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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, shares results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of how Turmeric may alleviate Lung Congestion. Many “health gurus” simply are Pro- and Anti- about a particular food. This is a reductionist approach that creates confusion. They have little idea of HOW the food is processed since they lack a SYSTEMS foundation to thinking. This is part of CytoSolve® Food Is Medicine Series.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Hello, everyone, Happy New Year’s Eve. And this is going to be the last, probably the last video on the medical series, or the systems biology series to be more specific, we’re going to be doing for 2023. And I wanted to end this year with a very, very important herb that I’ve talked about many, many years ago called turmeric, T u, r, M, er IC.

And we’re going to look at turmeric in the context of lung congestion, lung congestion. It’s a series that we’ve been doing. And let me just go back to let everyone know what that series has been.

And that series is part of the lung congestion series, which we started about a couple of weeks ago. And we’ve been going over various herbs as a part of the lung congestion series. Let me just bring that up.

Okay. So here’s the lung congestion series for all of you on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Now, the lung congestion series is really going to go over herbs and things that have a profound effect on helping alleviate what’s going on in the lungs.

So that’s we’re going to be talking about, and turmeric is a very, very ancient herbs. This been around for many, many years. So we’re going to dive right into it.

And we’re going to talk about it. I will be playing a couple of video educational videos throughout this to help people understand various concepts. First, oops, let me start from the beginning.

Sorry about that. Sometimes this happens, may go right to the beginning and start from scratch. Okay, so here we go.

So in the lung congestion series, we’re going to start with turmeric. And let’s go here. There we go.

Alright, so on turmeric, we’re going to be beginning with some basic understanding. And before I play that and go into that, I want to do a quick review. On System science.

Many of you know that I have a deep deep regard for a systems approach to everything. If you look on my Facebook posts or on YouTube or Twitter, you’ll see the common theme here is we need to take a systems approach. And a systems approach is important particularly in today’s world where you have left people attacking the right people left Grifters left Grifters, right, Grifters mainstream media, and it’s very, very hard to figure out what’s real anymore.

Now what’s profound about a systems approach, it comes from the 1920s, which is really about taking a systems approach to understanding how the world works, that that systems approach gives us a perspective to not look from the left or from the right or from the Pro or the anti, but really figure out what’s actually real in a situation and then determine what the real problem is and what the real solution is. So I’m going to play a quick video that will give you my journey and why I think Systems Science is so important to our future, and particularly our children’s future. And I’m going to just play this quick video that’ll give you my journey to systems as we start.

Welcome to VA Shiva, VA Shiva is a product of my journey across eastern West science and tradition, ancient and modern. That brings you the science of systems so you can become a force for truth, freedom, health, via Shiva as a platform, a revolutionary education, community building and weaponry for unleashing local activism. My journey to be a Shiva begins in the chaos of Bombay, where I experienced diverse religions, languages, casts, and in a small village that had no running water, no electricity from my grandmother, a poor village farmer practice Siddha, an ancient system of Indian medicine.

over 10,000 years old, she observed one’s face the art of Samudra Lakshmi to understand a body’s unique constitution, allowing her to deliver the right medicine to the right person at the right time. Watching my grandmother heal others, I was inspired to study medicine, but I was also aware of the corrupt caste system of India, which denigrated the human being where my family were considered low caste untouchables, where one’s birth determine one’s destiny. The grit and determination of my mother and father led them to get educated and to come to America, a one in a trillion event.

Their actions inspired me to work hard and Excel. While in ninth grade. I tend to New York University in a computer science program, and subsequently at the age of 14, was given a full time job as a research fellow at what is now known as Rutgers medical school in the heart of Newark, New Jersey.

There I investigated the system of sleep using mathematics, computer science Need some biology for sudden infant death syndrome? It was there in Newark where I invented email when I was the first to convert every feature of the physical paper base interoffice mail system including inbox, outbox, memo, carbon copy blind carbon copy attachments into its electronic equivalent, a system, which I named email, a term that I was the first to coin. On August 30 1982, I was awarded the first US copyright for the invention of this system, recognizing me as the inventor of email. At that time, copyright was the only way to protect software inventions.

I went on to MIT where I earned four degrees across multiple systems of engineering, electrical, mechanical, design, biological. That training led me to invent many other systems for advancing humankind, eco Mal, the world’s first intelligent email management system cytosol, a computational biology system for eliminating animal testing to discover new medicines faster, cheaper and safer, and to the creation of a whole system’s methodology for certifying clean food. These innovations led me back on a Fulbright to India, where I discovered the missing link between Eastern medicine and western systems theory honoring my grandmother to develop your body or system, a powerful tool that will help you understand how your body is a system, and how the inputs of food supplements and exercise bring your body back to its natural system, state, and systems health and integrative educational discipline that is now integrated into the VA Shiva platform that will enable you to learn the science of systems, the science of everything, the your body is a system or our society and politics as a system to reveal the foundational interrelationships between truth, Freedom health, now is a time for you to be the light, learn the science of systems and build community and weaponize yourself to unleash the activism necessary to deliver truth, Freedom help in your local community, welcome to VAs Shiva.

Alright, everyone, so let’s just jump into the science of tumeric, and how it works, and you’re gonna learn a lot. And let’s just go right into it. So.

So, by the way, so that was a real quick video to really give you a journey to systems. But the key thing is, you will find out that are the three aspects of freedom, which truth and health are very, very interrelated. In system science.

