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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email breaks down the complexity of the Immune System and its interconnections to understand that modern science clearly shows that the future of medicine is personalized and precision medicine: the right medicine for the right person at the right time. And that one-size-fits-all medicine is a 100 year old fallacy that is incompatible with modern science.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


I want to go to Dr. Shiva. I brought Dr. Shiva. Dr. Shiva.

You know, it’s a pleasure having you in the space definitely wants you to chime in on the subject. And absolutely looking forward to hearing what you want to say. Go ahead.

Yes, thank you, Jonathan. And all of you for hosting this, I have only a limited amount of time. So let me just make a couple of key points on the science side, and hopefully, it’ll help resolve some of the discourse between Drew and DS.

You know, just to give a little background, some of you may know me, MIT PhD, I’m a Systems immunologist. And the immune system has really been the focus of my life for about 20 years. So and let me sort of wind the clock back in 2019, I was asked by the National Science Foundation to give what’s called the prestige lecture, it’s a very, very, sort of highfalutin lecture that you’re asked to invited to give at Purdue.

And that lecture was a framework for the modern science of the immune system. And let me tell you why this is important. If you go back to 1915.

And you look at the architecture of the immune system was literally a two box model, you had the innate immune system, the aspect of your immune system, which faces and you know, an immediate virus, and it responds with a nonspecific response, okay. And the second box of the immune system was called the adaptive immune system, if your innate immune system is unable to take out the virus, then your adaptive kicks in and it turns on these things called antibodies, which have memory, okay. So it’s very, very basic immunology.

Well, when you look at the aspect of the development of vaccines, it is still based on a 1915 model of the immune system. And this needs to be appreciated. So in 2003, the field of systems biology comes into view, recognizing that you cannot see things in a reductionist manner, you know, the body is not part it is the interconnections.

And that occurred really, in 2003, it’s relatively new, and biology was flipped on its head. And that’s when I came back to MIT to do my research in a field called systems biology. But what came out of that was that we need to take a systems approach.

And what came out of that reality was that the body actually has not just this two box model of the innate and the adaptive, but we have something called the interferon system, which is a very powerful middleman between the innate and the adaptive, we have the microbiome in the gut, the virome, the gut brain axis. So when I shared this at Purdue, it’s a much more complex system. And there were about 200 300, engineers and scientists and no one had a problem.

And I ended that talk saying, how absurd it is to think that one size fits all medicine. And in fact, the NIH said, we need to move to a model of precision medicine, the right medicine for the right person at the right time. So all of this is consistent with modern science, you cannot say that everyone should get the same medicine.

It’s frankly, absurd. So that’s one piece of that’s modern science. By the way, there’s nothing called scientific consensus, there’s science, or there’s no science.

So the modern science teaches us there’s a multi system aspect to the immune system beyond the 1915 model that all of the vaccines have been developed on this two box model. All right, that’s the first point. The second point is, when you take the right medicine for the right person at the right time, you recognize that risk, as DSX was saying is very, very important.

The risk benefit curve, there is no risk benefit matrix that has been done for these vaccines. You know, I’m probably I don’t know how many other people are here. But, you know, I have gone through the entire FDA process, I’ve actually gone all the way through the IND process and gotten a drug through the FDA combination therapy, and you’re looking at particularly toxicity, but the risk reward benefit matrix has not been done for the vaccine.

I haven’t seen any of it. If it has been done, be great to see. And then finally, the point I’d like to make is that when you look at mRNA technology, you know, I run a company called cytosol.

And cytosol was focused on building computational architectures, computational biology, where we can actually understand the mechanics. And that’s what I do all day long. You know, one of my advisors at MIT was when I was an undergrad, Bob Langer, Bob Langer is the one who built, you know, the front, a large part of the framework for liposomal, you know, for the nanotechnology delivery for mRNA.

And I disagree with Bob on many, many things. Now, I was a kid back then. But the latest definition of a gene is not the 1950 definition, which was a gene is a protein.

You know, gene encodes for protein. That’s only 5% of the DNA. The other 95% we’re recognizing are things that encode for ribonucleic acid mRNA silencing RNAs, a whole host of things.

