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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA shares results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of comparing Watermelon Seeds on Cardiovascular Health The discussion is a SYSTEMS ANALYSIS. Many “health gurus” simply are Pro- and Anti- about a particular food. This is a reductionist approach that creates confusion. They have little idea of HOW the food behaves at the molecular systems level due to their ignorance in a SYSTEMS foundation to thinking.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – Shares Breaking story on How Alzheimer’s #FAKESCIENCE Academic Mafia Stole Billions and why they must pay. 
  • Taxpayers Pay for Fake Science and No One in Academia Ever Pays
  • Alzheimer’s Research Over Two Decades was Based on a Paper Written in 2006
  • Science Magazine Investigates A-Beta Mafia
  • The System of Scientific Research is a Mafia
  • There’s a Fundamental System Controlling this Scientific Framework.
  • Not One Effective Drug against Alzheimer’s despite $Billions of Taxpayer Funding Because of Fake Science
  • Two Neuroscientist Activist Investors were Concerned Cassava’s science was Fraudulent 
  • Matthew Schrag MD, PHD Hired to Present Evidence of Cassava Science’s  Fraudulent Science
  • 1984 Amyloid Deposits became Hypothesis for Cause of Alzheimer
  • By 2006 Alzheimer Research in in Disarray Finding No Effective Drugs
  • 2006 Paper Claiming Discovery of Toxic Oligomer Precursor, A-Beta*56 Resuscitates A-Beta Research
  • Amyloid Mafia Supports the 2006 Paper to Boost their Industry
  • No One has been able to Replicate the 2006 Research
  • Matthew Schrag uncovers Fake Images in 2006 Lesné Paper
  • May 2022 Lesné Receives NIH Grant from Co-Author of 2006 Fraudulent Paper 4 Months After Schrag alerts NIH to Fraud
  • The Bottom Line is Science is Compromised
  • The Academic Mafia doesn’t want Knowledge, New Science or New Innovation coming from Outside
  • The Heads of Departments are the Same People Sitting on the NIH Study Groups and Heads of Big Journals
  • 70%-80% of NIH Funding goes to Heads of Departments of Major Universities.
  • All the Money these Researchers got should be Paid Back
  • Science moves Slow because of the Collusion of Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Science, Big Government
  • We must End the Old Medieval Tenure System
  • When You Peel Away the Layer of Big Pharma, You Come to Big Academia. 
  • Big Pharma cannot Exist without Fake Science
  • Racketeering Enterprise is the Relation between Journal Editors, Heads of Departments and NIH


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Dr.SHIVA LIVE BREAKING – HOW Alzheimer’s #FakeScience ACADEMIC MAFIA Stole Billions. They MUST Pay.

We’re gonna have a conversation today where I’m going to share with you some very important investigative reporting that came out of Science Magazine. And it’s really about how the research over the last almost two decades in Alzheimer’s research was based on a paper.

And that paper, written in 2006, which was cited nearly 2300 times, and we’ll talk about what a citation is, has had some very profound effects on really misdirecting Alzheimer’s Research.

This has been reported by Science. And to US taxpayers, it’s cost at a minimum about a quarter of a billion dollars, all the way up to several billion dollars. And what I want to share with you today is as we review this, the title is How Alzheimer’s, #FakeScience Academic Mafia.

and by the way they use the word “Amyloid Mafia” in the paper that’s crediting them in the Science article, stole billions and what we must do. The Investigative Journalist who shared this research doesn’t give a solution, which is what we’re going to talk about.

And I would really suggest all of you who are interested in Science and making sure there’s fairness in Science, share this article, or share this video that I’m going to do today. And I think it’ll help a lot of you really understand what’s going on.

What You Will Learn Today

Before we start at a very high level, what you’re going to learn today is how the System of “Scientific Research” works. Most people do not understand how there is literally a “Mafia”, between what articles make it out there, what don’t. And then you’re also going to learn the motivating factor that drives this huge, huge drive to get papers published in science, and who profits from that.

So you’re going to learn that because without that deep Systems Understanding, it’s hard to recognize the science, “The Science” that we come out with. What was really the momentum that drove a lot of that science.

What are the motivating factors that drive that science? And you’re gonna learn that, which is really not known by the vast amount of the public. So by the time someone says, “oh, you have to, let’s say, take this vaccine, or you have to take this drug, or this is the reason that people get this disease and don’t take that herb or don’t do this”.

There’s a whole Fundamental System, which is controlling this Scientific Framework. We’re going to learn that. To those of you joining, today’s video is going to be on How Alzheimer’s, #Fake Science Academia Stole Billions and what we have to do.

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And we’re going to learn that right now. In this Alzheimer’s Mafia that took place, anyone else who brought really alternative ideas, most of those things were shunned, and frankly, in some way censored because there was so much money in promoting one idea of why Alzheimer’s was being caused. So Science suffered and people’s health suffered.

