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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email poses the observation that anyone of ANY COLOR who gets instinctively uncomfortable with the VERY THOUGHT that a brown immigrant kid in Newark, NJ INVENTED EMAIL is a WHITE SUPREMACIST. Based on this Dr. SHIVA discusses WHAT is White Supremacy and shares his journey to inventing email in Newark, NJ and the abusive reaction by those who REACTED just at the MERE THOUGHT that a brown immigrant kid in Newark, NJ invented email.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Good evening, everyone, its Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. We’re going to have a very, very interesting discussion today on a number of topics, but primarily focused on what is white supremacy, what is white supremacy.

And the reason this discussion is going to be very, very important is because many of you know that I recently put out a tweet that went viral all over the internet thing, it’s got about 20 million views across all channels, essentially saying to Elon Musk that I would like to apply for this job to be Twitter CEO. That tweet, then created all sorts of very interesting conversations on the internet, one group of people are very, very excited about my wanting to be co looking at my credentials, and all those great things. A number of those people are also very, very excited, because they saw that I’ve been a free speech activist for many, many years.

And then there was other people sort of very curious who I was a whole bunch of new people, I think probably about 100 different news articles, republished worldwide, about the events, and some of the events started bringing back questions about the history of the invention of email. And I did a very interesting interview yesterday with the largest African TV channel, and we had this discussion. And the discussion was, why is there even a controversy about the invention of email, when the facts are so obvious, there’s not even any dispute.

And that led to a series of conversations that I’ve had, with a number of my very, very close friends who’ve known about the entire history of the invention of email, and have looked at this very, very small group of people who unleashes vitriol, even though the facts are so apparent. And then those small group of people have an effect on other people to even question the apparent facts. So what we ended up really wanting to discuss is this question about white supremacy, which the real white supremacist do not want discussed.

So if you talk about white supremacy, the reaction from the quote unquote, right is, oh, you’re into the world crowd. And then the quote, unquote, woke crowd, uses the word white supremacy, actually against everyday poor white people. So they feel Shut up.

So they don’t, they don’t even talk about the issue of race. So there’s a much more deeper discussion here that needs to take place. And I want to have a heartfelt discussion about this.

We have two guests that are going to be joining us. And I’d like to just introduce them. Julie, how are you? I’m great.

How are you? And John, and the reason I wanted to bring Julian John here is because they’re going to share their opinions as, quote unquote, white people, okay, on their view of this term, white supremacy, and the nuances there, and I’ll bring them back. And the reality is that the real white supremacist do not want everyday people having a discussion on white supremacy. And that therein lies the real white supremacy.

So I want to take us through this discussion, I’m going to put a number up here that people can call in, I think it’s up on the main slide here, if you see it, John, if you can just write it down. And if you can create a banner on a jungle put it, it’s 857-997-9545. Please don’t call in yet.

857-997-9545. But we really want to probably have the first time in history and open public conversation on white supremacy, what is it, we want to take it out of the liberal elites who are for far too long, by the way when I mean, liberal elites have both the multiracial liberal aristocracy, who for far too long control this conversation, and there really is you’re gonna find out the real perpetrators of white supremacy. So we want to have this discussion.

So I’m going to give you first a brief presentation. And then we’re going to have some commentary from John and Julie. And then we’re going to open up the phone lines.

And we want all of you to participate in this discussion, because we think it’s extremely important to have this discussion. Because both wings of the establishment, the left and the right, really do not want to have this discussion. They want to use white supremacy, as a way for the white supremacist to get away with their white supremacy.

It’s very interesting and divide black people and white people, people of all races. Let me repeat that, again, the real white supremacist want to get away with their white supremacy and they do not want to have this discussion. So maybe a brown skinned person who’s experienced real white supremacy.

And most of my friends are whites, okay, is probably the best person in this point in history to open this discussion. So that’s what I’m excited about. And I hope we have this conversation about it.

And one of the things I want everyone to do is to really listen to the process that we’re going to go through, and it’s a very deeply personal thing for me. And it may be very emotional for me because I’ve, I have actually been repressed from having this conversation for years. And John will tell you about this.

So that we won’t have an I had been called a white supremacist. And, John, you’ve been called the white supremacist, am I right, John? That’s correct. Right now, it’s been called the white supremacist.

I’ve been called the white supremacist, okay. Okay. So, to all of you, you have to understand I’ve been on both sides, I’ve been called the white supremacist by the real white supremacist.

So let’s really now have a conversation. So let me begin this conversation to clear the decks and really define, you know, what is white supremacy? And I want to start this by the definition that the elites who are the white supremacist, the liberal elites, how they define white supremacy, and we see everyone on Instagram, okay. This is paused due to poor connection, which everyone’s okay, here.

Okay, there we go. Right. So we want to have a discussion on Hold on one second, everyone, we got people on Instagram, and I don’t want them to feel out of this.

So I’m going to do something here. I’m going to take them off Wi Fi. I’m going to put them right on normal.

Okay, there we go. All right. So they should be good.

All right. So let’s have this discussion on white supremacy, okay. And whether you’re black or white, I can guarantee you, none of you have had this kind of discussion.

So let go of all your biases, your implicit biases. Just chill out and take a breather, if you need to meditate, do that if you need to go get some ashwagandha do that. Whatever you need to do, we’re going to have a conversation.

And I want all of you to be able to participate in this conversation. Because it is really the future not only of this country, but the world. And there’s a small set of people over in a place called Harvard University, who for far too long are the real white supremacist have been controlling this discourse.

Okay. So let me begin by sharing my screen so I can share with you a little presentation I put together okay. Now, this presentation says who are the real white supremacist? And it says time for conversation.

John, can everyone see this? Yes. Beyond left and right. Okay, so let’s see what I’m talking about left beyond left and right.

So if you’re on the left or the right, let go of that. If you want to stay stuck in the left, and you think you’re a woke person, oh, my god, she was on our side, he’s talking about white supremacy, well, you’re gonna find out you’re wrong. And if you’re on the right, and you think, Oh, my God, Shiva is now using the race card? Well, you’re wrong, okay? Because all of you have been brainwashed from both wings of the establishment.

Okay, so you have some people talking about Antifa. And you have some people talking about wokeness. Let’s really now take a fresh look at if you need to take a little piece of white clean paper and put it in front of you and your brain.

So you can meditate on that whatever it is, Let’s clear our brains. Okay, let’s start with a clean sheet. I guarantee it’s going to help you.

Okay. And again, all of you. Black, white, red, green left, right.

I want all of you to participate in this conversation, it’s gonna be a historic conversation. So let’s go into this. So who are the real white supremacist time for a conversation beyond left and right? And as many of you know, when I put this out, I put a tweet out and I said, Anyone, anyone who has, who gets upset and listen very carefully, who has a visceral, instinctual, upsetness uncomfort, when they see a picture of this brown, immigrant kid in Newark, New Jersey, inventing email, the very thought of that, if you have a visceral reaction to that you are a white supremacist and you can be of any color.

There are a lot of Indians in India, who are actually white supremacist. In fact, I don’t know if you know, there is more skin whitening stuff sold in India than even Coca Cola. Those people are white supremacist. Okay? So just want to let you know that we want to take there some people who see this brown immigrant kids picture with the event and they just have a visceral reaction.

And that is what we want to probe and we want to reflect on that. That’s what’s called implicit bias. Where’s that coming from? And even if they were laid out all the facts, the very thought of that bothers them.

Okay. So let’s go into that, given that background. Alright.

So let’s first of all, go into this first, first of all, how do the white supremacists define white supremacy? Okay, can you see this John? And, Julie, this nation, I just looked it up in the Merriam Webster, white supremacy, the belief that the white race is inherently superior to other races, and that white people should have control over people of other races. And then they do this interesting thing. The alt right, is a reactionary, reactionary conservative movement.

It is characterized by an embrace of fascism, white supremacy, white supremacy and misogyny. So now they basically said that they’re basically targeting working class poor whites with that commentary, okay. And they’re not talking about the white supremacist who we’re going to talk about the few the bold, the supreme at Harvard University, and places like that.

So they’re just saying the white supremacist are these alt right people. And then the second one, they say, is a social, economic and political systems that collectively enable white people you see very clever, collectively enable white people. They’re not talking about the multiracial aristocracy, predominantly whites at Harvard, they’re saying all white people to maintain power over other races.

You notice how they talk about systems there, which is very interesting, you’d think, but if you ask any of these people to help define, if you’re gonna hold your thoughts, okay. And it says WILLIAM KELLY turned his considerable intellect and imagination to the question of what it is like to be white in this country and what it is like for all Americans live under the condition of white supremacy. So they are basically saying, very cleverly, that all white people are white supremacists.

Right to hide the real white supremacy. So this is a very, very clever definition. So in the dictionary, written by some white, real true white supremacist at Harvard, they have basically said all white people are white, basically white supremacist, and that we all write a smaller group of people, which is not the small group at Harvard.

They’re the ones who are the true white supremacist. So I just want to emphasize that in the mainstream definition, all white people collectively, because they have power, predominantly over the world, that they’re all white supremacists. All right.

Exactly, in some sense, they have black people believing in and that is precisely the goal, to divide in this very fucked up definition of white supremacy to get black people and white people fighting. Alright, but I just wanted to let you know that this is the official definition that kids are learning. Okay.

Now, let me give you as someone who has actually been called a white supremacist and actually endured white supremacy, the real definition as someone who has not been sort of mentally masturbating at Harvard University, writing crap and doing all these nuances, okay, here’s the definition. White supremacist is what is a weapon of the liberal elites to divide black and white people of all races to cover up their day to day economic exploitation of all people. And we read that again, this is what a real white supremacist or white supremacy is a weapon.

It’s a weapon of white supremacy is literally a weapon, who comes from the liberal elites to divide black and white and people of all races to cover up their day to day economic exploitation of all people. And by the way, being white is not a prerequisite of being to being a white supremacist. All right.

So just look at that definition. We’re really saying that the white supremacist, or white supremacy is actually a weaponry that’s used. So you say this enough to a bunch of poor working class kids, you’re a white supremacist, you’re white supremacy, you’re a white supremacist, John, what do you say happens to them when they hear that over and over again? What happens to young white people when they’re constantly called white supremacist and they go out of their way to try to prove no, we’re not white supremacist and then they but they still get called it no matter what, they’re just shoved into that box.

What happens is some of them essentially, give up and say, Okay, I guess we’re white supremacist now and then they’ll go marching around with Tiki torches and like doing Roman salutes and saying, yeah, it’s the it’s that group of people. That’s the problem. It’s that group of people.

That’s the problem. They get really, really resentful, but not actually but but the end up getting manipulated by the elites into being becoming the exact boogeyman that they’ve sort of been shoved into the box. Right.

And then whenever those incidents occur, the real white supremacist, love that because they get point to them and say, See those white supremacist over there? Yep. And then black people get enraged, and you have everyday working blacks and whites fighting against each other. Yep.

So all right. So. So once that’s clear, let’s go back to our me bring back, Julie.

Okay, no, this is a definition. What are you guys saying? It’s a weapon of the liberal elites. So let’s all everyone listening, right, this definition.

Now, this is real white supremacist, to divide black and white people of all races to cover up their day to day economic exploitation of all people. Basically, white supremacy, is a pillar of economic exploitation. And being white, by the way, is not a prerequisite as we’re going to find out.

Okay. So the next thing is white supremacist, the real ones behave as follows declare, that all progresses because of whites, all good things come from whites, and all great innovations come from whites. And the and these are the same people were places like Harvard, right.

And the reason they need to do that is right, they need to make sure that the working class whites feel a little more superior to their black working class brethren. So they they’re always feeling better, a little better, maybe they get paid 10 cents more a little bit. And they keep people fighting.

So they feed into one strata of society to make them feel, quote unquote, better. And that is part of the very interesting conundrum here. They feed this propaganda.

But when you go, and you really look at this, they these white supremacist actually believe this. And I’m going to show you one of them a guy called Walter Isaacson. And he is a liberal white elite as liberal white as you can get, who’s the founder of the Aspen Institute, was that the Wall Street Journal, you know, within the Harvard crowd, and you’re gonna see that he is the real white supremacist.

Not me, not all the working class white people I know who always keep getting called white supremacist, racist. This guy is a white supremacist, and the number of white supremacists are a handful. Alright, so let’s really, and, you know, I’m gonna say the punchline here.

The way we’re going to end racism is when everyday white people and black people call out the real white supremacist using that word, and we’ll come back to that. But unless that’s not done, they’re going to be dividing us. So let’s go back to this.

Okay. So, again, the the real white supremacist really believe this. That all progresses because of whites.

All good things come from whites, and all great innovations come from whites, and white supremacist survive on pitting blacks against whites. That’s how they survive. As long as we’re fighting against each other.

They’re good. As long as a Strat of white people, yeah, we are better than those blacks. You know, black people didn’t contribute anything, brown people, but we’re better because we were told that and white supremacist called poor and working class whites, white supremacist to hide their white supremacy.

Right, this is a feature of the real white supremacist, they actually call poor and working class white, white supremacist. All right. Now, the real white supremacist are the liberal elites of many colors in liberal institutions, such as Harvard.

So I’m giving you a location of where these white supremacists are. I’m giving you a longitude and latitude of where the real white supremacists are. They’re not in the trailer parks.

They’re not the quote unquote rednecks in the South. They are, as this definition says, they are the liberal elites. And I’ve experienced their white supremacy.

So all of you people who think I’m talking I’m talking about the quote unquote, woke people are the real white supremacist who perpetuate that woke stuff, and that we should call them out as white supremacist, and you’re gonna see shortly why I’m gonna give you a very powerful definition shortly, okay. Now, white supremacy has deliberately rewrite history and this is what they do it, they conceal the truth, and they brainwash people to react uncomfortably to the facts that go against white supremacy. Let me repeat that again.

White supremacist deliberately rewrite history. They conceal the truth, and then they brainwash people of all colors. of all colors, to react uncomfortably to facts that go against white supremacy.

Okay. Well, let me give you a direct example. We’ll come back to this, you know, John was kind enough to print out the actual copyright notice that I received from the United States Government on August 30 1982.

Okay, this is an actual legal document that declares that I formalize my invention. At a time when copyright was the only way to get protection for software. I have that document that says I am the inventor of email.

But I’m called a fraud because it came from Newark, New Jersey. Now, if I was maybe, blond, blue eyes white, and I was holding up the same document. But the invention came out of Harvard University, I would be called an innovator, the inventor of email.

But when I show this document, in spite of these facts, the white supremacist don’t even want to talk about it. I’m talking about the actual historians, facts don’t matter. What’s that? facts don’t matter.

Yes, this is what I’m talking about. They have a visceral reaction. And that’s why this, I want again, we’re gonna come around to this.

So they have a visceral white supremacist, deliberately rewrite history, conceal the truth and brainwashed people to react uncomfortably to facts that go against white supremacy. This fact goes against the white supremacy concept that after you go to MIT and Harvard, and you can drop out you can have your you can be smoking weed, and you can have big glasses and scruffy. Oh, yeah, that’s cool.

You can be inventor. But if you actually have the actual documentation, right, this doesn’t mean anything. But white supremacy and Harvard and MIT, I got this patent, I got this patent, I got this patent that survives.

Alright, so let’s continue. Alright, let’s go here. So this is a features of white supremacy.

White supremacists deliberately rewrite history conceal the truth, and they brainwash people to react uncomfortably to facts that go against white supremacy. Now, the invention of email is a profound case study, to observe the mechanics of how white supremacy operates. So we have an amazing opportunity right now, everyone, because you have the inventor of email, typically guys like me die, and then they rewrite the history.

The problem with the white supremacy is at MIT at University of Wisconsin, and all these places, I’m still alive. So typically, someone else makes create something white or black. That’s not anointed by their institutions.

And they rewrite the history. But they got a major problem because I’m still alive. And I’ve experienced stuff before MIT, outside of their institutions, and within their institutions.

So we can checkmate this for all people and bring people of all races together by seeing who the real white supremacists are, okay. All right, so let’s continue. So let’s talk about the invention of email.

Some of you may or may have heard about it. But I’m going to walk you through. Now assume that you’re not a white supremacist, you don’t have this visceral reaction, when you see this face.

You know, as a young 14 year old kid, if I were to show you the picture, like if you were to actually see the actual picture of that 14 year old kid, me bring it up here. So if I were to show you this, and I just want everyone to reflect a little bit, particularly those people who get a visceral reaction, okay, I’m just gonna throw up this picture. And I want you to just look at this picture.

And this will get it for a second. And if you have a visceral reaction to this picture, a brown immigrant kid inventing email in Newark, New Jersey. And if you Oh, my and the facts are right there, the copyright is there, the pictures there, the code is in the background.

But all you see is his dark skin brown kid and you have a visceral reaction to that you are a white supremacist. And I can tell you, there’s a lot of light skinned Indians in India. Oh, my God all only there’s no way an Indian could invent email.

