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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains the deliberate brainwashing done by the elites with their powerful vehicle for propaganda, movies etc. Perfect example is Downton Abbey.
  • Downton Abbey essentially whitewashes all the class contradictions. The servants who are portrayed to appear that they’re friends with the Royalty and everything works out. While winning many awards for its historical accuracy.
  • There are a lot of people who make great movies, great songs, great art, but only a razor thin set actually gets distributed. For it to get all this popularity, is because some people wanted it out there.
  • British journalist Frank Victor Dawes had servants send him letters on their experiences. One letter from Elizabeth Simpson who began working as a maid at the age of 10 had to get up at 4am “to scrub the stone floors of the dairy with cold water, churn butter until her arms ache. At those early hours, she worked by the light of a single candle, which she pushed ahead of her as she moved across the stone flags on her knees. She was kept working all day under the rules of the mansion, which were strictly enforced. She was never to be seen by any of the family. If by some mischance they happen to meet, she was not to talk to them by curtsy and disappear as quickly as possible.” 
  • Another story stated, “All too often a servant girl became pregnant by one of the family, the blame was squarely based on her shoulders, not his,” writes Dawes. “Often these women are fired without reference, which left her for the alternative of the workhouse or prostitution.” 
  • Actors and actresses are partying away in New York and Britain touting the accuracy of Downton Abbey. This is not accurate. Why would women be glamorizing this show? The show is deliberate propaganda by omission and is hiding the truth about the way servants were really treated. The essence of the British Royalty is to not only use BRUTALITY, that’s one arm, but the other is Pure Propaganda and BRAINWASHING.


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Good evening, everyone, it’s pretty late. I thought I would do a video. My goal is to do a video a day, and particularly on the weekdays, and I had been very busy today. But I decided I’d do it at a little bit of a different time. Some of you may be in bed, or some of you may be overseas just waking up. But I wanted to continue the discussion I had had a few days earlier where I did an analysis, if you remember, of Britain, the British Crown.

I did a deeper analysis on looking at how the British Crown during its Colonial era, be it in India, or be it in the United States, or be it in Ireland, carried out a Brutal Policy of Oppression. But I want to look at the other side of that, which is apparent today, which is really how the British Royalty or for that matter, the Elites have a very powerful vehicle for propaganda, particularly through the…through the vehicle of movies and shows to brainwash people. And yesterday, I believe over the weekend, I think it was yesterday or Saturday. I did a post on my Facebook page, talking about the launch of this new version of a show called “Downton Abbey.”

And I shared the contradiction of how that show essentially whitewashes all the class contradictions. And essentially, the Big Elephant in that room, is the fact that the servants who are portrayed in there are made to appear that they’re all friends with the Royalty and everything works out. And meanwhile, as we’ll share with you, the show has won many, many awards on its historical accuracy, and how well they pay attention to detail.

And so, I did that post and you can go look at it. And there’s some very interesting dialogue there. A few people said, “Hey,” very few, most people got it. People say, “hey, this is just a show, you know, it’s just entertainment.” So that’s why the title that I did of this is “Downton Abbey, Not Just A Show. But It’s Royal and Deliberate Propaganda.”

And that’s what we want to discuss. And some of you may know, I’ve lived out in Hollywood, you know, I’ve had my relationships there. And most of the people there who want to be celebrities have very little talent. And not to say that they’re not some very extraordinary talented people, but they’re few and far between. But by and large, the strata of people who live out there, and you can do your own investigation, beyond my personal experience, essentially have golden handcuffs.

Distribution of Deliberate Propaganda

Now, one of the things that needs to be understood is any show or movie that makes it to the mainstream doesn’t get there because it’s just a good show, okay, or it just has talented people. It gets there because they have to achieve one very powerful thing – or they have to execute on one very powerful part, which is distribution. Distribution, distribution distribution. So, there are a lot of talented people out there. There are a lot of people who make great movies, great songs, great art, but you’ll notice that there’s this whole body of stuff that’s out there.