You’ll realize that not one drug has really been effective against Alzheimer’s, in spite of the billions and billions that have gone into it from taxpayer funding because of this kind of Fake Science that has been taking place.

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Where does our story begin? Some of you have made and heard of a company, but most of you probably have not, of a company… By the way, Ukraine and Russia aren’t really that well reported. It’s a little bit reported, but no one gets into the depths of it. But the mainstream media doesn’t really report on anything big anymore.

They literally watch which way the wind blows. And if they can sell advertising… Well one of the companies, Cassava Sciences, is a pharmaceutical company. The way this story starts is that there were some activist investors who had filed a petition with the FDA concerned about the Phase Three Trials that Cassava Sciences was doing for an Alzheimer’s drug.

So what is a Phase Three Trial? As I’ve shared before, when a pharmaceutical company creates a drug, first they do testing in test tubes and animals. And then if that is, “shows success”, then they go on to test in humans.

Now human testing takes on three different kinds of testing. One is called Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three. And the first two types of testing, Phase One and Phase Two are small tests to really focus on Safety. Phase Three is really about Efficacy; does this drug work?

They had come up with a drug for Alzheimer’s based on a certain theoretical framework of Science. And Cassava was Phase Three Trials. Well two activist investors were concerned that Cassava’s science was Fraudulent. So what they did was they went to the FDA and they filed a petition.

And this is their filing of the petition which says, “Requests that the FDA halt the current clinical studies of Simufilam,” almost sounds like flimflam, but that was the name of the drug, “sponsored by Cassava Sciences pending audits of 1 the publication’s relied on by Cassava in support of its scientific claims concerning Simufilam; 2 the IND application for Simufilam use and Alzheimer’s disease; and 3 all clinical biomarker studies in Simufilam in Alzheimer disease.”

So these activist investors who also, by the way, were two Neuroscientists, they were concerned the stuff wasn’t going to work, and was going to harm people. And the study was going to have about 1800 people. And they wrote to the FDA.

And the FDA basically didn’t do anything. So that was in 2021. And in February 2022, the FDA told these two Neuroscientists who’d filed this petition, “oh you’re doing it the wrong way. There’s nothing really here. This is not the way to do it.”

So that petition gets buried. However, this is what happened. The law firm representing those two investors hired a very interesting scientist by the name of Matthew Schrag. And Matthew Schrag is an MD, PhD over at Vanderbilt University.

He himself is a Researcher in Memory and Alzheimer’s. And he was hired to be the expert. You see whenever there’s a lawsuit, or petition, something like this filed legally, what happens is typically, attorneys go hire an expert. And the expert’s job is to bring to the forefront an expert report to present to the court.

So Schrag was hired by these two Neuroscientists to present evidence that what Cassava was doing was really fraudulent. That was their claim. So Matthew Schrag, Schrag is an MD PhD, he goes and he starts researching Cassava, this pharmaceutical company, which people were concerned about, which these two activist investors were confirmed was doing, essentially Fraudulent Science.

But as I mentioned, during that research, the FDA basically said, “Oh nothing to see, the petition was filed in the wrong way”, some procedural thing. They said this wasn’t the right way to do it.

However what happens is, Matthew Schrag, as he’s digging through understanding Cassava’s claim for their drug that it’s going to be effective; where did they get the science for that? And he digs and digs and digs and he comes across a paper written by a guy called, and we’ll get to him, Lesné. And what the Lesné paper, and here’s the Lesné paper, And this was a landmark paper.

Schrag Finds Lesné Fraudulent Paper

So you can see the author was Sylvain Lesné. And by the way, he’s the main author. And the PI, by the way, in biology papers, when you see this, this was typically the last, it’s really not the last author in biology. That person on the last is really the PI who ran the Research. So Karen Ashe, Karen’s Hao Ashe was his, really his boss. So Sylvain’s boss was Karen Ashe, right here. So this paper was published on March 16, 2006. All right. Someone says, “I wish you’d be my PhD supervisor.” Sure.

So this paper said, “A specific amyloid-Beta protein assembly in the brain impairs memory.” So we’ll get into the science of this. So what this paper in 2006 by Sylvain Lesné and Karen Ashe was purporting that they had found a very specific amyloid-Beta protein assembly and you’ll, it’s the thing that is involved in the assembly of the amyloid- Beta protein which forms plaques, and that that was the key to impairing memory.

You see, up until this paper, give you a little bit of history, there was a lot of research. And by the way, here’s Sylvain Lesné, there he is, and now he’s still an associate professor at the University of Minnesota.

By the way this research, by the way, this paper is done at the University of Minnesota. Ashe was an up and coming scientist. I don’t think she had tenure yet. We’ll talk about tenure. And Sylvain was a PhD student who just joined her lab as a postdoc. So this was a young guy, she was his boss, much older, and much more experienced.

