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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva shares results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of Pumpkin Seeds and their effects on the Cardiovascular System. The discussion itself is a SYSTEMS presentation sharing the Science and Truth of the Cardiovascular System, how Freedom has been constrained so medical professionals are not trained in nutritional approaches to advance cardiovascular health as well as alternative solutions to pharmaceuticals, and the Health effects of Strawberries on the Cardiovascular System.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – presents results from CytoSolve®.’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of Pumpkin Seeds and their effects on the Cardiovascular System. CytoSolve® technology is designed to take a Systems Approach and in the area of Pumpkin Research there’s been 15 clinical trials, 663 research articles over the last 81 years.
  • Pumpkin Seeds composition includes fiber, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral phenolic compounds, protocatechuic Acid, vitamin E, Rutin, Quercetin, B-Carotene, P-Coumaric Acid, Astragalin, Sinapic Acid, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.
  • Pumpkin Seeds have Five Major Biological Effects: antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and anti-parasitic.
  • Health benefits of Pumpkin Seeds are the following: Improves antioxidant activity, treats Arthritis and reduces inflammation, boosts metabolism, inhibits ACE, leading to vasorelaxation lowering hypertension, prevents kidney stones, limits parasitic activity, treats insomnia and you get better sleep, reduces bad cholesterol, acts as a good source of plant protein and improves prostate health. 
  • Pumpkin Seeds block Superoxide, LDL doesn’t get converted to Ox-LDL, lowering the oxidative stress, preventing formation of Ox-LDL and development of arteriosclerosis due to arterial plaque formation. 
  • Everything in nature is not bad or good. We have to learn how to process them correctly to release phytic acid from Pumpkin Seeds by soaking.


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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA shares results from CytoSolve®s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of Pumpkin Seeds and their effects on the Cardiovascular System. The discussion itself is a Systemspresentation sharing the Science and Truthof the Cardiovascular System, how Freedomhas been constrained so Medical Professionals are not trained in Nutritional Approaches to advance Cardiovascular Health, as well as alternative solutions to pharmaceuticals, and the Health effects of Pumpkin Seeds on the Cardiovascular System.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


Good afternoon, everyone. Happy Friday. We’re going to be today, going back on our HEALTH Series on Cardiovascular Health. And we’re going to be talking about Pumpkin Seeds. It’s How Do Pumpkin Seeds Support Cardiovascular Health. There’s a lot of literature out there, just Google Pumpkin Seeds, you’ll find out they have extraordinary properties for many, many things. You’ll hear people talking about, they’re good for Cardiovascular Health, they’re good for hair health, they’re good for putting on weight, they’re good for sleeping, and a whole range of benefits. It’s a very powerful food.

What You Will Learn Today

But today, we’re going to focus on Cardiovascular Health as a part of our series on Cardiovascular Health. We’ve covered strawberries, we’ve covered blueberries, I think we’ve covered cinnamon. This is part of that series. One of the important things to understand is that the approach that we take here is a Molecular Systems Approach. So, you’re going to learn very shortly, A. What’s in a Pumpkin Seed. It’s not just one compound, it’s not a drug. It contains a whole array of compounds.

And then you’re going to also learn the system of Cardiovascular Systems; what are they, you’re going to learn, you’re going to get a nice education on that. And then using the very powerful technology CytoSolve®.which I developed out of my PhD work many years ago at MIT, we’re gonna be using that platform to actually understand at the Molecular Systems level, how the materials in Pumpkin Seeds affect the Cardiovascular System.

We’re going to go through all of that. So let me just use our slide presentation here to walk you through. So, the content itself is a Systems Analysis of Pumpkin Seeds in the Cardiovascular System, but how we actually present the content is very important to understand; how we present the content is also how we take a Systems Approach.

So, we don’t just present to you just sort of the nerdly science, nor do we just talk about things like the health benefits, or do we just focus on why it’s important that we have an open discourse to understand it from the science side. We connect all three. So first, we take the science, we’ll talk about how there’s actually in some ways an Attack on Freedom, we’re not able to really understand the whole. And, you know, what are the actual health benefits. So, we’re going to come back to that.

The Power of a Systems Approach

But we’re going to take a Systems Approach to talking about it. Those of you who are interested in VASHIVA, as many of you know, we have organized an overall educational movement called Truth Freedom Health®. And the Truth Freedom Health® movement, as you can see below, is to really raise people’s consciousness by teaching people the Science of Systems.

And if you go to, you can learn more about that. I encourage you to do that. As a part of this approach, we recognize that the elements of Truth Freedom Health® are interconnected. So, you can’t simply advance TRUTH without recognizing we have to advance FREEDOM. And you can’t advance FREEDOM and TRUTH without recognizing we have to advance HEALTH. And all of these are INTERCONNECTED.

It’s a very important thing to understand and My Journey to Systems, which I always like to share with those of you, has been a lifelong process. Let me just play this video and we will be right back with Pumpkin Seeds and Cardiovascular Health.

I emphasize the need for us to really learn the Science of Systems. You can apply it to what I’m going to doing right now at the Molecular Systems level, you can apply it at a large-scale Society level to understand different types of debates that are taking place, you can also use it to understand Your Body as a System. And those of you who want to know more, I encourage you to go to And take the Foundations of Systems Course, because you will really learn what I’ve called The Science of Everything, because there is a fundamental aspect to existence that interconnects all these things.

I encourage you to go learn that. So, you don’t have to, you know, be in the dark about how the world actually operates. And that’s essentially where people are because they get split into Left and Right. So, I encourage you to take the Foundations of Systems and become a Warrior Scholar. You get lots and lots of benefits.

For example, this weekend, we’re doing a Systems Analysis about Gun Violence, the Root Cause and what the Real Solution is. So, you get access to a number of great things. Also, please be mindful that the book System and Revolution took me a number of years to write this book. I recommend all of you actually take advantage of this book, and it’s free. It’s absolutely free. You just have to cover shipping and handling.

