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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – has a discussion about how the ruling class needs working people in one of 4 buckets.
  • The four buckets the ruling class want us in are Left Wing, Right Wing, Apathetic/Isolationist or Domestic Terrorist/Desperate bucket.
  • About 25% are Left Wing, 25% are Right Wing, Apathetic/Isolationist about 49.9% and 0.1% Domestic Terrorist – the desperate and those who have given up.
  • One of the goals here is to see things as they are, otherwise you can get taken advantage of and used by one side or another side. But the reason that you want to see things as they areand you want to elevate your consciousness is because ultimately, in a very practical way, we want to identify real problems and deliver real solutions. 
  • The ruling class does not want an educated citizenry and they don’t want you thinking Beyond Left & Right. They do not want an educated citizenry, who wants to identify real problems by innovating real solutions. 


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This is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today is Tuesday, and we’re going to have a discussion today, as the title says, Why the Ruling Class Needs You in One of These Four Buckets. And this past weekend, we did a Truth Freedom Health® Summit for our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. And we did a deep discussion into the real cause of gun violence and what the real solution is. And as a part of that, we discussed why the Establishment or why the Ruling Class has really no interest in ever really solving any problems, versus distracting people into what we call one of these four buckets. So I want to share a little snippet of that.

And I want to review that because I think it’s very, very important for everyone to understand that there is no interest of those who want Power, Profit and Control, for you to ever really look at any type of situation, be it the economy, be it the situation in Health, be it the situation in science, be it the situation on any topic, with a real intent on solving a problem. It is really more about you being distracted into a set of options within which democracy takes place. So in many ways, we believe we have democracy, but democracy is really a bounded democracy.

It’s those in power bound democracy to a finite set of domains. And within that, you’re able to have as much discourse as you want. But you’re really not able to have discourse on significant topics. So we’re going to talk about that. And I’m going to take you today into a journey into giving you a little glimpse of how we get out of that. We do a deep dive, typically in our Systems Course, but I’m going to share with you a little bit of that, on how you really start breaking yourself out of that. Then we’re going to discuss – what are those four buckets? And what is the intent of those in power to keep you in one of those four buckets. And what is really the way out of that?

We’re going to look at history to provide us with answers to that. And then obviously, in every one of the discussions we do, we always give you a solution. It’s not about just talking about problems, but to actually give people a tangible solution out of these things. And I’m running a little scroll bar down there, which says Learn The Science of Systems to Raise Your Consciousness for Truth Freedom Health®. And we have, you know, hundreds of 1000’s of people all over the world, who have signed up at, to become part of this educational movement.

Because at the end of the day, if you think you’re going to change the world by running for office or running in elections, we know that that’s in many ways a dead end, because those vehicles are also very well constrained. So the ultimate way out of this is for each one of you to recognize that there are millions of people around the world, who are recognizing that we need to move Beyond Left & Right, and they’re looking for real solutions.

And many of them are in the community that we’re creating, so I want to invite you to be part of that. But ultimately, this is about you. And I’ll discuss that. Before I go into that, I just want to play our video that I always play. It’s a video that everyone likes. It’s an inspirational video that really sets the context of what we’re going to be talking about, so I’ll be right back in a few minutes.

I hope that was valuable. So let’s just jump right into it. So to those of you joining a little bit late today’s conversation is going to be about Why the Ruling Class Needs You in One of These Four Buckets. So there are four buckets that I’ve identified that the Ruling Class wants to place working people in. And remember I’m using the words ‘Ruling Class’ and ‘working people’. Working people are those people, we’re not talking about homeless people, destitute people. We’re not talking about the Elites.

We’re talking about everyday people who attempt to put food on the table and work for their families. In the United States, I’m sure this is true globally, in the United States, 80% of working people only have about $400 in savings at any point, in their bank account. So you’re looking at a whole bulk of the American working class, which has a serious, serious economic condition which has worsened over the last 50 years. And in order to ensure that working people don’t unite, we’re going to learn that the Elites want to keep people into these four buckets. But that’s the problem, we’re gonna identify from a Systems Approach, but there is also a way out of it.

So let’s just jump right in and talk about this and give a little bit of context and background. By the way, those of you want to know more about our movement, go to And when you go there, you will find that we have a website, which focuses on Truth Freedom Health®. Everything we do takes a Systems Approach to educate you that we’re not going to really be able to understand what’s a real problem and a real solution if we don’t have the freedom of discourse. This is why things like Free Speech, things like having open discourse, sharing of information is extremely important, because it lets us have discourse to practice the scientific method. That’s Truth. And then with Truth and Freedom, we can really figure out what’s good for our Health, and more importantly, with Health, we have the strength to fight for Freedom and to explore Truth. So these are very interconnected concepts.

