunologist, bunch of degrees from MIT. But I’ve been very, very fascinated with the intersection of medicine and computing.

Most of my life, I grew up originally in India, India, some of you may know has a caste system. So we were considered the lower caste of India, you won’t find a lot of Indians like me, in the United States. So it’s been a different journey.

So I was very, very politicized since I was a young kid, to understand why there were these inequities. But I also grew up in a deep south Indian village, as a child, where my grandmother was a traditional healer. Some of you may know, there’s ancient systems of Indian medicine, my grandmother who had no degrees practice that.

And I saw her heal people on a regular basis using these ancient systems of medicine. So I was motivated by a deep desire to understand political systems in the world, why there were injustice, but also medicine. So by the time I was 14, when I came to the United States, came here in 1970.

And I started working full time as a 14 year old in a medical school. I’d gone to NYU when I was 14, I was doing research on medicine, trying to understand why babies were dying in their sleep, wrote did some of the earliest research on that published. But while I was at that medical school, and you can read about this, I also created the first email system, we’re not talking about text messaging.

But the the inbox outbox folders, I converted that to the electronic version, named at email. And before I came to MIT, in fact, got the United States first copyright recognizing me as the official inventor of email. And you guys can go read about this very interesting story, because when I did the Smithsonian, in 2012, under credit, a very, very interesting, unfortunate controversy when there wasn’t one.

And we’ll come back to that. But anyway, my journey was always about medicine and science. Now, in 2003, something fascinating occurred in the world, you may know that the genome project began in 1993, with a very very reductionist understanding of the body.

You know, the idea was that, in 1993, when we started to map out the human genome, a worm had about 25,000 genes. So, so the biologist said, Wow, a human being is so much more complex, we must have like a million genes. So when the genome project started, the estimate was around 500,000, to a million genes that we had, by the time the Genome Project ended in to share I think you’re breaking up guys see breaking up, are my breaking up? No, he’s good.

I can hear. He’s good. Okay.

It’s probably be Doctor several times. By the time the Genome Project ended in 2003. Guess how many genes we had Nelson? Just said yes.

700 million? Nope. We, we had 20 20,000. So the human being has the same number of genes as a worm.

Now, this shook biology because biologists are live in little silos. If you think about how they do a bunch of experiments, they don’t really talk to each other. The incentive in academic research is one guy gets his grant, he hides all of his research, because he’s got to publish, publish, publish, to get his next grant money and to make his next, you know, win the Nobel Prize.

So there’s really not a lot of collaboration. So biologists study little pieces. So the idea was that, you know, there must be all these genes that turns out, we only have 20,000 genes the same as a worm.

So this flipped biology on set in 2003. So it brought in this notion of systems biology, saying, hey, it’s not the genes, because if a worm has 20,000 genes, and I got 20,000 genes, what makes me more complex. So the genes give rise to proteins, right? Through transcription and translation.

Those proteins feed back on themselves, and they communicate and you create these things called molecular pathways, all these very wonderful chemical reactions. So in 2003, I had been running a company, I did my second stint with email, created a company to automatically analyze email for the White House. And we grew that and my advisor at MIT said, Shiva gotta come back, finish your PhD.

And he said, because this is an opportunity to integrate computing and medicine again. And so the idea was, imagine if you could mathematically model the whole human cell. And this gets back to the previous speaker, we can eliminate the need for animal testing.

In fact, even the NIH and the FDA know that most of this animal testing stuff is really not necessary. Done. doesn’t statistically even match what happens in the human body.

So I came back to MIT in 2003 in the gut. And the notion was, could you mathematically model all the chemical reactions in the whole cell, what was seen as a grand challenge by the National Science Foundation, spent the next five years doing that. And that was a creation of a tool called cytosol.

cytosol now has been used to we’re doing what my original dream was, we’re going through all the natural medicines and nature of figuring out what combinations work. It’s a very powerful technology. Well, I naively thought Pharma would want to use this because let me tell you how the pharmaceutical model works.

Pharma does the following. Pharma finds a single compound in nature, called a synthetic compound, they spend about two to three years, some guy at MIT finds a compound, he’ll raise 40 $50 million, you’ll get a bunch of he’ll get a lab, he’ll put cancer cells, or some virus, whatever you want, he’ll drop that compound in Oh, it’s kills it or not. If it does kill it, then they’ll go kill a bunch of animals, you know, in the next phase, six years later, and then if they prove that it doesn’t kill too many animals, then they’ll get what’s called an IND allowance to go to the FDA.

If they get that allowance, which takes them a couple of years. Then they do phase one, phase two, phase three, testing, that process takes around 13 years $5 billion. And that entire pharmaceutical game has been failing, it’s been miserably failing.

And if you look over the last 20, if you look over the last 10 years, Pfizer’s revenue went from 2007, around 65 billion to 2020. To around 45 billion they’ve been they’ve lost around 25 billion in top line revenue. And no one wants to talk about this.

In fact, the entire frickin pharmaceutical industry is built on a medieval model of doing this bullshit process of in vitro in vivo killing a bunch of animals. Phase one, phase two, phase three, it’s all a rigged stock market game. So this is why the pharma companies a big elephant in the room is pharma needed vaccines.

So, you know, as a biologist, as an activist, and I’ll talk about that, you hear all this bullshit? Well, this is in vaccines and graphite and graphene. Well, let me tell what the real issue is pharma was losing money. Go look at Pfizer’s revenue, again, $25 billion loss, the vaccine right when the vaccine came out.

Look at Pfizer’s revenue, they go from 45 billion to 80 billion in 2021. And now they’re at 100 billion. So why am I sharing this with you because we have to start taking a very deliberate and grounded view at all of this not this left right ship pro Vax anti Vax stuff.

Now, if you look at the whole notion of vaccines, and you take a systems biology approach, you will find out the entire basis of vaccine development is based on a 1915 model of a vaccine development. And by the way, in 2020, I was the first person to call out Fauci March 2020. We ran the fire Fauci campaign.

We got 100,000 signatures. Marla Maples got my letter to Trump. We told fucking Trump to get rid of this guy, and he didn’t do anything.

And all these Grifters, I’m sorry, Malone, Robert Kennedy, all these guys were nowhere to be found, because we were the new guys on the block and they did shit to help us. But it was our analysis of Fauci because I knew Fauci was not a biologist, he was a scam artist. And anyone who’s a serious scientist knew this, but we ran the fire Fauci campaign in 2020.

Now, why do I say, I came to that conclusion? Well, in 2019, I was invited, honoured was a big honor invited by the National Science Foundation to give the prestige lecture, Purdue, which is they choose one speaker, to give the lecture on the immune system, on the modern science of the immune system. You see, in 1915, the science of the immune system was literally based on two boxes, box one and box two. Box One is the innate immune system, you know, the early stage immune system, when you first start feeling the cough, it’s your first early stage, immune cells, which try to take out that virus, it’s nonspecific, if it fails that then your body turns on the adaptive immune system, which creates memory, which are called the antibodies, right? Well, that two box model of the immune system is built in 1915.

So the notion of a vaccine is okay, we’re going to inject you with something so your body generates these antibodies. All right. If you look over the last 100, and some odd years, 115 years of research, my PhD work was on another part of the immune system known as the interferon system, which is a very fascinating system.

It’s another part of the immune system which sits between the innate and the adaptive another box, then we now know we have the microbiome nearly 380 trillion, right? Bacteria and viruses in our body in our gut, which are amazing that we don’t fully understand, that intersects with the micro biome it I’m sorry, the the interferon system the innate and the adaptive and we have the gut brain access. So at Purdue, this is in November of 2019, I present the new model of the immune system. And I said, Look at the complexity of this.

