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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai will bring the world up to date on the current events over the past week that reveals the United States Oligarchs are using the NATO and Ukraine proxy to accelerate cornering of Russia regardless of the risk of nuclear war.

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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator –  discusses how US Oligarchs are Cornering Russia and Risking a Nuclear World War.
  • The US is basically NATO, many of the other countries that are part of NATO, France & Germany, have been advising the United States to not push Russia.
  • In 1991 the Soviet Union fell. Gorbachev and the United States had an agreement. The agreement was that the United States and NATO would not move east of Germany. The United States has broken every agreement that it made.
  • On June 28th-30th NATO had a meeting in Madrid, Spain about a document called NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept. The document talked about NATO coming together with the US to push France & Germany to weaken Russia. The goal is to use Ukraine to have a prolonged war to weaken Russia.
  • The Eastern part of Ukraine has Luhansk and Donetsk. These two regions are ethnically Russian and were upset with what took place in 2014. The United States essentially supported a coup that put in the predecessor of Zelensky. 
  • At least one quarter of the Ukrainian army is filled with soldiers in the Azov battalion. The people of eastern Ukraine consider them to be Nazis. The Luhansk and Donetsk regions have long wanted to secede from Ukraine. The compromise was they would become their own state. The people in Donetsk and Luhansk wanted Russia’s help for many years.


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Dr.SHIVA LIVE: BREAKING! U.S. Oligarchs Cornering Russia Risking A Nuclear World War III

Good evening. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s doing well, so we’re going to be having a conversation today. Let me bring up the slide here, we’re gonna be having a conversation on what’s going on in Ukraine. And what this means to all of us. And it’s based on a recent analysis that I’ve just completed based on a bunch of data that we received.

What You Will Learn Today

Here we go. The conversation that we’re gonna have today is entitled, Breaking News, basically, it’s going to be about the US Oligarchs Cornering Russia and Risking a Nuclear World War. Notice, I just don’t say World War Three, I’m talking about a Nuclear World War Three. And you may have heard of this. But I want to let people know this is no hyperbole anymore.

Because the reality is that this is becoming something very real given what’s been happening with the US conduct, particularly over the last week. And the important thing to understand is that when I say the United States, I should probably mean the United States Oligarchs. And as I say, in this slide, the United States Oligarchs corner Russia, risking a Nuclear World War Three.

And I say the US Oligarchs because everyone’s thinking this is NATO. Right. But let’s be clear, the US is basically NATO. Anyone have any illusions about that? We’re, you’re kidding yourselves. But the United States is NATO, and a couple of preparatory remarks that I want to make, because over the last, probably 10, 15 years, many of the other countries that are part of NATO, France and Germany, have been really advising the United States to chill out and not push Russia. And recognizing that the United States, since George Bush, George W. Bush has been violating some of the basic agreements that were agreed to.

Background History of NATO, Russia, Ukraine, and United States

Let me just give you a little bit of background before I jump into everything tonight is that if you go back to 1991, if you go back to 1991, just want to make sure people remember what 1991 was, why that’s an important date. 1991 was the occasion, when 1991 was the occasion, when the Soviet Union fell, and Gorbachev and the United States after the fall essentially had an agreement. And the agreement was that the United States and NATO would not move east of Germany, let me repeat that, again, the agreement was, was that the United States would not move east of Germany.

In fact, George Herbert Walker Bush, the senior Bush, said that the United States would not move one inch east of Germany. And when I show you the maps that make sense, well, the reality has been since 1991, the United States has broken every agreement that it made. And when this was brought up the response from the United States Oligarchs, and I want to use the word Oligarchs, because it seems like it’s only used for Russia, and which I think would be racist. So I think we should call the American elites, also Oligarchs, so the US Oligarchs pushed Russia, and pushed them and pushed them and pushed them as you’ll see it to where we are today.

And the goal right now is to make Ukraine the battleground, where the goal is to completely weaken Russia. And these are not my words, you’ll see it this is coming right out of the United States Defense Department, the Secretary of the US Defense Department, it’s a strategy that came out most recently out of the Madrid Conference, which just took place January 28 to 30th

Yep, someone said racist. Yeah, well, the reason I call it racist is because it seems like the word Oligarchs is always used most of the time by the US media with relation to Russia. And that’s fine, but I think we should call Jeff Bezos and Oligarch Bill Gates an Oligarch. I think we should call all these guys Oligarchs. But anyway, that’s a minor point. Let’s just jump right into this.

The Power of a Systems Approach

And let me go to my slide set here. As many of you know, the approach, as you can see, that we have here is we take a Systems Approach, we do not take a Left-Wing approach, we do not take a Right-Wing approach, everything we do, and our movement for Truth Freedom Health® is a Systems Approach. And those of you interested, go to, to find out more.

And you know that what we always intersect is these three principles, the principles of Freedom, which is the ability for people to have open discourse and discussion. And we’re noticing right now, a lot of this discussion discourse has gone because the analysis I’m going to share with you, which is right in front of everyone, is not even being discussed in the mainstream media, what you see in the mainstream media is a complete distraction of the American public.

It’s Roe versus Wade, the mass shooting over New Mexico, and then January 6, these are the three very, very domestic issues that are discussed in mainstream media, none of what I’m going to share with you, which is right out in front of everyone’s faces that’s been going on, which is a major Nuclear War threat in using Ukraine as a battleground, where to start it is not even intersected in any way the mainstream media. Our movement is gonna have to do that.

