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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – explains how the British Crown & Bankers made WW l to destroy Germany & screw working people.
  • British and German royalty were closely related and maintained good relations.
  • The British Crown betrayed a good relationship with Germany to increase its own world dominance.
  • The British press began coordinating a massive propaganda campaign demonizing Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Britain elites secured a secret alliance with the Russian Tsar to launch a 2-front war against Germany.
  • Rich & Powerful elites calling themselves “The Group” led by Cecil Rhodes orchestrated the conditions for war.


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Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. Hope everyone’s doing well. And welcome to the discussion we’re going to have today on how the British actually started and the American Bankers started World War I to actually destroy Germany, and to essentially, fundamentally oppress and exploit working people throughout the world, particularly in the United States.

And the conversation that we’re gonna have is going to be based on a book that a friend of mine recently just gave to me and others have talked about. But people don’t typically ask me, “Hey, Dr. Shiva, what do you read? What do you like?” And I’m a little bit hesitant to talk about a lot of the stuff out there because you have to read through the subtext.

Hidden Histories – The Secret Origins of the First World War

But this book that I’m going to share with you is an excellent book. And I recommend everyone read it – it’s “Hidden Histories – The Secret Origins of the First World War”. It’s written by Docherty and MacGregor, two excellent guys who did a great deal of research and really looking at papers and stuff as best as they could get a hold of, to really understand the origins of World War I. And what I like about what they did is they recognized something very, very important – that mainstream media even back then, in the 1800s, early 1900s, could not be trusted. 

They also recognized, which we’ve talked a lot about in our Truth Freedom Health® Warrior training, is the fact that Academia, essentially a few set of people, control knowledge, particularly in history, and more recently now in the sciences. And that’s what our talk is going to circle on.

How Knowledge is Created

First of all, we’re going to review what you and I learned on: Why Britain entered World War I; Why America entered World War I, the Official History. I had a great AP History Teacher, and the history I learned is not what I’m going to share with you today. Then we’re going to really talk about the nature of how knowledge is created – Historical Knowledge. And we’re going to talk about the entire peer review system. 

Actually, Historical Knowledge, by and large, is controlled by a few set of Institutions. And unfortunately, more recently, Science itself is becoming a Scientific Consensus. So, we’ll talk about that, because that’ll give you the larger Systems concept. 

One of the things that I really like to educate all of you on is to recognize we need to take a Systems Approach. There’s a whole course that I teach, every Monday evening. We’ve created a whole infrastructure I’ll share with you. But the idea is to recognize that there’s a deep interconnection between the pursuit of Freedom, the pursuit of Truth, and the pursuit of Health. All these things are interconnected.

We’ll talk about what’s going on and how knowledge is getting created. And you’ll realize and recognize that the fake history of World War I is one example of a way to hide the true people who are controlling our lives. Its handfuls of people, not the governments, we see. It’s not, frankly, the Legislatures, or the Parliaments, or the Law, or the Lawyers or the Judges. It’s people behind them, small sets of Elites. And this is not even Conspiracy Theories – I’m going to share with you, this is well documented history.

We’re going to talk about how knowledge is created, then we’re going to cover what really happened in World War I, according to this great historical analysis of Docherty and MacGregor, and then we’re going to open it up for discussion. John will read off some of your questions. We’ll also talk about in the context of the fact – why is this guy Prince Harry here? If you look at  yesterday’s video, I gave a detailed discussion about how the British Crown and the Elites do not want The First Amendment.

Truth Freedom Health®

The ability to have Censorship, to eliminate The First Amendment is essential to Divide and Rule. Because when you don’t have The First Amendment and you don’t have Open Discourse, you don’t pursue Truth. You have people fighting against each other on every issue, which is what’s going on right now. That’s a Divide and Rule model. And Divide and Rule is based on people fighting against each other, war. 

So, you have Censorship, which is the weapon that allows no discourse to take place that leads to all sorts of misunderstanding. War, Divide and Rule, people fighting against each other, which ultimately serves the interests of Power Profit Control. Before I go into that, John’s gonna play a video for us, which is the essence of the movement that all of you, many of you have supported the movement for Truth Freedom Health®. It’s a very short video, but I encourage all of you as you’re looking at this video, become whatever way you want to be; You can become a member. There’s no charge to become a part of this movement to recognize that we are not going to be able to defeat the Elites unless we build a Bottoms-up movement. 

You cannot trust Big Academia; you cannot trust Big Pharma. You cannot trust Big Vitamins. You can’t trust any of these Big, massive Non-profit organizations, even though they spew what seems to be, quote unquote, the “right words.” Ultimately, Big leads all of us to some type of subjugation because these people’s ultimate interest is Power, Profit and Control. 

The only way out of it is for each one of you to Get Educated, independent of me or anyone else for you to build a Systems understanding of how the Universe operates. And there is a way to do that. We’ve created that knowledge, we’ve created that community independent of Big Tech.  

Alright, everyone, please go take advantage of – Join the community. Support this movement.

Systems Approach Overcomes Past and Present Issues

One of the most important things we want to focus on is when we look at history with World War I, what really occurred? When we look at Science – at any aspect that’s going on today, the goal is to Divide and Rule on every issue that we have going on today.

Be it racism; one group believes racism exists; the other group doesn’t believe it exists. Vaccines: Pro-Vax, Anti-Vax. Masks: Pro-Mask, Anti-Mask. You go down the list, there is no semblance of leading people, working people, to the essence of what is real. What is real is a Systems Approach, Systems thinking will get us there. 

So, when you take the vaccine or the mask issue, the real issue is public health. You may have your neighbor and you fighting each other. But the real issue is public health, and how do we get to public health? Is it by wearing a diaper on our faces and getting jabs? No. History shows us it is when we actually put infrastructure in public health. Public Health has always come from infrastructure. 

But the politicians, Republicans and Democrats won’t ever really address this issue. So, on every issue like this, only a Systems Approach, which all of you can understand, is what will help you become leaders in your community to go Beyond Left & Right. So that’s what I want all of you to do. So that’s what this video was about. 

So, if we apply the Systems Approach, which is what Docherty and MacGregor did in this wonderful book about World War I, The Hidden History Revealed: What Really Took Place in World War I.

How Academia Creates History and The Peer Review 

But let’s take a step back and understand, as I mentioned, and I’ll do a whole video on this, how knowledge is created. Today, when you look at history, the way that history is created, it’s not really being created based on Truth. The way it’s being created today, is by small sets of institutions. For example, Harvard, maybe Yale, typically Oxford, the heads of those history departments are really owning history. And this thing has been going on for centuries.