So this paper comes out. And the reason I bring this paper up, this was a landmark paper. When that paper came out in 2006 that literally directed the research of Alzheimer’s for the next 16 years. And minimum, about a quarter of a billion dollars went into this angle of research.

Investigative Reporter at Science Puts it Together

And indirectly billions went in, billions of American payer tax dollars. And this research was based on Sylvain and Ashes, Lesné and Ashes work claiming that they had discovered a particular protein assembly that actually impairs memory in the brain.

So why is this important? Well the reason this is important, and by the way, I’m sharing right now with you before I get into what is to be done, an Investigative Reporter at Science is the one who put all this together. This just came out about a week ago.

Now what he says, and this just a little bit background on Alzheimer’s, is the following: “One of the biggest mysteries and also the most distinctive feature that he brings up is that when people get Alzheimer’s, when you open up people’s brains, are these things called PLAKUS, P-L-A-K-U-S, and other protein deposits, and the reason it’s called Alzheimer’s, Alois Alzheimer was the first who saw this in 1906 in the brain of deceased dementia patients.

Now in 1984, A-Beta amyloid- Beta, was identified, a protein, was identified as the main component of those plaques.”

These plaques are made up of this protein called A-beta in 1984. So that’s almost, that’s 78 years later. And then about seven years later, “1991, researchers traced that family-linked, so it was genetic Alzheimer’s mutations in the gene for precursor protein from which amyloid derives.”

Amyloid derives from this other protein. “So for many scientists”, as he says,”it seemed clear that A-Beta buildup sets off a cascade of damage and dysfunction in neurons, causing dementia. Stopping amyloid deposits became the most plausible therapeutic strategy.”

Let me just sort of unpack that. So 1906, they found these plaques in people’s brains.

In 1984 they found those plaques are composed of A-Beta. And then by the mid 90s, it was decided that the way you’re going to solve Alzheimer’s disease is to stop the build-up of A-Beta.

So think about it, you have a wall, the wall’s made up of bricks. These bricks are called A-Beta. And the goal was, if we can stop the accumulation of A- Beta, then you’re going to stop Alzheimer’s. So lots and lots of clinical trials went into this. But again, this was all just a theory. The theory was that these plaque formation caused by A-Beta led to this.

And as the Science writer writes, he goes: “Hundreds of clinical trials of amyloid targeted therapies yielded few glimmers of promise.” It wasn’t really working. “Only the underwhelming Aduhelm had gained FDA approvals.” There’s only one drug that cannot out of all these, all this work, “yet A-Beta still dominates research and drug development. NIH spent $1.6 billion on projects that mentioned amyloids in this fiscal year.”

If you simply put “amyloid” and you were a researcher, you got funded, “about half of its overall Alzheimer’s funding.” So out of the $3.2 billion, or 3 billion, more than half of it went to the theory of A-Beta, “Scientists who advance other potential Alzheimer’s causes such as immune dysfunction or inflammation complain they’ve been sidelined by the ‘amyloid mafia’”. I call it the Alzheimer’s Academic Mafia, but pretty close.

This is what was going on. So this one researcher, “Forsayeth says the amyloid hypothesis became ‘the Scientific equivalent of the Ptolemaic model of the Solar System’, in which the Sun and planets rotate around the Earth.” Remember, a lot of people said the Sun rotates around the Earth. So all of this research was based on amyloid.

But people are finding only one drug came out of this and people were starting to question this. “And by 2006”, so between 1991 and 2006, a lot of money went into this by 2006. “By 2006”, this was on the centenary, the anniversary, ”centenary of the discovery of the epic discovery of Alzheimer’s, a growing cadre, he says of skeptics wondered aloud, whether the field needed a reset. Then a breathtaking Nature paper entered the breach.”

Amyloid Deposits are a Hypothesis

The hypothesis was amyloid deposits, starting in 1984, are the reason that you get Alzheimer’s. So write that down. Amyloid deposits which lead to these plaques, so 1984 lots, billions of dollars of research go into this. But guess what, they’re not finding any drugs. None of them work. And it’s just a hypothesis.

So the field was in complete disarray by 2006, which was the anniversary of the discovery of Alzheimer’s by Alois Alzheimer’s, and then boom, in 2006 guess what happened? This paper comes out. The paper which I shared earlier.

This paper comes out and says, we have the discovery, essentially of the century, which says, “We have discovered the way that the amyloid protein assembly, there’s something that comes before the amyloid protein, it’s called an oligomer”, O-L-I-G-O-M-E-R. It’s like the things that the bricks are composed of; the amyloid protein.

They’re the precursor. And we have proof that this actually impairs memory. And that was what this paper was. This paper was saying that they had found this very specific A-Beta* 56, and I’ll get to that. Very specific oligomer which is part of the amyloid-Beta protein assembly.

And they had injected this in mice, and they had shown cognitive decline. No one had ever shown that before. So 2006 was an important year because this paper, and by the way, this is a very prestigious journal, Nature.