Science of Everything

If you go to, over the last 50 years, it’s been my journey, and honor to figure all this out and put it together in a course called the Foundations of Systems where I’ve interconnected Eastern, Eastern Medical Systems Theory with Engineering Systems Theory, and with Political Theory, to discover really a Science of Everything that you can use this to Go Beyond Left & Right, and I’m pleased to share this.

So please, we give a big scholarship for people. So we make it very affordable, please take it. And those of you who just want to start reading, go get the book, System and Revolution. It’s absolutely free to everyone, you just have to cover shipping and handling. And get it, it’s really sort of the classic book, which will teach you all of this, so you don’t have to go to MIT and get a degree, and spend a lot of time there.

Open House / Orientation

Then finally, I also want to invite all of you. Every Thursday, we have an Open House, anyone is invited to 11am or 8pm. 11am really works for those people who are in other parts of the world, we have people all over the world, and 8pm tends to work for people in the US. But please take advantage of that. Go to, you can do that right now. Sign up, and then you’ll be invited to our Open House and we can have a dialogue there. And we have lots of people in attendance, it’s a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of great people. So please take advantage of that.

Systems Science

So what we discuss in our course, and a lot of what we talked about is when you learn Systems Science, as you can see, in this diagram, I don’t have time to go through this, when you take the course you will understand it more. But every System in the Universe, if you took an Engineering Systems course at MIT or any engineering school, at some point, you would learn that every System in the Universe can be broken into an Open System, which is this little dotted line, or an Intelligent System, which is this whole System. So an Intelligent System has these nine principles.

It’s got a goal, it’s got a sensor, it’s got a controller, and there’s also a thing here called a disturbance I’ve Left out. But in addition to that it has an input, output, transport, conversion, and storage. And the essence of Systems Science is, you have a goal. And the controller, in this case, it could be you, your mind, is trying to figure out what inputs to send the System to get an output, which matches a goal. But anyway, there is a science, as I said, in the anthem video to really understand how to build a movement. And it’s based on System Science.

If you want to learn how to build a bridge, you have to understand Newton’s equations. If you want to understand how to build a large scale Electrical System, it’s probably important to you to understand Maxwell’s equations, and V equals IR, Right? But we tend to think that we’re going to somehow just go build a movement and change the world. In order to do that, we need to understand the Science of Systems. And those in power actually do understand the science. So it’s important that if you’re serious about changing things, you understand this. So this diagram is sort of the pinnacle of that.

What is the Goal of the Ruling Class?

But one of the key things that we have to understand is, what is the goal, Right? Well, the important thing to understand is that your goal may be different than their goals. So what is the goal of the Ruling Class? Well, the goal of the Ruling Class is very different from your goal. The goal of the Ruling Class is Power, Profit and Control. And to achieve power, profit and control, those in power sent particular inputs, and we discussed this in the class, around six of them, to achieve, that’s how they achieve power, profit and control.

What is the Goal of Working People?

And it’s important to understand what inputs you’re exposed to every day, if you’re going to have even a chance of combating it and winning it and there’s a science to it. Alternatively, the other question we must ask, which is relevant to all of us, is, what is the goal of the working people?

And the goal of working people is vastly different. It is Truth Freedom Health®. As you can see here. And if we’re going to achieve Truth Freedom Health®, there’s very different kinds of, six different kinds of inputs, that we have to ensure happens, or we have to even struggle and fight for. And those inputs are necessary ingredients to achieve Truth Freedom Health®.

In the course, we cover this, but I just wanted to give you, there is a science to this. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of this, this is not just words, but there is a scientific theory. What I like to say is the Science of Everything to really understand this. There’s another book that you guys may want to explore called Your Body, Your System. And you can use this science to even understand how Your Body works as a System.

One of my intentions was to teach people this Science, because without a theoretical framework, it’s hard to take action. You can take action, and you can make mistakes all day. But if you had a framework, then you know which paths you should not pursue. So that’s why, you know, we develop the course to support you.

The Goal is About YOU

But ultimately, what I want to really emphasize is, the goal here is really about YOU. When we step back, and we really look at what all the great scientific traditions, be it the enlightenment, or many of the great spiritual traditions were trying to impart to people is ultimately, you take a rationale, objective scientific approach, and you realize, yes, you can talk about saving the world, but ultimately, the goal is about YOU.