I said, the concept of giving everyone a jab, everyone the same medicine, you know, everyone getting this, it makes no sense. In fact, the NIH was putting forward this concept called the right medicine for the right person at the right time. So no one in that community of serious engineers and scientists left or right, any problem with that, of course, you’d be a fucking idiot, to say everyone should get the same medicine.

January is when the so called pandemic comes. And I saw this nonsense and I put out a tweet, you guys can go see it. It said this, quote unquote, pandemic fear mongering, will be used to destroy autonomy, and economies suppress dissent, and destroy health, that went viral on the internet.

And we ran the fire Fauci campaign, we prepared a protocol. And I got a call from the White House, one of the senior most economic advisors, and he said, Dr. Shiva, I saw your video on the immune system, can you please do more videos, Trump is not listening to us, we’re going to destroy this fucking economy.

He’s following Fauci. So if you guys go back, I probably to two to three videos endless nights, while working. As a scientist in our emerging company, cytosol, just for public service.

One, one thing I did was on vitamin d3, I think got 50 million views, we purely showed that vitamin d3 is particularly important. For people of color, right? We need more vitamin d3, vitamin d3 produces cathelicidin antimicrobial proteins, which literally blow up the cell wall of viruses. Eventually, I did talk to Trump’s office, but these guys didn’t listen, what ended up happening was had people followed what I said in 2020.

In fact, I wrote out a protocol, I said, there’s no reason to, there’s no reason at all, to do the lockdown, take one part of the economy who are extremely the, you know, immunocompromised, they should potentially get a very different treatment than the people who are highly, you know, normal vitamin d3, we put that we put a whole protocol together. And, and I know we save many, many people’s lives out of that. But the bottom line is all of this was out there in 2020.

And a lot of the people that came out were 2021. And if I drew an axis for everyone right now, what I called delayed truth. And if you look at the delay truth, and you draw an axis of how much revenue was made, from 2020, to the end of 2021, you’ll see a beautiful exponential hockey stick curve.

Well, when do all these Grifters come out complaining about Fauci in late 2021. And I would argue the following with you and there’s some very interesting I have a friend of mine sent me this very, very interesting Guardian report, where there’s an MI six intelligence guy who says, you know, we don’t give a fuck about censorship or Docker. Dr.

Real quick. What do you mean by the Grifters? Let me talk Grifters are people came to a little too late grant. Okay.

Like Robert grifting, what are they talking about? Like Robert F. Kennedy? Unbelievable. Okay, we didn’t see these guys in 2020, coming in 2021, writing a book on Fauci.

After all the damage has been done and saying, watch me watch me. And all of these people knew about a friend in January, we ran one of the most powerful protests in New Jersey to stop the vaccine mandates. And they were saying, Oh, Dr.

Shiva don’t upset the Democrats because we need to negotiate with them. So what I see grant is you have the anti backs and pro Vax people, and they’re both running a fucking racket. The bottom line is, we need to educate whether you’re left or right, pro or anti, there is something called the immune system.

And the immune system is a very complex system. And it’s not about everyone getting the same medicine. It’s not frankly pro or anti Vax, about the right medicine for the right person at the right time.

Now, granted, you got to understand something at that time, in 2020. Guess what I was running for office. I had run against Elizabeth Warren and we ran as Republicans in Massachusetts.

While all of this is going on. running my company, I decided to run as a Republican for Office. And in the midst of all this since December of 2020, we had 3000 volunteers on the ground in the Republican primary race $2 million.

You couldn’t leave Massachusetts without seeing a doctor Shiva signed grant. We were everywhere. 20,000 lawn signs 15,000 bumper stickers.

And on September of 2020, the word on the street was Dr. Shiva is going to win by a landslide. Guess what happens grant? We win in the only hand counted paper ballot county called Franklin County by 10 points and every other county 6040 6040 6040 6040 I never thought election fraud took place in this country.

And I had to put on my hat as an engineer. And what I discovered was in those machine counted counties, they when a ballot goes in a ballot image is created. And that ballot image is supposed to be preserved for 22 months.

So I go to the Secretary of State, we file a FOIA on September 9, and we said we want those ballot images. They say, Oh, we deleted them. And I submitted my actual FOIA on September 24, to 25th.

In a series of email interaction between me and the Secretary of State. They admit they deleted the ballot images, but they don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to follow federal law.

Well, I had close to 300 400,000 Twitter followers, I put up those four emails alerting the people of the world, Massachusetts, the United States, that they the government had violated federal law. And I had moved our campaign grant to a write in campaign. So within 36 days left in our campaign, I’m still not running as a US Senate bonafide candidate.

When I put those four emails out, criticizing the government, I get d, I get thrown off Twitter. So I go into federal court, no lawyer wanted to take this I had to represent myself against three Harvard lawyers from the government. And in those courtroom, federal courtroom proceedings, what emerges is me and the judge cross examine the Secretary of State office and we find out that there is a back room portal, a portal called the Twitter Partner Support Portal, originally created in England.

And this portal was used the judge asks, Why did you deep left? Why did you throw off Dr. Shiva while he was saying something we didn’t like? What did you do? We have a special VIP portal and he goes, What do you mean a VIP portals portal is called a Partner Support Portal. And he goes, What did you do? He goes, we reported him and what happened? He was thrown off his tweets were deleted.

How did you feel we felt relieved? Now, just think about what I’m saying. This is not Twitter file some content moderation. This is a grossest violation of the First Amendment, a US Senate candidate who was criticizing the government, political speech was thrown off.

Now, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, that should have alerted you. We sent all of this to Tucker, Carlson, all of this grant Glenn Greenwald. And these fuckers didn’t do anything.

And let me it gets even worse. After this occurred. The judge listening to all of this, he goes, maybe I’m 72 years old, and I’m sitting under the portrait of Louis Brandeis, but he goes, we live in the United States.

And he goes, didn’t you ever think about just combat in his speech with your speech? Anyway, the judge is appalled. He gives us an a preliminary injunction order. But any one of you know what a pie is a TR Oh, they’re very hard to get.

He tells the Secretary of State you will no longer contact Twitter. And if you have a problem with Dr. Shiva until the election is over, you will tweet against him.

Elections over I’m back on Twitter on November 4, after so we didn’t get on Twitter, we lost millions of dollars in raising money and getting our word out there. Get on Twitter on November 4, between November 4 to February 2. I’m tweeting away.

Guess what grant on February 2. Once again, I share those four emails. And this time I’m deep platformed.

We go back into court. The judge orders Twitter into the case, three lawyers from Wilmer inhale the three lawyers from the government and one lawyer from the National Association of State election director. So it’s me now against seven lawyers on May 25.

Again, no Lord wanted to take this case. I didn’t seem Tom fit in there, no one. And all of these guys knew about it.

The night before that case, I have to get ready for my opening testimony. And I find I’m trying to figure out what the fuck is this Twitter Partner Support Portal, I find a document on a server in England showing that the that Twitter had created this portal, so the government officials, parliamentarians in Britain could spy and surveillance on British citizens. Then it was tested in 2018 in India, Taiwan and New Zealand and it was brought to the United States.

When it was brought here at Harvard, Belfer school, Twitter legal, the government of Massachusetts Siza DHS, the Pentagon, everyone got together and they created what are called playbooks which I found two very powerful documents, which lay out grant a actual how to manual under what conditions you will blacklist a US citizen called an influence operator. How you will track them the first time like I was tracked on September 25. How you will continue to real quick, cuz I want to I want to, I can’t stay much longer and and I’m just fascinated by what you’re saying.

I’d love to I’d love to get a full interview with you at some point and have it more like q&a so people can kind of track where you’re at. Because it’s fascinating, man. Yeah.

So grant like give me the anatomy. We should definitely do that. The net of it was Is that that so when I found this and I presented to the judge, we should do this needs to get out there because we try to get it to all these Grifters like Master grifter.