And then there’s a very subset, a very, very small, small razor thin set of stuff that actually gets distributed. And this distribution needs to be understood or people are naive. So, when “Downton Abbey” got out there, it didn’t just get out there because it just had some very good writers and very good actors, but that’s not the reason. It got out there because of distribution.

HEALTH- Poisoning Paradise Exposes GMO’s and Monsanto

Several years ago, I did a movie that was produced by Pierce Brosnan, his wife directed it, and I was the main Scientist. And in that movie, which won many, many awards, and it was really on exposing GMO’s and Monsanto. And Pierce Brosnan put his, he sort of put himself out there because he produced it.

And even with his name brand equity as one of the best James Bonds, it got ZERO Distribution, even though it won all the awards. Great film, okay, and you can find it out there. It’s called “Poisoning Paradise.” But the point is that. Great movies, great art, great documentaries don’t just get out there. They get out there, if the distribution occurs, okay.

Finite Set of People Control Distribution to Serve Purpose of Profit for Those in Power

Well, you have people like Harry Weinstein, who used to control this kind of distribution, right? And there’s a very finite set of people who control this distribution and things don’t get distributed unless they serve the purpose of those in power. So, art serves political reasons, and you have to appreciate that it’s not just great art that gets out there, you have to be part of the clique. It’s very, very rare that stuff gets out there, because it just happened to make it through.

So “Downton Abbey,” the point I’m making is for it to get out there, for it to get all this popularity, etc., is because some people wanted it out there. And those “some people” are not you or I, they’re people with incredible amounts of wealth and power. Okay, so just keep that in mind. That’s the first point I want to make.

The second point I want to make is that the premiere just took place, I think, this past week, and it’s funny, because I looked at some of the people out there, and you can see, I’ll show you pictures of this. Most of the people who are part of the premiere, who went to the party and the after party, many of these people are who, who think they’re the most awoken people, right? They’re the ones we’re talking about, quote, unquote, “Black Lives Matter,” or they’re talking about, you know, the “Me Too Movement,” and etc., or how much they’re against child trafficking, etc.

And let me show you, sort of the scene. So, this was the “Downton Abbey,” you know, Premiere and you can see sort of the shindig. Here are people getting dressed up. It looks literally like out of the 20s. Same time, very similar to what we’re living now, a lot of class contradictions. People having serious economic issues, but then you have one branch of the Elites who are out there, getting dressed up like this, and attempting to make everyone quote unquote, “feel good,” right?

Political Propaganda for Promoting Royalty Important for Profit

And so, this was, you know, the people, the actors, and the actresses. And you can see there’s a, there was an event and then there’s a big after party after this. And again, many of these people, knowingly these are very political people, you know, who are partying out there, having a grand time, on a piece of culture, quote, unquote, “art,” that they are creating. All of these people know that it’s about Royalty, it’s about promoting Royalty. They’ve read the script and they know that this script, and anyone who actually sees it has any historical context knows that the script has nothing to do with reality.

Yet, as you’ll see, as I share this, all these people partying out there, who claim that they’re for the masses and want to work for you and I, etc. are part of a money-making machine. This “Downton Abbey,” which actually completely ameliorates any of the REAL Big Elephant is how they are completely inaccurate about the way servants are actually treated out. So again, to those of you who are small minority who think this is just a show, let me just point out that this show has won a lot of awards, and one of the reasons it won a lot of awards is because they said how historically accurate it was.

Propagandized History – No Slouching, Exit Doors, Dirty Clothes

Okay, and let me show you that. And this is just a few…some of those things. So, here’s an article that came out. It says in “Citizen Times,” it says, “Downton Abbey,” you know, “meet who keeps “Downton Abbey” historically accurate” and is talking to the guy apparently, this guy Darren Poupore who is the Chief Curator, and he was hired to actually keep this very accurate. And he’s so proud of himself, how accurate that he keeps the show. And he says, you know, he makes sure you know, people go into documentaries from Alister Bruce, the Historical Advisor for the show, okay. You could also call him the shoulder police.