2006 Lesné and Ashe published this paper saying they had made the major breakthrough showing that they had found the precursor to the amyloid protein that is injected into mice, I think, mice, rats, and it showed cognitive decline when this protein came in. Everyone following me? So again, it’s a lot of stuff to take in.

Lesné Fakes Western Blots Images

But that’s what occurred. Lesné was a guy who showed that. And when he published his paper, he submitted these things called Western blots. I’ll do a whole session on Western blots.

But Western blots is an imaging technique that’s used in biology to show how much of a protein is present. And so this guy Lesné said that he had found the A-Beta*56 oligomers and he presented this image right here. And he said this band right here represented A-Beta*56 bands, which showed that this protein, when it was put into mice, would cause cognitive decline.

Guess what? Schrag discovered on an open website called PubPeer, people are already complaining about Lesné’s previous images that he had loaded up there on other work.

And he found, he tracked that and he found out that they were the same problems with the images that he had used in that 2006 paper. Now remember, this is all occurring in 2021, 15 years later, because he was hired as an expert witness. So in 2021, Schrag finds out that these images have been doctored.

Let me explain that. He finds out these images likely, puts the word “likely, and the reason the PubPeer guys showed that the images don’t look Real; they were photoshopped, but you only conclusively prove it if you had the original images. But they clearly know that these images are not real based on the image artifacts. And this has been confirmed multiple times now.

The paper that was submitted in 2006…. And by the way, as I speak, you can notice that Nature has put this commentary a week ago on the paper which says, Editor’s Note, “The editors of Nature have been alerted to concerns regarding some of the figures in this paper. Nature is investigating these concerns, and a further editorial response will follow as soon as possible.

In the meantime, readers are advised to use caution when using results reported therein.” Well this is 2022. This paper was published in 2006 everyone. So it took Nature, the editors, 16 years. Meanwhile that paper was cited 2300 times. 2300 times.

And because of that paper, this lab I believe, got about $20 million. Lesné, who started his own lab at the same university, got another $5 to $7 million. And then a quarter of a billion to billions of dollars poured into the field because of this research. And we’re going to talk about why that took place. Why the delay?

Suspicious Image Analysis in Lesné Paper

“Now the suspicions about this”, as a Science article says, “were raised about Lesné’s research. And independent Image Analysis took place”. And all of these different Institutions, “they all concurred with this overall conclusion, which casts doubt on hundreds of images, including more than 70 in Lesné’s papers.

Some look like shockingly blatant examples of image tampering”, says Donna Wilcock an Alzheimer’s expert at the University of Kentucky. The authors “appear to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from other experiments”, photoshopping, says Elizabeth Bik, a molecular biologist and well-known Forensic Image Consultant.”

“The other experimental results might not have been the desired results and the data might have been changed to better fit a hypothesis.” You see, they put forward this results. It’s like you put forward the results, and then you go make the data to fit the results.

It’s what bad students do in second or third grade. But this is occurring at a major University being published in a major journal called Nature. Just think about that.

Systems Approach to Get to the Truth

So again, by the way, I just want to let everyone know. It is our Movement Truth Freedom Health®, which is the only movement that does this as a public service. Because we interconnect Science and the Politics, and the Health Issues. You’re not gonna get this anywhere else.

And you can’t do this on a stupid Joe Rogan podcast, because Rogan will come out many years later, or he’ll watch which way the wind blows. You won’t get this on Tucker Carlson. You’ll only get this here from our Movement. And this research, and the stuff we do here is made possible with your support.

And I want all of you guys to become part of this Movement, because you’ll understand when we take a Systems Approach, we can really get to the truth here. So that’s what was taking place.

Now, you have to understand that Karen Ashe, who’s the lead researcher, she knew in 2000 that people were recognizing that there was these things called oligomers, toxic oligomers, which are subtypes of A-beta, as this article said, “that dissolve in some bodily fluids had gained currency as likely the chief culprit in Alzheimer’s, potentially more pathogenic than insoluble plaques. Amyloid oligomers had been linked to impaired communication between neurons in vitro and, and in animals.”

“But no one had proved no one had proved that any one of the many oligomers directly caused cognitive decline.” There was this theory swirling around in 2000, before 2006, “hey, there could be these things called oligomers”, remember, they’re trying to keep this A-Beta thing alive, it’s failing miserably.

So they say,” Oh, these oligomers are the things that directly cause cognitive decline. And they’re a subtype of A-Beta.” Got it? So the A-Beta stuff wasn’t working. So they’re saying something else is a subtype of A-Beta and they call these toxic oligomers.

Lesné is Brought In by Helen Ashe

And they said that was another theory. That was a theory that this guy Sylvain Lesné was brought in from France. He was a PhD student in France, and he was brought into the University of Minnesota by Ashe. I think Helen Ashe.