And I want everyone to listen carefully to this. The goal is really about YOU, really, for you to be an agent of change, not to wait for someone else to do it. But really for you to be an agent of change, which I can say, Be the Light, for you to find your way, and also to know the truth. But this is deeply a personal journey. But it’s really about you elevating your consciousness. It’s not about me imparting some knowledge to you. Ultimately, it’s about you elevating your consciousness. But it’s you elevating your consciousness to see things as they are.

See Things As They Are

You see, in many of the great scientific and spiritual traditions, we talk about seeing things as they are. In science, we try to objectively observe things in the scientific method, it really comes down to observation. And many of the traditions where you go away to a monastery or you pray, or you meditate, the main purpose in doing that was for you to start observing the world as it is in equanimity.

One of the goals here is to see things as they are, otherwise you can get taken advantage of and used by one side or another side. But the reason that you want to see things as they are and you want to elevate your consciousness is because ultimately, in a very practical way, we want to identify real problems and deliver real solutions. So this is really about being very practical. We want to elevate our own consciousness to see the world as it is. So we can really look at a situation Beyond Left & Right and see, hey, this is what the real problem is, and this is what the real solution is.

And why do we want to do that? We want to do that ultimately to advance Truth, to advance Freedom and Health. Now, this could be just for you. It could be for your own body, it could be for your family, it could be for your community, and it could be for your nation and the world, depending on which level you want to operate at.

But ultimately, it’s about YOU, elevating your consciousness to see the world as it truly is, so you can advance Truth Freedom Health® for you, your body, your family, your community, your nation and the world. And for me, we have put together a System of curriculum, we’ve put together a System of community, independent of Big Tech, and a community way that you can interact with others because you can’t do this on your own. The more you touch others, talk to others, touch others, meaning communicate with others, we’re not talking about physically touching people. You build a movement for doing this. So I’ll come back to that. But ultimately, the goal is about YOU. It’s not about something outside of you.

How do we achieve this Goal?

Now the question is, how do we achieve this goal? How do you elevate your consciousness, so as to see things as they are? Because if I just had to elevate your consciousness, we could just talk about spirituality or religion. But the goal here is to see things as they are, in order to identify real problems and deliver real solutions so as to advance Truth Freedom Health®, be it for you, your body, your family, your community, nation and the world. So we’re really trying to connect Heaven and Earth here.

Learn to Think

So how do you achieve that goal? Well, number one, you have to learn to THINK. And you have to learn to think. In order to do that you have to Learn the Science of Systems. And why do I keep emphasizing this? Because in the modern world, we live in a world of Complex Systems. Your car is a Complex System, you have to be involved in Healthcare Systems, you’re involved in Political Systems, you’re involved in Election Systems, you’re involved in using all sorts of you know, Technology Systems.

And without having a framework to understand systems, you are really just simply a user, a cog in the wheel. Now, you may want to be that and that’s fine. It’s a choice you make, hopefully, you make that consciously. But if you really want to understand the modern world, we need to learn the Science of Systems.

And you have a couple of ways you can do this; 1- you can read all the books you want, and try to figure it out yourself. You can go to places like engineering schools, like MIT, get a bunch of degrees, you can learn from others, but ultimately, the Science of Systems, it has purposely been made inaccessible to the ordinary person. My journey has been to make it accessible to everyone. So we put together this curriculum.

So YOU can Become the Light

But the main purpose in putting together this curriculum was so you could Become the Light. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is you can become an agent of change. You’re no longer reliant on waiting for someone else to come, save the world for you, a politician or someone. But once you understand these principles, you have the tools to think Beyond Left & Right, Pro- and Anti-. Those in power are dedicated to splitting working people on every issue. Gun violence, Right? Abortion, you know, Healthcare Systems, Right? The issue of the First Amendment, every issue.

Working people are being split into Pro- and Anti-, within microseconds is how the media works, or thinking Left & Right. And as long as we’re in that world, you are a slave. But if you understand the Science of Systems, you have tools, hopefully the community of others to start looking at problems Beyond Left & Right. So that’s what, that’s how we get out of this. And ultimately, this is so you can Become the Light to inspire, educate, and move others to Learn to Think, and learn the Science of Systems.

