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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA shares results from CytoSolve’s Molecular Systems Biology Analysis of comparing Watermelon Seeds on Cardiovascular Health The discussion is a SYSTEMS ANALYSIS. Many “health gurus” simply are Pro- and Anti- about a particular food. This is a reductionist approach that creates confusion. They have little idea of HOW the food behaves at the molecular systems level due to their ignorance in a SYSTEMS foundation to thinking.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – presents results from CytoSolve® Molecular Systems Biology Analysis on Watermelon Seeds & Cardiovascular Health and much more.
  • Watermelon Seeds have been studied since the 1940s over about 80 years and has had 329 research articles as of today, 3 clinical trials over 50 years.
  • Watermelon Seeds have 26 Key Molecules.
  • Watermelon Seeds have several benefits including cardiovascular health, skin health, bone health, hair health, etc.
  • Arginine and Citrulline from Watermelon Seeds promote Nitric Oxide production, which leads to vasorelaxation and lowers hypertension.
  • Watermelon Seeds compounds promote up regulation of antioxidant enzymes and neutralize ROS that mitigate diabetes via down regulation of endothelial dysfunction caused by oxidative stress.
  • Watermelon Seeds compounds prevent atherosclerosis by down regulating oxidative stress that causes plaque formation hardening of arteries.
  • Watermelon Seeds may not be for everyone.


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Dr.SHIVA LIVE Watermelon Seeds & Cardiovascular Health and Much More.

Good evening, everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. Today we’re going to be speaking about an interesting topic, it’s going to be about Watermelon Seeds and Cardiovascular Health, and also much more, you’re going to learn about Watermelon. Many of you know over the past probably a month, we’ve been doing a number of videos about Food as Medicine focused on Cardiovascular Health.

Unfortunately, as we’ll discuss the forces of Big Pharma, and the poor training of Medical Doctors doesn’t really emphasize the power of Food as Medicine. So, our movement for Truth Freedom Health®, as it’s done in many, many other areas, be it Politics, be it Health, be it the issues of Freedom, we’re always there fighting using our capabilities in Research and Science for the broad public. Globally.

As many of you know, when it came to the issue with vaccines and Immune health, it was our movement, which led the educational and research efforts all the way back in 2019, educating people on the fact that we need to go Beyond Vaxx & Anti Vaxx, we called out what was really going on with the pandemic. And then when it came down to Free Speech was our research that really exposed the Censorship Infrastructure that shows that it is government that has an unholy alliance with Big Tech.

On the Election System stuff, we did not take a pro or anti view, we went down to the depths of the issue. And we showed that the real issues are that the government violates US 52 USC 20701 by “deleting ballot images”, and also the “signature verification process” is flawed. We did the Science. And all of this was enabled by you by us, right? This is your movement for Truth Freedom Health®.

I can’t overemphasize that the video that I’m going to do today, be it on Watermelon, or when we do the video on exposing Ukraine or Russia, this is coming from original research, a lot of hard work, so we can share content with you that you really can’t get on anywhere else.

It’s really brought to you by you. We want to Thank, let everyone be aware of that, because we don’t really emphasize how much research that we do. And those of you’re interested in, go to To learn more about all the different things that we’re involved with.

What You Will Learn Today

But today we’re going to focus on in a review the Cardiovascular System, for some of you who know about it, it’s going to be review, but you’re going to learn really what the Cardiovascular System is, you’re gonna get a serious science lecture on it, again, that you won’t get anywhere else.

But more importantly, you’re going to also focus on Watermelon Seeds and the Biological Functions and the Health Benefits. There have been a number of you who’ve been putting out there. Hey, Dr.SHIVA, what’s the difference between the Watermelons with Seeds and the Watermelons without Seeds, and we’ll go, go to that.

When I was young growing up in India, I used to eat the seeds. And one of my uncle’s used to try to scare me, saying, oh, when you eat those Watermelon Seeds you are going to grow a big Watermelon bush inside of you.

Anyway, I love the taste of the Watermelon Seeds. What I really enjoy is taking Watermelons with the Seeds and blending it, you get a sort of a creamy flavor, flavor. It’s very tasty. But anyway, I’ll come back to that.

Truth Freedom Health® The Cardiovascular System and Watermelon Seeds

But today we’re going to cover Watermelon Seeds, you’re going to understand what are the Molecules in Watermelon Seeds, how the Cardiovascular System works and how they interact. But we’re also going to share with you that. Someone said, “Very Indian joke.” Yeah.

Jacob George, He’s from India. Yep, it’s true. But we also want to share with you that. We have various research initiatives, as you know, in our movement, be it the Immune Health, be it on the Elections, be it on Free Speech, many, many things Ukraine, Russia.

But the Food is Medicine Series. We also want to make everyone aware as I shared before, how much superficial knowledge that Doctors get. Basically, they’re not free. Most doctors have golden handcuffs. They can’t really even they’re dissuaded from teaching their patients about a Nutrition. It’s unfortunate.

And then we’re gonna talk about the health possibilities of Watermelon Seeds, their mechanisms of action, the clinical evidence, and then where you source it from as a part of the sourcing. Let me first of all begin.

How Do You Get Seedless Watermelons?

How do you get Seedless Watermelons? How does that occur? Well, there, I think 75% It’s very hard now to get Seeded Watermelons when I was in India recently. It’s easy to get it there. But the way that they make Seedless Watermelons is they take the pollen from a male plant, which has 22 chromosomes.