And this guy is the one “in the brains of Ashe’s transgenic mice, these are Ashe, the main researcher, the UMN team, discovered a previously unknown oligomer dubbed A-Beta* 56 is pronounced “amyloid- beta star 56” after its relatively heavy molecular weight compared with other oligomers.

The group isolated A-Beta*56 and injected it into rats. The rats’ capacity to recall simple previously learned information, such as the location of a hidden platform and a maze– plummeted.”

These guys claimed they discovered this oligomer, which is a toxic oligomer precursor to A-Beta. And when they injected that into rats, it caused cognitive decline. And this was absolutely a breakthrough. And Ashe and Sylvain took credit for it. In fact, on their website, as the Science article says, Ashe touted A-Beta*56 on her website.

This is the main researcher as, “The first substance ever identified in brain tissue in Alzheimer’s research that has been shown to cause memory impairment.” A Person like this wants to win the Nobel Prize. “An accompanying editorial in Nature called A-Beta*56, a ‘star suspect’ in Alzheimer’s. Alzforum, a widely read online hub for the field titled its coverage, ‘A-Beta Star is Born’.”

A-Beta Field gets Resuscitated by Lesné Faked Images

The A-Beta field was going down, and suddenly in 2006, it gets this big resuscitation by the discovery of A-Beta*56 by Ashe and Lesné. Ashe again is the main researcher. She brings into this young postdoc or PhD guy to do all the hard work. And he’s the one who faked the images as is coming out from the work of Schrag.

In fact, no one else has been able to reproduce A-Beta*56, by the way, since 16 years. And the field just goes on. This is even more interesting. And in fact, Ashe won this prestigious prize. And I call many of these insider prizes by the way, they’re all one incestuous clan. “Less than two weeks after the papers published, Ashe won the prestigious Potamkin Prize for neuroscience, partly for the work leading A-Beta*56.”

Now, here’s the interesting thing. There are right now at Harvard, right now, particularly at Harvard, one of the leading Alzheimer’s Researchers, he’s running around trying to rescue his own field, because he was part of this stuff, too. And his papers have been born into question, and he’s saying, “Oh this paper did not have a big impact. Nothing to see here. Let’s move along.”

Well, that’s not true. As the Science guy says, “The Nature, the science paper, the Nature paper has been cited in 2300 scholarly articles, more than all but four other Alzheimer’s basic research papers since 2000.” This is the fifth most cited paper in Alzheimer’s research. “Since then, Annual NIH support for studies labeled ‘amyloid oligomers and Alzheimer’s’ has risen from zero to $287million in 2021. Lesné and Ashe helped spark that explosion”, experts say.

So think about this. Ashe and Lesné, two researchers at University of Minnesota, wrote this paper in 2006. It gets cited 2300 times which means other people say, “Oh, this is this research. This is this research, refer to this.” All the little “Amyloid Mafia” cite this paper, bolster the paper and our tax dollars, $287 million, quarter of a billion dollars gets sent to all these other people. If they put a research grant that said “amyloid oligomer and Alzheimer’s”.

So if you were one of these “Amyloid Mafia” academic researchers, and you write a paper saying, “Hey, give me some funding”, and it had the words amyloid, oligomer and Alzheimer’s, you’d more than likely get funding. Quarter of a billion dollars went into this because of that paper. Well, guess what? No one has been able to replicate this research. And 16 years later, we find out that the paper was composed of FRAUDULENT IMAGES.

Now as the Science author says, “The paper provided an important boost to the amyloid and toxic oligomer hypothesis which was not working when they faced rising doubts” Sudhof says. So think about this. Up until that point $1.6 billion went into the amyloid research. $1.6 billion which is more than half of all of the Alzheimer’s research. You follow me? And so if you’re a researcher in Alzheimer’s, you’re like “shit”, excuse my language. They’re like, “wow, our amyloid Beta hypothesis ain’t working out.” And suddenly, this research comes out by Ashe in Minnesota.

And it resuscitates the whole industry. So all of these “Amyloid Mafia” people supported it. Everyone is getting the picture. And Sudhof says, “Proponents loved it, loved it, because it seemed to be an independent validation of what they had been proposing for a long time.” It basically gave a boost to the amyloid hypothesis. “That was a really big finding that kind of turned the field on its head, partly because of Ashe’s impeccable imprimatur”, Wilcock says. “It drove a lot of other investigators to go looking for these heavier oligomer species.”

“He became”, now Lesné, “became a leader of UMNs neuroscience graduate program in 2020. And in May 2022, this just very recently, four months after Schrag delivered his concerns to the NIH”… So Schrag who discovered these fake images, wrote a whistleblower report to the National Institute of Health and told the National Institutes of Health, so four months after, so in what’s four months, so around February, Schrag delivered his concerns February, March, April May.

Schrag, this whistleblower, wrote to the NIH saying, “Look, this is all fake data.” And even after that, this guy at the University of Minnesota gets rewarded in May of 2022. In fact, “he gets a grant from the NIH, the coveted R01 grant for five years.” I think it was up to $5 to $7 million.

