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In this discussion, Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, through a LIVE interview with leadership of the Farmers Defense Force – leading the protests on the ground in the Netherland – educates us on the history and current events of WHY the Dutch Farmers are protesting.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.


  • Dr.SHIVA shares Exclusive interview with Dutch Farmers Defense Force, Mark Van Den Oever.
  • Netherlands Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar Jeffery travels to a peaceful protest and meets Mark, president of FDF.
  • Netherlands Agriculture History & Farming Systems Timeline
  • In 2021 a government scandal broke out from a program on children benefits.
  • The Nitrogen Narrative & Special Nitrogen Minister introduces new strict regulations on Dutch farmers.
  • Dr.Shiva shares the Systems Understanding of Climate Change

Netherlands Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar Jeffery Goes On a Journey

Netherlands Truth Freedom Health® Warrior-Scholar Jeffery shares his story about his travels to attend a peaceful gathering by Dutch Farmers. All participants of the community were greeted with fresh milk, cheese and snacks.

Jeffrey had translated and printed Truth Freedom Health® flyers that are available to all members of He hands the flyers out on the way to protest and once he arrives. Jeffery was able to meet the president of Farmer Defense Force, Mark.

They were able to build community by having a conversation about the events taking place in the Netherlands concerning Farmers. Jeffery invited Mark to come meet Dr.Shiva for an interview. Mark kindly accepted.

Netherlands Agriculture History & Farming Systems Timeline

Mark shares the long history of agriculture in Holland and how it started being the 2nd biggest exporter after World War ll. After their country was devastated the Dutch people recognized during 1944-1945 that the food shortage was something they never wanted to experience again.

The United States in combination with other individuals created the Marshall Plan. With the Marshall Plan, incentives were given to the farmers to help raise production with new techniques and landscaping. Which created very fertile soil, possibly the best in the world.

The industrial era came and certain lands were consolidated in order to scale the production with machinery. Production increased rapidly and the economy was rising so consumption rose as well. Prior to 1960 these engineering conditions were not implemented yet for agriculture.

Gas was found in North Holland and lots of wealth was created. Then the introduction of green houses came for growing everything from flowers to cucumbers and tomatoes. This allowed for mass production while utilizing small space. This contributed to booming exports from the Netherlands.

Over time livestock explosively grew as well from 1960 to late 1990’s. This took more room and farmland was needing to be stretched to borders. More manure from the abundance of cows was created and sometimes disease would break out.

Politics started to change and become more involved with changing the sentiment of how agriculture was viewed. It went from never wanting to go hungry again, to the Netherlands will have enough food forever.

Politics began to push for the reduction of livestock. Then swine flu broke out and the government demanded a reduction of pigs by 10-20%. The government began to help fund/sponsor between $10-20 million a year for environmental clubs to protest and agitate against the farmers.

Sept. 9, 2019 Environmental clubs like D66 began to work with the government to file lawsuits to have the government force emission cuts. These parties are against farmers and say they must cut livestock production by half.

Mark started the Farmers Defense Force (FDF) and his members exploded which he started on FB. In this group is where they organized for the Hague where the government resides.

20k people were organized in 2 weeks on October 1st for the Hague. Then October 16th the number of participants at the protests turned to 40k. Then they delayed the halfling regulation.

2020 Negotiations Fall Short

In 2020 farmers attempted to negotiate with the government. The negotiations fell apart about 6 months later since the farmers’ requests were falling on deaf ears. So the protests began again.

The government then attempted to tell the farmer to do a blanket one size fits all approach to feeding the cows. The farmers wanted a choice, the one size fits all diet was not good for some cows breeds also the types of farms varied.

Not long before the farmers had lots of training on different techniques on how to reduce these nitrogen emissions. Yet the government wanted the blanket approach otherwise they would be fined.

End of 2020 the Dutch Farmers escalated their protests. Tractors drove down airfields to shut it down. This was during a court day to decide the next step, the farmers won a victory in their favor.

Netherlands Government Scandal

In the beginning of 2021 a government scandal broke out from a program on children benefits. Even mainstream news reports show as many as 26k families were wrongly accused of tax fraud at least and their lives were completely ruined.

This caused the government to resign once word got out. Yet the political head of power, Rutte still remained in power. There was no political cost of significance and nothing had changed.

2022 Netherlands claimed to have a new government but nothing had changed. Same parties and politicians on different posts.

Nitrogen Narrative & Special Nitrogen Minister

The Nitrogen Narrative began again. There is a Special Nitrogen Minister that puts out an even tougher message with a new map of Auckland.

This map shows which farmers have to reduce their cattle by what percent. These percentages ranged from 12-95%. Which is even more of a reduction than they attempted before.

Even now farmer protests and events are still taking place. Jeffrey met Mark at one of these peaceful protests and shared a photo below of them meeting to speak about the Truth Freedom Health® Movement & platform tools.

Mark & Jeffrey take a quick photo after speaking at a recent peaceful protest.

Systems Understanding of Climate Change

Dr.Shiva shares a graph showing how a scientific theory and method should work. You come up with a scientific theory, if someone wants to theorize nitrogen hurts the environment, then you’re supposed to make predictions.

You’re supposed to see the actual observations in the real world. And if these observations are true, then it validates your theory. If it’s not true, it doesn’t matter.

If you look at the entire emissions theory, it’s garbage. They came up with a theory saying co2 is hurting the environment, which is absolutely false.

For example, co2 emissions have been the lowest ever in human history. The truth is co2 actually helps plants. Their observations are not matching the predictions, they actually make the observations fit their predictions.

They created a field called climate science and it’s not even a field. They’ll manipulate the data because they get paid. It has nothing to do with reality.

Then when someone actually speaks out on the truth about the climate change narrative, like Professor Lindzen at MIT did. 140 Professors attacked him, even though he’s one of the number one mathematicians in the world of physicists.

If you actually read the IPCC document they will admit in the middle of the 1k page document they have 40 different mathematical models, predicting how much ice will melt on the Arctic.

If it’s real science, those 40 models should predict the same thing. But every model predicts different amounts of ice will melt. One says no ice will melt, another one says 100% will melt and everything in between.

What they’ve done is they’re making up science, they base it on peer review opinions, and these top governmental bodies have a bunch of scientists, and then they fund them to control the narrative.

Again, co2 levels are the lowest that they’ve ever been in the history of the planet. The fact is when the co2 level goes below 180 parts per million everything dies. In fact, human beings prosper from co2.

We should not have pollution but pollution is not equal to co2. They’re telling people to cut the co2. Meanwhile, they’re the ones who are benefiting from co2, by legalizing marijuana. The pump co2 in to get the plants to grow at higher yield.

In fact, the biggest reason human beings’ population grew about 50,000 years ago. This is when the co2 levels went up a little bit. That’s when the human population grew.

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