So when we inject an mRNA, or when we inject mRNA, and yes, it’s using the existing cells or machinery to upregulate, the protein which is then using the existing cellular machinery to up regulate, you know, the immune response, we have to recognize that we are injecting mRNA. And how that interacts in this complex molecular system with other ribonucleic acids, is not fully understood. So to assert first, that there is no risk and everything’s fine is, frankly, wrong.

It’s anti science period. The second thing is we have not even had the discourse on the fact there are many, many powerful nutrients that can enhance the immune system. And then finally, you know, in 2020, I was the first scientist to call this out, call out Fauci, we ran the fire Fauci campaign.

And it was unfortunate was a lot of the grifter MDS who now we’re talking about it, including Malone and including, but Acharya, they weren’t there on the scene, they sort of waited and watched. And that’s what’s also unfortunate, because the real scientists didn’t have the, frankly, the guts to speak up about this. They waited until it was convenient when the wind blew the right way to talk about it.

So the reason we’re in this situation is that there are serious immunologist who knew the risk benefit issues were not absolutely calculated. They know mRNA is a new technology. And they fundamentally also did not at all talk about any substances you could take to support the immune system.

You know, when I wrote to Trump in March of 2020, I said it’s absurd to lock down the country, you should follow precision and personalized medicine. Clearly, as Dr. Said, those people are very high risk, immunocompromised, they should be treated very differently than the majority of us who are not immunocompromised.

So what you had was a one size fits all approach that was taken. You had an approach that was not based on modern science, which is recognizing we need to take a systems immunology approach. So let me just end by saying that, you know, I do this every day.

I’m a Systems biologist, I help discover combination therapies, etc. But there was no science, that this was not based on science. This was based on a bunch of people getting together and pushing forward something and the so called anti vaccine Grifters, who don’t really know, science actually did a huge disservice, because they were talking about all sorts of nonsense, and they did not talk about this.

And many of them because they’re making money off books and stuff, did not have the decency to highlight the work we were doing. So we had to do it on our own, be it the fire Fauci campaign, be it talking about the science. In fact, in 2020, I got a call from the White House, saying, Dr.

Shiva, we just saw one of your immune system videos, please educate the public. Trump is not listening to us. He’s listening to Fauci.

So the bottom line is, we need to get real scientists who have the guts to talk about real science. And I appreciate what DS is saying. He’s the first person I’ve heard talked about the risk benefit analysis.

And if we want to talk about biology Drew, and we can get into the depths of it, we can do that all day long. But the fundamental big picture is the immune system of today that we know today is far different than the 1915 immune system. framework that is used for building vaccines, period.

Thank you.Dr. Shiva.

This is Nelson. Listen, we’re nuanced spaces. But on clubhouse, we’ve been doing the largest rooms on that space for probably about a year and a half.

You know, we’ve spoken to well over three and a half million people in a time period. And we’ve had I can’t even count how many rooms on COVID we had during a pandemic. We’ve had doctors, scientists, Dr.

Shiva. No one. No, doctor, no scientists has ever broken that down the way you just did right now, in that little amount of time that you just had right now.

I’ve never heard him. Never. So you know, Dr.

Shiva. I have nothing but respect for you, brother. And on top of that, Dr.

Shiva, I’ve got to set something up with you, Grant in us we have to do some we have to do a space Dr. Shiva. As long as you’re open toit, let’s let’s do that you got to understand in 2019, I gave this talk at the National Science Foundation.

And in January 5, you know, I’ve been an activist also all my life a ground activist. So it’s hard for me to put on a suit and a tie, be in the lab. And then we were in New Jersey.

We I’m originally from there reorganize all the mothers in a militant protest to stop the vaccine mandates. And at that time, Kennedy, and I’m very critical of Robert Kennedy, even though he tries to act as though he’s a big anti Vax guy. He endorsed Hillary Clinton three times and I was I was sacrilegious to attack the Kennedys and we were out there building this movement and Kennedy was telling me not to raise Tell that we should go negotiate with the Democrats.

So I am a little bit of an outsider. But I can tell you, I can really help educate the science on this. So we really get some chops behind this.

