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In this discussion, Dr. Shiva provides a PREVIEW to the upcoming SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2022 11AM EST #TruthFreedomHealth Summit that will discuss “CANNABIS: The Whole Truth – Reality vs. Hype.”

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Key Points:

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, Engineer, Educator – previews a Summit on CANNABIS The Whole Truth – Reality vs. Hype.
  • Cannabis: The Whole Truth – Reality versus Hype is free to all our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars on Saturday July 16, at 11am. To attend or view these special lectures by Dr.Shiva join as a  Warrior-Scholar today.
  • What will be covered at the summit:             
  • Origins of Cannabis            
  • What is in Cannabis? 
  • How many Molecules? Is it just THC?
  • What is the economic model of Cannabis?
  • Who gains to profit from Cannabis – the Most?
  • What is it generally good for, from a scientific perspective?
  • Does Cannabis mellow everyone out?
  • Does Cannabis make you violent?
  • What happens when you mix Cannabis & Alcohol?
  • Is Cannabis a gateway drug?
  • Does Cannabis cause cancer?
  • CytoSolve® has been mapping out the Endocannabinoid System for 5 years. We have the ability to produce Cannabinoids in our own body. So why are we taking stuff exogenously?    
  • Earliest botanical records date back 11,700 years. Its first evidence was found in Southeast Asia over 10,000 years ago. Ancient societies in India, Egypt, China, Greece for various uses, spiritual, household, ropes, fiber clothing, hemp, pain, anxiety, recreational use. To know what strain and how much is vital to discern reality from myth.


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Dr.SHIVA LIVE CANNABIS The Whole Truth – Reality vs. Hype. Preview to Summit.

Good evening everyone. It’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. It is Friday. Hope everyone’s doing well, wherever you are in the world. And maybe Saturday some places. But today, I want to give a preview, it’s gonna be a quick preview.

I know people are probably just getting home from work or on their way to family. But I’m just going to take about 15 minutes. And I’m going to give you a preview of a summit that we’re holding tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, at 11am EST. It is the Truth Freedom Health® Summit that we do. It’s a System Science presentation. Once every six weeks, typically bi-monthly, we try to do an intensive seminar on an important topic.

For example, several months ago, we did one on – what is Artificial Intelligence, another one on Computational Systems Biology. We did one on Gun Violence, we did one on Antivirals. And these are very potent topics.

Some of them, the censors may not cut us off, even though it’s basic science. But we also choose it to do as a special gift to our Truth Freedom Health® Warriors. As many of you know, we’re creating a global movement of close to half a million people all over the world. And hundreds of millions of people know about the movement. But people who have touched us joined our mailing list or been part of the Warrior Program, the Supporter Program, and I can talk more about that.

But for the Warrior-Scholars, we try to do a bi-monthly event where they get deeper training. And we take a topic that’s very valuable to people.

What You Will Learn Tomorrow

We’re going to be talking about Cannabis. And the title is going to be ‘The Whole Truth, The Reality versus The Hype.’ What I’m going to do today is give you a short preview of what we’re going to be discussing Saturday. For those of you who are not Warrior-Scholars, it’s an opportunity for you to sign up. And there’s so many benefits that you get, I’ll share with you some of what those are shortly.

And those of you who are Warrior-Scholars, it’s a way for you to get back involved and reconnect. We have a lot of alumni out there all over the world. But again, the discussion is going to be Cannabis “The Whole Truth, Reality versus Hype.” And again, it’s tomorrow, July 16, at 11am est.

What are we going to talk about? Well, at a very high level, I’ll just have you know, I don’t have time to go through that. It’s going to be probably about a two-to-three-hour event.

The Power of a Systems Approach

What we’re going to talk about is taking a non-reductionist approach to look at Cannabis. And this takes a lot of first of all takes a lot of courage. And it also takes a lot of science to do that.

Again, those of you who are joining new, this Saturday, there’s going to be a lecture series, July 16, which is tomorrow, Saturday at 11am Cannabis: The Whole Truth – Reality versus Hype is free to all our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars. Those of you who are not scholars, this may be a good incentive for you to want to sign up.

We’re going to be covering a number of topics, and I’ll go through these. Here’s some of them. And we’re going to be answering many, many questions from the origins of Cannabis to Does it work for everyone? Or what is the body created to? How does Cannabis cause cancer? Is it a gateway drug? Is it mellowing out everyone? Does it make you violent?

