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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – honors Malcolm X birthday by recognizing him as a Systems Scientist and a real revolutionary.
  • Dr. Shiva explains how Malcolm X was a scientist because he was willing to look at the world, get data, with a goal in mind, which in many ways was Truth, Freedom and Health for all.
  • Malcolm X met an Algerian Ambassador in Ghana that he truly respected as a revolutionary, since the Algerian appeared white, he  asked Malcolm, if he defined his objective as a victory of Black Nationalism, where does that leave him?
  • Malcolm X has a self realization that he was and would be a leader for all people fighting issues of real racism and exploitation. Shortly after he was assassinated.
  • “I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want Freedom, Justice, and Equality for everyone and those who want to continue this System of Exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I do not think it will be based on the color of the skin.” – Malcolm X


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Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s doing well, it’s Friday. Today we’re going to have a talk to honor Malcolm X’s birthday which was yesterday, May 19. And the talk is going to be Malcolm X – System Scientist. Beyond Black and White. And some of you may know that I’ve had a deep interest in looking at change revolution, from a Systems position.

I wrote a book several years ago called System and Revolution, which really was to take a Scientific Engineering Systems Approach to understand what is a system, and what is revolution? from a scientific standpoint.

And the book takes you through a deep understanding of Engineering Systems, which I’ve made accessible to all people, but also talks about what is REAL Change. And we use examples from Engineering Systems Theory, which is a little bit different than just, looking at it politically.

Honoring Malcolm X – A Scientist

But today, I want to really Honor the life of Malcolm X. You can’t really do that in a very short talk. I want to really look at Malcolm X’s life, particularly the few months before he was assassinated, because I think it’ll reveal to everyone that ultimately Malcolm X was actually a Scientist. He was willing to look at the world, get data, have a goal in mind, which was Freedom, and Truth, and Health for all, in many ways.

And he had certain ideas about how the world operated. And as he got more data, feedback, his goal didn’t change. But he was essentially able to correct some of his positions. And this is really important, because that’s what System Science is about, you have a goal, you look at what the world is actually returning back to you based on the inputs that you do, based on the actions that you’re taking.

An Intelligent System

This could be – you think about a simple goal, you want to lose weight. So, you would take certain actions to lose weight, right? And based on that, you’ll go back on a scale, you’ll get feedback, you will measure it, you will sense what’s going on. And if your goal matches where you’re headed towards, then you’ll say, okay, great, I’m gonna keep doing that. But if the results don’t match, actually, the goal that you set, you’re gonna have to change direction. And this is what Intelligence Systems do.

In our program that we do it, you can see down there Foundations of Systems at We go through this process, and we educate people because the knowledge of Systems becomes very important in the modern world. When I talk about Malcolm X, see, one of the things I posted up yesterday was, this is a very famous quote that Malcolm X gave, and we’ll talk about the timing of this.

Freedom, Justice, and Equality for Everyone

But he said, “I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want Freedom, Justice, and Equality for everyone and those who want to continue this System of Exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I do not think it will be based on the color of the skin.” – Malcolm X

Now, the mainstream media typically represents Malcolm X as a, you know, rabid Black Nationalist who wanted to kill white people. That’s typically the way he’s presented. That talk, which will put the speech that he gave in this context, but it’ll help you understand.

To those of you who are joining, I wanted to also let all of you know that if you want to know more about, sort of the range of things that we do on the platform that we’re building, really to educate people using technology, using science, and then also using experientially where you can meet and connect with people. You can go to to get that.

And as a part of that, I like to play a little video, which really gives you sort of an overview of how these things actually interconnect where we’re coming from and then wait for others to join, and I’ll be right back. But we’re gonna go into really discussing today, Malcolm X, his own journey. Let me play this video. It’ll give you some context.