And you get access to the book that will really teach you the fundamentals of Systems. I use the word Revolution. I want people to understand what that is, from a scientific standpoint. So please take advantage of that. And you can go to

What I was sharing with you earlier is that when we take a Systems Approach, you can take a Systems Approach to anything. You can even take a Systems Approach to presenting something.

The Cardiovascular System and Pumpkin Seeds

In this case, we’re going to be presenting our content on Pumpkin Seeds and Cardiovascular Health and you’ll see the way I approach it. First, I’m going to share with you the Science which is really the TRUTH about the Cardiovascular System, and about Pumpkin Seeds based on what we know from Science today.

It’s important to understand TRUTH is really a process that as new information comes, we advance TRUTH. The next thing is we’re going to talk about FREEDOM and the Attack on FREEDOM that takes place when Big Academia or Big Pharma try to constrain the discussion on Cardiovascular Health, or essentially even try to constrain Doctors. Where many of them are actually not constrained from merely talking about what are the different benefits of Cardiovascular Health, you know, or nutrition.

This is something that occurs in the field because most Doctors are limited in what they can, in fact, discuss. They sort of have golden handcuffs, and we’ll talk about that. The other thing we’re going to talk about is that, when we look at this presentation here, we’re going to also talk about HEALTH, and the possibilities of Pumpkin Seeds for Cardiovascular Health.

So, we’re going to literally go through TRUTH FREEDOM HEALTH®. And that’s the way we can in many ways, apply Systems Approach to really looking at many, many things in life. So, I encourage you to do that.

Science and Truth – The Cardiovascular System

What is the TRUTH now about the Cardiovascular System? You’re gonna get a quick Biology lesson, an Anatomy lesson, so you actually understand how the Cardiovascular System works, the different functionings of it, so you get a deeper understanding of how all of this comes together. So let me play this.

The Transport System of the Body

Okay, so let’s talk about the Cardiovascular System. First of all, the Cardiovascular, it’s a System, your Heart itself is a System, it’s not just one blob. It’s composed of many, many subsystems. But the Cardiovascular System is composed of the Heart, which consists of four chambers. The Cardiovascular System includes blood vessels, and the blood.

So, if you really think about it, there’s three interconnected major subsystems, the Heart, the blood vessels, which is the vasculature, so big word to talk about it. And then the blood which moves through that vasculature as it’s being pumped by the Heart, okay. Heart, blood vessels, and blood. So, let’s start with the heart.

First of all, the heart is a muscle, okay, it’s a very powerful muscle. And it’s responsible for pumping that blood through the body. And it pumps that blood through these vessels.


And the vessels themselves are a System of Systems. The vessels consist of, you’ll see they consist of arteries they consist of veins, but they also consist of something called capillaries.


Okay, then going back to the third large subsystem, the blood, the blood itself is also a system, okay, it’s not just red stuff, that’s just the red blood cells which carry the oxygen. But it’s also composed of white stuff, which are called the white blood cells, which provide immune support. It’s very important for your heart to work properly because you’re going to support oxygenation of your System, plus, you’re gonna support your Immune System. Okay?

Obviously, exercise is very good, because you support Immune Health, as well as, you know, oxygen flowing through your system.


Now, if you look at the diagram here, in the center, here, we see the heart. And the red denotes really good, clean, oxygenated blood coming from the lungs. And that gets sent to your Left Atrium.

If you take your left hand, and you put it on the left side of your body, that’s where your heart is but if you move it, you know, towards your left arm is where the atria are.

The Left Atrium is where the blood is received, the clean blood is received from the lungs, and it’s pumped down into your Right Atrium, as you can see here, and this essentially sends all the oxygenated blood throughout your body through the arteries.

Then they get sent down to the veins, I’m sorry, to the capillaries, the fine vessels, and these fine vessels then oxygenate your blood and then the deoxygenated blood gets taken by the capillaries, and then veins, right, so veins carry deoxygenated blood back to the Right Atrium.

And then the Right Atrium pumps it down to the Right Ventricle, which then pumps it up to your Lungs to get oxygenated because they’re deoxygenated, to the Pulmonary Artery right here, which is the stuff that’s bringing the deoxygenated blood.

By the way, the Pulmonary Vein is the one that sends the oxygenated blood, and that’s the circulatory system. The key thing to remember here is you have many, many, Systems here. The Cardiovascular System is not just one part. It’s a System of a System of Systems. All right, good.

Now if we go a little bit deeper, because in order to understand, when you say, Cardiovascular System, the vascular refers to the vessels. It’s important to understand these vessels in order to really understand the Cardiovascular System and what you can do to really support Cardiovascular Health. What you notice here that the vascular system consists of blood vessels, okay? Three different types of blood vessels.

Arteries and Veins

The arteries are the ones that are the red guys here that are carrying the oxygenated blood, but they’re big, you know, piping, big pipe Systems, okay. And then the arterioles are the ones that take the blood from the arteries to your capillaries, which are the fine vasculature right here, okay?

And they feed your cells with oxygen and nutrients, all right. And then as your blood is being oxygenated, obviously, your vasculature picks up all the waste, which includes all the deoxygenated blood, which goes through the venules which connect the capillaries to your vein, okay, so arterioles connect the arteries to the capillaries, venules connect the capillaries to your vein.

And this takes the carbon dioxide, and you know, any waste products from the cells out. So, the arteries are bringing oxygen and nutrients, the veins are carrying out the waste and the carbon dioxide.

And arteries are large blood vessels. Veins are large blood vessels, but the capillaries are the small blood vessels that deliver the nutrients and oxygen as well as take out the waste from the venules. Okay.


If we continue here, just again, getting more detail because one of the things when we talk about the functioning of the heart, you want to understand these fine vessels called the capillaries are extremely important for what we’re going to talk about, Endothelial functions, so big term, may want to write it down.

Endothelial; E-N-D-O-T-H-E-L-I-A-L, you can educate your friends over the weekend, but endothelial function is one of the important elements of Heart Health.

Endothelial Function- Structure of Blood Vessels

And what does that mean? Well, in order to understand that we need to understand what is the endothelial okay? Well, the endothelial cells, which are the cells that are the surface that line the surface of your vein, line the surface of your arteries, but also line the surface of capillaries. In fact, the capillaries are essentially just made up of endothelial cells.

