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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains who profits from the confusion on Russia & Ukraine.
  • The Elites use confusion as one of their primary weapons to divide and rule.
  • In 2019 there were mass movements of working people all over the world, millions protesting against corruption, uniting left & right.
  • The 2020 pandemic lockdowns suppressed these rising working people’s movements, which were quickly forgotten about.
  • The war between Russia and Ukraine is a manufactured crisis to justify the further enslavement of working people.
  • The elites have carefully created the conditions, as well as massive disinformation, to further divide left against left and right against right over who to support: Ukraine or Russia.
  • Only a Systems Approach can cut through the confusion to identify the real problem and the real solution.


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Good evening, everyone, it’s Friday around 6pm. I thought I would take this opportunity before the weekend hits to help people break through the confusion that’s been taking place in Ukraine and Russia. I would say this is probably a very interesting time, because I’ve never seen this kind of confusion among people on the Left, people on the Left fighting other people on the Left, people on the Right fighting other people on the Right. We thought there was a Left- Right division, but there appears to be an even deeper division, that’s been a result of confusion. And what I’m going to talk about today is how confusion serves those in power.

Overcoming Confusion With Systems Approach

Over the last three years, we’ve seen an incredible amount of confusion being unleashed on people, working people of this planet. It started with the quote /unquote, “pandemic”, then it started with issues of elections. And now we’re seeing this issue with Ukraine and Russia. And I want to give a perspective on this because I believe it’ll help everyone take a Systems Approach to really understand what’s really going on.

So we’ll wait for people to join. And let me just put up a couple of banners here. Those of you who are new to our movement, one of the biggest slogans we have, which I’m playing Right below is,” Get Educated or be Enslaved.”

And over the last probably 40-50 years, I’ve put together a curriculum that is really based on teaching people something that I think everyone should learn even before they study reading, writing, arithmetic, that’s called the Science of Systems. The modern world is a very complex system; systems of systems. Your body is a complex system. Everything in and around us is a complex system. And without having this deep understanding, or perspective, from a systems perspective, it frankly, becomes very, very hard for people to really know what’s going on.

So what I want to do is, that’s what I want to do, I want to give everyone a perspective, because you’re going to learn that confusion is a weapon of those in power. Because confusion leads to people not knowing what to do. And then people get even more divided.

Because when you have confusion without a North Star, you don’t really know what to do. So before I go into that, one of the North Stars, I think the most powerful North Star that everyone can use is the Science of Systems. So I’m going to play a quick video as people are joining.

And it’s really the main video that I like to always bring people back to on why people need to take a Systems Perspective. So let me play this. And then I’ll come Right back.

And we’ll go into a deep analysis of what’s going on and how we overcome this confusion.

So I recommend everyone take time, you know, we built a movement for Truth Freedom Health®. It begins with you getting educated.

And it’s been probably about a 50 year process, we’ve created an environment that I’ll show you where we have courses, we have built our own private social media infrastructure. We’ve also created an environment where you can also learn how to be an activist. And we’ve opened up a bunch of Institute’s for training.

And if you go to you’ll see that and we’ve done it so it’s accessible to pretty much everyone on the planet. So that’s the first thing I want you to do.

Weapons Of The Elite

So let’s talk about what’s going on. The key takeaway from today’s conversation is that confusion is a weapon of the elites, confusion and divide and rule, almost are the twins that the elites use to keep working people divided. And confusion is one of the most powerful ways that’s done.

And how do you overcome this confusion? Well, one of the most powerful ways to overcome confusion is to have a Systems Approach. That’s why I played that video, because right now, on every issue, the elites are very clever to take any issue and make it a Left aspect of the issue or the Right aspect of the issue. And then they have the Left Working People fighting against the Right Working People.

Divide and Rule

Think about how powerful that is, if you use divide and rule. This is a policy that was used by the British Empire for many, many years, and nothing has changed. If you look at the current situation with Ukraine and Russia, and you really trace it back, who’s behind it is an organization strategically called the Atlantic Council. The Atlantic Council is based out of Britain.

And their ties are very close to Britain. And it is the British ethos, which goes back even to another video I did called The Hidden War, or the Hidden History, talking about the book, The Hidden History, which goes into the realities of how the British Empire, with Cecil Rhodes perpetrated WWI.

Because they didn’t want anyone else competing with them in the world. Everything was always about the British Empire rules the world; the big bully on the block, no other even small bully could come up. And they viewed Kaiser Wilhelm I as another potential competitor. So starting in the late 1800s, Cecil Rhodes of Rhodesia, of the Rhodes Scholarship, he mapped out how you would vilify Germany. How you would make them look so evil so that they became the biggest enemies.

And over a period of 10 to 20 years, they teed it up to destroy Germany. So the elites are very, very, they have their own among them, they have their own competition.