Their white supremacist. You don’t have to be white. So if you’re white, don’t think I’m calling you a white supremacist.

I’m saying if people have a visceral reaction to this, and instinctive they get upset, uncomfortable. All right. That’s what I’m talking about.

That is an indication of that white supremacy All right. So let’s go back. And let’s walk through the facts now.

So if you can get over that, if you can get over that visceral reaction. And then if we were to actually look at the facts. So I’m going to walk you through the facts right now, I’m going to actually walk you through the facts of the mention of email.

Now that you’ve, even if you did have a visceral reaction, you’re willing to sort of let go and say, Okay, I’m going to let go of this. And I’m going to listen to this. And now we’re going to walk through the actual facts, then we’re going to talk about when the facts came out, how the white supremacist actually reacted, how I had to fight back, including educating people.

And then I’m going to share with you another picture, and I’m going to ask you the question, if there was a different photograph with different circumstances, would I even be having to do this conversation? Okay. Julie, and before I go through that, Julie and John, do you want to make any comments? Julie, you haven’t said anything would you like to make? by the, by the way, Julie, is, I’ve just met Julie. I saw her on a comment on Twitter.

And she made a very insightful comment. And she’s not left wing woke, right? You’re actually very people would call your conservative. Go ahead, Julie, why don’t you talk about that observation that you made.

I was delighted to see the your video posts this morning. And when I clicked on it, the first part of the interview was talking about, you’re the inventor of email, and Mr. Tomlinson’s name came up and just kind of the discourse about how he was, you know, when his obituary that he got through the New York Times was tagged as the founder of e mail, and then you were discussing that.

And in the discussion, you brought up white supremacy. So when I knew that, like, you’re saying that I knew that that would trigger a certain, you know, populace, perhaps. And we just, they wouldn’t finish watching what he had to say that they were just triggered by that.

And I wanted to highlight in my comment, just to clarify, that when you you know, your your common of white supremacy, that it truly is within the Akademia, elitist world, that are the true white supremacist. Thank you. So I wanted, I knew that there might be a visceral reaction, and you know, some people didn’t even catch it, or even, you know, notice, but I really wanted to highlight that in the comments and make that observation.

I think you’re bringing up the most important point, right? What we want understand is that we have intelligent people who can actually understand this nuance, and that’s why we have it until we have this nuanced conversation, the real white supremacist are going to get away. Yes. So let’s, let’s let me continue.

Okay. Thanks, Julie. Let me continue with the discussion here.

All right. So I’m going to share with you now the facts of email. Okay.

And some of you may have seen this, it’s going to be a review, but it’s good to review things, because you can now share the story with others. Let me go to the facts of the invention of email. Okay, so let’s just jump into it.

Okay. Look, I was brought in two worlds. So these are the indisputable facts, everything here, you can hire as many historians and you can go check every one of these facts.

Okay. So first is I grew up in Bombay, I was born an Indian kid in Bombay, in December 2 1963.And I was born into a low caste, Indian environment, India has a caste system, primarily based on your color.

And I didn’t know that as a kid, I thought everyone was my friend. Until one day when I went to my friend’s home, and his mother wouldn’t let me into his house. And that’s when I found out I was a like the, you know, a Shudra, which is the N word in India.

His mother forced me out of the house, a four year old kid gave me water in a different cup. And I didn’t know what the hell was going on and to deeply, deeply hurt me. And that’s when I asked my mom and my mom said when she was a child, and she used to go to the well, to get water, they would chase her away treating her like a pig like Shoo, shoo pig get away.

And so that’s when as a kid, I had to start understanding what the hell’s going on in this world. This kid was my friend. And now I’m realizing that I’m not the same as him.

And that led into me understanding political systems. So I lead I read everything on The Left wing and the right wing everything, starting as a very young child and I would listen to the stories. But I also grew up in another world, in this other world, not in Bombay, which is the city with all this diversity.

But I also grew up in a small village, where my grandmother, and these are some of the scenes of that village was a poor village farmer. And she had no degrees. She was a shaman.

And she could look at your face, she had studied these ancient systems of medicine. She was, you know, the truly revered one in that village, everyone came to her for healing. When a baby was born, they came to her for blessing.

If the baby had this, or that, she would figure out how to give it a massage or this she would look at people’s faces and figure out what was right for them. So I saw this profound woman who was a low caste, Indian like me, but it was a healer, and she had no degrees. So Elon Musk, and all those people don’t need to tell me that you have to have degrees.

I already know this, okay. I don’t need to hear it from Elon Musk. Because I grew up around these people.

This was my grandmother, my loving grandmother. So I was very curious as a kid, how she was able to do this, how she could observe people’s faces, how she studied this ancient system and medicine. So that sent me but I was always aware that I was a low caste Indian.

And that my caste at that time, the entire job of my caste. If I had followed that, or my parents said, was to just pick coconuts from trees, you say, if you were a cleaner of toilets, you had to be a cleaner of toilets. It was all about the birth lottery.

If you were a barber or your son not to be a barber, while my lineage was we used to pick palm tree coconuts. Now my mom and my dad were radicals, revolutionaries, fighters, they broke from that. That’s the genetic makeup that I come from.

And this is not the genetic makeup of all Indians. Most Indians who come to America are actually truly racist. And they don’t give a damn about the First Amendment.

And many of them worked at Twitter. Okay, so one good thing Elon Musk did was get rid of the gigantic and the scumbag, whatever his name was, these people are actually racist. And they hate the First Amendment.

They hate America, too. Okay. They actually hate me.

They’re the ones who D platformed. Me, the Indians of Twitter who D platform me because I’m a low caste Indian to them. They are truly white supremacist.

And they hate white people and brown people particularly like me. So let me be clear, the Indians who were running Twitter, were actually white supremacist, yes. Okay.

And they’re not white, but they are white supremacists. All right. So that’s my background.

Okay. This is where I come from. And I was aware of this.

My family was very fortunate. My mom worked her butt off. She was supposed to benobody, her father left her when she was nine years old.

Eight years old. She grew up, her whole family was broken up. The fact that my mom even got a degree.

And a degree in mathematics, a master’s is beyond one in 100 trillion. But my mom was a fighter. Beyond 99% of the Indians I’ve ever met, she would never, never, ever support injustice of any kind.

And so was my dad much less extent. But he was a very, very smart person saw his first book when he was 11 years old. Under a mango tree.

Those two people made it out of that oppressive environment. So I owe a lot to them. The reason I’m a fighter, is because I know where they came from.

And I owe a lot to not only them, but to all the people in New Jersey who fought for me. So these are my parents. And because I knew where I had come from, and the immense opportunities that America had, I worked very hard.

By the time I was 14, man, not only I was a great baseball player and a great soccer player, because I was good at athletics. I wasn’t just listening to nerd. But I had finished calculus by the ninth grade.

My high school had no more courses to give me. I ended up having this huge opportunity to go to New York University because there was a white person who actually came bottoms up and he said, wow, these young high school kid should have an opportunity to study software science stuff. for engineering, and I was one of those 40 kids on meritocracy and Julie and I talked about this.

On giving everyone’s trophies man I was, I worked my butt off.I used to be until two in the morning doing calculus problems. I went when I was ninth grade, I went to the 12th grade math courses, graduated number one.

All right. But you won’t hear these stories. Because only Elon Musk is a quote unquote, genius, right? You won’t hear those stories, I have to present it, I have to fight for my thing, because the white supremacist will not promote this face.

Because it’s going to break down all their superstructure. But I have to say that when I do that, I have to deal with the bullshit. Oh, he’s egotistical, he’s arrogant.

Well, I have to do that. Because a white supremacist at Harvard, MIT etcetera are not going to do only when it benefits them. And we’ll talk about that.

So that’s my family. So by the time I was, I went to NYU, my mom saw this little paperclip cutting. Someone gave to her in the Washington Square news that NYU is going to allow high school students to go there.

And there’s a little note here. My mom’s name was Mina, a friend of her son Mina, I thought you’d be interested in this. So I applied 40 kids were accepted and boom, I was very fortunate to get accepted.

And I would take the train at five in the morning from Newark, New Jersey. And I guarantee you today most people won’t even go to Newark today. Afraid of being mugged, etc.

Even then it was a high crime. But I would take that train at five in the morning, six in the morning from Newark, into NYU. And they’re at these hallowed institutions.

This is a Korean Institute by the which is one of the leading institutes for Mathematical Sciences in the world. There. I studied seven programming languages, digital circuitry, graduated number one in the class.

youngest kid in the class when I graduated number one, how did I do that? Did I get a free freakin trophy? No, I actually worked my butt off. Alright, which I know is hard for the white supremacist to understand because all the white supremacist who go to Harvard and other professors like that Brinkman, kid at Stanford, they make sure they spend $100,000 to their kids get consultants and they do all their essays, I had to write my own essays. So it is a white supremacist who actually do not want real meritocracy because they know their kids are actually dumb.

They’re rich, white, spoiled nerds while working class whites don’t get that benefit. So they want to equalize everything now because they know their kids could probably never get in. And they want to make sure the hard working kids let’s say John meddler works very hard and he comes from bottoms up and there’s another cute as a son of a professor.

He may be smoking weed doing all sorts of crap all day. Oh, well, let’s give him a trophy and John a trophy. So but when the medical when the boards look at Oh, they’re both the same people are equal.

You say? And then they pay off their professors. They make a few phone calls and they get the other guy and then John doesn’t get to get in. Right? This is a game that they’re doing this why they want to give trophies to everyone.

Well, I wasn’t given a trophy I checked to work. And when I finished this, and these are again facts. There’s no purported stuff here as that scumbag Ben Shapiro says poor ported inventor of email.

Okay, another grifter. Another white supremacist. He’s a true white supremacist.

Okay, we’ll talk about him. But then I got a full time job in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. This is a small medical college at the time.

Very poor area. And in that medical school, I was given a full time job. As a 14 year old kid.

Dr. Michelson is still alive. And when I when he gave me the job, he said, we’re going to treat you like an equal Shiva.

An equal. All the other people were 35 I’m sorry, 40 years old, 50 years old. I was a 14 year old kid would bring in my briefcase and would work until two in the morning.

Why while I had some high school classes and finished up and and a teacher fought with the local high school administration to make it available that I could travel back and forth unbelievable since 1978.And in that medical school, I was given the first opportunity to look at why babies were dying in their sleep. Remember, I loved medicine for my grandmother, and I love computers, math.

So I was looking at Babies were dying in their sleep. And I wrote computer software to predict when the baby would die in their sleep. And then I presented that paper several years later, at a conference in Finland.

Okay, all this research was done before I came to MIT and a small medical college in Newark, New Jersey. How did that happen? A loving family. Some public school teachers who fought to change the rules, and a mentor.

It didn’t occur by the military industrial academic complex, that’s where it occurred. So I started doing this research, wrote a paper. And while I was there, I was given another very, very important task.

Okay. I was given a very another important task. John, you may want to make on Twitter if everything’s going okay, so people can see it there.

Just check. Okay, I was given another very important task, many people. And Julie, you may remember this opera, Julian, you remember Julie in? In 1970, a woman basically only had four roles, right? Either be a nurse, a mother, a secretary, or a teacher.

Right. So in that medical school, what was interesting was that there were these people go secretaries in these offices. And there were two ways to communicate in those days, the landline phone, or something called the inter office paper based mail system, and they pull out these big mainframe computers.

Now on those mainframes, you could send little text messages. And you had to know very complex code. And the only people who really use computers in those days, were old white guys with lab coats, little pocket protectors, you know, it was and you had to know computer programming.

But in that medical college, John, I’m getting feedback, can you? Yeah, in that medical college, every researcher had a secretary, who on her desk had an inbox and outbox the paperclip the big folders, the typewriter, and she would put this white paper into the typewriter, and she’d write this thing called a memo. And the memo had a very particular structure to from CC meant, like if she was going to hear someone’s writing to Stella, they would put CC to Dr. Michelsen.

They would do a BCC, which means blind carbon copy carbon copy. With CC, they’d write the article and maybe they’d attached like my grade report, okay, this was a memo, it had a very particular structure. So the social media aspect of it was you could see see someone else someone else could participate.

And this was put into an envelope called the interoffice mail envelope. But you see, this was a complete system. We’re not talking about the simple exchange of text messages, inbox, outbox, folders, attachments, all of these features.

And the secretaries made it very clear to me, Julie, that they weren’t going to move from their paper base interoffice mail system to this new system unless it had every feature inbox, outbox, folders, return receipt, attachments, blind carbon copy. So as a 14 year old kid, I had to build all of this features. Ray Tomlinson did not build not one of these features.

He’d spent 15 minutes using existing code, which he didn’t write any says he did this. He didn’t do all he did was write a caveman version of Reddit. The level of white supremacy to conflict, that email is so ridiculous.

But I converted this entire system, hundreds of features in and this is was the, the real paper base mail system. And I converted all of these features in 50,000 lines of code into something called email. And I wrote, I also coined the term email.

There it is. So not only did I write all of these features, and get it working, and get it deployed across the three university systems and get right the documentation. I was an engineer, it was customer service, a programmer.

And as Dr. Michelsen says, One day, he says, I mean, he’s written and he goes one day, there’s this young kid, a 14 year old who shows he goes one day there was a seminar held, and everyone thought it was going to be a 50 year old person doing the seminar, okay. And it was his 14 year old kid who presented to 300 200 people a room packed about this email system that he created.

So I wrote all the code all the features, which no one ever done, named it email. Did the work the hard work? So I remember one day I didn’t sleep for three days working all the way through, because I was so excited. I wasn’t paid anything I didn’t do for money, I was given free cafeteria food in the third year, I think they paid me a buck 25.

But the entire email system was created for less than $5,000.Again, I wrote all the code, all the features that you see in every email system wrote it, no one had done it named an email, a term I created as a 14 year old kid, because the operating system only had five characters. All right, these are the facts to all the white supremacist who don’t want it to get out, then.

You know, the local newspaper covered this in October 30, a couple years later, because I kept adding features. There’s still Oleksiak, the woman who fought with the administration to give me the rights, Dr. Michael cent and my math teacher, right there.

And then I won one of the Westinghouse Science Awards, and the Westinghouse Science Awards, John and Julie, in those days, they were considered the baby nobles. Okay. And by the way, many other kids parents would help them out.

Okay. I had no support, I did it on my own bottoms up, but with the loving family and those things, you know. All right.

So I did that. Name, that email called it. And then when I came to MIT, right in the front page, and you can see it right here of the MIT newspaper, even MIT recognized it.

In fact, there was 1041 Kids, 1040 kids who entered MIT that year 1981. And out of the 1040, they recognized only three kids. And one of them was me for inventing the email system.

No one had a problem with this, then no one said, Oh, my God, he’s a fraud. And in fact, that year when I went to the MIT president’s house Dr. Paul Gray, he was on Reagan’s White House, the White House Science Council, he said, you know, Shiva, it’s too bad.

You cannot protect software, with patents. And some idiot wrote back Oh, no, you someone patented the software in 1968. Well, the idiot doesn’t understand that you could not patent you could only patent a very small class of software, which operated a machine, it had to be a physical device, you could not patent software.

And the Supreme Court ruled it wasn’t recognized. However, in 1980, when Dr. Gray told me was that the computer software act of 1976 had been amended.

So you could use copyright law to protect software. And none of these white supremacist ever say, Well, how did he do that? His parents weren’t lawyers, I had to write for the copyright form, I had to fill it out. I had to submit all the software, I had to put the code and it wasn’t just putting, as some idiot said that little see, the level of diminishing diminishing attempts at my work is what’s really quite extraordinary.

And in those days, when you submitted all the work, you have to submit all your code and went to the Library of Congress. And we made it accessible. In fact, in the lab, I worked and we, we were open.

We allowed hp in there. We allowed IBM, everyone saw what we were doing. We weren’t like, you know, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs hiding everything was an open environment.

Alright, so there you go. So it was there. And then I filed out the copyright notice and there you go.

So it says Email computer program for electronic mail system. I’m not copywriting the term. I’m copywriting the system.

And this was the only way to protect software on August 30 1982.A brown kid who did this in New Jersey, Newark gets awarded the first US copyright. There it is.

There it is right there. This is not a fraud. Recognizing me as the inventor of email, I wrote the codename did email and everything.

I didn’t do simple text messaging. Okay. So there’s an idiot here, right here who probably came in late Wow.

Now Dr. Shiva has lowered himself and jumped on the bandwagon of hatred. Well, you need to really get your head out of your ass and you need to listen to what we’re actually talking about here.

Okay, we’re talking about is the real nature white supremacy. And we want to define that word. So people like you don’t call me hatred.

We start recognizing that the white supremacist as you’re gonna find out shortly, are the peoplewho diminish this, the facts. So black people and white people are diminished. So we’re going to talk about so get your head out of your ass I’m sorry to say that but that’s what you need to do.

In a very, very that’s your formula for sure. access right now. All right.