Because what’s happened is this entire backs anti Vax discourse has actually hurt us. Because the anti Vax people are talking about some really bullshit stuff that has no scientific basis. And that is feeding into the pro Vax people who are using that to say, haha, see, these people are idiots.

But the real foundational science comes down to risk benefit the nature of the immune system, what we know today, and precision and personalized medicine. And if we take that approach, I believe we can build serious bridges. But there’s a lot of people have made money off this anti Vax stuff.

And there’s a lot of people are making money off the pro Vax stuff, and who’s getting hurt is the public. And it’s unfortunate, because the reason you haven’t heard about if you if you go look on VAs Shiva on our Twitter stuff, you know, I was the platform in February when I ran for Senate, and we expose the government, big tech sensitive infrastructure. And grant and I should talk about that, I find the Twitter files, you know, again, two years too late.

So it would be great to reconnect and get a larger audience, but we need to be very prudent on how we discuss this, beyond these dialectics, and that is how those in power are keeping people in the blind. Okay, I’m a pro Vaxxer. I’m an anti Vaxxer.

Okay, now, I’m on the pro Vax side, so and none of the real science is being discussed. You know, when I got that call from the White House, I must have done three videos a day on the immune system to really educate people. Freaking Trump didn’t listen to anything.

Ultimately, if you look at it, Pfizer went from $65 billion in revenue in 2007. And they were down to 45 billion. So they needed the vaccine.

And this is a big elephant in the room, I really hope we stopped talking about, you know, reptiles in the vaccines or whatever this other stuff, maybe they are, maybe they’re not graphite, but I can tell you the big elephant in the room is Pfizer was losing $25 billion in revenue, they needed to make revenue. And in 2021, their revenue goes up to 80 billion, double their revenue. And now they’re up to 100 billion.

This is the big elephant in the room. So all this other stuff, we should we should follow the money and recognize no risk benefit analysis was done. And they’re using an old science.

This is why in March of 2020, March of 2020. We called out fire Fauci. I knew he was a scumbag.

His science is bogus. Robert Kennedy didn’t say anything. He waited until October 21 to write a book and then make money off of that.

So I’m really pissed off at the pro Vax and the anti Vax guys, and the public is who’s getting screwed on this? Because all of this stuff should have been exposed in 2020.Jesus Christ Dr. Shiva, let’s set some I’m gonna text grant right now, if you can DM me, I’m Nelson, just up top right next to Jonathan.

We’re gonna set something up without a doubt. Buy just shoot me a DM. I’m going to hit him up right now we’re going to send some of this is insane.

My mind is blown. Guys, if you’re in the audience right now, your mind is blown. Hit that chatfeature.

Well, let me just Nelson. Let me just finish this one point. You know, look, in 2020, I ran for United States Senate.

And we discovered that the ballot images were destroyed in my election, we were on the course to landslide victory. And in that election, I on Twitter in September 25, I put out four tweets exposing the government of Massachusetts for deleting ballot images. I was deep platformed.

No lawyer in Massachusetts wanted to take on my case. No one helped us. I had to go into federal court against three Harvard trained lawyers.

And we found out in federal court testimony that the government of Massachusetts D platform a using a portal from the government a special VIP portal called a Partner Support Portal. That’s in courtroom testament October 30 2020. The judge was appalled.

He said I may be 72 years old, but this guy’s a US Senate federal candidate. How dare you d platformed. Him.

He issued an order to put me back on Twitter. He saw he said that the government of Massachusetts should not do this. And I was put back on Twitter after the election on 24th.

With 3030 days remaining. We had 3000 volunteers on the ground. We were the most powerful bottoms up campaign.

I go back on Twitter on November 4, on February 1, when I again shared those four emails criticizing the government at Massachusetts I was D platform until about two weeks ago. And when I went back into court on May 5, we discovered playbooks actual manuals created at Harvard, how they will censor Americans and then I drew up this censorship network diagram showing Siza DHS you can look at it and when back We sent all of this to Tucker Carlson, all of it to Glenn Greenwald.