And then through a chemical process, the flower of the female plant, they chemically alter it, it’s not genetic modification, that’s a chemical intervention, that that female plant has 44 chromosomes, 44 chromosomes.

And then you have the male which has 22 chromosomes. And remember, if you go to the basis of the reproduction process during reproduction, half of these chromosomes, right, so 22 become 11, from the male, and the 44, you get 22, which is half and they crossbreed to get 33.

It’s called the triploid. Typically, you’d get 22, right? 20 to 22, from the male and the female, half and half 11-11, you are 22. This is a weird type of Watermelon, that really cannot really fully reproduce. And it has those white mushy seeds, it does have seeds, but they’re the white ones.

That’s how that process takes place. It’s a type of breeding, but it’s a chemical alteration. It is modified, it’s NOT Genetically Modified. Just to be clear on that. I think we shall go back to the nice, wild Watermelon Seeds, which have the black seeds in them, and you’re gonna learn why it has a lot of nutrition today.

But that’s we’re going to cover we’re gonna cover the Truth, the Science, Cardiovascular System, Watermelon Seeds, we’re gonna go back to the Attack on Freedom that takes place because of Big Pharma, not really wanting to educate people as Food as Medicine, as well as the golden handcuffs on doctors. And then we’re gonna go to the Health possibilities of Watermelon.

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The Power of a Systems Approach

And I’m going to take a Systems Approach. And when we do all of the Science discussions, we talk about the Science, we talk about the Attack on Science, which is the Attack on Freedom, and then the Health aspects.

Truth Freedom Health® Orientation Each Thursday

Every Thursday at 11am EST. Make a note of this Thursday at 8pm EST. Either one, depending on where you are, absolutely join the community, come to the Orientation. That’s awesome. We have people from all over the world.

You won’t feel alone, you’ll notice that everyone is out there. We’ve created a massive movement of people wanting to go Beyond Left and Right, apply Systems Science, who want to change the World. That’s what we’re going to cover today.

The Science and Truth of The Cardiovascular System

Let’s just jump right in. Let’s begin with the Science of the Cardiovascular System. Those of you have seen the previous videos on Cardiovascular Health, this would be a review. But we want to take a Systems Approach. First of all, you’re going to learn how your heart works, how the Cardiovascular System, how your blood in your veins and your arteries, how they’re all interconnected, right?

The Hearts beating every instant, yet most people don’t even know how the System works within us. In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn that. And again, this is our movement educating you on a very, very important System, your Cardiovascular System. Let’s talk about how your heart works.

How Your Heart Works – The 3 Subsystems – The Transport System of the Body

The Three Subsystems. Let’s begin with recognizing the Three Subsystems are your heart, the physical heart, the blood vessels, and the blood. And the First System Subsystem is the heart, which is really a very powerful muscle and is responsible for pumping blood throughout the entire body.

How does it do that? Well, blood is pumped. After it’s oxygenated blood right here, as you can see, coming from your lungs, it comes into the heart, and it pumps it throughout your entire body as denoted here, and it’s pumping it through these blood vessels.


This is called your arteries, and these are called your veins, arteries are the ones that are bringing in the oxygen and they pump it through your body, that’s the pink or the red here. And then the veins, as you find out, are the vessels that pump the deoxygenated blood up to your heart, which then pumps it to your lungs.

Now, the left part of your heart is called the atrium. The upper left part sorry, that’s your left atrium. And the bottom right part right here. You can see it right over here is called a ventricle. The left ventricle, so the atria are your upper part. And then your ventricles are your bottom part.

The clean blood comes into your left atrium and the left ventricle pumps it out. And then the veins bring it back into your right atrium. You take your right hand, there are some cases where people have the heart flipped, believe it or not, and then very rare, and then the left ventricle pumps it here. Those are your blood vessels. And we’re going to go deeper into this.


Then your blood is composed of blood cells. Blood itself is a System. It’s composed of the red blood cells, which carry the oxygen, right. But it also is composed of white blood cells, which also provide the Immune support, which are your Immune cells.

Blood is not just the red stuff, but it’s red and the white stuff. The white stuff is normally known as plasma, and the red stuff is the one that’s carrying oxygen, and then it becomes blue when it’s deoxygenated. That’s at a high level. Let’s go into the vasculature.

Vasculature – Blood Vessels

Big word meaning those blood vessels contain three types of blood vessels, you have arteries, you have veins, and you have capillaries. Capillaries are the very fine, fine vessels where a lot of this very important activity takes place with Nitric Oxide release, and we’ll get to that.

Here are the arteries that are bringing in the fresh oxygenated blood and then it’s sent all throughout your body through arterioles Then through the fine capillaries, the gas exchange takes place here.

The red blood cells deliver the oxygen nutrients and then you get the waste coming in and the carbon dioxide which is a gas exchange here, and then the veins through the venules and the veins take it out to your arteries are the large blood vessels which carry the oxygen.

Arteries – oxygen, and the veins are the ones that are taking the deoxygenated blood and the capillaries are the very, very fine vessels. How do they differ? As you’ll see here, very carefully. The capillaries let’s start there, right sometimes I start in different places.

Structure of Blood Vessels

They are just composed of Endothelial cells, that’s it. And they are made of which is called the Tunica intima. The Tunica intima is the inner layer consisting of Endothelial lining, which provides a frictionless pathway for the movement of blood.

That’s a very, very fine vessel that interconnects the arteries to the veins. Now, if you look at the veins, and the arteries, they consist of not only the Tunica intima, the Endothelial cells, but they also contain the Tunica media, which is a middle sheath here.