Part of his duties he describes is to watch the actors and make sure they keep their backs straight and tall. And he says, “all the time I watched to make sure actors and actresses don’t do modern things like slouch.” He said later, noting “that we all spend so much time bent over computers and phones that we slouch so much more than these characters would in the 20th century, I keep an eye on their demeanor.”

And then he goes on to say that he also makes suggestions about the set and the movements of characters. For instance, he will note that a servant at an estate in that era would not exit the home through the door noted in the script. In the new season Bruce jokes that he was unpopular after he was particularly stubborn about a blanket. Okay, so anyway, these articles about this guy, how he maintained make sure that the servants You know, and their interaction with the other characters are done to historical accuracy. Let me share another one.

This is another one, an article that came out in the list, which talks about why “Downton Abbey” producers didn’t allow costumes to be washed during filming, and it’s about how they try to maintain accuracy. And it says, “aside from the talented cast and brilliant writing “Downton Abbey” has received praise for historically accurate period costumes.

Okay, the costumes are so popular, in fact that they ended up being celebrated in an exhibition for the Downton Exhibition Official. And it says, according to “Gentleman’s Gazette,” that “the show worked with four costume designers through the six-series to oversee historical accuracy.” Anna Robbins is cited most often when talking about the clothing, “Downton Abbey.” And it goes here to say, “to maintain the authenticity of certain vintage costumes, they were rarely washed.” Okay?

Award-Winning FromDistribution Money Supporting an Agenda with Propaganda

Point being, that this show claims that they hired experts to make sure the servants were interacting, right, that the clothes were accurate, etc. And you have this award-winning show, which gets a lot of plays and makes a lot of money. And with this movie coming out, and again, understand that this would not occur without distribution.

So it’s absolute naiveté to think that these movies and shows just make it on their own. They make it because there’s a lot of money behind it. And there’s an agenda behind it. Okay, but I’ve never actually seen a full version of the show, but my significant other watches the show all the time and I actually got interested in this, because I saw this event take place and I know some of the foolish people who go to these events.

REAL History Reveals Back-Breaking Work in 700 REAL Servants Letters

And what I then saw at the same time, as I was seeing this take place, was I saw a book that came out on the same occasion of the show, and I’m going to share with you that book, okay. That book was this book that came out and let me bring it here and the book is called, it was a review, came out of, the book just came out.

And the book and the review was “What Downton Abbey Doesn’t Show You: The Dark Side of Life as a Servant in Britain’s Mansions” The book “Not in Front of the Servants” it is the title of the book, reveals what it was really like to be a maid in the UK back-breaking work. No free time and cruel masters.

Now, what the book talks about is there’s, there was a guy by the name of Frank Victor Dawes, okay. And Frank Victor Dawes was a British journalist in 1972. He published an ad in The Daily Telegraph back, sorry, 1972. And he asked people who had worked as servants to send him letters recounting their experiences, okay, in these British households.

And he got lots of letters, people writing and one of them was this person, Harriet Brown, who wrote, you know, “I am up at half past five and six every morning and do not go to bed till nearly 12 at night and I feel so tired. So, sometimes I’m obliged to have a good cry.”

And he shares in this book, which he launched at the same time, as people were partying out there, what the real reality was. And for example, he talks about in the book, he goes, “this image is far from the experience of Elizabeth Simpson born in 1853, who also began working as a maid at the age of 10.” Okay. “Child labor, in a mansion in the country of Yorkshire,” as her granddaughter told Dawes.