So don’t get confused by this, because the elites, among them, have their own competition. What they’re very clever at doing is getting working people all over the world embedded in their politics, which has nothing to do with the interests of working people. So they sent a poor black person to go fight against a poor white person, halfway around the world. And so what I want to now do today is to help all of you overcome the confusion about Ukraine and Russia. The propaganda war is quite incredible.

So you have even among the Left, you have people within the Left fighting, and among the Right, people are fighting one side, choosing Ukraine, another side, choosing Russia, one side choosing Russia, the other side, choosing Ukraine. And this is where they want you to be. They want you to be in WWE, you know, watching a wrestling match. But let me first of all set perspective on this.

Saying The Right Thing At the Right Time

So everyone can really get their head screwed on straight. Let me share with you a couple of important data points. And I’ve talked about this before, but it’s occurring again.

Some of you may know, our movement, the Truth Freedom Health®movement, and our voice here was the first one to expose the nonsense of the quote/ unquote, “pandemic” that took place, it started in January 2020. It was this movement because of our Systems Science Approach that everyone can learn at Truth Freedom Health® that we called out Fauci long before all the Grifters came two years later. It’s most important thing in life is to say the Right thing at the Right time.

So leadership is not after the building is burned down, then you come and talk about it. That’s not what Robert Malone is, he’s not a leader. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. That’s not Rand Paul. Any of these so-called doctors and people who didn’t say anything in January 2020 or March of 2020, who knew what was wrong and now they’re saying it, are opportunists. But it was this movement that called out the trajectory of this pandemic back then, because we said it was a way to manipulate people away from the substantive issues.

And then, in early 2021, and late 2020, we called out the entire issues with the election systems in the United States. Elections are selections, and that built a movement. But every time movements build, the elites want to confuse people, and to bring them back into alignment.

So let me just take the clock back, not to 2021 not to 2020. But let’s go back to 2019. What was occurring in 2019.

Protesting Worldwide In 2019

Everyone remembers what was occurring in 2019? Let’s see it in the chat. What was going on globally, in the year 2019, the year before they started the pandemic crisis, a year before the election fraud crisis. And now before the Russia-Ukraine crisis. What was going on?

Let’s show you what was going on, globally. Let me bring this up. What you’re seeing here is Hong Kong. Millions of people were protesting in Hong Kong. There you go. Now, it initially started with an extradition bill, which is where it started. People there were very upset that China was imposing its will on the people of Hong Kong. And then it escalated into a broader protest against corruption and economics. So that’s what was going on in Hong Kong. Remember two –three millions of people on the streets protesting against Government Corruption. So that was Hong Kong.

Let’s look at another one. Same thing in 2019. Chile; some of you may have forgotten about. Massive, massive protests in Chile. Why? Well, if you go look here, it was because the Metro fare went up. This may seem small for the United States, a dollar a fare, but when you convert it to Chilean dollars, this was massive. People were really upset that the elites had increased the transit prices. So you can see massive protests going on in Chile. Look at that. This is not a small protest. That’s millions of people protesting in Chile.

Let me go elsewhere. Let’s talk about right here. We probably forgot about France. Massive numbers of people protesting in France, against the government austerities that were imposed by the Macron Government. And a lot of people have forgotten about that. That was again, in 2019, in France.

Let’s go to Zimbabwe. Fuel prices against working people increase. And people were fighting for their freedom, but it was fundamentally economic freedom.

Let’s go back to Iran. “304 killed.” Look at this protest; massive in Iran, because fuel prices went up by 50%. This is again in Iran. And you can look at the date here, 2019.

And when we go back to France, you’ll see that these protests in France were uniting Left and Right, Rural and Urban. So think about what’s going on; people all over the world were protesting, and there’s many, many, and I’ll come back to this prior to 2020, all over the world. And they were protesting, ultimately, against the economic situation and against their leaders.

2019 Year Of Protests

And there was an analysis done by one of the elite institutions, one of the elite institutions IPI Global Observatory. Look what they say; that the two big reasons that people are protesting, it was really a year of protests. So take that away, “ year of protests.” That’s what 2019 was.

2019 was a Year of Protests; massive, massive protests. So if you’re those in power, and you’re seeing people all over the world, many, many countries, millions of people, and you added up hundreds of millions of people, working people pissed off, what do you want to do, especially in the First World Countries, like Britain and the United States. You say, Wow, maybe this is going to hit our streets. Maybe working people are figuring things out.

And precisely to this point, let me go Right here. This analysis by their own establishment institutions, who said it was “sparked by fiscal policies, austerity measures or discontent with stagnating wages, wages, and a shrinking middle class.” And the other thing people were pissed off was with their leadership; all the corrupt leadership in these countries. And we know the corrupt leadership in the First World Countries too

Pandemics To Stop Global Movements

So this was going on prior to 2020. Now, if you take that point, 2020, and you go back 100 years to 1920, and go study your history, you will see that in the 1920s, and the late 1800s and 1920s, working people all over the world were rising up. Women were rising up for rights, working people all over the world.