So here it is. I have the official US copyright seal. The official number.

Okay, this is not fraud, TX You 111775All right, does my name have to be Montgomery Farnsworth, or, you know, Robert Cornwallis. To make this clear, I have the actual copyright notice, okay, the actual document at a time, it’s not just filling out a registration. This is the only way you could protect software inventions at the time.

Okay, there you go. So those are the facts. Now, what I want to talk about is what happened when these facts of the email system and that’s what’s important, I created the system.

I have never ever and write this down. I’ve never claimed to be the inventor of electronic messaging. In fact, that when this went into the Smithsonian, on February 16, we’re going to talk about that the vitriol that came out, we’ll show you how white supremacy actually works.

Okay. All right. Let’s go into that.

All right. So I created email the system, I’ve never claimed to create electronic messaging that goes to Samuel Morse. So there we go.

So again, when you take this entire system, this is what I created. I named it email, everything I just shared with you now. Now let’s talk about the vitriol and the anger to the facts of the invention of email.

Let me just make a point here that I never sought money. I didn’t make a penny off of it because patents weren’t around. So I didn’t make a penny.

If patents were around, I’d be a gazillionaire33 years later, after the invention of email in November 2011, my dear mom gave me all of this stuff that she saved in a black Samsonite suitcase. And she had only three months to live, she had a horrible disease. And in the suitcase, she had saved all the old artifacts, John and Julie.

And the only person still to this day journalist who went through this guy called Doug ameth. He went through all of these documents, and he wrote an article on November 11 2011, called the man who invented email. No one had a problem with this end.

No one had a problem with this, then no one. And remember, just to be clear, I wasn’t seeking fame or fortune. This was done by an independent reporter who saw all this work.

And then he wrote an article. A few days later, the Smithsonian and the number one historical museum in the world calls me and the Computer History Museum. And I was like in frustration, who do I give it to, which is a better Museum? Eventually, I gave it to the Smithsonian.

Okay. And it went into the Smithsonian. Now, it went into the Smithsonian on February 16 2012.

Now, John and Julie, what would you think should have been occurred on February 16 2012? When this kid who came from nowhere in Newark, New Jersey Invents the Mounties honored at the Smithsonian, a beautiful ceremony that they had, what should have happened? What an amazing success story this prodigy invented something great before anyone else did. All new sources of mainstream media 60 minutes all whatever should have been on right everywhere when a young African American reporter at the Post wrote this article. Okay.

There it is. Okay. VHC, vydra, great inventor of email honored by the Smithsonian, there it is.

And then she did three videos, which some of you will find, you know, interviewing me for The Washington Post. The day that that article went up was a day that all my suffering really stuck with it, okay, on this issue, when it shouldn’t have. So let me repeat again, to those who the day this article went up the instant boom.

It was like a new skull was found in Africa. Because remember, for 33 years, I was a humble Indian kid. That I didn’t promote any of this.

But when it went into the Smithsonian, it created this Firestorm. A liberal elite white supremacist. Now we know who that is, at a university, part of a group of other white supremacist academics, wrote an article calling me Well, first of all, what happened is all these articles came out, calling me an imposter.

And I was at MIT. In addition to starting my other company, Julian and John. teaching a course at MIT, the number one elected for free, not like Elizabeth Warren was charging was the number one elective.

I did it to support students at MIT. And I had my full time business. When this went in 1000s of calls start coming into MIT saying I should be fired.

And let me just share with you to those people who have who really need to get their head out of their ass. This is the kind of stuff that was out there calling me an asshole a loon and imposter taking my official MIT picture and blasting it out there. And this guy, Lex Friedman.

He’s like, Oh my god, they attacked my Wikipedia page because I am now supporting Twitter filed. Well, Lex, you need to cover this and you won’t because you’re part of the white supremacist culture yourself. Lex Friedman.

Okay. All right. So let’s go to this.

This is the kind of stuff that came out what a effing shameless crit and he should be hanged by his curry staying fingernails as he shouts let me down Sahib, I was meaning no harm, let me down and I will invent for you a nice vindaloo chocolate cake, and then be lined up against the wall and strangled by your dhoti. So all of you people on the left and the right, understand that the left academics are the ones who unleashed that vitriol. And I just want you to read this, whether you’re on the left or the right, please let go of your bullshit.

This is this is not occurring in 1959. This is occurring in 2012.And not one person within the MIT administration who Clint when I was at MIT guys got to understand I was on the front page for inventing many things while I was at MIT.

Boom, Dr. Shiva is great. You know Shiva Ayyadurai Fulbright Scholar, Shiva Ayyadurai.

This she Byte Array this, because I was within MIT. Okay, so you have this idiot who’s saying he was joking. Well, you’re a fucking joke.

Okay, you need to get the fuck off my channel. John, throw this idiot off. All right.

Joking, right? That’s a joke. You’re a joke.You’re a fucking joke.

That’s not a joke.This is the kind of ignorance that perpetuates this stuff. When people think it’s a joke.

It’s not a joke.All right. So this is the kind of stuff that was out there.

1000s of phone calls coming in calling me a fraud. All my four degrees didn’t mean anything.And I didn’t ask for this.

So I just want everyone to look at that. Okay. And the guy that wrote this was at Gizmodo at Gawker Media.

This is what was going on. And who was behind this, who was behind this is you find a guy called Thomas Haig, a freaking white supremacist, who apparently was the historian who owned the history of email. So when this one and he’s like, Oh, my God, where did this come from? I no longer on the history of email.

And this guy was like this with the military industrial, academic complex, and all the universities, University of Wisconsin, Madison is a center of the liberal elites. And to all of you on the conservative side, I’m not attacking you.I’m talking about liberal elites in major universities.

They are the white supremacist. And it’s time that the white conservatives use the word white supremacy and pointed at the right people. And if you don’t do that, we’re going to keep having race wars in this country.

Yes.There is white supremacy, but it’s not people like John meddler. It’s not people like me.

It’s not working white Americans. It is a fucking liberal elites.And that is the bastard who wrote this, because I was annoying his narrative, six CIS, a horrible organization, which didn’t even bother calling me which attacked the reporter which attacked everyone.

And they were so vitriolic. They scared the shit out of this reporter. And they did a retraction saying electronic messaging predates email.

I never said I invented electronic messaging, they completely confused people. Email is a system I created.And all the dumbass reporters saying, Oh, he didn’t invent email.

It preceded him. That’s electronic messaging. I never claimed to invent I created email the system.

I got the copyright. I named it there’s no this issue is not even gray. It’s not even.

It’s black and white. All right, but I want to go back to the white supremacy. This is the white supremacist.

This is a white supremacist organization run by aAren’t you liberal elites, and the same people are the ones who will tell you that they care about diversity.These are the same people who say, Oh, poor whites who say for free speech, they’re racist. But the real racist and the white supremacist are right here.

And it’s time all white people call out the real white supremacist right here. Now, what ended up happening? Now, I believe there’s a God. And in this period, one of my students at MIT was so upset by everything that had happened.

That and I was upset because I was thinking, Wow, maybe I didn’t invent email. Maybe I’m a liar, because you start thinking like that.And this young kid went through every piece of documentation that was written but before 1978 When I invented email,and his name is Devin sparks and Devin boom, finds the document.

There was a guy called David Crocker Crocker crock of shit that’s what his real name is. And he was promoting himself oh my god Shiva is a liar email was not done by him. It was a it was a ARPANET did it ARPANET.

ARPANET was a frankly a very small network of a bunch of people who kissed each other’s ass, talking about all the great things they did.I didn’t even use any of the ARPANET technology.In fact, they didn’t really have much technology.

In fact, they would Devin found is a document written in 1977, where David Crocker who in 2011 was attacking me viciously. This guy’s a liar, a fraud. Well, David crock of shit.

Forgot in December of 1977, when he was a young lad had written an article for the RAND Corporation saying that no one could invent email, the interoffice mail system, let me read it to you. It’s right here in black and white.Okay.

He said at this time, this is in December 19. No attempt is being made to emulate a full scale inter organizational mail system. That’s what I did.

The fact that the system is intended for various use for use in various organizational contexts, which means CC BCC hierarchies, right. And by users of different expertise, which means secretaries, students, not just people in white lab coats makes it almost impossible to build a system which responds to all users need, these experts thought email could not be built. I didn’t, I was a 14 year old kid, I actually revered the secretaries.

I didn’t treat them like dirt. I took all their inputs. I listed them out.

point by point by point. I actually love these people, these people were my friends. And if people go to inventor V mail.

com, you will see the actual list I had created from what they told me all the features that they needed. And let me show you that because for these people, John and andJulie, the concept of inventing email was seen as impossible because I had to build all of these features, not just we’re not talking about just sending text, point to point, I had to build all of these features. You guys see those features.

This is email. All of these features, inbox outbox, drafts, attachments, folders, all these features, and anyone who’s written software. I mean, this is what the massive Herculean undertaking, it wasn’t just simply transmitting messages.

This is email the system as we know it today. And all of that I put up on here and everyone wants to go see it.This was all the code is up here.

every line of code from the main subroutine to how I built groups and address books, everything is here. If people want to go check it out. These are the facts.

Okay, soI created all the code, wrote it. But and what we found was that the, the bullshitters, the white supremacist, who conceal truth in the academic institutionscould not compute. So they just lied.

But guess what, because of a young 17 year old kid, my student he found this document.And after this document came out, David Crocker got very scared. He called my old mentor and he said, Oh, can you quiet down Shiva.

Now what they forgot with me, and then what we learned was at the time when this was going on in 2012, Raytheon, the biggest defense contractor in the world, had rebranded themselves with the ATT logo, that they were the inventors of email and they did someMadison Avenue marketing this little nerd looking character with a beard and the glasses by the way, that’s the other racism here that you have to look the part, you have to have a squeaky voice. You have to look all disheveled. You have to have glasses.

They can’t be a good looking Indian guy who plays sports, like surely that person cannot also do the invention of email. So they were doing a marketing campaign, Julian John at that time,because Raytheon had entered the cybersecurity market in 2007. And they wanted to brand themselves as the inventors of email.

So when my stuff went into the Smithsonian, I was actually perturbing a multibillion dollar company’s branding. And you can look at it right there. They were promoting themselves as the inventors of email.

And guess what? Raytheon is a one that funds six CIA s in terms of implicit and explicitly, that’s surprised. Okay, so these are the white supremacists. And let me just make a point to everyone.

The CEO of Raytheon that year had written a book on integrity.And the book was found to be completely plagiarized. Just do a research.

Raytheon co plagiarism.And everyone knows that Ray Tomlinson, when you look at it, did not invent email. It’s the biggest freaking bullshit on the planet.

He wrote 15 minutes of code to add text to a bottom of a file using two existing programs. Oh my god, he invented protocols. No, he didn’t.

Liars, white supremacist like working class whites do not like white supremacist lie. Okay. So that’s what they do.

Now, when this happen? Noam Chomsky, I was at MIT. And think about this. I have won every award at MIT.

I was teaching this class 1000s of phone calls are coming in.And I’m like, What the fuck is going on?I go to Noam Chomsky. And no one knew me because I’ve been a fighter and an activist and I’ll share with them so they fucked with the wrong person because they thought I’m just going to be a good Indian.

Okay, fine. I’m a good Indian. Thank you very much.

I didn’t invent email. I’ll go on my way. I’m a Gandhi bullshit.

Okay. No man known me since I was a kid. At MIT, I fought for the Underdogs.

And I went to gnomes office and no one looked at the facts. He goes, so no, I’m released a couple of statements. And he said boldly.

He was the only guy who put this out. Email was invented by a 14 year old working in Newark, New Jersey. The facts are indisputable.

Now, who is Noam Chomsky? I don’t agree with everything Noam says But no, is knownas the number one most cited.Scholar next to Jesus Christ. The second most cited scholar in world history is Noam Chomsky.

So no, put this out.Okay.What year was out? 2012.

Okay, and when he put this out, MIT came down on him.All right.Let me go here now.

Nome wrote a very nice statement about all of this. And he said, I have known VHC via Deray since he was a sophomore at MIT when he designed and pursued an undergraduate research opportunities program on the origins in the evolution of the Indian caste system. I work with Chomsky is very curious on politics, because I’ve kept up with him.

Since that time, I’ve now become aware of the controversy of the invention of email following the recent Washington Post article. Here are some background facts on January 21 1981, Shiva received the Westinghouse Science Talent Search honors award for creating email on August 30 1982. He received the first US copyright for email for the computer program for electronic mail system.

On February 16 2012, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History accepted his code papers and artifact demonstrating his work on email.Then known said the angry reaction, the angry reaction to his invention of email and steps taken to be little, the achievement are most unfortunate, they suggest an effort to dismiss the fact that innovation can take place by anyone in any place at any time. And they highlight the need to ensure that innovation must not be monopolized by those with power, power, which incidentally is a substantially a public gift.

The efforts to be little the innovation of a 14 year old child should lead to reflection on the larger story of how power is gained, maintained and expanded and the need to encourage not undermine the capacities for creative inquiry that are widely shared and could flourish if recognized and given the support they deserve.So what am I talking about here?or there’s not one Shiva DeRay, there’s billions of Shiva derives black, white, yellow. And what we, what occurred was when I went to MIT when I won all those awards, when I was under the bastion of MIT, I was an amazing star stellar person.

But when I said email was done before I came to MIT, ah, that doesn’t work. The white supremacistdo not like that.Because they wanted to be under their Bastion.

And that’s what he’s saying this very powerful last statement, that and this is a real essence of white supremacy, right? Not undermine the capacities for creative inquiry that are widely shared, and could flourish. That means imagine, if we remove that narrative, how many young innovators that are out there,and how much humanity is losing? Oh, my God, look at Elon Musk, he’s doing this and this. Come on.

It’s bullshit. There are hundreds of 1000s of people like me, who don’t get the light of day because of white supremacy.poor blacks, poor whites, all people.

Okay.Let’s continue. So, and Chomsky, then, I mean, the scrutiny that I was under John, and is people’s these white supremacist said, Ooh, uppercase email is different than lowercase email.

Because in those days, all characters had to be uppercase. Okay.Yeah, by the way, I don’t support Noam Chomsky and everything.

I don’t support his position on vaccine mandates. So you have to understand that Chomsky in his capacity at that time, he may at least did something right. But the point here is thatthe, the, the, the white supremacist, were out there trying to find any nuance.

Well, it’s copyright and it was used uppercase email. And Chomsky said, Where in the English language, you would have to have two dictionaries uppercase, the uppercase dictionary, capital car really means a microphone. And lowercase car means the car with four wheels.

It’s like it’s nonsense. So Chomsky, I mean, this is a kind of nonsense that was taking place sent. So Noam said this email uppercase, lowercase.

Any case is the electronic version of the interoffice mail system. The email we all experienced today, an email was invented in 1978. By 14 year old working in Newark, New Jersey, the facts are indisputable.

Now we don’t see, even these woke CNN in New York Times quoting Chomsky, they’re doing, Julie now.Because it completely brings down their narrative. All right.

So let’s continue. So Chomsky came out now, now I’m going to share with everyone I’m going to give you a true white supremacist, everyone ready? may want to take a little glass of water, which is what I’m going to do. Now we’re going to show a true white supremacist, and it ain’t me who I’ve been called the white supremacist.

It ain’t John meddler, right? It ain’t Julie. And it ain’t all of you out there who are actually good conservative working people. You’re not the white supremacist.

I’m now going to show you an actual white supremacist. Everyone ready?Who’s ready to actually see the name of a white supremacist so you can get it? Who wants it? Who wants to see a real white supremacist?only see three people no one wants to say trial and stranger who wants to see so you have an example exemplar of a true white supremacist? Who wants to see himokay, we got one people, two people who else okay, me, me, me. Okay.

In the middle of this controversy, remember my stuff went into the the Time magazine article came out on November 11. On February 16, Julian, John, the stuff went to the Smithsonian. And boom, the shit is hitting the fan.

I’m a dummy. I’m an asshole. I’m a dick.

I’m a curry stain Indian, who should be beaten and hag all sorts of shit is going on? And no one is out there helping me.And in the middle of this and 2014 and I built the website, inventor of email get to that. A guy called Walter Isaacson write his name down.

Walter Isaacson, Walter Isaacson. And everyone should tweet at Walter Isaacson and tell him to get his butt on this event and defend his white supremacy. And by the way, Walter Isaacson is the one who started the Aspen Institute knows ahead of it.

The Wolf Of The Wolf of the woke institutions of the wokeness of the world, Aspen Institute, where the Kennedys go we’re all the Harvardpastors go to Yale professors, they all get dressed up, and they talk about diversity, how they want to help the darkies like me how they want to help the yellow people stop Asian hate and all this shit. Walter Isaacson,Walter Isaacson is the one who wrote the book on Steve Jobs.In the middle of this blazing controversy,the elites call in Walter Isaacson.

Because this has to do because I’m, by the way, I’m not letting up right.And I’ll tell you why. I’m not letting up.