Here, the difference between the vein and the artery in the artery, they’re much thicker. The Tunica media is much thicker, it’s the middle layer, which is composed of the elastic, and the musculature, which regulates the internal diameter of the blood vessel, it’s really the muscle piece of it.

And then the outer piece is known as the Adventitia via the outer layer, which provides structural support. The structural support here, and structural support to the arteries, are very different to the arteries, or veins. A Tunica media is, Tunica media is much, much thicker in the arteries, It’s pumping all the good, oxygenated blood out there. There’s the blood vessels.

Analyzing Watermelon Seeds Using CytoSolve© Integrating the Current Research 329 Research Articles, 3 Clinical Trials, over 48 Years Introduction

Now, one of the things we do, again, because of the research that we do is, we try to do a comprehensive research, we’re going to be looking at Watermelon Seeds and Cardiovascular Health. And in order to do that, we don’t cherry pick the data, we look at what’s out there. Well, there’s 329 research articles.

Not a lot as we’ve seen in other areas, there have been about 3 clinical trials done on Watermelons. And that’s over the last 50 years. And it’s interesting because it’s been in the last 50 years, 50 years ago, when we really started seeing the proliferation of the Seedless Watermelons. That’s the research that CytoSolve®, a Technology.

Again, we want to thank CytoSolve®. CytoSolve® provides us with a very powerful technology platform. Your contributions make us, give us the opportunity to allocate resources to use CytoSolve®, to do this research that we’re making possible today.

What we do is we take all that research, right, and we are able to extract out of it, those papers that had to do with Cardiovascular health, understand the Molecular Pathways, and then literally connect the dots to put together the research. And that’s all made possible through CytoSolve®. And I’ll talk more about CytoSolve®, and a very cool product that we’ve created recently. But let’s talk about the research findings.

Endothelial Function

And we’re going to begin by talking about the Endothelial Function, what you’re going to learn today, the key thing you may want to write down if you want to really educate others, one of our goals here is Learn, Teach and Serve. You’re gonna Learn to Teach your family and your friends and your community about something called Endothelial Function. Endothelial Function, the Endothelial is the cells, which line the arteries which line your veins and really make up your capillaries.

And those cells are the medium through which blood is flowing interacting with the cells. It is these Endothelial cells that have to function well for you to have good Cardiovascular Function. Let me repeat that, again. It’s Endothelial Function that determines the level of Cardiovascular Health. The better Endothelial Function you have, the better Heart Health, Cardiovascular Health you have.

Why do we say that? The reason we say that is because of a very important role of an important molecule called Nitric Oxide and Endothelial Function. Several years ago, there’s a big article in one of the Big Magazines, and it said, “Nitric Oxide is a Molecule of the Century.” And it truly is, and you’ll understand why. Let’s go through this. You’ll see here, it’s great. Denise is saying, “This is so educational. I love it.” Very nice having you, Denise.

This research again, everything we do here is original research. One of the things that we’re doing with our movement is we do our own research. We have our own platform for directly reaching you directly on VASHIVA.TV, if you don’t want to see these videos on Facebook or the other social media companies. We go direct.

We have volunteers who help us do this. And it’s through your contributions. We don’t rely on anyone. We don’t rely on Harvard, MIT, those large institutions, we just do our own research. Let’s go right here. Meaning we work with those institutions, but we stand up on our own two feet.

Role of Nitric Oxide in Endothelial Function

This is research that we’re going to talk about the role of Nitric Oxide. We stand on equal footing. This research, for example, was done in collaboration with those guys, but we didn’t rely on them. This was when I was at MIT. And what we did was we looked at Nitric Oxide, what is Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a potent vasodilator.

It is extremely important in maintaining blood pressure. Again, people who have blood pressure issues typically have Endothelial Dysfunction issues, because Nitric Oxide is properly not being produced.

Nitric Oxide acts as an anti-atherogenic. You’ll see why in terms of plaque. And it’s generated. When this enzyme eNOS – Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase. Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase is a chemical that your body creates.

This chemical is used to catalyze L-Arginine, which is a very important molecule that you find in foods. This molecule catalyzes this molecule to trigger Nitric Oxide in the presence of shear stretch, which is exercise.

How does this all work? Diagram picture’s worth 1000 words. Here’s your, let’s say your capillary. You start exercising blood starts rushing through your arteries and your veins and your capillaries.

This flow of blood results in the production of ultimately Nitric Oxide. How does that occur? When this blood flows, you’re going to see Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase four words, which are summarized in eNOS e-N-O-S is created. So, eNOS is activated when you run an exercise. When you run an exercise, you start running and you exercise, eNOS is activated. And why is eNOS important? eNOS is important, because eNOS then converts Arginine in your body, you have to have it in your diet to produce Nitric Oxide and something called L-Citrulline.

You exercise, eNOS is activated, you’re eating good food, you get Arginine, and boom, you get Nitric Oxide. Some people will actually take Arginine supplements. And that will help the presence of exercise to produce this vasodilation effect.

But notice you need, it’s the benefit is to have both exercise and proper diet. Now, Nitric Oxide leads to vasodilation. That leads to the maintenance of your blood pressure. In fact, nitric oxide was critical in the discovery of this drug called Viagra. Because Viagra essentially helps with vasodilation.