We call this transport, conversion and storage. And if you take the course, which I recommend you do go to truth, freedom, you’ll really understand these very important concepts, why freedom is important to truth, truth to health and health to freedom and truth.

And you can go to truth, freedom, the slogan there is get educated or be enslaved. It’s a very powerful slogan, but it’s really about you getting off your butts, and learning the science of systems every Thursdays at 11am.

And at 8pm. I host a orientation for all of Europe, and that part of the world, east and west. So please join us.

And you can go to, where you can get an RSVP, if you want to know more about any of the other things that I’m currently involved in, go to VA, whether it’s what I’m working on in various projects, and I’ll run through them.

But let’s get back to tumeric and lung congestion. That’s what we want to talk about today. Tumeric, and lung congestion.

And this is part of our cytosol Open Science Institute project. cytosol is a very powerful technology. And cytosol contributes to the world by doing research.

And we just give it away because we believe certain type of stuff should be made accessible to as many people as possible. So what we’re going to talk about today in the concept of concept of truth, freedom and health, we’re first going to go over the truth, the science, or the systems biology of what occurs when you get lung congestion. And then how does Tumeric really help you? What are the biological functions that had had possesses? And what are the benefits? All right, and then we’re going to take the freedom approach and really look how some of the science when it comes to indigenous medicines or food as medicine or nutritional stuff does not come out because of the problem with Big Pharma and medical doctors who unfortunately do not receive any education or very little on nutrition.

And then finally, we’re going to dive deep into the health aspects of tumeric and lung congestion, the mechanisms of action and the clinical evidence. All right, so let’s just go right into it. First of all, I want to speak about the science and the truth and the system’s biology of lung congestion.

So first of all, if you look at the lung, you will notice that the lung has two different states right? One state Eight is in the lung is clean, and it’s got normal airways, the muscles are not thickened. And the airway walls are thin, they’re essentially the lungs are clean, which is denoted by the top that you’re seeing here. The other cases over here, you may see when you have lung congestion, there’s mucus filled in there, the green mucus as your the green color that you’re noticing, there, the airways are widened, and the and the set and the wall is thickened, as well as it scarred, so two very different states.

And how does this happen? Well, first of all, you have an excess amount of blood going to specific parts of the lung when you get congestion. And a common symptom of respiratory tract infections is the mucous membranes become very inflamed. So inflammation is a big part of lung congestion.

And you start producing hyper mucus or excessive mucus production, which blocks the different airways, I mean, you’re supposed to produce a certain amount of mucus, but you start producing overproduction. It’s called hyper mucus production. And obviously, you end up with having difficulty breathing.

And that mucus, or the excessive mucus becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria leading to secondary infection. So you can see, sort of the physiological process that occurs is that a lot of blood rushes in to the lungs, the mucous membranes become, you know, or the walls become thickened mucus goes in. But the problem is that the mucus there is also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, right? So but that’s the process, what we’re shortly going to go through, is, when we go to the Help process, I want to walk you through all the different molecular processes, you see your body is really a very powerful interacting set of chemical reactions, little chemical motors that are running.

And there are four or five motors that are involved in lung congestion. So we’re gonna go down to the molecular level, because it’s important to understand that, because when you’re starting to take foods, or vitamins, or even if you do exercise or your thoughts, they ultimately generate chemicals, you know, compounds, and these compounds interact with these molecular pathways. And when they interact with those molecular pathways, they can have a positive effect, or a negative effect, right.

So that’s what we need to see it, your body’s composed of these molecular mechanisms. And as a systems biologist, that’s what I spend a lot of my time doing, really trying to understand these mechanisms of action. Alright, so let’s go back.

So now that you understand sort of, at a very high level, what occurs, I want you to really recognize that Tumeric is a pretty well researched herb, and we integrate at the cytosol open sciences. So all of the research that’s out there. So just to give you an idea, over the last 145 years, there’s been over 595,009, or an 18 research articles written on turmeric in the past 145 years.

So Tumeric has been very well researched for a long, long time, right? So 5918 articles, and over 200, and sorry, not over, but 212 clinical trials, clinical trials are where they actually take something, you know, drug companies do this, some of the vitamin companies do this, but they really take a group of people, those a group of people who have no illness, a group of people have an illness, and they test an input a product with them, and they want to see how they react to it. Right. So people with lung congestion, no lung congestion, or people who have lung congestion, you separate them out into two groups, one people get turmeric, and one people don’t, or another group doesn’t.

So there’s been quite a bit of research done on turmeric. All right. Now what do we how do we what do we do at PSI to solve is we’re able to look at all that research that’s doneon turmeric, but then we we then we make it specific to lung and lung lung congestion.

And out of that we extract all those existing research. And then we look at the mechanisms of action relative to the compounds in turmeric, if we can find them, then we can share with you what we have. And that’s what we’re going to be sharing with you today.

Now all of this is made possible, because we have a very powerful technology called cytosol. And I’ll play a quick video on cytosol. But cytosol has been very gracious to support the cytosol open science project, which is really about science by the people for the people.

And what I want to recognize here is if you look at what’s going on in the world right now. Any scientific research right now is typically dominated by a few major institutions. A lot of money’s involved, a lot of corruption gets involved.

And people can guide and own research in many Many ways, and what we want to do is recognize that there’s a lot of research going on, let’s say on tumeric, all over the world in small institutions. And sometimes what happens is a big guys control. The scientific discourse has happened recently with Alzheimer’s for 16 years, some guys had written research, there was bogus research.