She had to get up at 4am says a 10-year-old girl, “to scrub the stone floors of the dairy with cold water, churn butter until her arms ache. At those early hours, she worked by the light of a single candle, which she pushed ahead of her as she moved across the stone flags on her knees. She was kept working all day under the rules of the mansion, which were strictly enforced. She was never to be seen by any of the family. If by some mischance they happen to meet, she was not to talk to them by curtsy and disappear as quickly as possible.”

Okay, so Dawes really talks about what took place and he apparently got 700 different letters in a space of months and people really sharing what it was really like to be in these, you know, in a “Downton Abbey” type environment. And he also talks about the fact that, you know, women were essentially completely abused in these environments, and how, you know, the religious order of the time, tried to say how both servant and master were fed the idea that their position in life responded to divine order.

So essentially, they use religion or the Bible to try to say that it was okay to be screwed over and be a slave.

Mistreatment by the Masters

And, but one of the most important things that Dawes found was how the servant people were treated right? In terms of, you know, how they were mistreated by the Masters. It goes, “as for the servants, and women of lower classes, they all fornicated in secret, and we’re proud to have a gentleman to cover them. That was the opinion of men of my lifestyle in my age,” recounts a Victorian gentleman in his memoirs, which he published. “If as happen all too often a servant girl became pregnant by one of the family, the blame was squarely based on her shoulders, not his,” writes Dawes. “Often these women are fired without reference, which left her for the alternative of the workhouse or prostitution.

So anyway, as these actors and actresses are partying away, just last week, in New York and Britain, at this launch, all of the quote unquote, “Me Too,” they have forgotten the “Elephant in the room” about the actual treatment of women, these women servants. And so why is this being done? So, you have to ask, why is this being done? So how does a film like this make it?

Go back to follow the money and follow the Political agenda. A movie like this does not make it until – unless it has a political agenda. Okay? It serves money-making and a political agenda. It’s a Grand Slam.

So, if you think about, and you step back, and you think about the British Elite, and I did this in a video when I talked about how Britain mistreated the Irish and Colonialism, the people of the American colonies and people of India, and you really look back, the British Royalty, really had nothing in terms of resources. Britain is a very small country, and yet they were able to dominate the world.

And you have to really ask, how do they do that? When Britain, as I mentioned, went to China to trade, the Chinese said, “What are you talking about?” This is in the, you know, 16 -1700s, they had nothing.

When they came to India, India, at the time, 25% of the wealth of the world came out of India: textiles, gold, spices, etc. Britain had really nothing to trade. So, the only way Britain was able to succeed was through one vehicle. One word epitomizes this: BRUTALITY, sheer BRUTALITY, Pure Evil, just BRUTALITY.

And you recognize, I mean, I just saw a movie. John, what was that movie we saw? Michael Collins. John, what was that movie we saw? Michael Collins.

John Medlar: It was literally called Michael Collins.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Oh, so there’s a movie called Michael Collins. And the movie is about the guy who started the Irish Republican Army, and he was shot and killed when he was 31. But you see, in the movie, there’s a scene, which is another Bloody Sunday, where the British just go into a soccer stadium and just mow down people, unarmed people.

Exact same thing that they did in India. And so, if you think about the psychology, somebody among the Elite said, “Look, we really have nothing. We don’t have really much arable land; we only have one growing season. We don’t really have any resources. So how are we going to dominate the world? BRUTALITY, sheer freaking BRUTALITY. There is no other way.


So, you basically cross a line, you become absolutely BRUTAL. And so, when you look at a country like India, the wealth that it had, and I’m not saying this because I come from an Indian American background. If anything, I’m more American. I look at what occurred to the American Colonists. They fought back in a very powerful way, which I have great regard for.

And then finally, it took a bit of time for people in Ireland to fight back, but it was through BRUTALITY that the British Elites still succeeded.

They’re still poking the bear. They’re the ones who have started this war between Ukraine and Russia. They’re the ones who started World War I, World War II. They always drag everyone else into wars. It’s through BRUTALITY and domination thinking. The British Royalty, I’m not talking about the British people who get screwed also, as a part of this, are the only people (who) should dominate the world and that has not ended.

