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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, educates listeners in Twitter Spaces on the nature of the Immune System and why the standard one-size-fits-all approach in the medical industry is based on a century-old model of the immune system and runs contrary to the most up-to-date science.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


interviewing uneducated people on both sides, and the public is essentially being disenfranchised. So there’s this guy called, which is named Patrick or Patrick, ben David. Back in, I think 2020.

He had wanted me to 2019 He wanted me to come talk down in wherever he is. And I wasn’t really that interested. He seemed like more of an opportunist.

And I think he’s built a pretty big opportunist platform. But I thought his interview with what’s his face, Neil deGrasse Tyson was not really that extraordinary. I mean, he didn’t really ask him any interesting questions, because the guy doesn’t know any science.

So you have two idiots essentially talking to each other. What’s the name? Patrick? Bet David doesn’t know any science. And Neil deGrasse.

Tyson doesn’t know any science. And when I put out a tweet, as some of you may have seen the tweet that I put out this morning, I think I put it out yesterday, very late. I was in New York.

And the tweet I put out was Neil deGrasse Tyson, you claim everyone must be quote, unquote, vaccinated for the collective good is ignorant. As an MIT PhD in systems biology, let me educate you on the immune system. So your head may emerge out of your anus, your anus, meaning you’re in a soza play on words.

And then this guy, Patrick bet, David. And I said, you know, I’m sure Patrick, but David, we want to host this now I think this guy is the one who’s actually a pompous asshole. And you can tell him I said that he said, your approach is part of the problem.

Both sides tend to come across arrogant, pompous and not willing to budge. Well, Patrick, but David should have a serious scientists on which doesn’t create a climate to have healthy scientific debate, both sides can be wrong and right at the same time, so clearly, Patrick, that David, if he’s listening is a complete idiot. Because he doesn’t know anything about science, there is no wrong and right.

In science, there’s either wrong or right. So this is the problem we have. We have way too many people who haven’t put in their effort and their time they and they start calling people arrogant and pompous as a way to essentially diminish those people have actually put in the time to studying this stuff.

And so I think, Patrick, but David, I don’t think ever go on this guy’s show because he’s a moron. Neil deGrasse Tyson, also a moron. And what’s interesting is many, many years ago, when I was with a partner of mine, who is in the Hollywood scene, I got invited to Paul Allen’s home in New York.

The multi billionaire who has A Bill Gates his partner, but I think they had had a falling out at the time. And Neil deGrasse Tyson was there and his I believe his wife was undergoing cancer therapy. And we asked him, Wow, are you exploring anything alternative, and his response was no way.

Like he would never do anything alternative, it had to be chemotherapy. So I knew right away, this guy was very, very close minded to anything at that time, so that was my one interaction with him. But everything I’ve seen about him, it seems it’s more pomp and circumstance.

Now, Patrick, but David, I think was upset because I did not want to go on a show because I felt that he was trying to essentially create a climate of just left and right at the time, this was when the pandemic was coming out. And he wanted to meet it beyond there as a catch all to have other people come in. And I wasn’t really interested in sort of doing a Jerry Springer type thing with him.

But anyway, what we really need to do to really support the movement for truth and freedom and health, which is what our movements about people and go to truth, freedom To learn more, is to really educate people on the immune system. So I’ll tell you what happened.

In my journey here. As many of you know, I’ve been involved in science pretty much my whole life. At the age of 14, I began working as a 14 year old research fellow at what is now known as Rutgers medical school, doing some of the earliest research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

I was a pretty serious researcher, I’d gone to NYU the previous year, and I had my full time job. This was at the time that I actually created the first email system came to MIT and did a bunch of degrees at MIT, in the field of engineering, and multiple degrees in engineering. But in 2003, something important happened in the world there, there was a new field called systems biology, which I’ll talk about.

And that field really said that we need to start taking a systems approach to understanding everything in biology, which is what the ancient systems of medicine were about, up until that point, most of biology was very, very fractured. And I’ll come back and talk about that. So I’m just giving you sort of the overview.

And so I’ve been a serious scientist for many, many years. When I saw the quote, unquote, vaccine debate take place, I noticed that there was a character called Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who had been sitting on this movement for years, essentially collecting money.

And I didn’t really, and I found out as I got involved, that he has a video where he says, I’m pro vaccine, I’m emphatically pro vaccine. And meanwhile, he’s telling people he’s anti Vax. And on top of it, he had endorsed Hillary Clinton three times, while she was all pro vaccine and pro Monsanto.

So I found him pretty disingenuous. And a lot of people on this call, and others at the time, a lot of wealthy women were giving him lots of money. And I said, Wait a minute, something’s wrong with this guy.

And I had to do the dirty work of exposing his serious contradictions. And this was in early 2020. At that time, in January 2020, is when the pandemic had just come, the COVID had just come to the United States, and we had organized one of the largest protests in New Jersey, you guys can look at it to mobilize mothers to militantly organize bottoms up to scare the shit out of the legislators in New Jersey.

And we did a great job when we stopped that Kennedy and Dell big tree were running around telling me to be quiet like they had to negotiate with the Democrats. So I saw all these guys, essentially talking a big game. But at the end of the day, they’ve been sitting on this quote, unquote, medical freedom, freedom movement for years.

My background was not only as a scientist, but also being a ground organizer, since at the age of 17, an anti war protest pro workers protest. And I was really, really taken aback by guys like big tree, and RFK, Jr, who were just pomp and circumstance, top down, filing lawsuits all day taking people’s money, saying one thing and doing another. And the problem is a lot of people in this medical Freedom Movement had gotten into a habit of thinking the Kennedys, the Kennedys, the Kennedys, Bobby Bobby, Bobby is always going to do something.

And it just disgusted me because I used to be out in Hollywood. And I’d done a movie on months against Monsanto, which Kennedy was in. And I’d hung around these circles.

And what I realized was for many of these people, doing their stick, be it quote, unquote, being in some nonprofit fighting cancer nonprofit, in some was basically or stick and you had serious contradictions. As many of you know, Kennedy at his own house in Malibu had a big event, and then everyone had to be vaccinated and then he blamed his wife. So I pretty much been fed up with these Grifters on the left and the right on pro Vax anti Vax.

What is particularly disconcerting to me was in early 2020, a number of people on this call will know actually early As late 2019, I was invited in by the National Science Foundation to give, they essentially choose one speaker every year to pretty big honor to give what is known as the prestige lecture at one of the NSF centers. And I was invited to give a lecture on the modern science of the immune system, which I did to around 230 scientists and engineers and students at Purdue. It was one of the NSF centers and being recognized as one of the experts on the immune system.

And in that talk, jog over with you I shared that it is completely ridiculous to propose one size fits all medicine. So I didn’t take a pro Vax anti Vax approach, I said that the immune system is very complex. That to say everyone should get vaccines didn’t make any sense.

In late 2019, early 2020, you remember, remember, if you look back, that’s when the COVID Vax virus was coming to the United States. And as an activist, we organize these mass protests in New Jersey. All right, so that’s the background.

So I wanted to give you that context. And let’s now sort of step into why I believe it’s very important that all of you take a big breather. And if you want, take some notes, and I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible, to really understand what is the immune system? All right.

And I can tell you, very few people really know what the immune system is, which is unfortunate, and very few people. I think I’m probably the only guy who’s been very dedicated to educating others about the immune system, definitely since 2019. Because I feel without understanding of the immune system.

People are going to be bamboozled by the pro Vax, Big Pharma jabbers, as well as the anti vaxxers, who make up all sorts of bullshit. And many of them are essentially telling you to give me money, give me money, give me money. And if you go back to 2020, and 2020, it was our movement.

That and you can go look it up in March of 2020. We ran the hashtag fire Fauci campaign. I didn’t see Robert Kennedy out there.

I didn’t see Robert Malone out there. I didn’t see any of these guys out there. In fact, if you can just do some quick searches, you’ll find out the only time they really started speaking against Fauci on COVID was in October of 2021 18 months later, when by that time, Pfizer had already made $80 billion, and hundreds of millions of doses were put out there.

And in fact, Robert Malone has the gall. In fact, if you go to site to literally plagiarize my work on the limited Hangout, and this iceberg, pedagogue I came up to really discuss it. So what we see happening is there is a whole slew of people out there, Johnny come late, Lee’s who are essentially we believe, part of the intelligence network.

First they conceal that the true issues, then they do half truths. And then about 18 months later, they talk about some stuff to basically when viewers and when people who are all about sucking people back up to the existing grifter, some master Grifters, and, and none of them educate people on the immune system. Because when you really study systems science, which is what our movement for truth, freedom and educates people, you go beyond left and right, you go beyond pro Vax anti backs, you don’t talk about pro mask anti mask, you really start wanting to understand what the real problem and the real issue is.

And I’m going to give away the punchline. The punchline is, if you take a systems approach, you will understand that it is not about pro vaccine, or anti vaccine, it’s about the right medicine for the right person at the right time. And this is called precision medicine, which is existed, even by some very serious scientists have put put it forward starting around 2003 2004.

When I’ll go back to that date, I brought that data. In ancient systems of medicine, this is existed for about 20 30,000 years, the right medicine for the right person at the right time. And when you take a systems approach, you realize that one of the most important aspects of all systems is something called resilience.

And you may want to write that word down Ari Si, li e and c e resilience. Resilience is what determines the true strength of a system. If you take a building and you built the let’s say, you built the Empire State Building or or you know, different, very large skyscrapers, and you built them not to have any sway.

Any type of flexibility for wind came it didn’t have any movement and it was just stiff that building would break. Good structures in nature are able to take a stress and come back to their same position. That’s called resilience.

You know, you pull a rubber band and it comes back to the same shape. This is what’s called a systems property. So when we think about the system of the body, we want the body to be resilient.

And in many, many areas of biological resilience training, they do something called stress inoculation. The military does this. They stress your body, you know, they put you through boot camp.

So when you’re in the physical, actual situation, your body can handle those stressors. All right. The purpose of the immune system, from the instant you’re born, is to be exposed to different external antigens, and your body turns on its immune system in very powerful ways to protect itself, and we’ll talk about that, but that is what we should be talking about.

Instead, we have a bunch of frankly Grifters exploiters on both sides who reduced everything to pro Vax, anti Vax. And as long as they do that, they’re gonna milk both sides, Big Pharma milk, some and the other side milks them. So to me, they’re both working for the same master.

And in fact, if you do some research, you’ll find out that you do work for the same master. If you go to RFK, you will find a video where Robert F Kennedy is boldly saying I am pro vaccine, I am emphatically pro vaccine, and I vaccinated all my kids.

And you’ll find out that he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times when I expose this, he had the nerve and I think maybe that’s how the Kennedys work to say that I own a vaccine company and I to sue him and the guy ran away, never being served. So these are the kinds of people that are dominating these movements. And this is why we’re in this situation, that they waited, they didn’t do shit in 2020.

They waited until 2021 to start writing books about fire Fauci plagiarize from our work to make money off of it. So think about this, if you draw drew a timeline, starting in January 2020, you would see the work that our movement did the fire Fauci campaign, hundreds of tweets, hundreds of videos, exposing tech Fauci in 2020. These guys come in 2021 writing books, Malone included.

And then they make money off of that. So Big Pharma made money between 2020 to late 2021 Billions 80 billion. And then these guys come in later and 2021 confused people that day are the fighters and then they make money off their books.

Meanwhile, they didn’t do shit in 2020. And what do I mean, they didn’t do shit? Well, first of all, they didn’t set the movement on the right footing because they’re not interested in setting the movement on the right footing. They don’t know science.

So we’ve had to do the work. So we have to go back now to what we did in 2019 and educate people again, because we’re not going to let these Grifters fuck up these movements anymore. So let’s begin what is the immune system.

And I’m going to essentially, verbally essentially share we’ve shared in 2019 and 2020 and so on, what is the immune system? The immune system needs to be understood from a system standpoint, so what is a system? A system is not just one component. A system is a network of interconnections across a set of systems. All right, and the more we understand those interconnections, we get a deeper understanding of what these systems are.

Okay. So the best analogy I can give you a simple parable I can give you as a story of the Buddha said of the king, a king brings in a big elephant into his court, and he brings six blind men or people with blindfolds the story is told in different ways blind men are blind folds, and each one of them touches different parts of that elephant. One touches the trunk.

He thinks he’s touching a snake one touches a tail he thinks it’s a brush one touches the tusky thinks it’s a spear one runs into the elephant’s foot, and he thinks it’s an oak tree one runs into the side of the elephant thinks it’s a wall. One touches the elephant’s ears and he thinks it’s a fan. So they all have a warped view of that whole system, which is the elephant they all think it’s a snake and or a fan, etc.

So why do I bring this up? If you go back to biology, up until 2003, biology was fundamentally a reductionist science. What is reductionism mean? reductionism is the opposite of the whole system. So if the elephant represents a whole system.

reductionism is a blind men touching the parts. Okay? So up until 2003, starting in sort of that when biology really took off with the discovery of the DNA in the 1950s, between 1950 to 2003, for nearly 5060 years, biology was a reductionist science. It was like the blind men touching the parts.

What were these parts that they were touching? Well, the parts that they were really touching during that period was what are called genes G NES. What is a gene. So if you take your DNA, and you unfurl it out, sections of that DNA spread across the different chromosomes denote a gene, particular section of base pairs and that gene, it’s called a gene because that gene will give rise to the traditional the conventional definition of a gene gives rise to what’s called a protein.

And that protein, a gene codes for protein, that protein, a serve some purpose. So for example, someone who has blue eyes and someone who has brown eyes. They have different genes, they have the same section of the genes, but they code in different ways.

