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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva reveals the findings of his historic lawsuit that exposed the unholy alliance of Big Tech. At a time when billionaires such as Elon Musk appear to be fighting for our free speech, the question is are they even aware of this unholy alliance, and more importantly, given this knowledge, are they committed to fighting it?

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives a Systems Approach analysis on understanding the interconnections of how Free Speech is suppressed.
  • Too many are getting lost in the theater, Elon is for free speech, and Biden is against it. And we don’t uncover the realities of what’s going on. The Election Interference Operations Playbooks, Part OnePart TwoState and Local Election Playbook and the  Long Fuse Reportshow the real interconnections of suppressing Free Speech.
  • Twitter entered into a partnership with government, to silence the speech of citizens as early as 2018. It is a mistake to think that the Biden administration is now doing something new, this is not true, this infrastructure has existed for four years.
  • This was discovered through our Historic lawsuit when Dr. Shiva @VA_Shiva was permanently suspended from Twitter for tweeting about an election official saying they deleted Ballot Images. 
  • Government set up a Twitter Partnership Portal with Twitter to watch people and then let Twitter throw them off. So they could say we had nothing to do with it. It’s called Laundering Censorship.
  • If Elon Musk is serious, as he said, he must end this fundamental Partnership between Government & Twitter. You can go to to understand why.


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Hello everyone, this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Wait for people to join, it is 830. I thought I’d do this a little bit later because some people asked me that they wanted to watch the video, but they wanted to wait until they got home. Anyway, today we’re going to be talking about, as the title shows here, Will Elon Musk End the Government & Twitter Partnership to Suppress FREE SPEECH?

And it’s going to be, as many of you know, whenever I do these videos, whatever topic I’m talking about, be it politics or be it science or be it education. One of my goals is to impress on everyone that if we want to get to the heart of any issue, we need to start seeing interconnections between things. And this is called a Systems Approach.

Systems Approach

Even as I discussed this topic, what I want to do is focus on that, I’ll be emphasizing that we need to take a Systems Approach to understand what’s going on. Recently, over the last six weeks, there’s been news that Elon Musk – a very wealthy person who has said that he’s concerned about free speech and what’s going on in the United States specifically, is going to be taking over Twitter. And he wants to make it a free speech, or more of a free speech platform, given that the people that have been canceled and have been thrown off, etc.

That’s what’s out in the news. In opposition to that. You’ve heard that Biden has started a group for misinformation and disinformation. Now, many of you know this area has been personally near and dear to us and what we’ve been doing here in our movement, and was particularly important because in my own campaign, when I ran for office in Massachusetts, we uncovered certain things which we shared on Twitter, and we were subsequently banned.

And that led us into a historic lawsuit where we uncovered it wasn’t Twitter that threw me off. It was the government, which made Twitter throw me off. And that led to a very big lawsuit, if people can read it. That’s all public.

By the way, everything I’m sharing with you is public information, nothing is secret, it’s stuff that’s come out of the fact that we use the System’s Approach to interconnect a number of important facets, and I hope those of you listening, and Elon Musk has a chance to watch this video because he has a opportunity to use the information that we discovered to recognize this is not about Big Tech, doing stuff to the individual.

The Dialectic

This is actually about the fact that a partnership exists, which we uncovered through public documents between government and in this case, we’re gonna focus on Twitter, right? So that’s why the title of this talk today says, Will Elon Musk End the Government & Twitter Partnership to Suppress FREE SPEECH? And my theory is that, obviously, people within Twitter know, but it’s unclear whether Elon Musk knows.

Part of our goal is to share this information with you. So you get a much more non, you know, dualistic perspective. And we don’t get lost in the theater, this guy is for free speech, and Biden is against it. And we don’t uncover the realities of what’s going on.


Let’s just jump into this. What I want to do is, first, I’m going to give away the whole talk. This is what we’re going to talk about today, we’re going to talk about the fact that

Twitter entered into a partnership with government, to silence speech of citizens, Public Officials and those running for office. And this is as early as 2018. So if you’re getting sort of lost in thinking that Biden is doing this, suddenly, it’s not true.