Attack on Freedom

But one of the “Attacks on Freedom” here is that the Freedom of the press to really discuss anything and if you do discuss this, you’re immediately labeled by numbskull organizations like Wikipedia and others as a conspiracy theorist, immediately. So it doesn’t matter how many degrees of MIT I’m considered a conspiracy theorist. Glenn Greenwald, who’s a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist is called a conspiracy theorist because he brings up issues with the United States participation in Ukraine.

It’s a very, very interesting time that we live in. But fundamentally, in our movement, we want to have this open discourse, because out of open discourse, we get to Truth. And when we get to Truth, and we have Freedom, we can really find out what’s right for our Economic Health, Financial Health, Foreign Policy Health, Physical Health. That’s what our movement is about and I encourage everyone to go to the Foundations of Systems and learn the System’s Approach.

And before I dive into this, as a part of inspiring everyone to really explore a Systems Approach, I want to play this video, and we’ll come right back. This videos aim is to inspire each of you to start recognizing the intersection of Truth Freedom Health®, and why we need to take a Systems Approach. And then we’re going to do a deep dive shortly into this, let me play this video.

The Path Forward is Workers Uniting for Truth Freedom Health®

Alright, everyone, so I can’t overemphasize at this point in history, and why all of you for your own benefit for your family’s benefit must start learning a Systems Approach to looking at the world. We have far too many people on the left and far too many people on the right bunch of people essentially becoming apathetic. And a minor set a very small set of people, which I talked about in the video called the four buckets becoming, essentially domestic terrorists.

The Establishment wants people on the left, people on the right, and you have literally families, fighting brother against brother, father against daughter, when there’s basically it’s all based on ignorance, but the establishment wants to take every issue and make it left versus right. So, 25% of the population is on the Left and 25% of the population is on the Right. And then the remaining 49.1% of the population or 49.9, is basically becoming apathetic, particularly in the United States, which is very, very dangerous, because the American people have the largest economy, $22 trillion GDP.

And the American working class is probably the most powerful working class with its First Amendment, the Second Amendment. So those in power want to essentially make the American working class a bunch of basically make them degenerate, make them decadent, make them check out and fight against each other, and that and they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

The Foundations of Systems Curriculum

The only way out of it is to take a Systems Approach and a Systems Approach, meaning we take a rational approach to looking at the world from interconnected systems. So, I can’t over-emphasize, if you haven’t taken the course, don’t do it for me, do it for yourself, take the course and take the Foundations of Systems.

The important thing is you not only are going to learn knowledge, but you’re gonna join a community of people all over the world, who are intelligent, who come from all walks of life. Really talk about diversity, you’ll find diverse people in our movement. We’ve had about close to half a million people all over the world connect with us. And people are in various stages of learning this knowledge. It’s very easy to learn. You don’t need an MIT degree. I encourage all of you to do that.

Truth Freedom Health® Open House/Orientation

The other thing is, besides today’s videos, many of you know every Thursday at 11am and 8pm. I do an Orientation where you can directly interact with me should go to and sign up. Bottom line is no one with the knowledge We put together needs to get depressed, you don’t need to say, well, no one’s out there. And now there’s a lot of people out there. And so, you need to take advantage of this. So anyway, I had to give those preparatory comments.

What is Happening Now – NATO Meeting in Madrid

The key thing that we want to talk about when I go through exactly what’s happening right now, is on June 28, through June 30, the NATO had a meeting in Madrid, Spain, and everything leading up to this meeting needs to be understood. As I mentioned, in 1991, when the Soviet Union was broken up, the agreement between the United States, NATO, US equals NATO, let’s be honest, and Gorbachev was that the United States and NATO would not move east of Germany.

This was an agreement that George Herbert Walker Bush told Gorbachev now after Bush, Obama, including Trump, and Clinton have violated that Agreement. And they’ve moved more and more to surround Russia, which is in violation of this basic agreement that was made. This has been going on ongoing, it’s been going on for the last 30 years.

What’s also important to understand is that France and Germany have always wanted to have a good relationship with Russia, and have made diplomatic overtures. And all of this has always been subverted by the United States Oligarchs. And you can read about this. There’s, it’s been well written about. And so the message to Russia through this process is that you have no escape, we’re going to essentially weaken you. And Ukraine is a penultimate exacerbation of this relationship.

If you look here, and people may want to read this document, it just came out a couple of weeks ago, called NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept. And this came out of the NATO meeting that was just held last week. Okay, it was held last week in Madrid, Spain. It was held in Madrid, Spain? And what did this document talk about?

What this document talked about was all of NATO coming together, and with the US pushing France and Germany who basically want to avoid a serious war, telling them? No, we need to completely weaken Russia. And we’re going to use the European Ukraine theater, to basically make it a slow war, and basically, the United States and NATO don’t give a damn about the Ukrainian people. Let’s get that clear. NATO and the US Oligarchs don’t give a damn about the Ukrainian people.

The goal is to use Ukraine. Again, the goal is to use Ukraine to have this prolonged war, a prolonged war to weaken Russia. And this bet is based on the assumption that you will not push Russia to the corner to start a Nuclear War. Now think about what’s been going on since 1991. The US has been effectively pushing Russia more and more and more surrounding it with more and more NATO countries in the Baltic states violating the 1991 agreement.