Okay. You’ll you’ll hear about that. But Walter Isaacson, I think he was the head of the Wall Street Journal time, he’s called into now write a definitive history of the internet.

All right, in the middle of this controversy, and let me show you that book. So Walter Isaacson in the middle of thisis, writes this book, what do you see? What is it called? John read it out? What is the title? Say? The Innovators, right innovators, how a group of hackers geniuses and geeks created the digital revolution.And what does it say? Walter Isaacson.

This book comes out in 2014. In the middle of this controversy, now, Julie, would you not say that email was part of the digital revolution? Guess how many people believe email is part of the digital revolution?Okay, yeah, CNN. So email is clearly part of the digital revolution.

So here is the scumbag, true white supremacistWalter Isaacson, who writes a book in the middle of this raging controversy, where I’m being called all sorts of names. And he writes a book on the digital revolution.Don’t you think he should at least have interviewed me for this book?Well, let me show you his book.

And all of you people will get it once you see this. And if you don’t get it, then you should get off this channel right now. Because I can’t help you.

Okay. But after you see this, you will get it. So Walter Isaacson’s writing a book on the digital revolution.

And he’s writing a book talking about who were the innovators. He’s putting up picture after picture. And he’s writing chapter after chapter four, these people helped create the digital revolution.

All right, let’s look at the book. What does Isaacson say? Who are the innovators of the digital revolution? Everyone know this guy?And tell me what’s common about all of this?This guy, anyone know this guy?Actually don’t. He’s William Shockley, who invented the transistor.

Okay.Anyone know this guy?These are the guys who invented radar and those kinds of things. Okay, communication systems.

Anyone know this guy?Berners Lee, who created the Web www.This guy.This guy, Sergey Brin.

And a woman. So what do you what do you see common across all these, John? All right.So these are innovators of the digital revolution.

And I just have I mean, come on.This is not the average white person doing this. This is a white supremacist.

This is not John meddler. Because, John, I’m sure John, would you say if you had written an article on this, that you as a working person would have done something on email, you would have interviewed me? Yeah. Certainly.

One person here would wouldn’t anyone haveinterviewedother people if you’re just a true journalist?While you know this raging controversy is going on.So Walter Isaacson purposefully only put white people in whyhe is a white supremacist. He wants because as you said, Julie, and I don’t have I have your you want to read the little tweet you wrote? You wrote and I want to I want, in fact, I can’t find it.

But Julie wrote a very, very profound tweet. And that’s what I wanted to have her here.Julie said that the real I’m gonna, whitesupremacists are actually in the elite institutions.

So you have Walter Isaacson. Let me go back to this, as you’ll be finding that this is a white supremacist, this guy, Walter Isaacson. He writes a book teaching young kids that only fucking white people are the only ones who can innovate.

Come on will seem to fit a very particular archetype. I don’t see a lot of like working class looking people here. Nope.

These are allAll people that are academics from Nobel ancestries, okay, most of them.And that’s the book on the innovators, which is being written in the middle of the controversy, okay?So imagine if you are and so what I’m trying to tell everyone here is, this book is a book written by a white supremacist, not by a working class, white person, John would never written a book like this. Julie, you wouldn’t ever written a book like this, and 99.

999% of white people would not have written a book like this. This was written by point oh, 1%of people in academia, to perpetuate this myth that all great innovations must come from whites.And they’re the same people who callwhite people.

And someone says stop a stop. What does stop yelling? It’s, uh, you know what? You can get the fuck out. Okay? Because if this doesn’t piss you off, something’s wrong with you.

Get the fuck out, John, throw them out. Okay, this is my medium. I have the right to exercise my First Amendment rights.

And I don’t want idiots here, okay? Because if you don’t get it by now, and you don’t get angry, then something’s loose in your brain. So fuck you.All right.

We’re talking about people who actually divide us. We’re talking about people who actually are the white supremacist. And we actually are talking about people who want black and white people to fight against each other.

And if that doesn’t get you angry, then you’re a white supremacist, because you’re okay with that. I don’t want you in my channel.Because I did the fucking work.

I built the thing.The credit should go to where it actually came from long before MIT.Sorry, you can have an intellectual discussion of it’s a false label.

No. White supremacy is a thing and white peopleneed to recognize that the white real white supremacist Walter Isaacson will call John meddler or white supremacist, right, John?Walter Isaacson is one when I went to the Free Speech rally called me a white supremacist. I was called the Nazi.

So we must call the white supremacist who they are.And white people and black people must unite to call the white supremacist like Walter Isaacson out, called him a white supremacist because he spends all fucking day calling people like John and me white supremacist.Let us give them their bitter medicine back.

That’s how we end racism.All right. So that’s fucking Walter Isaacson, the true white supremacist.

I mean, look at this. There’s no one who’s contributed to the internet. And by the way, Walter Isaacson this, this is like the coup d’etat of this.

You know who this guy is?Does anyone know who this guy is? No, anyone gets that who this guy is you get a free bottle of envy. 25. And I’m going to send you all my books.

Who is this guy?The first person who gets it, John, you can’t do it. Right?Who is this guy?Anyone know who this guy is?There you go. Okay.

Jamie Valentine got it. This guy’s a guy called Van levar. Bush.

Bad Mr. Bush was one of the presidents of MIT. And guess what? He’s the one who does.

He’s the one who started Raytheon.And he says he was one of the great innovators of the digital revolution, that of our bush.When the day vat of our Bush started Raytheon, many people said on that day, it was it was when academia completely fell apart.

Because federal funding to universities was being funneled to the military industrial complex, that of our bush.And in Isaacson’s book, he says van of our bush is the epitome of one of the great innovators of the digital revolution. And in this book, this white supremacist, Walter Isaacson attributes, all great innovations, you know, where he attributes all great innovations,where he says, and he says it.

So where is the headquarters of white supremacy? It’s not in Gardner, Massachusetts, is not in Mississippi. It’s not in trailer parks where white people are. It’s not among the quote unquote proud boys.

It’s not among the Oathkeepers it’s not amongThose people that headquarters of white supremacy is the military academic industrial complex.This is the center of white supremacy.And what is the military academic industrial complex? It is headquarters and white supremacy.

Okay.So let’s go through that. What is it? Well, Isaac sent in his own book, he says a golden triangle, he says a golden triangle of innovation, where the white supremacist all hang out, including him, okay?Is this center.

And this center, he says, is gone. Pentagon,big military, big universities, and big industry. And in that triangle is where he says all great innovations come from.

And you know what, you and I are a part of that triangle. I surely wasn’t part of it. When I came to MIT, I was part of it.

And I, when I did all those innovations, I was the brown guy was a model minority. And when you look at this, all these white people are in that triangle. There’s not one dark face.

So yeah, we have to call a spade a spade it is white supremacy. Yes. So don’t say oh, you’re just using that term and you’re with Black Lives Matter.

No Black Lives Matter knows nothing about white supremacy. They’re basically taking advantage of racism and ching ching, ching ching. They know nothing about it.

They are worst, in some ways. They’re in collusion with the white supremacist.So don’t put me in there.

Okay. But this triangle is what Walter Isaacson is talking about. And you know what? At face gone, and Julie doesn’t work.

That face ain’t part of that. breaks every aspect of this archetype. Exactly.

So I’ll let you guys comment on this.As everyone got it, doany comments gone? So I’ll just put this diagram up there. And I want everyone to see this.

You’re looking at the triangle of white supremacy. And I don’t fit that triangle, that brown immigrant kid who invented email, and this is what really bothered them. Julian John, yes.

This is what really pissed them off. It’s like the white and white supremacy doesn’t just refer to skin color. It refers to like white as in like the pure their class purity or something like that.

Right. And you don’t have to be white to be white supremacist Obama is a white supremacist Brock Obama, when either stuff came in, people went to my Wikipedia page, and they started destroying everything. If you go look at my Wikipedia page in 2007, in a member of Inventors Hall of Fame scientists, after this went in, these white supremacist unleashed their minions to destroy my page.

And there was one truthful Wikipedia editor who reached out to me and I have his statement, he wrote to me in an email, he wanted his name to be kept confidential. And he wrote this, he said, I seem to have stepped into a mess by accident. As an experienced Wikipedia editor, I had a look at the email article, and was surprised that you hadn’t received credit for your contributions.

Since I’ve had a great deal of experience writing Wikipedia articles, I got right to work, and added several suitable additions to provide credit to your contributions. Right away. My edits were deleted without discussion, not edited to improve them, but just flat out deleted.

This is the kind of behavior and editor encounters when editing an article on the Second Amendment, which, or abortion or other extremely hot topics. The response to my edits has included personal attacks, calling me quote unquote, ignorant quote unquote, reckless and the like, although most editors have been less insulting than that they have generally been aggressively and rapidly DELETING MY additions. White supremacist don’t like the truth.

I want everyone to just look at this. Yeah, this is fascism. It’s called white supremacy.

And it’s unleashed on blacks and whites, because they do not want to acknowledge any innovation that does not come from their anointment.Okay, and that’s, that’s what my tweet said. Basically, what my response is, you want to read your what you wrote.

Yeah, I said, it’s a response to your to your video commentary. Great segment. But just to clarify on your white supremacy statement.

It is only with it only within ivory tower academia that white elites believe it can only be whites that are capable of getting patents, thus the lies written by the New York Times and other propaganda rags. There you go. So I just made that white.

IIn the ivory tower, the supremacy calories are white.But it’s very, very important for white people, and brown people and people of all colors to get this, because they want us to use class then it gets into Marxism and communism, you know, and then that they muddle it up, but we got to call a spade a spade, we need to call Walter Isaacson, a white supremacist Harvard is a white supremacist institution. All those woke people are the white supremacist.

What’s happened is that conservatives have been taught Oh, I’m not gonna get into the race war. I won’t use that term. Well, your your don’t get it.

They they say debit Oh, Democrats are the real racists and they make it about left versus right. Right. Exactly.

When Democrats and it’s the it’s the institutional white supremacy. Okay, so let me finish here. Because we want to take some calls here.

So now let me tell you, the problem they had with me and I’ve said this before, is I’m not the house slave. As Malcolm X would say,I’m a field slave. I left the plantation.

I’m not a good Indian. I’m not a Mahatma Gandhi, don’t get me like this. And okay, beat the shit out of me.

And it’s okay. non violence. That’s not me.

But most Indians are housewives.And they have pigeon holed people. Oh, that’s an Indian guy will beat the shit out of him, he’ll get the fuck out of the way.

Because the white supremacist at Harvard, they have a bunch of house slaves, Indians who work there, and they become white supremacist.Most Indians in these big universities are all house slaves. And you can tell them I said that, and tell them to come argue with me that they’re not our slaves.

So all you Indians out there everywhere universities and you got tenure? I know you’re a house slave. Okay. You’re a white supremacist.

And you’re probably the ones who cannot fathom oops, he has a copyright. How do I destroy that?Okay.Again, a lot of white supremacist Indians, a lot of them in academia.

So the problem they had Julian John was, I’ve been a fighter all my life. There’s me, burning the South African flag on the steps of MIT, because MIT had investments in South Africa, Elon Musk’s home, I risked myself, because I didn’t support that, because there were people getting butchered in South Africa. But when I did that burning of the flag, I interconnected it to the poor white workers, right in the MIT cafeteria, who weren’t getting paid.

I didn’t just do that liberal thing to support some black people 10,000 miles away, I said, Look, MIT treats white working people, right at MIT, I was 1718 years old, the same way that they’re investing in exploitation halfway around the world.You see, the bigger discussion here is the white supremacist. Inside South Africa, when they’re mining all the mines, they call that business, the diamond business.

But if you were a black person working those mines, and you happen to steal a diamond and put it into your pocket, because you needed to get something, your hands get cut off, and you’re a criminal. And you steal, you see what is a business.And the other is stealing.

When if I were a white guy at MIT, or drop out like Bill Gates and I had the copyright, and it came out of MIT or Harvard, Whoo, that’s innovation. But when a brown immigrant kid has a copyright, that’s fraud, you say, What’s the difference? One rule for them and another rule for us? And that’s one of the features of white supremacy. All right, so the problem they had was I’ve been a fighter, there’s me, fighting against the MIT President.

And I got MIT to get out of South Africa. There’s me when mywhen my friend was jailed by the fascist Sri Lankan government, I ran the biggest protest and we got him out.There’s me at my PhD graduation, the only person who held up a sign 2007 us out of Iraq when it was not popular to do that.

Half of the crowd booed me and the other half thought I was awesome. So I have withstood, so they didn’t know that they had poked the wrong bear.And what I did was, at that point, what I had to do, Julian John, was I had to put my hat on as an activist, not for it was easy, and this was the very deeply personal thing.

I noticed that was easier for me to fight for other people.But it took me a deep journey to say, oh my god, I gotta like, this is really weird, but I didn’t have the I was so emotionally distraught. I had to go into activism mode and fight for that 14 year old brown.

A kid and what he represented my friend Lorraine, who was my next door neighbor, when I was 14, she flew up here. She would make me lunch and dinner and breakfast. And it was nonstop from five in the morning to two in the morning, I had to document what I’d actually done.

And I built this site called the inventor of email.All right, and then what happened after that was four years later, I mean, this was like hell for four years, that I found a lawyer by the name of Charles harder, wholooked at all my material and he said, Oh my God, you invented email.He sued Gawker Media on contingency didn’t take a penny from me because he saw the strength of the facts.

And dumb as Ben Shapiro a little elitist, little dweeb, has the the the indecency to write an article purported email user, oh, they settled out of court. No, we sued Gawker Media. We drove them into bankruptcy for writing those three defamatory articles calling me an asshole Dick of fraud.

I became the chairman of the bankruptcy council to sell them. This is a great karma of it. And in court, I was given $1,750,000 And those three defamatory articles removed.

It was a huge victory. New York Times didn’t really want to report on this. The woke people, you know what they said, Oh, my God, doctor, she goes against the First Amendment bullshit.

You can’t you can say whatever you want. But if you say something that’s false,and defamatory you can be sued. So I sued them.

And it was a big victory. So not only do I have the copyright, but in court, I won a major lawsuit. Gawker Media pays Dr.

Shiva inventor of email Center. $50,000. This is a historic victory for truth declared Dr.

Dre Americans have no tolerance for fake news lies or cyberbullying, a 14 year old kid working in Newark, New Jersey, somebody invented email, this settlement honors that innovation. There’s no reasonable dispute that Dr. Dre is the inventor of email.

The full press kit contains more and then we built an entire site called Who invented All right.

I don’t see the media referring to this. But the reality is, this is white supremacy.Many people think when they talk about racism, you know the woke people will show this picture, right.

But the real racism, the right says doesn’t exist. And this is a problem with the right and the left has reduced racism, don’t use the N word support affirmative action. But let me show you what the real racism is putting people in these boxes.

So if you’re blonde, there’s blonde jokes. To me, that’s a form of white supremacy and racism. If you’re black, you must like watermelon.

If you’re or this right, or if you’re Chinese, you must talk like this. Or if you’re do kung fu, and clearly if you’re a redneck, you must be dumb. And you must be a Klansman.

These or if you’re Indian, you must run a 711. Or you must like to meditate under a tree. Or if you’re a nerd, you must look like this or like this idiot who doesn’t know any science.

So these are whatthe white supremacist put out. They literally create these memes.If you want to be a nerd, you gotta talk like this and have some texts.

And you have to look like this. So they went and found a nerd. Oh, Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of female bullshit.

And if you’re a blonde, attractive woman, you must be dumb.That is part of the white supremacy, and so on and so on and so on the segregation of what they do, yeah, Bill Nye is an idiot. He is a complete fucking idiot.

Moron.Neil deGrasse Tyson another idiot.Idiots, idiots, idiots, but they put them in boxes, dress them up, and they put it out there.

All right. Now what is this doing to all of us? At the end of the day? What how does white supremacy prosper? They’re doing this to divide black people and white people so they can continue their exploitation.So the real white supremacist are the Walter Isaacson’s are the heads of institutions like Harvard, MIT, Yale, those academics, the heads, the few big military contractors,and the CEOs of some major companies, those people perpetuate white supremacy.

Because if it’s a factory floor, they pay John 50 cents more than his black counterpart.So John thinks, yeah, I’m better. Right.

I’m white.And then John, and he never gels together with his black counterpart to really go outTo who is really causing this exploitation, and this is how billions of people are controlled through white supremacy. Biden is a white supremacist, exactly.

Definitely.They put you into a box, and then what is it doing economically?What is it doing? What are these? Let’s look at the 2019. Household Report.

Okay. 40% of Americans don’t have $400 in the bank for emergency expenses. Federal Reserve, right.

This is what the results of white supremacy our 40% of Americans don’t have for $400 in the bank for emergency expenses.Okay, this is white supremacy. $1,000 Emergency would push many Americans into debt.