This has existed for four years, the government created this partnership, it was called a Partner Support Portal. That’s where it was brought out and against public information, which we discovered in our lawsuit. The other bullet point here is all board members of Twitter, including Jack Dorsey, who today claims that you know, this is all bad what he did, but it’s unfortunate that he didn’t do anything before because he was part of this.

And he helped to architect this partnership between government and Twitter, and Twitter was a hired gun of government. To do things that the government is blocked by doing suppressing people’s speech, eg the US Constitution. And so this is fundamentally Anti-American, and it’s Anti-Democracy. And so Elon Musk has an opportunity to end this. And he has to end this partnership, which I’m going to share with you as a first step for ensuring free speech. And that’s really the summary of today’s talk. And again, all of this is publicly accessible information.

Journey to Systems

As I go into this, you know, I’m going to take a couple of breaks. And I’ve shared with you the summary, I want to really give you because I want the reason I’m doing this again, is I want all of you to take a Systems Approach to understanding this because with that, it was really the Systems Approach, which helped me uncover all of this and my aim is not just to talk about Elon Musk and Twitter, but to really inspire you to take a Systems Approach. I’m going to play a little video and we’ll come back to this called my Journey to Systems. So let me play this for you.

Anyway, I wanted to share that journey because it’s really important in the world that we live in for people to take a Systems Approach and we’ve built this entire curriculum. We’ve made it very accessible. If you’re an adult, you get a A $2,500 scholarship to take you to And you can take the Foundations of Systems course. It really will teach you how to think and see these interconnections.

And I share in this talk about what we discovered, between the unholy alliance between government and Twitter, it came from this Systems Approach. And so if you’re an adult, go take the course. It’s 100 bucks, you get a $2,500 scholarship, but you can also give it to any young child 18 or below for absolutely free. So all of you can also be like billionaires and be philanthropists. So take the course and you can give it to as many children as you want for absolutely free.

This is really our commitment to create the future by helping our next generation. You also have access to the book System and Revolution, which will teach you the system principles of systems. We’ve also made the book absolutely free. You just have to pay for shipping and handling.

The Real Interconnections

When you look at your relationship on social media, there’s you. And if you’re on Twitter, the interaction that you believe takes place. The interconnection from a Systems Approach – is that you believe that Twitter, if they decide to block you or throw you off, or suspend you, that Twitter is the one that’s doing this, right. So this is how you would see your relationship from a system standpoint. With Twitter, there’s you, Twitter doesn’t like you. It’s Twitter, knocking you off? Well, is that really true?

And we’re led to believe, by the recent press reports that Elon Musk is taking over Twitter, he’s going to ensure that Twitter just doesn’t throw you off because you say something that they don’t want to hear. But what we uncovered, and this is really important. And again, this is through our lawsuit when I was permanently suspended from Twitter. Initially, we were thrown off, we exposed to the judge that it was the government of Massachusetts who had contacted Twitter, this is quite profound.

Twitter was made to throw me off by the government, and we won our TRO case. And then when they permanently suspended me went into a much longer lawsuit where we uncovered the details that I’m going to share with you today.

Okay, so but the bottom line is, this is what we think is going on, right? Twitter is the one in charge. And when they decide to take you out, it’s Twitter is doing that. Someone said, What is my Twitter? What was your Twitter account? My twitter account was VA_Shiva.

And you can see I’ve been suspended. I had close to a half a million followers at the time. So, but the reality is what’s really going on? Well, we uncovered its government has a Partnership with Twitter. And this was created in 2018. Government has a partnership with Twitter that if they see a citizen, doing stuff, they do not like. They have a special VIP partnership that they can tell Twitter to knock that person off.

Government Laundering Censorship

This is quite interesting. That means Twitter is being used to Launder Censorship. And so the government can say, Oh, we didn’t do it, Twitter did it. But on the back end, they have a partnership. So this is really, really important for everyone to understand. And I hope all of you share this and get this out there. Obviously, I’m not on Twitter anymore.