And, frankly, they made up western blot images. And everyone followed that. So we want to recognize thatif we can look at all the research and aggregate it and connect the dots, we get a at least a fair shot of seeing what’s going on, versus just relying on one group at Harvard or MIT or Yale, or something like that.

And unfortunately, that’s what does happen, you have a lot of monopoly in science today. So what cytosol is able to do is we’re able to take all of this research, aggregated together and bring it in at a certain point. And if you go to VA shiva.

com, and you scroll down on the website, you’ll see the Open Science Institute situs of open science institute project, and if you go there, you can support it. And we have various projects going on on osteoarthritis, but we have the current one going on lung, which I’m going to share with you. Before I proceed, I think it’d be really valuable for all of you to get really an understanding of what is cytosol some of you may already know, but let me just play this video for you that will give you a deeper understanding of what is cytosol and what is this technology that we have in our access to use for the cytosol Open Science Institute.

Somebody played what is cytosol here? Who would have ever thought someone like me would invent email and create a site a softer revolutionize health for personalized and precision medicine a system for delivering the right medicine for the right person at the right time, I was born a low caste untouchable in India’s caste system, a system of aristocracy oppression and racism. As a child I observed my grandmother a poor village farmer practice Siddha India’s oldest system of medicine to heal local villagers by observing their face to know their unique constitution to deliver a unique combination of foods healing herbs and massage the caste system and her abilities to heal inspired me to understand the interconnectedness of all life. My name is Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai. I’m an MIT PhD, a Fulbright scholar, a scientist, technologist and inventor my family and I left India to come to America on my seventh birthday as a 14 year old I began working as a full time research fellow at Rutgers medical school to unravel the mysteries of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS, and created the world’s first email system long before I ever heard of MIT. As I traverse academia.

Over the next three decades, I observed self serving academics never solving real problems writing grant after grant competing for tenure, while diminishing real science and real scientists pushing a reductionist science to destroy the scientific method like the blind men who never saw the whole elephant but the parts they delivered a dismembered view of reality. I observed Big Pharma use such reductionism, wasting billions year after year to fund research and test tubes killing animals and using the poor as guinea pigs for clinical testing to create products that even the FDA no longer allowed not only big pharma practices reductionism, but also the elites of big vitamin B green and big new age with gurus and Yogi’s and powered by Hollywood celebrities selling one supplement after another based on a cherry pick science all that changed in 2003 when the Human Genome Project ended, revealing that humans have the same number of genes about 20,000 as that of a worm giving rise to a systems biology we realized that one size fits all medicine was a failure we realized their medicines were killing us making today’s generations lifespan shorter than any previous generation obesity heart disease deaths from adverse reaction to drugs, confusion on what diet what supplements and who to believe is what they have delivered you. They push natural and organic products for your beauty and wellness.

While their real solution is their plastic surgeons and Botox we’ve been sold out it’s time for real science and systems science that interconnects the parts to discover truth to know what really works to get the health we need and deserve. This is why I created cytosol cytosol was about truth, freedom and health versus power, profit and control. cytosol is a revolutionary technology integrating bioinformatics computational biology, mathematical modeling decentralization to reveal the truth cytosol computes trillions of potential combinations of biomolecular interactions to discover what actually works based on the actual science no reductionism, no cherry picking cytosol is predictive modeling has been proven accurate time and time again matching laboratory results cytosol discovers synergistic combinations of compounds to maximize health and reduce toxicity for example, we know curcumin from turmeric and resveratrol from red grapes alleviate inflammation, but how much can we combine current methods are hand waving at best here with cytosol we first modelled the control condition with no curcumin and no resveratrol to simulate high inflammation with the cytokine level at point one, five micromolar next We add just five micromoles of curcumin the inflammation drops to point o five.

Next we use five micromolar as a resveratrol and the inflammation drops from point one five 2.06. But when we combine curcumin and resveratrol have three micro molars of curcumin and two micromolar as a respiratory inflammation drops from point one five 2.

03 far lower nearly 200% less than just one compound alone. That’s the synergy principle of system science. We’ve all had enough of their fake and reductionist science, they think we’ll simply keep buying their marketing their celebrities and their products that can never truly heal us.

We don’t need them great things come when we integrate the best of things. It’s our time, it’s time we delivered solutions for ourselves. It’s time for truth, freedom and health.

It’s time for site assault welcome. Alright, so let me go into the details here now of turmeric and what it actually does. I am not in our normal studio today, because New Year’s is coming up.

So I’m doing this at home. So it’s a little bit not as easy, but one of the things you want to recognize as part of cytosol is we’re really committed and dedicated to support indigenous medicines, indigenous medicines of all cultures have a lot of very powerful combinations. The problem is the existing academic science really doesn’t have time to look at this, nor are they that interested because of the farmer model.

So which cytosol we can actually start understanding and revealing if these medicines work and why the other pieces cytosol helps eliminate animal testing. So those of you who are who love your animals, and there’s way too much or unnecessary. In fact, the reality is even the NIH says 90% of the NIH animal experiments don’t need to be done.

They’re not really that valuable. So cytosol is dedicated. eliminate that.

The other piece is if you actually look at the entire efforts that took place in pushing vaccines for everyone, you realize this was happening because it existing pharmaceutical model of drug development, which starts with a compounding, they have to do test tube testing in vitro, then they do killing animals. And they go to phase one, phase two, phase three, this entire process for compounds. New discovering new compounds was costing pharma companies, you know, upwards of 5 billion, taking them 13 years.