The arteries here are made up of the inner lining, which is composed of endothelial cells, which is called the, right here, you can see it here, it’s called the Tunica Intima. It’s the inner layer consisting of endothelial lining, which provides a frictionless pathway for the movement of blood. So, the Tunica Intima is the lining of the veins, the lining of the arteries, and essentially the capillaries, the fine vessels.

On the outer side, you have the Adventitia, which is the outer part of the veins, and the outer part of the arteries. Notice the capillaries don’t have the Adventitia, Okay? And this really provides structural support for the veins and the arteries, okay. But we notice here, one of the distinctive features between arteries, veins and Tunica media, it’s a middle layer, which is composed of, its elastic, and its muscular tissue, which really regulates the internal diameter of the vessel.

So, this can sort of vary, that regulates the diameter. Notice in the vein, they’re thinner than in the arteries, right. So, the middle layer of the arteries are much thicker, okay, relative to the veins.

The Tunica media is thinner in the veins relative to the arteries and relative to the veins, the Tunica media is thicker, okay? But the key thing is the endothelial cells that line the capillaries and line in between. You’re gonna see this is very important, because in order for you to have good Heart function, Cardiovascular function, what’s been discovered over the last 10-15 years is the surface of the veins, arteries and the capillaries need to be functioning properly, those endothelial cells need to function properly. Okay.

CytoSolve® is a Revolutionary Systems Biology Platform

So, how did we do our research because there’s so much literature out there, right, on Pumpkin Seeds, a lot of literature out on the Cardiovascular System. What we use is a very powerful Technology called CytoSolve®. CytoSolve® is a Revolutionary Systems Biology Platform, for Research and Discovery.

One of the most important things is we do not kill animals here at CytoSolve®. Right? We use knowledge, we use the CytoSolve® in-silico, which means on the computer platform to discover all of this, right? So, and the development of CytoSolve® really came out of recognizing that the way Pharmaceutical Companies do research, by the way, you have Big Pharma, but you also have a problem in my view, Big Vitamin, really doesn’t do a lot of research, it just makes claims.

$Trillion Pharma Industry in Peril

Big Pharma, on the other hand, just focuses on drugs, and a drug is just a single compound. And it takes them a lot of years to develop this, they have to do test tube testing, that’s called in vitro. In vivo testing, kill a bunch of animals, this takes about five to six years. If they don’t kill too many animals and the compound that they’re testing is viable, then the FDA allows them to do human trials, Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three.

But you notice the cost is around $5 billion to 13 years, the stuff that comes out of this also has a lot of side effects. But this is essentially the Pharma Pipeline Model: new compound in vitro, in vivo, if the FDA allows, it goes to Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three, 13 years, and most of the stuff entering Phase One fails.

And this is why Big Pharma has been in a problem before vaccines came as their savior, is that when you look at drugs, they were spending more and more money every year developing them and they were getting less and less even approved by the FDA because these drugs were having side effects. And Pharma Company sales were tanking. So that’s the background.

When we look at a Pumpkin Seed, or we look at food, remember, food is a multi- combination product, right? It doesn’t just have one compound, like you pick up Advil, it’s just got ibuprofen, or people take these Cardiovascular drugs, Lipitor. It’s only one synthetic compound. But food can consist of many, many, many synergistic compounds, natural compounds, right. So that’s the difference between food.

Science on Pumpkin Seeds

Now in the area of Pumpkin Research over the last 81 years, there’s been 15 clinical trials, 663 research articles. And the reason Pharmaceutical Companies are not interested in studying food, per se, is because it’s too complicated for them, because it has so many different compounds. So, they focus on essentially only studying synthetic compounds so that they can control it more. All right. So, with CytoSolve®, we’re able to actually study food, or multi-combinations of compounds.

You can see there’s about 663 research articles, 15 clinical trials. What we do in CytoSolve®, we take all of those articles that are relevant, extract out from that the ones that have to do Pumpkin Seeds, and Cardiovascular Health, identify the molecular Mechanisms, and then figure out how Pumpkin Seeds affect the Molecular Mechanisms of Heart Function.

The knowledge that we’re sharing with you here is a public service because we want to educate all of you to take a Systems Approach, which you can apply to anything. So, I recommend people do that approach, take that approach. And if you want to learn more, go to For CytoSolve®, you can go to And CytoSolve® is separate from doing these videos and giving you analysis. I work full time as a scientist at CytoSolve®. And CytoSolve® is this Technology platform.

Role of Nitric Oxide on Endothelial Function

And that’s what we’ve used today to really analyze Cardiovascular Health. Now one of the main areas we want to look at is Nitric Oxide’s endothelial function. And this work was done with CytoSolve® at MIT, Brigham and Women’s, Harvard Medical School, and King’s College. And what you’re seeing here is this is what Nitric Oxide is. This is the molecule: N=O, its oxygen(O) and nitrogen(N) double bonded(=) with the free radical over here. Okay, so this is Nitric Oxide. And what’s important to understand is, Nitric Oxide is a potent vasodilator which means that it opens up blood vessels. This was a basis for the discovery of Viagra. Its key role is to maintain blood pressure. It’s anti-atherogenic.

Role of Nitric Oxide

Now, Nitric Oxide is generated by this chemical catalyzing of L-Arginine to produce Nitric Oxide, eNOS, endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, we’ll learn about this, is produced by your body and this helps convert L-Arginine to NO. And when you run or when you exercise blood flows and it creates what’s called a shear stress, which we’ll talk about, in those capillaries across the endothelial and that triggers a production of Nitric Oxide.

The question is in Science, how does it do that? What are the mechanisms? So, when you exercise, blood flows through your, so here’s your, let’s say, here are the top and bottom walls of your capillaries, blood flows through that in this direction. It’s moving past the endothelial cells remember, they’re the surface of the capillaries. And through a series of Molecular Systems, Nitric Oxide is released. Okay.