At that point, Twitter was called into courtroom. It was me against seven Harvard trained lawyers. And the judge when we showed him, the Partner Support Portal, the backdoor to Twitter, the playbooks which are a step by step manual.

And all of the people are involved including the intercepts Pierre Omidyar, including the Murdochs. He was blown away. And no one was there because all the Grifters are now coming to Twitter files two years later, talking about this stuff.

When the real backdoor portal, Elon Musk is still not taking it down. So we’re talking about Twitter files

And I’m so pissed off, because we we the back door portal, the censorship infrastructure still remains and why? Because Twitter must have section 230 immunity. So they get a 10x multiple of revenue. And I don’t believe Elon is ever going to dismantle the government censorship portal.

And so we need to talk about that. Because we’re doing all this stuff. And after I critiqued Ilan, I was suddenly put on now maybe it was just to pacify me to keep me a good house slave.

But that’s not who I am. But there’s a fundamental issue here, because whether it was a vaccine stuff when we were exposing it, whether it was a big tech censorship infrastructure, and when I brought this up to Marion of all, why aren’t you talking about our lawsuit? We exposed all of this in 2020 Silence Silence, silence. It’s quite remarkable.

And when the intercept dropped their piece that they had discovered, oh my god, DHS leaks. What’s a wholesale plagiarism of our lawsuit? I wrote to the Pulitzer Prize Committee, I said, these guys are doing what they call them the intelligence community, which I found out recently, a term called the limited Hangout, where you have the big iceberg. The big story, which is the entire censorship infrastructure, which includes Harvard, MIT, the Murdock’s Pierre Omidyar.

They created the NGO infrastructure called ISAC to launder censorship, and those are right out of our lawsuit. Suddenly, Charlie Kirk is talking about it. Where were these guys two years ago, after the buildings burned down, the Grifters are talking about it.

And I believe part of the deception of the intelligence agencies is delayed truth. You don’t talk about things when they need to be talked about you wait two years later, then you raise money off of it. So there’s a lot of stuff, we got to talk about Nelson.

And it’s not just the vaccine stuff. It was the fact we were on the ground fighting. And we exposed all of this two years ago, all of it.

And what I see now is sort of the limited hangout taking place getting conservatives excited, potentially, oh my god, Elon is gonna solve this. I’m sorry, I can’t take Elon seriously. Yeah, he’s put me back on great, but where government ends and where Elon Musk begins? Nobody knows.

Be at SpaceX, be it. You know, Tesla. Tesla’s entire foundation comes from carbon tax.

And frankly, Twitter’s valuation. I don’t think maybe Elon just can’t do it. So we got to get down to the root of this.

And I’m glad you guys have given me the opportunity to speak. But this is what you know, we’ve been doing every day since September 2020. Fighting, exposing.

And you know, I was the guy who exposed all the election system stuff, be it in Arizona, etc. And then Mike, Mike Lindahl comes and starts talking about China and crazy shit. So it’s almost like the real stuff is getting hidden.

I wonder if the intelligence guys take real stuff that we’re talking about. And then they make it cray cray, talking about graphene and 5g to make the real stuff sound crazy. And that’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

So we need to go back to reality. It’s a really fucked up thing that’s going on with taking the real stuff and always making it left right left, right pro Vax, anti Vax pro election fraud, anti election fraud, pro big tech, anti big tech until the back room portal is destroyed. That is running still now with Twitter.

I cannot take Elon Musk seriously, because that Portal was used against me.Oh my god. Dr.

Shiva. Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow.

I just responded to you,you can go to back And you’ll see the diagram.

And when I went back into court on May 25. When I held up the playbooks that we discovered, the judge said this lawsuit will go down in history as a lawsuit that will be taught in every law school exam. And the heads of Wilmer and Hale, who are Twitter’s lawyers could not believe my briefs.

They said this wasn’t done by this guy. He must have had shadow counsel. All of that was day and night work.

And so I’m so upset when I see Twitter files. I participate in one thing. It’s like you fucking guys aren’t talking about the real stuff.

Why are you misleading people? Oh my god, Twitter here, FBI here. It’s not just the FBI. It’s not just the Chess.

