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The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such origial research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – Announces a Summit preview on Gun Violence, what is the root cause and real solution by going Beyond Left & Right on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at 11 AM EST.
  • Dr.Shiva gives his condolence to the families and all those who suffered the Violence in Uvalde, Texas. 
  • Those who have incredible access to Power, Profit, and Control create the level of discourse in the media to reduce everything down to a Left/Right Issue.
  • Immediately after all tragic violence the media wants to amplify the standard Left-wing and Right-wing view, Pro-gun, Anti-gun view. Which perpetuates people to robotically spit out the pro-gun stuff or spit out the anti-gun stuff. And then the recurrent process occurs over and over again.
  • The establishment does not want to really discuss the root cause of the REAL Solution, which is really Beyond Left & Right. The movement for Truth Freedom Health® is dedicated to taking a Systems Approach and getting to the real problem and real solution Beyond Left & Right.


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Good evening, everyone, it’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, we’re going to be talking about a very important topic, about Gun Violence: The Root Cause and the REAL Solution, and Why We Need to go Beyond Left & Right. But today, I’m going to essentially give you a preview about a summit that we’re going to be hosting, that will be coming up this Saturday, June 4, 2022, at 11 AM EST.

And this Summit, most of you who are listening out there are likely, our Warrior Scholars. So, I want to let everyone know this Saturday, June 4, 2022, as the sign says, we’ll be hosting a Summit on Gun Violence, The Root Cause and the REAL Solution, Beyond Left & Right.


And the reason today, first of all, I want to begin by obviously, expressing my deep condolences to the family and those people who suffered the Violence in Uvalde, Texas. It was obviously a horrific event.

DIVIDING, Incompetent, Don’t Care v/s Root Cause with REAL Solution

And since that time, I’ve been observing how those who have incredible access to Power, Profit, and Control, Politicians have been dealing with this. And if you notice, what’s unfortunate is, that it is the same recurrent set of events that always occurs when something like this occurs, it becomes a Left/Right Issue. You have people robotically spitting out the pro-gun stuff or spitting out the anti-gun stuff. And that’s the level of discourse that those in power in the media have reduced everything to because they really don’t want to really discuss the root cause of the REAL Solution, which is really Beyond Left & Right.

And either they’re Incompetent, or they Don’t Care. And I believe the latter, unfortunately, is True, because I don’t believe they really have the intention to really get to the Root Cause or the REAL Solution.

Systems Approach Beyond Left & Right

Many of you know I’ve repeatedly shared with all of you, the need for us to go Beyond Left & Right, be it this problem or any other problems. So, our Truth Freedom Health® movement, many of you know is a Bottoms-up movement, we spend a lot of time really educating people on how to think and look at a problem Beyond Left or Right because the world is a world of Complex Systems. The World is not that Simple.

And if you try to take any problem, and you try to reduce it to a left or right, it’s a wonderful way of taking sections of working people and having them fight against each other, or another set of people essentially become hopeless, that there is no solution. And another set of people, essentially, you know, take outrageous actions, because they feel desperate. And we’re going to discuss that.

Truth Freedom Health® Summit Saturday, June 4th, 2022, at 11 am EST

What I wanted to let everyone know, those of you, many of you out there, we have hundreds of 1000s of people who have at various levels gone through the Truth Freedom Health® program. But on Saturday, June 4, which is this coming Saturday at 11 am, we’re going to be holding our Summit.

Obviously, those of you, if you go to, those of you who are Warriors you’ll be getting an email on how to access. Obviously, since this is such a sensitive issue and such a volatile issue.

We want to have an environment where we can discuss this in a much more sensitive way, so we’re going to be hosting it this Saturday. Those of you who are Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, keep an eye out for our email. Those of you who are not and want to become one, you can just go to

Five Key Factors Behind Gun Violence

But what I wanted to do today, as the title says, this is a preview of the upcoming System Science presentation. And since the events that took place last two years ago, I did an analysis of this taking a Multi-system Analysis and we talked about the Five Key Factors that came out of research that was done, and that are behind Gun Violence.

Since that time, I’ve continued with our team to do more and more research. So, the research we want to share is something you can’t unpack, you know, in most of the social media contexts because of the sensitivity of this. So, we want to share that in a much more formal Scientific Presentation, which we’ll be doing Saturday,

I did want to give people before I start a preview into that, what are we going to be covering in that Summit that we’re gonna be doing for our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

Systems Science Presentation

What I wanted to share with you is that there are a set of things that we’ll be covering, and these are the topics that we’ll be covering. There’s a whole bunch of things so it’s going to be a probably a Three-hour Presentation, we’re going to be covering a number of items. But before I go into that, I wanted to put this in context.