And the work I’m going to share with you is the work that was done collaboratively with the use of CytoSolve® with some very, very great researchers at MIT, Harvard, Brigham to understand this entire process, okay. So, I want to share that with you. So, if you look here, here is one of your capillaries, okay. And its surface is endothelial cells. If you go into your kitchen or your bathroom, or any place that has tiles on it, think about the flooring as the base of your cells, and the tiles as the endothelial cells, okay? They’re the surface.

So here are the capillaries. And all those hexagonal things are your endotheliales. So when blood flows past this, and we’re gonna get into this, over the endothelial, endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, which is what you need to have, is activated by this shear stress by the flow of blood, that activation results in eNOS converting L-Arginine again, you can get this in foods and converting L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide and Citrulline.

And it is this Nitric Oxide, which causes vasodilation, which is very, very important for maintenance of blood pressure. So again, you exercise, blood flows, it activates this enzyme eNOS, endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, which converts L-Arginine to Nitric Oxide and Citrulline. But Nitric Oxide is the one that vasodilates your vessels which maintains blood pressure. So that’s a mechanism. Now, to appreciate what we can do at CytoSolve®, if you go read the literature, this is a very complex system.

We’re now at the molecular level. So now if we go down at the molecular level, so now we’re going down, not to the large system, the Cardiovascular System, not at the vasculature at the capillaries, but now we’re going to zoom in, and we’re going to go even deeper, okay? And what you see here is on the surface of the endothelial cells, we’re looking at one endothelial cell, and on the surface of this endothelial cell, right here, which is a surface right here, you can see there’s very, very interesting– let me share the diagram.

A Mechanotransduction Event – Endothelial Cell Structure – Glycocalyx

Here’s the endothelial cell. This is a very interesting structure called the Glycocalyx. It literally looks like a Christmas tree. Do you see it right here? I’m moving my mouse here, if you see me twirling. And so, what happens is when blood flows over the surface, it moves the Glycocalyx. And this structure, when it moves, it releases eNOS, you see, that’s this chemical, endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase. And this through a series of chemical reactions, as you can see here, releases Nitric Oxide. Now, so how does all that happen?

Well, in science in order to understand something very complex, what happens is people throughout the world do research on pieces of it, and you can win a Nobel Prize just on one piece. When we looked at the literature, we found out that there were all these different chemical reactions. In fact, Andrew Kuh, did his PhD work on this. He was also at MIT. So, he found all these different chemical reactions that were in the research, okay.

Mechanisms of NO Production

And these chemical reactions are done by different researchers; some believe calcium influx is involved in nitric oxide, some believe eNOS, some believe eNOS phosphorylation, and NO production, eNOS expression. The reality is all of these are involved, you can’t just take a Reductionist Approach. Remember, in science, we want to look at the whole system, we don’t just want to look at part of the puzzle. It’s not politics. Science should not be politics. In some ways, it’s becoming politics.

CytoSolve® In Silico Results Validation

Because if you don’t want to look at the whole, you can create your own narratives. But when you look at the whole, you notice all of these are involved. Now a lot of people walk away, because it’s too complex. But with CytoSolve® we’re able to interconnect all of these. We can keep all of these different subsystems and CytoSolve® interconnects those molecular reactions. And it mathematically models it in silico on a computer.

Think about what I’m saying. We’re taking all of this human knowledge, extracting out the Molecular Pathways, converting them to mathematical models using CytoSolve®, and then mathematically modeling it. Okay? That gives us a prediction without killing animals. How, how this System works. So here, using this process, we predicted, in- silico means on the computer, over time, we’re predicting how much eNOS, messenger RNA concentration is released by the amount. So that black line represents CytoSolve®’s mathematical predictions.

Now, what we did was Andrew Kuh at Brigham at MIT, he literally did the laboratory experiments in the test tube, quote/unquote, “test tube”. And those orange dots represent his results. Notice how beautifully the black line is matching with the in vitro results, which means our mathematical model is predicting the actual results. This is very, very important, because otherwise people say, “oh CytoSolve® is just garbage in, garbage out.” Here, same with the eNOS protein. And we’re seeing the same thing here. Okay. And by the way, this was published in one of the leading journals in the world, CellsBiophysical Journal, and I was honored to be one of the authors here along with some incredibly, very talented people.

And by the way, a lot of people said, hey, I want to support CytoSolve®, I want to invest in it, I want to support it. But one of the things you can do is if you go to, the website is And you scroll down, you’ll see that we have our Open Science Institute. If you click on that, it’ll take you to the Open Science Institute, and you scroll down, there’s various open science projects.

This, what we’re doing right here in Cardiovascular Health, if you click on that, and you can contribute, if you want to start supporting the research we do, we do this research at no cost. It is really to support Science and to educate all of you. But if you want to do that people have asked me, how can I help? That’s how you can help.

Now, when you contribute, by the way, I don’t like to take anything for nothing. If you contribute money, if you contribute $100 or more, we actually give you the entire Foundations of Systems course. If you contribute, I think $25 or more, you get a bunch of gifts, so just take advantage of it. Okay, and you get access to the Foundations of Systems course. And also, the book.

One of the things I want to just take a quick break to mention is every Thursday, Thursdays at 11am EDT, at 8pm EDT, we run what’s called an Orientation for those people who want to learn the Science of Systems and Truth Freedom Health®. You can go to VASHIVA, very simple and you can sign up and you get an invite. It’s open to anyone in the world, so join us, okay.

Science and Truth – Pumpkin Seeds

So now we understand this TRUTH of the Cardiovascular System, let’s go to the truth about Pumpkin Seeds. What are in Pumpkin Seeds?

Well, there are three types of System level nutrients called Macronutrients; dietary fiber; 4.6 grams, protein, a lot of fiber, proteins; 2.12 grams, and fat. Close to equal amounts of fat and protein but these are called the Macronutrients.

When some people say hey, are you getting enough Macronutrients? What they mean is Fiber, Proteins, and Fat.

Composition – Micronutrients and Vitamins

But we also have Micronutrients, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals and polyphenols. There are these four Micronutrients in Pumpkin Seeds and vitamins: B-9, vitamin C, and vitamin D, and B-1, okay.