This is what the results of white supremacy are nearly 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 in the savings account. But the net worth of these white supremacist like Bill Gates, it during the pandemic 600 billionaires increase their wealth by another 400 billion. Another guy who stole inventions he didn’t write DOS, right.

He didn’t write dasFauci that bites promises. Yeah.And if you look at all of these people here, you can look at how much wealth they increase, they increase their wealth from 2.

9 trillion before the pandemic, to 3.3. So they went up by 434, while Americans were suffering.

These are all your white supremacist. I’m sorry, you know, people said, oh, Elon Musk grew up in apartheid. And his mother said, Oh, my God, if we said anything against apartheid, we’d be thrown in jail.

Well, don’t say you’re a fighter against racism, then because you could have said something. There were white people who did say stuff. Yeah, some of them went to jail.

And some of them went to jail. So don’t come and say you’re a fighter, okay.Coronavirus stimulus to exceed 6 trillion.

So you have this is what was happening to the masses that the white supremacist did.And by the way, the so called wipe now, just let me just finish with this. As you know, Julian John, Cambridge, Massachusetts is known as a liberal woke elites, right? Who care for diversity in the poor and the black? Well, in Boston, which is a center of all of the Boston Brahmin to I call the true white supremacist, what do you think the net worth of a black person should be there? And this is what came out of the Fed.

And this is no, no joke, the net worth of a black Bostonian is only $8. That means if you take their entire net worth, it’s $8. And this is in the center of the liberal elite woke people care, suppose they care for black people and white people.

Okay, it gets more interesting. The blacks in Boston have a median net worth versus whites of 247,000. So in the midst of all of this woke shit, there’s massive segregation.

So white people and black people a little bit higher, significantly higher, but who’s profiting from this, this division.And you’ll see it gets even more profound.When you look at this, now, white Americans are getting poor.

And what you find is here is a medium income of whites in 2007, and it’s come down. Same with Hispanics, and it’s approaching the same, so we’re all in the same boat.And so, the middle class here is shrinking.

So the middle is going to shrink, the lower is increasing, and the upper is much, much thinner. So there you go. So let me end with this.

And we’ll take questions. This is the picture of that 14 year old boy who invented email. How many of you still have a visceral reaction to seeing this picture?After you learned all these facts?How many people now have a visceral reaction?And if you do, I have to ask this question.

So this says email, Mr. Shiva DeRay, Shiva Drake. Suppose instead of this, or this, I were to show you this picture.

My name was Montgomery Newton, the third from Westport, Connecticut, and I had filled out this would I be on the front page of every stamp?Would I be heralded? No one would be questioning uppercase email, lowercase email, no one would be questioning this copyright. Right.I have to ask that question.

Would this would there be a visceral reaction this or would be like Oh, Mozart wrote all those symphonies? No onequestions whether he wrote them white guy must have written them. But a dark skinned Indian guy. Oh wait a minute email uppercaseWestport, Connecticut.

Montgomery Newton. Oh my god, we have a prodigy on our hands.We must Herald them we must demonstrate how great you know the people of Westport are and how our lineage from Montgomery Newton comes from Newton’s lineage you know dadadada.

so You have to ask,Should I go get bleached? Should I go get my hair done differently? And let me just tell you to all you Indians listening out there.Right now in India, Indians spend more money on consumer product to lighten your skin than they buy Coke or Pepsi. Did you know that?Indians spend more moneyon face lightening products.

And I know in my own family, Julian John, my dad was very dark he had a brother was lighter and he would get so much preferential treatment.And this is because of not goes to but because of white supremacy.Yes, so.

So again, CeCe is not getting the point. What did we say when we started this anyone, regardless of their color,who gets upset at that is a white supremacist Tesla was screwed because he didn’t come from the establishment. He came from an outside he wasn’t part of the network.

The same thing occurred to Philo Farnsworth, a 14 year old boy create a TV, the white supremacist at RCA stole his invention. So let’s not get into colorism. So what these intellectuals do? Well, that’s colorism versus racism.

They make it all very intellectual. So you don’t know what the fuck is going on? We’re talking about white supremacy. Let’s call a spade a spade.

And what I’m asking all of you is get this clear there is white supremacy, and has nothing to do with color. And we as working people must call Walter Isaacson out as a white supremacist.And it’s time that the conservative white people who get screwed everyday by being called white supremacist, they turn the mirror and say no, you’re a fucking white supremacist.

And until that happens, they’ll get away with this.John, maybe you can make some comments on that having been called the white supremacist yourself.I’m giving a solution out of this.

And then I’m going to open up the phone lines. Go ahead, John. Yeah, with all of the free speech rally stuff.

And again, they try to make everything about like, Oh, don’t use the N word support affirmative action. And so like, whenever you stand when you’re a white person who’s advocating for free speech, they’re like, Oh, you just want free speech to say the N word or something like that. It’s like, well, that would fall within that category.

Yes, because free speech means free speech. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about like political speech, mainly.

But I wanted to specifically respond to know, John, I want you to talk about dying, that we’re spreading critical race theory, CC, the critical race theory, people are white supremacists.Again, Gloria, you’re not getting it. No, no, it’s easy.

He’s responding. Yeah, yeah, we’re not talking. We’re talking about real.

We have to acknowledge there is these white supremacist, but it’s not John meddler or me.Okay, well, there are real people. John, did you add the number, so let me open the call in.

So I’m going to if people want to call in, I think this should be able to work, I have the call in lines open, you can call in, and you can talk about anything you want.We’re gonna have a discourse now. So call in, make your comment.

I think that should be able to work. So call and there’s a number right there. 857-957-9545.

But the bottom line of this discourse is, if you if you see all these idiots on the internet, oh my god, you didn’t invent email? You didn’t do this. Why do you Why are you saying that?Where do you get that? Is it your visceral reaction when you see this brown skin guy from Newark, New Jersey, because if that is your white supremacist, and again, let me be clear, there are lots of Indians who are white supremacist.This is not about race.

It is attributes being the domination of a set of people, these liberal institutions because they are truly the white supremacist. And I’ve walked you through this example with Walter Isaacson who promotes white supremacy. Any questions? 857-957-9545.

John, do you just want to call in to make sure it’s working? Okay.So anyone can make a comment.Wow.

We have no one. No one ready to speak on. Chris is saying that he’s trying to call it and he says it’s Let me try.

Oh,Areyou dialing the right number? Joe?857997 Oops, wrong number John. Okay, sorry. So that’s that’s my phone number 9979545.

John, let me change that. 997 Sorry about that.My bad.

Alright.Sorry about that. 857-997-9545 Sorry about that.

So you can ask any question, but let me just make a couple of points here that what’s happening is the academics try to make this very, very, like, some weird conversation and they have all these black academics now. Okay, so we have let’s bring the call in.Someone who’s being screened by the way, you can leave what you want to talk about, and I’ll bring you on.

Let’s see what we got here.So let’s bring the first numberHello, what do we have?Hello.Yes, I you need to lower your sound in the background.

But go ahead.Your friendsor you need to lower the sound in the background because we’re getting all the echo. Can you please do that?One second video sound in the background.

Let me turn down this. Second, you gotta turn. So go ahead.

Yeah. Okay, so better. Yep.

Go ahead. So please make your comment. Yep.

I know, I hear what you’re saying. And I agree.However,white supremacy is, is hate by any other name.

And I grew. I am white, lower middle class.And I feel this kind of prejudice for my own people.

So can you explain that more tour? Can you explain that more? Well? Yeah, I was going to do that in the chat. But you turned off the chat. So I couldn’tput comments in the chat.

It’s turned off. Oh, that’s weird. But look.

Yeah, I know. But look, I know, I understand. I know.

I hear your pain, your anger, your rage, your keen sense of justice and injustice. I think we need to cheat. I think we need to refocus, because can you make your comment? Very, very concise.

So because we have about 20 other callers? What’s the point that you’re trying to make? Yeah. Can you be concise with it?I know I can’t really but have a good night. Okay.

Thank you.Let meif I understand what she was trying to say, I would say there are a lot of white people that hate other white people in college studios hosting free. Well, that was taken down, I gotta reconnect.

Enter your six digit PIN number.Okay, here we go. So we got our next caller, you are now in the host room and can manage your callers from the Colin studio web interface.

So someone says Chris is gonna come on over to you on dual channel. So let me bring Chris in. Go ahead, Chris.

You’re on.Hi, Chris.Good.

Chris. By the way, anyone calling in? If you have a question, ask a question. Or keep your comments to 30 to 30 seconds to a minute, even though that’s tight.

So as you’re waiting on the call, just try to be concise. Go ahead,Chris.Great, great talk tonight.

And yeah, I just, I really love your direction here. And you’re going on for the language because these people preferred the language, and they turn it and then use it against us. So they use it as a sword and a shield against us.

And taking back that language and coming at them. And being a principal, you know, standpoint. I just love I love that message.

So great. So yeah, Chris, I think you’ve nailed that. And what I’m really very excited about was when I saw Julie put that out.

They think Chris that white people are not going to get this if they’re going to bucket them into the conservative wing like John talked about, oh my god, I’m they’re attacking me, or they’re going to sucker them into the black lives matter when you said I’m saying and I think the opportunity we have here is to get people into realizing that the word white supremacy should be used, but we should point it at the right person. So I’m glad we got that through. It’s very nice having your Chris Julie, did you want to make a comment here?The basically fear is a currency of control.

So they’re gonna they’re gonna use accusations, you know, against whites to target, you know, you know, half, three quarters of the nation, whatever and call them white supremacists. Because they create an atmosphere that makes people so fearful to even address white supremacy. Because number one, they don’t want to be tagged.

It’s white supremacists. Or they’re afraid of speaking out calling somebody else white supremacist, exactly. This fear that people have grips them.

So if you could break away from the fear, then you break away from the control that they have over the language and over the whole narrative. If enough people understand that they are able to turn the mirror around into focus, it does shine the light on where the true racist racism really is, within whether it’s the medical, the biomedical security state, whether it’s in the university setting,the military industrial complex, all that there’s there’s a vast network that are working globally through through different channels, and they select and then they, they they bring up and theythey replay. So there’s only a certain network of people or groups that are allowed in that.

Yep. Warren, but I think I think the key, the key thing here is they’ve come up with the term white supremacy,which is who they are. And they have told white people, their white supremacist,so they can hide their white supremacy.

That’s what the conundrum here is. And that’s why it’s very important to take this, as Chris said, pointing back at the month. Thanks, Chris.

Let me take the next call.They’ve done a lot of blaming. working class white.

Yeah, so yeah, so people, by the way, everyone listening, you know, go to, I’ll give a truth freedom. is an entire program we’ve created so we can start thinking beyond left and right.

So we don’t get caught in these labels. And it’s a systems approach to understand it. So Chris, go check that out.

Thank you.Let’s take the next caller. weird topic is regarding the gas that Joe Rogan got something about Joe Rogan.

Hello.Hi. Hi, quick question that just, I don’t know you have an opportunity to catch up on the recent clip or appearance on the Joe Rogan experience specifically see Thor’s car regarding the cobalt mining issue going on in the condo? Yeah, I don’t know if there’s any connection there that you can do with tonight.

Well, well, so So Joe Rogan is one of the master Grifters, but thank you, I’ll let me comment on that. Joe Rogan is basically a master grifter, okay. He’s part of one of the largest creative agencies on the planet.

A guy called Owen Benjamin has completely exposed Joe Rogan for what he really is. But Joe Rogan, basically you have to understand these people are entertainers. They’ll even take an issue real issues, and they’ll talk about it, but not when it’s important to talk about them when they can get views on them.

Right when they can get somesupports their branding, Joe Rogan, for example. In 2014, when we were exposing Monsanto, Joe Rogan actually had the Monsanto scientists on and you know, lauding them when the vaccine stuff when occurred, he was all pro vaccine. And then when he saw the tide go the other way, because all maybe now I’m anti vaccine.

And then when Spotify shares fell, he said, No, maybe now I’m back to pro vaccine. Okay? Is it complete scumbag? It’s a different topic, but the white supremacist, own Joe Rogan. And they’ll even say some good things, but way after the fact.

And that’s what Twitter files is all about. But we’ll come back to that. But thank you.

That’s the commentary I have on this. Let me take our next caller. It’s Mary Johnson.

She goes, I’m just being interesting to have a comment about white. Let’s see what she says. Go ahead, Mary.

How are you?Hey, Dr. Shiva. Nice to watch you.

Oh, good comment on when Jimi Hendrix came on the scene. There are a lot of white guitar players who are like, put out of work because youknew that the power of love is greater thanthe love of power. Yeah.

And so that was his philosophy. And he succeeded in exposing harnessing shells that was neither white nor black. And everybody can relate to the power of gloves if they have the wherewithal within themselves to wake up.

Yeah, Mary, you’re making a beautiful point. If you look at the vast majority of human race, we instinctively know that we love our fellow brothers, sisters, everyone, these white supremacistAt Harvard at MIT, they actually hate you and they hate me and they hate everyone. And they perpetuateevil is the love of money.

There you goout to get rich. Yep.Me and you know that to power.

Right? So the forces of power, profit and control are about that. That’s why our movement for truth, Freedom health is all about truth, freedom and health. You know, it’s not about power, profit and control.

Yeah, so it’s a way that we take the concepts of love. And we materialize them by teaching people how to think how people to get wise. And the reason I wanted to have this discussion was a very hard decision to have this discussion, because I knew I had to sort of intersect these people are gonna say, Oh, my God, Shiva, have you become woke now those idiots with the same fact that there are the the woke people who have been misusing and taking calling people white supremacist, right.

But the solution is, yeah, the solution is we must call the white supremacist, white supremacist, real ones. And like Julie said, turn the mirror right back at them. But thank you, very nice to have you.

I would also like to say if I may, if I would also like to say that if you truly love something, whether it’s your family, your home, your country, if you truly love something, and something is desperately threatening that which you love, you’re going to naturally have a righteous anger against that which threatens what you love. So all these people that talk about like, love, love, love, love, love, and they don’t and they never get angry. I’m thinking do you really love anything? Well, becausewyness, you know, is a great St.

Thomas Aquinas said, If you do not get angry in morality, then you are an immoral human being. Amen. I love Thomas.

Yeah. So those people who are getting angry, my anger comes from a real righteousness. And I speak not only from for me, but the billions of other people get screwed every day.

So if you are not getting angry, and you do not get angry, there’s something immoral with you. Go look at your own morality, please.We have a Bob.

Bob said, I’m from Bob, are you there?I’m here. Hi, Bob. Go ahead.

Hello, goodbye.Your show. And first of all, I just, I’m the white guy, and I gotta live with my defenses go up, because you talked about white supremacy.

And it kind of goes to like, an episode of Star Trek where Katherine Kirk is talking about? Well, sure, I’m a killer, but I’m not gonna be a killer today.But so, I guess thinking you’re doing your movement a favor by using the term of white supremacy. I suggested ivory supremacy.

You know, I read power and stuff. Because?Well, let so I hear what you’re saying, Bob. So what happens is, we can get sort of, okay, let’s use a different term.

And let’s come up with a number. The reality is a term white supremacy is out there. I’ve been called the white supremacist.

I don’t know if you know that. John’s been called the white supremacist. Right when I stood up for free speech.

So the white supremacy, the real white supremacist, are using that term, just like they took a rainbow, which is what Isaac Newton discovered. And now it’s only can be owned by transgender and gay, whatever, those people, right. So the point here is, it’s time that we these words are already pervasive.

So by saying we don’t have the manpower or the forces, you know, how many billions of dollars you’re gonna have to spend to create a term called ivory supremacy.It sounds in theory good. But the reality is there are the reality is Bob, there are white supremacist.

Of course there are and we should call them out.I’ve been talking to my friends, all of whom are white, about actually the hunters no different when you get to the top levels of left or right. I call them all elite.

Yep. Becausebecause they’re there. It’s all about mostly about power, you know, like, like, you’ve got a giant house and you’ve done a million always loved the power.

It’s all about power.So I guess you’re trying to you’re trying to bully ganky Do you know the story of that? That was the song with a British soldier? Yeah, it was derived revolutionary Americans with and then we turn it around and we think that’s I think it’s a strep. Bob.

What’s happened is when we ran when John and I ran the Free Speech rally, I was called in the newspapers a NaziA white supremacist. And all of that was done out of a few scholars out of Harvard. Okay.

And they are the white supremacist. They want you to feel bad. Oh, you know what? I don’t like the term white supremacy no white, we just say, You know what, I love that term, and you are a white supremacist.

That’s what they don’t want you to do. Bob, they want you to cower around that word. They don’t want you to have a discussion around it.

And that’s how we should turn it around. I think.I think your Yankee Doodle analogy nails it.

Your Yankee Doodle analogy, nails it. It’s a great, great analogy.I also like the Star Trek way, how butterfly histo work, work has beensure I’m a white supremacist.

I’m not. I’m not going to. I’m not going to exercise myself today.

It is a bit problematic, that even I very rarely rarely a rational person. I would.I felt a biteasier.