So, on any issue, it’s a small clique of people who guard the knowledge of history. And the reason this is important to understand is this is called the Academic Model. So, let’s say one of you comes up with a completely different view of why World War I took place. And there’s been all this published literature in the peer reviewed journals. 

So, what is Peer Review, and I’ll do a whole video on this – simply put, peer review is a bunch of people in an echo chamber of experts, having their journals where in order to get through that journal to publish there, you have to have certain credentials, and you have to have passed certain sets of, you know, criteria and that criteria is typically adhering to what everyone else believes in, okay? That’s how your paper gets published.

If you want to become a professor in any one of these institutions, and you come up with something too radical, your work is not going to get published in these Peer Review journals. And if you don’t get enough publications, you’re not going to get a professorship.

Complete Insider Trading Game of Who Owns Historical Knowledge

A young student comes to a young, young professor to publish something new having actual data. And that information, the truth that they have will expose malfeasance among the Elites, it’s never going to get published. 

That person will never get tenure, never become a fully tenured professor. Their knowledge will never get out in the journals. And all of you need to understand there is a complete insider trading game of who owns historical knowledge. 

Now, when most of us went to high school, typically I remember, it was in ninth grade, I took modern European History. My teacher was Mr. Rasag Nola, a great teacher. But he never taught me World War I the way I’m going to share with you today. Why? Because he went to some college to get his history degree. He surely is not going to pass, get his history degree unless he answers the right questions. How did World War I start? Oh, it must have been because of this and this and this. Great, you get an A. If you said this started because of some other reasons, he’s gonna flunk out. 

Well, who decided that exam? Professors. How did they become a professor? Well, you had to publish in peer reviewed journals. And who controls those journals, a small set of Elites, you see? So, knowledge is tightly controlled, and how it’s disseminated. You don’t get your degree unless you are in with the status quo. By the way, history, the social sciences are really very subjective. Right? And unfortunately, Science is becoming subjective. 

What Two Events Were We Taught About for Entering World War I

But when we all learned about World War I, John, read out callers’ responses to the official reason that all of you learned why Europe entered World War I. Let’s see, the official reason that you learned why we entered World War I. Let’s see what people say. Everyone remember their history? You can read it out, John. Again, the question is: When you went to history class, what were you taught is the reason we entered World War I?

All right. The reason that World War I, the purported reason that I learned and most of us learned was this reason, that World War I took place because the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Hungary and his wife were shot, assassinated by a Serbian.

That’s what we officially learned. And if you see this article dated June of 1914, the Archduke was assassinated. 

That was the reason that Britain, Russia, and France entered World War I. Austria was Germany’s ally, and Austria’s Archduke was assassinated by a Serbian. This sparked the entry of the three European powers: Russia, Britain, and France into World War I against Germany, Austria, and Italy. That was 1914 when Europe entered the war.

Then we also learned in American History that America entered the war because the Lusitania, a ship, was torpedoed by the Germans. Lots of people died. So, we had to enter World War I because of what those awful Germans did to us. The Lusitania attack occurred in 1915, and shortly thereafter we entered World War I. That’s what we’re taught.

The attack on Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, Hungary, and then the sinking of the Lusitania were the two events. Someone just said false flag. So that’s what we’re taught. Well, what really occurred?

Exposing British Elites in The Hidden History, Secret Origins of The First World War by Docherty And MacGregor

In this wonderful book, I recommend “The Hidden History: Secret Origins of the First World War” by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor fits the theme that we’re doing on how The British Empire, how The British Crown. I’m not talking about the British people who are great people. We’re not talking about the British businesses, we’re talking about The Crown, which is the Elites of 300 families who really run Britain, including The Queen and Prince Doofus. What do we call him? Duke Dukey Harry, the Dukey of Censorship. These people are the ones today who want to obliterate The First Amendment or essentially participate in obliterating it. Let’s look at the data that Docherty and MacGregor bring up. What really started World War I? 

What Really Started World War I

In order to understand that we have to take what Docherty and MacGregor research about various players. Now, they are very open and direct in saying yes, there was a Conspiracy. And they call it The Secret Elite. 

But this group of people that I’m going to talk about, they call themselves The Group. That was a name that they assigned to themselves. In the late 19th century, this Group of very wealthy people connected to Royalty and connected to the Media.

Bankers got together and decided that there were two things that really motivated them. One was a sense that they The Brits, the British race, the Anglo-Saxon race were better. That was one motivating factor. The other motivating factor was that they would have no competitors in their way. They were starting to recognize that Germany was a serious nemesis. 

Cecil Rhodes Racist System Yesterday and Today: Britain Rules the World

Now, one of the major theoreticians Docherty and MacGregor bring up first is sort of the father of this movement, Cecil Rhodes. Have you ever heard of a country called Rhodesia? Rhodesia, a very, very racist nation, subjugated black people for many, many years, and exploited the African people from mining. Well, that was really named after Cecil Rhodes.

And Cecil Rhodes acquired immense wealth, a wealth that people are not even able to calculate. He considered himself to be a world power unto himself, an imperial power. He had a bunch of theories and was very close friends with the Rothschilds, one of his contemporaries.

Rhodes Scholarship: Oxford University Controls Knowledge and Narrative Raising Generations of Elites

Cecil Rhodes fundamentally believed that Britain should rule the world for racial reasons. And the other thing that Cecil Rhodes believed was that again, this comes back to what I shared earlier on, that knowledge should be controlled by the British and specifically Oxford University.

Quick aside on Oxford, Oxford University is the one that sponsors what’s called the Rhodes Scholarship, Cecil Rhodes, R-H-O-D-E-S. And what’s fascinating to understand is Americans apply to become Rhodes Scholars. 

So, when you’re aged 18, 19, or 20, and a reasonably smart student, you’re encouraged to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship. And if you have certain qualifications, typically not just you’re a bookworm, you have some skills, you’re maybe a good athlete and or a good musician, you get to win the Rhodes Scholarship. Bill Clinton being one. Look at all the Presidents who have been Rhodes Scholars.

All these people in high official positions in the United States get whisked off as a young kid to Britain. They study at Oxford and get the stamp of British approval. In fact, that stamp of British approval in American circles is even seen greater than Harvard or Cambridge, Oxford, right. Oxford has its old name. So many of the educated Elites of the United States get that “Seal of Approval” from the Rhodes Scholarship. Cecil Rhodes.

Oxford Established as the Center of Power of All Knowledge

Okay, so Rhodes believed that Oxford should be the Center of Power of all Knowledge. the Center of Imperial Power. And remember what we mean by Center of Knowledge, that means you are going to control worldwide narratives, okay?

And he wanted to bring people together on his idea that Britain should be the only power in the world. Racially, the Anglo-Saxon race should rule, and that he wanted to bring together like minded people, right. And he wanted all of this to be centered around Oxford. Okay, the Knowledge Center of Oxford.