Composition – Minerals

Then you also see there are various minerals; Potassium, Calcium; look at that 264 milligrams, Iron, Zinc, and Manganese.

Composition – Major Phenolic Compounds

And there’s a number of Phenolic Compounds. Now these phenolic compounds, I can’t overemphasize this, are really like nature’s medicine. Okay, these Phenolic Compounds.

What you see are these, I mean, there’s many of them, but you have; Lutein, Zeaxanthin, very good for eye health right, Beta Carotene, Ferulic Acid, P-Coumaric Acid, Protocatechuic Acid, Sinapic Acid, Astragalin, Rutin, and Quercetin, a lot of different kinds of Phenolic Compounds.

Active Compounds

What we’re going to look at when you look at Pumpkin Seeds, we’re gonna look at the active components that Science Today has determined, which includes Protocatechuic Acid, vitamin E, Rutin, and the Quercetin.

The P-Coumaric Acid, Astragalin, and Sinapic Acid. Obviously, there’s Lutein here and Zeaxanthin also. Okay, so these are the active components.

Biological Effects of Pumpkin Seeds

So now let’s talk about the biological effects of Pumpkin Seeds. They really have five major biological effects: antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer and they’re anti-parasitic.

Many cultures will tell people to take the raw Pumpkin Seeds and chew them if people have worms. Then there’s another type of Pumpkin in India called Bitter Gourd. It’s sort of flattened, and looks a little bit primal. But in India, my Grandmother would give that once a week, because many people don’t understand over time your body builds up bugs you know are parasites, and it’s good to cleanse your body. So once a week we would have that you know, lightly sort of sautéed. Okay, so that is Pumpkin Seeds. If you go to the Indian stores, you can find these things called Bitter Gourd. I did an earlier video on it, you may want to check that out, okay.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

But the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds are the following: Improves anti-oxidant activity, treats Arthritis and reduces inflammation, boosts metabolism, reduces blood pressure, prevents kidney stones, limits parasitic activity, treats insomnia and get better sleep, reduces bad cholesterol, acts as a good source of plant protein and improves prostate health.

Prostate Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

We’re about to do some very interesting work through one of our partners at CytoSolve®. I’m really looking at a very interesting Pumpkin Seed Oil that comes from Austria, on supporting prostate health, really preventing it. That’s preventing prostate cancer, a very important thing for men.

CytoSolve® Used to Build Better Products

What I want to do is, all of these chemicals I’ve shared here, I want to just take a quick break, let all of you know that at CytoSolve®, we’ve used CytoSolve® not only to understand the Cardiovascular System, to understand Pumpkin Seeds, but about two years ago, we were helping many, many, companies who really wanted to do good Science, use CytoSolve® to understand combinations of how things worked to build better products.

More recently, we actually used CytoSolve® to compute trillions of mathematical equations to find a combination of the two naturally occurring products that are very good for alleviating pain and discomfort.

So, I want to share that with you, just take a quick break here. Just want to get some water so this is mV25™. So, watching this video will explain how CytoSolve® works. And the product you actually see behind me over here and mV25™.

mV25™ A VASHIVA Product

We’re very proud of mV25™, we get a lot of great feedback from people, we do not sell this on Amazon, we only sell it as a part of the educational movement to support Truth Freedom Health®. If you want to learn more, if you go to, and in the shop, actually or, you’ll find the product. And you’ll find all the labeling on there; you find the mechanics, you’ll find it Certified C.L.E.A.N., ® but you can go right to the shop. And you can also get it right from there. There we go. All right.

Attack on Freedom

We’ve talked about the Physics of the Cardiovascular System or the Biological System, we’ve talked about what’s in Pumpkin Seeds. So that’s the TRUTH part, the Science part.

So, remember, I said in this presentation, we take a Systems Approach, we cover the TRUTH, the Science, but we also want to cover the Politics of studying this, or the Attack on FREEDOM so we understand it contextually.

Singular Big Pharma Solutions & Constraints on Medical Doctors

One of the important things to understand is the pharmaceutical model, when it comes to understanding the Cardiovascular System, unfortunately, it doesn’t focus on food or nutrition. And in fact, doctors, as you’re going to learn shortly, are really dissuaded or not even encouraged from looking at nutrition, which is quite amazing. But the reality is the current attack is typically singular Big Pharma solutions. And there’s also constraints on medical doctors.

Reductionist Narrative in Scientific and Media Establishment

What do I mean by that? If you look at the Cardiovascular System, you as a consumer are not taught about the whole system. Rather, everything is around cholesterol, right? There’s no holistic understanding, like I just shared with you here, you’re just told, Well, you got to lower your cholesterol, lower your cholesterol. And no one even questions whether cholesterol is good or bad, whether how much cholesterol you need, everyone’s different.

The emphasis is always on treatment, not on prevention. So as a result, the solutions are always over-reliance on drugs, statins, or blood thinners or blood pressure medication. And once you get into this world, you’re in this world, okay. And there’s no consistent guidelines on diet and exercise.

In fact, your doctor typically doesn’t really discuss alternatives; it’s typically do this, do this, or do this, okay. And if you look at advertising, you’ll see, here’s people like Robert Jarvik promoting, you know, that heart disease is the number one health problem, right? So, you have to take Lipitor, or ENTRESTO, or Eliquis, or Arbitraer or, you know, aspirin, you know, which is a little bit less innocuous, but these have side effects. And obviously, once you’re in this, you have to really watch it very carefully. But this is what’s really promoted as the solution.

And you can see, there’s a tremendous amount of monetary interest in this because if you just take the total sales of this have gone up all the way off, all these drugs have gone up, you know, close to $70 billion here, okay? So, it’s not small money. It’s quite a bit of capital that’s invested in this model. The flip side of it is when you look at these news headlines, you’ll see that you know, for example, this one, a study finds most cardiologists lack heart healthy diet and nutrition education.

The Physicians Committee said, Cardiologist neglect to refer patients to Dietitians. The NIH paper that came out of deficiency, I’m sorry, PubMed, Nutrition Education Practice and Cardiology, study finds most Cardiologists lack heart healthy diet and up to date nutrition education, Cardiologists lack education, willingness to discuss nutrition.