I wanted to play a video that I normally do, which gives you really the reason behind our educational movement to lift people up. And to really give people the right context. I just want to play this video. And we’re going to cover shortly, all the different topics that are going to be covered in our Summit, Truth Freedom Health® Summit coming this Saturday.

Alright, everyone, Welcome. That was our beginning video. But the purpose of today’s conversation or discussion is to really give everyone a Preview to the upcoming System Science presentation that is planned at our Truth Freedom Health® Summit that will take place this Saturday, June 4, at 11 am EST.

It’s open to all of our Warrior Scholars, many of you listening to this broadcast are. And by the way, those of you who are not Warrior Scholars, please go to and sign up to be one.

Systems Approach Beyond Left & Right to Discover “What is the Root Cause of Gun Violence?”

But at our discussions, we go very deep into taking a Systems Approach Beyond Left & Right. So, at the event that we’re planning on Saturday, I want to share with all of you what we’re going to be discussing.

First of all, we’re going to discuss “What is the Root Cause of Gun Violence? What’s the Root Cause? What does that mean, in System Science?” When you look at a very Complex System, you don’t just go to the surface level.

Six Blind Folded Men & the Elephant

And what I mean by that is, if you think about an Elephant, and I’ve shared this analogy before the Elephant is considered a Complex System, if you want to fool people, imagine putting Blindfolds is this very famous story on various people and telling them to go touch that Elephant.

And this is a story of a King who brought in Six Blind Men and had them touch parts of the Elephant. Well, the person who touched the Tusk, as I’ve shared before, thought it was a spear, the guy who touched the ears – thought it was, a fan and so on, the guy who touched the legs – thought it was a tree, the guy touched the body – thought it was a wall, well, none of them had a REAL view of it. It’s a wonderful way to keep people arguing with each other because all these Blind Men argue with each other.

These are very Complex Systems. So, when you think about Gun Violence, at every incidence of Gun Violence, as the media wants to amplify, immediately after that, you have the standard Left-wing and Right-wing view, Pro-gun, Anti-gun view. But we never really get to the Root Cause. And the recurrent process occurs over and over again.

What is the Root Cause?

In our Summit, our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, we’re going to be sharing, What is the Root Cause? And when you take a Systems Approach, you actually find out What that Root Cause is that’s the first thing. If you want to understand what is the Root Cause of Gun Violence, please make sure to attend the Summit.

Why the Establishment Needs Gun Violence?

The second thing is why the Establishment needs Gun Violence. So, if you think about this, you know, if you have a serious problem in your household or your family, and you’re serious about it, you go solve it. Well, it seems like this problem never really gets solved, right? Or the problem isn’t even defined properly.

So, the second thing we’re going to talk about is “Why the Establishment needs Gun Violence, like why they need this to be a recurrent problem?” All right. And you’re going to understand the dynamics of that, from a System standpoint.

Why the Establishment Will NEVER Solve Gun Violence?

The next thing we will also be discussing at the Summit, is the question of “Why the Establishment will NEVER solve Gun Violence? Why they have no intention to SOLVE Gun Violence? Why it will always be a story? The way it’s going and the Left and the Right will continue to have a discourse on it. Which leads nowhere, except to have a discourse on it!

And you’ll have one wing of the Establishment just rattle off all the reasons that we need Guns and the other wing of the Establishment rattle off why we should eliminate Guns, right.

And that’s the kind of surface-level discussion that will take place, and everyone thinks they’re standing up for their positions. Okay, but we’re gonna get into discussing at the Summit, “Why the Establishment will NEVER solve Gun Violence?”

But you need to understand WHY.

How the Establishment DIVIDES Working People, and Gun Violence is NEVER SOLVED?

The other point that we’re going to talk about is “How the Establishment DIVIDES Working People so Gun Violence is NEVER SOLVED.” You have to understand that every time these incidents occur, whether it’s this issue or another issue, the Establishment is very clever – interestingly, DIVIDING people into these two halves, PRO & ANTI. And obviously, you have another set of people which we’ll discuss at the Summit, who are just hopelessly done, they don’t want to discuss anything, they just want to sort of hide.

Then there’s also a fourth group who actually becomes domestic terrorists and we’ll talk about that okay. But it’s important to understand how the Establishment has actually divided working, and we’ll be discussing that at the Summit.

Why Does Gun Violence Always Become About Pro & Anti-Gun?