Okay. So one guy gets a blue eye, one guy gets a, a brown eye, okay? All right. So between 1950 to 2000, there was always a big emphasis on the thought that Genes give rise to a disease.

If you have this gene, you’re definitely going to get this disease. All right, and you’re gonna see why this was reductionist. In 1993, what happened was, science decided we need to map the entire human genome, which means imagine if you took a spreadsheet, we want to find in column one, what are all the genes? And for each row, there’s a gene and column two, which, what does that gene affect? Okay, oh, this section of the DNA affects your eye color.

This section affects whether you’re going to get diabetes, this section affects your hair color, and so on. So in to 1993. We knew science knew that a little lowly worm, a simple worm, and nematode had about 20,000 genes to 0000.

Okay. Four zeros, 20,000 genes. So, what the biologists thought were just beginning the Genome Project.

So if you’re in 1993, New New a worm had 20,000 genes. The biologists thought, well, look at a human being human being is so much more complex, or so much more smarter than a worm, we build bridges and buildings, we make computers and we drive cars around, surely a human being must have at least about a million genes. And it was that target that they decided so 1993 The approximation was that a human being must have about a million genes.

So all the gene hunters across all the labs all over the world, Sanger lab being one of them, which had been to in England, put their gene hunters you know, their army of gene hunters, and they said, We’re gonna, we gotta we gotta go find these 1 million genes. All right, so I started 1993. When 1994 came 1995 came and they had to they weren’t finding a million, they said, You know what, maybe we only have a half a million.

And then it went down to 100,000. As the Genome Project proceeded, the estimates, they weren’t finding millions or hundreds of 1000s of genes, guess how many they found? By 2003, when the Genome Project ended, was called the Human Genome Project HGP, we discovered 20,000 genes. So human beings have the same number of quote unquote, parts genes, as a worm does.

And this was a profound shock to all these reductionist biologists. So biologists were shocked to understand that, well, we only have the same number of genes as a worm. And remember, a gene was defined as a piece of DNA, which codes for protein.

All right, by the way, since then, people have redefined what a genus, and we’ll, we’ll talk about that towards the end. I don’t want to complicate it but so we had the only the same number of genes. So this led to a revolution in biology flipped biology on its head, because up until that point, everyone is saying, Wow, we got to find the gene for Alzheimer’s.

We got to find the gene for cystic fibrosis. We got to find the gene for you know, autism and dadada At what they found was that Genes give rise through the Translate transcription and translation process to something called proteins. And these proteins and genes interact together and very complex molecular reactions, they feed back on themselves.

So the reason that a worm is different than a human being is not because of the number of genes, but it’s because of the interconnections. It is the interconnections that make human beings more complex than a worm, it’s not the number of genes. And you got to understand most biologists are not engineers, engineers understand this.

If there any engineers on this call, or anyone just listening, if I gave all of you 10 Marbles, every one of you and I gave you pieces of string. And I said, Hey, connect these up together. Some people would just take every marble connected up like a choo choo train one after the other, that would be not that complex, right? Every marble is connected at least to one other marbles, some to some other people would take those 10 marbles and do a very complex interconnections.

Imagine every marble connected to all the other nine marbles, you get a very, very big rats maze, or very different web. Okay. Well, so you notice it’s a number of interconnections that give rise to complexity.

So these interconnections were known as molecular pathways, Mo, l, ECU, la are pathways, molecular pathways, and what these molecular pathways revealed were in the human being, we had much more complex molecular pathways and a worm did. So in 2003, people said, shit, we got to map out these molecular pathways. And wouldn’t it be amazing if we could convert those molecular pathways into mathematical models, because then we could start really understanding the entire body as a molecular system.

We can understand cancer as a molecular system, Alzheimer’s, and the immune system, and so on. And what was happening was throughout the world, biologists were working in their little fiefdoms doing little pieces of these little reactions. So in 2003, when I returned back to MIT, my advisor said, you know, she thought you should come back.

Because you love biology, you got to, you know, you have an electrical engineering degree from MIT, get your mechanical engineering degree, get your design, come back and do your degree in Biological Engineering, because you’re gonna have the opportunity to integrate your love of systems and your love of medicine. Some of you may know, I grew up in India, where my grandmother was a traditional healer, I gotten to really love traditional systems and medicine, always wanted to be a doctor was in one of the MD PhD programs left because I really hated the way medicine looked at the body’s, you know, parts. But in 2003, I was very fascinated, I was running a company called Echo mail.

And I left echo mail as the CEO got someone else to run it. And I came back to MIT at the age of 40, to do my PhD in this new field called systems biology. And the task I took on for my PhD was, could you mathematically model or create a platform to model complex, the entire human cells.

And that was the development of a technology I created during those next four or five years called Saito solve. So to solve you can look up as a company. And what we have done now is we’ve created a very powerful technology to eliminate the need for animal testing, to really understand why indigenous medicines work.

You know, when I first started this, I thought the crazy pharma guys would want to use this, because most of their problems occur because they kill so many people in the early stages that they would, we could use it to help figure out toxicity, but I found out they really didn’t want to use it. Because they don’t want to know if their stuff doesn’t work. So for the last 16 years, we’ve used cytosol to really support indigenous medicines supplement understanding what really works.

In fact, in the big vitamin world, there’s also a lot of Grifters who just put crap together. So cytosol is a very powerful technology which really brings brings truth to both worlds east and west. But part of my work inside of solve was to really step back and say, Hey, can we look at the entire immune system? Okay, can we mathematically model the entire immune system.

So in 1915, if you go back, there was a model of the immune system. And that model of the immune system involves interconnecting two big boxes. So if you were to take a piece of paper right now and draw a little square on your left side, and a little square on the right side that’s what in 1950 1915 So what is that? That’s almost more than what about 100? And if I do my math 108 years ago, right, 108 years ago, so over 108 years ago, the model of the immune system with these two interconnected boxes, what are these two boxes, where the left box was known as the innate immune system, I nn, a te.

And the right box was known as the adaptive immune system ad, a PT IV, okay. These were the two boxes, that in 1915, they had come to the conclusion was the immune system. So what is the innate immune system? Well, the if, for example, if I sneeze on you right now, or, and you know, and I have, I’m carrying something if I’m carrying a bug, what would first happen is your innate immune system kicks in.

And the innate immune system is composed of all sorts of very, very interesting character. So think about think about the innate immune system as a bunch of crazy Marines, okay. They’re trained to just start shooting, if they hear anything in the dark, just start shooting at it, okay, then they’re not really specific, they just start shooting the guns a blazing.

And so the innate immune system has all sorts of cells, different types of Marines, which know how to do this shooting. And the job of the innate immune system is to take down that bug right away by any means necessary. All right, that’s the innate immune system, I and then 88, all right.

And that innate immune system will do a process where Once it finds and tries to eat up these criminals invading the body will present some of those criminals to what is known as the adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is a very specific aspect of immune system, it’s like almost like a sharpshooter. And the adaptive part of your immune system also, as memory says, oh, that’s this criminal from this country.

And I will use this gun to take out that criminal, okay, very specific. And that specificity that it develops is known as anti bodies AMTI, Bo D E S, for the specific quote unquote, criminal, this specific antigen, and T IGE. N, that antigen could be a piece of a virus, it could be the surface of a bacteria, it could be pollen, whatever it is, okay.

So the adaptive and the innate immune system save the adaptive immune system on the right, and the innate immune system on the left. And these innate and adaptive systems work together. So the innate immune system says to throw out the antigen, the invader, the adaptive immune system, figures out who that antigen is, and builds a specific antibody to take out that antigen if that antigen ever enters your body again, and that is called an anti body.

Okay? Now, this, what I’m sharing with you this to number two, box model of the immune system was developed in 1915. And this 1915 1915 model of the immune system, was the basis of creating modern vaccines. And just to give some credit, where credit is due, because credit is very important, the concept of vaccines actually goes back to an much ancient technique that has existed in places like India and Africa and China, in Africa was known as very elation, VA, our I O, la, ti, O N, and very elation.

And the ancients knew that if Hey, someone in the village got a bug, we’re better off exposing everyone to that bug soon. So we all don’t, you know, go sick a different times, because we all got to work in the fields and you know, we got to keep things going. So, in Africa, for example, the variation technique would be where you take your left forearm and you are braised it a little bit and you would literally put the pus of the entire let’s say, someone, you know, sneeze that you would take that entire pus, and you would put it up on them, you would make an abrasion so they got exposed to everything.

In China, you can see some pictures where they would take, let’s say, the virus, they dry it and they shoot it up into people’s nose. So people in the ancient world knew it’s good to expose people to you know, to spark the immune system to produce its own internal mechanisms. And you’re gonna realize not just antibodies and that’s what my my research work has been on it wasn’t just about antibodies, okay? So, for example, in the Revolutionary War, it was a black slave from Africa who bought the technique of variation to the troops.

And people had gotten word that the British were going to spell, spread smallpox. So they use this very elation technique to take the entire sport smallpox, you know, and essentially use a variation technique to all the soldiers, some people a few died, but most people got resilient, right? So this concept of exposing the body to exogenous agents, antigens, so you could beef up the immune system has been known for centuries. And then as that technique advanced, what happened in the modern world was, they tried to simulate nature instead of me like sneezing on you or having measles parties.

You know, when I was growing up in India, when someone chickenpox we went over to the person’s house, okay. And you were exposed, and that was the way you healed yourself, or you you created a resilient system. Well, over time as quote, unquote, modern medicine got involved, they said, Wow, why don’t we just try to take the very specific antigen, leave out all the other stuff, put it into a needle and deliver it? Well, it wasn’t really working.

So they started adding other adjuvants and data data. And this was a creation of modern vaccines, but what they were trying to do is elicit this immune response. Okay, so that’s where this comes from.

But if you go to 1915, the understanding of the immune system was the innate and the adaptive. So they said, Oh, if we want to kickstart the adaptive system, let’s give a vaccine and it will bypass the innate immune system. And we will have the adaptive immune system create this antibody.

So that was the fundamental basis of vaccines. All right. Just to give you a heads up on this.

In 1950 1920, if you look back politically, was when massive movements were building throughout the world, bottoms up militant revolutionary movements of everyday people. No Kennedys were involved. No Democrats were involved, no republicans were involved.

It’s everyday working people like you and I, recognizing that the establishment sucked. And they needed to build bottoms up movements. And it was those bottoms up movements, starting in the late 1800s.

In fact, in America, for workers were hanging for building the aid workers movement. And by the 1900s, these movements had built a very powerful bottoms up movements. And it was those bottoms, that movements that scared the shit out of the elites in the 1900s, early 1900s.

That stopped, you know, child labor, that resulted in infrastructure, highways, roads, and in fact, by 1948, because of those movements for infrastructure, nearly 98% of measles was eradicated 1518 years before the measles vaccine came in 1963. But I just want to point this out. And we teach this by the way, tomorrow evening, 11am and 8pm.

Go to va You know, we’ve built a bottoms up infrastructure and a movement that we educate people globally all over the world of why we must build an independent beyond these Grifters, beyond the Democrats and Republicans bottoms up.

But that’s what those movements said and was those movements that delivered hygiene and health care long before these vaccines. And you can talk more about it but so 1950s 1900s were an important period. But you have to understand that the vaccine model comes to box understanding the immune system.

Now, fast forward to 2019 in 2019, starting in 2003, I’ve been I’ve written papers on the you know all sorts of papers you can go read up in the leading journals in the world. And when I got invited by the National Science Foundation to give a lecture on the modern science of the immune system, what I had uncovered was the immune system is not just these two boxes, the innate and the adaptive, it includes many other boxes. My PhD work was on another big box, which itself contains many other boxes called the inter fear on system i n t e r f g r o n, the interferon system literally sits between the innate and the adaptive and what is the interferon system do well, the interferon systems does something fascinating.

When you get hit with a bacteria virus or whatever it is, your body not only turns on the Innate system, but it also turns on this amazing interferon system, which actually turns on 1000s of genes, which interferes with the impending virus, bacteria whatever’s coming and all sorts of agents. And the interferon system modulates between the innate and the adaptive. That’s only one subsystem.

And I did my entire big part portion of my PhD work on that. The other part that we also uncovered more recently was the microbiome. And the virome, we have close to 350 trillion 60 trillion viruses and bacteria respectively.

In our body, we only have 6 trillion cells, your body’s a walking jungle, 6 trillion human cells, but 60 trillion bacteria, about 380 trillion viruses, that’s called the virome. And the microbiome, and we know very little about these, they’re in your gut, they’re in every part of your body, you see, so that’s another set of two other big boxes of Ireland, the microbiome. And then you have the gut brain axis, your brain and your gut are inter related through the gut brain access.

So when you put it together, you get a much more complex, multi part, interconnected view of the immune system. And that is what I presented at the National Science Foundation in 2019, at the prestige lecture, and in that room, where some of the leading scientists engineers in the world, and I said, Look, when you look at this system, you realize that when they developed vaccines, in 1915, or, or the entire vaccine model, even today, it was all about give me antibodies give me antibodies give me antibodies, and I got these antibodies, I’m in good shape. But look at what I’m just sharing with you, when you get hit with when I sneeze on you, which I’m not going to do.

But if I did, your body not only turns on the Innate system, it turns on the interferon system, yes, you get antibodies, yes, you remodel genes, your microbiome, your virome, your gut brain, all these systems turn on, you say, it’s like an entire orchestra turns on. Imagine you going to an orchestra, we’re supposed to have a 20 piece band. But all you hear is just the drums playing.

Just visualize that, you want to see an orchestra. And you’re sitting there in the audience. And the sax player is not playing the piano players not playing the marimba player is not playing the only guy that’s hitting it, and it’s only the snare drum.