Tucker Carlson that’s why I call him that I’m so pissed with these people. Because we were in the trenches fighting grant and no one gave us air cover. So when I go into court here, but why are you taking on those guys, it distracts me when you let me tell you why will you find me tell you why grant? Okay.

I’m just saying from a marketing standpoint, yeah, we can talk about that. We can talk about movement building in a marketing standpoint. Okay.

We can have an offline discussion. Let me tell you why. And you’ll see why.

And you’ll see and I think you’ll get it. So in that courtroom discussion, when I go into opening hearings, I said, Look at judge, these are these playbooks? All of these people have been colluding against US citizens. They actually have a manual.

They actually have a portal. And in June, the long fuse report came out, and it details that I was one of six super spreaders, Trump and six other people have chapters on me. I was blacklisted.

What emerges out of that as a censorship network diagram Grant, who the other people, so Donald Trump, me, Newsmax, James O’Keefe, Breitbart and forget the fifth one. And I my tweets, if would would have a, you know, 30,000 40,000 retweet rate, because I would do small tweets and I would drive people to these long form educational videos, Grant. They’re very powerful.

Okay, I didn’t even know it was. That was a technique. But the bottom line was when we wanted to court it’s me against seven lawyers right now.

And the judge says this lawsuit will be taught in every constitutional law class and Netivot is fast forward to when Musk buys Twitter, October 28. Suddenly, you know, I put out a post I said, Look, Ilan, you need to look at this backroom portal intercept. And this is why you’ll see why I’m bringing these people up.

The Intercept drops his big news. Oh, my God, we have discovered DHS leaks has his backroom portal. What’s our lawsuit plagiarize grant, and fundamental in that lawsuit, they leave out this very important fact.

When you look at the censorship diagram that we have figured out in courtroom testimony, the government had figured out a way to launder censorship through a nonprofit called the Center for Internet security, which ran that backroom portal which still exists at Twitter as we speak today. Guess who funded that Center for Internet security, Pierre Omidyar, who is the funder of the intercept. So here, the intercept guys are putting out the story, but they leave out this gaping hole.

Now I’ve talked to intelligence people since then they said, this is called a technique called the limited hangout. What is the limited hangout? You know, there’s a big story, which is our entire network that we discovered, and they know Dr. Shiva is going to keep at it.

So they put out a little story, a little piece of it. And boom, Tucker Carlson interviews these guys put them on there. And this is why I’m pissed off a Tucker Tucker says, Wow, this is amazing.

You know, why would anyone have ignored a story like this? You ignored it, Tucker. Why? Why did they amplify that story? Two years later, Glenn Greenwald amplifies it and ACLU does well, ACLU is also funded by Pierre Omidyar. So my proposal to all of you is to consider that before we start bowing down to Ilan or Tucker Carlson or Glenn Greenwald and thinking they’re doing a service, we have to call a spade a spade.

These people actually concealed our lawsuit, which shows the entire censorship infrastructure which is still being used against every American. And they still continue to do this today. So when I I wrote a scathing thing on frankly, Musk I said, What the fuck are you doing? You know, you’re where government ends or Elon Musk begins, nobody knows.

And then I get put back on Twitter, maybe to pacify me. But that backroom portal has still not been taken down. And it still exists.

Clayton Morris on December 3, asked Elon on his one of these Twitter spaces. Thanks. Hey, Ilan, Dr.

Chivas lawsuit exposes backroom portal. What are you going to do about it? Oh, that sounds like big brother. I’ll dig into it.

Well, it’s what do you need to dig into? So my position is Twitter’s section 230 immunity gives Twitter a 10x Multiple on revenue, because they’d have to maintain that portal. So all this Twitter file stuff sounds very interesting. But the fact that our lawsuit, which is a lawsuit of the century has not been highlighted, and that backroom portal and everything’s coming out and dribbles, when it should have come out in 2020.

When we could have saved a lot of people’s reputation lives is what is disgraceful? That’s where we’re at. Fascinating. Where do you live? I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hey, Dr. Schiff. Do you consider yourself in election law expert.

I consider myself a pro se lawyer. Let me tell you that the head of Wilmer inhale, the chief vice the vice chairman, you can look her up. She didn’t.

She said, My chief and I believe I just asked you whether you consider yourself an expert in the area area. Let me just tell you, I said election election law, because you’ve made a lot of references to election fraud. I was just wondering, you’re all right.

You know, let me tell you what I’ve learned from being in federal court. And you can go look at my briefs ahead of bloomer and I’ll set my briefs were so good. She thought I had a shadow banning lawyer.

I can tell you, I have yet to meet an unlocked election law lawyer who knows election law. Okay. So I don’t know what you mean by that.

What I can tell you is that as a US Senate candidate who’s been in the trenches, I can tell you that you 52 USC 20701 is not being followed. That only recourse ballots, no, correct? No, no, that was actually that. For those of you who don’t know, Dr.

Schiff claimed, because he has spoken in Arizona. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Let me let me finish my point.

Basically, I’m just trying to make it to clarify something. You’ve testified the Arizona case about, Tara, I can’t hear you, Shawn’s gonna move you down and bring you back up because I can’t hear you. Okay, Tara, can everyone else I’ll bring you back up.

But let me just finish what we did. You can hear I wish I was you because I can’t stand here. Oh, to write 20701 was was passed by a democrat majority.

And it was to support audits. And it says that all records in connection with the federal election is supposed to be preserved for 22 months. When I was called into Arizona, I was asked to review Ballard images.

And then I was asked to do a detailed analysis of signature verification, which was the only data that Mark Brnovich finally took up. So if you want to start having an argument about my work, let’s do it. Go ahead.

No, no, I’m just saying that I think that what you said in Arizona was not necessarily correct. And also, what am I correct? You said about the images on the the ballots themselves, you didn’t contact the company that makes the ballots. Did you know what are you talking about? You don’t even work? I did? Well, actually, I just read about it.

So let me tell you, you’re talking to the person who did the work. So let me know can I mean I understand you’re saying you’re an expert, and you invent Oh, you did all these things? Wait, wait, wait, where can I just very cursory remarks. And they are very insulting.

So let’s get into the details. Because you can get away with someone else like that, but not with me. I did the word I can I actually I believe that here.

Can you mute out? Can you meet up please? Thank you. Go ahead back to if you want to talk about the work I did. You’re talking to an engineer.

And if you want to play your games and try to discredit me, you’re gonna have a serious problem. Okay. Let me tell you the work we did.

First of all, in Massachusetts, the Ballard images were deleted. And if you want to go have a discussion about that you can write to the Secretary of State, they violated federal law we wrote to Bill Barr, and that bastard didn’t do anything. In Arizona, I was asked to do several tasks.

The first stuff was to look at ballot images. And we frankly didn’t find any major anomalies there. But when we did a detail, we did two clinical analysis of signature verification where we hired professional forensic signature examiner’s and we showed that the curing rates were way off by 200,000.

In fact, what we learned was in the 22 midterms, our advice was taken and they did better curing. So if you want to talk about my work, we can talk about it. But there were a bunch of left wing attackers who tried to discredit my work and we rebutted that and you should go read all the rebuttals before you just made and I just I’m perfunctory broad statements.

Okay, I just read 52 USC 20701 It doesn’t require requires that all records in the possession of the person be saved. Basically the ballots or the ballots for 22 months correct. The ballots themselves are saved.

But there’s no no no, no, no, no to do ballot in the vouchers. No, nope, nope, you’re absolutely wrong. No, I’m not.

No, you’re absolutely wrong. What gets counted when it goes through a machine? You don’t even know how it works. Do you? I don’t know and message No.

System in any machine. Do you know how the machines work? But the ballots themselves are saved? No, it’s valid ballots. What’s that? What’s that? What’s that Dr.

shibaura Dr. Shi Uh, yeah, let’s give her a chance because we had her stop so and did not interrupt you, I’m sorry. So let’s let her go.