So they spent a lot of money in r&d. And they weren’t getting new discoveries. This is why they needed vaccines, as I’ve shared before, Pfizer was going down the tubes in terms of their revenue.

And they really, really needed vaccines to make it out of that downward spiral that they were doing. So the big elephant in the room is that entire drug development process that pharma uses is basically medieval. And it wasn’t working.

So they spend more and more money on r&d Less and less new products that they were discovering. And you can see Pfizer’s revenue, by way of example, went from 65 billion, down to around 40, they lost 25 billion. And just in the last year, 21, they doubled their revenue.

And in 2010 22, they went from 80 billion 200 billion. So and that’s directly because of this very, very medieval model of drug development, and also the entire academic world. It’s like the blind men, if the elephant represented some disease, like lung congestion, or, or heart disease, or whatever it is, the individual people work together as blind men trying to find the problem and they cannot see the hole.

And if they did work together, they’d get something that looks nothing like the elephant. Okay. And the final piece, we need to understand there’s an incestuous SNESs.

In science, because the same guys who sit at the NIH review boards are the same people run the department heads of the big academic institutions, the same people, who are the journal editors, and the same people were working on scientific advisory boards. So it’s a very small clique. And this is why we don’t see major advances coming out, because you have a very small set of people doing innovation.

All right, and those of you want to support the science of open science project, you can go right to va, you can contribute. And by the way, when you contribute, we don’t like taking anything for nothing.

When you contribute, you get gifts, if you contribute 100 or more, you get 15, different gifts, books, and a whole set of teachings and a platform. So you can become a truth freedom and health warrior or you can become a supporter, or you can just become a member, you don’t have to contribute anything, but you still get a lot of gifts. So if you look at lung congestion, you’ll notice that there’s a physical manifestation as we’ve talked about, but how does this occur? So what I want to talk about now is using the cytosol methodology, we want to now really start talking about oh, by the way, I don’t think for our people in the other world, let me just they didn’t see this, but what I was sharing was, is that when you really look at the big pharma model, you know, they spend a lot of money, they’re losing money.

They take this very reductionist, blind man type approach and also Have a lot of collusion in science. And just to repeat, between the big government guys, a big academia, the big publisher, and Big Pharma, and the same people are at all those posts. And this way, we need to support the cytosol open science project, and you guys can support it, contribute whatever you want.

And when you contribute, you get lots and lots of different gifts. So take advantage of those, whatever level you want to support. Alright, so when we look at lung congestion, what is actually going on? So what I want to talk about is what happens at the molecular level.

So at the physical level, you know, your lungs are blocked to get mucus and you’re coughing, or you have difficulty breathing, but what’s happening at the molecular systems level, okay? So let’s go into that what’s happening at that level, and then support and understand that because now we the problem with the whole vitamin and all these herbalist and all that whether it’s Indian guys telling you what to take, or Chinese people telling you what to take, or the Chinese herbalist, or is that if you ask them, Well, why am I taking this? How does this work? They just, you know, either they can’t directly tell you or they do a lot of hand waving. But if we go down to the molecular systems level, this is where Western medicine or Western biology has made really good gains, because they can understand at a deep level, what’s happening at the chemical reaction level, so we can merge east and west. So if we look at the molecular systems level, what do we find? Okay, what is going on when we actually get lung congestion? So if we can understand that, then we can start figuring out how different foods or compounds work.

So let’s go down to that molecular systems level. Okay. So here’s lung congestion, what happens? It turns out, there are five different molecular pathways, which means molecular reactions or biological systems, biological things that are involved.

When you get lung congestion. First is Eric hedonic acid metabolism. So Eric, hedonic acid is a chemical and in your, that your body uses makes, and when this metabolism goes off kilter, right, and you over produce something we’ll talk about very shortly a chemical that is involved in lung congestion.

Another is your body has cytokines. And the production through the map K pathway, which is one of these, there’s various ways cytokines are produced, but when they’re produced via map k, that produces another set of chemicals, which also, you know, enable lung congestion. And then you have cytokine production via another pathway, NF Kappa Beta, that also produces a whole bunch of chemicals that do not are not good for lung congestion or exacerbate lung congestion.

And then you have hyper mucus production, that’s called the mucus production pathway. So these four pathways are involved in exacerbating lung congestion. If you can have smooth muscle relaxation, you can alleviate you can you know, you can breathe, and that’s a different set of pathway.

So none of it is in the Erica Donek acid metabolism pathway. In order if you a lot of PG to prostaglandin, two gets created this chemical right here. And when this gets created, that’s not a good thing, because and you want to lower that.

Okay, so that’s one of the strategies, but that’s not sufficient, we got to take a five tier approach, there are two other chemicals called Il one and il one, il eight. These are two cytokines that are produced in the lungs via Maquet. And you want to lower those, you also have cytokine production, we have NF Kappa Beta pathway that produces il six and il eight.

These aisles are known as interleukins IL, that’s where comes from, and they are actually involved in lung congestion. mucin five is what’s produced during mucin production. So anyway, all the red arrows mean that strategically want to lower these guys.

But there is a chemical that we want to increase called MLC, P, ml CP promotes smooth muscle relaxation. And that’s important. So you can breathe.