The other thing that needs to be remembered, as I’ve talked about in previous videos, you can look it up in Ukraine. If you look at the country of Ukraine, the Eastern part of it has Luhansk and Donetsk. These two regions, the people in that region, are ethnically Russians. Also, in part other parts of Russia, but particularly there, were very, very upset with what took place in 2014.

The United States Supported a Coup in Ukraine in 2014 by Obama

In 2014, as some of you may know, the United States essentially supported a coup in Ukraine and the rightfully elected prime minister President came into Ukraine and Obama artfully put in a fascist. You can read about it, so well written about. So the United States essentially supported a coup and they put in the predecessor of Zelenskyy. And it is well known fact that at least one quarter of the Ukrainian army is filled with essentially what are what in the people of eastern Ukraine consider Nazis, the Azov battalion.

Now why is this important? The people in eastern Ukraine in those provinces are the ones just one generation two generations ago. Their parents are the ones who fought and bled and really literally, if you want to give credit are the ones who really won World War Two. The Russian people lost 10 times the number of people fighting the Nazis in World War Two! 10 times and unfortunately, you don’t learn about this we don’t learn about this the American history books. And those people in eastern Ukraine Russians fought Nazis.

In the United States Government essentially did a coup and put in place Nazi sympathizers and supported the army which had the Azov battalion. This really pissed off the two provinces in Ukraine. And they wanted their own. They wanted to secede and the Minsk agreement was put in place, M I N S K Minsk, two, and Russia was willing to sign it. Russia has been very, very reticent, you want to talk about reserve, Putin has actually been very reserved. And the agreement basically said, we’re going to take Ukraine, and these people in the eastern provinces, the two provinces don’t really feel part of Ukraine, but instead of having them secede, the compromise was they would become their own state.

Imagine the United States, you had California, maybe California is not like Texans. Texas would have been its own state, California would be its own state, but it would be a federated union. And that was on the table. In fact, Russia and Ukraine want to negotiate, however, NATO and the United States never pushed this, and they wanted the success rate, this whole thing could have been nullified.

And in fact, they’re very senior policy people in 2021, saying, Hey, you could have a Nuclear War in this region, the Minsk agreement should be signed. And I’ve talked about that in another video, everyone may want to sign up may want to look up. That’s the background.

Now, we have the Ukraine situation taking place, because of the fact that NATO was quietly supporting Ukraine, and some overtly, as we’ll see, and through that process of people in the Eastern Province, there were attacks on them. And that’s when you had the quote, unquote, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when the people in Donetsk and Luhansk wanted Russia’s help for many, many years.

That’s the actual background. But the US media Left & Right are presenting this as a brutal Russian regime that has gone into Ukraine. But Ukraine is being used by NATO, to weaken Russia.

Lloyd Austin Defense Secretary of United States was on Board of Raytheon

And if you don’t believe me, let me read you what came out of the 2022 Strategic Concept, and this is what Lloyd Austin. Who is Lloyd Austin? Lloyd Austin was on the board of Raytheon. Now he’s our Defense Secretary. Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary of the United States was on the board of Raytheon.

He had to recuse himself. Raytheon, as many of you know, is a multibillion-dollar weapons manufacturer, but he is our Defense Secretary. And look what he said, “as part of the strategic concept, to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things it has done in invading Ukraine.” The goal is to weaken Russia. And that policy means we’re going to do everything to prolong this war in Russia.

That’s what the goal is, but this is right out of the US Defense Secretary, the goal is to weaken Russia. And let me also take it more interestingly, one of the senior most revered Political Scientists in the United States, Francis Fukuyama said this, he said, there’s no need to be concerned about Nuclear War. Take my word for it. So, here you have the Defense Secretary of the United States, telling the American people or strategy wise, reasserted the 2022. Last week, or sorry, three weeks ago, Madrid Conference, the goal is to weaken Russia, the goal is to weaken Russia.

The other part of this strategy is the view that Russia is never going to use nukes. Okay, that’s really far off. And this stupidity comes from supposedly one of the most revered US political scientists, there’s no need to be concerned about Nuclear War, take my word for it. If you connect those two dots, which is part of the strategic concept, it is that we’re just going to do a war of attrition, and just burn out the Russian military.

And this was a Reagan policy that occurred in the 80s. We overspent Russia, the Soviet Union at the time on military spending, and we just brought them to a grinding halt. So this is this process of a war of attrition. So again, if you acknowledge those important facts, the United States Oligarchs don’t give a damn about the Ukrainian people.

So all these people putting up the Ukrainian flag thinking Biden or the US Oligarchs care about Ukrainian people. It’s actually completely false, the US Oligarchs would like to see they don’t care how many Ukrainians die for that matter how much Russians have but the goal is to weaken Russia and why. Let’s go back to understanding this.

The goal is really the NATO-ization of Europe. That’s what comes out of the Strategic Concept document that goes to NATO-ize Europe. So, one must really ask, is NATO a threat to Russia? Or is Russia a threat to NATO? We really have to ask this question. So that’s the fundamental issue. We’re seeing the NATO-ization of Europe. So, this article that came out at Stars and Stripes, it says it, this just came out.