So when we give a vaccine, in that model, all we’re looking for is just a snare drum to play, which is all about, oh, let me just get the antibodies. But the reality is, the entire immune system is more of an orchestra of all these systems that need to turn on the innate, the adaptive, the viral microbiome, all these things. All right.

So that’s very, very important understand. And when you realize this, you realize, Wow, the complexity of this immune system, and you start appreciating that each one of us is a very unique individual also. And therefore, if you are hit with an exogenous agent, whatever it is, how you support your immune system has to be a deeply personal decision, just from a pure scientific basis, you understand your body, maybe you do it with a health care practitioner, and decisions need to be made for you.

And in 2003, when the Genome Project ended, and we realize the need for Systems Biology, guess what also developed something called precision and personalized medicine, you can look it up. And that is why I came back to MIT to do my work. Because cytosol, the technology we build is really the platform for precision and personalized medicine, which is the right medicine for the right person at the right time.

And many ways. This is what ancient systems or medicine were about when my grandmother in that small village, you came to her, she would look at your face, she would understand your body, and she would figure out what was right for you. For you, even if two people had diabetes or two people at a cough, she wouldn’t give the same medicine, right medicine for the right person at the right time.

That is what is known as precision and personalized medicine. So when I gave this talk on the immune system, everyone’s like, yeah, of course, it would be ludicrous to say everyone should get in fact, it would be ludicrous to say everyone should eat the Ricola cough drop, everyone should take you know, 1000 units of this or that, okay? But yet, the entire model of upregulating antibodies goes back to 1915, a two box model, and it’s made above and it’s made, it’s made of just giving everyone the same medicine, regardless of your conditions. So that’s one important piece that emerges out of the immune system.

The other important piece that emerges out of this, which is also what the grifter. vaxxers have not taught people at all anti vaxxers or the pro vaxxers either one but Both of them are on the same side trust me, okay. Is they haven’t taught people this fundamental issue, it is not a vaccine that kills it is not a virus that kills you.

It is not an antigen that kills you. Let me repeat that again write this down. If an Ebola virus invades you, or the Coronavirus invade your body or whatever the antigen it is whatever the it is not that entity, which, quote unquote, harms or kills you.

What is what is it? It is the specific reaction, how your body reacts to that exogenous agent. I’ll repeat that again. It is how your body reacts.

These different things that come into your body. They all like to go to a certain home. You know, the Coronavirus, likes to go to your lungs it likes to see and it likes in your lungs is the epithelial tissue, the Ebola virus likes, he likes your endothelial cells.

Polio likes to go into your spine, your herpes virus likes to go. All of these things are like you know, they’re like creatures, they like to go into certain places and hang out. Now, when they go to those particular cells, like the corona virus going to your epithelial cells.

how your body reacts with the temperature determine your state of health. Let me give you the analogy which I’ve used many times is that you’re riding your car, and you’re riding the streets of South Boston and you hit a pothole and you have no shock absorbers while your head is gonna go up through your roof and you’re gonna hurt your neck. Okay, you don’t have any shock absorbers.

Well, what would you do you would go put some shocks in your car and you drive over that pothole and you get a nice smooth ride. And depending on the kind of car you have, it has some adaptive or it has some active control systems and it gives you a beautiful smooth ride. Okay.

That is a very resilient system. It is a shock absorbers. Some of you have no shock absorbers.

What are those shock absorbers? Well, those shock absorbers are your ability to take a hit and respond back. And there are different aspects of your view immune system, the interferon system, your microbiome, the adaptive the night that I’ve gone through that can be beefed up supported through stress, inoculation, through resilience training through nutrients. And none of this is discussed at all.

It’s probax Anti Vax, probax, anti Vax. Give me money, I’m fighting against vaccines. I’m gonna file this next lawsuit.

Okay. And none of these people want to build movements. They just want you to give them money and find lawsuits which they settle out of court.

And they grift all day. Okay, scumbags. Okay.

I really, really I will talk more about this why I have a serious problem with these Grifters. I’m not talking about everyday people. I’m talking about these Grifters.

And same with the big pharma jabbers. Okay. They always come to a little too late.

And they always want to drag shit on. But anyway, what emerges out of the understanding of the immune system is first of all, the immune system is complex. But what really emerges is all the discussion that’s taking place today about pro Vax or anti Vax is based on the 1915 understanding of the immune system.

And you would think, the data that we shared in 2019, and 2020. All of these quote unquote, anti vaxxers want to do but no, they don’t want to why? Because we’re not part of any one of their little cliques. We’re not, we’re here to educate people about how you go beyond vaccine anti Vax.

And when we go beyond anti Vax and backs, we’ll come down to the real issue, the real issue is boosting the immune system. And every one of us is unique. Let me give you an example how unique we are.

Imagine if you were a really horrible parent. And I think this would be horrible and you thought your child should never go meet any of their children, you brought up your kid in a bubble. You insulated him from ever seeing other kids kept him completely in a sterile environment.

Let’s take an extreme case. Like the bubble boy, you brought him up on a bubble. That’s one example.

And now we’ll take the other example of a kid. You know, I was growing up in Bombay, there were slums everywhere. And there are people who literally grew up in trash all day, okay.

They’re exposed to every bug sewer, every sewer rats everything you could imagine. Well, you have two extremes. If the bubble boy met the kid who came out of the sewers, I’m sure the bubble boy would die instantaneously.

Because his body wasn’t trained to have any type of stress inoculation before you introduced that bubble boy to that sewer child, you would have to maybe slowly introduce certain antigens, very slowly titrate them, you could quote quote unquote call that a quote unquote, a vaccine, if you want it to. But I would say that if you’re going to have both of those children interact that you would be a horrible parent to suddenly say, Oh, just start interacting, right? We have a world today where we have a lot of people with seriously fucked up immune systems, who are 200 300 pounds overweight, they don’t get enough sun. They don’t have enough capital seen antimicrobial proteins, which come from vitamin D.

They’re completely fucked up. And so in many ways, this quote unquote vaccine stuff is actually being created for all these immunocompromised people because there’s so immunocompromised that they have to be titrated, these exogenous antigens, you say, healthy people don’t need them. Now in 2020, and March of 2020, again, our movement truth was the first one to call out Fauci because as a scientist, I knew this guy was a complete scumbag.

I didn’t see Robert Malone at all calling out Fauci as a scumbag on the COVID issue at all. I didn’t see Robert Kennedy doing that they waited, waited, waited because they don’t know anything about science. We did it in 2020.

We started the fire Fauci campaign. We raised 150,000 signatures drove down to Trump. I wrote the first protocol, a letter to Trump saying, Mr.

Trump Do not shut down the entire world, and none of these Grifters ever had the decency to share our work. They’re all scumbags. And I use that word scientifically, because they could have given us a megaphone and we had the science.

You can go look at the letter that we wrote on Shiva for It’s a letter to Trump which says, Dear President Trump, this is in March, I believe, six and 2020.

I said, Dear President Trump, Do not shut down the economy. Take all the people are truly immunocompromised, fine quarantine them. Anyone who has other you know, pre existing conditions, give them high dose vitamin A vitamin D, and I put out a program which is Elanco, by the way, copied.

And then we said every other healthy person should work and they can take some prophylactic doses of vitamin A vitamin D. Zinc, quercetin, whose whole protocol with iodine. And why did I do that? Well, vitamin D.

If you’re dark like me and black person or you know, have melanin in your skin, you need vitamin D. And all these idiots were throwing people at homes and saying don’t go out and see the sun. That’s how a lot of African Americans died.

But we said you need to get the sun and if you don’t get the sun take vitamin d3, why vitamin d3? Up regulates a protein called cathelicidin anti microbial protein ca MPs. And I did 20 videos on this. I didn’t see Robert Milan doing any of these videos or sharing these videos.

I didn’t see Robert Kennedy sharing these videos. I didn’t see Tucker Carlson sharing these videos. But we saved a shitload of people’s lives.

And these bastards didn’t do anything. And we said look vitamin d3, what it will do and this is in 2020, March of 2020. We said look, these things will and we and we I did multiple videos and just to give you an understanding.

When I did the first video on the immune system, the same thing I’m sharing with you I got a call from the White House, a senior economic official he said you know, Dr. Shiva, I just saw your video. Don’t reveal my name.

He goes Trump is not listening to us. He’s blindly following Fauci please doing videos. I used to do two to three videos a day and you can go look at this in early 2020.

None of these Grifters shared our videos not one of them. So we did a video on vitamin d3, I believe it got 2050 100 million views before YouTube took it down. And those videos told people how much dosage to take why it was important, and I shared and beautiful diagrams mechanics.

Then we said take vitamin ay. Vitamin A protects the outer walls of your cells. It’s like wearing a jacket.

Where does vitamin eight come? Well, if you’re if your thyroid is working properly, you eat the leafy greens and the purple fruit, your body will convert vitamin A but if it doesn’t take vitamin A and also take iodine. And we gave a protocol for that. And we said if you’re in critical condition in the ICU, please take 100 milligrams titrated over 24 hours of vitamin C.

We laid out a freakin protocol. None of these Grifters did anything by the way, Robert Malone if he’s listening, he literally plagiarized the limited hangout work. And the work I did and he thinks he can steal people’s stuff and act as though he’s a big macho guy on the street.

The fucking guy was nowhere to be found when we were doing this stuff. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be the guy who’s on the big pharma side and later on he’s against Big Pharma.

Get the fuck out of the way. And all these guys with their big megaphones be a Charlie Kirk, be it? Thomas Massie be it Dinesh D’Souza all of these people never amplified, the work we were doing. And we drove down and you can go look it up.

It’s all up there. The great thing is It’s all recorded. Hundreds of millions of people saw our videos, we saved millions of people’s lives.

Had these Grifters done anything, we would have saved more. But we did videos on vitamin d3 on quesiton. And zinc over and over and over again, was a thankless job while running for US Senate.

And while exposing the domestic censorship infrastructure, which we did in our 2020 lawsuit, which none of these guys want to talk about and they’re concealing. Many of you know it was our lawsuit in 2020. When I ran for US Senate, we first found the election fraud we found out that there’s a back end portal to Twitter in our historic 2020 lawsuit which now the Twitter files Grifters are talking about.

too little too late. They’re grifting man. And they’re taking everyone for a ride.

acting as though they’re fighting. These guys are fake fighters. We did lots of videos explaining the immune system how you strengthen the immune system.

We wrote to Trump fact we drove down to the White House with those 120,000 signatures. Marla Maples contacted me and we delivered all this Trump did nothing. It was Donald Trump who created Siza.

And Republicans and Democrats created the domestic censorship infrastructure. And it is Democrats or Republicans today who act like they’re on opposite sides. We’re going to legalize that domestic censorship infrastructure retroactively that we discovered and we’ll and we’ll talk about that during the question answer.

But right now, all of these Grifters are not talking about the fundamental issue. The fundamental issue is about resilience. And it’s beyond vaccine anti Vax.

It’s about strengthening people’s immune systems. And that is where the discourse must go. And that discourse leads to something beyond vaccine, anti Vax, it leads to real discussions about public health.

What is public health? Public Health? Is good food is not Monsanto injected foods. By the way, Hillary Clinton’s is the queen of Monsanto who Robert Kennedy endorsed three times. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, I’m sorry, Bobby’s full of shit.

Go to RFK And you’ll see what full of shit Robert Kennedy is about.

His whole family’s institutionalized not so obvious establishment only they can be the leaders of movements. And these not so obvious establishment people actively suppress independent bottoms up people like our movement. It is a movement for truth, Freedom health, which exposed first the issue with the immune system and Fauci.

It is our movement which expose the government censorship infrastructure, it is our movement, which exposes real election systems issues. So what you see occurring, whether you look at the immune system or election systems, or the censorship system is the truth comes out when you take a systems approach. So what is the truth about the immune system? We have to go beyond Vax or anti Vax, we have to go to the fundamental understanding about boosting the immune system.

What is the fundamental issue about the censorship system? There is a backdoor portal to Twitter and freaking Elon Musk has not taken it down. I was deep platformed on February 1 2021, for exposing that platform. Tucker Carlson did shit Glenn Greenwald did shit.

The ACLU did any nothing. When we talked about this in 2020 2021. These people are bastards.

They now talk about it. And let me make the final assertion. The people who are Grifters working on they’re part of the intelligence agencies.

First they conceal the truth. They concealed all of our work on Fauci in 2020. They concealed all of our work on the domestic censorship infrastructure in 2020.

They concealed all of our work on the real election systems issues in 2020. Then, in 2022, they suddenly gave you half truths, like the intercept, like Tucker Carlson. And this is, by the way, an intelligence network.

It’s called the limited Hangout. And I did it with a beautiful iceberg, which the same diagram the pedagogy, Robert Malone has literally plagiarize acting as though he came up with it, come back. And then the third thing we expose, was there are real issues with election systems and they don’t have to do with China hitting our systems.

They have to do a chain of custody and signature verification. Mike Lindahl nice fellow, he made it all about selling pillows. So the Grifters come in to hide the real issues and we divide the world into left and right probax antivax Everyone’s killing each other fighting against each other.

So when it comes to the immune system, it is not about pro vaccine or anti vaccine. Don’t get lost in that stop giving one penny to children’s health Defense Fund, the Kennedys don’t need your money. start understanding system science.

We need to build a bottoms up movement that goes beyond left and right. And what you will understand is we need to boost the immune system that is a real issue. The immune system is a very resilient system.

With the right fuel, you can boost it. And every one of us is unique. You have to figure out what’s the right medicine for the right person, the right time censorship system, until Elon Musk and all these fools to Te B.