A Mechanotransduction Event

How does this occur? How does blood flow really result in this? Well, if you go to the molecular level, so if you do a zoom in on one little Endothelial cell, which is which is a basis of, which is sorry, covers all your veins and arteries and capillaries, this is what it looks like this one Endothelial cell, and on the surface of the Endothelial cell, is a structure here called the glycocalyx.

When blood flows, this Christmas tree type structure starts moving. And wala, eNOS is created right here and eNOS through a series of complicated chemical reactions. You end up getting Nitric Oxide right here. How does that happen? Well, that happened because the movement of the glycocalyx results in many of these chemical reactions getting released, again, our research.

CytoSolve® is a Revolutionary Systems Biology Platform

Someone said, “Does CytoSolve® have nano technology within it?”

No, Christina, what CytoSolve® is it’s a computational engine that we can use to look at the existing research pieces.

We looked through all of that research, and we looked at all those research papers, and we interconnected it with CytoSolve®. So we put all of this together using our computational engine. And then using that engine, we’re able to predict how much Nitric Oxide Synthase gets created. There you go, this is a, we didn’t kill animals to predict this.

And then when we tested it, compared to the lab results at Harvard Medical School, look at this, it is the exact same results, which means the Cytosolve® technology matches the wet lab experiments, but we did it on the computer without having to kill animals. And same here. And this was published in one of the leading journals in the world, which validated, and I was honored to be one of the Senior Authors on this.

What you’ve just gone through is you’ve understood the Cardiovascular System. And if you took a microscope and you looked at your arteries and your veins, which have the surface of the Endothelial cells, you now understand for that endothelial cell, when blood flows over it, and you exercise in the presence of Arginine in your body will release Nitric Oxide. Very, very important to your personal health.

Science and Truth – Overview of Watermelon Seeds Nutrition

Now, having understood that, what do watermelon seeds do, Now that you understand the Cardiovascular System? What do Watermelon Seeds do? Let’s talk about that. We’re going to take it step by step. The first part we want to look at is.

Nutrients in Watermelon Seeds – The 26 Key Molecules

What are the Nutrients in Watermelon Seeds we’re going to review the 26 Key Molecules, the 26 Key Molecules. Why do we want to do this Watermelon Seeds? Watermelon is a food, the seeds are food, Food is Medicine. But Watermelon Seeds is not just one little molecule. If you go buy a drug at the drugstore, like ibuprofen or Advil, it only has one molecule. It’s a drug.

And it’s a Molecule that does not occur in Nature. But Watermelon Seeds contain 26 Key Molecules, 26 Molecules. When you eat a Watermelon Seed, and there’s probably more than 26 but you’re, you’re not, you’re just getting this synergy of 26 different Molecules.

This is why Food is Medicine. And it’s really sad that medical doctors don’t learn this. They learned just to give one compound they learn they don’t learn any nutrition as we’ll discuss. But anyway, the nutrients and Watermelon Seeds are 26 Key Molecules. What are they?

The Macronutrients

First of all, Watermelon Seeds. Here’s a picture of them there’s a Watermelon with as Black Seeds. Again, if you get the Real stuff. These are Watermelon seeds, as you can see Macronutrients.

Three types of Macronutrients, Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. 26 grams per 100 is a lot of carbs. If you have 100 grams of watermelon seeds 26 grams and you get about five grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams of watermelon seeds 19 grams protein, look at that. 19 grams of protein.

If you have an eight ounce of 25, eight ounce, sorry, 4-8 ounce of chicken, you get about that much. Fat 43 grams, a lot of good fats in there. Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, those are known as Macronutrients.

Now, when we talk about the molecules, we’re going to look at the minerals, the flavonoids, amino acids, and the fatty acids. Let’s go look at that.

The 5 Key Minerals

What are those? What are those? Minerals. There are Five Key Minerals.

Calcium, 150 milligrams, Potassium, lots of Potassium. Phosphorus, great for the brain. Zinc, very good for all sorts of things: Immune function, Men’s Health, Copper. Watermelon Seeds are packed with these Five Minerals. These are these Five important Minerals.

The 10 Key Bioflavonoids

Then 10 Key Bioflavonoids Apigenin, Beta Carotene, Chrysoeriol , Ferulic acid, Isovitexin, Lycopene, Quercetin, Sinapic acid, Vanillin, vanilla comes from, and Luteolin. 10 Key Bioflavonoids so we got 10 plus 5, 15.

And then, by the way, technically I use the word Molecules. An individual Mineral, you could argue is not a Molecule, it’s an actual, one of the Periodic Charts, a Molecule is made up of a set of things from the Periodic Table, but we’re gonna give a little bit of leeway. And just to be clear, so people it’s so you got 10 plus 5, quote unquote “Molecules” there.

The 7 Key Amino Acids

And then we have Seven Key Free Amino Acids, right? What are those glutamic acid-29%, Arginine, Arginine. We talked about Arginine is very, very important for our Heart Health. 17.9% of total amino acids, quite amazing. Aspartic acid 9.7% of the total amino acid content Alanine 7.6%, and it’s got these other very important amino acids Citrulline. Very, very important for heart health Glutamic acid and Tryptophan.

Seven Key Free Amino Acids. And then we have these. That’s seven, right? Plus 10, 17? So, 22.

Review of 26 Key Molecules

And then we have to get the 26th. We have Four Key Fatty Acids, Fatty Acids, very, very important. Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Oleic acid and Linoleic acid. And you can see the distributions of that. I mean, the Watermelon Seeds are, in many ways, almost a complete food.