This was a couple of months ago, more than half of the 90 US howitzers, Howitzer are bound for Ukraine now delivered and look what it says here. The minister said, learning the Western Systems, west, Western Systems, this is in Ukraine represents a step toward his goal, to integrate the Administer of NATO, to integrate Ukraine into NATO do fact, de facto. So, the goal of setting up these arms, the goal of Ukraine, is to integrate Ukraine into NATO. Gradually, this will ensure full compatibility of the Ukrainian army with the armies of NATO countries, which will become a significant reinforcement of the eastern flank of the Alliance.

He said in the statement, three months ago, this task was considered almost impossible! But thanks to the courage and the professionalism of the Ukrainian soldiers, everything has changed. Let me translate that what that means is we went and fucked with Russia. We could use Ukraine to make it part of NATO. That’s what it really means. And this has been the US policy, to engage NATO to engage Ukraine to become a part of NATO. If you look at this policy, let’s look at the timeline of this. What you’re seeing here is NATO expansion.

Let me in fact, go to this slide here. This is what this is, how NATO has grown. In 1949, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK, US, this was NATO. And in 1952, Greece and Turkey came in in 1955, Germany, Germany came in and Spain in 1982. Now, at the end of the Cold War, we weren’t supposed to go east, really of Germany, right and definitely of Spain. So that was the agreement. We would not NATO would not move east of these countries.

There was not supposed to be an expansionism. But what occurred was precisely that, the Czech Republic and Hungary and Poland were added. Then Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. And then Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and most recently, northern North Macedonia.

If you look at it, these were the original countries of NATO, and literally since 1997, all of these other countries from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria were all added. Now Belarus is still very close to Russia. But look what’s remaining here, Ukraine. And we have to recognize that if you look at the series history of Russia, Crimea was always a part of Russia. Khrushchev brought in who was a premier Ukraine, but in order for him to become the head of the Russian state.

He made this agreement to bring Crimea as a part of Ukraine, it was a political move. But the people in Crimea are Russians, and Putin is right about this. When you look at this, this is where we’re at today. So, if Russia is here, here’s Germany over here. And we have literally moved to all of these countries now, which were never ever, the promise was to never become part of NATO. So, you’re literally on the doorsteps of Russia.

And more recently, Turkey, which is part of NATO, was fine with Sweden and Finland also joining. So basically, from Russia’s standpoint, the border was supposed to be over here. This is sort of what the US Oligarchs did with the Native American Indians, but you’ve essentially now surrounded Russia here, and the remaining prize is Ukraine. Let me make sure that makes sense to everyone.

Again, the goal was in 1991, we would not move east, we’ve not only moved east, east, but we’ve added all of these countries. And the last piece of western US Oligarch Imperialism is Ukraine. And again, as the conference has said, the goal is to use Ukraine to weaken Russia. Alright, so I hope this is a background.

Now. What I wanted to share with you today is someone Dennis Shields says that if you poke the bear, you get bit. And by the way, Dennis, Russia has been very, very reserved, because they could have moved into eastern Ukraine five years ago, but they didn’t. They were hoping the Minsk agreement would get signed, which means the province of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Eastern Province would become a federated state, so they didn’t have to secede.

They’re willing to sign the Minsk Agreement. The United States didn’t want that, they wanted to use Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to weaken NATO. Now the reason for today’s breaking video that I wanted to do was to really impress on people what is going on in the last week?

That has me, and it should get all of you very, very concerned. Because it going back to Lloyd Austin, saying, we want to weaken Russia and this stupid Fukuyama saying, oh, you know, there’s no threat of Nuclear War, take my word for it. So, it’s supposed to take the word of one, Political Scientists that don’t worry, Nuclear War can occur, therefore, we can keep pushing Russia.

And maybe the US Oligarchs feel like this. Because if you look at this diagram, that is, in fact, what they’ve been doing, right? For the last how many odd years, if you look at this timeline, go back to this timeline. We have been pushing Russia, all these other countries, which were never supposed to be part of NATO, we’re at it. So we violated, in many ways, Russia’s Sovereignty by violating that agreement.

And now, if you look at it, by the way, the blue here, this maps a little hard to white as the ocean, the blue represents all the countries where all these missiles are essentially pointed at Russia. So, you have in Italy, with a main base in Hungary and Slovakia and Poland, and Lithuania and Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands.

So you really have to ask, this is a NATO-ization. And also, in Turkey. This is a NATO-ization of Europe. And here’s Russia over here. So, who is really threatened? Is it Europe? Or is it Russia? Because little by little, we’ve added all of these countries, we meaning the United States Oligarchs, and, and this is what Russia feels threatened.

Let’s now go into now I’m going to walk you through a bunch of points that everyone should get concerned about. That is literally what’s occurred over the last probably 10 to 12 days. Let’s go through that. First of all, Russia is now on Nuclear Threat Alert at the highest Nuclear Threat Alert. They’ve had multiple, multiple Nuclear exercises among their population in case of a Nuclear War.

They’re taking it very, very seriously. Yes, someone just said, Lloyd Austin is another New World Order “puppet”. No US Official, especially a US Defense, Defense Secretary should ever be allowed to work for a Defense Contract, like Raytheon, too much conflict of interest. Exactly. But that’s what happens, the revolving door.

But, Number one, Russia is on high Nuclear Threat Alert in its or within. The other thing is New York City is on Nuclear Threat alert. I was one of the first people to share with you that New York City Emergency Management video, which you can go see and that management video, if you remember, it’s right out there said it was literally a PSA video put out by a New York City. The Mayor Eric Adams defended, he goes, Yeah, I’m concerned because of what’s going on in Russia.