They can talk all the bullshit they want. We discovered the real issue. Government has a back end portal to Twitter and Facebook are lawsuit exposed that none of them want to talk about our lawsuit.

You know why? Because we’re an independent movement. We’ll get all the views we’ll get all the hits and Tucker Carlson with his bullshit face that he puts on will become irrelevant. They actively conceal our lawsuit.

They’re actively concealing this backdoor portal. Why are they concealing it? Here’s my prediction. Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham are getting together and Biden just did an op ed in the in the Wall Street Journal.

They are going to retroactively legalize these back end portals and Democrat and Republican you’re going to fuck every American. That’s what they’re going to do. That’s why they’re not discussing our lawsuit because it exposes fundamental everyone here should ask one question.

Why is Elon Musk on December 3, he was asked on a Twitter space. Hey, Dr. Shiva is lawsuit expose the backend Government portal.

Are you going to shut it down? He said oh, that sounds like Big Brother. Let me look into it. Well, it’s been over a month Elon, where Elon Musk begins and where government ends.

Nobody knows Elon Musk. $6 billion SpaceX government. Tesla would not exist.

Without government subsidies. You can put him and Greta Thornburg on the same stage. They’re both into this carbon tax bullshit.

And Twitter cannot exist without section 230 immunity. If section 230 was removed, Twitter’s valuation would be that of the New York Times around, you know, $10 billion, not 50 billion. You’re all being lied to.

And these Grifters actively conceal our movements work actively, actively actively because we’re We don’t owe any of them anything. We don’t know Trump anything we’ve exposed Trump we’ve had to I put out a lot of lawn lawn sign from you talk to good, good game. We’ve exposed Fauci but we did it at the right time.

Alan McDonald, one of my great heroes, who was the guy who would not sign off on the launch in the space shuttle, it’s he said the most important thing, real leaders say the right thing at the right time and take action at the right time. Where was Robert Kennedy exposing Fauci in 2020. The bastard was nowhere to be found.

He comes in 2021 steals our stuff, writes a book called real, the real Fauci files. Idiotic lawsuits all day. And Grifs all day takes people’s money.

Mike Lindahl nice guy. He fucked up the entire election integrity stuff made it all about selling pillows. There are still fundamental issues.

And Elon Musk is a big time grifter. He will not talk about the backdoor portal to government. I hope you guys are getting this.

When you take a systems approach. You get to the real issue and we start uniting ourselves beyond left and right. And that’s what we need to do.

My life’s journey has been about understanding systems and medicine. I’ve been an activist. This is not something new to me.

You know, you can see me burning. I see Stephen Kravis here. I’ve known Stephen, I haven’t seen Stephen in what 1980 Stephen it 90.

You know, you’ll see a picture of me burning the South African flag on the steps of MIT after I led a protest of 5000 people. You’re looking at someone who’s a scientist who loves Eastern Western medicine and who knows how to build movements and values working people. All these Grifters don’t give a fuck about you.

Stop following them, and we need to build a movement. And to do that. We integrated system science we integrated political movement understanding into truth, Freedom health tomorrow, and I don’t want to get into that tomorrow we have an orientation.

And what we want to do is make all of you become your own gurus. Each one of you should learn the science of systems each one of you should become leaders, not followers. and stop looking up to these morons who are always Johnny come lately and who actively suppress our movement, which is a real movement that has put its butt out on the line and call stuff out and educated people scientifically.

So when it comes to this entire Vax anti Vax, it’s bullshit. Let’s focus on building people’s immune system, because if we did that, we would start talking about the obesity rates, we’d start talking about Monsanto, we’d start talking about all the fundamental issues, we’d start asking, Robert Kennedy, what the fuck are you doing endorsing Hillary Clinton three times? We start not, we’d ask them, Why did you have a Bobby big event at your home? And everyone had to be vaccinated? Yeah, you tell people, you’re an anti Vaxxer? Like, what do you think we’re all stupid. We’re all little peasants.

And one rule for you another rule for us. And it’s time ladies and gentlemen, that all of you started having some self dignity, having some self respect, and started learning the science of systems. And we built a bottoms up movement, like took place in the late 1800s and 1900s.

And that’s what I’m about. We’re about always telling the truth going down to the essence of it. And you can also do that if you understand the science of systems.

But if you don’t, you’re going to be caught in the echo chamber. shitshow, which is what the world which is what the United States has become, and do not trust Matt gates to learn bowburn or AOC, or Bernie Sanders, they’re all the fringe wingtip elements, who are all talking a bunch of shit, but the end of the day, they’re going to fuck working people. So there you go, I will take questions.

From people, I’m going to learn how to do that. So we have what I’d like to do is, I’m going to give, you know, so as you’re getting ready, I want you to organize your thoughts or your comments into no more than a minute. Otherwise, I will cut you off just to be follow some Robert’s Rules of orders here.

So if you have a comment you’d like to make I think I should be able to understand how this works. And select you. Okay, so I’m going to take a comment from Ms.

Moody. Go ahead, Miss moody. Do you have a comment? Hello.

Hello, hello. I’m Miss moody. What is your comment? If you could comment on your question? If you could take one minute? Go ahead.

Well, I have just one question for you. I think that you’re correct in everything that you’re saying. To be honest.

I had two sons unvaccinated both got COVID. Both extremely differences. Symptoms that were over it in three days.

I never caught it. My other son had it again. I still didn’t catch it.

And I’m very curious to if my diet is not even that great. What is it about the system that was able to find it? And not even catch it? Yeah, so yes. So how old were your kids? I was 21.

And the other one was 18. Yeah. And and how old? Are you? I’m gonna tell you, approximately, it’s fine.

I’m 44. Okay, so And where did your kids grow up? And Australia? What they did? Okay, so just first of all, look, the, the immune system is very complex. Okay.

So remember, I said, there’s this multibox model, it’s not just the innate and adaptive, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding the microbiome in our gut, you know, we just finished a major research project, I still work as a full time scientist, we just mapped out with one of our colleagues over at BU, the molecular mechanisms of all the mouth microbiome, you know, your mouth. When kids and you know, the mouth, your oral microbiome is very, very important, because your mouth is literally the gateway to pretty much every disease. So, you know, kids as they’re developing, you know, and what you eat affects your mouth microbiome very differently, which affects your gut microbiome.

And, you know, at BU and Harvard, they just mapped out the 700 microbiome in the mouth and people starting to do this in the gut. I mean, when you think about this, we know so little, it’s like, Star Trek. You know, when you’re going into you know, we’re Captain Kirk says, you know, you know, we go into the Unknown, right? Or boldly? Right? So we know so little.

So. But what we do know is this, we do know that human beings have survived all sorts of shit, right? For millennia. And we exist because we have these resilient immune systems.

So we’re not like weaklings. And we do know that one of the most powerful things is the catalysts, even antimicrobial proteins. What are those? Those are these invariant proteins that have existed for billions of years, which is what vitamin D does, you know, that’s why many, many cultures, you know, praise the son God’s right, son.

So what you do actively your sons do is very different, right? They got exactly, you didn’t get it, right, your iced mark. And I also drink a lot of coffee. So everyone was like, You’re gonna catch it, you’re gonna catch it? And we don’t know.

But you? How is? Let me just ask you a question. So just, do you have a lot of friends? Are you more social? Do you laugh a lot? Community? Not really. The reason I asked that is the number one reason they found people live long has nothing to do with smoking, drinking, partying, it has to do with do they have friends, number one reason.

Second reason was all of them drank a little bit of alcohol, locally made. Third reason was a workout food wasn’t even on the list, by the way. And this isn’t a lot of longevity research.

So we know very, very little about the body. But we do know that our bodies can be very resilient. And we’re all unique, you say? So telling one group of people go get vaccine don’t get the vaccine that, you know, it has to be a personal decision, because the complexity of the immune system, but thank you for sharing.

I just had one quick thing. My son, so two sons, one of them had a lot of like for about five days, the oldest one, and my younger one has Gilbert’s disease. And on research it claims, I don’t know if it’s correct, but the binding agent and Gilbert recognized COVID and was able to fight it.

And he was better a lot faster. Yeah, cool. Yeah, look, there’s all sorts of stuff going on here, right.

But we do know that there are certain nutrients, there’s foundational nutrients, because of the fact we all have sun and the thyroid, that you can support that, you know. So I would go back to these big building blocks sun, you know, vitamin A, the zinc, the, the, you know, the skin of grapes, I mean, the skin of the course demo, there’s like five, six building blocks, we put it up on our site, you know, and after that people have to build an understanding of their own bodies. You know, Hippocrates said, He who does not become his own doctor as a fool.

So, one of the tools at some point I’ll talk about tomorrow, I created a tool called your body, your system. When I finished my PhD in 2007, I went back to India for three years. And I really wanted to unravel these ancient systems and medicine.

What I found was, in engineering systems theory, there are nine principles that you study as an engineer. Well, those same nine principles show up in the science of Ayurveda, and said them. So it turns out these ancient system of yoga and meditation are really engineering systems.

And what it leads to is recognizing that everybody has a unique system, but there are some fundamental principles. So I created a tool, which we give away. You should guys should come tomorrow.

It’s called your body, your system. But you can actually start getting back into intuition. And you realize, every one is different.

There is no one diet at all. So what works for you, Ms. Moody will not work for your children.

And we all have to take our journeys to go experiment, play around. And we all over time, we’ll figure out what’s right for each one of us. And there’s some principles, but thank you.

Thank you. Yep. I’m gonna remove you from speakers.

I think that’s what I do. Okay. I remove speaker Random Space.

Yes. Okay. So let me take go to the next person.

We have Christine Farah. So Christine, let me see if I can do this. Right.

I select you. Go ahead, Christine. How are you? Christine, can you consolidate your thing to a minute and 30? Or are your comment guide Christine? Hi, Christine.

Oh, sorry. Mike was off. I’m here.

Oh, no worries. Go ahead. How are you? I’m wonderful.

Thank you. First of all, thank you for doing this so excited to hear the we’re hosting a space. Quick question for you so little example here.

So my kids are not they did they were not given the mRNA neither one to boost nothing. Every day I’m hearing about people having reactions and sudden death. And these are people that I know personally, or I should say friends or people that I know personally, breaks my heart literally and figuratively.

Um, So my daughter had a very interesting what I think maybe a reaction. So when schools finally opened it, she went back to college. So we’ve always had sensitivities.

You know, my daughter was like lactose intolerant data, all that jazz. And, you know, as a newborn feeding was quite a challenge. We had to get off formulas and go back to go to real food at very early age, as opposed to waiting for the three, four months, etc.

Because she wasn’t tolerating any of the formulas. Well, my daughter had a very interesting reaction, her immune system went completely haywire when she went back to college, and no one could figure out why she was reacting to absolutely everything. She her throat was closing, she was breaking out in hives on prednisone, she couldn’t get off the prednisone.

50 million things going on, we finally took a trip to Europe, went to London. And luckily, she was able to eat normal food. So the moral of the story was what she ended up with ended up testing for other things.

And she has sensitivities to additives and preservatives, and all of that jazz was just so perfect, so pervasive in our food supply. So we’re very back to basics, everything organic, but my quick question is, do you think the fact that she did not have any of these vaccines and then going into an environment where basically maybe 95% of those children were vaccinated had an effect on her immune system? And being exposed to the to that mRNA vaccine when she had not been before? Do you think that could be something in the equation that class your system gonna go haywire? Well, yeah, so Christine, so let’s sort of just from I mean, look, I’m not going to give medical advice here, but I’m going to give you a systems analysis, right, with minimal information, your daughter appears has always had some type of compromised immune system, in my view, okay. Because she has always reacts to different things.

Right. Right. And that, you know, has its own archaeology that can be done.

Right. How did it get to that point? Right. And then archaeology could be was she? Let me give you an example.

Okay. They did an interesting finish study with kids. And they looked at ear infections, right.

So they took three sets of families of set of family where they had dogs, who were indoor dogs, and like poodles who just stayed inside and everyone else. Another set of family of dogs went in and out bringing all sorts of ducks like, my two dogs do, right? And the third group had no pets at all. Out of all those three groups, which group do you think had the least amount of ear infections among these kids between the age of before pregnancy? Right? mother’s womb, all the way to around 12 years old? Probably the one that had the more natural behaving dog that was in and out, in and out.

Yeah. Set by 70%. Less.

Okay. Oh, okay. Okay.

quite profound. Okay. Many years ago, wacky friend of mine at MIT, he hooked up with a one of the leading pulmonologist at Mass General.

And they found out that they could reduce childhood asthma, by nearly 50% By exposing kids to seven antigens, which are basically dirt. And what he did was he patented those antigens, and he created a company called Baby booths where they would sprinkle these on, on stuffed animals, right? Basically dirt. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah, so we live in a world right now, where the, the body has a certain immune plasticity, it’s called, particularly young, the body has to be turned on, okay. For example, the body is looking to be particular, when kids are young, in the 02.

In fact, it starts in the mother’s womb, be it entertained by, you know, having people around, so the brain develops, right? Being exposed to all sorts of dust and particles, right. And when that does not take place, you compromise development. The so for example, the paper that, in fact, in ninth 2019, we did the first mask conference where we showed that when you put the mask on young kids, it does many horrible things.

Oh, of course, it raises the temperature of the body, which has an inverse effect on the pH, which affects my mouth microbiome. Now, if you have kids between the age of, you know, two through eight, that’s when the mouth microbiome was just building setting in and you could affect their entire trajectory for their entire life. Right.