Insider Racketeering

Now get this. Guess who was a program officer who approved this grant? A guy called “Austin Yang who was a co-author on that 2006 paper.” So look at the inside racketeering here. Austin Yang was a co-author of the 2006 paper with Lesné and with Ashe. Now he’s over at the NIH, which is where the money is doled out.

Our taxpayer dollars are doled out to these scientists. So Yang is over here at the NIH. He was formerly at the University of Minnesota writing this paper. He’s over at the NIH. Lesné applies for a multi-million dollar grant. And guess who’s a program officer who gives him the grant? Yang.

And obviously, he “declined to comment.” This is racketeering. And it gets even more interesting. “People acknowledge so much of our field is not reproducible. So it’s a huge advantage to understand when data streams might not be reliable.” So this is an important point. You do a piece of research and let’s say I try to duplicate your research and I can’t do it. Guess what, my paper will never get published. My paper will never get published. Why?

Over here, a bigwig at Harvard or University of Minnesota publishes Fake Research. I’m in a little State School and I published research that’s not able to duplicate his results. Because I’m not part of that mafia, they won’t even publish my research.

More interestingly, if you prove someone’s research is not correct, the big journals don’t like publishing that paper. Do you know why? They don’t get hits. They don’t get views. They don’t get citations. So negative results, this is really screwed up, never get published. So fake science continues.

Fake Science Mafia

So if you’re a member of the fake science mafia and you publish research, your other colleagues are going to protect you; it’s literally a mafia. Some guy says, “I can’t replicate this research.” He’s thrown out. He’s never published, you probably won’t even get tenure.

Now the reality is that many, many people were saying that they weren’t able to duplicate this research. In fact, as this shows, “In the 16 years following the landmark paper, Lesné and Ashe–separately or jointly, published many articles on their stellar oligomer, yet only a handful of other groups have reported even detecting this.” But much of this detection was also based on those false images.

Now, what’s interesting is one of the professors who worked with Lesné in France, a guy called Vivian said that when he worked in France, when he was a PhD student, he was doing image manipulation back then, and he retracted a paper. So this guy, Lesné, has been a Fake Scientist for a long time.

He gets brought into University of Minnesota, Ashe wants to make her name; win the Nobel Prize. She’s the one who brought him in. And she’s the one who made 27 million bucks to her own lab. And Lesné’s bringing, made another 5 million. And the industry, the Alzheimer Mafia, made a quarter of a billion to probably $1.6 billion. Who paid for all that? You did.

No One in Academia Ever Pays

You paid for all of that research, your tax dollars. Now I’m going to get in to explaining to you why this occurs. The big point I want you to understand is no one in academia ever pays. They get all this research dollars and build their nice homes on Cape Cod. They go on their ski trips. They all hang out together because they’re a bunch of incestuous dirtbags, most of these people. That’s why I do, that’s why we do our own research. That’s why we have our own Movement. Because the bottom line is “Science is Compromised.”

And think about what Science is. And I just want you guys to think back in the old days, there was the Priesthood, they called it. The Priesthood said, “no, no, no, the sun goes around the Earth.” Galileo showed otherwise and he was vilified for that. The Academic Priesthood is the same priesthood.

Let’s say you find an amazing herb that costs nothing, and you say, “know what, this can cure Alzheimer’s or this or x”, or whatever you find. Well if that’s not going to make money, and you try to publish a paper on it, you will be called a Snake Oil Salesman. You will be called a Fraud. And you’ll be Destroyed. But these kinds of people are allowed to prosper for 16 years. And you know what, nothing will happen to them.

The Need for Open Science

Because every 10 years, some major academic fraud occurs. And nothing happens to these guys. The University may kick them out, but the Government never claws back and gets our money back. Where’s the January 6 committee on this? So I’m doing this video today and I hope you share it widely to educate people. And this diagram will tell you, and this is as an insider, so this is the racket that goes on.

The Real Racket in Science

Let me tell you about the Real Racket now. This is a Real Racket. Take some notes; The Real Racket in Science. You finish your PhD in Brain Research. Well what’s your next job? Your job is either to go to industry and start your own pharmaceutical company.

Your job may be to go into academia and try to become a professor. It is rare that people like myself don’t participate in that and build a Bottoms-up Movement. Because guys like me should either be over here or here. But I chose not to do that, because I understood the Racketeering here.

Tenure means You Get Paid and Don’t Work

So you come out with your PhD, and let’s say you want to become a Professor. This is what happens. In order to become a Professor, a tenured Professor, so you join initially as a low-level Professor, and you have seven years, write this down, you have seven years to do research to get your tenure.

What is tenure? Tenure means that after, once you get tenure at a University, you never have to do any work. You get paid. You’re a lifetime employee at that University. Lifetime. You can just sit on your ass and do nothing.

And you will still be paid money. It is like Judges. It’s like the Judicial System. There’s only two industries in the world where you can sit on your ass and never have to do any work.