So, here’s Oxford, the Academic Center, the center of quote unquote, Truth. He wanted to bring around that center: Financiers, Bankers, very wealthy people, influential people. And this is again in the 1890s- in the late 1800s. And he had one singular goal in doing this. And that singular goal was to crush Germany. Okay.

So, this is almost 20 – 30 years before World War I took place. He didn’t know when he would crush Germany, but he wanted to use his wealth and influence and power to crush Germany. Part of the British Elites, part of this notion that Britain’s Empire should always rule, it could never have any type of competitors.

And by the way, as Docherty brings out in his book, this was the same model that Rome had. Rome did not want Carthage, right. Rome wanted to crush Carthage. And so, the British Empire should rule. And in many ways, they were, you know, patriotic to this race concept.

Rhodes Enlists Milner to Create a War

What does Rhodes do? Well, Rhodes brings other people together. And some of the people that Docherty and MacGregor talk about, one of the important characters is a guy called Alfred Milner, who started the Boer War, you know, crush the Boers in South Africa. And that was his claim to fame.

Alfred Milner and him become good friends. And they call this group, The Group. In the book, they call it The Secret Elite. And their goal was how could we create a war? Think about this. And this is why I want you guys to really think about this. If we’re going to beat the Elites as everyday people, you have to understand everything we’re seeing occurring now: the jab mandates and mask mandates, the Censorship. This is not just suddenly occurring in 2020. This was in planning for 20 – 30 years.

So, I’m sharing with you here is in 1890 – 1880s. These guys are getting together to try to figure out how they’re going to crush Germany, bring Germany into a war and to crush it. 

Remember, their goal was to start a war. And the reason they wanted to start a war is because when you go and annihilate someone, you have the chance to make them victims and to remold them, okay. Very important. Understand, you crush someone, then you could remold them into the liking that you wanted.

Rhodes Group Fakes News Stirs Public to War

So, they’ve formed this Group and Cecil Rhodes passes the leadership on to Milner. And Milner brings in a guy called William Steed, who was the propagandist. He had money, he had connections to journalists, and they decided they were going to start putting in the media in the late 1800’s. How horrible Germany was. They were going to make Germany the Boogeyman. As a doctor, he says they wanted to make Germany seem like an evil nation. And so, with Kaiser Wilhelm II, who was a Kaiser of Germany, they started putting out news releases, how horrible he was. He was an evil man. 

They also infiltrated Parliament. Again, the small Group of people infiltrate Parliament. And a very important thing is they didn’t care if they were Left or Right politicians. Let me repeat again. They didn’t care if the politician was Left or Right, whether they were Conservative or Liberal, Labour or Tory. Right in those days, what they cared about was “Did that politician support crushing Germany?”  Period.

It’s okay, if you’re going to be Liberal or Conservative, but if you wanted to crush Germany, these influential people would fund you to make sure that you got a seat in Parliament. No different than Republican or Democrat. If you believe you should make sure Election Integrity is never talked about. Then we will support you, Republican or Democrat. If you are supportive of Big Pharma, we will support Republican or Democrat. 

So even back then, again, the lesson here is this small Group of people understood this. And one of the important things to understand was that they were going to support anyone who believed in this racist ideology, as well as anyone who believed that Britain should rule the world.

Novel by William Q – The Invasion of 1910 – Infiltration Propaganda

They started putting out press stories. The owner of The Daily Mail Northcliff, they had him put out stories, how horrible Kaiser was. In fact, there was an author that Docherty and MacGregor talk about, called William Q. And he wrote a book, a novel called “The Invasion of 1910”. And in this novel, he talks about how horrible Germany was, how Germans had already infiltrated Britain with 250,000 spies. 

And Northcliff would reiterate some of these as though they were true. Then you had fiction coming into truth through the Daily Mail. And the entire goal of this propaganda starting from 1890 into the 1900s was Kaiser Wilhelm was an awful enemy of the British. That he was Evil, he was Satanic, and he must be destroyed. And he was here to destroy every British man, woman, and child. So, this is the important part of this lesson. 

Also, we should understand the Elites also know about the Bottoms-up movement that we’re talking about in our Truth Freedom Health® movement. They know about the Bottoms-up movement. They know that they can’t start a war without making sure working people support that war. They know they can’t pull that off. So, what do they do? That’s the power of propaganda. Titrated, over time, is to get everyday working people on the side of the Elites. In this case, the side of the Elites was Germany’s a horrible, awful nation, and they must be crushed, and to justify it now.

What’s fascinating is they’re putting out all this propaganda against Kaiser Wilhelm II, you know, making him look awful. But they don’t tell you that Queen Victoria was a Queen at that time. They forgot to mention this. John, did you know this? Queen Victoria died in the arms of Kaiser Wilhelm II. I mean, all these people are related. And let me bring this here. So, this book that was written is called “Dearest Vicki, Darling Fritz, The Tragic Love Story of Queen Victoria’s Eldest Daughter and the German Emperor.” 

So, the point is that here we’re seeing that these people were very loving, John. They were actually close. And Queen Victoria actually died in Kaiser Wilhelm II’s arms. So, you need to understand that. So, that’s pretty incredible. Right? The Queen dies in the arms of the Kaiser. 

Fake News of Covert, Overt and Fictitious Alliances during World War I

But meanwhile, the media and these influential people are putting out news that Kaiser Wilhelm II is a scumbag. He’s Awful. He’s Evil. And he and you know, he’s essentially the Devil Incarnate. And in fact, as MacGregor and Docherty talk about, they would put out news stories and we’re seeing this right now with China and the US. That’s why I’m giving this parallel for Russia and the US. 

Oh, my God, the Kaiser wants to form his own Navy. Isn’t that horrible? He wants to build ships. And that he wants to have a bigger Navy. Now, his Navy was nowhere near the size of Britain. But the fact that he had aspirations, must be crushed. 

So, they would put out that we need to build more arms. We need to get into the naval race. What were they doing? They were getting ready for war. So, they were manipulating the British masses, to say, Oh, my God, he’s building his army. He is building his Navy; we need to build an even bigger Navy and we need more munitions.

There’s no way Kaiser Wilhelm’s Navy was ever going to come close to the British Empire. But because of his aspirations, they conversed in the press as though he was going to come and dominate, you know, the Naval Fleet. 

So, they spent lots and lots of money putting into the atmosphere that Germany wanted to take over the world. And they put up all sorts of sound bites, lots and lots and lots of sound bites using Edward Bernays advertising strategy, you know, attacking Germany with all sorts of memes, etc. And you can go look, look these up. And the press was pushed into doing this because remember, these influential people, the press essentially served the influential people, no different than CNN or the Murdoch’s serving the Elites, as we saw yesterday. 