I’m just what I’m saying is I just think, look, I listened to you before, and I thought you were very credible, etc, I listened to the sort of grievances you have now. And I am somewhat disturbed by some of the virulence that you are showing as personally, but I understand that people get upset about things that happen in their lives. I read 52 USC 20701.

And I don’t think that it requires people to save ballot images. I will go more research about that. You seem to say that you have more information about that.

But I don’t think based upon what I’m reading that you are correct. I don’t think that was ever tested in court. Did you bring that claim in court that has been tested in multiple in Florida? Did you bring the claims to court and what happened? We you want to know what happened by the time we got him that the judge wanted to simply put me back on Twitter, and he wanted me to drop all claims against the government.

Because what happened after May it’s a very interesting case, is that after we exposed all of this, the judge appointed me a constitutional lawyer, he goes, I have the authority to give you a constitutional lawyer to help you brief up your case even better, so you can. So if it goes to the appeals court, because you wanted to give me a win, but he said I want you to drop all other claims against the government. He wanted to put me back on Twitter, and I would I would be the first hero put back on Twitter.

Well, sir, in essence, your claims for note, listen to what I’m saying, you know, drop their way into your job. You’re not understanding what happened was the judge wanted me to drop my claims. And I refuse to do that.

And he wanted to censor me and sealed my lawsuit. So this is not one some bullshit where I cave in. And the judge censored Manny sealed our lawsuit.

First time anyone can think of a civil lawsuit has been sealed, because he wanted to completely hide the censorship network diagram. So what I did was I filed my lawsuit because I was going to be criminally prosecuted. And I filed my lawsuit, the amended complaint with that one claim, and then I walked away because I did not want to be unprincipled and get back on Twitter and let the government get away.

So know who you’re talking to. Okay. 100% That kind of didn’t want to go there a little left.

Let me just finish one thing. Now since the lefties here, you probably think I’m more lefty, there’s a picture of me burning the South African flag on the steps of MIT because I fought against apartheid, MIT’s investment, I was the first guy to run the biggest, you know, protests against the US war in Iraq. I organized food service workers, so lefties, if you’re on here, you probably don’t know what to do with me because shred he sounds like a lefty.

But I’m not left or right. I came from nothing. And I will stand by principle.

So I could have been the guy on Twitter. But I didn’t want to do that. Because this country’s first amendment has been destroyed.

There is no First Amendment in this country right now. Because of these portals that exist between government and big tech. See, what have you spent in legal fees? Grant, I did it on my own man.

We raised people gave us money. I wrote all my briefs grant every fucking thing. Go look at my briefs on Winback freedom.

com. I don’t trust lawyers. They suck when we brought the lawyer in.

He wanted me to drop all the claims. Of course they all suck, man. Yeah, especially when you get to something like this.

They want to be the ones. And that’s what Alex Berenson did Alex Berenson cut a fucking deal. Yeah, the ones on your says sometimes they’re more dangerous because that’s what had happened.

The judge became a honeypot. It was very nice. Gives me a lawyer, who by the way ends up being the lawyer for Dershowitz getting them off the Epstein case I found out.

All right, so I’ve learned enough. And man, let me ask you, let me ask you, are you as good a friend as your an enemy? Because you sound like you’d be a vicious enemy. Let me know who I stand for grant.

I never forgot where I came from. My grandparents were barefooted, and those people in New Jersey, those people who taught me how to landscape and those are my people. By all regard, I should have got to MIT and I should have been a house fucking slave.

Okay. And I refuse to do that. So when you try to say about my work, it’s done with excellence.

Go ask that Vice Chairman of Hilmar, Wilburn, Hale, so no one is going to rip up my work. And I did invent the first email system and if you don’t like it, we can talk about that too. Yeah, well Unless crazy man.

So what would be the title of the room? What Room The Room we’re gonna do. What’s the head the headliner should be? I don’t know man freedom, first, no longer exist. For First Amendment no holds barred.

The First Amendment has been destroyed in this country. Elon Musk cannot be trusted to uphold the First Amendment. Also, these Grifters running Twitter files, they’re not getting to the essence of it.

They’re talking about content moderation. And they’re not talking about the fact this backroom portal exists. And government and Twitter have an unholy alliance.

And that still exists. I don’t think people I don’t think people realize, Dr. Shiva, I’ve been following you and your case, from the very beginning like from right on the heels of your can’t have your candidacy in Massachusetts, and I can’t believe I’m actually getting to speak to you because I’ve just admired the work that you’ve done and how how you’ve defended the First Amendment.

I mean, and I don’t think a grant you know, you I think you have to somehow articulate that Dr. Shiva really is kind of the ground zero of a US citizen, being the victim of the government using social media to censor and silenced a candidate. While you’re still I mean, it’s Jeff.

It’s yeah, it is the easiest thing so I want to slap the shit out Charlie Kirk Dinesh D’Souza, all these people they know about our lawsuit grant. They don’t want to cover it. You know why? Because I’m not left or right.

Because they’re gonna lose their views. It’s really It’s fucked up, man. It’s so fucked up.

We were fighting in the trenches. I mean, running my company, running for office, and doing a federal lawsuit with no legal support from anyone. And on top of it, so what do you do? What do you do for to live? I mean, what’s your career now? Well, I sold a company, I’ve made money.

You know, cytosol is a company that I run, which is a company that is revolutionizing medicine, we can model molecular pathways on the computer, we can eliminate the need for animal testing. And we should talk about that offline. But you know, I create separate from creating the first email system, I created the technology to automatically analyze email for the White House and built one of the largest automatic inbound email companies.

When did you create email went out? 1978. Inbox them I’m still Jonathan up there still hadn’t learned Yeah, we’re not talking about texting. Over the age of 40, everyone remembers if you went into an organization remember that there was a someone called the secretary always a woman.

She had the inbox the outbox of folders, remember the the typewriters, you’d write the carbon paper when I was in that small medical college in Newark. And by the way, anyone? I want to put this out there, there’s a lot of people get really upset when they see a brown immigrant kid in Newark, New Jersey inventing email before he came to MIT that really bugs them for some reason. But that’s where it happened.

In a small medical college as a 14 year old kid, I used to stay up until two in the morning, I was asked to convert the entire interoffice mail system, which the dweebs at the ARPANET guys thought it was impossible and I have the records for that. And I converted that entire system grant to the electronic version and 50,000 lines of code named at email, a term I created because the operating system gave five characters. When I came to MIT was elected student body president went to the president MIT’s home, Paul grainy, said, You know, it really sucks.

The Supreme Court is not recognizing software patents. You should copyrighted pursuant to the Copyright Act of 1980. I wrote away, filled it out, had to give all your code wasn’t simply a C.

And on August 13 1980, to a 17 year old American kid got the first United States copyright for email recognizing me for the inventor of email. Now I never spoke about this grant. I wasn’t a marketer.

But 33 years later, Time Magazine’s technology editor Doug mammoth, the only journalist to go through this, wrote an article and you can look it up said the man who invented email. No one had a problem with that. In fact, I used to be called Doctor email at MIT, when I ran echo mail.

And then the Smithsonian on February 16, honored me put all this material in a young Washington Post rights reporter writes an article called Dr. Shiva Dre honored as the inventor of email and what you would think should be a powerful thing for the, you know, the reflection of the American dream, a liberal white elite historian goes apeshit because this was like a new skull was found in Africa he had, they had ordained a little nerd who simply took 15 minutes of code and added text to the bottom of a file with the X symbol to be an email that was not email. I create an email when this one and I was called a fraud and asshole, a dick, a curry Stein, Indian who should be beaten and hanged.

That’s the kind of shit that came out grant. Gawker Media once told me all sorts of names. It took me four years to find Charles harder.