The 6 Key Molecules for Cardiovascular Health

Now we want to cover the Six Key Molecules. I want to now look at the Six Key Molecules for Cardiovascular Health. Now we’re gonna look at the nutrients and Watermelon Seeds for Cardiovascular Health, and the Six Key Molecules. What are those? Just to review, first of all, these are the 26 Key Molecules. We just reviewed those.

But the Six Key Molecules you want to look at that are very, very valuable for Cardiovascular Health are the Apigenin, the Beta-Carotene, the Lycopene, the Luteolin, the Arginine and the Citrulline. These are the Six Key Molecules that are profoundly valuable, that are in Watermelon Seeds for Cardiovascular Health.

And we’ll come to those. When we come back shortly. When we go into, we’re going to look at how those molecules actually affect the pathways we just, our research showed.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

The next thing I want to cover is the health benefits of Watermelon Seeds. The Six Biological Effects again, the Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds, and the Six Biological Effects.

The Systems That Watermelon Seeds Affect

What are those? Well, today we’re focusing on heart health, but just to remind everyone that Watermelon Seeds affect many different Systems in your Body, your Heart System, your Hair System. Your Metabolic System- glucose control.

You’re selling your insulin system or glucose control, which is related to Metabolic Health, Bone Health and Skin health. The Six Subsystems are affected by Watermelon Seeds: Heart Health, Hair loss, Glucose control, Metabolic Health, Bone Health and Skin Health.

Biological Effects of Watermelon Seeds

And the Six Biological Effects are Watermelon Seeds, your antioxidants, their anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-atherosclerotic. These are the six very powerful biological effects of Watermelon Seeds separate from the Cardiovascular effects which are going to focus on the antihypertensive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic.

Is Watermelon Seeds Right for You?

Now, many of you, I’ve talked about this. Nothing should be looked at as pro or anti. And what’s important to understand is that it’s important to understand that we have to look at the Body as a Complete System. We have to look at the Body as a System. One of the tools that I created after I finished my Fulbright Research many years ago was a tool called Your Body, Your System®.

And by the way, we’ll come back to this how you can access it but you can go to Your Body, Your System®, directly and you can purchase it, it’s available but I’ll show you for those of you who contribute, we give this as a gift among several other gifts, but if you go to Your Body, Your System®.

Our slogan is Be Happy, Be You® and it really is a self-help belongs with understanding that unique you and your body is a unique system that needs the right inputs for the right conditions. And you can use the tool to understand the unique you for Real Health. What do I mean by that?

Your Body, Your System Tool®

When you use the tool, Your Body Your System®, what you will learn is that the tool is based on this fundamental knowledge of System Science which you learn through our course, the interaction of Transport, Conversion and Storage, everything in the Universe has the forces of Transport, Conversion and Storage. Your Body has it. Food has it. I don’t have time to go into the details of this, but the System maps the level of Transport, Conversion, Storage known in the Indian System.

This was known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Our discovery or my research work led me to realize that the Modern Systems of Engineering match with the Ancient Systems of Indian Medicine. And I was able to map that into a Triangle that you can look at called Transport, Conversion and Storage, the center being 000, this would be 100% transport in your body 100% conversion 100%. Sorry, the reality is we’re made up of combinations.

Using this tool, you can answer a set of 30 questions, and we’ll figure out how much Transport, Conversion, and Storage are new. And I’ll map it out the red dot, maybe here, here, here, in this case, it’s here. And then you can answer a different set of questions and you can figure out where Your Body System is right now, denoted by the black.

In order for your body to function in this person’s body. The goal is to bring the black to the red dot, well, how do you do that? Well, you use food or exercises. In fact, the tool will actually calculate for you, what is the right foods? What are the right exercises? What are the right yoga postures that will help you bring your body back to its balance? Everyone’s red dot may be in a different location.

Watermelon Seeds – Eastern Systems Approach

What we did with Watermelon Seeds is we can see how food affects each one of these areas. Watermelon Seeds actually increase Transport in the Indian System. We said it increases Vata, it doesn’t do anything to your digestion, it keeps it stable, and it doesn’t really put on weight.

Storage, which is a structural aspect of you. Conversion is a digestive aspect. But Transport is a movement, it’ll support bowel movement. Reduce constipation, movement, give you energy. That’s what Watermelon Seeds do.

HEALTH – Effect of Watermelon Seeds on Your Body

Now, what’s really cool with the tool Your Body, Your System® is you can answer a set of questions in this case, a friend of mine answered it and his red is here and then you can literally use the tool to say what happens if I eat Watermelon Seeds. And you notice Watermelon Seeds are going in this direction because they’re increasing Transport. It’s very cool, it lets you figure out how food affects you.

And by the way, if you Contribute to the movement, which makes all of this research possible, and you contribute $25 to $99 you get this tool and books, five of their gifts for absolutely free, those of you contribute $100 or more, not only do you get this, but you get 14 other gifts. I just said point, that we want to support you in your education. If you contribute to the movement, we give you lots and lots of good gifts. Take advantage of that.

Problems with Watermelon Seeds – 3 Issues to Consider

Now nothing as I mentioned is good or bad. We also have to talk about the balance issue here. There are problems with Watermelon Seeds. And there are three issues to consider. And this is when you excessively consumed them or for some people may have kidney stones.,

Watermelon Seeds, excessive consumption can release oxalates, which can lead to kidney stones again, excess, not here to scare people. Again, too much can lead to digestive bloating, if you already have an issue with bloating, be aware of this.