So, think about when I say the Attack on Freedom, is that the cardiologist or the doctors put into his box, he doesn’t have the freedom to really even talk about nutrition per se, because he’s really not encouraged to do that. So, this is why it’s important we discuss the science that I just discussed. It’s also important to discuss the FREEDOM aspect and the constraints on it right now on MD’s.

HEALTH – Effect of Pumpkin Seeds on Cardiovascular System

Let’s go to the HEALTH piece, Truth Freedom Health®. What are the effects of Pumpkin Seeds on the Cardiovascular System? So now we’re going to roll up our sleeves. Now that you understand the Cardiovascular System, now that we understand the constituent elements, remember, a Pumpkin Seed is a food. It’s not just a drug, it’s got many different components in it.

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Now we’re going to put this together to see why Pumpkin Seeds are good for heart health and how they do this. Well as we mentioned earlier, Pumpkin Seeds have an antihypertensive effect, which means they lower hypertension, anti-diabetic, and anti- atherosclerotic, which means they stop plaque. Okay, they prevent plaque.

So those are three very important Cardiovascular Benefits. Okay, so let’s go into how this works. So, if you remember I said these are those active components with CytoSolve® we’re able to figure out which of these components is really affecting the Cardiovascular System.

Anti-Hypertensive Effect

Let’s understand some mechanisms. Mechanisms mean the processes that take place in your body now. So, if you look at this mechanism, before I talk about Pumpkin Seeds, there is a chemical called Angiotensinogen. Which is right here on the top and this is from the liver. And this gets converted to Angiotensin-1 right there’s that arrow, Angiotensinogen gets converted to Angiotensin-1 in the presence of Renin, R-e-n-i-n, which comes from your kidneys, okay?

So, your kidneys put out this enzyme. Look at how complex of a System this is; the kidneys are involved. The liver involved, the lungs involved, we’ll see shortly, and the heart, okay. It’s pretty wild, all Systems involved in this.

So, Renin gets put out by the kidneys. And what Renin does is it makes Angiotensinogen into Angiotensin-1, okay, that’s the first step in this mechanism.

Then ACE, which is called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, when the COVID thing was going on, you may have heard about this the ACE receptors, but Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, which is ACE, this converts Angiotensin-1 to Angiotensin-2.

And where does ACE come from? Okay, ACE is converted by Angiotensin-1 to 2 by Angiotensin-1 converting in the lungs, okay. So, this occurs in the lungs. Got it? This is why when COVID was taking place, you had problems with ACE, okay, but when you are functioning properly, ACE converts Angiotensin-1 to Angiotensin-2. Okay, that’s a second step.

Now in the blood vessels, which we discussed in the vasculature, Angiotensin-2, right here, initiates vasoconstriction via AT-1, which is a receptor on the smooth muscle cells. And this increases intracellular calcium. And this results in contraction of the smooth muscle cell. Now, this is not a good thing, okay?

Because you don’t want vasoconstriction, you don’t want constriction of your blood vessels. What Pumpkin Seed extracts do is they block ACE, A-C-E. Pumpkin Seeds extract inhibit ACE, thereby reversing vasoconstriction and hypertension effects. So bottom line is the Pumpkin Seed extracts, they block ACE, which allows the reversal of vasoconstriction and a reversal, an antihypertensive, okay?

It’s very, very powerful when you think about it. All right. So that’s why Pumpkin Seeds are good for anti-hypertensive effects.

Anti-Diabetic Effect

Now, anti-diabetic effect. So, there is something very important in Pumpkin Seeds, okay. And what Pumpkin Seeds have is they have a compound here called two compounds, vitamin E, which is over here. And they also have Quercetin. And if you remember, during the COVID stuff, I recommend that people supplement with Quercetin.

Now endothelial dysfunction, this means when your endothelial cells are not working well, how is this caused? Well, this is caused by stress, oxidative stress, and oxidative stress is created by these two chemicals: Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. You see “oxide” oxidative stress in the endothelial cells. And so, when you get Superoxide over here, and you get Hydrogen Peroxide over here, I’m looking downstream here. These will cause endothelial dysfunction, which leads to diabetes. Okay? All right.

Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide, you don’t want this. This creates endothelial dysfunction leading to diabetes. And however, what you see here is compounds such as Quercetin, some Pumpkin Seeds, up-regulates NRF-2.

So, the Quercetin up regulates NRF-2, you may want to do your research, a very important chemical for health, NRF-2 results in the release of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase. These are two enzymes, whenever you see a -ase, -ase, that’s an enzyme. These enzymes block Superoxide and block Hydrogen Peroxide, which means they stop Superoxide and Hydrogen Peroxide from causing endothelial dysfunction. But guess what Vitamin E does? Vitamin E directly blocks Superoxide, NRF-2 is blocked.

It’s a two-step process by which vitamin E in the Pumpkin Seeds directly block Superoxide which stops endothelial dysfunction. Okay,

So bottom line– neutralizing oxidative stress promotes anti-diabetic effect. So Pumpkin Seeds and Vitamin E and the Quercetin helped do that. So that’s the second most powerful opportunity with taking Pumpkin Seeds that they alleviate oxidative stress, which lowers, which has an anti-diabetic effect.

Anti-Atherosclerotic Effect

Now, I want to talk about plaque. Okay. You’ve probably heard of arterial plaque. Not a good thing. And again, the vitamin E, and the Quercetin and Pumpkin Seeds, do two very important things. Let’s look at that again.

These are the Biological Systems Mechanisms. So, let’s go down here. Here you have arteriosclerosis, well, how’s arteriosclerosis form? It’s when you have arterial plaque formation.

Well, how does arterial plaque get formed? Well, it gets formed when you have Ox-LDL, okay. And the Ox-LDL adheres to the endothelial cell surface, and that initiates plaque formation that leads to the narrowing of the arteries causing arteriosclerosis. Basically, you have your clean arteries, and you’re basically putting down cement.

And that causes plaque formation. And what’s important to understand is, well how does Ox-LDL get formed? Well, it gets formed by what they’re calling the bad cholesterol, LDL, low density lipoproteins.