So if you can look at strategically here, we’re not just taking a single approach, amagic bullet, we want to put together foods and herbs or whatever you’re doing, you want to see if you can strategically attack all those pathways. Because if you can do that, then you get then you get to alleviate lung congestion faster and sooner. Okay.

So so we’re taking a molecular systems approach. And again, you can apply this to politics, you can apply this anything, if you just use a single magic bullet approach, the problem shows up elsewhere, you want to take a multi dimensional multi systems approach. So that’s what we’re doing here.

So that’s what I mean by system science. All right. And by the way, you may find products, pharmaceutical products or herbal products that oh, we lower mucus, but they’re not doing other stuff.

You say, You got to hit all of these things to take a systems approach. All right. So that’s sort of The strategy now let’s talk about what is actually in tumeric.

What is tumeric? Well Tumeric has been a widely use food and medicinal plant for over 4000 years in the Indian culture, and it’s traditionally used for disorders of the skin, upper respiratory tract, joints and digestive system is derived from the root Curcuma longa. The, there’s something called grass G Ra is generally recognized as safe. It is in a category of grass, which means you can it’s not going to hurt you.

Okay. That’s what the even the FDA has ruled and it’s derived from the root of Curcuma longa plant Curcuma longa. And it’s a rhizome.

It’s not really off hanging off the roots are these things called rhizomes. And it’s also comes from the ginger family. And you know, it has this deep rich, you know, saffron colors, it’s a sort of very beautiful color.

Now, what are the kinds of compounds in turmeric? Well, there are minerals, or vitamins or essential oils, they’re terpenes, and they’re flavonoids of five different types of compounds. So in our research, we have identified those compounds and I want to walk you through that. So what are the nutrients in turmeric there really 44 Key molecules, obviously, there can be many others, but these are the 44 key ones.

So first of all, there are the 16 minerals, look at all those minerals. Again, it’s a rhizome. It’s coming from the earth, a lot of roots that you can see as tons of calcium per 100 grams, tons of phosphorus, potassium, and so on.

But it’s got calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, cobalt, lead, magnesium, manganese, mercury, and nickel. So 16 different minerals. All right.

Next thing is turmeric also has these vitamins 13 different vitamins from vitamin A, to pretty much a whole range of B vitamins B, one, B, two B, three, B, five, b six, B seven, B nine, and B 12. A lot of vitamin A 24.5 milligrams per kilogram, and it also has vitamin C, D, E, and vitamin K also is vitamin B 12.

Okay, so 13 different vitamins. And then Tumeric also has essential oil composition, the alpha pinene, the limonene, the A our turmeric, turmeric tone, and the beta Turon. Okay, so it’s got a variety of alpha Terminus really should be alpha term beta term around.

But you notice it has quite a bit of term Rhones 520 582 milligrams of alpha and 524 A beta term rounds per 100 mil 100 grams. And then it’s got terpenes sir curcumin, beta curcumin, alpha curcumin and foreign no Dean, okay, four different important terpenoids. And then it also has these flavonoids as acids, EPA catechin, which is also appears in green tea.

It’s got rootin genestein, quercetin, marason, seven, kaempferol and apigenin. I’ll come back to epogen. It’s one of the ingredients that we use in a formulation that we’ve created we’ll talk about called MV 25.

But it’s got these seven different flavonoids. So what our research has uncovered is there are of all of those 44 different you know, I’m sorry, let me just go back to this because I don’t want to jump the gun here. If you go back and you look at this, there’s also seven phytochemicals.

And those seven active compounds are the quercetin, the camphor all the Alpha tomorrow and the beta tomorrow and the alpha to Marone. I’m sorry, the AR tumor on the Alpha tumor on the limonene and the curcumin one. Alright, so when you look at it, there’s really 44 Major molecules and tumeric.

Okay, 44 major molecules and tumeric and I’ve just covered those. So, what are the biological effects? Okay, what are the biological effects? Well, there’s eight biological effects that tumor can have beneficially Okay, so first of all the eight biological effects it’s an antioxidant, right, which means, quote, unquote, anti aging, anti inflammatory, anti carcinogenic, anti cancer, anti mutagenic, anti proliferative, cardio protective, hepatic protective and neuro protective neuro means your mind, hepatic means your liver cardio means your heart and anti proliferative mean. And anti mutagenic means it stops mutations from taking place and the proliferation of cancer cells.

So eight major biological effects that tumor casts another very, very important thing, and I want to plug in my phone for the people on Instagram so they don’t get blocked out. There. All right.

So the other important thing To understand is that separate from this Tumeric has very important benefits, health benefits skin health, brain health, joint health, liver health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, wound care, immune health, reproductive health, and respiratory health. For the sake of today’s discussion, we’re focusing on the respiratory path press aspect, right. But tumeric, when we go into studying it from atraditional medicines perspective, or systems perspective, it’s really sort of a food this way.

In many cultures, like the Indian culture, it’s always included in all food, it’s almost like, over 1000s of years, they learned Wow, this is like a wonder food, we should always include it, okay. But the key thing is, when you take it as a pill, as you talk about it, you’re not getting that much availability, if you just take tumeric, typically Tumeric is combined with other things, fats, or pepper or other herbs, right to increase the bioavailability. But Tumeric is a very powerful sort of, it’s a,you know, all out food for pretty much, you know, you can use in many, many different ways.

And we’ll, we’ll go talk more about it. But we’re today focused on the respiratory aspect of tumeric. All right.