But this is what really occurred. And Jack Dorsey was part of setting up this partnership, his legal team was part of setting up this. So now they have remorse. But they were the ones that did it. So where’s the evidence? Well, let’s go to the evidence from a science standpoint. There were a series of Playbooks manuals that we discovered in our lawsuit, the Election Interference Operations Playbook, the election, Part One, Part Two, and then there’s a State and Local Election Playbook, these Playbooks to be clear, were developed by Twitter and government, state and local governments to watch out for Misinformation and Disinformation. Very, very important to understand.

So suddenly, we’re being told in 2022, Biden is doing something well, we need to convey this to Elon Musk, or to the media. It’s not Musk versus Biden. It’s the fact that Twitter had created these partnerships back in 2018, okay. And these partnerships are exhibited in these Playbooks which literally detail how government and Twitter will work together to suppress you as an individual.


Let’s go through one of these Playbooks. So by the way, if you go to In the interest of time, you can go through gross detail, and you can look on it all All the information that we found in our historic lawsuit. So here is one of the Playbooks. And if you look at the Playbooks, the first chapter of the Playbook, it literally has the authors and contributors in this Playbook. And what you’ll see right here is Guess Who are the authors? Well, here are government’s election officials, government officials, and guess who else is included right here?

You’ll see right here is included – Twitter legal, Twitter legal collaborated with government to create these Playbooks on how they will collaborate with government to suppress the speech of US citizens. And in fact, if you read this, it’s got Influence Operations, Disinformation and Misinformation – they discuss what is Influence Operations?

In this case, you as a citizen could be branded as an Influence Operator, if you’re putting out information that the government doesn’t like, Okay? And you’re having influence. For example, if I put out information saying, hey, the government deletes Ballot Images. And this is a violation of law, which is what I did infer that the government, as we showed in testimony, had contacted Twitter to throw me off.

And this is what is very important that Elon Musk understands that there is Twitter. And yes, you can go try to reform Twitter, but Twitter created these Playbooks and has a partnership with government – that is very, very important. So they put together these documents and how they could suppress speech. And in fact, in this document, it clearly said that if you as an individual, even say that people who run elections are corrupt, that will be considered disinformation. And you will be put on a watch list and watched. Let me repeat that again.

So Twitter and the government work together at Harvard to create a Playbook to define a partnership, and how they will determine at the behest of government if someone is spreading misinformation or disinformation. And you can see right here, out of their manual, it says, if you say people who run elections are corrupt, you will be put, you will be tagged as someone who’s doing misinformation, and disinformation, by the government. Okay, so think about what I’m saying. Twitter’s not doing this on their own. They have a relationship with government.

And if you speak your mind, and you say something against government officials, you will be put on a watch list. And I’m going to show you what happens, they have the second part of the manual, which goes to what they actually will do to you in this process. But this was organized. So one of the most profound things of the First Amendment was that unlike in Britain, you could say whatever you wanted against the government, and you would be protected by the First Amendment. But this says, if you say these kinds of things, you will be watched by the government.

In fact, if you say stuff about anything about COVID-19 concerns, okay, etc. Alright, so this is in black and white. Then, what we want to talk about here is, there’s a second manual called the Election Influence Operations Playbook, which was also created by Twitter and the government, okay. And what you’ll see here is this is a detailed step by step manual, step one, step two, step three, or stage one, stage four, which defines how the government will work with Big Tech companies, to watch out for people what they’re saying, identify them respond and resolve and learn and improve, which means watch them. So this is how they assess the severity of an individual, okay?

For example, if you have an established voice, if you have credibility, and you have volume, that will put you on watch list if you’re saying stuff that is not, that is not in compliance with what the government has determined is violation of speech, okay, their speech if you’re exposing them, but they literally have a methodology. So in my case, I had an established voice, I had credibility, a bunch of degrees from MIT, and I had close to half a million followers. Okay. So very important.

Okay, so this is in their manual, and then they in the manual, they have a way that you’ll identify someone as a high severity, threat, medium severity, threat, and low again, let me to those of you joining this is a manual that was a partnership that was built between Twitter and social media companies and government to identify people who are saying stuff that goes against government the most extreme violation of the First Amendment. Right.