I sued them in federal court drove Gawker into bankruptcy, got a million bucks, and all those three defamatory articles were removed. And, and still to this day, the shit on Wikipedia is fucked up. But I Yes, I invented email, email was not invented by the military industrial academic complex.

And what’s really funny Grant was when I was at MIT, I was on the front page for inventing many things. And the liberal SHRM loved it because they saw this darky, who’s a model minority. But when I said I invented email, before MIT and Newark, New Jersey, that’s what the liberal elites don’t like.

So I’ve been through my fights, man, and but I hate the fact that fucking Battroid in this country, I’m gonna reach out to you and we’ll set up a time to do it. But anyway, getting back to vaccines, Fauci should have been out of there in 2020. And all these people should have said something and 2020 grant.

And that’s why I believe there’s something called delay, I think worse than censorship is delayed truth. And I think this is how the establishment works. They want people to delay truth.

So when you delight truth, they make money, and then the Grifters come across, and they get to make money. It’s a dynamic that the establishment has created. So they create false heroes.

But anyway, the main thing I want to let you guys know is, you know, we have a movement called Truth, freedom and health. We’re training people now on how to think beyond left and right. And I sure want to reach out to whether your left or right, America cannot think left and right anymore.

2022 or 2023, we got to be able to look at problems as systems problems. There are real election systems issues. But Mike Lyndale is not talking about the mike Lindahl wants to sell fucking pillows.

There are serious election systems issues, on signature verification, still, there are still issues on the preservation on chain of custody, and they need to be addressed. And as long as the left and right are involved, they’re not going to address anything. So if you go to truth, freedom health.

com, you’ll see the movement that we’re building based on system science, if you go to win back, I encourage you, you’ll see the entire lawsuit there. That’s been up for two and a half years.

It is truly the lawsuit of the century. And I’m not trying to sell you anything here. I’m trying to tell you that this country deserves the First Amendment to truly be secured.

And it’s not happening from Twitter files, it’s going to happen from us bottoms up by looking at the fact that the censorship infrastructures are being set up. And we need to dismantle them. Dr.

Silva, the more you talk, the more I’m with you in this fight. And I’m pretty sure the same goes for pretty much 90 plus percent of people in this room right now. And you know, that’s why I’m really glad that you came in here.

And grant actually got to hear this because it’s one thing telling somebody something, and it’s another thing, somebody’s seeing it for themselves. Right? I mean, you this message needs to be amplified on the highest level possible. And the more you talk, I really do believe people will join you in that fight.

Well, I think about what’s been happening as I call it, the grifter, establishment collusion, does not want the story out there, because it’ll break the left, right? Bullshit. Because this what we’ve been doing, whether it be the election system stuff, or the the immune system stuff, or it goes at the heart of fundamental science, and the actual ground truth, and that’s going to bring this country together, because it’ll expose the left people and the right people who are making money off, you know, manipulating Americans. And that’s got to end look, I supported Trump for a while and I figured out the biggest grifter he was okay.

So, we have an opportunity now, when you take a systems approach, to really get to the heart of this, and that’s what we need to do. And I’m telling all of you this desperately from someone who really loves this country. When I got off the plane at when I was seven years old.

I’ve never seen snow I walked off the plane. I didn’t have any clothes. You know, we had shorts on.

And a young family took us to the what is it the Salvation Army to get his clothes? And my I asked my dad, why did we come here he said one word freedom. The First Amendment and what America was built on was no one else ever created a country like this. It was a grand experiment that every individual would have the opportunity to express their views, bottoms up decentralized.

And all these social media platforms are way too fucking centralized, Twitter, Google, and now they have a connection, direct portal connection to government. And we need to break that up. We need to bust this left, right bullshit, we need to call out these Grifters who are making money on backs or anti backs, or election systems or that.

So I really, really hope you guys recognize that it’s our duty right now to do this, but we got to break this left, right, bullshit. And, you know, I’ll share with you all the science I know, you know, but we’ve created a movement called Truth, Freedom health independent of the left or the right. And that’s I think, why we don’t get covered Nelson.

Because we’re not in one of these. You know, we’re not in the old white boys club, or the old brown boys club or the old grifter club or the old Republican club. Man, Dr.

Shiva, oh, my god, brother. You have open my mind. Jesus, Lord.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, if this has blown your mind, just as much as it has done to me, hit that chat feature the bottom right corner right now. And say it, say it in there right now. Make sure you tag me.

Dr. Shiv. Jonathan grant midtech.

Tag us in. Let us know what you think this is probably been the best space that I’ve attended. So far.

During my short time here on Twitter spaces. Dr. Shiva, Jesus, Lord, well, we need to, to, you know, say dogs you don’t tell me you got some Oh, Jesus, Jesus Christ.

Oh, Christ was an awesome, everything. I’ve been a great student of Christ, you know, you know, he, he whipped those guys in the, you know, the, those in the temples and he did it multiple times. And a lot of Christians don’t want to talk about that.

You know, he connected Heaven and Earth, his life was unified. It wasn’t like he was living one life here and another life elsewhere. So I think we really, really need to think about the real life of Christ, what he really meant.

And I think it will all bring us back to our own divinity and our own humanity. And I really, and that’s what this country is about. This country is about us connecting with our Creator, removing all the barriers to entry and that’s why the First Amendment is so central to this.

Without the First Amendment, we’re fucked. And we’re fucked right now. Because the Grifters are not covering what needs to be covered.

Purposefully there, and the concealment of our lawsuit is one of the most disgraceful things. 100% 100% Oh my god. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re not following Dr.

Shiva right down, I encourage you to scroll your phone all the way to the top and give Dr. Shiva a follow up immediately. Immediately.

Okay, I’m pretty sure this is not going to be the last space. I’m pretty sure grant is going to be setting something up with Dr. Schiff as well.

So we’re going to definitely hear more in a more structured interview format. So guys, make sure you’re following Dr. Shiva makes the following myself.

Grant Jonathan maze, hit the bell notification. So you get alerts when we do these rooms because God tal Dr. Shiva, I’m speechless, man.

I don’t even know what to say, or the details of your lawsuit. Are they still sealed or no? Okay, what I did was, I did an end run around the judge, he tried to seal my lawsuit and he forced me to file an amended complaint with only one claim. So I filed the one claim but I put everything in there.

So you see the diagram, everything’s there. And then I walked away because I didn’t want to give him the basically these guys wanted to toast their martinis in Martha’s Vineyard. Today, we put this darky back on the internet, we protected the First Amendment, but they did not want me to go after the government.

Fuck that. By the way, I’ve started the lawsuit filing against DHS and Siza and you’ll hear more about that. These bastards need to be taken down.

Also, Dr. Shiva, I apologize about our friend, Tara, you know, she and Jonathan they’re our resident lefties? Well, they can be less I can hit them, you know, what the left needs to be Hit from the left, the left doesn’t even and the right doesn’t anymore. So that’s the problem and the left and the right, the left hits the left hits the right from the left and the right hits the left from the right the problem is the right needs to be hit from the right because they don’t follow the words of Christ and the left doesn’t carry damn about working people 100% You know but we got love for as well that’s our that’s our older sister but she She’s crazy.

Anyone, but they gotta do You know, they got to do they got to do what’s right and not just talk, they got to walk the walk. I’m reading some of these comments in my mentions right now Bob candle said, Wow, holy shit his mind is blown by Bob’s mind is blown. Somebody else said Dr.

Shiver legendary. This man has just exposed everything. I mean, somebody said, Wow, this is insane.

Somebody said let him drop one more bomb about vaccines. Somebody said Dr. Shiva is the goat, no blue cap, no cap.

Oh my god, Dr. Silverman, you’re you’re blown everybody’s mind. I mean, this, this definitely needs to be amplified to a much greater audience.