So this is not about an individual, or you being reliant on an individual, this is ultimately you learning these principles, so you become the light, you become the educator, and you become a source of Truth Freedom Health®. That’s what it’s about. That’s why when I say,” go to Foundations of Systems, go to”, with hundreds of 1000’s of people, you won’t feel alone, get the book, System and Revolution, it’s absolutely free, and come to our Open House, again, absolutely free, anyone can come, we have discussions 11am or 8pm, just simply go to

The Establishment has ZERO Interest in YOU raising Your Consciousness

Now, given that preview, let’s be very clear. The Ruling Class, the Establishment has no interest in teaching you the Science of Systems. There’s probably about 8,000 people on the planet Earth who understand the Science of Systems. And most of those people work as advisors to Presidents, to Prime Ministers, to agencies, and they can see the future because they understand the interconnectedness of things; data, science, etc. And they know where the future is going.

And they can move people along that future. In the book, Future of Email, I have a whole chapter in here called controllability and observability, talking about how through the immense amount of data that, by the way, the government as we expose in our lawsuit has an unholy alliance with Big Tech. So, they have immense access to microscopic level of data about you. So they can do a lot of predictive analysis to know which direction anything is going in.

Now, without you as an individual, understanding the Science of Systems, you basically, those in power have an unfair advantage. But more importantly, the Establishment has zero interest in you raising your consciousness. Let me repeat that again. The Establishment has zero interest in you raising your consciousness.

So the question is, do you have interest in raising your consciousness where you see things as they are, where you become – where you can stand up on your own two feet, and not get caught into this Left/Right paradigm, Pro/Anti, this duality. And you can actually look at a situation and figure out what the real problem is, and the real solution.

But the establishment, to repeat for a second time, has no interest in you raising your consciousness. What does the Establishment really have, right? Because they don’t, They Do Not Want You to Learn to Think and Build a Movement, an independent movement. That’s the most important thing. They want you to be in prison in their buckets. So what are those buckets? So let me talk about those buckets. The Establishment has four buckets, as I talked about. Those four buckets, we’re going to discuss.

The Establishment’s 4 Buckets for Working People

All right, the first bucket is to try to put you into being in the Left. The Left Wing has, as we discuss in our class, it could be in England, they call it the Labour Party, in India, it’s a Congress Party, in America, it’s the Democratic Party. I’m sure in Australia, it’s some other party. But in any of these countries, there’s a Left Wing Movement.

Left Wing Bucket

And by the way, there’s a Not-So-Obvious Establishment version of that, too. But there’s a Left Wing. So write that down. That’s one of the buckets that the Establishment wants you in. So one of the buckets is the Establishment wants you to be part of the Left. So they take all the working people, and they want to take one section of those working people and put them into the Left Wing.

Right Wing Bucket

What’s the next bucket? Well, the next bucket is to put people into the Right Wing. Again, you know, it’s a Tory Party in England. In the United States, you can call it the Republicans. In India, it’s the BJP, and I’m sure in other countries, it’s different pieces. Those of you calling in from other countries, maybe you know what they are.

So, we need to understand. So these are two of the Establishment’s buckets to put you in the Left or put you into the Right on every issue; they have their talking points, so when a gun incident takes place, one wing immediately says, ‘I want to keep my guns’, and the other wing says, ‘I want to take away your guns.’ So on, or Pro- and Anti- on every issue.

Splitting Working People

But that’s one way of splitting working people up. And you notice the Establishment, by the way, both wings of the Ruling Class all hang out together. They party together. We saw this in the United States with Tucker Carlson. You know, he’s writing letters to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, to get a recommendation letter for his son, Right. So they’re all one incestuous group.

Outwardly, they’ll play this game. And if you’re not smart enough, or not trained, you’ll think, Oh, I’m going to take the Right Wing position or the Left Wing. But they don’t give a damn about you. They’re actually part of the same family. So Left Wing and Right Wing is one way, those are the two buckets, that the establishment wants to put you in.

Apathetic & Isolation Bucket

And by the way, as Ken says, Yes, we have Open Houses on Thursday at 11am, as well as on Thursdays at 8pm. And I’ll come back to that. What are the other two buckets? Well, the other bucket is a very interesting one, it’s Apathetic and Isolationist. So you notice there’s people you’ll meet, they’ll say, well, you know, I tried to vote and it doesn’t work, or I was a Democrat, and then I became a Republican, I don’t believe in any, I’m just gonna give up. I’m just gonna go take care of my family. That’s all I care about. I’m going to just take care of my home, my garden, I got my things. And that’s it. So that’s the other group that the Establishment wants people in, to be Apathetic and to be Isolationist, where they want people to give up, okay?