And the entire goal of this was to essentially by the early 1900s, by 1910, everyone in Britain thought Kaiser Wilhelm II was, you know, the Devil Incarnate. Okay, forgetting Queen Victoria died in his arms, they had a close relationship. All that was left out. And what was also happening in parallel, was that the British started building a very close alliances with France. Okay, remember in World War II? It was Britain, France, and Russia, against Austria, Italy, and Germany.

World War I, sorry, World War I. Okay. But before this, England already started building close alliances with France. But what Britain didn’t tell their own public was they were on the back end, building a very, very close alliance with Russia. Meanwhile, overtly, if you go back and study the history, The Brits and Russia were killing each other. No different than today, recently in Afghanistan.

So, what was occurring was the British and the Russians were annihilating each other. British in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan was an important part, because it was a way to control India. But in the meantime, Britain was doing a secret arrangement with Russia. Meanwhile, they were also conducting a war with Russia.

One of the things we need to understand is that, you know, Britain’s Edward VII loved France and was very close together with them. So that was overt, but the entire thing with Russia was kept very, very secret. And the reason was at that time, remember, the Tsar was sort of hated throughout the world. He had the pogroms; he was killing Jews. He was seen as an awful person.

So, Britain didn’t want to show public alliances to him. So, they kept that secret. On the other side, they projected to the world, Britain again, lies, lies, lies, Fake News of the time, that Germany and Austria and Italy were all coming together. They were all working together, when in fact, there was no such Alliance. Germany hardly had any real relationship with Italy. And, in fact if anything, Edward VII spent a lot of time in Italy. Britain was actually very close to Italy. You know, he had visited the Pope, he had visited the Navy, the royalty.

So, Edward was extremely close. And what’s also important to understand as Macgregor and Docherty bring out, that they essentially created this fictitious lie that Germany and Italy and Austria were all coming together. Meanwhile, they had the alliance with France, and they were secretively building the alliance with Russia. So, that’s the background. 

Rhodes Group Fakes News and Creates Fake Incidents to Start War

Now, if you want to start a war, you have to concoct an incident. By the way, right now, if you notice what’s going on right now, you can see Britain right now. In Britain, The Empire is always trying to get everyone else fighting against each other. Okay, right now it’s probably China and the United States.

Another is Russia, trying to pull Russia into the war with Belarus, right? What? What’s going on right now with the migrants? Britain loves Divide and Rule. I’m talking about the British Crown. We’re seeing the same thing here. So, they had their overall plan, which was we must crush Germany, we must pull them into a war.

So, in order to pull them into a war they were doing their own Bottoms-up Movement. Their Bottoms-up Movement is propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. Fake news of the time. So, they got all that fake news media together, to put out there that the Kaiser Wilhelm II is Satan, right? That’s step one.

The next thing they did was they built their alliances with Russia and France. And they put forward fake news that Kaiser Wilhelm was getting ready for war. And none of it was the truth. So, they started concocting incidents. One of the incidents that Docherty and MacGregor point out that they find great information on was they started putting up allegations that Germany was trying to infiltrate Morocco. While Morocco has, if you study history, was a center of French and British influence and power.

And they said, Oh, my God, we have a massive threat. Germany is trying to get into Morocco. And how did they prove this threat in Morocco? Well, they put a picture of a gunboat out in, you know, on the coast of Africa. And they said, Oh, my God, Germany’s got a gunboat on the coast of Africa. They want to come into our area. Remember, the Elites at the time, including Germany and all these Imperial powers, whoever they were, they were all trying to own other countries.

I’m not saying Germany is some, you know, angel here, but everyone was fighting for dividing up the world. But Germany had no interest, frankly, in Morocco. The gunboat that they had, what Docherty and MacGregor brought up was physically smaller than the King of England’s yacht. And remember the British Empire’s claim to fame was their Naval, you know, power. I mean the Kaiser’s Naval Fleet was minuscule compared to the British Empire.

They said this gunboat was out there. And that gunboat was minuscule compared to the King’s yacht itself. So, they proceeded then to showing he wanted to invade one of our areas. Again, the British and the French people get all pissed off, right? Remember, they had to keep people on their side. And again, that’s a big lesson to learn. The Elites want to manipulate the masses, because they want to start war, they want to do Divide and Rule. So, they always put out fake news. 

The other bullshit that they put out was they said, it’s quite amazing. They said that the Kaiser was treating Belgians horribly. And we’ll talk about that. This is when the war started. But before that, they were trying to put forward the message that Germany was mobilizing for war. In fact, what they were actually doing was they were getting Russia to mobilize against Germany. Let me repeat that again.

On the ground, there’s no way that Britain could have beaten Germany. No way. They needed Russia. I’ll repeat that again. They needed the millions of people. Remember where England is? Right there apart from Germany. The ocean’s there. But Russia is right on the border of Germany. So, they needed Russian people to go fight Germany. So, they had gotten Russia to do that for them. And, in fact, there was massive mobilization on the border. 

Now, think about this. If you really are bloodthirsty and you want war, and your enemies on your border, aren’t you going to get ready to fight war? John, what do you think? Yeah, you’re not going to wait around, right. So, if you see soldiers mobilizing, but to just let you know how much Wilhelm Kaiser did not want war, what Docherty and Macgregor found out through their research, they found lots and lots of telegrams that are going between Wilhelm Kaiser, the head of Germany to the Tsar is, hey, what are you doing? You know, we don’t want war. We have no interest in war.

And there is all these telegrams going back and forth, to try to tell him that we have no interest in war. And we’re willing to talk. Let’s have peace talks, desperately trying to tell them not to have war. That is not a bloodthirsty, you know, Premier or head of Germany, right?

But all of those telegrams were never brought out in the press. Remember, the goal is to get Germany to mobilize so they could get the media to say, “See, they’re getting ready against us.” So, they got Russia to mobilize against war again, they’re getting ready. They’re trying to concoct the incident. Right? So, they have the people against Germany; the British, the French, Russian people against Germany.

They have the media putting out all these stories. They’re putting out that Germany wants to invade Morocco. They’re also putting out this news that Germany’s mobilizing for war when the telegram shows this was absolutely not true. Okay, so you have everything ready. You essentially have all the gunpowder ready to go, and you just need a spark to start it.

The Elites, remember, they didn’t know when the war was going to start, whether it was 1912 they actually would have wanted to start early. But they waited for an incident. And Macgregor and Docherty argue that this incident was also manufactured by the British. The problem is so much of the data leading up to this, is hidden, was damaged, right, purposely destroyed. 