And I’m just looking forward to this get really getting out there, you know, to the masses, eyes, right? I’m really looking forward to it. And hopefully, you know, there’s no government intervention, you know, in regards to preventing that from happening, right. But even if they do, we gotta fight it.

Anyway, thank you for the opportunity, Nelson, and to everyone. I’ve been, it’s been a long day for me. I’ve been up since 5am.

So I gotta go get something to eat. But it’s been a pleasure here. Is there any other questions or comments? Nelson? I have a comment.

I have a comment. I just like so. Thank you for your it’s almost like this pit bull energy that I absolutely loved, especially just kind of, you know, hands down, you’re putting truth above the narrative.

Like there is the whole ping ponging back and forth, you’re absolutely correct. If it’s, if it’s either Baxter unpacks or if your left or right or, I mean, there’s always two filters. And if you’re what you’re trying to drive doesn’t fit in either one, it won’t get covered.

But we have to make it covered, I think, with the six degrees of separation, especially with Grant kind of being involved in Nelson. And I mean, I really do look forward to the partnership and to see where we can take this. I’ve been a truth seeker.

You know, since day one. I mean, I get clowned a lot and whatever it it’s, it’s all good. I’m used to it.

But it’s nice to have somebody that is just like 1,000% toes 10 toes down about truth. I think you know what, what’s interesting is after I did the early one, some guy called me and he wanted me not to say stuff against Bobby Kennedy. It’s like, what the fuck are you talking about? And he said, Oh, everyone on here’s a bunch of Grifters.

So I don’t know, the problem with me, or the problem with where I’m at is we don’t owe anything to anyone. Right? So we built our own movement. So the interesting challenge here is going to be as we go to the second six degrees of separation.

How many people have shit on their hands, that what I’m sharing will be too volatile. You see what I’m saying? That will be the interesting test? Yeah. Because, yeah, also, I, I think that they were the heroes before you.

So this is the thing, right? Like, everybody looks at Elon right now, like, Oh, he’s created this space where we have free speech. He’s exposing this. So you know, there’s going to be that contention, like, Oh, he’s against Elon.

Oh, he’s against you know, and I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s going to last long, ultimately, because what you’re going to be doing is giving anyone an opportunity that’s going to be down for this movement to at least come through and be 10 toes down. I don’t think that you know, you and I don’t know, but I’m assuming if you know, Elon were to address this backdoor issue or if he was to give this attention, and people did show that they were on board. That’s really all you care about is the truth.

You’re not right. I mean, backdoor issues very simple section 230. Immunity was given to designate a certain type of company to be a platform designation.

Does everyone know this difference platform and publisher, at an economic level, a publisher gets a 2x Multiple on revenue, a platform gets a 10x Multiple on revenue. Let me give you an example. The New York Times Wall Street and Silicon Valley have deemed to be a publisher.

And why? Because they have major liability, because the reporters write for the New York Times and they write for them. And they write something defamatory. Let’s say against you amaze, you can sue the New York Times, right? So if they make $5 billion in revenue, they’ve decided that the multiple on revenue if the New York Times wanted to sell itself tomorrow, the value of that company B two times revenue, which is a $10 billion company got it.

Someone has decided to x is a multiple of revenue. Guess what the multiple of revenue for Twitter is or any platform company like Airbnb, you know, Yelp, right, because if you wrote something negative on Yelp against, let’s say, Nelson, restaurant, Nelson can’t sue Yelp. He can try to sue you.

Okay. So these platform companies cannot be sued. Dude, they get section 230 immunity.

You got it? It’s very, very subtle. Yes. But in return for that section 230 immunity, they get a 10x Multiple on revenue, New York Times makes 5 billion in revenue, there were 10 billion 10 billion.

Twitter makes 5 billion in revenue, guess what? They’re worth maze. They’re worth 50 billion. Now.

They are going to have to sell a pound of flesh to government, which you and I don’t know all the backroom deals that take place. Okay. Google CEO, do you want to keep your section 230? Immunity? Hey, either give me money on the backend lobbying some deal? Or I may remove it.

If you don’t give me that backroom portal. That is a conversation that has not been had Mays, what is the deal that has been made with the devil to maintain their section 230 immunity. All of the people who’ve invested in Twitter are the same Silicon Valley guys who, you know, give to all of these politicians, right money through PACs.

And I’m sure this back room portal, someone who’s making money off of it. So in all of this discussion, where is the discourse on the clearing house, if you guys go to win back You’ll see scroll down you’ll see the censorship network diagram and everything is footnoted.

It’s almost a separate PhD thesis. The Murdochs funded this, the Pierre Omidyar funded this, you’ll see all the characters it’s not just DHS, or FBI. It’s Harvard.

It’s a pentagon, everything we put put this out in 2020. So what the fuck is the intercept doing? Oh, my God, DHS, oh, my god, FBI. You’re just releasing little pieces to fuck with people’s minds.

It’s the entire infrastructure, military industrial, academic complex. And that, and Twitter is on the if you look at that diagram, they’re on the heel of it. They’re not controlling anything.

So what we have is that government and big tech companies have become one but I architecturally showed this maze, the actual mechanics, the people. And that is where we’re at. And we have to take our rose colored glasses off and look at that diagram.

And what we will realize that Dr. Shiva doesn’t go back to like the DoD is work with Twitter, and Facebook during the Arab Spring, all of that. Yeah, definitely.

So what happened was, if you read the, I think, the fifth paragraph in my lawsuit, the United States government when Siza was created, Trump, by the way, signed it into law. When sysko was created, the goal was okay, we’re gonna protect the United States from foreign interference, okay, foreign interference, so and so if so, the United States has a right to censor and surveil foreigners, right, because we don’t want people coming into our, you know, communications airspace. However, what they realized was, hey, we want to use this infrastructure to surveil and censor US citizens.

So what they realized was that in order to fill in the gap, and it’s in the long fuse report, in those words, that they needed to create non governmental entities, so government is here, they want to silence a US Senate candidate, if they did it directly. That would be one violation of the First Amendment. So they created the Center for Internet security, which houses ISEC I SEC is a clearing house.

So when the government wanted to take me off, they sent that request into iSeq ISAC runs a portal, the clearing house, they did it it’s called laundering of censorship. Wow, that’s crazy. We fucking exposes in 2020.

Senate to the little dweeb Glenn Greenwald wants to be the big Pulitzer guy, he didn’t do shit. And when intercept released it goes, Oh, my God. Oh, my God, you guys are fucking part of the intelligence network.

You’re not fooling me. That’s what we have to wake up to all of these people who get mainstream media attention. I’m convinced.

Why do you get amplification? And our lawsuit didn’t black and white? Because you don’t you want to release news when it’s convenient for you? It’s called delayed truth. That’s what that mi six guy was saying. So then you get to release the truth.

You get all the views you get to be seen as a fake hero. You get to win the Pulitzer. And everyone thinks, oh my god, Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson.

They’re doing great work. And by the way, the ACLU never talked about our lawsuit we wrote to them, they knew about it, but they amplify the intercepts plagiarized work of our stuff. You know, who funds the ACLU Pierre Omidyar? We got to get our we got all get wise and street smart.

We gotta get Newark street smart where I come from, you know, for New Jersey streetsmart Oh, yeah. And you know, this is this is nuts. And just real quick, just real quick base before you jump in for all the reporters in the room because I know we have a funeral.

Porter is in here. I mean, this is a hell of a story. Yeah, might have the balls to cover this.

I would love to see them and leave Porter want to do real journalism? The conspiracy theorists do journalism and the investigative journalists support conspiracies. That’s what’s going on. That’s a fact.

You know, I highly encourage all the reporters in here right now, to at least put a story together and see what your editor says. See, if they see they say, Okay, it’s cool. And then all of a sudden give you a story out published a very fucked up racist way.