Left Wing – Bucket One, Right Wing – Bucket Two, Apathetic/Isolationist Bucket Three. And in all of these, the Establishment wins big time, because they got the Left Wing and the Right Wing. Again, these are working people, electricians, plumbers, mothers, educators, those of us who actually work for a living have to go out and earn money each day, fighting against each other. And then when people get tired of that, they want them to go into the Apathetic/ Isolationist bucket. And I’m sure you can, you can go talk to your family, look around your neighborhood, and you’ll see people, but there is a Fourth Bucket.

Domestic Terrorist Bucket – The Desperate 0.1%

There is a very important Fourth Bucket, which actually allows the Establishment to suppress freedom. And that bucket is this one. That bucket is Domestic Terrorists. The Establishment loves when members of the working class also get so desperate and they take to violence, terrorist violence. They go shoot up a school. And if you look at many of these, quote/unquote “kids” who are shooting up these schools, or people go.

Many of them are not like destitute people, go look at their backgrounds. They come from working class backgrounds, but they’re part of this group of people who had given up on the Political System. They just were so desperate. And if it wasn’t, by the way, if it wasn’t they, they use some weaponry to go just cause havoc, they just give up.

Now, if you look at the percentage of these, you’ll find out it’s roughly about this. About 25% are Left Wing, 25% are Right Wing, if you notice, Why is every election so close? 51 to 49, Right? 52 to 48%. And if you take Massachusetts, around the 5 million people who are in Massachusetts, 2.5 million registered voters, only 2.5 million of them even vote. And they’re split into Left Wing and Right Wing and including Independents because they’ll lean Left or Right.

And then the other 50%, 2.5 million people in Massachusetts don’t even bother to vote. But the Establishment counts on about 0.1%, so they count on, which would be about 300,000 people who they know are going to, at some point, they’re going to go off the handle, and they will do something really violent. And they want, so you could say, that, is you know, some people say, oh, there’s a conspiracy, false flags, etc. I don’t know about that. But I do know, when you look at the statistics, you don’t even need to go there. There is enough people who are in that domestic terrorist desperate category, who will just go off.

And how the Establishment wants to monitor them, in the work of Kathleen Newman, who did a thing on gun rampage, she showed very clearly that one of the factors that leads to this violent situation is that schoolteachers and authorities are looking the other way. They know something’s wrong, but they look the other way.

But the bottom line is, when you look at this, the four buckets here, as I’ve laid out here, and it is that you see Left Wing, Right Wing, that’s two people arguing all day, the Apathetic and the Isolationist about 49.9%. And the people, a very small fraction of society, which just is gone, they just don’t care anymore.

So the Establishment wants people in one of these four buckets. As long as people are in the Left Wing and the Right Wing, Apathetic and Isolationist or Domestic Terrorists, the Establishment wins again. To repeat, to emphasize this, Left & Right, Pro- & Anti- fighting; that’s wonderful for the Establishment.

They got 50% of the people taken care of right there. Then they got the other 49.9% of people to give up. And then they also have another 0.1% of the people they know they’re going to fly off the handle at any point. And they’ll create a Domestic Terrorist situation, which gives the Establishment the rationale, quote/ unquote, “rationale” to say, “hey, we need to shut down social media, we need to curtail Free Speech. We need to broadly take away all weapons from everyone.”

Forgetting that in places like China and Japan and Korea, there are mass stabbings, by the way. And in many of the countries that have the lowest incidence of gun violence, no one writes about mass stabbings. I think in Japan, several years ago, a guy went and stabbed like 40 people and injured another 80 people. Killed 40 people, stabbed them.

When you consider this from a Systems Approach, these are the four buckets the Establishment wants you in. And I hope everyone’s understanding this. Because from a Systems perspective, if we are in one of these four buckets, we are essentially being corralled into a controlled reaction.

As long as you’re in one of these four buckets, you’re in the element of the Ruling Class, and they have you pegged, they know what you’re going to do. And it’s a pretty good game. All right, so what’s the way out? So I want to take a little bit of time to talk about what is the way out?

The Movement for Truth Freedom Health has identified the way out and the way out is to build a Movement. What does that mean? What does that really mean? People say, “build a movement:, build a movement means working people understand historically, that we don’t have to be Left Wing, we don’t have to be Right Wing, we don’t have to be Isolationist.