Systems Approach to Understand Interconnections of Truth Freedom Health

One of the critical things that we teach in the Systems Approach is to enable people to understand that there’s an interconnection between these three Systems; the System of Truth, which is applying the Scientific Method, where you look at the world, you have your ideas, and you take these ideas and you go experiment, right. We have all sorts of ideas from the time we’re born. And then you get feedback. And from that you find out some of these ideas weren’t right. And some, some of them were true. And that’s a process of discovering Truth, Truth is really a process.

But Truth cannot emerge unless you have a way that you have an environment where you can have the full transfer of Information, Matter and Energy, which we call Freedom. That’s what the definition of Freedom is that we teach. So, with Freedom, you can have the emergence of Truth.

And those two things are not possible in an environment if you don’t have Physical Health, Economic Health, Infrastructural Health. These things are all United, Truth, Freedom, and Health. I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of that.

My Journey Developed The Foundation of Systems Course

And one of my journeys has been to put this in a framework that all of you can understand the physics of this, and I encourage everyone to go to, as the video said, sign up for the Foundations of Systems course, this course took me about 50 years to develop.

But it’s accessible to anyone, you don’t have to be an MIT person, you don’t have to know math, but you can really start appreciating the Science of Systems, we’ve also made it very accessible for people, you don’t have to again, go to MIT, you don’t have to go to any major institution.

Deep Concepts to understand Complex Systems

But you can learn these very deep concepts, which will give you a very powerful way of understanding the world looking at Complex Systems. And on top of that, more recently, we’ve also made the book System and Revolution accessible to all people, it’s absolutely free. You just cover shipping and handling. And just go to to do that. So anyway, I want to give that in the context of letting you know that there is a way that you can understand this.

Malcolm X’s Journey

So let me sort of talk about Malcolm X. Reason I said he was a system scientist. He was born, like all of us, into a particular environment. His environment was that of a black person in the United States at a time, when there was massive oppression. I grew up in India, with the era of the caste system, and each one of us has their own journey. So based on our background, we try to figure out the world and try to understand the problem and try to figure out the solutions are, if you care, some people don’t, that’s okay. Also, if you want to change the world, so in that process, you have ideas, right?

Malcolm X went through his journey, and he came bottoms-up in many ways, he was thrown in jail for stealing. And then he went through the Nation of Islam, I’m not going to go through his entire history, but he, the force, the experience he had with racism, he wanted to understand how this is going on the Nation of Islam was a religious organization, which promoted the concept of black nationalism was led by a guy called Elijah Muhammad. But Elijah Muhammad also preached a certain set of ethical behavior.

And over time, Malcolm X found out that the ethical behavior that Elijah Muhammad spoke, did not what he spoke did not conform to what he actually did. So anyway, Malcolm had a disillusionment with this. He went to Mecca, which was the holy pilgrimage place for most Muslims. And he had an experience there, where we started recognizing that some of his ideas didn’t make sense.

Malcolm X Interview in Young Socialist

And so, I’m going to give you an interview that he gave to a magazine, Young Socialist right here and bring it up. This was what he gave a night, April of 1965. And he said, “When I was in Africa, in May in Ghana, I was speaking with the Algerian Ambassador who was extremely militant, and as a revolutionary in the true sense of the word and has his credentials as such for having carried out a successful revolution against oppression in this country. Algeria, as many of you may know, was controlled by, you know, French colonialism.

When I told him this Malcolm X saying, – that my political, social, and economic philosophy was Black Nationalism. He asked me very frankly, well, where did that leave him? Because he was white. He was an African, but he was Algerian, and to all appearances, he was a white man. And he said, if I define my objective as a victory of Black Nationalism, where does that leave him? Where does that leave Revolutionaries in Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Mauritania, so he showed me where I was alienating people who were true revolutionaries, dedicated to overturning the system of exploitation that exists on this earth by any means necessary.

Malcolm X’s Self -Assessment

So, he says, I had a lot of thinking and reappraising of my definition of Black Nationalism. Can we sum up the solution to the problems confronting our people as Black Nationalism? And if you notice, I haven’t been using the expression for several months, but I still would be hard pressed to give a specific definition of the overall philosophy, which I think is necessary for the liberation of the black people in this country. He gave that interview in March, April of 1965. And it’s a very compelling interview, because he was doing self-assessment of himself and recognizing that he may be potentially off.