The purported inventor of email the conspiracy theorists, forget I have four degrees from MIT forget I won, that’s what they do. Fuckers. Well, I’m hoping the nice report.

I hope they do. But I’m not counting on Nelson, we were building our independent movement. We rely on everyday working people.

And that’s what we got to do, man, we cannot rely on false gods anymore and wait for, you know, whatever, Zeus to come from the clouds and save us. The shit has gotten to that 100 We got to do it ourselves. And that’s what, you know, I just did a three hour meeting.

We train people on system science. We’re building bottoms up communities. And we got to, you know, go back to ourselves.

People work for a living. We can’t rely on billionaires who are tied to the government to save us. Why would we do that? 100% Stupid well now said In the meantime, though, Dr.

Schiff. I know Steve Kirsch reached out to you via DMS. He sent you a cell.

He’s trying to make some very key introductions. Yeah. So if you could just check your DMS for Steve Kirsch he sent you a cell phone.

Just give him a call tomorrow. And yeah, he wanted me to tell you. I put up in the jumbotron, or the nest, whatever you call it up there, a lake to Dr.

Chivas site so everyone can share that or, you know, go to the site yourself to put his wind back freedom, which is the problem we put out there and you go through the whole thing, and then you’ll see truth freedom And I think people got to really stop being unselfish Americans. I see all the conservative Grifters, frankly a selfish anti Americans.

They didn’t want to cover our lawsuit in 2020, because they’re afraid they’ll lose their views. That’s selfishness. And they’re anti American because this was about the First Amendment.

So the so called conservatives who so care about the First Amendment and flag wave? They didn’t cover our lawsuit. They’re the only thing I can say. Two years later, you’re and you’re odd.

Oh my god. I mean, I could show you Tucker stuff. I can’t believe this was ignored.

You got an email Tucker in October 10 2020. And then October 2013. And then on May 27.

Yeah, am I gonna attack that guy? Friends with Hunter Biden. Okay. I don’t give a fuck about Tucker Carlson shows.

This is crazy, bro. Dangerously, man. Just false god.

Bob just said, Nelson. This is complete insanity. Everybody in America needs to hear this shit.

I’m telling Bob, I couldn’t agree with you more. This is the craziest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. And everything is everything.

And every tool and we can bring Tucker here to ask him to come here. Let’s size Grand Blanc grand. That’s the craziest part.

craziest part of the ACLU to show up? Suppose the defenders though this is insane. This is insane. Ladies and gentlemen.

Wow. up real quick. Dr.

Shiva, if you could tweet those links just posted a tweet. That way I can pin it to the top of the page. And while we’re at it, ladies and gentlemen, I’m pointing you up to the links up top.

So we’ve got a room with Jonathan in the morning. Not I don’t know what time it is. But the links up top, make sure you click that link and you set a reminder.

12 noon Eastern Standard 12 noon, because I may set a reminder, you know that we’re renewed as Twitter spaces. We’re big on clubhouse, but we’re transitioning to spaces, and we’re bringing you info tainment tonight, Lord have mercy ladies and gentlemen hit that lake right now set a reminder, while Dr. Shiva tweets the links his sites that will send you send you the links right now.

Okay. Okay, send it to me and I’ll tweet right now. Yeah, let’s do it.

So God, Jonathan. Lord Valley dry dropped a lot. A lot.

I you know, and some of the things he said I was believable. Some of the other things, you know, but he’s I I feel a story Nelson. I feel his passion.

And I feel that he was wronged. So, you know, I’m always gonna fight for the underdog. That’s just me.

tearing me have some ads. But I definitely feel a story, bro. I definitely.

I feel everything about that story. And I mean, listen, man, like I said, Dr. Shiva, I’m with you.

Yeah. Everything I’ve said is backed by actual fact. Backed by facts.

Absolutely. You know, that’s part about it, that just gave up and tell you something, the passion that you had in your voice. You know, we talked to a lot of people, you know, most people, they, they’re lucky, they talk to 10 to 20 people a day, we know, we talked to 10s of 1000s a day.

Okay. And so, you know, that is, one thing we do is read people very well. And I felt compassion and sincerity in your story.

So, and what you said you didn’t go after the left, you didn’t go out to the right. You know, you wouldn’t have to do more, or you were, you know, you know, exclusively you wouldn’t have done both. And you call them all both on that shit.

So, you know, I can’t do that, but respect you for doing that man. And I’m from New Jersey, I’m in New Jersey. Yeah, I’m just gonna come out of Jersey.

That’s what truth is gonna come out of because New Jersey people are very down to earth and real. And you know, and that’s what’s got to come from, we got to just go back to very raw streetsmart reality, okay? All this big hightly flute and bullshit, you know, everyone trying to be nice and trying to do business deals and trying to cover their ass. That’s what’s degenerating everything, we got to just go back to absolute truth, and reality and facts.

And I’ve seen it can i Whenever you see it, what’s it one second, hold on? One second. Whenever you see your space open between with grant myself, Nelson, you know, jump in man, we you’re always a welcome guest on our stage, Doc. Yeah.

Let me know when you guys want to do that larger thing, because this lawsuit stuff has got to get out there in a profound way. Otherwise, it’s a serious injustice. And we’re we’re going to do it on our own.

But let’s let’s follow Oh, no. Oh, no. I’m just now.

Yeah, I’m posting them right now already saying grant yourself. And he said tonight that he’ll be in touch. I’m pretty sure he’ll give you a call.

At some point, I ask a question. And it’s not actually antagonistic was this? Hi, I think, Tara, I think sick. Hi, how are you? I think section 230 is interesting.

I think the reason it was I understand what you’re saying. But one of the differences between newspaper publishers, and, you know, Internet people is that they cannot control who is using their platform. And people don’t want them to control that, in fact, whereas newspaper publishers do hire reporters, and they have a certain level of control, which would be why there might be yes, but that’s right.

They there’s no carve out that they did. So. So what I guess what, what I wanted to ask you those? So what’s the answer? Because I think most people in the stage don’t really understand the problem.

Well, I understand what you’re saying about the backdoor stuff. Let’s not go there. What What I’m asking is if you get rid of 230 I’m not.

I’m not for getting rid of 230. Okay, that’s because I think that’s what people No, no, no, I don’t wish to get rid of No, no, I think there’s some No, no, no, no, no, look, I again, I’m not left or right. I think 230 the spirit of 230 was really to support what they call the vibrancy of the internet.

So there’s some good things there. I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater. Tara, what I answered.

I know. And I guess like I said, I don’t think most people understand. But if you were to get rid of 230, what that would probably mean is you’re getting rid of a lot of the internet, because you would that doesn’t make sense.

What would basically the content, people who own these platforms would say I can’t exactly, exactly have like they can’t take out the risk. Yeah. And that’s why their valuations would drop also.

But what needs to be done is you maintain section 230. But you have to discuss the portal, these non governmental entities is collusion between government, all our non governmental entities should be absolutely illegal. And I’m telling you what’s going to happen right now.

And here’s my prediction. Right now, Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham are getting together bipartisan bullshit. And this is very similar to what happened in 2000.

Some of you may know in 2000, the government was wiretapping US citizens, you remember this through telecommunications companies. And then when a lawsuit was filed, I think in late 2000, or 2000, and 10s in that period, guess what they did Congress through law first, because they all got paid off, wrote laws to retro actively immunize the telco companies. Right now, that backroom portal, what occurred to me is absolutely illegal.

And I will guarantee you right now, when Elon Musk says I will not do anything against the law beyond the law. He’s waiting for the fucking law. So Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham, this is my prediction are going to write a law to immunize the backroom portals.

That’s my prediction. That’s what’s going to happen. They’ve done this before.

Good stuff. Thank you so much, man. We appreciate you, man.