So I think the broader question we need to ask is, how are we bringing up our kids in these totally freaking, what we call these sanitized worlds, right? And so right there, we’re compromising the kid’s immune system. So in many ways, we’re creating a feeder. So we’re, we’re bringing up people in these very unnatural worlds, and we’re creating a world where they’re going to need unnatural, unnatural immune boosters, quote unquote, back thinks you should I’m saying, Yeah, we’re compromising people’s immune system to create these compromised solutions, which we call quote, unquote, vaccines.

So you could argue it’s a cradle to life model, which is what the consumer packaged goods companies call. So we’re going to compromise kids immune system. And then we’re going to have to give them quote unquote vaccines because there’s so compromised, we have to titrate this to them this to them this to them, because we get the whole thing they’re gonna freak out.

Right? So I think that’s what we need to have the big discourse about, what are we doing to because this little Vax anti Vax is bullshit. It’s like the blind man. And then people are just grifting on it.

Oh, I agree with you. That’s the one thing nobody wants to hear is that there’s a happy medium and every person needs to make an informed decision. We never had informed consent on an emergency youth authorization vaccine, which is not an approved vaccine.

And that has. So my second question will be is how do we hold people accountable for what has been done to the US by forcing, you know, II weigh on the entire world making it mandatory? And I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you how we do it. Christine, in January 6 of 2020.

Go to my Facebook page, you will see that we drove down I’m originally from New Jersey, we mobilize five out and you can talk to the women and we built a militant fucking movement scared the shit out of those legislators. Robert Kennedy drove in his fucking SUV and criticize me got all we need to negotiate with the Democrats. Fuck you.

Yeah, we stopped that vaccine. It’s got to be bottoms up movements, bottoms up movements, not people coming top down telling us how to build our movements. In fact, many of these anti vaxxers went among them.

Oh, don’t say that. Don’t say this. Hold up this sign.

That’s not how you should talk. You’re gonna upset the legislators. Fuck all.

Right. Okay. So we come tomorrow.

Because what we’ve congealed together is truth, Freedom health. Let me tell you what that means. We’ve talked a lot about what I discovered was there three forces in the universe among the nine principles, transport conversion storage, I’m going to quickly teach you MIT engineering system, but I think you’ll get it.

Transport is the aspect of everything in the world that moves in the Indian system, they call that Botha V A ta if you studied our VEDA movement, I call it in the political world freedom, movement of information matter and energy, okay? The other phenomenon in the world is called conversion. Everything in the universe is constantly converting stuff from one form to another. Digestion is a conversion process.

Okay? me speaking to you through this microphone and you being able to hear my voice is a conversion process. Okay? Guess what sciences sciences, that conversion process for all sorts of wacky ideas and we apply the scientific method. And we say, oh, you know what, this is the truth.

Okay? The reason that a ball falls to the ground is gravity, not because there’s a magnet at the center of the Earth, right, pulling it down, or a dragon, okay? But we allow all these crazy ideas to be in the marketplace of ideas, conversion, and that’s truth. The third aspect of the universe is something called structure or storage. Your body is a skeletal structure, you say, your building that you’re in has the beams.

Okay? The structure from a political standpoint is our health. So our movement truth, Freedom health is based on system science, right in order to get so we can’t just be fighting for the First Amendment. Second Amendment.

We can’t just be nerds fighting for innovation or science. We can’t just be yoga Nazis is taking care of our health, living in our little gardens. All these movements have got to come together.

That is a foundational principle of system science. So my intention here is to Mote motivate people to let go these democrats and republicans left and right Labor Party and for each person to connect with their own divinity. have self respect.

And once we do that, we’ll mobilize bottoms of movement because all these Grifters are leading people in to the right wing or the left wing and they’re making money along the way. They’re all assholes, to sorry, but it’s disgusting what they do, and they’ve been doing this. So if you look at the left wing right now, then AOC and Bernie Sanders and the right wing now, Lauren Berber and Matt gates, all will talk their big games, right? But they’re all just hyping people up.

They give people little bones. Oh, yeah. MATT gates is gonna win this for us.

So all the Conservatives are Elon Musk is gonna win us freedom. So anyway, thank you, Christine. Thank you for having me.

Yep. Thank you. Let me go to our next request.

Okay, bye. Bye, bye. Let’s go to Gemini girl eight.

Please unmute yourself. Gemini girl. Go ahead.

Hi, Doctor. I just want to say thank you for one thing, and I’ve been following you for a very long time. I have a quick question.

Mine will be quick. Can you just go over the benefits of the vitamin A that you mentioned? it earlier again, I do have thyroid issues. Just leave it at that.

But just curious to what because I just ordered some because you you had suggested, let me let me tell you again, I’m not a medical doctor, if at all I have to say this disclaimer, right? I’m a PhD in systems biology, but I know the immune system more than most medical doctor, but let me tell you, so think about your immune system is a Gemini girl. Are you still there? Yes, I’m here, I just turned off my mind. So think about if it’s a cold day, what do you do, you put on a scarf, then you put on one layer, then you put on a jacket, right? You put on a hat right to protect yourself.

So supporting the immune system is that kind of process vitamin d3. And by the way, I’m not, you know, I’m really big proponent of the natural, if you can get out in the sun, 1520 minutes, you know, if you’re darker skin, you need more. Okay? But if you’re light skinned enough 15 minutes you you can get out and you can get out the sun on your, a lot of people it’s too cold for them.

But if you can, it’s very healthy. If you can’t, the vitamin d3 is an alternative. Vitamin d3 produces these proteins which literally blow up the cell walls of viruses and we’ve done a bunch of videos on these if you look at every cell, the Saito keratin outside of the cells, protects your cell walls.

So what is a and what is a quote unquote virus do right? First of all it what is a virus do is it tries to use so if you have a cell a virus is like those one of those things that it’s like the alien, right? It wants to take over your cell infrastructure and use your body to replicate itself. So how does it do that? Well, first of all, it’s got to get into yourself, step one. Step two, once it gets into yourself, it’s got to be able to replicate its messenger RNA.

And then it has to produce more of itself. Okay, reassemble itself and transport itself out. So there’s like four processes.

Each one of those processes can be inhibited in different ways a vitamin A, literally is like a jacket protective covering, okay. Now, ideally, you get your Vitamin A, from eating the, you know, the leafy green, particularly the purple foods. And if your thyroid is healthy, your body will convert that in the presence of proper iodine, you know, we’ve depleted our soil of iodine.

Obviously, this is why some of the iodized salts are very good at it in itself. And again, you should be careful how you take it and you can explore it or talk to your doctor. But if you take iodine, it’ll support or diet used to have it, your body will naturally take those green leafy vegetables and produce vitamin A.

But if your thyroid ain’t working, right, either you supplement with with the iodine, or you take vitamin A, so that’s what I that’s what vitamin A does, okay, it protects the cell structures. Now, quercetin and zinc together will stop the viral replication because zinc stops viral replication. The quercetin like hydroxychloroquine is a Ayana for which allows the zinc and I hope that was helpful.

It was thank you doctor so much. Like I said, I’ve been following you a long time. So I appreciate you doing this.

Thank you. Yeah, just imagine if all of these Grifters who in 2021, started speaking all their smack had supported us in 2020. When we call that Fauci imagine where the world would be exact.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, sir.

Let me go to our next person. Let me go to psychic Brian 33. Go ahead, a psychic Brian 33.

Psychic Brian 33. You’re muted. Yeah, thank you, Dr.

Shiva. I really loved your How are you in fine, great space tonight. I loved your videos in 2020.

Just a couple quick questions on the immune system. What’s your thoughts on vitamin IV, vitamin C, and NAC and acetylcysteine to boost glutathione in the body to protect the immune system? And the second part of that would be what’s your thoughts on boosting the microbiome to this immune system as well? Thank you. Yeah, so let me let me answer that second, Brian.

So first of all, if to answer the NAC and the glutathione I did a bunch of videos on it. You know, we did these hour long tour long videos that goes into the detail of NAC and cysteine. But I think what was your first part of your question? Vitamin IV vitamin C to boost the immune system.

So yeah, so look, there’s I think close to 10,000 20,000 papers, clinical studies done on the power or have IV vitamin C. And you know, if you guys go look at the protocol I sent to Trump, I said, you know, break up people into these groups, those people are critical condition, put them on 50 to 100 milligrams titrated IV, vitamin C, and this is not even me, it’s theirs. If you just do the research, it’s been proven in critical conditions, high stress conditions, you have to give the high dose vitamin C IV, it has very profound effects.

on reducing the cytokine storm, it’s like you’re boosting your body with shock absorbers, right? Because what happens is, when you’re a member, it is not the virus of these antigens, which kills you. It is the body’s overreaction, which some people call the cytokine storm, okay. The overreaction of these cytokines which are these, you know, interleukins, and have a whole bunch of them, TNF, etc.

And when these cytokines overreact, your body goes into the cytokine storm, now what vitamin C does, it has a very powerful effect on modulating that cytokine storm. So, you know, when people were undergoing, you know, and they were put on ventilators and all this and you’re, you know, you have fluid in the lungs, and you push, and you push, I mean, it’s just like basic physics, you have more fluid in the lungs, and you’re pushing more air in the lungs, you know, you’re gonna blow up people’s alveoli. So that’s why first, you have to reduce that cytokine storm.

And that’s why IV Vitamin C is very important. In fact, there was a video I did again two years ago about it, about an emergency room doctor who got COVID. And they tried everything, and eventually they put them on IV, vitamin C, it was quote, unquote, experimental, and they saved his life.

Okay, so IV, vitamin C, but it has to be the high dose. Now, when you look at an NAC, and acetyl cysteine, is a precursor to a very powerful molecule called glutathione, which is a sulfur bearing molecule. On all, by the way, all the sulfur bearing fruits are very, very valuable.

If you look at the or the vegetables, you know, they say garlic is a king, and onion is a queen of the vegetable kingdom. Many, many ancient cultures included this, by the way, whenever I feel a cold or anything to scratch, you got to be disciplined about this guys, right? When you feel it coming on, what I do is I take a whole bulb of garlic, this is what I do. And I will chop it up.

And I’ll put a little bit of ghee or butter. And I’ll saute it, I mean, I’m talking about a whole bulb, not one little thing, the entire bulb. And I’ll make a little if you wanted on some toast, and I eat all of it.

And then I will supplement that with, you know, a number of things like vitamin C and high dose vitamin d3, I can talk more about if you guys want to know. But the bottom line is the garlic and the sulfur bearing molecules have very about a very valuable now the reason if you just take glutathione there’s some liposomal ones right now, the body the digestive processes, you know, you can’t get it. Now IV glutathione.

You can also get these IV drips are very valuable, or an acetyl cysteine on a regular basis will convert through a series of reactions in your body to glutathione Brian, so both of them are valuable from the research today. And I did a couple of videos on the molecular system science of it. And then my last question was, What’s your thoughts on boosting the microbiome for immunity? Oh, yes.

Yeah. So look. Nearly every culture on the planet concluded that they always did something with fermented foods, Brian, if you notice, right, in the Indian culture, every meal always ended with some type of you know, organic, you know, fresh from the farm yogurts, right? Many of the Eastern traditions always said the pickling right? The German said their sauerkraut, the Koreans had their kimchi.

So I’m a big proponent of always trying to get the stuff from foods and integrating it. So obviously there’s there all the supplements out there right now that the acidophilus, sure they’re beneficial, but I can assure you that let’s go back to traditional foods. The fermented foods, you know, my great grandfather had lived 200 and something had all of his teeth used to work until 93.

In the fields, what he would do, Brian in the first remember this as a young kid watching him wake up in the morning. In India, people would cook rice, and they would always have rice leftover and he would take that old rice, put it in a wooden barrel and add water to it and let it essentially ferment overnight and the thing that he drank was that fermented rice water, which is essentially massive amounts of B vitamins which support and fermented which support your body to support the microbiome. Okay.

So I’m a big proponent of fermented foods. Obviously people can do their research on the different acid reflux, but traditional foods, you know, are very, very valuable. Obviously, everything is a medicine.

Be aware that when you take the goitrogenic foods like the sauerkraut that be aware if you have thyroid issues you should you know, take those things in moderation. Thank you, Dr. Shiva.

Great space. Appreciate. Thanks, Brian.

We will buy. Okay, let’s take our next person. Ali, Al, why Ali? How are you? I’m going to add you as a speaker.

You have to unmute yourself, Ali. Ali Hart. Min said, Ali.

Are you there? Hello, Ali. Hi, Ali. Are you there? Hi.

I’m so sorry. Of course, no worries. Um, I’m so excited to talk to you.

I got to meet you at the red pill conference in 2021. Haha, hi. Oh, good.

And I really enjoyed your talk then. And I’ve been following you. So I have a grassroots movement in San Diego, California called reopen San Diego.

And we had a lot of success pushing back, bringing tons of people to speak at county meetings. We also are currently suing the city of San Diego for their vaccine mandate for elected officials if you can believe that they did a mandate for elected officials. So anyhow, my question to you though, and as things change, and as things are opening up now, you know, quote, unquote, people are saying, well, we’re already open.

And we of course, know that we have a long road to go. And our question that we keep asking ourselves, what is the most effective way to fight back now? Do we try to get elected and change the system from within? Do we keep putting pressure as grassroots movement? What would be your, your thoughts on this? So Ali, you’re asking a great question. I’m glad you’re asking this.

So again, I invite everyone to come tomorrow. John, maybe you can just put it up there. Va shiva.

com/orientation. Victor alpha. And we will talk more about Sally.

But look, the only thing, Ali and if and again, we all have to take off our rose colored glasses. We all have to stop being sort of fat, dumb and lazy. Meaning I’m not saying everyone is.