No, I agree. 100,000%. Right.

But I’m saying that that attack that you feel is the oppression that they’re doing? That’s what I’m saying. Go ahead. Julian, I think Julian wants to that’s the point I was trying to bring out in the in the tweet that the people you know, it triggers something, there’s a fear there.

And people are afraid to have a conversation about it. But but the conversation has to be directed towards who the true white supremacist really are. Exactly.

They want to call us white supremacist, and they and they’re doing that to make sure we never call them back thatthe Republican establishment will happily use the term racist. They’ll say, oh, Democrats are the real racists, they won’t say Democrats are the real white supremacist, right? Because they because they play into that the use of that weaponization of that term against working class white people. And so working class white people get all prickly when you say when you even just use the term white supremacist.

Ooh, but me and Tifa have been called it so many times at this point that frankly, I’m desensitized to it I don’t care. What’s premises all day? I don’t give it I wouldn’t give it Britain Winslow on from Orlando, I’m talking about the subject of right to privacy and keeping people out of the loop. Go ahead, Britain.

Hello, everybody. My name is Britain. I’m from Orlando, Florida.

Thank you for taking my call. I really liked this subject here. Because you know, even me, I’m lifers.

And I’ve been called a white supremacist because, I mean, people don’t really understand why they just repeat what’s on TV. And then you know, I have to explain to them, you know, you can’t be like, you know, the word white supremacy like, first of all, you’re not in a position of authority of supreme authority doing all this stuff, moving, doing the dollars making stuff happen within a millisecond, you know, just oppose some poor immigrant from somewhere else as a better idea. It’s kind of ridiculous to hold your white supremacist will.

I mean, is that person really in a position of authority supreme? Do they have any power so that’s, it’s actually a fantastic idea. Because first of all, a lot of these people are like extremely pale and lame and weak and like, they don’t really have any ideas or power, they just have this group like back in the 40s, or they have a national crime syndicate just merges with governments, and then they have to make everything about some Keeping Up with the Joneses petty nonsense everyday so that people aren’t like, Hey, who’s really doing all this actual center of power maneuvering? You know, putting money in places and doing things like that? That’s supremacy because that’s the real position of authority supreme. Yeah.

So sit around all day decide whether people should do with their lives and which is to think in their heads. But know when it gets into what you’re doing. That’s, I mean, think about if you’re on the right, to your point, right.

Or if you’re just an honest person, the person who wants to see a better day, the BLM guys we know are complete scumbags. Okay? They took advantage of black people. Imagine how the BLM would be totally disarmed, if every conservative, hardworking conservative started saying, You know what, yeah, there is white supremacy, I’m going to tell you exactly where it is.

And it’s over at Harvard University. They’re the white supremacist. They’re the one I believe in white supremacy and they’re over there.

They’re over there. That you we’ve just we’ve just like BLM is over. There is no more BLM.

Because you admit there is white supremacy, because the problem is the right wing and the left wing. The left and the right are created to perpetuate themselves. So the right attacks the left oh my god, you guys are telling you guys are broken.

There is no racism and the left says no, no, you’re right. You know, you guys are racist because you don’t acknowledge racism. So the way that should happen is yes, there is racism.

And you know who the racists are? Walter Isaacson. That is over. Exactly.

And that is the big epiphany I’ve had and that’s why I wanted to have this discussion. Because otherwise, we’re never going to make it out of this.Because you’re gonna have more and more white people cowering.

Oh my god, I can’t say anything. They’re gonna brand me as a white supremacist.ItThe only way out of it I realized was one of the things I realized was during the George Floyd riots and all the thing that happened a couple of years ago, in the very beginning, everybody was on the same team like, Oh, my God, you know, we’ve had it with this shutdown the government stuff.

And then just as if you’ve seen people, actually all of the servers that heavily online agree, just mass amounts of bots and all this stuff. No, you can’t agree. Oh, my god, is this just out of nowhere? Right.

And let me take a couple more people will do. Well, thank you for your comments. But I think again, we’re coming to this point, that people whether you’re left or right, we have to acknowledge there is white supremacy, but it is not coming from everyday people.

It’s coming from these elites, and they never want that term used on them. So I say, weaponize that term and use it on them. Thank you.

Exactly. Thank you. Let’s go to Shelly paradise.

Go ahead, Shelly.Hi, Shelly. How are you?On time with your station with your radio broadcast, broadcast, and even people talking at once?It’s very hard for me to tell you as well I feel about this.

Because I’m trying to listen to this person that’s already talking.Who’s talking right now? The only Shelly you’re the only person talking now?I must just because I have you on the air online.Okay, hang on.

I’m gonna tell you this. This country is in big trouble, because we are I worked in Congress. I know how crooked it is there.

I was in House Ways and Means in the next budget. Oh, laughs because it’s an inaccurate congressional record. I’m a stenographer.

I was I’m retired now. I did that 20 years. Then I went to federal court.

This isn’t any better state court. Then I had you have there was a talk radio show on years ago, here. And I spoke against Obama’s making home unaffordable for the people in this country lost their homes in 2008.

If you remember that, or years of his reign, everybody should be extremely upset still, because that has not been fit. When my husband and my father died in the same year. I was about to die.

I asked for Making Home Affordable and applied for it forwards on the goddamn bank up destroy America. Lost my paperwork four times. That’s unconscionable.

So then I got a call from my father, from the IRS. So surely, we have. So if you can just tell you this act to be remedy we need to fight.

Yes, I agree with you, Dr. Chiba. I agree with iron beta.

I’ve studied at 13 years.Stupid just being down in and our president is Obama into this with Bank of destroy America. I learned received $2,000 For every foreclosure they did in this country.

Millions of people lost their homes. Yes, that is one of my problems. The other thing is then I went to school for culinary and I found out how corrupt our academia is in every single school I’ve ever been to, but this was the worst.

Because I fought them. They wanted to throw me out of school and they lost I am willing to fight with you for so surely this is my this is my so first of all, I feel your pain. I want you to go to truth freedom. We are building a global community. Oh, you are great.

Great. Yeah. Okay, I was trying to get the difference between already looked at.

Okay. Well, Shelly, I so tomorrowso So tomorrow we’re having an orientation if I know you’ve been to put police comm I have another 10 callers. I want to get them in.

But thank you so much for sharing your your situation.How I can help you. Thank you.

Well, come Come tomorrow and let’s talk. Thank you, Shelly. Yes, sir.

I’ll be there.Yeah, yep. Let’s go to the next person.

It says Edward. Go ahead, Edward. You’re on.

How are you? Good. So I think we can.Yeah, so if you can make a comment, because I want to try to get everyone on or your question as succinctly as possible, but I don’t want to cut you off because I want to.

Yeah, go ahead.Yeah, I think we can look at all the concerns of the previous callers.actually getting specific about who the white supremacist are.

You got into it on the main level like maybe we were they are. Yeah, but there’s an organization called whites.But there are there is an organization that only allows white people that is very harmful.

Yeah. Masonry. And it’s really this person I fall on the streets.

I can tell you, I never saw Antifa one time, and I’ve been tracking their movements. I’ve never seen a one time event either Masonic Lodge, and wow, that’s interesting. You, what is that? Julie? No, it’s interesting insight.

In Seattle, Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jr. Okay, so So let’s Well, I think your point is, you’re making the point that the white supremacist, a small group are the ones who unleash this fight between black and white. Right.

Okay. Well, no, well, that’s that’s the point. Look, that look, the the broader thing.

Once we understand this core principle is the following. White supremacists do not they love race war.They want white people fighting against black people, and they want white people.

When I say white people, I’m talking about a broad mass of white people. And they want them fighting with black people. And then they want black people, you know, getting, you know, putting their heels and digging their heels in.

But thank you. Let me take the next caller. Thank you very much.

Let’s go to the next person.Hello, go ahead.Hello, Hi, can you introduce yourself? Hey,how you doing? This is Moses.

Moses. Yeah. How are you Moses? What would you like to say?I was kind of watching do the chat.

And I was watching a lot of people were kind of thrown off that conversation that you had people, please don’t get hung up on the term white supremacy, I think, excellent job.expressing what you what you’re saying because it where does it because uses weaponizes different codes to, you know, can to put people in a, you know, catch people or bad light. But at the same time, what you also highlighted was how academia, especially changes history, it changes his use of terminology and weaponizes weaponizes along the masses to where people you know, they beat with their work, but at the same time with your understanding at people using to work against you, we are in a war.

And we have to realize this, you have to take the terms that they use against you use it against them. Yep. So I think this is a very important conversation.

What thank you again, for having this conversation. Have you pulled me out of that left right paradigmwanted to go out zones or system science course because I was very interested. And I just didit, I want to be active and, you know, get involved and kind of help awaken other people who are caught and trapped into this system that keeps us in the same, you know, hopeless state and give me a trophy giving us false hope.

All these new suppose people that come along the schools.Exactly. And that’s, that’s where people? Thank you.

Well, what I’m really excited by is that we are building a movement, just to just briefly, I just want to play a quick video because I just want to get this take, I don’t want to take a break. But I just want to I haven’t done any sort of advertising here or promotional stuff here. And truthfully, not, then that’s not a good thing.

I want to let people know, in the spite of all of this problems, were identifying we actually have a solution. And the only solution is black people, white people, people of all races, building a bottoms up movement, working people, and exposing those forces of power, profit and control. And that’s what we’ve done.

And that’s really been my life’s journey. To do that. And the the, it’s best articulated by a website that I encourage everyone to go to called Truth freedom. And on this website, it’s been a life work.

It’s called Get educated or be enslaved. And this system bigger than email I think I’ve created will teach you that there’s 12 components. First of all, I want you to go first of all, we have a community global community 95 countries and if you go read our stories, these are everyday people like you.

We’re building a bottoms up and we’re not going to outsource our future to false gods Donald Trump or Barack Obama or Elon Musk, none of these people we haveThe history of winning. And what you’ll realize is that the problem we’re identifying, there’s so much information out there. But without the elites just give us a little piece of it.

So they brand you as a white supremacist, or they call you this name or that name. And the goal is to split you into left and right. So that’s why this discussion is interesting, because I believe based on the comments, we made a huge gain because the elites want to take information.

And they want to just take a piece of it. Oh, John is a white supremacist, he supports free speech, Shiva is a white supremacist, and that leads either to people to get into this left, right, people say screw it, I’m just gonna go off, sit under a mountain, or I’m gonna do something desperate. And what you find is that the reality is that the elites have also created these people, that Tucker Carlson is a Joe Rogan’s, the Alex Jones, these are entertainers or gurus, or Trump or the left and the right to basically entertain people, they’re the machinery of ignorance.

And what it really leads to, is to recognize the only way out of this is knowledge. And knowledge is different than information knowledge is really understanding how to interconnect stuff, having the subtler conversations that we’re trying to do today, because the elite sure don’t want us to have this. And that leads to wisdom and clarity.

And you start really getting active, you start saying, You know what, I understand what they’re actually trying to do I understand their dynamics, you get innovative, you get organized. But in order to do this, to those of you who started the call, thinking we’re in the left, like LEFT, RIGHT camp, you got to let go the old, you got to become your own guru, you have to learn how to think now fortunately, the system I put together teaches you the science of systems, it teaches you how to understand your body as a system. So you take I mean, it took me 40 years to put this course together, you don’t have to spend $100,000, you join, you become part of not only learning the course, the science of systems, but you get all the books, you can pay hundreds of dollars, I give that away.

As a part of this, you get the tools, you get to understand your body as a system, you get to understand many, many things. But most importantly, we’ve created a community here, and we teach you how to get on the ground and educate people. And we do we have our own version of Twitter and Facebook, but it’s behind on our servers so we can build a movement.

That is what the Movement for truth, freedom and health is. And I needed to share that because it is this movement that is going to give us the ability to think beyond left and right. But without this training, we would never really be able to have this discussion.

So I’m very, very pleased we have this discussion. We take our next caller. The next caller you’re on.

Hello, who do we have? Hi, Dr. Chu, how are you just want to think I’m good. Go ahead.

major kudos and major congratulations of being an inventor of email that is freaking awesome. Thank you. That’s really cool to really know the history and background behind that.

So I guess my question is, I guess the meaning you’re saying a white supremacist, my thing is like, so now how do we define the people who like, for example, or in a feel of power, let’s say like a cop? Who is a video recording of them treating a minority in a very bad way. So we wouldn’t label them as my. Well, so I mean, yeah, I mean, so look, here’s the deal, right? If you have, what I’m saying is, if you look at all these incidents, right of injustice that are taking place, right? Let’s say a cop beating up a person that he has no right to do, right? That cop should be prosecuted, right? Whether it’s beating up a black person or white person, a woman, okay.

And that’s occurring every day all over the world, there are crooked cops everywhere you go to, in fact, there’s crooked cops all over the world, right? Because they’ve been given authority, and they can exercise that authoritywithout any regard for the law. Right? Okay, so that’s one set of things. What we’re talking about is in the right, are people stealing or doing petty crime or whatever, there’s a whole set of characters who do that the lumping elements, right?But what we’re talking about is the cop who goes and does something like that.

The criminal activity he or she may do is at a different level of criminality than a professor at Harvard. Okay. writing a paper, okay, where he is defining, oh, my god, okay.

Like the historian here, Thomas, AIG who wrote the history on email because what what people need to understand academia. Do you know academics, when they get tenure, they never have to work again, ever. They get full salary for the rest of their lives.

Yes, called tenure. It’s like the old priesthood.Okay, so they get these tenured positions, and they have massive authority more than even heads of state.

Go look at something like Henry Kissinger or Brzezinski, or all the Condoleezza Rice. presidents come and go. But have you noticed the academics are always there? Henry Kissinger has been there forever.

He’s like a vampire. Okay, the guy’s always there.You know, or look at Fauci, another white supremacist20 presidents have come, he’s still there.

The academics are the real masters of white supremacy, because they’re the ones that come up with thought, you see, thought, precedesinformation precedes energy and matter. You have a thought they put thoughts out in the world, oh, women are dumb. That’s a good thought.

We can oppress lots of women, we can pay them 50 cents less than the other person, right? Okay, we’re gonna put another thought Black people are dumb, white working class people are all rednecks, okay.And they write papers on this. They control large aspects of human discourse, okay.

So they will write a paper in a journal, and then the media picks up on it. And that becomes a discourse. So for example, the academics who wrote a bogus paper for 16 years, saying that Alzheimer’s was caused by certainly the guy made up all the data for 16 years, billions of dollars went into this bogus research.

So imagine a, a academic rights, you know, a woman with blond hair, we’ve done some genetic research are actually dumb. They’re only good for being strippers. And they may write an article like that.

I’m just making this up, okay. And many times, they have done stuff like that, by the way. So every broad, blonde haired kid who grows up says, Oh, I guess I should only be a stripper.

And they demean women through various ways. And men, and others, and their ideas become pervasive. It’s far different than a cough, beating someone illegally said, I’m saying, that occurs I’m talking about they write a paper, they get the Nobel Prize for something that could be completely bullshit.

And they could. And they get to decide who gets printed in journals and who doesn’t. Right.

So we’re talking about when when something comes out, like this is the truth, right? Everyone should take vaccines, right? Who decided that it wasn’t a cop who beat somebody, he should be thrown in jail if he did it wrong, right? It’s an academic with our pain. Yeah. So what I’m saying is they control vast amounts of human thought.

It’s academic malpractice. Yeah, it’s basically criminal what they do. So they have come up with the thesis, we are going to start calling people white supremacist.

That’s what I’m trying to get across here. So white people shouldn’t take this personally. You should realize that they weaponized stuff against you.

So take that weapon, call them white supremacists, because they are the real white supremacist. That’s what I’m trying to say. But thank you.

Got it now. Thank you. Let’s go to the next person.

Doug. Go ahead, Doug. Doug, this is my name.

Go ahead, Doug. Sorry, you’re gonna go ahead, Doug. Doug, are you there? Hi, Doug.

It is 1109. John, how are you doing? Should we take three more questions? That’s fine. Doug, are you there?Okay, I’m going to drop this guy.

By the way, when I bring you on the call, please lower your background noise, because it’s really not fair to others, because we’re hearing all this background. Alexis tutor. Go ahead, Alexis.

Yep. Hi, Alexis, if you can be brief, if you can take, you know, 1015 seconds to say what your question is your comment because I want to try to get others and go ahead.Basically, the, you know, they do this was everything, whether it’s terrorism, or you know, they call the term people terrorists when they’re really the text.

Exactly. You nailed it. That’s a great example.

Right. I think you nailed that. Yeah.

And I think you nailed that. I think if people can understand that. These constructs they call everyday people.

I mean, the British called when we win the American Revolution. Oh, those guys are terrorists. They were the terrorists.

Same old, same old bullshit. Thank you. Great point.

Thank you. Okay. Good.

Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. So let’s go to Victor from Latin America.