And the essence of the British Royalty is to not only use BRUTALITY, that’s one arm, but the other is Pure Propaganda and BRAINWASHING. So, through BRUTALITY and BRAINWASHING is how the British Royalty or the Royalty succeed.

So, what is the BRAINWASHING? The BRAINWASHING is to always ameliorate class differences while they actually practice massive class war between a small set of Elite against the rest of us. And that is what occurred during the avert feudalism, a very small set of people used to subjugate masses of people.

Today, we have a neo-feudalism, we have a modern feudalism, and it’s a set of Billionaires who are essentially obliterating the rest of the world. And no one wants to talk about this. No one wants to talk about what’s going on to working people in the United States, globally, in Britain, all over the world.

10-year-old Slave, Women Being Treated as Prostitutes

But I want to remind you of a couple of things that are taking place that’s important to understand, just some facts that’s occurring right now. And that’s why I say this show is being promoted, because if you actually analyze the show, they basically almost democratize all of this. “Oh, the servants and the royalty they all get along. And it’s one big happy freakin family.” It’s not true.

The reality, if they were truly historically accurate, they would have done the accuracy to the way the servants actually were a 10-year-old being treated as slaves, women being treated as prostitutes. And yet you have all these women glamorizing this freakin show, which generates hundreds of millions for them and their advertisers. And also serves a political agenda to take us, the masses and people watch it, to make them feel good as though we’re all one big fucking happy family. It’s not true.

Pew Report Poll Results 70% Pessimistic Mindset

Let’s look at the reality to show what’s going on. Here’s some facts, okay. 70% of Americans in the Pew Report told, you know felt that the next generation will be worse off than their parents. That’s 70%. And this is not just the masses, now young people across the country, and this comes, you know, from the analysis of Joel Kotkin who did a deep analysis on this, and he looked at the Pew Report, young people across the country are pessimistic as well.

Most people 15 to 24 also think that their life will be worse for them than their parents. So, think about what we’re saying that 70% of Americans are convinced that the next generation will be worse off than their parents, and people 15 through 24 think they’re going to be worse off than their parents. That’s the mindset of where people have come to.

Intended to Re-Brainwash or Brainwash People Away from Reality

A show like “Downton Abbey” is intended to re-brainwash people or brainwash people away from that reality. And these are the results. Okay, this is a reality: the share of American adults who live in middle income households, middle income households, has decreased from 61% in 1971, to 51%, in 2019. That’s 10%, almost 30 million people, okay. And the pandemic appears to have accelerated this pattern hitting low-income workers hardest, while the recovery helped them the least.

Meanwhile, at the top are raking it in CEO compensation reached record levels, investment bankers on Wall Street, enjoyed record bonuses and the giant tech firms now boast a market cap greater than the bloated federal budget. And as Kotkin says, “As millions struggled to fill their tanks to pay their rent, sales of business jets to the rising ranks of billionaires have soared to great heights.”

So, you have this explosive class difference taking place in the United States, you can look at it not only in the US, in every country. So isn’t it very nice to have a show come out like this, which basically says, the servants and the Royalty, you know, they’re all sort of getting along. It’s all you know, there is one big happy family. There’s little soap operas here, but it does not show the BRUTALITY of how the maids were treated. In fact, you have to understand maids were treated so badly, that they weren’t even allowed to participate in workers movements, because even the work they were even below the workers. Okay. That’s what’s interesting.

Historical Accuracy, Not Historically Accurate, or Deliberate PROPAGANDA

All right, so these shows are not just entertainment. And I’m not just, you know, someone I think wrote on the Facebook post, “Oh, you know, this is just how things were in those days and you know, people were treated like slaves.” The point is, you’re right. But the show doesn’t show that. The show purposely hides that but wins awards on its historical accuracy when it’s not historically accurate. It’s deliberately propaganda by omission. And that’s what I hope all of you take away.