It is a complete swarm of intelligence network that has been developed to censor the speech of every American. We discovered it in in 2020. Stephen Miller is a complete scumbag who suddenly says, oh my god, I found the Twitter support portal, give me money.

And then Trump says, oh my god, let’s give him money. I will take it down and 2024 Fuck you, man. Trump i Even though I supported him, he didn’t do shit.

He created Siza. sys that was created by the Republicans and the Democrats. So this whole thing smells to me.

Do they want really the American particularly conservatives? Is this entire takeover of twiddle Twitter? A way to sucker back conservatives to think okay, Elon has got it under control. Everyone needs to go read our lawsuit, and in the world needs to know about it’s time for real truth. Whether it’s the vaccines, whether it’s election stuff, there are real issues with our elections are valid images and signature verification, not the cray cray stuff that Mike talked about selling fucking pillows all day.

So we have a bunch of Grifters on the right and the left fucking up the real fundamental issues, be it vaccine issues. There are real issues with vaccines. But they’re not graphite, I can tell you that.

There are real issues with the big tech censorship, and it’s not and Mario and Matt Sully be talking about oh my god, we found this it is there is a portal that still exists and it needs to be dismantled.May so yeah,let’s get the real stuff.

This is crazy. This is ridiculous. You know what? Let’s let’s have a conversation offline.

And let’s make something happen. I just shot you a DM back.It so this if we could make something happen will tell me that we’re really going to break through the truth.

It may be too hot for some people, man. Because we have all of the facts lined up. My lawsuit was so hot man, the judge censored my lawsuit.

He wanted me to just get back on Twitter. He goes you will be a hero. You’ll be the first guy but drop all your claims against the government.

What? I had six claims against the government. I wanted it we wanted to make the Secretary State of Massachusetts I mean, think about this is the grossest violation of free speech. I expose the government of Massachusetts and they contacted Twitter through that VIP portal.

It doesn’t get as bad as politically that’s why we had 1776 and everyone’s saying, oh my god, First Amendment. Why are these people Charlie Kirk Dinesh D’Souza? All Tucker, Tucker Carlson. That’s what I call them, excuse my language.

And you can go look at Winback freedom you have the emails I sent to Tucker and to the little dweeb, Glenn Greenwald and to the ACLU, and they did shit in 2020. And then when the intercept dropped their bullshit, oh my god, we found DHS. Tucker has him on and you can go read the transcript.

Oh my god, how did we ignore this? Tucker ignored it? He’s part of the intelligence network. They think Americans are stupid. Because they have such a short news cycle.

We’re gonna give them a little piece. And the concept limited hangout came out from the Nixon era administration when Nixon basically knew that he had done all this crazy shit with Watergate. So him and Ehrlichman said, we’re going to do something called the limited Hangout, we will put out a little piece of the story of manicured piece of the burglary, and then the public will forget everything.

That’s what the intercept did. The tooth bastards. Fang, who copied our lawsuit just said, Oh, my God, you know, we found the DHS leaks.

But you know what they left out of it. Nelson, the guy who created the censorship infrastructure and funded it CIS is none other than Pierre Omidyar who started the interceptGod.So these fucking guys are bullshitting all of us.

And I was D platform for the last two years. You know, I’m, you know, I’m supposed to be a house slave. I’m sorry.

I’m supposed to be. That’s not who I am. You go guys, go look at my history.

I came from India with nothing. And I’ve always been a fighter, but it’s unfortunate for those in power. I happened to get a bunch of four degrees from MIT.

And I know what I’m talking about, but the fundamental issue is we have too many fucking Grifters. And they need to get out of the fucking way. Because they’re hiding the real fundamental issues.

And Elon, in my view right now is either a grifter enabler or grifter himself. Because he’s not talking about the backroom portaloh my god, I’m bursting out my seams and sorry, Nelson. I love you.

Oh, my God. Wow. Man.

Wow, this is a very deep for me, man. Because when we were fighting a lawsuit in Massachusetts, we were screaming for help go to win back freedom. You’ll see the emails to Tucker.