So again, we’re doing this talk today to alert Elon Musk because he appears that he won As to really deliver free speech, but he needs to understand fundamentally, the government and Twitter are united. And that government set up a partnership with Twitter to watch people and then let Twitter throw them off. So they could say we had nothing to do with it. It’s called Laundering Censorship.

Twitter Partnership Portal

And what I’m sharing with you is those documents that we discovered in our lawsuit, which, by the way, none of the mainstream media covered Tucker Carlson didn’t cover it, because he, as I’ve shared before, is an opportunist. And then we also showed here, you can see right here in the manual is a Twitter Partnership Portal.

So if government has a problem with you saying something, they’ve been given a VIP portal called a Partner Support Portal, again, which is created by Twitter and the government. And through that portal, they can directly tell government and the government can tell Twitter, take this guy out. And that is what the manual reveals.

Now, again, I’m not sure if Elon Musk knows about this, but we’re letting him be aware of this. This was suppressed by the mainstream news media, our lawsuit had such an immense impact, that, in fact, it got scary for some of the judges and lawyers also, okay, but go to And you can read about all of it. Again, all of this is public information. So there you go.

I’ve shared with you the literal partnership that was set up between Twitter and government. So government could launder sensitive Twitter to actually attack you right now. Elon Musk thinks versus Twitter and you, but there’s actually government, which is operating this and all of this data exists to show that. So if you want to know more, go to If you want to read more about the lawsuit.

Furthermore, in June of last year, interestingly enough, Stanford University so what I just shared with you were playbooks that were developed at Harvard between the partnership between government and Twitter. So again, from a Systems Approach, what you’re learning here, it was government, and Twitter, which created a partnership to watch – surveillance of American citizens.

By the way, this is used all over the world by all governments. And if you say stuff that expose government officials, the government can tell Twitter to knock you out. And they can say we had nothing to do with it.

Now, this was so when I was thrown off. A report came out by Stanford University, gloating about the Playbook and documenting this. And that came out on the Long Fuse Report. And then this Long Fuse Report, it actually identified people called Repeat Spreaders, people who had massive influence, and we’re affecting, the affecting and influencing others.

Guess what I was documented here as being one of the key repeat spreaders on the same level of influence as Donald Trump. Remember, Donald Trump was President United States, and I was a US Senate candidate at the time that I was thrown off.

Think about that. So you have six incidents, they talk about, supposedly, Donald Trump did a total of this many tweets, I did a lot more tweets. And we had views of but I was considering the same level of influence in this report, in terms of because I would do tweets and I would do these long form videos.

Go back to And you can see this so those of you who are joining us, what we’ve just talked about is that we want to alert Elon Musk, because he’s going to be potentially running Twitter, that Twitter entered into a partnership with government to silence speech of citizens, public officials and those running for office as early as 2018.

It is sort of a mistake to think suddenly, Biden has started this disinformation misinformation thing. And it’s Musk versus Biden. Remember, when you take a Systems Approach, you go down to the real problem, the real issue, this is not Biden. This was done by Dorsey and others back in 2018, when Trump was in power, okay, so we gotta remember this.

The government, Homeland Security CISA, set up this partnership with Twitter, long before Biden was involved, okay. So don’t get bamboozled to thing against Biden versus Musk. The other thing is all board members of Twitter including Jack Dorsey, were part of this. So don’t feel sympathy for Jack Dorsey because he was part of this unless he’s willing to give back all his money to all of us who were affected by being thrown off Twitter. And Twitter – Bottom line was a hired gun of the government to do things that the government is blocked by doing which is, you know, suppressing speech.

And this is Anti-American Anti-Democracy and Elon Musk has to end this as a first step for ensuring speech. Let me quickly play a video that I played before. And I’ll come back and make some very important talks. I haven’t played this video in a while, but it’s really our anthem video that we played. And it’ll really sort of impress on you how important this is, let me play this for you.