We don’t have to, it’s grossly irresponsible to become a Domestic Terrorist and take ridiculous actions because it is the Antithesis. In fact, it leads to the suppression of a movement. Ultimately, a movement is going to come when people understand these four buckets exist, okay?

But understand the dynamics, there is a science. And that’s why I have the scrolling bar running over and over and over again, I keep telling everyone to go to And I’ve made this curriculum accessible to people so we understand the Science of Systems. It’s in many ways the Science of Everything, all right. So, remember, to emphasize this again, what does the Establishment not want? The Establishment does not want, They Do Not Want an Educated Citizenry who thinks Beyond Left & Right.

Elites do NOT Want an Educated Citizenry

So they do not want an educated citizenry, they do not want you educated. And you start thinking Beyond Left and Right. Now in order to think Beyond Left & Right, you need to have a different framework, which is the Science of Systems. They do not want an educated citizenry, who wants to identify real problems by innovating real solutions. Look, the Establishment doesn’t want to ever solve a problem.

They don’t really want to solve gun violence. We talked about that in our three hour course last weekend. They want people being in the Pro-Gun camp and Anti-Gun camp. They don’t want people to understand the root cause of gun violence, which we discussed.

Unites Beyond Left & Right

And I hope you guys take the course, you can go through that. But they don’t want people going ever to the root cause because the root cause will unify the working class. They want the working class, one element of the working class, being Pro-Gun another and being Anti-Gun, one being, Pro-Climate, Anti-Climate, whatever you want on every issue. They don’t want people going to use System Science to understand the real issue.

So that’s one thing to understand, they do not want an educated citizenry, who wants to identify real problems by innovating real solutions. Now, they also do not want an educated citizenry who unites Beyond Left & Right to build a movement. So I’m going to give you a little bit of understanding right now, by looking at health.

United States Measles Mortality Rates

Going back to the 1900s, very briefly, and we do this greater in our course, that’s why I want all of you guys to take the course, because I can’t do it in this short video here, otherwise, it’ll get too long. But the bottom line is that when you look at the arc of history that I spoke in the video, ultimately, it is when you as an individual, raise your consciousness.

It’s not about me teaching you something, but you raise your consciousness, and you interconnect things that you see around you to understand the real problems, and innovate real solutions. That’s when things happen. And when you do it in the community of other people, it can happen faster. And that has happened historically. So let me give you an example here.

So if you go look back at the 1900s, this is an interesting graph. If you look here, in the early 1900s, the measles mortality rate, which means how many people are dying from measles, was about 14 out of 100,000. That means 14 out of 100,000 people were dying from measles, which is an infectious disease.

How Did This Happen?

By 1945, right here, the measles rate had dropped by nearly 98%. Measles vaccine is over here,15 years later,18 years later. But 18 years before the measles vaccine came, the measles infectious disease rate had dropped. Look at that, before the measles vaccine. Well, how did this happen? This massive decline happened when something profound took place during this period.

And what took place during this period was a lot of infrastructure got put into place. That infrastructure during this period was hygiene, water systems, highways, we eliminated child labor, a lot of amazing things occurred during this period. During this period, infrastructure came in for working people, school systems, water systems, food systems, clean water. And these Systems, long before the vaccines even came, brought down measles mortality by 98%.

Well, 18 years before. Well, how did that happen? Did those in power or the Ruling Class simply give people, eliminate child labor? Did they simply give people the 8 hour workday? Did they clean up factory conditions? Did they clean up water systems? Did that just happen? And no one wants to talk about this, but I will share with you when you take a Systems Approach, this is what actually happened.

There was massive advancement of the labor movement. And you can see it started in the mid-1800s. you had the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association that began petitioning for the 10 hour workday. They had the, in 1871, after the Great Chicago Fire, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones began working as a labor organizer. In 1903, Women’s Trade Unions Leagues were built up at the AFL convention, and so on. Women starting in the mid-1800s, all the way to the early 1900s, led these working class movements to demand the Ruling Class and they came together Beyond Left & Right.

Bottoms-up Movements Beyond Left & Right

These were bottoms up movements, Beyond Left & Right, beyond being an Isolationist, beyond doing Terrorism. People realized that wasn’t gonna get anywhere, because those in power have far, far more weapons. But we needed to build a bottoms up movement, a conscious movement and educated movement. And these movements came Bottoms-up. People organized, they studied, they understood what it took to build a movement. The book System and Revolution looks back at all those movements. And it advances this in the modern world.