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Duke of Austria

But what occurred as many of you know, on the 28th of June of 1914.This is what I learned in European History was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the Duke of Austria, Hungary and his wife, right, everyone remember that? Franz Ferdinand, the Duke of Austria, Hungary and his wife get shot by a Bosnian in Serbia. And that sparked, that’s what we’re told. And then we learned on World War I. That was it.

And no one tells what the hell really happened. It’s just suddenly some Serbian guy shoots Bosnian guy sorry, shoots the Archduke. And boom, the war starts. Okay. All right. But what Macgregor and Docherty found was there’s enough data showing how money went from a group in France. Remember, France and Britain are like this to Russia, and then to Serbia.

And you have to understand Serbia, you know, the government there was rotten to the core. But they were a nobody. In fact, a reporter in the Manchester Guardian wrote, you know, if Serbia sank, no one would even notice. Nobody even knew what Serbia was. But overnight, you know, some small little country’s put into the forefront. And it’s more than likely, even though a lot of the data has been damaged the money flows there. That this assassination plot was executed through, you know, I guess the MI6 at the time through this Serbian to the Bosnian fellow.

And what’s interesting is when that assassination took place, it’s very important that this was broadly known to everyone. Europe was really, really devastated because it left Austria Hungary without any, people were really sad.

In fact, people were going to plan on a massive European funeral. Everyone was going to go. And for some reason, it suddenly just becomes a little small state funeral. But what ends up happening was, this is how the Elites flipped everything.

So, what happened was, after this assassination took place, Austria Hungary went to Serbia and they said, hey, look, we want to do a full investigation. We want you to hand over everyone who’s involved in this. And in fact, we want to come to Serbia, and we want to do a full investigation. 

And what the press did is what’s fascinating. They immediately turned what Austria Hungary requested. The people there were the victims in some sense. Overnight, the press, led by Britain and all, you know, Russia, and France suddenly made Austria seem like the horrible person. How dare you want to go into Serbia? How dare you want to violate their Sovereign Authority and do an investigation.

So, they made Austria be the bad guy, even though it was Austria Hungary, you know, Ferdinand and his wife had been shot. But because Austria got angry and they wanted to assert their rights, they want to do this investigation. 

Everyone made Austria, wrong. And in fact, they use that to drag Germany in, because they said, Oh, Austria doesn’t do anything without the force of Kaiser Wilhelm, it must be Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm who’s behind this.

Russia said they were the defendants of Serbia’s Sovereign Freedom. So, they characterize as though Austria now wanted to invade Serbia, or wanted to go in there and do this investigation? They said Russia was violated, because this was gonna happen to Serbia, and suddenly, you have the war start. And they framed it that it was a fault of Kaiser Wilhelm II. So, they use the incident in some completely convoluted way. 

Remember, the Elites wanted to crush Germany. They wanted a war. They used and likely perpetrated the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife to drag Germany via Austria, into the war. You know, all over Russia. And there you go. So that’s how the war began, the entire thing was built on Fake News.

So, 1914, if you go back to this diagram here, this incident is what brings Germany, forces Germany. They, the Elites use this incident to force Germany into the war. But it took a lot of work that they did for a while. So, over the years, they’ve been priming the masses to hate Germany, and then they waited for a spark.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is you need to understand that the Elites are extremely well organized. And if we don’t take a Systems Approach, and if we do not understand that they actually understand Systems Science, their goal is Power Profit Control.

Their goal is not Truth Freedom Health®. And if we do not understand these forces, understand the mechanics of Systems, we are all going to become victims to this again, and again and again. The Elites are not stupid people. They are extremely smart individuals; they know what they’re doing. And they plan things like a chess game. And that is what they did in World War I. 

Financiers of War Loans or the Enslaving Puppet Masters

Now, I want to talk about beforehand how the U.S. gets involved, how they further made Germany, this awful Satan with Belgium. All the lies that they created, and then we’re going to talk about how this is a coincidence with the creation of the Fed in 1913, and the creation of income tax and how the war, World War I was used by the Carnegies, by the Rockefellers, by the Morgans to make so much wealth. Because remember, who was funding all of this? Who was funding during, remember the Euro? 

The US got involved in World War I in 1917. Europe got involved 1914. But Britain, Russia and France were being funded, who was funding them? Well, it was the Carnegie’s. It was the Rockefellers. It was JP Morgan’s. They gave them War Loans.

And American Financiers, Bankers needed Germany to win that war, otherwise, they’re going to lose it all, okay. But they gave massive War Loans to the three, the three powers of Britain, Russia, and France to go fight Kaiser Wilhelm. Alright, before I go into that, I want John, I’m going to take a quick break and I’ll be right back.

I want all of you to recognize the reason I’m able to share with you and do this Systems Approach is that, that is the Approach the Foundations of Systems Science and I want all of you to support this movement, support yourself, and as I shared in the earlier video, and go to or and you can become a Warrior Scholar because you need to learn the Foundations.

John, can you play the video? John’s gonna play the video that’ll give you an understanding of what are the three essential things our movement gives to you. Go ahead John. 

Thank you. Alright, so again, I encourage everyone for your own benefit to become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholar, so you can understand the Fundamentals of Systems Science, so we can all fight this Bottoms-up.

So, getting back to, so what we just discussed here, for those of you joining us new is that we’ve talked about the essential goal of Britain to wipe out Germany and they had this plan starting in 1890. And they were waiting for an incident to spark it. So, in Britain or in Europe, the incident was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

Yes, that did occur. But there’s a whole backstory that we just covered that the British wanted that to occur or an incident like that, because so they could make Germany the bad guy. So, they use Russia to make Germany the bad guy. And as a result of that, Britain you know, essentially incensed Germany and you have World War I. Okay, that was 1914.

But in 1917, the US gets involved. How did they get involved? What was the motivation? Well, you have to understand, as I mentioned, right before we just took this quick break, is that the Financier is JP Morgan, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, all of these people were funding, giving out loans, okay. To the three powers in Europe.

Belief a Small Set of People Know Better than Everyone Else

The other thing that was uncovered by, that was clear, was that these people wanted war, okay. There was a general ethos among these people that they wanted war. Going back, as I mentioned to Cecil Rhodes, these Elites, and this is something you need to really appreciate and understand. It’s hard for probably working people to appreciate this. These Elites fundamentally believe that they knew better. It was this upper caste model. You know, the caste system, like in India that I grew up in as a child was the priesthood. 

The Elites believed they actually believe they’re better than everyone else. Mentally better, physically better, emotionally better, psychologically, better, spiritually better. So, since they know better, they’re going to tell you what to do. And if you don’t listen, if you get to free, they’re going to bring you back into line, they’re going to remold you, okay. And one of the theories here was that war was a very powerful way to crush you. Okay? Laura just gave us a Super sticker, John. So, thank you, Laura. So that war was a way to crush people, right? You beat the hell out of people, and then you can remold them.