In fact, many of those movements were led by women. And this is why we need to study history. And one of the things we do it at Truth Freedom Health® is we teach people history within a systems context.

If you don’t study history, you’re going to be enslaved. You’re gonna be in the state of confusion, and you’re going to choose one side or the other side. But if you go back to the 1920s, working people were rising up all over the world. And those working people’s movements scared the shit out of the elites.

And in response to that, go look back at the 20s. What happened? This so-called Spanish Flu pandemic. Seems like biological warfare, or warfare, or pandemics are a natural way to stop global movements. And what happens in January of 2020? I had just finished giving a lecture in November of 2019, at the National Science Foundation, which talked about the immune system and how ridiculous it was to impose everyone get the same medicine, the same vaccine.

Which Leadership To Follow

And everyone agreed with me. But in January 2020 is when the so-called pandemic comes, and it was our movement and firsts DO matter, and we’re taking credit for it, because it’s time that you and other people recognize which leadership do you follow in times of crises. And the leadership to follow is a movement for Truth Freedom Health®because it was this movement, which called out Fauci. It was this movement which said that this was intended to suppress working people, back then.

And I didn’t see any of these scientists, any of these doctors, say anything. Why? Because they were opportunists. I give the story of Alan McDonald, the engineer, who was part of the NASA project, who was a director who would not sign off on the launch, because he knew something was going to go wrong with the O rings, which blew up the shuttle.

That was in January 1986. And Alan McDonnell when he died, said the most important thing in life is to say the right thing at the right time. And that’s one of the lessons you have to learn.

If you’re going to follow people, look at what they did at the right time. It’s really, really important, okay, otherwise, you’re gonna follow misleaders. And we have a lot of people out there who are Grifters and misleaders. But the movement for Truth Freedom Health® called out the pandemic and I shared these slides back then. I said this is a way to distract people away from this growing Bottoms-up movement. So that’s what occurred in 2020.

So, the period of 2020 was everyone getting alarmed with the pandemic. But what happened? Overnight, all of these massive protests disappeared. People stopped building a Bottoms-up movement. People stop questioning the austerity, the economic attacks that were taking place, not on the elites, on working people; working people globally. That’s what occurred in the 1920s. And that’s what occurred in 2020. Working people were under assault, so they create the pandemic.

And then, when I ran for office, we found out that elections or selections, one of the most historic lawsuit took place, and the judge got so afraid that he just thought I would be satisfied putting me back on Twitter, and I wasn’t willing to play that game. But it was this movement, which exposed the election fraud. This movement right here. Then the Grifters came.

Manufactured Crisis

And it is this movement, now is telling you, that the Russia-Ukraine crisis is a Manufactured Crisis, and it’s to confuse you so you don’t remember this: you forget all of this stuff that was taking place all over the world, which was ultimately against this; fiscal policies, austerity measures, which is what’s going on right now. The elites want to squeeze working people, justify it by a war that the British Imperialists and the US Imperialists incited in Russia. Even the most warmongering guys like Henry Kissinger said, “please do not go fuck with Ukraine, don’t go bringing Ukraine into NATO.” It’s like poking the bear.

So when I grew up in India, or if you grew up in any multicultural world, it is very easy to piss off people. Because everyone loves their culture. Everyone loves their language. Everyone loves whatever lifestyle that they have. It is very easy for politicians, for example, if you want to start a war, to go among the Hindus and say something to them about the Christians, or go among the Christians and say something about the Hindus. You could literally start village wars. Politicians are communalists, they’ll start a war here to divide people up by religion, by language, by race, whatever it is.

And that’s what we’re seeing here. They went and poked the bear in Russia, and they’ve created this nonsense. So don’t be confused.

All of this is being done to ensure that you don’t get off your ass, understand the Principles of Systems, understand the principles of Truth Freedom Health® and don’t build a Bottoms-up movement. So you’re there supporting Ukraine or feeling bad for… whatever the issue is.

The fundamental issue is the elites know how to move from the crisis of pandemics or the crisis of elections to the crisis of now war. They know how to do this. But ultimately, all these crises are created so working people do not unite against the .001%, who profit from this. Right now, if you look at the numbers I shared, all the big Military-Industrial-Complex stocks are skyrocketing. They’re making a shitload of money.

The elites are making money. But you know who’s getting screwed? Working people, be it in Ukraine, be it in Russia, be it in Britain, be it in The United States, be it in Chile, be it Venezuela, be it in America and so on.