And the word ‘revolution’ is a scientific term. It’s not like – go get weapons and burn down things. That’s not what that means. So what that means, it means revolution is a state transition. It’s a physics term. And I define it here. So it was these movements, it was people organizing, Left and Right, men and women, black and white, coming together, uniting. Not being Left Wing bucket, Right Wing bucket, not being Isolationist, not being depressed, not being Domestic Terrorists, but actually building a movement as brothers and sisters. And that’s what the Establishment doesn’t want.

When you look at these movements, as these movements built, as they grew, at one point, they were really bottoms up unions that were organized. And this scared the hell out of the Left Wing and the Right Wing. And this graph that I’m going to show you here is quite profound, because what you see here in this graph is starting in, you know, 1940, all the way to 1970, many of those movements were still alive.

And you can see the number of strikes that took place. So between 1940 to around, you know, early 80s, each one of these bars shows the 1000s of workers. This was millions of people, working people, fighting for their rights. Millions of working people. And during this period, 1940 to 1970…. Let me remind everyone, this was when the GDP of the United States was growing. And during that period, because people were out there organized, not taking guns and shooting at each other, but organized united working people. As the US GDP grew, guess what? Wages of working people also grew.

As people fought organized as people united, boycotts, you know, we’re not talking about terrorist actions, as they united together during that period, as the GDP grew, and this came out in a RAND report that just came out, the working people’s wages also grew. What happened? During this period in 1950 when people said statements like ‘workers unite’, ‘working people come together’, a guy called McCarthy branded that slogan as communist and socialist.

So, if you ever said ‘workers unite’, the Right Wing branded that as communist, when the slogan ‘workers unite’ has been around long before Karl Marx. And by that branding, what they did was they went after anyone who said that and labeled them as communist. And a lot of ignorant people still do that. In fact, when we said ‘workers unite’ or ‘working people’, Oh, you must be communist. Well, you know, if you look at Karl Marx’s observation, some of them were on the mark, some were not. But the reality is he doesn’t own the word ‘workers unite’.

But during that period, the Right Wing attacked these movements by branding them as communist. And what the Left Wing did was they used that opening because they didn’t like bottoms up movements. And then they created these top down unions. The unions we have today came out of the post McCarthy era, which were top down.

The Democrats controlled the unions, and the Republicans were cutting off the legs of work at work. And both of them did it together. So what you see in this graph is by 1980, the real bottom-up workers movements were destroyed in the United States, and you had less and less strikes. And during this period from 1980 to 2019, guess what happened? According to the RAND report, massive transfer of wealth took place between the elites, uh, between the working people to the Elites.

In fact, by way of example, if you are making about $50,000 today, you should actually be making $120,000. That’s $70,000 average Delta. If you multiply that by all the working people, during this period, this 50 year period, that would be close to $47 trillion of wages, was transferred from working people to the Elites. In fact, in the last two years, 600 billionaires doubled their wealth by $2.3 trillion in the midst of this quote/unquote “pandemic.”

So we don’t discuss all this, none of this is discussed. So when you really look at this graph, you have to realize when we had movements, wages grew. When we stopped fighting, building movements, wages went down. And by way of example, you can see that during this period, this first period 1940- 90, there were 52 million workers striking, 11,000 strikes. And during this period, right here, there were only 7 million workers struck. And there were only 962 strikes. So 962 strikes, people’s wages goes down. During this, people’s wages goes up. I hope I’m being clear here.

We need to build a movement. And the movement is not about ‘I want my guns, I want my guns. I’m gonna go, I’m a big, big guy.’ Yeah. we support. You know, I’m a big proponent of decentralized citizenry, everyone being trained, frankly, and I’m also a proponent of working people needing basic needs, which goes Beyond Left & Right. But the bottom line is, it’s not about, the real weapon here is a weapon of knowledge to understand we need to build a movement.

And that weapon of knowledge is the Science of Systems. And these movements were building but as you can see from this graph, the Establishment is in a very powerful position now because there are no movements. The unions have sold out working people, the Right Wing brands, anytime you say ‘workers unite’, oh, that’s socialist.

Most people don’t even know most people haven’t even read the Communist Manifesto. Yeah, most people haven’t even read Das Kapital, most people haven’t even read Adam Smith’s work. So you have the Right Wing, just putting out certain words and the Left Wing putting out certain isms. And no one even knows what the hell they’re talking about.