But it basically is a video it says you should get inside, get into a building, move away from windows, stay inside, shut the doors, go to the middle of the building, get clean, immediately remove clothing if you if you do get showered upon with radioactive stuff, stay tuned, follow the media, etc. But this is an actual PSA that was put up by the New York emergency department on what to do in the middle of a Nuclear War. And this was just a week ago. New York City has told its public to be aware of a Nuclear War. So the next event that occurred within the last 10 days is that even in New Jersey, many of the malls are putting up signs about Nuclear threat.

Apparently if you read the fine print on those signs, it’s coming from the Department of Homeland Security. And this is a sign for example, one of the New Jersey malls in Edison, New Jersey again, it says get inside, stay inside. It’s a pretty big sign right? Radiation Emergencies what you should do. I really want to ask how many people have seen any of this being reported on Fox or CNN anyone? Has anyone seen this being even reported that PSA announcements are going across New York and New Jersey? Is that uh, that you can have radiation and Nuclear War? Has anyone even seen this?

You haven’t, but what we have seen is January 6, nonsense; Roe vs. Wade nonsense; and still talking about this mass shooting. Which without ever addressing the Fundamental Issues of Gun Violence in this Country. If you see our video, we go down to the roots of Income Inequality. That’s where it’s coming from. But bottom line is, the United States public is being actually made to be dumb and stupid and ignorant by the level of media coverage, and no one’s covering any of this. Okay?

Yeah, someone said never saw a thing. Exactly. Thank you, Sucker Carlson are all these people. They don’t want to cover any of this. They want a head, the United States, the American public to suddenly say, Oh, my God, Russia is doing this, therefore, we have to go start a major War with them. Therefore, we should nuke them. They’re trying to make it appear. When Russia does get very aggressive, which is what they’re doing now, in Ukraine, they’re like, You know what, we figured out what the United States is up to US / NATO.

We’re gonna go, we have to defend and completely take over Ukraine. So it’s happening right now. And you’ll see that, so this is in New Jersey. Next number four. So first of all, we talked about Russia is on Nuclear threat. New York City’s on Nuclear threat and go look at the video. It’s out there.

New Jersey malls are Nuclear threat. Now, why is New Jersey important? Well, if you just do a little bit of research, you’ll find out nearly 20, 20 to 25 Different kinds of Military installations, and Arsenal’s are in New Jersey, New Jersey is not some random place where there’s factories. New Jersey is an important place, there’s nearly 20 to 30 different facilities for US Command and Control, and you can just look it up by yourself.

The next thing is for as the Zelenskyy and Ukraine are getting ready to hit Crimea, this is really important. Crimea was taken back by Putin. And Russia, because Crimea, it’s always wanted to be part of Russia. And it was sort of artificially made part of Ukraine. And, and for Russia, its strategic because it’s one of their warm water ports out in the Mediterranean. So however, NATO to this date, thinks Crimea is part of Ukraine, they’ve not recognized the Sovereignty of Crimea, the people, 97% of the people in Crimea want to be part of Russia. Again, well documented. Again, the US media will not cover this.

What occurred over the last month is the Oligarchs in the United States, the Oligarchs under the United States, through their puppet Biden had sent long range missile equipment to Ukraine, under the quote unquote, notwithstanding clause that, that Ukraine would not fire into Russia. Well, about three weeks ago, Ukraine did fire into Russia. Again, US media did not cover this.

The net of it was that it resulted in, in Putin, they called an extraordinary meeting of the Duma last week, and it said at this point, all, we’re not going to be reserved anymore. We got to completely obliterate Ukraine, because think about this, Ukraine attacked Russian soil.

And these are with the HIMARS H-I-M-A-R-S Missile Systems, which are long range Missile Systems. So it has come out recently, last couple of days, that Zelenskyy is planning on bombing Crimea, Russian territory. And what does this mean? This means that you’re basically going to provoke Russia, which means to start World War Three, right, because Russia will then declare war, right now Russia sees this as a special operation.

They have not declared War on Ukraine. But Ukraine is getting ready to use those HIMARS equipment which the United States gave to Ukraine to fire onto Crimea. That’s what’s about to happen. And this is why this is breaking news.

And what does this mean? What this means is that the United States and NATO are actively now involved with their advisors in Ukraine. Why do I say this? Because look, these Missile Systems, you can’t just operate and go, try to do electricity in your home, try to operate some finely tuned instrument in your home, it’s difficult. And the United States and NATO, according to many reports, actually, of US and NATO personnel operating these long-range missiles for Ukraine, and those missiles are going to be fired. We don’t know when but in the short term, that’s what the plan is to Crimea, and you’ll see the evidence of that.

Let me go over this. As the Zelenskyy Ukraine are getting ready to hit Crimea, Russia has ordered attacks on Ukraine’s long-range weapons if you read this article, it says responding to Ukrainian officials remarks saying, HIMARS has allowed them to reach targets and annex Crimea. The Ukrainian officials have already said this. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned of judgment in response and apparent head at Russia’s Nuclear weapons.

The Ukrainian officials have already talked about hitting Crimea. So what did this do? And you’re gonna see what happened, is that Russia, evidence of this and you can read this, if you do a little bit of research. Russia has already started moving its ships out of Crimea to and I can’t pronounce this exactly Novorossiysk. They’ve already started moving their ships. Why is this important?