One of the things I want to mention to you is, that is tumeric. Right for You, you know, in this scientific analysis that we do, we want to make it very clear, we’re not into one of these people, if you look, a lot of the YouTube videos are trying to convince Tumeric is good for everything and everywhere, just like people smoke weed, they say cannabis cures everything, right? But you got to be careful, these are medicines food is medicine, to say that would be against the systems approached to say that you’d get into the sort of the pro tumeric and antitumor camp. So one of the tools that I developed many years ago was a tool called your body your system.

By the way that’s included in our truth, freedom and health program, all of you become truth, freedom and health warriors, do you contribute to the open science project, you will get that tool, but what is your body your system, so your body, your system is a very powerful tool that I developed that can help you really figure out how a particular food herb is it right for you, okay, so, and you can go to your body or, you can look at it, we do lectures on this every other Friday. But it really takes this concept of transport, conversion and storage, which comes from engineering system science, and emerges with the Botha, Pitta Kapha model which comes from our VEDA.

And what we’ve done is we’ve created this triangle here, transport, conversion storage. And what we can do is oops, let mego back to this, this happens once in a while. Go back to my thing here.

What we’ve done here is that with your body, your system, you can literally figure out what kind of system you are you answer about 10 or 2030 questions. And the red dot will be your system in that triangular map, it’s everyone’s red dot will be in a different location, you can answer another set of questions, which will figure out where your body is today, which is a black dot, most of us are not on the red dot, because different things we’re doing. But if you’re in balance your red dot, and your black dot will be together, which means blacked out, we on top of the red dot, and you can then figure out how different foods or supplements or exercises, move the forces of transport conversion storage to bring you back to you.

In fact, the tool willsupport you in that education. You know, obviously, this is not a medical tool, you should consult your doctor. But you can use this tool to really understand how foods and supplements and exercise affect you.

So take advantage of so when we ran Tumeric through your body or system, you notice that Tumeric is a very powerful ingredient. It doesn’t increase transport or lowered or conversion or storage, it stabilizes all of them. This is why it’s been considered a wonder herb for so many 1000s of years, because it has a effect, a balancing effect on all these systems, the movement aspect of your body, the conversion aspect, like digestion, as well as the storage aspects.

Okay. All right, good. So that’s, again, we’re taking this from an engineering approach separate from the molecular approach, not a and by the way, as I mentioned, all of you please take advantage become a truth for human health warrior when you do you get your body or system, you can go and buy it separately, but I encourage you, you’ll save money and it’s included.

And also when you become a warrior, you get another in a 10 or 12 gift. So take advantage of that. Now, what are the four issues to consider when you take tumeric? Well, if you’re prone to get stomach upset, be aware, okay? If you’re prone to nausea or dizziness or diarrhea, this can exacerbate Okay, so it doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it just means that all of us have different constitutions to just be aware of that.

Okay? If you’re undergoing nausea or diarrhea or dizziness or have an upset stomach, you know, be careful how much you Tumeric you take. All right. What I want to just share with you quickly is that before I go to the mechanics of Tumeric works because this will help you understand it several years ago Some of you may know, at cytosol, we’ve been helping the largest companies in the world who don’t want to kill animals, they really want to figure out how things work, particularly a lot of the people who are working on natural products and supplements, most of that world is filled with a lot of snake oil.

But some people come to us and they say, Well, we really want to figure out, does this combination work? Without killing animals with cytosol, we are able to get a real directionality on that. About two years ago, after 15 years of helping many people. We just we had built so much intellectual property and understanding this, we said, why don’t we see if we can figure out the right combination of herbs that can support pain and inflammation.

And we were very, very fortunate, we ran trillions of mathematical computations. And we were able to find a very cool product. legions of people suffer every day from pain, millions of people that, and before I run that, the reason I want to share this with you is we created this product, we never thought we’d create our own product.

But everyone’s been really sending us very strong testimonials, how it works, but we also have the science of it. In fact, we just published a major scientific paper a couple of weeks ago, and we also got a US patent on it. Very rare that many of the supplements actually do all that additional work in the science.

But what I want to let everyone know is we offered this as a gift to we did a big gift offer over the last week for Christmas. And a lot of people said, Dr. Shiva, can you extend it so until next week, we’re going to extend this offer for MV 25.

If you buy six bottles or more, you get six for free so you can give it to a lot of friends. And typically people buy it and they keep buying more. And we’re about to run out.

So we want to let you know that you guys should take advantage of that. So let me play a little bit on MV 25. while I go get a glass of water Thank you.

Millions of people suffer every day from painful discomfort and swelling. But most pain medications come with harsh side effects, and many alternative supplements have little scientific backing. That’s why we at Saito solve created MV 25 m v 25 was formulated using the Saito solve computational systems biology platform, a technology for precision and personalized health invented by Dr.

Shiva during his doctoral research at MIT. This formulation is the result of computing trillions of potential combinations of bio molecular interactions, derived from 1000s of peer reviewed scientific papers published across four decades by 68 research institutions to discover an optimal synergy of compounds that downregulate biomarkers of discomfort and normal swelling, I am firebrand, my hands would cramp up so that I couldn’t hold cards or knit or crochet would go like that. Not have to use this when I played cards with my grandkids so that I could start taking that MV 25 After betta was able to hold cards in my hand.

Very, very little cramping hardly at all anymore. MV 25 Hi, my name is Sandy. I’m a Taekwondo instructor, I tore my ACL during Taekwondo, I had a lot of pain and limited mobility.