Go ahead, Victor. If you can, again, be very, very brief, and make your points as simply go ahead, Victor. Victor, Hello, we lose Victor.

Okay, last Victor. Let’s go to the next person Loverboy shooting state. We’d like to explore the possible utilizing billion.

Okay, go ahead Loverboy. Low. I just, again if you can be brief and with your comment or your question, go ahead.

Am I Am I on? You’re on? Hi, how are you? This is Dr. Shiva, John and Julie. Guides.

We talked a week ago Monday, Dr. Shiva, you actually return my call. Thank God, you’re a real person.

And I appreciate so much what you’re saying that for 30 years of public office holder as a Republican here at Hanford, we have a multibillion dollar assets going to waste that are a basically a epitome of a system as it is being destroyed. I would like to invite you Dr. Shiva, we have some very good technical scientists that are available to rebuild these systems and build a nationalstory like it should be built.

You would be a national hero for doing this. And I have the access to the scientists and the teams that ran those projects. Okay, so why don’t you? Yeah, so why don’t you send me an email and we’ll I’ve been out to Hanford, my sister was one of the I think she was a director, Medical Director many, many years ago doing all the testing.

But let me so my email is V A Shiva, John will put it up on the comments, VA Shiva da But thank you, good hearing from you.

Again, be well. Thank you. Thank you.

Appreciate you. Yep. Let’s go to our next caller.

I’m not gonna I think I’m gonna stop taking calls. So, but let’s go. I want to make sure I know people been waiting.

Go ahead. I don’t know who we have. But can you please tell us your name and your comment or question? Go ahead.

Hello, hello. Hi, how are you? Hello. Hello, can you? Yes, we can hear you please.

Is state your comment? Yes. This is let’s talk about it. Yes.

And the reason why was, I want to say thank you, by the way for what you’re doing, because it’s very, very important to wake up the masses. You’re welcome. And I also wanted to point out the fact that I believe that the white versus the white supremacy situation is an ideology, kind of like the transgender ism or whatever.

Just that nother example of what they use as a tool in their tool belt. Would I think that overall, it’s a bigger situation, that I think these are just a whole bunch of distractions, because I believe that the globalists are all the elites are a bunch of globalist and I believe that they’re all working together. And I’m talking about many more countries than just ours.

Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely transnational, I think bigger than what people see and I appreciate. Well, well, I think you’re absolutely appreciate how you can break it down.

Thank you. You’re welcome. Thank you for your comment.

And by the way, go check out truth freedom.

We’re gonna play a video before we end but thank you for your kind comments. Thank you. Let’s go to Jenna.

Jenna. Go ahead, Jenna. Go ahead, Jenna.

Hi, Jenna, how are you? We have Jenna. Jenna, nice to have you this is Dr. Shiva.

And John and Julie. Can you state your your comment or your your question? Go ahead, Jenna. Hello, Jenna.

I think we lost Jenna. Let’s go to the next person. Sherry Okay, go ahead.

Sherry. Sherry has got a great question. God, Sherry, if you’re there Hi, Dr.

Shiva. Yeah. So, to understand, um, I have a question.

With this particular topic. I’ll make it brief. Yeah.

When you’re having this conversation with people, and they, as soon as you start talking about this, they saw the oh, that’s your white fragility talking. And so they shut the conversation right now. So I’m wondering if you Yeah, so let’s, let’s, let’s let’s have, so let’s just do a yes.

So let’s just do a quicksort of a rehearsal. So tell me what you sell me. What I would say and what they come back with.

Go ahead. Let’s just play it back. You know, I could just discuss with you what we’re hearing here.

You know, they that there’s a hierarchy that people are kept out, you know,It can be just super basic and not even people just don’t people just get all bristledat white fragility and fragility talking in the new examples, you know, specific exam. No, no, no, give me the exact discussion. So you’re taught, you’re saying you’re talking to a liberal or a conservative.

So someone’s a liberal.And what will they? Yeah, so I just want to just walk us through. So what do you approach them with? Or what did they approach you with?Well, that’s just your white fragility talking, or your wife, maybe your white supremacist, and you don’t know that you are in response? Yeah.

But in response to what Sherry? Why did they say that?Whatever topic, and it could be, I’m just repeating something like what we’re talking about here, you know, there are people, there’s reasons why these things are happening. You just started discussion. You’re right along the lines.

Right. So this is So in truth, freedom, and how can we have a chart? So when someone talks about that you are a white supremacist, right? I think the most important thing to come back to them is with the following. You see, you cannot discuss the issue of racism or sexism, without tying it to economic exploitation.

Let me repeat that again. And that is what these people do. You cannot discuss racism, real racism, or real sexism without connecting it to economic exploitation.

Let me explain what I mean. You see, the elites, who are the real perpetrators like Walter Isaacson. Right? Or others of the real white supremacy.

What they do is they talk about white supremacy, you say, but they never connect it to the fact that there are a small number of people carrying this out. It’s not like Joe White person is exploiting billions of people. You said, I’m saying, it’s not just people believe that.

Right. Right. But that’s, that’s what so so.

So the God talking? No, no, no, that the best way to go to them is with numbers with facts. Okay. So the fact is the following, which set which institution in the world right now you can ask them, okay.

Controls, you know, the flow of information on science, on medicine and health, on education. On every topic, you can think about, who controls the narrative on that? Ask them that, is it me? No, Surely not. I don’t have access.

I can’t make one phone call and be every, you know, media station overnight, right? Pushing, let’s say climate change. You should ask him that. Who controls the media? Who,who controls the narratives that are written? Right? And you can say you don’t control it, nor do I control it? That’s where we have to start it who has infinite control and economic control.

And that’s what you have to ask them. When they talk about that you have to go to the economics, right? Because they want it so it’s like the feminist movement. When the bourgeois feminists talk about sexism.

They’re talking about more Hillary Clinton’s and more Kamala Harris’s, right. They say, Oh, more women and high offices were getting liberation, but they do not want to talk about the majority of women who are hard working women who can’t even take the train in Boston, because the infrastructures screwed up and they have to spend two hours going back and forth. That’s not they’re not talking about feminism.

But until you when you divorce, the real struggles of the real sexism and the real racism from the economic thing, you get this bougie shit, okay.And that’s what they do. So they talk about nonsense like transgenderism, and all this crap, which doesn’t affect the majority of working people.

The majority of working people have $400 in their bank account, Hillary Clinton has. God knows how much $10 billion in her bank account, and where and when she talks about sexism. She is completely divorced from everyday working people.

When Barack Obama talks about racism, he has no idea what he’s talking about. So it’s easy for him to call people John MEDLARS, a white supremacist because he attended a Boston free speech rally. He’s a white supremacist, because he has economic control.

He can make a few phone calls, and, you know, get loans done for himself. He can make a few phone calls and have billions of dollars move overnight. I mean, there’s $600 trillion that are transacted every freaking day.

And there’s probably 50 people who control that.That’s what we’re talking about. So these people is their strategy and through freedom of movement.

Yes, people Yes, I’m getting this wall and it’s just getting me nowhere. Yeah. So we used to come to solution.

Yeah. So yeah, I don’t know if your warrior scholar but go through, but we have a very powerful way we discuss that. Okay.

In one of the things we talk about race. So the left says there is racism kill every white person and the right says there is no racism, you say we cannot going to win this from the left attacking the right, the right attacking the left, the right needs to be attacked from the right. Definitely racism in the right needs to be attacked from the right.

And the left needs to be attacked from the leftthe left who call people white supremacist problem, I think right, the left needs to be attacked as white supremacist party. Right. But that’s why, quick question.

Do you think that they’re that they’re, that that whole thing? Is their system? What’s organic? Or do you think that was a system? That whole gatekeeping thing where you can’t even talk about it? Because they’re not breaking through that wall with them? Well, there is our movement exists. So the good news is, you’re the good news, I’m gonna I’m gonna take another cautionary. But look, here’s the good news.

Okay, the movement for truth, freedom in health exists. We have these conversations, we have 350,000 people globally over 250 million people know about us, even though they threw me off Twitter. You know, wherever I go, people have heard about our movement and seen our videos, and we don’t kowtow to Elon Musk, or Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

And that’s why they try to make us invisible, because we don’t owe the left or the right, anything. So this is a future, we have to build a bottoms up movement, and we have to have these very tough conversations. And we have to break people away from this mindset, oh, my God, he’s just said white supremacy is affecting me.

I’m a white person, right? People have to get over that. And then we have to call out the liberal elites. Just like the person said, it is the elites who are oppressed people who call people terrorists.

They’re the terrorists, we need to call them terrorists. We need to call them white supremacist. Let me take the next call.

Malcolm God, we a few more calls. God, Malcolm. Good, Malcolm, keep the beat but to me.

Yep, go ahead. Okay, so I want to thank you personally, for all the help that you did. During the fall, she pointed me.

Yep. And I want to offer my own help. I’m involved with a group of guys.

And we’re kind of I think this is kind of an advanced subject for a lot of people it is I get where you’re going to go guy in the call, it shows a gulag game. And I think something that may help is if people looked into how certain groups and entertainment started, like the NAACP, and how that operates, I would go all the way back to who started it. And then with, like PE T television, I would look into, well, who owns that? And who runs that? And how do they run it? Well, let me tell you, we don’t offer that.

Yeah. So let me just tell you, I You should come to truth, freedom and help tomorrow we have a big open house. John, can you put the thing there doesn’t matter.

Let me tell you what their thing is the elites and the real white supremacist, right? They have so many tentacles, and you could chase down everyone all day long. Okay. But once you understand Systems Principles, you can see all of it in one shot.

And the reality is, there’s something called the not so obvious establishment, it is in Syria, we call it a disturbance. And the elites are become very clever. So whenever a real movement comes up of everyday, like, we’re a movement, we’re having this conversation right now.

And I can guarantee you there probably some agents on your listening, and they’re like, holy shit, they’re having the conversation that should not be taking place. Because they want us to be oh my god on a right winger and Otto I want my guns and people are trying to take away my guns or the left wing, oh, my God, you know, blah, blah, blah, you’re a racist, right? They don’t want to have people having this conversation. So.

So whenever bottoms up movements come, like, let’s say the real civil rights movement, so the real anti war movement, they anoint people top down, they go, the Kennedys go and find Martin Luther King, and they anoint him, or India, they anointed Mahatma Gandhi, you say. So they create these fake leaders to take advantage the NAACP, the southern national, and I’ve studied this very used to come to our movement, Southern National Christian conference, including Martin Luther King, these were all anointed ones from top down. And they took away the bottoms of leaders.

And all of these are institutionalized wings of the elites there, the not so obvious establishment, but please come to Truth for the But we teach people the dynamics, so we don’t have to say, Oh, my God, I’m going to follow this thread and this thread, because there are too many threads and you could spend a whole life figuring out all their tentacles, but thank you, we want to go to the head of the snake.

I saw this whole machine and how it works in every facet when I grew up around Minneapolis, and that’s really oneOh yeah, you guys were hit hard with all that crap. Yep. Oh yeah, yeah.

Oh, it all works. Well anyway, come come tomorrow. Thank you.

Yeah, come tomorrow by the way. I’m sorry. Come tomorrow John’s putting it out there, John.

It’s the Yeah, tomorrow. Go to VA COMM to RSVP anyone can attend.

We have two sessions at 11am and 8pm. But we get more deeper. Let me go to Sandy.

Sandy’s calling from God, Sandy, how are you?Up? Sandy is coming on. Good. Sandy.

Hi. I’m sorry. I kept you waiting.

Andy. Andy, from California. And I was calling to say thank you Jeeva for creating email, I first saw you on that.

Own Benjamin the other day. Really good screen. Just the ones they appreciate your work and what they’re doing and justrevealing the truth there.

Thank you come tomorrow and join the movement for truth and health. You’ll find a lot of people awesome people like Owen and others here. But please join.

Look forward to seeing you there. Dr. Shiva, before you bring anyone else on.

I wanted to I wanted to quickly respond to what you just said about the following all these threads all these tentacles, because there’s a lot of people I see in the comments. And I had a trouble picking just one comment. But there’s a lot of people in the comments here saying you need to talk about Freemasonry, or you need to talk about the Jesuits.

Or you need to talk about the Zionists specifically. And if you don’t, or if you don’t talk about this one specific group, that then then you’re missing the whole point. Yeah, so So John is saying, look, the elites want everyone here chasing down different rabbit holes.

They don’t want us uniting, and understanding these common systems principles. If you remember that, what’s that movie Star Wars, right? I mean, what Luke Skywalker doesn’t a good analogy, he finds that one point on the Death Star .And if you hit that one point, you nail everything, you liberate everything.

And that is what our movement does, we’re finding those singular points. And that’s a systems perspective. I’m chasing here and I’m chasing there, you got everyone running around, we got to understand that the systems of power at the center point all aggregate to not just one individual, but they’re a swarm.

It’s not some oh my god, the Rothschilds over here, and blah, blah, blah, over here, you’re gonna be chasing around every day long. It is a system of power. It’s a finite set of people that work very consciously to put our thoughts out there to brainwash masses of people.

Once we understand that dynamic, that is a real power, you have to understand that dynamic, the mechanics of that, and then you become liberated. And the real victory here is you raising your consciousness and understanding this dynamic. This discussion we’re having here is recognizing, oh, white supremacy, is a weaponization it’s a much deeper concept that the elites do to make me as a white person think I’m bad.

And it is a very powerful tool. Now, once you understand that, and it is a tool that’s being used right now in history to separate black and white. And what is the solution? We call them white supremacist, we identify the source of white supremacy.

Harvard University is a source of white supremacy. Yale is a source of white supremacy. Okay, and you can go on and then you then then you say, that’s like the Death Star.

That’s that one point. And we call them white supremacist, and we expose them. And that’s why the invention of email, beyond the fact that I invented email, the power from nature of the story, is that it gives you an ability to take that story.

Oh, wait a minute, the facts are so black and white friend of mine said there’s a movie. I haven’t seen a movie, he’s gonna send me the link, that there’s a street and across the street is an amazing city. But all the adults walking by don’t even see the city but the kids do.

Because their eyes haven’t been biased. That’s called implicit bias. But the adults don’t.

So the elites know how to create these implicit biases you say, and then they come up with terms. And that is, that is the power of power, profit and control. So it’s not about the Jesuits and this, it’s about our mind.

It’s about how they instantiate these things. So we are the source of our own liberation. And this is what we have to understand.

And the only way you get to that, where heaven meets Earth is the knowledge of system science. Can we take the next call the second, the second initiate actually nails it here. The elites are not a monolith, but they are competing, competing factions, but they all all framework.

Yep. Go ahead. Jason.

How are you? Please make your actualI’m not pleasedwith you guys. I just wanted to bring up Bill Gates, because I think it’s very important ask you, is he not a supreme white supremacist? And I asked that because, you know, this guy is endangering blacks to where the African women are crying as I think, you know, putting no dangers vaccines in any pretense that he cares for black people. I mean, is that? Oh, yeah, I mean, he’s he’s the epitome of that.

But again, you know, he’s part he is not that different than the Kennedys.Okay, because Robert Kennedy is like this with Hillary Clinton. And he says he’s an anti Vaxxer, I can play you a video, he says I am pro vaccine, I’m all pro vaccine.

So it’s a swarm of people. They even will write against the other person to manipulate people. But they all want us to go upwards to Malibu or to Aspen to look to them.

And that’s the real false god, what you’re talking about is Bill Gates is trying to set himself up as he’s the Messiah for people. He’s going to go and take care of malaria. He’s going to go get vaccines, the Kennedys are the ones who are going to build our movement, the Elon Musk’s.

Right. And that is what we’re talking about. There’s a larger when you just look at Bill Gates, you miss the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is Bill Gates, Elon Musk, all these guys are a swarm. And the awful disgraceful thing is, oh my god, what is Elon going to do for free speech? I’m gonna wait for him. I’m gonna go to the Twitter files. I mean, this is all bullshit.

It’s all making people bow down to false gods. That’s the bigger piece here.We’re not doing it.

Dr. Chavez, you know, and I thank you for that. And everybody that that works with you.

We’re waking up, as you say, millions of people bottoms up, and we’re gonna destroy these national waterways and yours. Yeah, thank you. Yeah.

But the destruction of the establishment comes from each person becoming the light and awakening their consciousness to this, we don’t need to really go destroy every anything. Because if each person raises their consciousness, it’s over. Like, there’s no one to be controlled by.

So we have to get away from what a movement is a movement is you getting it? You being able to articulate it, you having the courage, and the the the ability to have this kind of discussion. Thank you. Well, I’m gonna take that leadership course doc Shiva.

I can’t wait. I keep saying it. I’m trying to successfully.

Take it. Okay. Great.

Thank you. Let’s go. We have our I promise, we’ve got to get everyone because I don’t wantpeople to feel gypped here.

So that was Jason. Let’s go toDr. Sheraz.

Go ahead. Dr. Chavez.