But the bottom line is, the data is absolutely clear. When working people build movements, wages go up, working people have better lifestyle. When working people sit on their ass, and get manipulated by the Left and Right, we’re in this situation that we are in today. So these are the facts. So you can see from this graph, that as long as we don’t actually build a movement, which has occurred, we’re going to be in the situation we are in today.

Again, this is where the Establishment wants you to be in. They want you to be in one of these four buckets. And you have to ask yourself, are you in the Left Wing? Are you in the Right Wing? Are you an Apathetic/Isolationist? Or are you, you know, hopefully, no one here, but you know, is on the road to being a Domestic Terrorist. But the Establishment wants people to be in one of these four buckets. And as long as people are in these four buckets, everything’s hunky dory, for Biden, for Trump, for Republicans, for Democrats, everyone, and all you’re witnessing is theater.

So what is a way out? The way out is we need to build a movement. And we need to look at the lessons in history, where there were failures and movements, and we need to learn that’s why we needed science to do that. And that’s what System and Revolution lays out. What is that science? We need to build a movement. And in order to do that, we need a framework to do that.

Wave of Consciousness

But the reason we need a movement is because a movement creates a wave of consciousness, it’s not you just in your little room, reading social media about a movement, but it’s actually you getting involved in a movement. And you become a point of light with others to create a wave of consciousness. And that wave of consciousness is literally a movement, which is an interconnected raising of consciousness of you and others. And that’s what we need to do.

And I invite all of you to come on Thursdays,Open House, 11am or 8pm. Go to, and register there. We do these Orientations, you get to meet people from all over the world, it’s online. But I wanted to use today’s talk to really get very practical, go down. I know we do a lot of videos on science, we talk about, you know, some very important Systems Analysis.

But today is really about YOU. And I hope all of you recognize that we can’t be in one of these four buckets. And, and also, we’re not, you don’t need to go convince people. You can see on the comments here, there’s 100’s and 1000’s of people who are getting it. And we don’t need to feel hopeless.

Because that is one of those three buckets. The issue now is to get educated, and to build a movement Beyond Left and Right. So I hope you guys take advantage of that. It took me 50 years to put this curriculum together. We’ve made the curriculum accessible, we are building a community. But most importantly, this is about giving a path forward, Beyond Left & Right beyond Isolations, beyond doing stupid things. It’s about really being an adult, not a child.

And the goal is for people to be adults in the room to educate our neighbors and we’ve created that infrastructure to do that. And I’ll come right back, a few more points to make. But I just want to share with you what are the features of this infrastructure they’ve put together for you. It’s really been an honor to do it. It’s been a labor of love of me and others, so please take advantage of it. But we do need to build a movement and not get lost in one of those four quicksand buckets. And let me just share with you, know what our curriculum, what that infrastructure looks like.

Alright, everyone, I hope that was valuable. I look forward to seeing you at our Open House. And by the way, in the chat here, I know many of you have different ideas of different videos you’d like to see me do from a Systems Approach. If you want to put any of those ideas, just put them in here, because we do go through them. And we have a list of video ideas that come from our educational videos. So feel free to go right to the comments and just say, Hey, Dr.SHIVA could you do a video on this, or this or this or this.

But one of the videos that I will be doing tomorrow will be on Modern Monetary Theory and Inflation. I did a little quick post up there. You know, Biden comes into office, he’s only been there a year and then inflation goes up. And then everyone thinks he is the cause of inflation, Right? And that becomes the news. And we’re going to talk about that. I want to educate you on what MMT is. MMT is a way that the world has been running for the last two years, which is called Modern Monetary Theory. So I want to open you up to some concepts on Modern Monetary Theory.

What is the debt and what is inflation? And just opening up to a couple of hints here that Obama printed in one term about $4.3 trillion dollars, but Trump printed close to $6.9 trillion. Biden, so far, has printed about $1.5 trillion. Alright. So it’s important to understand that when you look at what’s actually going on, if you just take a Left Wing or Right Wing approach, you’re going to be misled again and just get lost in the theater. So I’m going to do that tomorrow on Modern Monetary Theory and Inflation.

Please take time and put in the comment lines of what kind of videos you’d want me to do and I will do them. Some of them we may have done so we may resurrect them and replay them or update them. So I wish you all well, and again, please take time if you’re interested to go to to come to the Open House or you can also, just if you’re ready, go to and sign up as a Warrior.

Alright everyone, I wish you well. Have a good night, or good morning if you’re wherever part of the world you’re at. Be Well.

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