But we all have to come to grips with the reality. The reality is when you look back at the arc of human history, the only thing that has ever, ever moved the needle on everything, anything in humanity. Ally has been bottoms up movements.

Right? It has always been bottom where the slaves organized independently. They didn’t wait for the Pharaoh to have his priests come down and say, Hey, I’m here to help you guys out, right? Yeah, it was always people organizing bottoms up. Hey, John.

John. I just want to get a glass of water one second. Just got a glass of water here.

Okay, so what’s an ally? So let’s hold the principle. That has always been bottoms up movements, okay. So you’ve come to a point in life, and everyone on this call has probably come to this point, where you realize that, hey, I realize that you make one of two decisions in life, I accept the way the world that it is.

And I’m willing to live with it. Okay. We’re, you know, it comes to this aspect of it’s a very philosophical decision alley, where people believe that the world is a bunch of atoms, and we’re just a blob of chemicals, right? And we were just here and I’m just going to figure out, I’m just going to take care of, it’s like the Volterra model.

Yep, I’m just going to live, make my own little garden go under and meditate under a tree. And that’s it, right? And I’m just going to be happy. It’s sort of like the hedonist model, okay, that’s where it leads.

So it’s the Lucretius, epicurean model of existence. The other model of existence says something very different, Hey, I am a being that I believe in my divinity and I believe there’s something whatever for a creator and I am going to determine my destiny, okay. Through actual actions.

And that’s a very different trajectory. Okay. If you get to that trajectory, you say I want to change the world.

The other says, I’m just that trajectory. The world of the establishment really offers you only two paths, right? One is a path of legalism, which is okay, I’m gonna go file a lawsuit, which is what you talked about right? The other is, I’m going to go run for office. I’m going to run for city clerk or school board member etc.

Right. And if you are truly an outside agent of change once a fundamental Like we talked about go to the systems issues. That vehicle of opportunism as I call it running for office, or legalism will never work.

Because in our case, and we when we filed our lawsuit, and we expose the censors, but we essentially, were infrastructure, I told everyone look, I’m doing a crusade. We may have some victories, which we did. But eventually, because we’re going at the foundational issues, the judge will fuck us.

And they, and he didn’t do that, okay. But what we did Ally was, we didn’t put our all of our eggs, we were building this bottoms up movement. So the real way to win is you have to build a bottoms up movement.

So when you get to that point, you realize, Okay, I gotta build the movement, how do you build a movement? And this is probably the the real beginning of real change, how do you build a movement. And the only way to build a movement is to recognize that there are scientific principles. And this is hard for people to digest that the world does just happen, you just don’t go out and start taking up a gun and rushed into it right? Or just protest, right? There has to be some physics.

So over the arc of human history, people tried different movements, some of them were successes, some of them were failures. And if you look at that arc of human history, what you find out is, there are some dynamics to movements, there are physical laws, no different than if I wanted to build a bridge ally, I may just say, Okay, I’m just gonna go take some stones and just start building, you may get lucky. But if you wanted to build something like the Washington Bridge, right, or George Washington Bridge, or the Golden Gate Bridge, you’re gonna have to understand Newton’s equations.

And Newton’s principles are great when I’m saying you have to understand these actual laws principles, and then you have to do the engineering, right, you have to be very disciplined. If you want to build something of that size, if you want to build an airplane, I mean, people were throwing themselves cliffs for years, right? flapping their wings, they all died, until one day guy called Bernoulli, figured out Bernoulli principles, you know, how the surface area affected lift, and so on. And then we had modern airplanes.

So when you look at the arc of human history, you know, as someone who loves innovating and creating, you know, email was a great invention, that I was proud to create our cytosol for many other things. But I would say the most profound innovation that I’ve done, is what I did with my work of understanding engineering systems science, going back to understanding the ancient systems of medicine, intersecting them with political theory, and creating this framework that we call truth, freedom, health, everyone can go to truth, freedom,

And we’ve created this infrastructure. And this is the physics of creating a movement. And what that physics reveals ally is throughout human history, whenever bottoms up, people came ally, everyday working people try to build movements.

And we’re actually starting to succeed. It’s called a self organizing principle. Guess what the establishment did.

They said, shit, these people are organizing bottoms up movements, we have to have people who hijack those movements. And that’s called the not so obvious establishment, without understanding the not so obvious establishment, who they are, how they react, how they smell, every movement will fail ally, and we will, it’s not like oppression leads to people fighting, this is also an erroneous theory. So you look at India, okay? For 400 years, the British were they’re exploiting India, right? Or black people in the civil rights movement in the United States, right.

So in India, there was eventually in the 1920s. This huge bottoms up movement came of everyday working people said, hey, look, we want a revolution like America. Did we want to kick out the British and the British who are the masters of this Hoo, hoo hoo of Oxford, they do research on this ally.

They said, Okay, we’re going to parachute in this guy called Ghandi, Gandhi. Okay. Martin Sheen in the movie called them Ghandi.

Okay. And by the guy by the way, Gandhi was a racist. He was he was a complete all sorts of stuff.

He did nothing for the Indians or black people in South Africa. When he comes to India, he basically ensures that white men with crowns leaving brown men White has to take over. And he and the document is called the transfer of power, but he gets elevated as his hero by everyone.

But he essentially ensured that this bottoms up movement was crushed alley. He was the not so obvious establishment. And for 7080 years, India continued to have corruption.

And in fact, the British remote controlled the control of India, by having all these brown guys with white hats run into the civil rights movement in the United States, initially was a bottoms up movement and the Kennedys in the southern National Christian conference, found Martin Luther King was a Bougie black guy Put him in the, you know, I Have a Dream speech. And they eliminated the bottoms up leadership. So those in power know there will be bottoms up movements.

And they crushed those movements by creating the fringe elements of the left wing and the right wing. So if you look at the establishment today, you have the obvious establishment on the Republicans like Mitch McConnell, right? And you have the obvious establishment on the Democrat side, whoever it is, you know, these days Biden, but the way that the establishment manipulates the left and the right is on the left, they they create people like AOC. And Bernie Sanders once in a while attacked Biden or Hillary Clinton.

Oh my god, yes, we can believe in the system. And on the right, they have people like Trump and gates and Bo Burt’s and whoever else. But once we understand in engineering systems science alley, we call this a disturbance.

And that is why our movement, that is why they conceal our movement alley, because we are independent. You follow what I’m saying. And until people understand this dynamics, every movement will fail, we have to truly build independent movement.

And if people are going to run for office, or participate in illegal ism stuff, you have to have a movement. And that movement is truth for them out. There is no other movement like this on the planet.

If it was there, I wouldn’t be doing this. But we have created the physics so we can educate people in about three hours, we have the community, we’ve created the technology, and we’re educating people to become their own gurus, their own leaders, bottoms up and stop looking to celebrities and billionaires and people, but that’s the way So Ali come tomorrow. But we have to everyone’s got to learn the science, otherwise, we’re going to fail.

People spend 20 years 30 years, and they’ll wake up and they’ll say shit, you know, we shouldn’t have done this. You say? Yeah, absolutely. And so I think you touched on maybe a few of the people earlier in your talk that we should look out for but who are you who are you thinking besides like RFK Jr.

Well, let me tell you it’s on the left on the right. So if you take each of these issues a big grifter for the right conservatives are listening is is a Tucker Carlson. Okay.

It’s all look. Once you understand this dynamic, I’ll probably do a video on this. The intelligence agencies ally, Ally, sorry, right.

This is the way they work. They go through a three step process at least three steps. When the masses start figuring out the truth, like we figured out with this censorship Government portal, what did they do, Ali? Do you remember the first step they did? With our what we discovered in our lawsuit? I can’t remember they concealed it.

Okay. The judge actually sealed our lawsuit. We send it all to Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald who boop boasts around all y’all.

I’m the guy who, you know, expose Snowden and all this shit, right? He did nothing. In October, we won the lawsuit where we expose this backroom portal. Why wasn’t the front page news our ally? Because why? And you’ll find out because we weren’t part of the Glenn Greenwald clan or the Tucker Carlson.

Because if they had given us eyeballs people said, wow, look at these guys. They’re doing their own pro se lawsuits and they’re winning bottoms up. So they concealed it.

Then in 20 on October remember the state that 2820 21 And Elon Musk took over Twitter. I did a post I said, Ilan, you have the backdoor portal. You better take it down if you’re serious.

Two days later, the intercept, which is owned by Pierre Omidyar. And funded it is the one who created the backdoor portal infrastructure. So the intercepts to asshole journalists literally steal our lawsuit, but just drop a little piece of it alley.

I call that half truth. It’s called the limited Hangout, which I exposed with a little iceberg, which by the way, Robert Malone just literally stole today. Literally, I mean, you know, I spent a lot of time as an educator coming up with my pedagogic right? At least if you’re a serious academic, you say, oh, yeah, by the way, it’s called a citation.

You didn’t even bother doing that. But anyway, so the next step they do is half truths alley. Okay.

And why do they do those half truths? And then the intercept gets given front page coverage by Tucker Carlson. And on November 1, and Tucker Carlson puts on his face goes, Oh, my God, we never knew about the DHS. This backroom portal stuff.

Really Tucker, I sent it to you in an email on October 30. And he says, you know, what? This, how could we have ignored this? You ignored it? You see, they’re part of the Intelligence Network ally. You got it.

These? I mean, these people are literally CIA. Right? And then the third step that they do is delay truth and I can tell you the censorship stuff, Stephen, who is Trump’s former Stephen Miller, literally puts out a press release. Oh my god.

We have figured out the Twitter Partner Support Portal, which was the front page of Our lawsuit on October 30. And it goes, we’ve discovered it give me money. And then Trump says, Oh my God, when I become President, I’ll eliminate it.

The motherfuckers the one who set it up with Siza. These guys are scumbags. So they conceal truth, then they do half truths, then they do delay truth.

And the people who delay delay truth are literally being compensated for it. When Robert Kennedy put out the real fire Fauci he did it 16 months too late. And then he makes money off of that millions of dollars.

And the vaccine companies made billions by that. We had done it in 2020. Where was he not amplifying our message? You know why? Because children’s defense fund would have lost their money.

These guys are scumbags. So, but it’s left and right. And it’s a wings of the establishment and they’re part of the Intelligence Agency Network.

They do not want independent movements ally. I know, because they don’t want us to know how powerful we are individually. You know, they rely on us thinking someone’s going to come and save us, whether it be Elon Musk, or anybody.

I mean, you we shouldn’t even depend on you, right? We need to believe in ourselves and the power that each one of us individually has. And I think that’s what you’re saying, right? What would you what what I the contribution that I’ve made is so you don’t waste time and you become a force for change. You become your own guru, right? Yeah.

So just like Bernoulli figured out Bernoulli principle like you’re no one follows Bernoulli no one boughs down to Newton’s equations, right? You learn new ways, and you become a bridge builder. Okay, you go build bridges. You go be a civil engineer.

No one says, Oh, my God, oh, Newton is gonna come one day and save us bullshit. What I have done from a scientific perspective is I figured out these fundamental principles. And once you know them, you don’t need me, you need to just make sure you’re applying those principles.

When you build your movements. Just like when I build an airplane, I have to apply Bernoulli principle. Right, right.

And what is and that has been the, the promise I made to my grandparents as a 12 year old kid, when I went back to India, and I realized how poor they were Ali and I said, shit, this is fucked up. And I said, If I don’t figure this shit out, I’m a parasite. So my life’s journey has been to integrate Eastern medicine, engineering, systems theory, political theory.

And the AHA came is, you know what, there are nine systems principles, that I can educate anyone. And by the way, Ali, go to Pierre Omidyar site, you will see he teaches systems thinking, the elites learned systems thinking. And if we don’t learn systems thinking, we’re all fucked, because they have a nuclear weapon of thinking, and we don’t.

So my contribution is, I want each one of you to become leaders, not followers. Freedom and health system is what I’ve created. And you know, I used to teach that course at MIT, I tried to give it away for free, no one wanted it.

And what we’ve done is we’ve done it in a way that everyone gets it at a nominal price. But once you learn it ally, we want you to give it away to your kids. It’s basically a philanthropy forward model.

I gave it away to 1500 kids when I went to a village in India. So I’ve done it in a way people value it, but it’s about you becoming the guru, you because we have hundreds of 1000s of people, we want others to mentor now we’re bottoms having right now, we don’t have enough leaders. So that’s where we’re at.

But it’s a bottoms up movement, but you have to understand the physics. If you don’t, it’s like a carpenter you could or when I learned how to pitch a ball, right? I could have learned how to throw a curveball, throwing my arm out, like for a year, but I went to a good coach, right? You don’t bow down your coach, you just learn it. Right? So my life’s journey has been to figure out how we get out of slavery.

It is the most biggest problem, right? Human beings that are we would never fly, right? Oh, that’s just you know, we’re not birds. Oh, and people have been saying, Oh, well, Shiva, you’re a low caste Indian, you know, you’re supposed to just clean trash, or pick coconuts. I said, Fuck that.

So I think I’ve solved that. I think I’ve cracked your code on an alley. Yeah, you know what? I think you’re so right.

Because, like you said, they are studying the hell out of all these things. We need to get on board with studying the hell out of them too. Because there are fundamental principles, and I’ve cracked the code on it.

Yeah. There are principles. Principles.

Proceed. So the thing is, right now I’d get these videos. Oh my god.

Did you see Jeffrey Epstein. You have to read this video. Oh my god, did you see this about data? So everyone’s chasing all these fucking rabbit holes, right? All the rabbit holes come from the same elephant just like the blind man.

So once you understand these nine principles, you are a Buddha. You are you become your own Messiah. And that’s what we need.