And phytic acid has poor mineral absorption. Again, one of the videos that I did earlier on, you can take the Watermelon Seeds and you can overnight soak them and sprout them a little bit and that will get rid of the phytic acid.

Someone just said, “ Watermelon Seeds nowadays are only white, not black”. Yep, so those are not the seeds. Those are from the quote unquote “Seedless Watermelons.”

If you get Real Watermelons in their places online, you can find where you can get them. Those will have the black seeds. Those are the hybrid variety, which were hybridized where they took the male Watermelon pollen which have 22 chromosomes, and they bred it with the flower of the female plant which has 44 chromosomes. And when the reproduction takes place, you get half of the male chromosome 11. Which then integrates with half of the female, 44 divided by two is 22.

And you get a triploid. It’s called so and the female 44 was created with a chemical process. It’s not genetically engineered, but nonetheless, it’s manmade, it’s intervened. Again, just to summarize, again here, we want to be clear.

Now that the problems with Watermelon Seeds, the three issues to consider are the kidney stones, which can result from the oxalates in Watermelon Seeds, digestive bloating if you have an issue with them, and phytic acid if you’re poor mineral absorption.

CytoSolve® Used to Build Better Products

Let me just take a quick break, I want to grab some water. But I want to let you know that all of this research, we want to thank Cytosolve®, and the platform because it allows us to do this research and also your support and contributions. But CytoSolve®, is Revolutionizing the World of Medicine, because we’re able to really teach the World- “How Food is Medicine.”

And that’s how we’re going to change the world, valuing food, valuing the food system. And several years ago, it started two years ago for probably close to 20 years now. We’ve been helping companies use our CytoSolve® Technology to figure out how combinations of natural compounds were held several years ago. There’s a bottle you can see over here, sorry, it’s on this side.

We said why don’t we use Cytosolve®, to look at all the Molecular Pathways of pain and inflammation and try to understand combinations of different compounds in nature will upregulate and support, pain and inflammation that resulted in a very powerful discovery and a new product call CytoSolve®, I’ll play you a video and I’ll be right back after grabbing some water. Here you go.

mV25™ Momentum to Move – A CytoSolve® Product

Go check out and mV25™. But you can find it right in. If you go to VA Shiva, you’ll learn a lot about it. It’s C.L.E.A.N.™ Foods Certified; it’s made in the US. But if you go to our Shop, you’ll find it right there among a bunch of other stuff. And there it is.

Attack on Freedom – Constraints on Medical Doctors

Let’s go to the Attack on Freedom. This is something we want to talk about. Look, our movement is focused on fighting for very, very important things. The reason we’re presenting this research is we have to focus on Food as Medicine, we have to ensure that all of us recognize the power of food. But what’s really, really ironic is that we understand Food as Medicine.

But doctors are supposed to be medical doctors who have no idea Food is Medicine. And that’s because of the singular Big Pharma solutions model, right? In fact, if you look at the Cardiovascular System, the medical industry in the Big Pharma industry, they don’t have a holistic understanding of Cardiovascular.

Everything they focus on his cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, and their emphasis is on treatment, not prevention, and everything they do about the Cardiovascular System, you will never see an hour-long video on from any of the Big Pharma companies or your Doctor on Watermelon Seeds, right? There’s this: I’ll take a statin to get a blood thinner, and do blood pressure medication.

Now, you have to speak to your doctor about this. I’m not a Medical Doctor. But the point here is, this is where all the focus is. And there’s no consistent guideline on diet and exercise. And there’s no discussion on alternatives. And here’s Robert Jarvik, if you see the Ads and it’s a guy.

He’s a Heart Doctor, and he’s saying Heart Disease. Number one health problem. Stroke is number three, but he’s pushing Lipitor. Here’s Eliquis, right? Here’s Entresto. And Bayer probably comes close to some natural thing, because it’s the bark of a tree, right Aspirin.

But you’ll read, you’ll realize the reason that this is all being pushed is because if you take these Big Drugs, look at how they’re growing from a $40 billion industry all the way heading to an 80 to $100 billion industry over time, the $70 billion industry right here.

And a very nice growth curve. But that’s that model. And what’s really fascinating is if you read the literature, study finds most Cardiologists lack Heart Healthy Diet and up to date Nutrition Education. Here’s another one deficiency of Nutrition Education practice and Cardiology study finds most Cardiologists lack Heart Healthy diet and nutrition education, Cardiologists neglect to refer patients to Dieticians.

This is the Real cause that we’re fighting here is we actually have to go educate our Doctor friends. You may want to share this with your Doctor friends, you may want to educate your Doctor friends on what is Endothelial Function, that we talked about. And now you can, with this background, we’re going to talk about how the Molecules in Watermelon Seeds actually support those particular Biomolecular Pathways that enable Endothelial Function to work well.

Nutrition. Reductionist Narrative in Scientific and Media Establishment

Let’s just jump into that. But again, please go help your doctors, they need your help to get educated. The other thing is, when it comes to Nutrition, there’s a Reductionist Narrative. This is why I recommend it to a lot of people. When you Contribute to our movement, whatever you want to give, we want to educate you on a Systems Approach.

Becoming a Member, there’s absolutely no cost but you’ll start learning the Systems Approach, contribute whatever you want, you start learning to use Your Body, Your System®, but the opposite of a Systems Approach is Reductionist. And it’s in the Scientific and Medical Establishment.