The Judicial Branch and the Academic World. These are Feudal Systems, which means they go back to the Medieval times. Academics are not even democratic. They’re like fiefdoms. These guys are the actual Priesthood.

So you get your, seven years comes up. So think about all of you if you’re listening carefully, you’ve done seven years, let’s say you’re an Alzheimer’s Researcher or a Cancer Researcher.

Now you get put before your University’s Committee; Tenure Committee. They’re going to decide if we’re going to give you tenure. And how do they decide if they’re gonna give you a tenure?

They look at your research. Well, what do they do? They look at what papers you’ve published. You published a lot of papers. That’s only one step. The second step is, have your papers been referenced by other people? If your papers have been referenced by other people, that means you’re having an impact in the field.

If you wrote one paper, or let’s say you wrote 100 papers, and no one else referenced it, you get a big zero. But if you wrote one paper and 10,000 other people referenced your paper, that means if you’re playing fair, wow, that’s a pretty big paper, like Einstein wrote the “Theory of Relativity”; got referenced by everyone.

Tenure involves A Lot of Ass-Kissing

But what happens in this Racketeering is you publish a paper, and this is what happens? You’re really trained to kiss-ass to all the other people, do all sorts of actual kissing asses figuratively, and literally… the stories I could tell you. And this incestuous, you become part of the Mafia.

But if you don’t choose to play, and there are people by the way, a few people don’t play, I have great respect. And they still have tenure. But this game, by and large, is for the people who kiss-ass. Or you Fake Science. So you publish a paper.

And in this case, this was referenced 2300 times. Ashe gets tenure. Lesné probably got tenure. I have to look that up. 2300 citations and you saved the field, so all your other researchers who you also referenced and they referenced you… there’s all this referencing going on back and forth because everyone’s kissing each other’s ass. And I hate to use that word, but that is what it is.

Academia is one of the biggest ass-kissing environments. And that’s why Academics are so quick when Real Research comes from the outside, not in their realm, they want to attack it like the invention of email.

Look, I invented email before I came to MIT. And I never spoke about it. When it went into the Smithsonian, it created this huge hullabaloo because it wasn’t created by their Mafia. We can talk, we’ll do a whole story on that.

But I’ve been, before MIT, I’ve invented things and after. So I can see these two worlds. But this existing Academic Mafia doesn’t want knowledge, or new science or new innovation coming from outside. That’s why they go call that stuff snake oil, and they attack everyone else.

How the Academic Mafia Works

But they are a mafia. And how are they a mafia? This is how they.. exactly…. “Wicked Nepotism.” Amelia, you nailed it. And this is how that nepotism works. So you become an Editor of a Journal. You’re sitting here, you’re also the head of the Department, or the head of some group, like a head of a lab like Ashe. And you also sit at the NIH. Who is the NIH?

NIH is the National Institutes of Health. And so they have a billion dollars, and they’re going to fund research. Well how do they decide to fund research? So you’re a researcher like Ashe or Lesné, or somebody else, so you have a pile of money. They’re gonna fund you. Well who makes that decision?

Guess who sits on the NIH study groups? The same people who are the Heads of Departments are the same people sitting on the NIH Study Groups? Well these same people are also the heads of the Big Journals. Government is sitting here watching all this and never does anything.

So the NIH study group gives funding; 70%-80% of the funding goes to the Heads of Departments of the major universities. And these Heads of Departments are also the Journal Editors by and large if you look at. So it’s one incestuous freak show. It’s a Mafia.

The Same People Granting the Money are Receiving that Money

The Alzheimer’s people who are deciding where the money goes, are the same people who are Heads of the Departments that also received the money. I want to thank Suresh for his donation. Thank you very much, Suresh. It’ll go to our Movement. Suresh says, “It is high time we support ourselves by building a Bottoms-up Movement Truth Freedom Health® for ourselves, our family and our community. Are you ready to fight for YOU, wake up?” Yeah. Thanks, Suresh.

We want you to wake up because no one has taught you this. Only our Movement will teach you this Racketeering in Science. All these people who are getting the journals published or they get tenure are the same people who are heads of the department, are the same people sitting on the NIH study groups, by and large.

Not in all cases, but by and large, more than 50% of the cases if you go analyze this. So it’s one Big Racket. And by the way, when I met with Trump, I told him this. He goes, “Oh, I wish I had known this before.” The Presidents either are stupid, or they know about this, or they’re part of the incestuous behavior.

The Research Money should be Paid Back

“What is to be done?” That was the other thing I wanted to do, “What is to be done?” Well, I would say the first thing that needs to be done is that money that all of these researchers got should be paid back; they should sell their summer homes, they should go BANKRUPT, they should pay. What is different between these guys and a poor guy who goes and steals some bread? What is the difference? And go look at the history of this science.