If you look on the map here, and by the way, here’s another note. Also, in the Australian news, Putin orders his worship to run away from Ukraine handed long range missiles. Here is Crimea, right here. Sevastopol is one of the major ports. This is Crimea. Here’s Russia over here’s your Ukraine. Ukraine is planning on firing missiles from Ukraine, right into Crimea, which is here. Putin has moved his ships from Sevastopol over to Novorossiysk.

That’s what’s happened. Putin would not be doing this because he doesn’t want his ships destroyed. But under NATO and the United States, support Ukraine is planning on firing these HIMARS missiles that the United States gave them into Crimea. Okay, very, very important development. And this is nothing to be kidded about again, it’s unfortunate that no one in the US media is covering this at all. So that’s the next important thing that’s going to occur. So we have all of these things.

Now, let me get to the sixth point. Again, this is within the last 72 hours, the Russian energy giant Gazprom has basically said that they can’t assure in any way, Germany and Europe that they can transport any more natural gas “force majeure”. Some of you may know if you sign a contract, let’s say I am a vendor and I sign a contract with you. Let’s say I’m going to deliver some goods to you. And we signed a contract.

There is a clause in many contracts, which is called the “Act of God”, which means, hey, if an “Act of God” occurs, then you can’t come sue me. Gazprom, which is the Russian main agency, Russia’s Gazprom, it’s basically has told, and this is right in Reuters, European buyers gas supply halt is beyond its control.

What they’ve told Europe is, hey, look, the supply of gas could be halted tomorrow, and it’s not our fault. And they’re saying that so the European countries don’t sue Gazprom and they have exercised their “force majeure clause“. This is very, very significant. And you can see right here, Russia’s Gazprom has told customers in Europe, it cannot guarantee gas supplies because of quote unquote, “extraordinary circumstances”.

And the Russia state gas monopoly said in a letter dated July 14, four days ago, that it was retroactively declaring “force majeure“, which means they’re setting it before on supplies from June 14. The news comes as Nord Stream One, the key pipeline delivering Russian gas to Germany and beyond, is undergoing 10 days of annual maintenance.

Now, remember, think about no gas, because that is a main pipeline. Germany and Europe require that natural gas pipe, if there’s no gas to Europe, what you’re looking at is a pretty bad winter. And this is why France and Germany have been saying, hey, look, let’s not push Russia to the brink, but the United States Oligarchs don’t give a damn about France or Germany, they want to use Ukraine as a theater to weaken Russia. Okay, that’s, again, further evidence of that.

Let’s continue here. That’s Gazprom. And again, by the way, “force majeure” is known as an “Act of God” clause. Now, the next one is last week. So last week, some of you may have known. It’s very rare. Imagine the United States Congress, or the Parliament in wherever country you are calling an emergency meeting of all the Congressional people in the United States, there’s 454, Congress people, well, all of the Congress, people of Russia known as the Duma, the lower house, were called into an emergency meeting, which means drop your vacations, you got to come back and they all came back. They looked, they reviewed a number of very, very important bills. One of the important bills was a mandated conscription mandated draft. It was sort of voluntary, but now it’s become mandated in Russia. The other thing is, they know they’re going to need people.

They’ve also, the Russian Duma approved a Bill raising the age limit for military personnel to 65. This means Russia is getting to escalate the War in Ukraine. Because they’re realizing that they’ve been playing with, sort of gloves on they’re going to take the gloves off, and that’s what Putin said. Remove all gloves, we don’t care civilians, military, we’re going all out in Ukraine. And this has occurred because of all the pushing that’s taken place. So this is another very important development.

Finally point eight. There was a coup in Ukraine against the Zelenskyy I don’t know how many of you knew in the last 48 hours Zelenskyy’s own best friend who controls one of the major units, organizationally. There was a coup. And you can see it was on the front page of The New York Post was one, it’s says, Zelenskyy fires top security chief over alleged treason.

State Security Service said Ivan Bakanov, a childhood friend of Zelenskyy and former business partner and Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova, Venediktova, were dismissed and many officials within both departments also suspected of treason. And it goes into as of today 651 criminal proceedings have been registered regarding treason and collaboration activities.

Now, Zelenskyy, in the last 24 hours, has walked this backward. The original one said they were suspended, and they were going to be indicted. And now it’s changed that they were just simply dismissed. Zelenskyy had a coup. And from all, many of the policy experts, what’s coming out of it is that they know that Zelenskyy is just a puppet of the United States. He’s planning on doing this missile launch in the near future into Crimea, which is going to just escalate this war, and his own people are saying stop it. They had a coup, which he had to suppress. So that also just took place within the last 48 hours.

Finally, Sandia National Laboratories is starting the production of the B 6112. Nuclear bombs. This is just within the last week, Sandia National Labs, which is in California, or New Mexico is one of the big labs, and I think it’s in New Mexico. I’m sorry, Lawrence Livermore is where it’s in California, but Sandia is where they actually produce Nuclear bombs.

What has also come about in the last week is that Sandia National Labs is going into full production of the B 612. Nuclear bombs. And here it is B 612. Mini nukes made in America to be used in a Nuclear first strike coming soon to Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and they’re being produced production of the B 6 Nuclear bombs begins Sandia National Laboratory announce from the United States. This is a Nuclear first strike capability, and they’re going to be deployed in Italy, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Again, have you seen anyone in the news media cover this? Has anyone covered that Sandia National Labs is starting to produce first strike Nuclear weapons, not just sort of prototype in production?