The motherfucker didn’t do shit. He’s an actor Glenn Greenwald you know, narcissist actor and people call me arrogant it’s like fuck you. We were in the trenches fighting we’re the Warriors you didn’t give us air cover and we’re not gonna let these guys so we have a you know we have to go do our own movement man truth freedom and health we we do it on our own now we’ve we’ve lost hope and all these Grifters.

They’re all splitting up America left and right, Mike selling pillows, you know, another person selling Tesla’s?Yo, I mean, listen, I’m sorry, Dr. Shiva, I just have to give you mad props. I think that, you know, it’s highly underestimated that, you know, the flow of information and what people are exposed to this narrative is extremely toxic, it is causing a massive divide and getting to the bottom of it, the way that you have is just completely I mean, it’s profound.

It’s epic, and I hope that people are hearing you 100% I agree with you. And you know, I’ve support you 1,000%Look, I have a lot of people I know, at MIT, guys like me, we’re supposed to be the brown skin sellouts. You know, when I was an MIT, I want every frickin award, you know, and I was supposed to be headed to be a good house slave.

But I never forgot where I came from. You know, I came from India, where my grandmother was a traditional healer. I never forgot that I came from Newark, New Jersey, everyday poor black and poor white people.

And unfortunately, for those in power, I happened to get a bunch of degrees on these things. But I can tell you, there are real issues with the fundamentals of the immune system. And Drew, if you want, come on over, you know, I have my lab here in Massachusetts, I still do full time research.

And I and all of us need to get educated on the immune system not just drew, and I don’t think we should pick on Drew or anyone negatively. I think this is a very important time in history where we need to come together as everyday working people against the establishment, and the not so obvious establishment, Robert Kennedy. I had to call him out in 2020.

All these wealthy women in Scarsdale said Who the hell is Shiva? How can you call out Robert Kennedy? Well, Robert Kennedy endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. Three times, and oh, my God, we forgot about that. Kennedy had a party at his house.

Everyone had to be vaccinated. Oh, well, his wife made him do that. So everyone allows the elites contradictions to be swept under the rug.

And if guys like me who are from the bottoms up, say, somebody, well, who are you to say anything, and we got to get over that. And so I really appreciate what you guys are doing. But it’s time that we started having respect for ourselves and stopped bowing down to false gods.

And we started looking at the reality and educating our brothers and sisters on the immune system, that vitamin d3 to dark people like you and I drew and Nelson you and I, I can’t believe they put black people inside me and others told them locked down. I mean, vitamin d3 licenses, the catalysts, even antimicrobial proteins drew we can talk about they lyse the cells, one of the most powerful antivirals Fauci was taking them, okay. Why didn’t why wasn’t there a discussion on quesiton and zinc, which stops viral replication? I had to put the protocol together and we and we sent it to Trump.

So we had to do all this work, while the Grifters waited and waited and waited and then wrote books, wrote books and made money. As pharma made money, the Grifters made money and my conclusion is delayed truth is how the establishment and the Grifters collude together to profit and mislead us. And it’s time that we started recognizing people who tell the truth bottoms up.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. But it’s but it’s you know, it’s hard for us to get the megaphones these guys own all the megaphone. So I hope, you know, Grant and you guys, we can really get down and we can really turn the course of history here by relying on us people.

Notremember I remember you in 2020 You are going viral.Oh yeah. We did a we did a video on vitamin d3.

Yep. A million views and it was taken down.Yep.

And then I challenged you to I think I remember you challenged Fauci to a debate. We we Team Dennis team. Except but then no, they didn’t.

They didn’t. But we did the hashtag fire Fauci. We raised 120,000 signatures.

I drove our bus 32 hours day at night, and we delivered it to the White House. Marla Maples took our stuff and she had gave it to Trump right to him and his director, deputy director called us and I said you need to fire this fucking guy. But Trump doesn’t have any science.

He doesn’t have any balls. He’s about pleasing people. So he didn’t want to he wasn’t able to take action.

He didn’t drain the swamp, and anti vaxxers like Dell, big tree and other things. people running around to make money. And we were the outsider so they never gave us a megaphone.

They saw us as their anti Vax competition. So that’s a bullshit that we deal with. So we gotta go, we gotta get rid of these Grifters.