FRAUDS occur, and nothing happens to these guys. Nothing happens to them. No criminal charges are filed. Nothing happens to them. And this is why Science moves so slow, because you have the collusion of Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Science, Big Government; one Big Incestuous Cesspool. And by the way, they’re all friends with Big Hollywood. Many of these people are what I call star-fuckers, excuse the term. That’s what they are.

Big Academia, the System of Big Academia is this that you’re seeing here. So why does this occur? Well it goes back to tenure. You’re a professor, you have seven years to get tenure. You have seven years to get tenure and then you don’t have to work ever again.

You get a paycheck, you never have to work again. The tenure system must be eliminated. Any federally funded Universities, tenure must be gone. We must end the Tenure System. It’s an old Medieval System. Just like we must end Judgeships and Supreme Court Tenures too. They’re the two institutions in the world right now which are from feudal times.

Fake Science Results in Fake Medicines

They’re undemocratic, completely Corrupt Systems. And look at this corruption, this collusion. And these are the people that create Fake Science, and they make sure that the Fake Science is protected.

And that Fake Science results in Fake Medicines, which results in destroying people’s Health. This is the reality. If you peel away all the layers, peel away the layer of Big Pharma, you will come to Big Academia. Big Pharma cannot exist without the Fake Science, ladies and gentlemen. It can’t.

The Path Forward is Workers Uniting for Truth Freedom Health®

I’ll do a follow up on this tomorrow. I have to go to our 7pm Truth Freedom Health® talk. I can’t overemphasize to all of you listening, you guys have to become Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars. You have to contribute to our Movement. You can give $1. You can give $20. You can give nothing, but become a part of it.

Give your time. Share these videos because when you go to, go listen to the video and you will realize that you can give whatever you want, But when you Contribute, we give you Gifts so you can learn more. It’s not about taking, it’s always about giving. Giving, giving, giving. That’s what our Movement does.

The Foundations of Systems Curriculum

It gives to you the Knowledge of Systems. And you get to take the System Science Course. You get to be part of this community. You can just support us. But we need to Build our Movement or just become a Member. Don’t give us anything. But we need to Build our Movement. We need to show how the Attack on Freedom hurts Science. How that hurts Truth. How that hurts your Health.

I have to go to our I’m going to be jumping on to this right now. At 8pm tonight, we’ll have our Orientation where we teach people the importance of building a Bottoms-up Movement. That’s what we need to do.

We need to build a Bottoms-up Movement for Truth Freedom Health®. And before I go, I’m going to play you our Anthem video. And I’ll be back to wrap up. But let me play this.

Truth Freedom Health® Open House/Orientation

Anyway, I encourage all of you to come to our Orientation that we do,11am, which we had earlier this morning or 8pm. Just go to and sign up.

The Power of a Systems Approach

Look our Movement, really, as we just did with this Alzheimer’s thing, one is what the Science Reporter shared, but we have shared with you what most people do not know, which won’t be unfortunately talked about in the media, is this Racketeering Enterprise of the relation between the Journal Editors the Heads of Departments and the NIH. Basically the “Fox in the Henhouse” in all places. The same guy who’s here is here and here.


All their papers get published, all their research gets funded, and they’re running their Departments. So they get their own funding. You saw here, or it’s their friends one degree of freedom away in this case, Yang is over here. He was a funding officer at the government. He funded Lesné who he was an author with over here. It’s all one Big Incestuous Shithole.

And I have to use some of these unfortunate terms because it’s the best way to describe it because we have given way too much respect to this incestuousness. So I’ve thought about this, what do you guys think about this: putting up a petition, we’ll put it up on our website shortly. Basically, I’ll frame it as “What is to be done?” We need to END Tenure. These people need to pay back their money.

But is it because they’re Academics that they get a higher Caste System? Look, I grew up in India, which had the Caste System. They had the Brahmins. Well now we have the Professors or the judges, particularly we’re talking about Professors here. Very few, I know very little Professors who get brought up in front of a Criminal Committee and have to pay back all their money. Clawback their money.

That’s what needs to be done. We will follow up with this tomorrow, maybe we’ll even do a roundtable on this. But we as a Movement need to provide the Leadership which we will to really solve this incestuous behavior among these Academics. So keep an eye out for that.


I have to head out to our Orientation, but I welcome all of you, in closing, to be a part of this Movement. You can be a part by going right to . You can contribute. When you contribute, we give you many gifts, Warrior gifts, to Supporter gifts, or you don’t have to give anything. Just go here and become a Member.

If you want to contribute you just click this link here. Contribute. And your contributions, you can give $1. You can give no dollars. But when you give support, we give you knowledge and further education; gifts and books, etc. We’re better than Public Broadcasting in a sense.

We give you knowledge that’s independent of Big Academia, Big Science. Anyway, I hope all of you show up at the Orientation. I hope you guys support what, this is your Movement so support it for your own advancement.

Thank you everyone. Be Well. We’ll be back tomorrow.

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