Next thing is, Why does Gun Violence always become about Pro & Anti-Gun? If you notice, go look at every time there’s any one of these incidents, you have people parroting the pro-gun narrative and the anti-gun narrative. And it just goes back and forth.

You have both wings PROFIT from it, a bunch of nonprofits PROFIT from one wing, and a bunch of other people PROFIT from the other wing. Nothing ever really gets SOLVED.

Alright, but you need to understand why. Why does this always become this issue about pro and anti-gun? Why we don’t go deeper into the System’s level issues? And what are, what are those issues.

How Both Wings of the Establishment Actually Profit from Gun Violence ?

The next thing is, we also need to understand how both wings of the establishment actually profit from Gun Violence. Both wings, not just the left, may say the right is profiting, you know, gun suppliers are profiting.

But the reality is that the left also profits from this both left and right profit from perpetuating this issue when there is actually a REAL Solution, but they never really want to address it.

Who Has Been the Biggest Perpetrators of Gun Violence, & VIOLENCE?

The next thing is, we also need to understand, Who has been the biggest perpetrators of Gun Violence? But more importantly, VIOLENCE!

This is really important to understand, “Who has actually when you step back, and you look at the long Arc, the Arc of Human History, who has actually been the biggest perpetrators of Gun Violence?”

We need to take a step back, REMOVE our BLINDERS, and see, as I mentioned, the Elephant, see the WHOLE SYSTEM. And what comes out of that Systems Analysis is your going to actually understand – Who’s been the BIGGEST PERPETRATORS of Gun Violence.

And for that matter, VIOLENCE, when you look at the Arc of Human History, and that’s really important to understand.

Because the media, those in Power, they don’t want us to ever look at the Whole Issue. They want us to get caught up in this issue, get devastated by the issue, but never see the Whole Issue. So, this is a very important Element we’re going to cover at the Summit.

FACTS of WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS-Who is the Biggest Perpetrator of Gun Violence? WHO has been the Biggest Perpetrators of Gun Violence and Violence?

We’re going to look at this, NOT from a Left-wing standpoint, NOT from a Right-wing standpoint, but from a Scientific Systems Analysis, we have to look at the FACTS, not what we want the World to be, but WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS. So, we’ll be covering that.

It’s gonna be a very, very Big Summit. Okay, because we’re gonna go very deep, it’s not something we can do in half an hour. It’s not something that can be done in sound bites.

What Factor Highly Correlates with Gun Violence? Access to Guns? Poverty? Race?

The next thing we’re going to look at is what factor from all the recent research, we’ve done a thorough review of all the Scientific Literature today. And the question that comes up with what is the factor? Based on all the research that highly correlates with Gun Violence? Is it access to Guns? Is it Poverty? Is it Race? Is it Mental Illness? Is it Bullying? Or is it Something Else?

And the good news is that some of the latest research shows that there is a factor that links all of these things, but it’s really what you call the IRREDUCIBLE FACTOR. Okay, that’s sort of the Connective Tissue.

And the Good News is, we know what that is, you won’t hear any of this on Tucker Carlson, you won’t hear it on CNN, you won’t get it on people on social media, just taking one side or the other side.

Because it’s not something that you can unpack with a soundbite. That’s why we’re holding a Summit this Saturday, but this is what our Warriors will be exposed to, our Warrior Scholars.

‘What FACTOR highly correlates with Gun Violence?’ And that’s going to arm you with really good data.

Big Picture: The History of Violence and Key Drivers.

The next thing is the Big Picture. We want to look at the History of Violence, and its key drivers. What are the Historical Factors? When you look at the Arc again of History, that is, that has been really the Big Driver of ALL VIOLENCE.

It just so happens that at one point in History, maybe people use Knives, and maybe people use Sickles, maybe people use Hammers, maybe people use a Poison Gas, maybe people use Guns, okay.

But what’s been the driver of all of this, and that’s really important to understand. So, we put things in context.

How Do We End Gun Violence for Good?

The next thing is, and this is probably the most important thing, because, you know, if you take a Systems Approach to a problem, not only are you able to find what the REAL Problem is, but you’re actually able to find the REAL Solution. And that’s what we the World needs.

We don’t need people taking a Left-wing, Right-wing side, we don’t need people sort of getting Desperate and Hopeless. And we don’t need people taking terrorist actions.

But those in Power, as you will see in the Summit, want people being in the Left or the Right or getting hopeless, or actually being some taking ridiculous terrorist desperate actions.