And Physicians are trained to prescribe Medicine, but not provide Nutritional guidance, Nutritional Experts, all these guys you see on YouTube giving Nutritional advice. The problem with them is they give constantly conflicting advice. You’ll see a Nutrition quote unquote, “Experts say that fat is good, or fat is bad?

They give conflicting advice. And in fact, this is a meme that’s out there. It says, I spent years studying Nutrition in Medical School, said NO Medical Doctor ever.” You’ve never heard a Medical Doctor ever say that, right? I spent years studying Nutrition in Medical School. Think about that.

Doctors get maybe a few hours of education on Nutrition. Don’t ask me for Nutrition advice. That’s a Doctor, less than 70% of Doctors received Nutrition classes in Medical School, and those that do experience a measly 24 hours. That’s it. And then if you look at these people who really don’t have the knowledge to one day, say eat Kale, don’t eat Kale.

And then this is why there’s so much confusion because people don’t take the Molecular Systems Approaches, we do. In fact, Nutrition has gotten so confusing. Half of those polled believe it is easier to do their taxes than to figure out how to eat healthfully. For example, 52% polled said it was harder to do their taxes than to figure out what to eat.

HEALTH – Effect of Watermelon Seeds on Cardiovascular System

Now let’s go into how Watermelon Seeds affect the Cardiovascular System. How do they actually do this? So now we’re going to look at the Three Molecular Systems. You’re going to learn the Three Molecular Systems. We help you leave understanding how Watermelon Seeds actually affect the Cardiovascular System. Imagine taking a big microscope, and we’re gonna zoom in on the endothelial cells.

And we’re going to really understand when you eat Watermelon Seeds, how among those 26 Molecules, I think we looked at the six critical ones, how they actually interact. To support your Cardiovascular Health. Again, you can use this knowledge to educate your doctors.

Nutrients in Watermelon Seeds – 6 Key Molecules

We’re going to look at the Three Molecular Systems, we’re going to look at the antihypertensive effect, which is lower hypertension, the anti-diabetic effect, which is obviously related to heart health and the anti-atherosclerotic effect, which is related to plaque forming.

Again, Six Molecules here. 1-2-3-4-5-6. Let me correct that right. Now, I don’t like these errors here. There are Six Molecules here. Then save that, go back here, sorry about that. There are Six Molecules. Apigenin, Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Luteolin, Arginine and Citrulline.

Anti-Hypertensive Effect

First, we’re gonna look at the anti-hypertensive intense effect, the molecule Citrulline and Arginine again, which are in Watermelon Seeds. Look what they do. These two very cool molecules Citrulline and Arginine from Watermelon Seeds promote Nitric Oxide production in the presence of eNOS like when you exercise.

So, exercise and Watermelon go really well together seriously. And what happens in the presence is Nitric Oxide activates this enzyme soluble guanylyl cyclase SGC.

In the presence of Citrulline and Arginine eNOS is, activates Nitric Oxide which converts using SGC GTP into cGMP in the small muscle cell surrounding the blood vessels, and that leads to their relaxation, vasorelaxation, which promotes the antihypertensive effect on blood cells.

The Citrulline, the Arginine from the Watermelon Seeds, promotes the production of Nitric-Oxide in the presence of eNOS. Which is awesome because you get SGC which helps convert GTP to cGMP, which allows your muscles to relax antihypertensive, Citrulline and Arginine from Watermelon Seeds.

Anti-Diabetic Effect

Next is the anti-diabetic effect number two, the for loop for loop for ruling sorry, folic acid and the question. Again, from Watermelon Seeds. Why is this important? Because when you have Endothelial Dysfunction, which means those cells aren’t working, well you get diabetes.

So Endothelial Dysfunction leads to diabetes. And how does Endothelial Dysfunction happen? When you have superoxide in your body and hydrogen peroxide? Well, what are superoxide and hydrogen peroxide? These are what are called reactive oxygen species(ROS).

These are oxidizing agents and catalase and superoxide dismutase blocks this as well as folic acid. What happens is when you eat a Watermelon Seed, you’re getting Quercetin and Ferulic acid. Ferulic Acid directly blocks superoxide and catalase directly blocks hydrogen peroxide.

More importantly, the quercetin produces NRF two and NRF two promotes these two antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase which blocks hydrogen peroxide and superoxide. Therefore, it neutralizes the oxidative stress, which promotes diabetes. So again, quercetin and folic acid have a powerful effect in anti-diabetic effects.

Anti- Atherosclerotic Effect

There you go. Next, plaque. So we’ve covered two of the three important effects from Watermelon Seeds at the Molecular Systems level. The third is plaque formation, right? And that’s the anti-atherosclerotic effect, right. Arteriosclerosis is the plaque. This is anti-atherosclerotic. What happens here?

How does plaque form? Plaque formation leads to arteriosclerosis if you look down here, well, how does that happen? Well, when you have this molecule, Ox-LDL. This adheres, remember, we talked about this sticking to your Endothelial cell surface, and that’s what initiates plaque formation.

The Ox, so here’s your Endothelial cell, this Ox-LDL sticks to it like glue, and that starts the plaque formation. So how does that occur? Well, that occurs when LDL which is what they call the low-density lipoproteins known as bad cholesterol. When this gets oxidized to Ox-LDL, you don’t want this occurring. And this occurs when you have superoxide.

There is superoxide in your bloodstream, and this occurs when you have Endothelial Dysfunction. If your Endothelial cells aren’t working well, you produce superoxide. And this will lead to the LDL forming Ox-LDL, and that’s how you get plaque.