Now, I’m going to share with you one of the diagrams that we have, when you go to There’s a Systems diagram, I can bring it up. There’s a Systems Diagram, that if you go to, me bring it up here, you will see there’s a Systems Diagram, which has a Foundation of Systems course, it has all the things you get in the course. But one of the diagrams I want to take is this diagram.

Systems Intelligent Systems Feedback Diagram

This is what’s called a Systems Intelligent Systems Feedback Diagram. Okay. And what you see here is that you have a goal, you get output, and this occurs in every Engineering System through a sensor. And if your goal and what you’re seeing from the output match, then you know that you’re headed in the right direction.

Example I gave, you want to achieve a certain weight, you want it, let’s say your weight is 180 pounds, and you want to go down to 160, you stand on the weight scale. You start exercising, you start eating the right foods. And you notice, you’re getting down to 170, you say great, the controller is you, you make better decisions, and you keep doing that, you go down to 160. And you say, great.

Systems Process

This is what’s the process of an Intelligent Feedback System. You have a goal, you, as the mind make decisions to put inputs into you the world, you get an output. Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this with you is in a very quick way, this is what we call the Systems Process. System Scientists understand this. Malcolm X started recognizing that there was something off in his thinking, right? Things that he thought were correct, were not right, that he has this contradiction, where he’s talking to another fellow agent of change, a Revolutionary in Algeria is saying, hey, look, I’m white. You’re saying you want to fight exploitation, but you’re just talking about Black Nationalism? Where does that leave me?

System of Exploitation

All right. So, what happens is Malcolm X, and this is what you call someone who’s truly honest, and a REAL Scientists or REAL Engineers. Honest. So, you can see, Malcolm X was also had come to a different thing by January of 1965. And what do you realize is your go to this stuff was sharing here. So, he realizes, actually, that interview was before April. Okay, sorry about that.

What he realizes is the following. He says, in January 1965, he goes, “I believe that there will ultimately be a clash,” which, which is a quote, I read, but it’s good to read it again, “between the oppressed, and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want Freedom, Justice, and Equality for everyone. And those who want to continue this System of Exploitation, I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I don’t think it will be based on the color of the skin, as Elijah Muhammad taught.” So, the previous one, actually, it’s actually 64. Sorry about that. So just make a correction.

System of Exploitation

But anyway, think about what he’s saying. He went through a journey, where he realized that he had to move beyond, quote, unquote, Black Nationalism to recognize that the System of Exploitation affected whether you’re black, white, yellow, green, brown, etc. And that was a significant change in his outlook. And what’s unfortunate is, so this is January 19, 1965. And remember, his life was always when he was with the Nation of Islam, really talking about Black Nationalism, Black Nationalism, the wicked white man, we have to kill the white man, we have to have our own area.

Malcolm X’s Transformation

And that was, I’m sort of simplifying it. But the transformation you went through was realizing that this didn’t connect, right. But the important thing is, the cool thing is a Scientist, as he changes his viewpoint, and is able to take in new information.

Now, the unfortunate thing is what this meant was that Malcolm X would become much more of a Leader of all working people, right? He wouldn’t just be bucketed as a Black Leader. And you have to recognize that those in power like to split up Black and White people. They like to split up people in the Left and the Right, Republican, Democrat, Labor, Tory, wherever you are, because that is a very powerful way of keeping the dialectic going.

The Elephant Whole or Parts – REAL Racism is where you do not address the REAL Issues of Racism

Right. So, you take, as we talked about yesterday, the elephant which is a whole system, and you break it up into parts and you have people fighting, and this is a very, very powerful example of how racism serves the REAL racism is where you do not address the REAL issues of racism, exploitation, right? But you rather make it a black issue, or a white issue and you have people fighting.