So, I want to understand, make you understand that this was the driving philosophy. Cecil Rhodes, remember, as I said, he wanted, he had this racial racist model, and he wanted to crush Germany. But he really believed at a fundamental level, this is why he was in Rhodesia, he believed that the slaves were slaves, they needed to be led by others, that you should use humans as slaves. That this small set of people know better than everyone else, and they should lead. And so, they viewed war as an instrument for massive amounts of change. Okay, that the war was actually a weapon. Okay. So now go to 1917.

How American Elites Backed British Elites and Set Up America to Enter World War I Through President Wilson – The Man of Peace

You know, what happens is, the United States gets into the war. Now, how did that happen? Woodrow Wilson. Remember, he was a president he ran, okay. Woodrow Wilson ran, believe it, or not, on a campaign that Wilson will not start a war Wilson, you know, did not start a war. Wilson is a man of peace. Well, Wilson is the one who gets us involved in war, okay. So, the JP Morgans or the Herbert Hoovers or Rockefellers all backed this British standpoint that we need to crush Germany. So, New York, and, you know, London were one, okay.

The New York banking Elites, and the London British Crown Elites, were working together. What’s interesting is at this time, the American public did not want war. So. So in the 1900s, Americans, you know, did not want war.

Remember, 1914 Europe gets involved in World War One, America didn’t because the masses of American people did not want to get involved in war. They were non-interventionist, okay, they did not want to get in war. In fact, the immigrants here, whether they were from Germany or Russia, or Britain, they, you know, they did not want war here, the everyday American citizen. So, they needed propaganda, just like Britain had put propaganda to get, you know, the British people behind it, America also did propaganda. So, what was that propaganda?

Well, they did a bunch of propaganda with, the biggest propaganda was they portrayed, you know, the Germans attacking the British. You know that the Germans were soulless people that you know, they had, they were just horrible people. In fact, one of the ways that they did this was that they alleged okay, that Germany was abusing the Belgians. Belgian’s okay, Belgians, okay. And fortunately, this was exposed as, as Docherty and MacGregor brought up by American Journalists and what they were doing was they were putting out in the media.

Britain’s Fake News during World War I about the Germans was Bogus

The British were putting out in the media, complete lies. They put out one story, for example, bogus pictures that children were having their arms chopped off under the Germans. Kaiser Wilhelm was having children’s arms chopped off in Belgium. Complete lie. And by the way, this is exposed by American Journalists, because at the time American Journalists were actually able to move around.

So American Journalists actually did some great work during that time exposing all this. And again, Docherty and MacGregor brought this out, none of that, no one else here did. But they were put out by the fact that the British are putting out news that Germans are in there slicing the arms, cutting the arms of children. They also put out news that the Germans were raping Nuns. They were raping Catholic Nuns, okay? It’s horrible. All right. And they, in fact put news out there that the Germans are nailing, you know, Belgians up to crosses, okay? And this is the kind of stuff they were putting the most horrific news out there in the media.

And what ends up happening is a German Governor actually goes to Cardinal Mercy and he says, you know, this is horrible. I didn’t know, we have no idea we’re doing this. Can you please let me talk to the Nuns? I want to speak to them. First of all, if this is true, find out and Cardinal Mercy says no, they can’t do that. Those Nuns who got raped have to go to Confession. That’s the only people that they can talk to. So, it was complete, complete Fake News that they were putting out.

And in fact, when an investigation was done in the United States on this, the committee wanted to go speak to find these kids whose arms were cut off. And they said, no, no, no, we can’t talk about that. So, they essentially manufactured everything, the rape of Belgium Nun, albeit as Docherty and MacGregor talked about. Look, there were atrocities of war. No one here is an angel. But this was just clear BS. 

So, what was going on here was, the British are putting out this news that the Germans are horrible people, that they’re putting people up on crosses, they’re raping Nuns, they’re cutting arms off children, and that was to affect the American public who did not want to get involved in the war. 

Lusitania Torpedoed-The Tipping Point for USA

But the tipping point of this was this diagram right here, this news story when the Lusitania is torpedoed. So, the Lusitania was a ship that was torpedoed by the Germans, I have to understand the Germans had put out warnings. Repeatedly, they would publish these warnings in American Newspapers. They would say to the American people, they’d take out Ads, that say, “Please be aware. Germany is at war with Europe, if you’re taking a boat across the Atlantic.”

And you and if known that you are an ally of Britain, United States was an ally, we will take it down because we’re in a wartime world and telling people that these American civilian ships were carrying munitions, which they were. So, the Lusitania is torpedoed. And they were using the cover of civilians to send munitions from the United States over to Britain, okay.

And it’s very well known. They knew that they were creating munitions. And in fact, right after that bombing took place, or that torpedoing guess what happened? Obviously, the US enters a little bit later World War I. 

But the first reaction of the Prime Minister of Britain was, oh, I guess we won’t be able to do that anymore. I guess we won’t be able to use civilian vessels for carrying munitions. He didn’t really care about the people’s lives. Okay. So, the entire goal here was the torpedoing of the Lusitania was created. You see, the Elites are very, very clever at creating incidents. They have everything ready. And they actually create the spark, right? I mean, obviously, putting civilians in a boat carrying munitions while the Germans are saying we’re gonna torpedo you, if you do that. And you do that it’s gonna, you know, cause an incident. 

And that incident was used to say, see, the Germans are horrible people. They’re cutting the arms off kids over there – Fake News. They’re cutting, they’re raping Nuns- Fake News, you know, they’re putting people on crosses – Fake News, and look what they just did. They just torpedoed the Lusitania. So that was what they did to bring America into the war.

How British and American Elites Created the Federal Reserve System to Fund World War I Then and Destroy Nations Today

Now, all of this is occurring at the same time.1913, you know, four years before this, guess what happened in 1913? The Federal Reserve gets created. And the income tax gets created, right? We didn’t have that before that. So, the Fed gets created in 1913. And what did the Fed do? The Fed guaranteed and backed the loans of the Carnegies, the Morgans, and the Rockefellers.

Remember, the biggest thing the Rockefellers, the Bankers and the Carnegies did not want to happen is they could not afford that Britain and France and Russia lost the war. So that because they had given them lots of loans, guess what, they do have secondary insurance. They went and had the Fed created, and the Fed basically guaranteed their loans. So regardless of what happened, these Financiers were at least going to be whole. And that occurred in 1913.