They need to step the fuck aside. And we need to go to people and tell them, teach them about the immune system. We need to empower people.

We need to teach people when it comes to elections, what we discovered in my election, there are real issues 52 USC 20701 is being violated. They don’t say valid images. That was all thrown aside Nelson.

Fucking Mike man, selling every Grifters getting Mike Mike. Lindell pillow codes, jackpot sobic Every fucking person selling pillows. Trump, Dr.

Shiva taking Save, save some thunder for me, man. Sure, I will be killing it, man. Well, look, Trump is killing it.

I had a two hour meeting with Trump. And he endorsed the guy who stole our election year, Massachusetts. I said he’s a fucking scumbag.

So Trump, we cannot rely on people from the top anymore. It’s us. There’s only US left, guys.

Keshava. This is Cory. This is why weren’t you on? This is why I had I was desperate to get you on here.

Because when I first learned to view, I love how your approaches. Matter of fact, I’m not pro I’m not anti. This is where the sciences.

And the one thing that I’ve hated when all of these arguments because that’s what they always turn into, is they don’t let the logic sink in. It’s not the logic, but just let the science tell you. You go by what the science tells you.

So many people are swayed one way or the other and they won’t come to the center. And I love your message. How you bet CoryCory, this is the point.

Robert Kennedy’s afraid of my message shows Dell big tree because they’re going to be out of business and show us big pharma because we’re going to resolve the differences. You see, this is what’s going on. The Grifters do not want the truth coming out because they’re going to be out of business.

Mike Lindahl won’t be out of business. Trump raised a half a billion dollars off my work. And when I met with him, I said, Where did that money go? If you’re really serious about election integrity, let’s start a serious Institute.

When you need a foot soldier, you let me know because seriously, well, middle is where we got to be. And it’s notthe middle. It’s the truth.

It’s the truth. Yeah, the truth. And the truth is, comes from an understanding of systems science.

And system science is what I teach every Thursday’s will have a seven 8pm to 8pm. Today I have an open house. System science is the future of the world.

My mentor at MIT Jay Forrester. He said kindergarteners should learn system science. It is going beyond left and right.

We’re all fucked. If we’re getting into this left right paradigms. All of these Grifters Wait, wait, wait, watch which way the wind blows and then talk some shit take left wing or right wing Biden bad Trump good.

Obama bad. You know, whatever. Good, right? And both of these parties are fucking making money off all of us.

Exactly in less than a narrative. When they come at us. They stay in power in the brightand, and the thing is Cory if people heard the immune system, they wouldn’t follow these guys anymore, but they don’t give what I’ve just shared with you the megaphone because they’re fucking afraid.

They’re jealous. They’re afraid they’re envious. All thetime followed you extensively on in on Instagram and 2020.

Still do. I would say that you he was probably one of the most censored person in that. In that time for 2012 Wewere not only censored by the establishment, we were censored by the quote unquote anti Vax establishment.

Yep.David grant would fucking love this shit.This guy’s amazing man.

I was. I remember watching his stuff IRL, just watching the amount of pushback that he was getting. As big pharma turned up, as we see from the Twitter files, as Big Pharma turned up their social media machine.

And completely he was one of the main ones that was speaking the truth and giving data Dr. Shiva has data.The best today he’s backing everything up with facts like I haven’t.

Do this is different. You know this. That’s why it’s blowing my mind so much, right? It’s not just somebody who’s just talking, right? scares the hell out of 100.

It’s a pleasure to have you’ve noticed as well. Everybody else on stage has gone on mute. He knows and so yeah, well.

People deserve to hear this. And for far too long. My voice frankly has been silenced.

And I’ve had to build my own movement. We built our own data center. We’ve had to do our own shit, man.

And the biggest enemies of us have been whenever I start talking, if I tell the truth, I mean, I supported Trump for a while and I found out that motherfucker was full of shit. When he supported the vaccines didn’t do anything. And I did a whole Video exposing him and I’d lost 20% of the right oh my god, Shiva is now a woke guy.