And then we have three more people and then we’re done. Dr. Chavez.

Hello, Dr. Chavez. Oh, hello.

What do we have? Low? Is a person is not there. Let’s go to the next person. Hello, who do we have? Hello, how are you? Make sure I’m still on Hello.

Folks, I got a call back in I think I did something stupid here. One second. Thank you for calling Colin studios hosting call screener line, please enter your show or meeting number and press down.

Hold on one second guys. I disconnected.Enter your six digit PIN number.

Welcome post, you are now in the host room and can manage your colors from the Cullen studio web interface. Audio Recording is on dual channel. Okay, go ahead.

What do we have? Hello. Hello, hello. Hi, go ahead.

You’re on. Hello. Yeah, go ahead.

What is your question or comment? Yep. I had a question about a little disturbed on here in California, some guy got arrested for insulting people at a restaurant and get charged with hate crime. Okay.

And you knew that itdidn’t matter, like free speech or something? Like how is that a hate crime and how they come off like love not like making you have to love people. You’d like to meet people? Yeah. So yeah.

So let me address that. Yeah. So let me just let me bring up an interesting point.

Yeah, so let me address your observation. So what he’s talking about is, you have organizations right?Like California, right? Who are actually I don’t know what’s going on here. Let me just sign back in.

You have organizations like California, which are trying to imposeRight, this concepts of human behavior, right? They’re trying to manipulate people into this behavior. Maybe both of you guys want to talk about that where I started back and go ahead, John and Julie. Yeah, it’s uh, all of this comes back to back to control and like you said, like you’ve said, Dr.

Shiva, the left will make will boil down quote unquote, racism or white supremacy, oh, just don’t say the N word. And I’ve expanded it to that, like, like hate crimes laws, the idea that you can be arrested for, quote, unquote, insulting someone.That that’s, that would seem to go against the First Amendment, about the whole free speech issue that we’ve often talked about.

I tried to legislate it, but it’s they’re trying to they’re trying tothese are the ones who createdthe divisive world.And now they’re, so they created the division among black and white, because they’re the white supremacist. And then they’re in a very, so now they want to control that division.

It’s like they want to have a controlled nuclear fusion, right, or controlled fission reaction. But they created they created this divisiveness and then they impose laws to further control black people and white people. So white person who undergoes that they’re going to get even more pissed off.

And that’s going to end that and then rightfully, they can say, See, they’re the quote unquote, white supremacist. So this is all about massive like you said, John, and Julie control, control control. And it’s coming top down from a few set of people who are designing the strategies that real white supremacist psychological warfare.

Right.Let’s take our last one from Deepika. Our Go ahead.

Deepika are faith. What do we have?Hello.Yeah, can you speak a little louder so we can get you closer to the microphone?Yep.

I’m sorry. Go ahead. Yes, go ahead.

I just want to talk about how you know howto share Africa followingand how your yard you know,like?Who is when you say reach here? Where are this? Shreya from Germany?Okay, well, let me let Yeah, so so let’s just so let’s just stop right there. You know, we just challenging Elon Musk to put me on I don’t know, if you see we have 20 million views that have gone viral. There’s been 100 articles that have been written.

Yes. So yeah. So.

Yeah, so So the issue is Shreya. It is what is what is you? What is you? What is it you’re going to do? Okay? Because by myself, we’ve gotten this out to about 200 million people. So we have to get away from this attitude.

Oh, my God, Elon Musk. No one’s listening. No one’s listening.

You know what a lot of people are actually getting it. And the people who are getting it are very smart people are very articulate, and who can communicate it to other people. Now, the worst thing would be for movement like ours did not exist.

The world would be in total darkness. So the fact that you know, it’s been, you know, we had close to 400 people live concurrently for four hours on this call. And the fact is that we got our message out, whether they like it or not, they had to cover us, right.

So the important thing to understand here is that there are people who will, the establishment creates its false gods every every two years. Trumpton workout, okay, we need another one Elon Musk. And historically, what happens is the false gods people move to the left and the right left on the right.

Our movementis here and we’re here to stay. It is our movement that expose Fauci first, and they can’t now for two years later, they talked about Fauci but the thing is, we recorded all of it so now they look like dumb shitswas our movement but expose it government censorship infrastructure three years ago, Tucker Carlson, we have all the data to expose him. You see if we had said Tucker Carlson was a grifter two years ago, no one would have believed us.

But now we have the documentation. We sent him this, he didn’t cover it. And we have him saying, oh my god, two years later, I can’t believe this censorship infrastructure exists.

Tucker, I have this email I sent you. You’re a bullshitter.So our movement, which is independent of left and right, is exposing these people everyday step by step by step.

Now what they want people to do say, oh my god, they’re so powerful. No one’s getting it. No, that’s not true.

John Mettler is getting it. Julie, you and I just met today, you got it.There are a lot of smart people are getting it.

And the only way to get more people getting is to have this conversation, door to door. Conversations.That is how we win.

And that is how we are winning. We won lawsuits, we’ve exposed people. But historically, a movement like ours does not exist.

So people get confused by Mahatma Gandhi who hijacks movements, or Martin Luther King, or Al Sharpton, or AOC, or Elon Musk, or we’re calling those people out. And more everyday that goes by people build massive respect for what we’re doing.And a movement like our should have happened about 50 years ago.

So we have to do that dirty work. So when people say, Oh, my God, no one’s getting it’s like you’re lazy. And you’re thinking someone else is going to do the work.

And you think things just happen overnight? No, you have to do the work. This conversation is doing the work. John and I have not eaten dinner.

That’s fine. We’ve been on this call for what, three, three hours, three hours and 15 minutes. That is what it’s going to take.

And the movement needs to be built individual by individual by individual raising people’s consciousness. And you don’t need everyone you need about you know, 10,000 John met Lars and it’s over.Because you’re creating a bunch of gurus.

It’s not just one individual.And they do not want people to do that. They want people to say oh my god, Robert Kennedy is going to save us bullshit.

He’s a bastard. Oh my god, Trump is going to save us full of shit. That thinking is what has gotten us here.

Speaking of which, I have a comment from David is saying Never put your trust in man question at all. I would think Dr. Shiva wouldn’t want anyone blindly following him either.

But research and prove what is right. David’s, David’s right on the money we get. Occasionally we get a lot of people that’ll say, Oh, Dr.

Shiva, thank you, you’re so great. You’re so open. It’s like, okay, you’re welcome.

Now, now get your get get off yourdata. What I tell people is you learn the stuff, I’m just a catalyst was very fortunate to learn this, and also very fortunate to not sell out. So I put all this knowledge together the science, but the goal is each one of you must learn, teach and serve.

You got to learn it, and then you got to teach it to people. So thank you so much talk to you. I said, Look, that’s only part one.

Now you have to learn it. So I don’t get burned out. You know,we have to create a movement.

It’s a raising of consciousness. But anyway, I think we’ve covered a lot, we went through close to 36 calls.Okay.

And we’ve had, you know, close to, I don’t know, tons of comments, tons of interaction, but this is what it’s going to take. And we know our stuff gets out there. Because when we expose Elon Musk that he put us on thinking he’s going to pacify us, okay? And when the Twitter files guys called me, we read them out, why aren’t you covering our lawsuit? Because they want to talk about crap over here.

They don’t want to talk about the real domestic censorship infrastructure, which is still in place fully intact at Twitter.So anyway, everyone, Julie, I want to let me Julie, I want to thank you. You were wonderful.

I’m very glad. And by the way, I read all my tweets. I’ve gotten pri 1000 phone calls, I try to get back to every chat.

We don’t have secretaries doing it. People are shocked. Oh my god, did you really put that number? Is that your phone number? Yeah, you can call me it’s 617-631-6874.

This is a bottoms up movement, which means I’m not living in some ivory tower with 20 secretaries. You call me I’ll pick up the phone.So tomorrow, we have our orientation.

We’ll spend three hours on each one, it’s going to be a full day. Plus I run my companies. Everyone in our movement works for a full time.

They’re not funded, like Robert Kennedy Children’s Defense Fund, you know, money and then they know we’re not NPR. We’re everyone works. And we do this.

And that’s a real movement.So come tomorrow, get your butts off your seats and start contributing. No one else is going to do it.

It’s going to be us raising our consciousness having these very delicate, important conversations. So today we talked about white supremacy. And I think people got a lot out of it.

Because we took people from this buckets because the elites want to say oh white supremacy means this you know or this means this this means is we got to break down all those walls because that is the manipulation.So Julie, would you like to make any final comments youFor you, I just appreciate the opportunity and I appreciate you getting the message out there and it does takeit does take action and a commitment and I think that just spreading the word and being committed, what is the bottom up movement? I agree. So truth freedom health.

com We’ve put together the courses the community the infrastructure, so people actually learn and they can teach other people so John go ahead John.I by closing message was just be great if you got it, get off your butts come to the orientation learn about learn about what we’re what we’re building. And but yeah, get get get active because the movement is not going to continue building itself.

We need a lot more Dr. Shiva has a lot more you know, John med lines, like he says, a lot more like the look at a lot of the people in our in our comments there. I see a lot of familiar faces, people that I that come to the meetings a lot that are very active on the ground.

People like people like Jamie who’s inviting people to open house here. But people like Krystal and Heather, there’s the these are these are people that came that camp that basically came into our movement, all merit, it’s all meritocracy people like, That’s it, we don’t have rank so much here, as we have. The bottom line is we need to build a movement.

And that that is what we have built a movement, we need to grow the movement now. And the reason I do these videos is like taking on white supremacy is a topicyou have to have certain tools to discuss. And I think we’ve done that well.

And we’ll have more discussions on this. And we want more people to participate. And the key thing I think, as people leave here is to recognize that we had a discussion on a very important topic that typically five people at Harvard get around a boardroom.

And they discuss and they write in their journals. And they decide what is white supremacy and they they confuse it so much by the time you’re done.You don’t want to talk about white supremacy.

That’s the effect they want to have. So the thing I want people to leave with this, we have to talk about white supremacy. Step one, we should not cower.

And step two, we should use that very powerful termagainst the real white supremacist, no different. I think someone said the Yankee Doodle example, right, no different than when it is imperialism, which goes and does all this terrorism, we should call them terrorists. And that’s what they don’t want you to do.

But once you do that, that’s liberation.So whether you’re white or black, we’re all working people. We, you know, need to fight bottoms up, and recognize that the real white supremacists want to want to make white people feel bad.

That’s what they’re really doing. So other people call you white supremacists when they get away. So White, Black, use the term white supremacist.

Recognize that anyone who has a visceral reaction in the case of the invention of email, right, if we go back to that, anyone else’s visceral reaction to seeing a blowout brown immigrant kid saying he invented email, and you’ll see them online, those people are the real brainwash white supremacists.And we, whether you’re white, black, need to expose that and fight that. So anyway, it’s a huge opportunity that we have, because our movement exists, because we can have these conversations.

So I welcome everyone to come tomorrow to our orientation.And by the way, I’ll be doing some more medical videos. You know, we did some of the earliest videos on the immune system.

And we’ll keep doing that we’re going to I’m going to do a whole immune system video since winter is here. It’s old stuff, but it’s still very valid stuff on what are the important nutrients you can take in the wintertime to support your immune system, you know, the guard, like the quercetin, the d3, the zinc. A couple of other things we’ll talk about, but these are very powerful things that are necessary from a system standpoint.

All right, both of you stay here. So thank you, everyone. I hope this is valuable.

Be well, Hey, John, on Instagram, you’re gonna have to delete what I did because something happened and then repost everything. Can you do that John? Yep. Okay, thank you, everyone.

Be well be the light. And I wish you all a good we get. Occasionally we get a lot of people that’ll say, Oh, Dr. Shiva, thank you, you’re so great. You’re so open. It’s like, okay, you’re welcome. Now, now get your get get off your

data. What I tell people is you learn the stuff, I’m just a catalyst was very fortunate to learn this, and also very fortunate to not sell out. So I put all this knowledge together the science, but the goal is each one of you must learn, teach and serve.

You got to learn it, and then you got to teach it to people. So thank you so much talk to you. I said, Look, that’s only part one. Now you have to learn it. So I don’t get burned out. You know,

we have to create a movement. It’s a raising of consciousness. But anyway, I think we’ve covered a lot, we went through close to 36 calls.

Okay. And we’ve had, you know, close to, I don’t know, tons of comments, tons of interaction, but this is what it’s going to take. And we know our stuff gets out there. Because when we expose Elon Musk that he put us on thinking he’s going to pacify us, okay? And when the Twitter files guys called me, we read them out, why aren’t you covering our lawsuit? Because they want to talk about crap over here. They don’t want to talk about the real domestic censorship infrastructure, which is still in place fully intact at Twitter.

So anyway, everyone, Julie, I want to let me Julie, I want to thank you. You were wonderful. I’m very glad. And by the way, I read all my tweets. I’ve gotten pri 1000 phone calls, I try to get back to every chat. We don’t have secretaries doing it. People are shocked. Oh my god, did you really put that number? Is that your phone number? Yeah, you can call me it’s 617-631-6874. This is a bottoms up movement, which means I’m not living in some ivory tower with 20 secretaries. You call me I’ll pick up the phone.

So tomorrow, we have our orientation. We’ll spend three hours on each one, it’s going to be a full day. Plus I run my companies. Everyone in our movement works for a full time. They’re not funded, like Robert Kennedy Children’s Defense Fund, you know, money and then they know we’re not NPR. We’re everyone works. And we do this. And that’s a real movement.

So come tomorrow, get your butts off your seats and start contributing. No one else is going to do it. It’s going to be us raising our consciousness having these very delicate, important conversations. So today we talked about white supremacy. And I think people got a lot out of it. Because we took people from this buckets because the elites want to say oh white supremacy means this you know or this means this this means is we got to break down all those walls because that is the manipulation.

So Julie, would you like to make any final comments you

For you, I just appreciate the opportunity and I appreciate you getting the message out there and it does take

it does take action and a commitment and I think that just spreading the word and being committed, what is the bottom up movement? I agree. So truth freedom We’ve put together the courses the community the infrastructure, so people actually learn and they can teach other people so John go ahead John.

I by closing message was just be great if you got it, get off your butts come to the orientation learn about learn about what we’re what we’re building. And but yeah, get get get active because the movement is not going to continue building itself. We need a lot more Dr. Shiva has a lot more you know, John med lines, like he says, a lot more like the look at a lot of the people in our in our comments there. I see a lot of familiar faces, people that I that come to the meetings a lot that are very active on the ground. People like people like Jamie who’s inviting people to open house here. But people like Krystal and Heather, there’s the these are these are people that came that camp that basically came into our movement, all merit, it’s all meritocracy people like, That’s it, we don’t have rank so much here, as we have. The bottom line is we need to build a movement. And that that is what we have built a movement, we need to grow the movement now. And the reason I do these videos is like taking on white supremacy is a topic

you have to have certain tools to discuss. And I think we’ve done that well. And we’ll have more discussions on this. And we want more people to participate. And the key thing I think, as people leave here is to recognize that we had a discussion on a very important topic that typically five people at Harvard get around a boardroom. And they discuss and they write in their journals. And they decide what is white supremacy and they they confuse it so much by the time you’re done.

You don’t want to talk about white supremacy. That’s the effect they want to have. So the thing I want people to leave with this, we have to talk about white supremacy. Step one, we should not cower. And step two, we should use that very powerful term

against the real white supremacist, no different. I think someone said the Yankee Doodle example, right, no different than when it is imperialism, which goes and does all this terrorism, we should call them terrorists. And that’s what they don’t want you to do. But once you do that, that’s liberation.

So whether you’re white or black, we’re all working people. We, you know, need to fight bottoms up, and recognize that the real white supremacists want to want to make white people feel bad. That’s what they’re really doing. So other people call you white supremacists when they get away. So White, Black, use the term white supremacist. Recognize that anyone who has a visceral reaction in the case of the invention of email, right, if we go back to that, anyone else’s visceral reaction to seeing a blowout brown immigrant kid saying he invented email, and you’ll see them online, those people are the real brainwash white supremacists.

And we, whether you’re white, black, need to expose that and fight that. So anyway, it’s a huge opportunity that we have, because our movement exists, because we can have these conversations. So I welcome everyone to come tomorrow to our orientation.

And by the way, I’ll be doing some more medical videos. You know, we did some of the earliest videos on the immune system. And we’ll keep doing that we’re going to I’m going to do a whole immune system video since winter is here. It’s old stuff, but it’s still very valid stuff on what are the important nutrients you can take in the wintertime to support your immune system, you know, the guard, like the quercetin, the d3, the zinc. A couple of other things we’ll talk about, but these are very powerful things that are necessary from a system standpoint. All right, both of you stay here. So thank you, everyone. I hope this is valuable. Be well, Hey, John, on Instagram, you’re gonna have to delete what I did because something happened and then repost everything. Can you do that John? Yep. Okay, thank you, everyone. Be well be the light. And I wish you all a good night.

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