We’re talking about a bunch of things. But in discussing this, as you know, we don’t take a pro-Cannabis or an anti-Cannabis, we don’t take a pro or anti view. We don’t take a left or right view. We think though these are very, very backward ways of looking at the world. We want to take a Systems Approach.

And to give you an insight into that this diagram will help. This is the non-Systems Approach. This is what I call the Blind Man Approach. Some of you may know this story, which I’ve referred to a lot of the Buddha, the enlightened one who tells a story of a king who brings in six blind men, and an elephant comes in. And the six blind men each touch different parts of the elephant.

The guy who bumps into the leg of it thinks it’s an oak tree. The guy who touches a tail thinks it’s a brush. The guy who touches the tusks thinks it’s a spear. The guy touches the trunk, thinks it’s a snake and so on.

But the reality is none of these people get a whole view. In fact, they get a blinded view of reality. And if they weren’t all sitting together, they probably get some wacky looking animal or object.

This is called the Reductionist Approach that takes place in everything. The media puts it forward, the government puts it forward, the politicians.

But it is the Systems Science, which can save, in my view, humanity out of this, frankly, madness that’s taking place. And it’s a nightmare of corruption. It’s the nightmare of distractions, the nightmare of division being caused by the Left & the Right.

And everyday people get caught in the middle because they don’t have, they haven’t been educated in a Systems Approach. They’ve been told what to think, but not how to think.

We take that Systems Approach in the talk that we’ll be doing this Saturday. And if you think about it, there’s sort of two views, the anti-Cannabis view and the pro-Cannabis view. I mean, the pro-Cannabis view is Cannabis cures everything you know, which is do as much of it as you want. It’s not going to harm you. It’s a wonderful thing. Eat as much smoke as much. It’s great. It cures this, it cures that, cures anything. That’s one view.

Another view is anti-Cannabis, right? And this comes from a book that was written called “Reefer Madness.” And it’s talking, is a whole craze that took place really, very, very racist in some ways, very anti-Cannabis and other ways. But it really was very a-Scientific. The issue is, which way do we go? Do we go pro-Cannabis or anti-Cannabis? Right? Or which is the way?

Well, the problem is most of the medical doctors don’t have any sound guidelines for Cannabis at all. And the Cannabis quote unquote, experts always give conflicting advice. And the media coverage is always exaggerated hyperbole. Cannabis is bad or Cannabis is a cure all.

This is a world we live in. We live in this world of pro and anti. And you can’t make any headway out of that. Because you don’t have any framework. It depends on where your ears go, or your eyeballs are for enough period that you get swayed one way or the other. And two groups of people are fighting against each other.

Well, at VASHIVA, we take a Systems Approach. Many of you know, we don’t like to take this pro or anti approach. And that Systems Approach those of you who want to find out go to

And I’m hoping that all of you for your own sake will become Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars. You can take the Systems Approach. If you go to, there’s a video and I’m going to play one of it right now. Some of you are new, to give you My Journey to Systems.

And we’ll come right back, because I really want to share with you what we’re going to be covering at this conference. Because when you see the range of stuff, it’s probably going to excite you. First of all, if you’re Warrior-Scholars, it’s free and those of you who are not, hope you get to become one. But let me just share with you My Journey to Systems.

The Foundations of Systems Curriculum

Anyway, I can’t overemphasize to all of you to take the Foundations of Systems course, we’ve made it very accessible, you know, immensely affordable for all people. And by the way, if you go to, you can also contribute. As you know, I do a lot of science, a lot of lectures to educate the public. And it comes through your contributions. Just to give you a heads up on that, if you go to you can join the movement, and you can contribute. Let me explain why I’m showing the contribute button, not to ask you guys for money, but to let you know what you can get, which I haven’t shared. Everyone keeps telling me you got to share this stuff to

Whatever you can contribute, all the stuff that we’re doing, the videos that we do, but I never like to take anything for nothing. But you can contribute $1, whatever you want. But when you contribute $100 or more, you get the entire course and all these gifts, books, papers, everything.

And if you contribute $25 to $99, you get a whole bunch of other things. So please do that. If you don’t want to take the course and you just want to support everything we’re doing, you’re welcome to go do that with the website. You can go to

What are we going to be talking about this weekend in our conference? We’re going to answer many, many questions. By the way, you can go register. But we’re really going to be able to talk about it from a Truth Freedom Health® perspective. That’s how we take a view.