What Trump did for Big Pharma – Hillary did for Big Banks

Again, I want you to observe how insidious the Elites are; they plan everything out. It is no coincidence that Trump comes into office, and another Great Reset takes place $6.2 trillion. It is no coincidence that operation Warp Speed gets done. It is no coincidence nothing happens to Hillary. What Trump did for Big Pharma is what Hillary did for Big Banks. All of these are highly organized.

And what we have today in the United States, is a destruction, as we showed yesterday, this Playbook that was created, we’ve shown conclusively that we have the Domestic Censorship Infrastructure. We have these mandates. Everything we have today in the world was organized 20-30 years ago, just like they manufactured World War I. 

They made sure that they were protected. They created the Fed, all of this. The Elites are highly, highly organized. So, if you think we’re going to beat them, just by being passionate, you’re out of your mind. We have to learn Systems Science; we have to take a Systems Approach. So, there you go. Okay. And all of this resulted in World War I crushing Germany.

Germany was crushed, obliterated, and it teed up them to impose all the sanctions on Germany to choke the German people. But more importantly, what happened was, you had Americans, Workers, German Workers, Italian Workers, French Workers, Russian Workers, British Workers who lost limbs, who lost lives, whose families were devastated.

Who Profited from World War I?

And guess who profited? The Carnegies, the Bankers, okay? They made a shitload of money. Because guess what happened? They won the war. And they got interest, they got their base paid off, plus interest, and they got the Fed created, which means they were backed up for doing more things like this. 

So, at the end of the day, we haven’t even talked about what occurred in Russia. Okay, that’s for another day. But the bottom line is this. The Elites are very well organized, they study Systems Science. They’re not stupid. Without the understanding of Systems Science, and I’ll repeat this over and over again, we have no chance at defeating their forces of Power Profit and Control.

We need to achieve Truth Freedom Health®. These are the four phrases I want to really emphasize; we have to move Beyond Black and White, Beyond this Divide and Rule, we have to move Beyond Left & Right. Working people must Unite for Truth Freedom Health®.

And we can only do this, when you take a Bottoms-up approach, and you learn the Science of Systems. We’re not going to win it just by being passionate. So that’s why I do these videos here. That’s why we do the research. This is why we want all of you to contribute to yourself to support the movement for Truth. 

The movement for Truth Freedom Health® is the only force on this planet right now, that goes Beyond Left and Right, Black and White, and has created an Infrastructure for all of us to Win by each one of you becoming Leaders. So go to And sign up. 

You don’t even have to pay anything, you just be a member, join the community. 

There are a lot of people who want to understand why these things are going on. People want to understand the mechanics. And if you go to the website, you can become a member, you can get the book Systems and Revolution. You can learn how you can use a Systems Approach to understand Your Health, Your Body, Everything.

How British System Influences and Funds American Elections Today

But it’s really, really important. We learned Systems Thinking and by the way, as I shared yesterday, there’s a guy called Pierre Omidyar who’s on the opposing side. And I want to make sure all of you guys know that the Elites spend a lot of money. And there’s about 8-10,000 people understanding the Science of Systems. 

Like I said, they plan 10 steps ahead. And if we don’t understand the knowledge of Systems Science, and we think we’re gonna win, we’re out of our mind, because it’s like you using bows and arrows to fight the Elites.

Now, I’m going to show you this website called the Democracy Fund. And you’ll see on this website that the Democracy Fund, which is part of an Orwellian organization. They’re the ones who’ve been funding Censorship. They’re the ones who helped create as I shared the Domestic Censorship Infrastructure, which is used to throw off US citizens, spy on them, and throw them off. 

But here’s the Democracy Fund, okay? And look what they have at the bottom Systems Thinking. So, the Elites are teaching their people, Systems Thinking, and mind you, Systems Thinking allows them to think 20 steps ahead. Without the knowledge of Systems, we have no chance of defeating them. But with the knowledge of Systems, we do. We have a significant, not only do we have a chance, we have a chance of moving to Truth Freedom Health®. But it can only happen if you learn the physics.

And I’ve taken a lot of years, 50 years of my life to put it into a format you can learn. We’ve created a community that you can connect with other people, independent of Big Tech. And we want to make you Leaders, we got to go Beyond Divide and Rule. 

Right now, the British Crown is back at it again with the Elites in the United States. And their goal is to completely head us into the dark ages, where a few people are crushing the masses of working people. 

John, is there any questions? Let’s take any questions. Any questions? 

I think we’ve covered everything. I hope this was valuable. 


Today’s talk again was understanding how the British Empire really got the world into World War I and that their intention was to crush Germany.

That was the entire goal of this. Nothing else, but to crush Germany, and to assert the fact that everyone else is stupid, and they’re the only smart people. That was really the goal of this. 

And again, in conclusion, what we talked about today, we talked about the bogus thing that we were told, that it was because the Lusitania was torpedoed by Germany, US got into the war, World War I or the assassination of Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

And all of you I recommend if you can get a copy of this book, “Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War” by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor, take the time to read it. It’s a great book, or you can go look at this video again. And I’ve summarized those learnings plus the teachings that we teach in Systems. So, John, what else should we do?

John: Good question here.

Dr. Shiva: And you want to put it up?

John: Is the British Empire still alive as a parasite controlling American foreign policy from within?

Dr. Shiva: Yeah, Humberto Vasquez, phenomenal question. The answer is a resounding “Yes.” And yesterday I talked about this. There is a reason that the Dukey of Censorship His name is what is it? What do we call him? Dukey quote unquote, Prince Harry Dukey of Censorship is here. There’s a reason this woman Markel was recruited. She was recruited by the British Empire, okay? Harry’s no cuckold. He tells her what to do. They’re putting her out there to act as though she’s one of us. But the goal is that the British Empire never believed in The First Amendment.

The Atlantic Council, as I shared yesterday, and go look at my video yesterday, is the organization that created The Censorship Infrastructure using Harvard and all of their Elite Institutions. And it was all driven and organized by Britain. And the entire British goal here is Britain, now has a mass, I’ll do a talk on this.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do a talk on Spinach, giving you some medical knowledge, again, a Systems Approach. But on Friday, we’ll be talking about how Britain has spent enormous, has made now enormous sums of money. There, they wanted to exit Europe. They needed to exit Europe because they want to re-establish themselves as the Empire again. It’s the Empire Strikes Back. That’s what we’re at. 

John Reads Question: Why did Brexit happen? To become an Empire. Again? Make Germany flip the EU? Alone?

Dr. Shiva: Yeah, there you go. Who’s that? Cornelia? You nailed it. Yeah. So, listen, up. Britain never wanted to be part of the EU. They became part of the EU. And then they saw guys like Nigel Farage, who were, you know, acting like they’re for the British people. It’s all bullshit. Again, they always use the masses.