I’ve been taking the MV 25 for about six months now after the first week I noticed the big difference after the second week, almost literally no pain. My name is Jeremy and I suffer from a lower back problem I hurt my back at work years ago and I can go to the chiropractor and do all kinds of different things and nothing seems to help and I decided to try MV 25. I didn’t notice a difference immediately.

But within a few days, the pain went away and it stayed away. I’ve continued to take it and even when I do things that I shouldn’t do seems to go away a lot quicker than I ever did before. env 25 is certified clean 100% Non GMO Made in America and GMP certified for good manufacturing practices.

MB 25 is Saito sold optimized, which means that this formula has been engineered to maximize benefits while minimizing toxicity based on current research curated by Saito solve as the science advances. So will this formulation. This is our promise order online at m v 25 dot life.

Consult your doctor before taking any supplements or medication and uses directed MV 25.I just want to let everyone know as a special gift offering because any of the things we do for our movement truth freedom health really supports education so and we want to support people as much as we can. So because of how many people have been using this, we want it to beand the frequency of it, we wanted to make sure people get a chance to give it to other friends.

So if you order six, you get six for free. So take advantage of that. So let me now go back, a lot of people are asking some very, very interesting questions on here about, hey, how does Tumeric affect other systems? Okay? Well, tumeric affects other systems in the following way.

First of all, tumeric affects many, many subsystems. As I talked about, today, we’re just going to talk about lung congestion. But I have done talks on other aspects of Tumeric is going to do and that’s a whole nother lecture.

So I’d like to do that, where you can go look at my videos, and you can get access to those. So let’s go back to finishing up lung congestion right now. So by the way, go to VA shiva.

com. And you can go to the shop, and then you can find MB 25. There people are asking Where else can you get it? Now, the problem is now you understand the science of congestion issues, how the pathways what’s in tumeric, the problem very quickly is most of the pharmaceutical doctors or even the nutritional grifter experts, they constantly are saying this is good, this is bad, or most of the physicians can’t even give you expert advice on nutrition.

So you have on the one hand, the Western medical establishment, which really doesn’t know how to give nutritional advice. And then the Eastern sort of Hocus Pocus, medical establishment, either it’s good or bad. And that’s a problem.

Because it doesn’t get to the heart of many of these things. These are medicine that can be good sometimes and bad. As you see in these two posters.

You never see a doctor saying I spent a lot of years getting nutrition education, and nor in fact, 70% of doctors receive no nutrition classes or less than 70% receiving nutrition classes. And those who do experience only about 24 hours. All right.

So that’s a problem. And in fact, if you look at some of these, quote, unquote, nutritional people, when they’ll say eat this one day, they’ll say eat this. And another day day, they’ll say, Don’t eat this, right.

And over 50% of people today don’t even know what to eat, that people have been saying that it’s easier to do their taxes and to figure out what to eat. So let’s go down to the health aspects. Now there are three molecular systems that Tumeric effects that is good for, and this is from the known science, all right, it helps break up mucus, okay.

If you notice in that chart, it has a stabilizing effect on mucus, which means it brings it back, it stabilize, it stabilizes it. So it stops hypersecretion, which means you have over mucus production. It has an anti asthma production where you can’t breathe, and it has an anti fibrosis effect.

We’re all the scarring that can take in your lung tissue to help stop that. So now let’s look at it from the molecular level, as I promised, and this is where I wanted to go back again, there are these seven compounds out of all the research over the last 145 years that have actually been defined in tumor to be evaluate quercetin, kaempferol AR tumor on beta tumor on Alpha tumor on curcumin one and limonene. So these are the seven compounds that from the known science that could change that we know work.

So limonene Why does it have an anti asthma effect from tumeric? Well, first of all, there’s this eosinophil activation promotes asthma. So when you get asthma eosinophil activation takes place, this is a chemical that gets activated, that leads to asthma. Additionally, if you have excess production of these antibodies, inter globin, you know, IG G IgE, and cytokines il five, so when you have these in your body, you’re also going to get asthma.

Alright, now, what limonene does, which is in tumeric, it actually ameliorates asthma by inhibiting this thing, so it blocks this activation through the a to a receptor. And it also inhibits these inter globulins and the cytokine il five, so limiting through this receptor blocks this and this, and that helps have the anti asthma effect is where you have trouble breathing. Okay, that’s the number one.

So limonene is what we have identified from our cytosol work. The other thing is curcumin, curcumin, which is one of the molecules, look at how powerful it is literally blocks TNF alpha, that TNF alpha induces the hyper responsiveness, and the upregulation of these pro inflammatory cytokines, all these cytokines, and that activates eosinophil activation leads to asthma. So not only do you get the asthma anti asthma effect from limonene, but also from curcumin against you can start breathing, okay, it knocks down TNF alpha, which also leads to asthma, very powerful.

And then you have the anti mucus effects. Remember, there are three effects we’re looking at. One is you want to be able to breathe, right? The anti asthma effect is it it blocks the eosinophil activation, but then the process that you also want to do is you want to lower mucousy actual you have hyper mucus production.

So how does that happen? So let’s go look at that. Let’s look at hyperimmune mucus production. So what’s happening here is when you take the quercetin, which is an active ingredient in turmeric, guess what that does, that blocks TGF beta.

I’m sorry, I wanted to go to the mucus production sorry, let’s stay on quercetin. So the quercetin blocks, the upregulation of PKC which then drives the EGFR which drives er K, and that leads to the overexpression of the gene known as m mu C five AC. So, and that is response for mucus secretion.