We have to stop this guru worship even in India, right the guru worship. So you know, one of the tools I created basically puts Deepak Chopra and all these gurus out of business Because in 30 minutes I can teach you our VEDA. They’re gone.

And so the goal is, so that that’s been the old romantical priesthood model, right? They learned this knowledge and they don’t want to disseminate it to the masses. So like Prometheus bringing fire, that’s what truth freedom, unhealth is we figured out, we’ve cracked the code. And the goal is to make people learn it, make sure they learn it.

And then they teach it and they serve. Our model is learn, teach and serve. Don’t just learn it and be a parasite, then you got to teach it to others, then you got to serve.

Then you got to teach others you say, this is the only way to take it. Otherwise, we’re fucked. I’m telling you, we got to get out of this top down messianic model of someone’s going to come and stop giving power to these morons.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, just think about Robert Kennedy talks about not vaccine then at his own home.

Everyone’s got to be backs, and all and then he said, I’ll haul my wife, where’s the past? And people actually believe this shit. Are you fucking serious? Yeah, you know, we’re waiting around for someone to come save us. We don’t want to see things for what they are.

And we’ve just got to get over that. And like you said, we’ve just got to grow the heck up. Stop being fat, dumb and lazy.

You’re 100%. Right. And you know, it’s so not politically correct to say it, but it’s the truth.

Yeah, like, so, you know, we’ve created the curriculum, we have a woman who’s a hairdresser who teaches that to PhDs, I’ve made it that easy. That was my goal to bust up this access to knowledge alley. So I feel very, very excited about that.

But part of it is we have to tell people learn the knowledge, learn the knowledge, now and then we get people on the ground alley, we have people doing fliers, we say you have to go hold out a poster until people get out on the ground and they need another human being all this stuff is just theory. They have to mobilize on the ground. The future is offline.

It’s not online, the future is offline. Wow, that’s that’s big coming from you. Well look at I mean, you’ll you’ll see me out on the freezing weather mobilizing 2000 3000 people, you know, on the ground.

Yeah. For me, you’ll find when I was 18 years old, I led a march to 5000 people over the Mass Ave bridge, and we burned the South African flag on the steps of MIT MIT, this liberal Institute was funding apartheid. Then we marched on the president’s office and we had MIT get out and then I co committed concomitantly, we organized the food service workers.

We got them. It’s always been bottoms up movements. We have to scare the shit out of this people.

But not I’m not talking about carrying guns and shooting them. If you look, there’s a video that we have. You know, when we asked for a FOIA request to the city of Boston to give us our participating voters list, they have 10 days they never gave it to us.

I walked in there with 40 people and we wouldn’t leave within 20 minutes. We got it ally. Oh, that’s that’s great.

I love that. I hope everybody listening is really paying attention to what you’re saying right now. They fall to file lawsuit on Bobby Kennedy.

I’m gonna negotiate with the Democrats and I’m the Kennedy Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Fuck you. I’m sorry. I hate these guys.

No, I, you know, I want to tell you you’re 100% right, because in San Diego. I don’t know if you know I mean, you know how bad LA was they did vaccine passports But San Diego was going to follow suit. And we brought 200 Not just my group but other groups.

But all grassroots groups brought over 200 people down to the county meeting to speak and we kept them there over midnight. And we found out from an insider that literally the pushback stops them from doing vaccine passports in San Diego is what we need to do. Do you know where Mayday came from Ali? No.

You don’t Mayday is may one okay? You everywhere in the world that celebrated as International Workers Day it is not a communist Marxist holiday. Let me tell you where Mayday came from. It came from for American workers who were hanged in Haymarket Square for fighting for the eight hour workday.

Did you know that? No, I didn’t have for American workers. Every worker throughout the world commemorated is made a Reagan changed it to fucking Law Day. And what happened was when these movements were growing, McCarthy in the 1950s, called all those movements, communists, they were bottoms up movements.

And then the Democratic Party took over all those unions. So by 1970, there were no more strikes in this country. But during 1900 to 1970, there were close to 100 million workers in 11,000 strikes and that’s as the GDP grew, Americans wages grew.

And after 1970 There’s been no really major strikes, maybe 900 strikes about 102 million people participating. We have to go back to fundamental principles bottoms up and mobilize people but they have to understand why ally and that’s why you need the theory. We call it the warrior Scholar Program.

You need the community Do you need people motivating you to get on the ground? It’s old school. hires black and white. Yeah, I love it.

I love that you have a blueprint and a framework for people. I’m definitely going to check it out. I asked one last quick question.

Yeah, I want to make sure we get other people. But go ahead. Yeah.

Really quick. are viruses real or not? Look, so here’s the issue, right? So you have all these people say, oh, yeah, I saw this terrain theory, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, okay. It’s actually a fucked up thing, because they’re, again, separating people.

The issue is, there are antigens, okay. That your body’s constantly exposed to, to say, Oh, they’re not viruses or they’re not this or not that. Okay.

And a lot of these people doing it don’t even have systems biology degrees, okay. They haven’t even done wetlab work, okay. We have isolated, for example, the tuberculosis bacteria.

And we’ve isolated these antigens. Okay. The real issue is, let’s get back to the core.

We got to get laser focused on the core ally, because all these people are grifting. What is the core? The core is? Do you want to build a resilient system? Period? Huh? How do you get there? Well, how do you get there? Is you have to have a resilient system. Well, how do you get there? You have to boost that immune system, right? Well, how do you get there? You have to do stress inoculation.

Well, how do you get there? You have to be exposed to things right? You have to have the proper nutrients. That’s it. Let’s start there.

And then that leads to public policy. Okay, the real public policy is the right medicine for the right person the right time. Why are you giving everyone the same dose of everything? Second thing is, where’s the public infrastructure? For clean food? Where’s the public infrastructure for good water? You say, Why is, you know, kids are spending 100 $200,000 money to go to, you know, these institutions.

And the food in the cafeteria is garbage. What the fuck is going on? Like, go back to the core of health resilient systems. Now, public policy comes from that.

Yeah. Well, thank you. That was that was a great response.

Appreciate it. Thank you. Guys.

All the guys are like the blind man scamming us. Mm, we have to go to the heart of the issue and public policy. Just like with Twitter, I keep saying I don’t give a fuck about Twitter files.

Why is that backdoor portal Elon, not down? Why are you not talking about it? That and we have to laser focus once we get the real issue. Ali, we laser focus on the real solution. Take down the fucking Government portal.

Let us have public policy to boost people’s immune systems. Okay, thank you. Thank you.

Bye bye. All right. It’s 1111 Great time.

Let’s Let’s take some more people. We have herbal oops, I don’t want to remove the guests. Sorry.

I didn’t mean to remove you. Sorry about that. I accidentally did that.

Sorry about that. And to remove your speaker, herbal Godfather, please go ahead. Herbal godfather.

Good to have you. You have to unmute yourself verbal godfather. Hello.

There’s a mute button. You have to unmute yourself okay, herbal godfather. I’m going to bring the next speaker on.

Mike Zaza Z Zaza. Mike, how are you? Can you unmute yourself Mike? Sorry, brother. I was just Just bring him in and we’re gonna have some some meal if you’d like to hear from me.

I’d like to ask you a few things. It’s horrible godfather. Yes.

Is this godfather? Is this Mike’s awesome, it’s terrible godfather. Oh, go ahead. First of all, brother, thank you for doing this.

The first thing I say is we don’t know. We don’t know. So saying that, I would say that.

What 1% of us know most 5% of us know what we know. And the rest of them, unfortunately, are running the Dum Dum program. So whatever you can share with systems.

I would really appreciate that. There’s a number of people that are doing different things, you know, financially. Legally, God bless you.

And I’m doing things a little different. I’m Just sticking to what? What my God showed me in regards to just try to what Mike is. So what is the core comment or the question you got Mike? But thank you for your observations.

i Yeah, that’s terrible talking. I didn’t ask a question. Are you guys in the same room? Okay, you made us both speakers.

I was just waiting for herbal to finish. Okay, go ahead. So where? Where is the documentation on your systems that that you’re speaking of? What you should is.

So if you come tomorrow? Well, I don’t want to. So if you go to truth, freedom

Go there. I also read a very, very good book called system and revolution. Okay.

But we’ve created a very nice program, that, in fact, all the graduates actually teach the program, Mike. But what you will find is, the science of systems actually lead you to understand the science of herbs, believe it or not, the science? Are you are you looking at like hollow dynamics? Is that what you’re talking about? When you’re talking about symptoms? Yeah, I don’t want to get to engineering systems. Okay.

So the, there are three fundamental there basically nine principles of engineering systems that are used in order to build everything we see in the universe, but those same nine principles mapped to the ancient systems of Indian medicine. So come tomorrow, we’ll talk about it. Okay, in the interest of time, but I’ll go deeper into it tomorrow.

But there is a systems framework that anyone can learn. By the way, it is what the elites learn to oppress you. Using the knowledge of systems they can predict how trajectory of things, and that is why we’re in our condition is they know the science of systems and you don’t, and we want to educate as many people about it.

Because with knowing that knowledge, you know, Malcolm X said, it’s not, there’s more of them than us. But they’re just better organized. And the reason they’re better organized is they know the science of systems.

Thank you guys. Dr. Shiva.

Oh, is that Mike now? Yeah. I’m a big fan of yours of yours. I took the systems course I enjoyed, I recommend that.

Oh, good. Awesome. So I just want to want I just had a question on the food thing, because I, I’ve been trying to be, you know, more.

On top of that, you know, when I look around my house, and, you know, everything’s got the preservatives and everything like that. And, you know, what, what’s your what’s your opinion on trying to, because I actually thought that was very interesting what you were saying about the boy in the bubble, and then the boy that grew up surrounded by filth? And it’s almost like, you know, there is some good to being exposed to things and maybe maybe like, we’re all kind of like, taught to avoid things, you know, like, stay clean? Well, I mean, obviously, we should have some hygiene. But, you know, what’s your thought on the preservatives in food? Well, what’s the best way to start with again, again, you have to let’s go back to everyone’s, so one of the biggest organs in the body, Mike, that does the detoxification is something called the liver.

Okay. So the liver, in many, many, many, many traditional systems of medicine. They don’t just look at the the problem with Western medicine, it’s really good if you get really fucked up, okay, crisis situations.

But Western medicine doesn’t know the ankle bones connected to the foot bone. So for example, skin, liver, and eyes are all actually connected systems, okay. Now, why is that? Because the liver is really the big detoxification system of the body, right? All the blood goes to the liver.

Typically, if the liver and the adjunct organ, the gallbladder are clogged, quote, unquote, clogged, guess what happens? You’re gonna have skin issues, okay? Because it will go to secondary system to try to eliminate waste. So, now, when pharmaceutical companies build pharmaceutical drugs, you know, like, when you take a drug, you notice a drug doesn’t stay in your system forever, eventually comes out, right? Like if people take Advil, for example, right? Right. So pharmaceutical companies calculate something called a clearance rate, Cl, E, A, R, A and C, E, the clearance rate is the rate at which your liver gets out, gets rid of stuff.

So if your liver is working at a level where it clears everything very quickly, then you know, the drug doesn’t have an effect. Okay? So like vitamin C, you have to take enough of it under stressful conditions, otherwise, the body just takes it out. Okay? So it gets into you.

So when you look at any poisons, your body has an ability to I mean, otherwise you die, right? The body’s constantly processing shit, right? So you could argue that the body can handle certain amount of toxins, okay. But you could also argue that if you never expose your body to anything, it’s going to never be able to ever handle it right. It’s got to be able to work a little bit, right? Like a lot of people eat these raw food diets, you’ll find many of them end up having stomach issues, because they never allowed their body to work with enough.

Harder roughage. Okay. And again, everyone’s body is unique.

One of the tools I created was your body, your system, which helps you figure this out for you, okay, these systems principles, but when you want to consider the body from this angle, what gets revealed to you is that there’s some people eat crap all day, right? And they’re absolutely fine, right? I had a, I had a friend of mines father who drank a bottle of gin every day. And, and, you know, he’s the, and the doctors couldn’t believe how well preserved his body was okay. I’m not telling everyone to do that.

But everyone’s body chemistries are different, right. And the liver, in his case, could process stuff very quickly. In fact, there’s a theory that a certain amount of alcohol is very good for you because it supports hepatic function, you say? That’s why in many traditional cultures, they always drank a little bit of a locally made fermented drink, which was supported longevity.

So we have to understand the body supposed to be used. So if you take the kid of the bubble body and the non Bubble Buddy who fights in the interest, and the kid who’s in a bubble body, the extreme, he has no stressors, right? So it’s like, his body is like in pure water, if it ever wanted a little bit of dirty water, he’s going to react. The other situation you have is the other extreme of the kid of growth.

That is also not a good thing, because he never gets the chance to recuperate. Okay. Does that make sense? Yeah, it does.

So, so basically saying just work on, you know, strengthening your systems like deliver. Right, right. And more than that, than just trying to like, just avoid every single toxin.

Right, right. So there’s a video that I do in our advanced training, it’s called a warrior month video, I think it’s called resilience training, okay. And so if you look at many forms of yoga, if you do the traditional yoga, you will do standing poses, which are, you know, putting you into action, right? And then you’ll do like five stand, and then you’ll do shavasana, where you’re going to deep rest.

So one is exercising the immune system. And then you comment, no different than when, when the ancient Japanese sword makers, they’d make the swords, right, they would put it under massive heat. And then they cool it for sometimes years.

Massive heat. So you have to be able to go into deep activity, and then deep relaxation. Does that make sense? You go into the real world, you act, you can’t just not do anything.