Let me repeat again, they always get the masses, the white people excited, or the black people are excited. The black politicians or the white politicians, they always rile up the masses, get them all fired up. But it’s always towards Imperial goals. So that’s what they did.

The goal of Brexit was to break from the EU. And they thought it was going to be good for the British people. No, it’s gonna be good for the British Elites. Because over the last, you know, 510 years, particularly recent past, in all those Cayman Islands bank accounts and all those overseas bank accounts. Britain has amassed so much wealth, that they’re going to deploy that wealth to buy US assets.

Mark my words. That’s what’s going on right now. And let me tell every American listening out there, China is not our enemy. China can’t do jack shit without Britain. Okay. And India is fundamentally a colony still of Britain. India never really got independence of any Indian listening out there. Just remember we’ll do another video on this how Gandhi sold an entire country. Nehru, the founder of India still was sucking up to Britain.

In fact, he was back banging Mountbatten’s wife, okay, was the former emperor Britain. So, you have a whole part of the world, which is still under British Rule. The only country that truly broke from British Rule was the United States of America, The First Amendment, The Second Amendment, and that was a Blow to Britain.

Remember, the ethos here about the Monarchs is we know better than them. What do these pheasants know? The entire March of history since 1776 has been to bring America back into the fold. It was Britain that burned down the White House. It was Britain that started the Civil War. It was Britain that started World War I as we reviewed today.

We’ll also talk about shortly how Britain got America involved in World War II. And it is Britain that has created the Censorship infrastructure in the United States creating the collusion between government and Big Tech.

Remember, government is still a pawn of the Elites, as we just showed today. Any other questions? In the chat? …

John: I was curious about your comments on Brexit. You’ve obviously talked about Brexit several times. But I’m curious about the other side of the equation the EU is that it certainly doesn’t mean that the EU is pro-worker or anything?

Dr. Shiva: No, what it means is look the EU, well, look, one of the things is after World War II, and we can talk about this more. Germany and France finally realized after World War I and World War II, that they were being used by the British, that they were being morons. Okay, so they signed a pact that they would never ever fight again. That was really where the EU comes from John. It was more France, the French Elites and the German Elites realizing they were stupid Elites.

Remember, the Elites have like one thug fighting against another thug. We shouldn’t have any sympathy for these quote unquote, country’s Elites. It’s just that the biggest thug out there is a British Crown.

You have the French thugs; you have the German thugs. The French and German thugs realize, wait a minute, we’re being used by this Big thug, so we should never fight again. That’s what that was about, John. It wasn’t about the working people. 

But we do remember, in 2019, the French working people are starting to rise up. Remember that German working people are starting to strike, right? Working people all over the world are starting to rise. And then bam, what happens? A pandemic comes right? And that’s where we are at now. All of this is very well organized. Okay. These people in power use the Science of Systems. And if you do not learn the Science of Systems, were not going to be able to win.

One of my goals is to build a leadership of 50,000 Truth Freedom Health® Warrior Scholars all over the world. Okay. And that’s one of the missions and this is really about you.

Where we’re at right now, our movement for Truth Freedom Health® is about you. Do you want to reclaim your Sovereignty as a human being? Or do you believe like Cecil Rhodes believed that only the Elites know better that they’re going to tell you what to do? It’s really Freedom versus Slavery. In order to get back on the path to Freedom, we need to understand the Science of Systems. So how we can get us out of this mess. Anything else? John?

John: Does Joe Biden believe in the unification of Taiwan and China?

Dr. Shiva: Does Joe Biden believe in the unification of Taiwan and China? Well just supply it right? Taiwan is a British Commonwealth still, right? No. Well, well, what I’m saying is, but Taiwan has very close relation with Britain still. For example, the Censorship Infrastructure was rolled out first in Taiwan. So nothing happens without Britain’s blessings in that region.

Australia, for example, is a British Commonwealth, right? In fact, the Queen has so much power in Australia, that whatever governments form, she can with the snap of her finger, get rid of the government.

What else? How far are we into the goal of 50,000 warriors? We’re about 20% … another 40,000 to go. All of you become members . Do it for yourself. Contribute to this movement. 

But I can just tell you that we’re giving so many tools to people. Every Wednesday evenings, I do a full interactive Q&A with students. We have classes we run Mondays.

But I’m saving everyone a lot of time. So, you don’t have to go to 20 – 30 years of MIT, you’re going to learn the Science of Systems and that science will make you all Leaders. So, you don’t have to follow somebody you can lead your neighbors to help them move Beyond Left and Right.

Join Truth Freedom Health® a Worldwide Movement.

Dr. Shiva: Someone says is this a worldwide organization? Yes. Sean, we have amazing people in France. This is a worldwide movement. It’s Bottoms-up. We never expected it to grow like this. But we’re finding people from all over the world. We’ve created a Leadership Program. And if you want to know more, just go to . Sign up.

There’s many ways that you can participate. But this movement is really about you. Bottoms-up, Bottoms-up, Bottoms-up, Beyond Left and Right. I think, I said John we’re closed for the day, unless there’s something big. Alright, everyone, thank you very much. I hope this was valuable. I hope we delivered on our promise from yesterday, which was to really teach you about how the British Crown and the American Elites are the ones who manufactured World War I. They’re the ones who wanted to destroy Germany, and all of this was done to enslave working people throughout the world. 

Thank you, everyone. 

Be the Light. Thank you.

It’s time we move beyond the Left vs. Right, Republican vs. Democrat. It’s time YOU learn how to apply a systems approach to get the Truth Freedom Health you need and deserve. Become a Truth Freedom Health® Warrior.

Join the VASHIVA community – an integrated EDUCATIONAL, COMMUNICATIONS – independent of Big Tech -, and LOCAL ACTIVISM platform to empower YOU to actualize Truth Freedom Health in your local communities by employing a SYSTEMS APPROACH.

The platform we are building for Truth Freedom Health® provides the infrastructure to take on Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Academia. Many of you have asked how you can help. You can contribute whatever you can. Based on your level of commitment to get educated, I have also created some wonderful educational gifts to thank you for your contribution.

To get the education you need and deserve, join Dr.SHIVA on his Foundations of Systems course. This course will provide you three pillars of knowledge with the Foundation of Systems Thinking. The three pillars include: 1) The System Dynamics of Truth Freedom Health, 2) The Power of a Bottom’s Up Movement, and 3) The Not So Obvious Establishment. In this course, you will also learn fundamental principles of all systems including your body.

Course registration includes access to his LIVE Monday training, access to the Your Body, Your System tool, four (4) eBooks including the bestselling System and Revolution, access to the Systems Health portal and communications tools – independent of Big Tech – including a forum and social media for you to build community with other Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

This course is available online for you to study at your own pace.

It’s time to Get Educated, or Be Enslaved.

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