What I hope you take away is to recognize that: A: these shows that make it big like this, achieve it because they have to get distribution. You, I’m sure there’s a lot of talented people listening out there. Many of you could probably have written great shows, or maybe you have a great movie or script, but it’s about distribution.

And this distribution is not decided by the greatness of the show; it’s decided by what agenda it will serve. It is like Big Pharma selling something to generate capital for them, but to perpetuate their existence.

Well, here the Elites are going to generate money by people watching these shows, but it perpetuates their existence because it ameliorates the actual class differences that are taking place. That’s why this show is pure propaganda. It’s brainwashing. And what’s, and everyone should be frankly angry at this. These people go to parties, they talk about how they’re “woke”, “Me Too”, “Black Lives Matter.” Yet they make profit from shows, win awards, win Oscars of a show that actually does not bring about the BRUTALITY of what took place to the women servants of the time. And that’s what we need to understand. And this is why we need to look at all of this from a System standpoint.

These shows don’t exist in a vacuum, these shows are being played. Remember, this show was called “Upstairs, Downstairs.” It was around on PBS in the 70s. It was actually a little more accurate then. But by the, you know, the PBS crowd in the 70s was, you know, sort of your educated scholarly people who would watch it. But now, they’ve taken the show and ameliorated these class differences, to make it a consumer product so everyone will consume it, and feel good, feel good that they’re being screwed over.

But everything is fine. Let’s, we’re all one big freakin happy family. So that’s what this is about. This is really, yes. “Lifetime plus 70 years after,” someone said this, “lifetime plus seventy years after slavery for the entertainers.” Yeah. So, the entertainers, they themselves are part of this, right? Because remember, very, very few people, among the entertainment community really have any talent, who actually trained and worked hard, etc. 99% of them prostitute themselves, slept with the right people, had very little talent are celebrities. Celebrity is very different from a consummate actor. And a consummate actor making that is very, very rare. Okay.

Not Just Entertainment, It Is Propaganda

So, these shows are distributed, they’re promoted, they serve a political agenda. So, in a nutshell, “Downton Abbey” serves the agenda to brainwash people. Everything is fine among all of us. We’re all one big happy family yet, we’re seeing these explosive class differences. That’s why it’s propaganda. And what I want to share with everyone is how to, so I’ve given the analysis. And the reason I give this analysis is sure, go watch the show, if you like it, you know.

But recognize what you’re watching, it’s like taking an aspirin, you know, or taking a drug to make you forget stuff. That’s what you’re really doing. But if you’re taking it to think it’s just entertainment, I want to wake you up to the realities, it’s not just entertainment, it is propaganda. But if you’re aware, it’s propaganda, then you will observe it as propaganda, and you’ll see it for what it is. And then maybe you can, as you’re being entertained, you’ll know that you’re being entertained, and you won’t let it brainwash you.

See Things as They Are – Build a Bottoms-up Movement is the SOLUTION

And what’s the solution? Well, the solution that you recognize is that we have to see things as they are. We have to build a Bottoms-up movement. But most importantly, we have to Educate, Educate, Educate. Those in power have incredible, incredible power and a foothold on Media, the Educational System, the Mainstream Educational System. And my view is a way out of this is for us to take a Systems Approach to understanding Everything, to Learning to Think, Beyond Left and Right. As a scroll bar I’m doing.

So, it would be one thing for me to do these analyses and critiques, but it would be wrong, if I didn’t offer a solution. And the solution that I’ve come up with is over the last 50 years, as someone who has, who grew up in a caste system in India, as an untouchable caste, understood this and had a deep love of Science. Over the last 50 years I’ve integrated to discover a curriculum that anyone on the planet can understand and do this kind of Systems Analysis.