But there is another way, which is the REAL Solution to this and we’re going to, again, unpack this and discuss what the REAL Solution is. And there is a REAL Solution that we can END GUN VIOLENCE for good.

Who has the Most to Win and the Most to Lose by ending Gun Violence?

And finally, what we want to talk about is Who has the MOST to Win, and the MOST to Lose by ending Gun Violence. Who wins, if Gun Violence ends, and who loses if Gun Violence ends, and you have to look at those.

So, when you look at these points, this is what we’re going to be discussing. Again, to those of you who are just joining, we’re going to be holding a Summit for all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, Saturday, June 4, this coming Saturday, 11am, if you want to be a Truth Freedom Health Warrior, and you’re not one, most of you are, I’m assuming. Go to And sign up.

But Our movement is really a movement. It’s an Educational movement. It’s a Bottoms-up movement, to educate people, to provide people a completely different way of looking at the world in a truthful way, in an honest way, in a Scientific way, not in some robotic Left-wing way, or robotic Right-wing way.

And that’s what you see right after the unfortunate set of events that took place in Uvalde. You had one set of people da-da-da-da, and another set of people going da-da-da-da, and both people are at each other’s throats. And most of those people are Working People who have nothing to gain from actually being at each other’s throats.

But there are other people who have a lot to gain. So that’s what we’re going to be discussing, I’m going to be coming in summarizing stuff.

Step ONE-Become A Warrior Scholar

But, by the way, those of you who are not a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior, but want to learn more, I encourage you to also, if you want to learn more about the movement, please come to an Orientation. It’s Open to anyone.

Step TWO –

Go to Sign up, and we’re holding an Open House/Orientation this Thursday. We have, if you sign up, you’ll get an invitation to come.

When is it, Ken? 11 am EST on Thursday? No, Thursday at 11 am in the Orientation. And we have an Orientation at 8 pm EST. This Thursday, coming Thursday, you can just come if you want to learn more about the Truth Freedom Health® movement. So please come and I’ll share more there.

Step THREE-Attend Warrior-Scholar Saturday Summit

We’re gonna be discussing Saturday, all of you are Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholars. Please note that it’s this Saturday at 11 am. It’s going to be about a three-to-four-hour Summit. We’re going to go deep into all the details that I just discussed in the agenda. This is what we’re going to be covering.

Summit Agenda – Root Cause, How We End Gun Violence for Good

The Agenda, so those of you who really want to understand the Root Cause, How We End Gun Violence for Good. Please join us but recognize it’s only going to come from a Bottoms-up movement, it’s not going to come from Politicians. It’s not going to come from Talking Heads, it’s going to come from everyday Working People.

I’ll be right back and a number of you want to know what is our Truth Freedom Health® movement. I’ll just play you a featured video and I’ll be right back.

A Warrior Summit for Sensitive Topics this Saturday 11am EST

Many of you know we discuss a lot of sensitive topics here. The research work we’ve done on this is going to be very valuable, but most of social media, when I shared some of the stuff back in 2020, on the vaccines, I think some of our videos got like 30-40-50 million views and then were taken down. Same, you can see on the issues with the Free Speech Issue.

This is such a highly sensitive issue that we wanted to make sure we did in an environment. And because of the sensitivity of it, that we did in an environment that was closed and accessible to people who are part of the movement because the Goal is to actually have Changes. It isn’t just to have some type of intellectual discourse. So those of you who are Warriors, please join us this Saturday, let me just put up the thing again.

For more Info to Become a Warrior – Attend Orientation Thursday at 8 pm EST

And those of you who are not, you’re welcome to come to the Orientation tomorrow, sorry, Thursday at 11 or Thursday at 8 pm. I’ll be at those Orientations. And you’re welcome too. And if you want to go to the Orientation, you just go to And you’ll get an Invite. We typically have a particular link we send. So, you can be part of that.

Summit Goal: Finding the Root Cause of Gun Violence & What the REAL Solution IS.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday at 11 am, the Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars, and those of you who are not part of that program, please come to the Orientation at We put it up again, slash orientation, and then you’ll get an Invite to come to the Orientation. So, I hope this is valuable.

But I look forward to seeing you guys there. But we need to get to the heart of the Root Cause of Gun Violence and What the REAL Solution is, and we need to have a discussion about it, if we’re SERIOUS, or otherwise, we can be in these Left/Right camps.

I don’t believe most of our people who are into the Systems Approach want to do that. They actually want to address this head-on and provide SOLUTIONS. So anyway, I look forward to seeing you all there.

We will be the light. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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