We’re going to look at the many things that attack the scientific discourse on Cannabis. Either way, we’re going to talk about the Science and Truth. And then we’re going to talk about its effect on health, positive and negative. And again, this is going to be tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, at 11am. And for everyone here, it’s free for Truth Freedom Health® Warriors.

And I encourage all of you to join, you don’t want to miss this, I think you’re gonna learn a lot. Go to – to join as a Warrior. By the way, those of you who also just want to learn more, every Thursday at 11am EST and 8pm EST, I host an Open House. And lots of great people show up.

You have a lot of chances to meet people from all over the world. If you think, oh my God, the world is going to hell. I’m so confused. You’ll get very, very inspired at seeing there’s a lot of people coming to our movement for Truth Freedom Health®. So please join us there.

Let’s remember that everything we’re doing is to learn how to think, not what to think. And we combine the Science of Systems, and we bridge East and West.

What the Summit Will Cover About Cannabis

What are we going to cover at this summit? Well, first of all, we’re going to really go deeply into the origins of Cannabis like how it was used. Where does it come from? There’s all sorts of theories. You know Lord Shiva smokes, that Hindus love to have Cannabis. Is it true or not? You’ll find that out. How much of that is true versus mythology.

You’re gonna learn what’s in Cannabis. What is actually in Cannabis? How many molecules? And is it just THC? You probably heard about THC. You’re gonna find out that there’s many, many molecules when we talk about Cannabis. It’s not just the THC molecule that people have made a lot of hype about. So that’s the next question.


We’re gonna go into a little bit of history. This is a quick preview of one of the hundreds of slides we’re going to cover in the data. We’re going to talk about how it dates back 11,700 years. Its first evidence was found in Southeast Asia, that’s over 10,000 years ago.

And it’s been used in many, many ancient societies in India, Egypt, China, Greece for various uses, spiritual, household, ropes, fiber clothing, hemp, pain, anxiety, recreational use.

The key thing to remember is, yes, it’s been used but how much? What strain? Where did it come from? What did they take? So, without that knowledge, it can easily fall into the realm of reality or myth. And that’s what we want to cover because without this knowledge, people could get manipulated by different forces in different ways.

In addition to that, we want to talk about what are the strains? What are strains? First of all, what are strains of Cannabis? And you’re gonna see a relationship between the strains of Cannabis and the molecular structure and profile of it.

Then, we want to go into detail, what’s the Endocannabinoid System? For the last about five years CytoSolve® has been mapping out the Endocannabinoid System. Well, what is it?

You’re going to understand that we ourselves within our own body, we have the ability to produce Cannabinoids in our own body, and consume it. So then obviously, it brings up the question, why are we taking stuff exogenously? For example, your body makes testosterone, right? Over time, testosterone levels deplete.

There’s some people who say you should take testosterone. We’ve got to be very careful with that because you can alter many, many other types of variables. You can also create cancer with testosterone over, you know, the growth hormones.

These are very profound questions because we actually have an Endocannabinoid System within our own body and you’re going to understand what that is.

What is a Cannabinoid? You heard about it, what is it? Is there one molecule? Is there 10? Is there 20? And we’ll understand that does a body create cannabinoids? It’s a very important question. Just like does a body create testosterone? And you’ll learn about that and how does it do it? What are the molecular processes?

By the time you’re done with this class tomorrow, you’re gonna get the legal analysis of it, the economic analysis and molecular systems analysis, the biochemical analysis. You’re going to learn a lot.

Now the next question, Do Humans need Cannabis? Should everyone quote unquote, smoke weed? Which people believe everyone should be on it? Of people that I know hey, you gotta have it, you gotta have it. Hey, it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Next is a Cannabis of today, the same as a Cannabis of the 1960s or before. Someone just sent me a video saying, oh, yeah, the Hindus used to have it. They believed it was helping everything. Well, which strain? What? Did they have all of it? Some of it, etc,

Is it a Panacea? Is it a cure all? There’s people running around, saying it’ll cure this, it’ll cure that, whatever you have, it’ll cure. Is that true?

Then the next thing we want to talk about is issues to consider, who should consume it and how it affects people in different stages? Whether you know, a mother smoking or ingesting it, how does it affect the child? Early development? How does it affect people between the age of let’s say, 5 to 15, or sort of, sorry, zero to eight, and then teenage years? Right? 12 to 15 or 18, and then adulthood it varies significantly and we’re gonna learn a lot about this.