So, we go beyond Left and Right, we see things as they are. Over the last five or seven years, I’ve put together a curriculum, which we made accessible. Which you can actually A:Understand the Science of Systems, B:Connect with other people globally so you can at least feel like you have a group of people who can talk about Politics or Health, or Education from a Beyond Left and Right view. We’ve created a whole technology platform for that. And then C: For you guys to connect together as Warrior Scholars to actually go Educate others: A Learn, Teach and Serve model.

I hope the analysis I do, the videos I do, you know, I hope they’re educational, but I hope it compels you to want to take responsibility, and to learn the Science of Systems, which you can’t really get anywhere else, unless you pay lots and lots of money. I’ve made it accessible to everyone. So, you get a Scholarship, so you can study it, and you can give it away to your kids and children. And, and that’s what the world needs right now. We need to awaken working people to “See things as they are, so we don’t get BRAINWASHED” and that is, was my real reason for doing this. I mean, you could do this on a number of other shows. “Downton Abbey” is an excellent example because it really tries to ameliorate these class contradictions.

So, I hope you take advantage of that, I hope you recognize that we need to build a Bottoms-up movement. And I hope all of you go take the Systems course and recognize where we are at as a world. That those in power are very, very clever, through politicians, through dividing us into left and right, or ameliorating these class differences make it lull us into a sleep. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this and do your own analysis when watching these shows.

Yes, sure, go get entertained, but understand what you’re watching. By the time it hit mainstream media and got out there, it had to go through a lot of vetting, and a lot of censoring, and a lot of political agendas to get it out there. And when you see these actors and actresses who claim they’re for you, and are part of this, and no that is not historically accurate.

You have to recognize that they’re basically celebrities, they’re not really actors, and they have golden handcuffs. And they’re basically prostituting themselves. And they, frankly, have very little ethics for true art. Art is a movement of the time as someone said, and ultimately, great art reflects the actual time. It doesn’t veneer it, it doesn’t make it make the times something else it isn’t. That’s propaganda. But great art reflects the actual moment of what’s actually taking place.

So anyway, I’ll play the anthem video I do. But I hope all of you become Truth Freedom Health® Warriors, and become part of this community. I teach, you know, we have many, many people teaching the class. We have a whole community we built. I hope you join that and become part of this movement. So let me play the anthem video. And I’ll be back to say goodnight.

FREEDOM – Learn the Knowledge of SYSTEMS SCIENCE

I also want to let everyone know that you can go to But we’ve also made the book “System and Revolution.” Sometimes I read chapters from this, I think everyone will enjoy it. This will give you a Perspective, Knowledge, Engineering Systems, Training, Everything. So, you don’t have to go to MIT, but it’ll teach you this in a very accessible way. We have made the book, absolutely free. You just cover shipping and handling. And give it to a friend. We had I think someone just ordered like 20 of them. But I think we…it’s a best-selling book, but I thought it would be best for all of you to have access to it.

So, get the book, but we really need to get millions of people educated on a Systems Approach. It’s really the way out. Otherwise, we’re all headed for disaster because we’re going to be fighting against each other and the Elites just either want to put one set of people asleep, which is through shows like this, so we don’t see things as they are, so people don’t build a Bottoms-up movement to really protect their interests.

And that is where we’re at today, and the only way we get there is by first refining our consciousness by taking a Systems Approach. And the Systems Approach is, integrates the Science of East and West, Science and Tradition, Ancient and Modern. So please take advantage of that. Get the book. Join the course. But most importantly, you’ll be part of an incredible community of people that we’ve created that is not just a course, it’s not just a technology, but it’s a whole set of people.

And we’ve created a platform that’s independent of Big Tech, so when you sign up to the course you get all the course material. But most importantly, you get access to a whole community of people. We do lots of activities online and offline. So please take advantage of that. So Be well, have a good night and I hope this is valuable, and I hope it encourages you and inspires you to actually get the Knowledge of Systems. So Be well, have a good night.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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