Someone says, Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Well, one of the ways all of you guys can thank this broadcast is I need all of you for your own sake, to become Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholars, we’re building a movement, a Bottoms-Up movement Beyond Left or Right for Working People to Unite. That is a way that’s the only way out of this. We have a bunch of criminals running the world right now. And the US Oligarchs, and we should use that term Oligarchs, Oligarchs, Oligarchs, not only to Russian, but us Oligarchs, the US Oligarchs want to just have no competition.

Imagine a bunch of competitors, they see Russia as a last competitor and China that they need to get rid of. And that came out of the Madrid meeting, that Russia is a major problem, a thorn in our sides, we got to get rid of them. And then we’re gonna get rid of them as we’re gonna start a war of attrition using Ukraine. We don’t give a damn about those people. But we’re gonna use Ukraine to completely weaken Russia. And that’s what this is all about. That’s the status strategy.

And then finally, here’s a big one I just found this morning. Zelenskyy’s wife is coming to address congress this Wednesday. Zelenskyy’s wife is coming to address Congress. There it is. So, Ukraine latest, Ukrainian First Lady to address Congress. Why is the Zelenskyy’s wife coming to address Congress? This Wednesday the day after tomorrow? You have Zelenskyy’s wife coming to address Congress, you can only speculate what that’s for. Is it to win over the hearts and minds of the American public more, with this manipulation to get ready to declare War?

What is the purpose of Zelenskyy’s wife coming to address and this just came out today? Just news today. So what I’m alerting everyone to is when you add up all these how many other points I put forward here?

Ten Points Reviewed

All these 10 different points, right. Let me just put them all together here so you can see them all. Let me just put all of these points together so it becomes clear what just occurred. Right? if you add up all of these points, and let’s go to this right here. If we really take a very objective look at all of these points, hopefully it’s sort of common sense to recognize that and this is all within the past week. Just in the past week.

Russia is on Nuclear threat alert, New York City is putting up PSAs to be a Nuclear threat or Alert New Jersey malls have these Nuclear threat alerts Zelenskyy and Ukraine are getting ready to hit Crimea. Russian ships are moving away from Crimea, the fleet to a different location, the Russian energy giant is basically saying we can’t guarantee to deliver gas to Europe, force majeure, the draft age has been extended to age of 65. In Russia, there was a coup attempt against the Zelenskyy, our own national labs are starting production of the B 6112. Nuclear bombs, and Zelenskyy. His wife is coming to address congress this Wednesday. There you go.

I want to emphasize to people that everyone’s got to get their head out of their ass. Sorry to be so crude, but we need to recognize that, share this video with your neighbors. And those people so well, everything is fine. You know, I had a friend of mine’s daughter, she’s in New York, she goes, everything’s fine. It’s just nonsense. You’re just a conspiracy theorist. Well, you got to wake the fuck up.

Because where we are today, is that the United States, working people in this country are being completely in a bubble. They have no freaking idea what’s taking place. And one of the most important strategic areas in Ukraine, and the media, Left and Right, is trying to make Putin look like the aggressor. When it is the United States and NATO, US has been the aggressor for the last 30 years violating agreements, because they view Russia as a major competitive threat. And you have to really ask who is the threat.

The best thing I can impress on all of you guys, is to share this video. You know, it takes a lot to put all this information together. I took a vacation day today, but I just thought it was important to put this together. It’s very, very important. And we got close to 1000 people viewing this live today. Typically we have about 200 to 300 people.

Obviously, people care about this. But it’s really important as you know, it is our movement, which always predicts the future as we always had. It is this movement that exposed the pandemic issue back in November of 2019, early January, long before the opportunists came in. It is this movement that really showed that the Real Issue with Big Tech is it’s not Big Tech in our Historic lawsuit, which no media covered it as the governments of the world have a cozy alliance with Big Tech. Governments launder Censorship, that was a Real Issue. It is this movement that showed there are Real fundamental Election Systems issues.

They’re not Venezuela and China attacking us that was done by opportunists on the right wing to make money selling Election Integrity, there are Real fundamental issues. And I’m telling you right now, that the Real Issue here, it is not some meanie Russia, it is not just Ukraine versus Russia, the United States Oligarchs are using the Ukrainian people using the American people by distracting them and using the Russian people, because they want to basically run a War of Attrition. And it is based on this thesis that there will be no Nuclear War.

Meanwhile, all of these Billionaires have built their amazing bunkers. All of these Oligarchs have amazing bunkers – go look at some of their bunkers. They have, they have bunkers, with TV, and casinos, literally built in all different places all over the United States and South America, they can leave on their private planes, they don’t give a damn about the American people, they don’t give a damn about the Ukrainian people, they don’t give a damn about the Russian people.

This is about Hegemony of the world and having total control, Power, Profit and Control. Every Monday evening, we’ve organized our course. And we teach people the Foundations of Systems. Those of you who liked this content, know that you can contribute to this movement, you can and I’m going to sort of do the pitch because all of this stuff is done by volunteers. It takes a lot of effort to put this content together. But we’re here to educate you but it’s not only education, each one of you must become a Warrior Scholar, a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar, so you can help build a Real Bottoms-up movement.

The good news is we put together the course material, we put together the Community, we put together the Infrastructure, but we need to build a movement.