And then But then you have to get the deep sleep, you say? Yes. Yeah. So that’s really what we have to start thinking about is resilience.

Resilience is the key. Not like pro or anti backs. Okay.

You’re getting people on anything. We’re like misleading them into some other nightmare. Okay, thanks.

No problem. Yep. All right.

In the interest of time, I just did let everyone know I got up at about four this morning. Just took a train back in from New York. So I think we started this at nine.

It’s 1121. Let me take our I’m gonna take a couple more. Let me bring on Oh, we got anomaly here.

Okay. Longtime lumbering. Anomaly.

How are you anomaly? Good to see you. Hey, what’s up Dr. Shiva? Good anomaly.

Hey, good to see you. Yeah, how are you? I guess I’d love to chat again. So we can do a podcast or something.

But, you know, to keep with the group here and ask a question, something that’s been on my mind. And I know you’ve been big on it for years, but just like the food quality, obviously, the spraying of pesticides, the fact that so many food colorings and dyes and like dough conditioners are just like garbage. If you go to McDonald’s in Europe, it’s not even the same because they’ve already outlawed that.

So how you think we could get results? Because I think there’s a lot of people in both parties. I think there’s a lot of like gym bro accounts and like carnivore accounts and even even vegan accounts to some extent, where everybody kind of agrees on that. How do you think we could get some sort of political coalition together to pressure probably the Republican Party at this point, but one of the parties to actually do something because I think Trump’s not going to do anything.

Biden’s not going to do anything. Neither party cares, and it’s just like a clown show. Yeah, so anomaly tomorrow.

So we should so anomaly I think, you know, since we spoke when we speak back in 2018, right. I think once the lock Yeah, talk. Yeah, so you remember we did that, you know, our lawsuit exposed the entire government censorship infrastructure with all of these Grifters have been and purposely concealing and we should talk about that which we talked about before you came on.

I don’t know if you weren’t listening. The other important thing to understand is that if you look at the entire environmental movement, right, for clean food, clean air, I mean, it’s not like it’s gotten better. Okay? In spite of all these NGOs out there, the reality is, what’s happening is that most of these organizations, and I noticed this with like a group called Ew, G, okay? They’re actually all in cahoots.

So they just do just enough anomaly to make it appear that they’re fighting, okay. And the only thing is I talked about is always been bottoms up movements. So tomorrow, come to the orientation vas shiva.

com/orientation. And in order to build a bottoms up movement, you have to have the right physics, the right science, the right community, and that’s the only way man. And if you look right now, whether it’s the left wing, or the right wing fringes, they’re all just at the end of the day, what they will do is they’ll all come together, because where does their money come from? Follow the money.

If you look at Big Ag, and you look at Big Pharma, ultimately, and you look at Silicon Valley, all of these guys are one. And they all are funding these guys. So to it’s a big illusion to think these fucking politicians are going to do anything or we should go back to them.

Right. I hear you on that. And even like, you know, left wing I think environmentalism has been co opted brainwashed.

Like you said, yesterday, it’s all controlled. And then on the right wing, you know, I think Trump, you know, turned out to hire pharmacy lobbyists and kind of just like, Hawk the vaccine, but a lot of people are waiting for him. I’m just wondering how because I know like, nothing’s gonna get done.

For sure. Maybe Thomas Massie is the only one who cares? Not? Yeah, I hope you’ve heard what I really I think I did a whole talk. You may want to go look at it on why we need to build a bottoms up movement.

Thomas Massie Look, I know, I know, Massey, you know, he went to MIT. Okay. And he, he’s known about all of our stuff.

But all these guys grift. Man, they don’t do the shit at the right time. Right.

So how do we get enough? I get the bottoms up. But I know, I think it comes up aro it’s I don’t there’s a physics to building a bottoms up movement. It starts with understanding system science anomaly.

Without the knowledge of systems, there will be no bottoms up movement. There is a physics there’s an engineering science to do this. Just like there’s an engineering science to build a building.

Without that people just gonna be going in the dark, following one wing of the establishment or another or the Tulsi Gabbard will be the next they have an inventory of not so obvious establishment people anomaly. But I’m, I’m totally on board with you. I’m aware.

I think we aligned on that. I’m just and I understand that you’re doing a course on it, etc. But movement, it’s a movement that’s founded.

Good. Did you come? Were you on it about 20 minutes, or an hour ago, I would say probably like 15 minutes ago, back an hour, I spent about an hour on this. So I didn’t want to repeat it.

But the bottom line is, you know, there is a physics to building a serious movement. And it is not just being sort of dilettante about it. There is a foundational science, we have to get people physically on the ground, how to communicate, there has to be an infrastructure unfortunately, we built that over the last two years.

And we have to grow that question then if you know if you have the science of that How come it’s not been done yet? Or how you know how come there’s no movement there yet that’s been successful because I don’t doubt it’s not happening but Well, well, well, let me tell you we have been successful who expose the government censorship infrastructure was us. Who did all the election system stuff, it was us and who expose the who started the fire Fauci stuff. The problem is that we have to grow that movement now.

And we cannot be relying on Grifters. We can’t be chasing, you know, skirt here, skirt there. We have to get mobilized.

And we have to get our eye on the prize. Come tomorrow. Go look, just go.

Ali and I had just a long conversation about this. I went through some time or Facebook, Youtube or whatever, just hit me up. Yeah, just email me.

You’re gonna email me VHC WNBA on setup time. All right, money ROI anomaly at 11am or 8pm and bhg.

com/orientation. This is what we’re doing. We have 360,000 people in 95 countries now.

Okay, awesome. Okay, thanks, anomaly Good to see you, brother. Great talking to you.

Yeah, same here be well. Let’s go over to Jim Thomas, Jim Thomas. And it’s gonna be our last one.

We take everyone because it’s almost 1130 Jim Thomas. Oops, do we have Jim? Yeah. Great, great presentation.

Jim, how are you doing? All right. You can keep it brief. It’s and we’ll do another one again, but it’s less than 20.

But go ahead. Thanks. You’re you’re pointing out the intelligence communities.

That’s a very important point. The intelligence community seems to be heavily involved in possibly inventing the SARS cov to spike protein. And then maybe shipping it off to China to put it on a virus or whatever, if there is such a thing.

Have a the intelligence communities may be the ones who have not allowed certain medications that are instrumental in helping prevent damage from this if taken early. We know the intelligence communities are involved in this. How do we add now then Twitter as well, as you pointed out, keeping the backdoor open? How do we stop the intelligence community? Does it seem to be embedded in everything from the from the manufacturing of the vaccine to the to the even preventing our, our, our CDC? And even Israel from from disclosing the the damage that this is causing to certain people? Yes.

So Jim, let me just say that, Jim, where were you listening when I had that long conversation with Ali? I don’t know. Yeah, so if you go back, we had a lot look. And I think what you’re asking is an important question.

But let me just bring it back to the core here. Throughout human history, people have been trying to figure out how do we get more truth, more freedom, more health, right. And in that journey, there will obviously be whatever the state or those in governance, who will have all sorts of mechanisms, intelligence, community spies, you know, propaganda, all these kinds of things, right.

But ultimately, it has been movements, bottoms up movements. Now, when you get to that point of building a bottoms up movement, how do you build those movements? One aspect is, you just take a bunch of guns, and you talk a bunch of shit. And you say, I want my First Amendment, second amendment, and you just talk about your crap like, but you don’t build any real broad base thinking movement where you teach people how to think for themselves.

It’s based on heroism, right? That’s one way and that leads to typically we call terrorism and doesn’t go and the government likes when people do that, because they can shunt more freedoms. The other aspect that happens is people go into left or right. They say, Oh, I’m going to become a Democrat.

By the way, 50% of Trump errs voted for Obama, right. So that was a stick that people did for two years. And then they go to Trump for another year and a half.

And Trump did, he talked a good game, Hillary never got locked up. In fact that people got locked up or the people supported him. He didn’t do shit to Fauci, even though he knew all the data was right there.

So ultimately, he was part of the problem. So people are going to left or right. And the establishment likes that.

And the third area they want people to go into is to become complacent. And the way they get people into this area, Jim is through ignorance, the intelligence communities have a process of concealing truth, doing half truths. And they have all sorts of people in the media who do delay truth, conceal truth, half truths and delay truths.

And but they do not want people ever looking at a situation with the scientific method and looking at it. And then mobilizing people bottoms up. And they always want people to be scared, oh, my god, the intelligence agencies are so proud.

They’re not that fucking powerful. Look, I’ve, you know, when you look at most of these government employees, they work nine to five and they’re done. They’re there.

Most of them are bureaucrats are incompetent. Most people go into government are incompetent. Okay.

So there’s not really that much to worry about. But what they do do is, over the last 50 years, particularly in the United States, with the entertainment community, with Hollywood, with the billionaire worship, people do not want to build bottoms up movements anymore, they do not want to talk to their neighbors. And they do not want to think so the first thing is, there is a methodology of thinking and that’s called system sciences.

First thing we have to do. There was a time when people used to learn how to think when they work with their hands and they did stuff you know, it was natural. So we have to do that, which is what we’re doing with truth freedom health.

The second thing is you realize that when you look at any problem, any situation there’s a real problem, there’s a fake problem. So with the election system, so for example, you know, I never wanted to get into it I got into because what occurred in my elections and I figured out there were real issues like ballot images being destroyed, like the signature verification and chain of custody. A bunch of Grifters came along.

And all of our work which was very foundational stuff. They started grifting. I mean, Trump made a half a billion dollars off of our work.

You know, I did stuff in Arizona, I got invited to do stuff in other parts of the country. Some places I didn’t find any fraud, and people got pissed off with me, well, I didn’t find shit. And people want me to make up shit.

But the reality is, when you look at election systems, there are real issues that are still not been resolved, because the Grifters on the right, polluted with garbage. And I believe they’re part of the intelligence agencies, and they created the conditions that those on the left could attack them. This has occurred with every fundamental issue with climate, quote, unquote, science, with the issues on health care, education, there are foundational systems issues, and then the left and the right.

Never want to solve the real problem, Jim. So it’s not the intelligence community’s It is us as everyday working people, we’re gonna have to put in a little bit of time, we’re gonna all learn how to think and learn the science of systems, we have to again, the future, I believe, is really offline. We have to connect with neighbors.

And we have to build these bottoms up movements, Jim, that is the future. But I’ll tell you, these intelligence guys aren’t that bright. Most of them come out of England right now.

But they’re pretty easy to beat once you understand the methodologies that they use. Well, what’s scaring me right now is they’re moving hoof and Mouth Disease Research to Manhattan, Kansas, in the center of the community center, the center of the United States, rather than where it was in Plum Island, New York, and they’re now back in the bees. I mean, they can honey.

Yeah, look. So if you look at what’s happened with the entire bee stuff, it started with the genetic first of all started with Roundup. Okay, with Monsanto, which, by the way, Republicans and Democrats supported both of them.

So if anyone here isn’t the Republicans and Democrats, you got to get the fuck out of this left, right. Bullshit. Both Republicans and Democrats were part of engineering Monsanto, which basically fucks over all the farmers in the in the nether world right now.

So once they created round up, you know, and they, quote, unquote, had the weed killer, then some of the plants were also dying from the weeds, and they said, Oh, we’re going to create the seeds, which will withstand our weed killer, right, Jim. And that led into creating the Roundup Ready soybeans, and you know, these genetically modified seeds, which they can license. And then what our research discovered, and by the way, we wrote five papers on this back in 2014, we expose what actually goes on when the genetic engineering takes place.

And Joe Rogan was notified of this and he’s another fucking grifter didn’t do anything about it, had the pro Monsanto guys on and then he Griffes acts like he’s anti vaccine. So you have all these guys who never address the issues, and I think he’s part of the government intelligence network. Okay.

But the fundamental issues, the reason they needed to do the Neo nicotine, and nicotine noids and the bees for the seeds was that the seeds were actually weaker when the genetic engineering took place, and that affected the bees. So it’s an entire food chain. But ultimately, Jim, I think we have to educate people, instead of getting involved.

I mean, you could go down all these rabbit holes, and you don’t solve anything. The ultimate thing is follow the fucking money. Pfizer was going down the tubes 65 billion in 2010.

And they were down to 40 billion in 2020 $25 billion rub top line revenue Trump came in, and he made sure they made 80 billion in 2021. That was because of Trump’s policies. And by 2022, they’re gonna make 100 billion follow the money.

I always tell people Yeah, people say Oh, Dr. Shiva, can you look at these graphenes in the vaccines and, and I really think there’s a bunch of bullshit out there. So we don’t look at the big elephant in the room.

Hey, Pfizer was going down the tubes, all the pharma guys were going down the truth tubes, because their entire model of drug development was failing. They needed the vaccines through warp speed, so they could double their revenues. That’s what happened to him.

Anyway, I invite everybody very much to Sure. I invite everyone to keep the eye on the ball. Because the left and the right wing are two wings of the same establishment, every issue.

Pro and anti right. So the election situation became pro election fraud, anti election fraud, everyone, it’s an actually an American issue, real stuff got thrown under the wings, and a lot of really, really crazy people enter these movements and they pollute them. And because they don’t have any systems understanding, so the knowledge of systems which we can take teach to anyone, and I recommend everyone to come to me Arrow, va shiva.

com/orientation I recommend everyone to learn the science of systems. I recommend everyone to become your own teachers, your own gurus, but with this foundational knowledge, so with that said, I hope this was valuable. And we’ll do it again.

My email address is V A Shiva at va And you can go to VA shiva.

com/orientation Or go to truth freedom To know more. Anyway, everyone, have a good night and be the light.

And let’s build a bottoms up movement. And thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to share

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