He hates Trump bullshit. I had to tell the truth, Robert Kennedy, I had to tell the truth about him. All the 20% of the women who thought we were who want to sleep with Kennedy, whatever the fuck they want to do with Kennedy thought I was their champion for a while.

Oh my God, he’s attacking Bobby as though Bobby’s their fucking friend. Right. And, and, you know, MIT, you know, I mean, none of the MIT people speak to me, because I’m supposed to support Big Pharma.

So I’ve gone through my journey. It’s a not a lonely journey, because we built now close to I think 200 300 million people all over the world have seen my videos I found out when I traveled, and you guys have seen them. But we got to build a movement now that gets rid of these fucking Grifters and really goes to the heart of truth, the Twitter files and the fucking limited hangoutgroup is going to help this who this group is going to help you because this this message reaches a ton of people, we get large groups and Miss rooms.

And all right.Well, I have to go because I have actually,what are you doing tonight? What plans you have toso let me tell you what I do at 8pm. Every Thursdays we do actually a orientation retrain people and a whole system I put together you guys should come to it.

You can go to You guys are welcome. And we are training young people, older people on how to think beyond left and right.

I call it truth, freedom and health. It’s the science of systems. So I’ve had to sort of build our own infrastructure to do this.

So I’m doing that at eight, that will probably go on to around nine. And I’ll be done then 999 30. You know, we have people from all over the world.

But we’ve literally built an independent movement, Nelson, because I just got tired of both wings of the establishment just fucking people over all day.Well, Dr. Shiva, you know, it’s listen, I mean, what I’ve just heard from you right now, man, once again, you’ve really expanded my mind.

And you know, I’m definitely working forNelson, can we? Dr. Ship? Can we schedule a room with you?I think is better we do something bigger, we do something much, much bigger.Yeah, absolutely.

A one on one.I’ve reached out to grant because a bunch of people said you got to talk to grant. And I don’t want grant to be misled, either.

You know, Grant seems like an awfully nice guy. It’s got to worry.At all.

I texted him 20 minutes ago when we started talking. Right? So he’s gonna love this shit already know that. And I mean, it’s without a doubt, he’s definitely going to be interested.

So I responded to your DMS. And let’s take the conversation offline. And I mean, let’s send something out.

All right, everyone. All right, be well be the light. And let’s build something beyond all this left, right bullshit and get to real science.

I think people are ready for it. Nelson. I think people are figuring stuff out that they’re tired of these Grifters.

And I think we need to give humanity what it really deserves. With platforms like this, you know, and others. If not, we’re going to have to do it on our own.

You know, by the way, we’ll go offline and do it. We hand out flyers, and we probably put out 2 million fliers, educating people on the masks. We ran the first international mass conference, I just finished a major science paper in the Journal of Periodontology showing what happens when you put a mask on kids faces what it does to the mouth microbiome.

He was the first one Nelson that I saw on the internet during the pandemic when the pandemic started that said anything about itdude, it’s insane bro. This is crazy. Dr.

Shiva again, I appreciate you. All right. Thank you.

Are you after your session? Definitely hop back on we’ll be gone live with the room up top at the link definitely hop back on you’re more than welcome to jump in.Yeah, I think why don’t we do a huddle between me you and grant and to get you know, we should plan something but this needs a much bigger megaphone and that’s what we’ve been trying to do if we can’t get it we’ll just do it on our own. But we could get to the endpoint faster with guys like us supportingwe appreciate you man.

Thank you very much.All right. Awesome.

So you gave all your information thereYeah, I respond to your DM just shoot shoot me a message it was aguy did the while everyone have a good evening.Thank you doctor. You toblow your mind as much as me just hit that chat feature at the bottom right corner.

And literally just throw some bomb emojis Doctor ship ship dropping bombs. That was insane. But let me go to SteveNelson dude.

Nelson you dude used to literally be in this I’ve seen videos of them just in the streets just man just grinding man. It’s it was it was a privilege.To bring this up with us.

We grantor I had my put my phone Hold down because I was eating and then I looked down and I was like, Holy shit, look who’s on stage. And so that I had to tune in and I was sure I’m sorry I was I had to eat nice

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