Next let me go back to this. I was sharing this slide. Is it a panacea, a cure all, but I was also sharing this slide about when it is consumed? How will it affect different people at different stages of development? Again, extremely important to understand. Remember, one of the goals in Science is nothing is about this as good or bad. Or you have to do this.

For this, one of the important questions Science always brings up is how much? How much? Very much like the, you know, the climate change fanatics. CO2, well, how much you know, CO2. They never really discuss this, or they never really can get into the details of this or how much is a very, very important question. In science, and how much can vary by many different variables. If you’re a baby, if you’re a young child, adolescent adulthood?


Next question is that we’re going to discuss, you know, there’s about 29,000 articles written on Cannabis, over 1100 clinical trials over nearly the last about 200 years. There’s a lot of data out there. And the advantage we have is we have, as many of you know, CytoSolve®. It’s a technology I developed, which allows us to curate all of this literature, look at it, understand the molecular pathways, and congeal it all together.

And CytoSolve® as many of you know, is that powerful tool that allows us to, first of all, look at the molecular mechanisms. And tomorrow, we’re going to share with you some of our original research we’ve done at CytoSolve® to look at those Molecular Pathways, particularly looking at brain function, how firing of nerves takes place. And we’re going to go very deep into that.

People really get an understanding for example, how THC affects the presynaptic and postsynaptic neurons. You’re going to really understand the mechanics here. And why the level of THC, how much can have significant effects. CytoSolve® allows us to do that. CytoSolve® allows us to model mathematically, bring together a vast amount of knowledge and get more of a holistic view, using that we can model things. But there’s many, many other questions we’re gonna answer.

Cytosolve® and mV25™

Before I go into more of this. Some of you have been sending me emails saying Dr.Shiva, can you share more about mV25™. Some of you may know we have used CytoSolve®, where we use it to model all the molecular pathways of pain.

In fact, we have modeled many of the Endocannabinoid pathways. And we’re starting to look at some of these Cannabinoids. But we recently looked at different Bioflavonoids. And we found a very interesting combination.

For 16 years, we’ve been allowing others to use CytoSolve®. But most recently, we use CytoSolve® to discover two, three very powerful combinations right here that we put into our own product. I never thought I would be, you know, advancing our own supplements we’ve helped others validate.

But this is something I think some of you may find very valuable. I’m just going to take a quick break because I need to get a little glass of water. And let me just play this so you all understand what mV25™ is. And I’ll come right back. We have another 10 or 15 items we’re going to cover in tomorrow’s lecture I want you to know about all of that.

Alright, everyone, so by the way, those of you who want to know, you can just go right onto the website. You can find it; you can go right up to the shop and you can get it right there.

Your Body Your System®

One of the things we’re going to also discuss tomorrow is the need to take a whole Systems Approach to the body. One of the things that we have offered to people in a Systems Approach is to see the body as a whole.

Now everyone talks about that, but how do you practically do that? For that, I’ve created a tool, which is accessible for all of you, as Warrior-Scholars called Your Body, Your System®. And we’re going to be using tomorrow Your Body Your System® to actually analyze Cannabis.

The tool allows you because you know, the reality is, you know, it’s like people who, let’s say, drink alcohol, right? There are people who drink a lot and it doesn’t do anything, then other people drink a little and they get drunk, right? All of us are very, very different. Our body chemistry is very different. So, to say that one size fits all was wrong. So Traditional Systems and Medicine figured this out.

And in my research in biological engineering systems biology, I was able to go look at the ancient systems of medicine and deliver to the world a new and powerful way of looking at those systems in medicine. And I created a tool Your Body Your System®. It’s accessible to all of you, when you join as a Warrior-Scholar, it’s free. We used to charge a lot for it. It took millions of dollars to create this tool, but you can answer a set of questions. And it’ll figure out your body type, who you are, that’s what that red dot is, what kind of system you are, in this triangle.

Then you can answer a different set of questions. And we’ll figure out how you’re off course from you. That’s what we’d say: Be Happy, Be You®. That’s the black dot, which is like the weather which can vary from time to time.

The black dot can be in different places. But the idea is to move the black dot to the red dot because red is when your body is functioning as it wants to as it was designed for.

So how do you do that? Well, the tool will actually figure out foods, supplements and things. It’s not a medical tool, big disclaimer here, because we can’t make those claims nor do we want to. But it is a tool that will help you figure out how different foods and different supplements can move the force of transport, conversion, storage and how they affect you.