All of you can start educating people I’m going to before I have a couple more points I want to make but I want to play you a video solely. I just played you the inspiration video but I want to get very practical, go to and become a Truth Freedom and Health® Warrior or We put up this other banner you can go right here. As this is up I’m going to play you a video so you can understand all the things we put together for all of you guys to basically get the education you need and deserve so it’s not just myself doing this Analysis all of you can also connect the dots so here you go.


Alright, everyone. So, in summary, what we’ve covered today, and you can go look at this video again, you may need to look at it again, we’ve covered the origin since 1991. How the United States and NATO have violated their basic agreements, post it’s fall of the Soviet Union with Russia and essentially expanded east of Germany. That’s the first takeaway. Number two, we talked about the Madrid meeting that took place where it has been fully articulated, the goal is to weaken Russia, and to use Ukraine as a battleground to do that. And that’s what’s in the subtext of everything that’s there.

The other things we just talked about were the eight items that I just covered throughout the document here today. And those eight items are reflected in these eight points that Russia is on Nuclear threat, New York City’s on Nuclear threat, New Jersey malls are on Nuclear threat this all within the last week, as alliance can Ukraine are getting ready to hit Crimea. Russia is moving its ships away from Crimea, there’s going to be a serious issue with a major Russian gas company that has said they cannot guarantee gas to Europe. And when the draft was extended in Russia, there was a coup against Zelenskyy.

And it is a view of many policy people. This is by people who knows as Zelenskyy is basically used as a puppet and they don’t want to see Ukraine get destroyed. And Sandia National Labs is starting the production of Nuclear bombs, and Zelenskyy, his wife is coming to Congress. So that’s what we put together. So all of those points, putting them together. So you get a Whole System’s view, it is what is the purpose of a Systems Approach.

If you liked this, and you’re new, and you’ve enjoyed what you saw, and you want to support our ability to continue doing this, you can all contribute. And I encourage you to do so. Because you’re not contributing to mainstream media nonsense, you’re contributing to good content, which is content. And if you go to, you can literally go there, if you don’t want to become a warrior, and you just want to support the movement, go down to this contribute button. And when you click on that you can contribute $1, you can contribute $10, you can contribute nothing. But I encourage you to go there, because one of the things that our movement is about is we’re about service.

If you contribute something, we don’t just want to take your money, but you will get other gifts. If you do $100 or more, you get books, you get materials, you get access to the course, you get a whole bunch about 15 different gifts, if you give $25 to $99, you still get about 10 different, seven different gifts. Or you can just contribute $1. We have infrastructure to run, and everything you give goes to running our own infrastructure, everything you see here, is supported by a Bottoms-up infrastructure.

And the goal is to build up a Bottoms-up movement Beyond Left and Right, those of you who are Democrats or Republicans, those of you in the Labour Party, those of you in the Conservative party’s just recognize that you’re basically being used, as long as you align yourself with any one of these parties, you need to break from them. And we need to take a Systems Approach to really understand to see things as they are not how you want them to be, to see things as they are. So that’s what our movement is dedicated to. I hope all of you take advantage of that.


In closing, understand the relation between Truth Freedom Health®. Join the movement and you will understand it more. Take the Foundations and Systems course and please join me live 11am EST or 8pm EST Thursdays for an Orientation where you can come meet with me. We can discuss, we can expand the conversation. Before I close, let me see if there’s any interesting discussion.

Someone says, “I have your book, I just need online access. What plan is that?”

You simply just, if you put your note up there someone will get back to you okay, Suresh, maybe you can contact the person and help them Suresh is one of our Warrior Leaders. Let’s see.

Someone says, “I put my money on Dr. Shiva.” Well, don’t put my money, put the money on you and help yourself. I want everyone to learn from this.

Someone said, “Are you still running for governor?” So I was planning on running for governor but I thought it would be hypocritical until the Election Systems are fixed. Some people want to Write me in, you are welcome to do that. But it’s got to come Bottoms-up. We know as I’ve shared with you what the issues with the Election Systems are.

Someone says, love your video and Malcolm X. Great. Malcolm X is a great great human being and a great leader.

Someone says, “Congress just stops the money for but they won’t because they’re corrupt too.” Yeah, one of the things. The other thing I want to let you know is there was an airplane. There was leaving from Ukraine to, heading towards Bangladesh that was carrying 11 tons worth of weapons. The Ukrainians were shipping weapons to Bangladesh, and it crashed in Greece.

And the reports are that these were weapons that the US government, through its funding from the American taxpayers gave to Ukraine, people in Ukraine are selling or the Ukrainian Oligarchs are selling the weapons to other countries and making money off of it. And some of that money is being laundered back to the US Oligarchs. So just think about the nonsense that’s going on. You’re welcome.

Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. That’s the best way you can thank me.

Frank says, Education of a lifetime. Thanks for your info. You’re welcome.

Yes, don’t forget the blockade. Yep.

All right, everyone. I hope this is valuable. Again, become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior. The only way out of this is it’s great. You can watch the videos. It’s great.

We have the ability to share this, but the only way out of it is for you to get off your butts. Go sign up, become a Warrior and let’s build this Bottoms-up movement. That’s the only way forward. Otherwise, we’re just going to be critiques, but I’m about analyzing Education, building a Community and taking action Bottoms-up.

Be well everyone. Have a good evening.

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