So, if you just had this normal pathway in the normal path when you have lung congestion PKC is driving EGFR, which is driving er K, which is driving this gene. And this gene hyper secretes mucus in the airway globulin cells, globulin, sorry, goblet cells, and what quercetin does is it blocks PKC right up there. So that’s how you’re able to reduce the mucus.

So the limonene and the curcumin are letting you breathe, the the question is allowing you to literally reduce the amount of mucus being produced. All right. So that’s the second effect at the bio at the molecular systems level.

And that’s and now let’s wrap up with the last one. And that’s right here. So let’s go here.

So when you go to the last piece, quercetin just like it helped PKC. It also down regulates or knocks down TGF beta, because TGF beta is one that induces fibrosis, which is a scarring of the epithelial mesenchymal cell, right, which leads to scarring and you know, and it’s not a good thing to have, okay? And what happens is TGF beta in that disease condition, up regulates aka T, the mTOR signaling, which promotes the overexpression of these profibrotic factors which lead to the scarring, fibrosis, il six, il eight, collagen one and collagen three, and VEGF, okay? These things are not good and they lead to fibrosis. So, so when you take quercetin is blocking TGFbeta.

Okay. So now, let me wrap up, so everyone can get on with their New Years, is how much should you take? Everyone says, Hey, Dr. Shiva, how much should you take? So again, big disclaimer, go talk to your doctor.

This is not a medical program, we have to say that, but let’s look at what the science says. So when you aggregate the science, what do you get? Okay? When you look at the science, this is what we find. All right, we find that for lung congestion, really stopping breathing activity at all just paper just came out in 2022 is hot off the press, but 500 milligrams per day.

Okay. If you’re looking at other people were asking on the chat for what else can be used for were for osteoarthritis belcaro at all in 2014, and has found about 500 milligrams of curcumin twice a day. And I’m not going to pronounce the next guy’s name starts with the K up 2014 against 500 curcumin four times a day they found a higher dosage.

And then curcumin dose for cardiovascular health, heart health is around 70 to 2000 milligrams per day. Now, if you incorporate curcumin into your diet, which is turmeric, you know, you can get it on a long term basis, you can obviously get the pills, and there’s various formulations that are out there that you can look into. And then finally, should you use organic or conventional? Well, I’m a big proponent of organic in this case, it’s preferred because a lot of the conventional farming uses pesticides that are linked to lung, liver, kidney, thyroid toxicity, and are carcinogenic.

Now organic farming produces healthier plants, free of those pesticides. And finally look for the label clean, certified or clean raw, because we have created the certification out of the nonprofit agency where we created the original certification. So you’ll see certain foods have or products have this certification.

It’s a very powerful certification. It’s more it’s beyond organic beyond GMO, but it really looks at the safety of their product. Is it minimally processed, and is it bioavailable? So in summary, turmeric has several health benefits to your lungs.

It reduces the mucus hypersecretion it prevents fibrosis in the lung tissue, and it reduces asthma symptoms so you can breathe. So there you go. And anyway, to all of you this has been the tumeric and lung congestion discussion as a part of the lung health series and is brought to you by truth freedom in health and by the cytosol open science project.

So again, I want to wish everyone a happy year someone says could you could a person Send, just eat the route. Well, if you eat the route typically again, you can take the route smash it, juice it, and you can combine it with other juices. A very good thing for gargling people do is you take hot water, you put in some Tumeric with some salt and you can gargle with it, okay, but you can look, there’s many, many ways to use tumeric.

If you’re going to bed at night, you can take if you do dairy, you can boil some milk. And as the milk is about to start boiling over, you turn it off, and then you put into teaspoon of turmeric and you start that’s what I do, because especially if I feel something coming on because the Tumeric then becomes bioavailable, because every turmeric or curcumin molecule gets covered by a fatty, you know, by fat, which makes it absorbable literally becomes a nanoparticle. Alright, everyone, I hope this was valuable.

Again, if you’ve enjoyed this, and you’re on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, if you’re on Facebook, share it with others and Twitter wherever you are. But the most important thing is recognize that we take a systems approach. Today, we’ve shared with you some of the benefits of turmeric relative to lung congestion.

But we’ve taken a systems approach to go down deep to understand why. But we also shared with you be aware that this is a medicine, you should not just take tons of it and saying I’m you know, if you have certain conditions going on your body, you should be aware of that it can it’s not like one size fits all. That’s the main point here.

So be well be the light, and will continue this series. And all of you support the movement for truth, freedom and health, which recognizes that we have to have freedom of speech and freedom against a fight against censorship because that allows us to do great science. With great science, we find out what’s right for our bodies health, and with health.

We have the wherewithal to fight for freedom and, and do great science. So it’s all interconnected, you say so, so health, and freedom, and science are all interconnected. So I hope this is valuable.

And all of you keep an eye out because as we go into 2023 We’re going to be doing more and more of the system’s discussions and educating more and more people and become a truth freedom health warrior break from this left wing right wing nonsense break from the Pro and anti stuff because there’s Grifters on both sides which are just exploiting people, whether it be the pharma, Big Pharma guys with the big vitamin guys, we have to become wise individuals, and you have to become wise so you can become your own guru. So join the movement for truth, freedom and health and support yourself ultimately, so you can become a enlightened human being a being that can offer a lot of value to other people, be well and be the light. Thank you

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