So, if you hear LDL, which means low density lipoproteins, bad cholesterol, and the LDL creates Ox-LDL, which leads to plaque formation.

And how does LDL become Ox-LDL? Well, there it is, again, the Superoxide. The Superoxide, what it does, leads to the conversion of LDL to Ox-LDL, which leads to plaque. And endothelial dysfunction when you have endothelial dysfunction, you get Superoxide Okay, which leads to LDL.

Vitamin E and Quercetin

The vitamin E and Quercetin from Pumpkin Seeds scavenge, which means eat up. They’re like cleaning. They’re like the janitors. They eat up all these free radicals, the Superoxide, which is created when you have endothelial dysfunction. So endothelial dysfunction is what leads to arteriosclerosis, right?

When you have endothelial dysfunction, that’s when you get arteriosclerosis, because you create the Superoxide. But the Vitamin E, and the Quercetin and Pumpkin Seeds, block the Superoxide, so LDL doesn’t get converted to Ox-LDL. And therefore, they lower the oxidative stress, which prevents the formation of Ox-LDL and the development of arteriosclerosis due to arterial plaque formation. Okay. There you go. So, in this case, vitamin E and the Pumpkin Seeds have an anti-plaque formation.

Look, one of the things you guys can do is you can share these videos with your medical doctor friends, remember, the medical doctors are essentially in golden handcuffs, and some of them choose to do this, but they get victimized by a system which poo poo’s nutrition, which poo poo’s supplements, which poo poo’s the dietary aspect, everything is always about the cure or the treatment. It’s not about prevention. And you can read more about this.

I’ll do a video on this because what happened was in the 1900’s, they split, you know, the Medical Industry, with the Public Health Industry; Public Health was about Prevention, and Medical was about Treatment. So, they basically did a Reductionist Approach. All right, that’s the problem here. So, now I took a Molecular Systems Biology Approach.

Your Body, Your System Tool and Tutorial

One of the things we also do every other Friday, we just did it this past Friday, there’s a tool that I created called Your Body, Your System. And I encourage all of you to go to the Friday event. And by the way, if you go to, I encourage all of you guys to become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. You can go and we put this, you can learn the Science of Systems. Go to

But I want all of you to learn the Science of Systems because I give you lots and lots of gifts and training. But one of the gifts I give you is access to a tool called Your Body Your System. And Your Body Your System really will help you understand how your body is, is actually a System. Okay? And let me go through this.

And in Your Body Your System, first of all, it’s a tool that you get for all our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar Program

By the way, the Truth Freedom Health® program,, It’s an entire curriculum. You have a platform, you get books, you get tutoring, you get training, you get a community, you get your own social media platform. Every Monday we do the actual course, you can learn it online. But at, maybe I should go to it and walk you guys through it.

We just do that right now. If you go to every one if you have, let’s just take a quick break, there, go to And this is the Foundations of Systems course. Let me go over to it. But I want all of you to take the Foundations of Systems course. It is really the foundation of the Truth Freedom Health® movement. But let me go over here, let me share the screen with you. But if you go to This is the top of that screen.

And what you’ll see here is you can literally learn, and by the way, the course used to be originally $2,600, we give you a $2,500 scholarship. For all adults, you only pay 100 bucks, once you pass a course everyone here can actually give it away to children 13 through 18, you can give full scholarships, but we have students all over the world. Scholars, you can take the course again, it’s only $100. But you will first of all, the course includes many, many, gifts, you get access to a bunch of books, you get access to the course.

And these are all the courses that make up the program. You get access to a portal where you can learn how Your Body is a System. This tool asks you a set of questions, you can figure out what kind of system you are, that’s in red. In this matrix of transport, conversion storage, then you can figure out how your body is off balance, off kilter. And then you can figure out how foods and supplements. In fact, it’ll calculate a menu for you.

And then you also get access to a bunch of books. A very important Scientific paper I wrote, which integrates Eastern and Western Medicine, you get two other Science papers. And it’s independent of Big Tech. We have a whole community that when you log into, we have our own Social media, VASHIVA Social via the forum. And then you also get access to the book. And you can also by the way, get this book for free. Just cover shipping or you can join as a member.

So anyway, I have to do this because I’m glad everyone here is enjoying the content that I’m sharing, but I want all of you to become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. We’ve made it extremely accessible. Because we recognize that it’s tough times, so we’ve given people a scholarship.

Pumpkin Seeds – Eastern Systems Approach

But with getting back to Pumpkin Seeds, we can take this Your Body Your System approach where we can literally, by the way, you can figure out what kind of System you are, how foods work, but literally what you find out is that, if you look at a Pumpkin Seed, it stabilizes the forces of Transport and you’ll learn this when you take the Your Body Your System, it stabilizes Conversion.

These are the forces of movement. It calms you, you, see? Movement, this way, the literature is showing it’s good for sleep, it stabilizes you, supports digestion, and it stabilizes Kapha look at this, it pacifies all three. You very rarely find this with a lot of food. Pumpkin Seeds stabilizes all three aspects in the Indian System we call it Vata- Pitta-Kapha. In the System’s Approach we call Transport-Conversion-Storage.

So anyway, how much should you take? Right? So, people say, “Well, how much Pumpkin Seeds should I take to have the effects that we’ve talked about?” Well, again, we go back to the science, you know, you should consult your doctor obviously, before you start anything, but these are some different effects.

In Vivo Evidence of Pumpkin Seeds Dosaging

If you take the Pumpkin Seed Oil for hypertension, you wanna take about two grams a day (2g/day) of the Anthocyanins. That’s from (Gossell-Williams et al., 2008).

If you want to use it for deworming, different topic, 23 grams of Pumpkin Seed in 100 milliliters of water, that’s from (Caili et al., 2006), again a Scientific paper in 2006.

Now Pumpkin Seed extract for prostatic hyperplasia, this is for people who have prostate issues, okay, 500 milligrams, twice daily. So, you can find the Pumpkin Seed extract 500 milligrams twice daily. And that’s from (Seymour et al., in 2011).