Malcolm Became a Leader for All People

Now the unfortunate thing is a few months, literally one month, less than a month, 30, less than 30 days after Malcolm X gave, came to that position, gave that interview, he was shot, okay? So, and this is powerful, because that means that he would become not just a Black Nationalist Leader, but a leader for all people.

And as long as they could bucket him as his black guy who’s just talking about Black Nationalism, it was easy to isolate him. So, it’s unfortunate, but that’s what occurred. And this occurred to many, many Civil Rights Leaders. Towards the mid to late 60s, it occurred to people that they were starting to move away from my very parochial position, to much more of a Universal position.

Malcolm X Applied System Science

But more importantly, understanding the REAL problem, they were taking a Systems Approach. So, I wanted to share that with you, because this is a REAL example of someone who applied in my view System Science. Maybe Malcolm X didn’t know he was doing that. But that’s what he actually applied. What’s interesting was that, for 50 years, they incarcerated two black men in prison for shooting him.

And it was only last year they found out, guess what? The people that they incarcerated were actually not who, and here’s the article that came out in the Innocence Project, and you can go read it, but it said, branded Malcolm X assassins for half a century, two men are finally exonerated – Here’s why that matters. This is just the first step in correcting the record of this pivotal moment in history. And you can go read the article, but it basically talks about, they still don’t know who shot Malcolm X, okay, which is very, very interesting.

Finding the REAL Problem, Leads to the REAL Solution

But it leads one to recognize that when we take an approach of finding the REAL problem, and the REAL solution, right, in this case, that the REAL problem is exploitation. And the REAL solution is a unity of all peoples who are committed to fighting that. And that’s what a Systems Approach leads you to.

So, if you know, our movement for Truth Freedom Health, is really about educating youth because ultimately, we’re not going to win Truth or Freedom or Health by going directly. And thinking that we’re going to win on their platform of leaning in the left position of the right position. It’s a very, very tempting thing, to think you’re going to do Electoral Politics, you’re going to be a Democrat or Republican.

And it really doesn’t lead anywhere. Ultimately, we have to build a movement that is based on enlightening people bottoms-up. That’s what it’s about. And that bottoms up movement comes from a Systems Approach. That’s why I keep emphasizing that I hope all of you take advantage of this learning


Someone says,“Dr.SHIVA. I’m so grateful. You’re enlightening everyone. But what if they Malcolm X you? Bless you, they’re indoctrinating by weaponizing the media and exploiting social movements.”It’s true. Thank you for sharing that.

Honoring Malcolm X for His Birthday May 19th

Anyway, yesterday was Malcolm X’s Birthday, I hope we honor him by all of us moving Beyond Left & Right and taking a Systems Approach. And that’s what I have to share today. One way that I hope you honor yourself is take the System’s Approach. One of the small contributions, I believe we’ve made, is we’ve created a curriculum, we’ve created a community, we’ve created a technology platform, so you can learn this and you can go to To do this, I’ll just play a quick video that lets you know that we’ve created this for you in honor of all these great people before who attempted to make the world a better place. So let me just share with you this and have a good weekend.

Alright, everyone, I hope you have a good weekend. Again, I want to mention to make everyone aware that you can get the book System and Revolution, It’s absolutely free. And all you have to do is just cover shipping and handling. So please take advantage of that, because it’ll give you all the fundamentals, give you a very, very powerful perspective. So that’s an important offering. The other thing I want to let you know is that when you take the course, as an adult, which means over 18, that once you pass a course, you can give the course free to anyone. And for all adults, we’re giving a $2,500 scholarship.

There’s no reason everyone shouldn’t take it. But it’s really the foundations of arming you with a Scientific Systems Approach to solving problems. That’s what it’s really about. So, you can think from a Systems Approach. But more importantly, the goal is to make you agents of change so you can go educate young people so anyone 18 or younger, you can give the course for absolutely free, you can give it and we’ve set up a way to do that. So anyway, hope you have a good weekend. Be well and be the light. Thank you.

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