I encourage all of you to go to We need to build a educational movement, as my great grandfather said that education is ultimately the way that we get our freedom, or we get our liberation, we create wealth for ourselves and health and all that. And that knowledge of our time that needs to be understood is understanding a Systems Approach where you see these interconnections, what I’ve just shared with you, is if you just simply look at Twitter, and you’re gonna think, oh, Twitter is the one that’s throwing people off. It’s Big Tech, Big Tech, Big Tech.

But when you actually start looking at the data and the evidence, you find out that government and Big Tech are in a cozy relationship. So anyone purporting to really want to fight for free speech has to go at the heart of that connection from a systems approach and say, Hey, government and Twitter have a partnership, I’m going to be running Twitter. So if I want free speech, I better end that partnership. That’s the essence of today’s talk. But more importantly, not only on this topic, I want all of you to take your time, and go to

If you’re an adult, if you’re 18 Plus, you know, this is a course I’ve offered all over the world, it really teaches you how to think to go beyond the left or the right or this person is Pro and this one’s anti, and to go uncovered the inner connections, it’s a self paced course you can learn it, I used to charge a lot of money for it, when I sell it through big institutions. 2600 bucks, we’ve made it accessible to every adult, a $2,500 scholarship. So please take advantage of it.

I wanted – if we gave it away for free, no one was signing up, you got to charge something. So, we gave you what I actually used to charge and a scholarship. And if you take this course and you pass it, you can become a philanthropist and give it to any child in the world. At no cost. My view is that when young people and that’s under the age of 18, by the time they get to college, the curriculums are basically not teaching them how to think but what to think.

But if we can help children really understand systems thinking, even before reading, writing and arithmetic, it can have a profound effect on them to make them serious change agents. So in addition, I want to recommend to go to To slash to join, if you’re not ready to do that, get the book, go to Again, it really should be slash join. And you can get the book there, absolutely free. You just have to cover shipping and handling. So please take advantage of this.

But going back to Elon Musk, what I want to say is or by the way, those of you joining new The talk is will Elon Musk and the government and Twitter partnership to suppress free speech and we reviewed what we uncovered. And to those of you who may want to tweet out to Elon, you can tell Elon, you know, he can call me anytime 617-631-6874. And we’ll give him all the evidence. I’ll sit down and go over it with him. But it’s really an opportunity for Elon Musk as he has said he wants free speech.

He has to as a first step, he has to end this mean he has to end this which is a partnership between government and Twitter to ensure free speech. Okay. So that’s really the takeaway today. If Elon Musk is serious, as he said, We hope he ends this very fundamental partnership between government and Twitter.

By the way, any one of you can go to And look all of this up all the data is there, review this video, but that’s what we got to do. Right? So we’re gonna give Elon Musk a chance to do the right thing, and I hope he does. But he’s got to begin by ending this partnership. Jack Dorsey created that partnership.

Today he’s lamenting about what he did he saying, Oh, I did it wrong thing. But he made a lot of money. So if he’s serious about that, you know, perhaps he should give back his money to all those people who lost income from being thrown off Twitter, etc. But we need to see some action right now. So let’s see if there’s any questions here. I’m going to just look over here.

Someone says Musk is PR for the New World Order. Tesla equals government. We someone says Dr. Shiva, we need help in Canada. Let’s see what else we got. Heather says Join the movement to Elizabeth. The movement is get educated, you know, go to VA Get educated. Someone’s had their offices view the partnership. Dr. Shiva speaks at Winback freedom and I come all the data is there. It’s pure evidence. There’s no hearsay here, you can see it for yourself all of its from public documents that anyone can go see.

Let’s say someone says yeah, this is a great comment. Jason LiveX says, I’ve said for a long time that the greatest enemies right here at home, and he or she looks just like us, not some people in some distant land. Okay. All right, everyone. So I hope this is valuable. So the bottom line is that there’s a potential opportunity here, but ultimately it is for each one of you to get educated.

Learn this, understand interconnections, build a community to go to We have hundreds of 1000s of people all over the world. We also have access to an orientation program you can join every we just did one just today. So I hope you’re all well. And let’s create a better world. But let’s understand the Science of Systems. That’s a way to do it for yourself and our children go to Be well.

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