Well, guess what happens? The Lycopene, the Beta Carotene, and of course it didn’t from the Watermelon Seeds, those three molecules, they boom, they block superoxide. These three molecules, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, and Quercetin block superoxide. And that blocks this chemical reaction. LDL doesn’t convert to Ox-LDL. And you don’t get plaque formation.

You’ve basically learned some three very powerful chemistries here, the anti-atherosclerotic effect, you’ve learned the anti-diabetic effect, and you’ve learned the anti-hypertensive effect. There you go. You’ve learned three very powerful effects. Now wrapping up.

What Does the Current Science Say? How Much Should You Take?

What does the current science say about how much you should take? How much should you take? How much Watermelon Seeds? What is the current Science? I remember, unlike the other projects, we looked at research projects that we’ve done for you. There’s 1000s of paper in Watermelon, there’s been about 390 papers.

But out of those papers, what we’re able to find is that the current science says that if you want to alleviate hypertension, you can take about six grams of Watermelon Seed extract daily, six grams(6g)

You can find these extracts, you can look online, look in your health food store, but if you take six grams, this has a very powerful effect on Heart Health and hypertension. Again, if you want to know what the current science says of how much Watermelon Seeds, it’s about six grams of Watermelon Seed extracts, that’s from (Massa et al., 2016)

Is All Watermelon Seeds Good? Organic vs Conventional Watermelon Seeds

Where should you get your Watermelon Seeds again, we started with my opinion on this is organic versus conventional. Organically grown Watermelon Seeds are preferred. The Conventionally grown Watermelon Seeds may contain over 28 different pesticides that are linked to lung, liver, kidney and thyroid toxicity and carcinogens.

And Organic Farm farming produces healthier produce free of pesticides. Remember, when you see the Watermelon without the Real black seeds, that’s an indication it’s likely not Organic. You could have the other ones by the way, be organic, but remember, they’re a hybrid. The ideal is the Organic Seeded Watermelon Seeds. That would be my recommendation.

C.L.E.A.N.™ & R.A.W.™ Certification Criteria

And then in closing, what we want to recognize is by the way, many of you know it is through your research and your support our movement worldwide created the Certified C.L.E.A.N.™ and Certified R.A.W.™ labels where we integrated safety minimally processed and bioavailability of nutrients, a first of its kind.

You will see if you go onto many of the health food stores this C.L.E.A.N.™ and R.A.W.™ Food Seal that was brought to you by our movement. And this means it’s the highest level of certification that you can find from food, Farm to Table.

Watermelon Seeds Summary

Finally, let’s summarize. In Summary, Watermelon Seeds have several benefits including cardiovascular health, skin health, bone health, hair health, etc. Arginine and the Citrulline from the Watermelon Seeds promote the Nitric Oxide production, which leads to vasorelaxation and lowers hypertension.

Watermelon Seeds promote the upregulation of the antioxidant enzymes and neutralize the reactive oxygen species that mitigate diabetes via the down regulation of Endothelial Dysfunction.

Then we also showed that Watermelon Seeds compounds prevent arteriosclerosis by down regulating oxidative stress that causes plaque formation and hardening of arteries. Watermelon Seeds we also discussed may not be for everyone. Remember, we’re not pro or anti here. We’re here to present a Systems Approach.

The Path Forward is Workers Uniting for Truth Freedom Health®

Again, I want to recommend, as we close that, I really want to emphasize that this is your movement and support your movement. This research was made possible by your generous donations whether you gave $1 or whether you became a Member whether you’d let friends know about it, but go to

You can see the video and you can understand, you can join the movement, you can donate $1, no dollars, but when you donate $100 bucks, you get all these gifts. As I mentioned, we never like taking anything for nothing, we give you all this information for nothing. It’s our gift to you. But if you donate $100 or more, you get all these 15 different gifts, and you get to be a Warrior-Scholar. People, take advantage of that you don’t have to, but you can just give the money and support the movement.

The Foundations of Systems Curriculum

But when you do give it to us, we give you all these gifts, you get access to the incredible Foundations of Systems course. And if you give us $25 bucks to $99, you get six other gifts. Again, we don’t want to take anything for nothing. But all of your research, all of your support supports this research. And by the way, if people do not have money, you’re having a hard time, no worries, you can just sign up as a member of, for nothing. And beyond all the content, we are very honored to give you these three different gifts.

The Power of Science of Systems

Again, our goal is to teach you the inner connection between Truth Freedom Health®. And I welcome all of you every Thursdays 11am EST and 8pm EST, to our Orientation. And I hope you join us there.

And again, this was a lecture, our research presenting Watermelon Seeds, and Cardiovascular Health and Much More. So again, this research was made possible through your generous contributions. We will be doing more research; we’re going to be starting a whole series and we’re going to try to pace it we’re going to do a series on Brain and Gut health. We’re going to share with you all the different nutrients that support that.

We’re going to do a whole series on Immune Health, right different ingredients, are they affecting Immune Health, Respiratory Health. But the important thing is, we do our own research, direct research because we have the CytoSolve® capability. And we have your generous support for these two things and we have our own audience. We go directly to you. But again, “Learn the Science of Systems.” Contribute to your movement. And let’s move forward.

I hope this was valuable. I hope there’s some good takeaways here for you and for you and your loved ones and your family. But remember Food is Medicine. We have to go educate our loving Doctors that Food is Medicine. They need your help, go educate them.

Thank you. Be well everyone. Have a good night.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

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The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

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