Now, when it comes to Cannabis, when you take the seminar, you will actually take away these little sticky notes. We’ll find out how Cannabis affects the forces of Transport, Conversion and Storage.

You see, in general Systems Theory and in Traditional Systems of Medicine, all of us are composed of the forces of Motion, the forces of Conversion, or the forces of Storage. In the Indian System of Medicine that was called Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

And I was the first one to decipher this. It’s important to recognize that because for many, many years, thousands of years people have been using the Systems of Medicine.

And you ask someone what Vata, Pitta, Kapha is, they can’t really explain it until what I’ve done here. But using this approach, we will also in tomorrow’s lecture, talk about what Cannabis does to the individual?

Will it increase their Vata Kapha? Would or does it destabilize them? What does it actually do from a Systems Approach? This will be very valuable and a different perspective also.

Then the other thing is, we’re also going to talk about why it was legalized versus decriminalized? Remember that Cannabis was illegal. Why was it legalized? And what does it mean to be legalized versus decriminalized? It is also important to understand the economic issues.

And what is the economic model of Cannabis? How are people making money today? And what is the trajectory? Where are the trillionaires going to come out of this and what is the trajectory of doing that? And we want to talk about that. Because you want to understand where all of this is going.

We’re also going to talk about who profits from Cannabis the most. Who’s going to profit the most? And also, we’re gonna talk about who’s going to lose the most. Is Cannabis safe? Is it addictive? Very, very important question. One wing of this issue says it’s absolutely safe, and is non-addictive. You know, I can get off weed anytime I want. It’s absolutely safe. That’s one way.

The other wing says it’s dangerous, you know, can hurt you. And no one should touch it. So, what is it genuinely good for? What does the science say? You know, one is people having all these feelings and anecdotal things. But what does the current science say?

Does Cannabis mellow everyone out? One thesis is everyone just becomes mellowed out. You know, no one can hurt anyone. It puts people to sleep. Well, we’re also going to talk about whether this Cannabis makes you violent? Does it perturb certain people? Do they go off the deep end? Is it just a mellow thing or can it make people violent? And if so, who?

And what happens when you mix Cannabis and alcohol? A lot of very, very interesting data that’s come out on this. Is Cannabis a gateway drug? And as someone just put here, no documented cases of Cannabis death. We’ll talk about that too. Is that true?

Is Cannabis a gateway drug? One group says it is and other people say no. It’s absolutely not a gateway drug. Again, we’re gonna go over the reality and the hype of this. And does Cannabis cause cancer? Now another very, very important question.

We’re going to go back here. These are all the different questions we’re going to cover. So, not only this week, we have a previous page, we’re going to cover a ton of areas tomorrow. Those of you who are Truth Freedom Health® Scholars, I really look forward to reconnecting with you.

And someone says, “Have I tried Cannabis?” I’ll answer that question tomorrow. So, if that incentivizes you, what if I’ve done it and what my experience was.


And then, the important thing is, I just want to emphasize, it is tomorrow, July 16, 2022, at 11am EST Saturday. Please join us free to all of our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholars. I encourage all of you, if you’re not Scholars, to join. Again, we’re going to be covering all of these issues. As I just went through, it’s going to be a summit. We’ll have it. We’ll take a break.

Come back, we’ll take two breaks, but it’s going to be a lot. That’s what we’re going to cover. Again, those of you who want to become Warrior-Scholars go to And I look forward to you joining. Again, what we’re gonna cover tomorrow for some people, it’s gonna be very controversial.

But we don’t take a pro-Cannabis and anti-Cannabis view. We look at the Science, we take a Systems Approach. And I encourage all of you to also take a Systems Approach. Go join Come to our Open House, as I’ve mentioned. And you can go right over to to do that.

Again, just to give you the date tomorrow, Saturday, July 16 at 11am. We will be having the Truth Freedom Health® Cannabis, “The Whole Truth, The Reality versus The Hype.” And those of you who are not Warrior-Scholars, as I reminded you, if you contribute to our movement, you get a lot of gifts, you get to also become a Warrior-Scholar and I look forward to your being that.


I hope all of you join us tomorrow and get a dose of reality. And we can have discourse and we can do some real science, and we can all move forward in our lives. Anyway, be the light. Join us tomorrow, and go to

You can contribute right on the website, if you support all the videos that we’re doing, and you want to help out and help yourself by the way, but most importantly do it for yourself. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior and Learn the Science of Systems.

Be well everyone. Have a good weekend.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

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Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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