Like I said, You gave me you give me a lot to think about. And you better have Yeah, I was ready slice and dice you bro. Let me ask you that was a slice and dice you.

But I found a Jersey boy. And I found and I listened to you, man. And so Absolutely, man.

So I’m following you. Make sure that I that. Whenever you pop up any spaces or anywhere else, I will certainly be there as well.

Good to have you here. I think guys, I’m real quick. I want to point you up to the top.

So I just added Dr. Shivers, links to the top. So just scroll all the way to the top to the links and just swipe right.

So it’s gonna be the first three, I believe. And you’re gonna see those links over there. So guys, hit those links and definitely, definitely get in tune with what Dr.

Shiva has going on with the person by the way, Nelson was talking about the animal testing that who is that? Lindsey that was Lindsay, let me know that if she’s interested. I’ll put a link up to site assault. And we’re a company that’s basically eliminating the need for animal testing.

I just put that up there as Link Unfortunately there’s no picture. But Lindsey you guys I sent you a DM Dr. Shiva to with okay.

Great as well, and I’d love to interview you on our show and clip. A couple others. Alright everyone.

Be well Dr. Shiva. It was a pleasure, man.

ppreciate. You, ladies and gentlemen. Dr.

Schiff. But ppreciate. Brother, Lord, thanks for the opportunity to be well.

100% I mean, wow. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re not retweeting this space right now, like share this space, let people play these replays, and really just dive into what just happened in this room right now from Dr. Shiva.

This blew my mind. I mean, this literally blew my mind. Content is so good that I probably am going to play the replay in a clubhouse room later, I’m 100% free to replace as well.

Right? This is this is this is crazy. This is beyond insane. You understand what I’m saying? I just I just have to say that Dr.

Shiva. I was like, I heard him at first. I was like, Wait a minute.

Who is this guy? All right. Here’s passion. Oh, he’s an engineer, don’t you know come from the engineering world, the big tech world, right? And I’m in other spaces across some of what you guys do out here.

But I will say this. He’s a Twitter files before Twitter files or Twitter files, you know, I mean, before 100% Pro was literally patriot. And that’s amazing.

And he’s, he was actually asking to become the CEO of Twitter to Elon, there’s some new news stories out there about that he was doing on Twitter when Ilan was saying when he steps down, who don’t want to bring in? Or who who could come in that kind of thing, right, who wants to step up? He was actually pushing for that. I would say he’d be great. I would definitely vote for the guy as long as they will definitely vote for the guy.

I would love to work for the guy if ever he got the chance. Whether volunteer or you know, other capacity. Not trying to quit my day job but just saying yes, I stand behind the guy.

The way he handled. Tierra the residents while you’re here, it was very good. So anyway, that’s all I gotta say about that.

Thank you all I had to put an immediate muzzle on Tierra immediately. I’m like, I’m like so notice, doesn’t want anyone on stage challenging somebody so he threw me down? Oh, definitely. Definitely not Dr.

Shiva. Absolutely. That’s it.

That’s an that’s an American patriot. No, I that’s an American patriot is expertise. You will not be challenged on my stage.

Respectfully. Respectfully, Nelson. Everybody should be challenged.

Oh, no, no, absolutely. Not a true American patriot. I’m sorry.

No. The echo chamber? No, no, no. Once again, not a true American pay.

By the way. This is the one person I mean, Terry, you’ve been in our Clubhouse rooms. We’ve We’ve dominated clubhouse for a year and a half.

Well over three and a half million people, right. We’ve had people from all walks of life from the low end to the mid into the high end to the ultra wealthy. Right.

I have never ever in my life or throughout the time that we’ve been on clubhouse, come across somebody like this before. Ever. I ever it’s the first time I’m in my life, I swear to God.

And I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Jonathan because his mouth was shut the entire time. Which was the first time I’ve ever seen that as well. Right? So absolutely not No way, Jose.

No way. I was gonna let you do that. Absolutely not.

He’s look he’s not an expert in election law. His election law cases didn’t go anywhere. He did testify in Arizona.

You’re not an expert in election law. No, but what I’m trying to say is there is an area that I know more about than I would know about some of his other areas. I’m not going to challenge him on science or anything like that.

But in the one area I know more please, those for these replays. Please. Please don’t do this later.

I thought he was not in these replays. I don’t want you to piss off all the listeners. You don’t I mean, I don’t want you to make them.

Listen, I don’t want you to get death threats. Right. Off the listeners, man.

Because guess what? This is not a no, no, no. No, we can do that tomorrow. Listen, I do not want to spoil my Dr.

Shiva vibe right now. I’m literally listen, I’m about to have the best sleep of my life and I’ll be damned if I let you or your get damn right here. Cody Tierra spoil my god damn.

Now you understand what I’m saying? You understand what I’m saying? So please put a muzzle on both of you immediately, right now. I mean, to be honest, it felt like you kind of saved her. I was a little worried for Tara.

You know what I’m saying? I was like, look, I mean, I know she’s definitely respond to that. There’s got to be a respond to that since you guys a good way because, you know, I know amaze. Look, when somebody gets thrown down, that normally means that somebody else is scared of what they might say, I’m scared for you.

Did you the favor you didn’t know like I said this. I do, however, very much appreciate a lot of what he said he’s a super smart person. And that’s all I’m gonna say, Okay.

Nelson, can I ask you? But do you know what? Joke But all jokes aside here? You gotta admit? That is one hell of a guy. Yeah. But if you’re that smart, you would hire a lawyer who knew but election to bring a lawsuit.

But you heard him he doesn’t trust them. I mean, yeah, I understand. But he also lost his lawsuits.

Think about it, that he No, that’s that’s that’s not how it happened. And I’m not gonna let you take the meat out, please. Like, how did you? How did he come to the stage yesterday? How did this come to be? Dr.

Shiva follow for many, many, many years. I absolutely love him. And in regards to what he represents.

I have followed his COVID protocols as COVID started and have yet to catch COVID. But just admire him for so many reasons. But how did he come to find this? This? This room, the space? Um, so earlier today, we were in Jonathan’s 12pm row.

We were all in there, just the whole crew. And yeah, he just came on stage. Wow.

And you know, listen, I mean, he literally just came on stage, and he just started dropping bomb after Bob, all within like, 1520 minutes, because he had something to do. Right. And I was like Jesus, Lord, so he blew me away in there.

And, you know, I told him, Hey, Dr. Schiff, we got to connect. We got to amplify this thing.

And you know, we exchanged phone numbers. And he texted me it, I think nine something that he was done with a session. And I asked him to come in, because Grant was in as well.

And everybody was in and you know, it was the perfect time for him to come in. And he came in and he just did what he did right now. Tara, you need to look up Cosmides, her versus Whitney, New York case that ruled that ballot images are public record and assets are required to be retained for 22 months.

And I think you started to challenge him on that. But you didn’t actually know whether or not a case had been tried. And it was an appellate court that ruled that ballot images are public record.

And this is this is why I love Twitter. Why? No, no tear. I think I think you should research what he just told you.

No. I actually wanted for you jump off your mic again. Could you say it one more time, sir.

Pause mitre versus Whitney KOLs. Mid er versus Whitney. Case it began in 2016.

Okay, thank you. I can’t believe she was no you see this. This is Twitter spaces.

Tara. You’re not You’re not gonna be the smartest person in the room anymore. How about that like that? I definitely like Never Have I Ever the smartest person will you come in flexing your big wig lawyer hat like I’m like, you know you set out to Twitter spaces, man.

Let’s go. Well, on a serious note, man, I love the intelligence that a lot of you guys have here on Twitter spaces. I mean, this is another reason why we started hosting rooms here.

I mean, there are a lot of intelligent people on this platform. And I’m definitely looking forward to riding with you guys. As we continue to do these rooms grow these rooms on this new platform.

And you know, I listen, I just hold that you guys are here for the ride.

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