So, if you hear people saying, hey, I’ve prostatic hyperplasia, which means the prostate is, you know, growing in size or swelling, however you want to look at it, that Pumpkin Seed extract helps that. Alright, so I wanted to also hit on a couple of other areas there.

Organic vs Conventional Pumpkin Seeds

Bottom line, the question always becomes, you know, remember, organic is different than conventional. Obviously, if you’re mixing pesticides into this, it’s a different equation.

So, if you go here, we can see that obviously, my recommendation, and you can talk to others, you want to get organic Pumpkin Seeds are preferred. Conventional Pumpkin Seeds contain carcinogenic pesticides, DDT, PCBs, and Dioxin. Organic Farming produces healthier seeds, stronger seeds, organic farming seeds have more zinc, very important, healthy fatty acids, and potassium, vitamins, and minerals, than conventionally grown Pumpkin Seeds.

C.L.E.A.N.™ & R.A.W.™ Certification Criteria

By the way, if you go online, you will recognize that one of the other things that we have done as a movement for health is that our movement is the one that created the clean foods certified sticker. You’ll find that certain products will have this Certified C.L.E.A.N, Certified R.A.W., it means it’s Safe, it’s Minimally Processed, and it has High Bioavailability of Nutrients. Okay, so please look for that label if you see it out there.


In Summary, Pumpkin Seeds has several benefits including Cardiovascular Health, health, vision health, prostate health, immune health, the vitamins and phenolic compounds from Pumpkin Seeds inhibit ACE, which leads to vasorelaxation and lowers hypertension. So that’s one takeaway.

The other one is Pumpkin Seeds promotes upregulation of antioxidant enzymes, and neutralize, you know, reactive oxygen species that mitigate diabetes via down regulation of endothelial dysfunction caused by oxidative stress.

And then third take away is Pumpkin Seeds prevent atherosclerosis by down regulating oxidative stress that causes plaque formation and hardening of the arteries. Okay.

I can’t overemphasize, the way that we’ve presented this is we presented the Science, we also talked about some of the Politics in Medicine, and Health where Doctors are prevented or really not encouraged to be more accurate to provide you Alternatives in Diet and Nutrition. And then we talked about the healthy benefits at the mechanistic level.

So, you got to a full-blown Systems way of looking at a Systems Approach. All right. And, again, I have to take a couple of seconds to recognize that the approach that we took here is a Scientific Approach. We’re not just making up stuff. In the world of everything else we see.

We’re going to have a big discussion tomorrow on Gun Violence, its Root Cause from a Systems Approach and the REAL Solutions. And it’s for all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. If you want to be one, go to Sign up so you can get access to it. And we again, teach people the Systems Approach, and the System’s Approach is what elevates your consciousness to go Beyond Left & Right.

You actually can see the whole, like we did with looking at the entire Cardiovascular System. So go to not only do you support us doing this kind of research, but you support yourself. So go to, Sign up for Foundations of Systems course, get the book. It’s absolutely free.

And come to the Orientation if you don’t want to do either of that. Every Thursdays at 11am and 8pm. We have an Orientation. I run the evening program sometimes, I’m there at both, but you’re welcome to come because you’ll meet a lot of great people. And it’s a way for you to connect and not feel alone that you’re learning all the stuff and you know, there are others that you can connect with, and you’ll meet people. We have a worldwide movement; we have people all over the world. So please join us at the Orientation.

And as I wrap up, I want, and I’ll come back with one other piece I’m going to play the Foundations of Systems video so you will understand all the features that come when you become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. Again, go to Let me play the video

There’s a question that Carmen put up there. “Should I eat the raw or the cooked Pumpkin Seeds?” Very, very interesting question. One of the things when it comes to a plant-based diet, particularly and traditional cultures have pointed this out, particularly when you look at grains, and you look at seeds, it’s very important to do something called germination, soak them. Okay?

It’s a very simple process, because you’ll find out that you have one group of the world saying don’t eat grains don’t eat grains, okay? And there’s some truth there, because the grains, when not properly prepared, will actually leach Minerals from your body, Phytic Acid inhibits that. It’s a longer discussion that I can do.

But the key thing to understand is that seeds do really well, one of two ways, in the morning, you know, or the evening before you take some of the seeds that you want, put them in water and soak them. Okay, and let them sprout a little bit. Because when it germinates, the seeds actually release the phytic acid; very important. And in fact, you get much more nutritional value, okay? Or what you can do is very lightly, okay, because many of the seeds, all the seeds, especially because once you crack them from the nut, right, or they can get molds on them. So, the other thing you can do is lightly roast them very lightly.

But if you’re gonna eat them raw, sprout them just a bit, okay, because you release the phytic acid. And in fact, if you put it in water, and you sprout them, add a little bit of sea salt, okay, very little pinch of it. But if you’re gonna roast them dry, roast them very lightly. And those are two things that you can do. But understand that everything in nature is not bad or good. We have to learn how to process them.

I’ll do a show on something called Idli’s in India. They have a product which is like a rice cake, but they take rice, they sprout it, let it ferment, and a seed, and other things, what is it, a lentil type thing. But it takes three days, they let them sprout and ferment. So, you can eat grains or these things but there’s a right way to eat them.

Otherwise, in a lot of the people are going plant based, plant based, PLANT BASED, they’re going to learn that you just eat plant-based stuff, and you don’t process stuff. You can actually, you know, leach minerals out of your body. There’s a way to prepare plant-based foods, and traditional cultures have learned how to do that.

So, we need to recognize that and value that okay, so I hope this was valuable. And again, to those of you who want to stay connected, and support what we’re doing, go to, become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar. We have an amazing community. Or if you don’t want to do that, please, which I want you to do, but if you want to learn more, go to And we do it every Thursdays. Join us. You just go there, and you’ll get a nice invite. And I look forward to seeing you there. Okay.

Thank you, everyone. Have a good weekend. Be well and again for tomorrow at 11am. I’ll be doing the Gun Violence Summit on the Real Causes of Gun Violence and How Do We Solve It? So, I hope you have an opportunity to join us. It’s for our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Community. Go become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior at Be well, be the light. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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