Confusion And Division To Screw Working People

So, the bottom line is confusion, and division are the two powerful weapons that the elites use. And the British Empire uses all day long. And that’s what this is about. It’s about confusion. Trump was about confusion.

A lot of us were confused about Trump. Is he with us or is he against us? And during the four years of Trump, nothing happened to Hillary. Supposedly the plan was going to occur. The Operation Warp Speed got executed. People got thrown in jail who were Trump supporters and they’re still there. He didn’t get them out.

Nothing happened to Assange. Nothing happened to Snowden. Big Pharma was saved. That’s what they do. They create confusion over here, and over here, they rob your wallet, pickpocket you. So that’s what I wanted to do.

We have a number of people from our movement who are training. You have to understand the Science of Systems. And I’m not here trying to sell you anything. Don’t do it for me. But recognize if you don’t understand history, you don’t understand the Science of Systems, you will go from Left to Right.

Now what’s happening among the Right, some people are saying, oh, yeah, we should support Ukraine, some people are saying we should support Russia. Over here on the Left, some people are for Russia, some people are Ukraine, It’s total freakin’ confusion.

And as long as working people are confused, working people will get screwed with corrupt leaders, corrupt elections, and our pockets will be robbed. And that’s what the elites are getting ready to do. And they went and poked Russia to start this.

That’s what this was about. You could easily start a war anywhere. Anywhere if those elites want to start, they could start a war anywhere. You could start race riots. They have that much power. But it is up to you, working people, to get your head out of your ass in some level.

Get Educated Or Be Enslaved

And for some people, that journey may be a long journey. And I’ve made it accessible through the videos we do, through the movement we’ve created. We’ve created an infrastructure here at Truth Freedom Health®. And I hope you take advantage of this because I’m able to do this analysis for you today because I look at the world from a complex system.

And there are certain principles that come out. One of the most important principles that we teach in our movement and in our courses is that Number 1, there is a concept of Transport Conversion and Storage, the interconnection between Truth Freedom Health®. Without Freedom, we can never get to Truth without debate. And without Truth we can never understand what’s right for our Health, or Economic Health, Political Health, all those Healths. And with Health, we have the basis to fight for Freedom, we have the strength to fight, explore Truth.

So you have to get educated or you will be enslaved. I’ll put up that banner I have here Get Educated or Be Enslaved. And in order to have that North Star, that is the Science of Systems. So that’s why I’m requesting all of you, do this for yourselves. It’s nice, I’m sure watching me do this analysis.

But you need to do it for yourself. I believe the Science of Systems should be taught at the kindergarten level. Every system you see around you is a complex system: transportation systems, healthcare systems. Your iPhone is not just a phone, it’s connected to a complex system. political systems, your body is a system.

I want you to take advantage of that. But more importantly, understand what the title of today’s talk was: Confusion is a powerful weapon of the elites. So they went from the pandemic, creating confusion, then with Trump, then with elections, and now they’re onto a war.

And the only way out of this is for us to create a Bottoms-up movement founded in the Science of Systems. And without that scientific understanding, you will never be able to have a North Star.

So I’m going to play the next video which will teach you what are the components we put together as part of our movement. So here you go.

Bottoms-up Movement To Win

I hope you guys take advantage of this. But when you look at the situation with Russia- Ukraine right now, in closing, it gets very, very complicated for the average person, most everyday people don’t have the time to study all the history. They don’t have the time to go to 20-30 years of MIT to understand engineering systems.

My journey has been the journey to Systems. And what I’ve done is to take all that incredible knowledge I was able to get, very lucky to get, but never forgotten where I came from, which is working people, and to convert that knowledge into a way that people can absorb it quickly. Because we don’t have a lot of time. Everyday working people have to work.

So using that knowledge, using that community, you literally have a North Star to understand how to look at any one of these issues. And it always brings it back to this fundamental principle; we have to build a Bottoms-up movement, Beyond Left & Right. And beyond all the division.

And that’s how we find what the right solution is in any situation. Right now on every problem, the elites are very clever at atomizing that problem into Left & Right, among Left & Left & Right & Right. And that’s what’s happening with Ukraine right now. It’s a stellar example of that.

And without this foundational anchor, confusion will set in, division will set in and a Bottoms-up movement, which is what the elites really fear, will never happen. Which is ultimately how we win Truth Freedom Health®.

So anyway, I hope this helped. And please take advantage. I’ll be doing more videos on this. But the core of what I always talk about, be it if I’m talking about how spinach affects cardiovascular health or be it on health videos or be it on political videos, it’s ultimately up to you. You have to learn the Science of Systems.

It is in the modern world, the way to Truth Freedom Health®. Thank you, everyone. Be well, and I hope everyone has a good weekend. I’ll be back. I’ll probably do a couple of videos this weekend too. So keep an eye out for them. Be well

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