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Key Points

  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – gives an analysis on what occurred in the New Jersey and Virginia elections by taking a Systems Approach on elections being selections.
  • The Republican Democrat machine is one establishment machine. It appears that this election selection System does not like outsiders, be they left or right. They want their insiders only. 
  • Dr.SHIVA explains how sometimes the Republicans get to own the state legislature, and then they give the Democrats the ownership of the federal offices. If you look at Virginia and New Jersey, it’s Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat. 
  • Both of the elections in New Jersey & Virginia reflect the fact that elections are selections. They also reflect the fact that the elites want to centralize vote tabulation, and they haven’t completed it.
  • The movement for Truth Freedom and Health teaches you how to look at a situation, whether it’s an election System, healthcare System, a political System, your body as a System, and be able to identify a real problem and find real solutions.


Hello, everyone, it’s Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. It is Wednesday, and it’s post election day. I’m going to give you an analysis of my take on what occurred in New Jersey and in Virginia. A lot of attention was on the Virginia governor’s election between a guy called Youngkin and McAuliffe, but there was very little attention on the election race in New Jersey, the governor’s race between Murphy and a guy called Ciattarelli. But there’s also another smaller race that took place in New Jersey between a guy called Sweeney and Durr which I also want to talk about.

So as people join, we’ll wait for people to join us. We know the Facebook guys and the other guys are throttling us. I’m going to be discussing what’s going on, my analysis of the election in New Jersey and Virginia.

We take a Systems Approach to looking at the world. When you look at what’s going on, more and more people are fed up with the left, right divide. More and more people are recognizing that the Republican Democrat machine is one establishment machine.

People want to really have a way to identify a real problem and find real solutions. The only way to do that is if we take a Systems Approach. So if you look below, it says, and I want everyone to take time to go there because after over the last 40-50 years, I’ve distilled a way that we can educate all of you, number one, to learn the Science of Systems. Number two, to connect with others in a community that we’ve created in an environment that’s independent of Big Tech.

And three, a way that all of you can also learn an approach to look at a situation whether it’s a healthcare System, a political System, your body as a System, and understand what the real solution is to a real problem. The goal is we want to act beyond left and right. This is the way that we’re going to win. Which means when I say we, I mean working people.

Because when you look at these two elections, what we are going to realize is that both of these elections reflect the fact that elections are selections. And they also reflect the fact that the elites really want to centralize vote tabulation, and they haven’t completed it. And they do it definitely in high profile elections, for example, presidential elections. They watch it very carefully because it’s such a high profile election.

But when it comes to high profile elections, like what we saw in the Virginia race, I’ll give my analysis on that, that was something that they needed to make sure went their way, and I’ll explain what their way is. But in New Jersey in the governor race and in one of the State Senate races, they weren’t as prepared, but they have some stopgaps.

Let’s begin with looking at New Jersey. So in New Jersey, a very interesting situation took place. I want to take the race between a guy called Sweeney, who has been in there forever, and another guy, a truck driver called Edward Durr.

Sweeney is the state senator there. In fact, he’s a president of the Senate. In January of 2020, last year, I led a massive protest of around 5,000 people against the jabbination mandates in New Jersey. Sweeney, as a state Senate Democrat president, wanted to eliminate the religious exemption and the medical exemption. So the typical people who have been running the anti-jab movement were basically wanting to negotiate with the Democrats.

I thought that was a very dumb idea. So, we led a massive ground campaign. We had 5,000 people show up, a massive demonstration. We scared Sweeney, who was running the state senate who was trying to push through this bill to eliminate religious and medical exemptions. So, we scared Sweeney that he stepped back, and they tabled that bill.

And at that time, Sweeney actually took a guy off of his own legislative committee because he thought this guy was going to go against him. And at that point, I put out this post on Facebook, which said

  • Scumbag Sweeney, @NJSenatePres spit out his “own” @JoeLaganaNJ. Movement “leaders”, saying “be nice” to legislators are morons or controlled opposition making $’s off movement. Time to expose ALL of them if we WANT to build a Revolutionary movement & WIN.

So, I wrote a pretty harsh Facebook post basically saying how the movement leaders like the controlled opposition like Robert Kennedy, Del Bigtree who are out there trying to control the movement, wanted to negotiate with the Democrats. And that’s not the way you win. As many of you know, if people go to, we teach people how we build a movement.

Every Monday evening we run a course. It’s part of an entire community that we’ve created on how we go beyond left & right. So we expose Sweeney there. Interesting to understand about Sweeney, in this election cycle, Sweeney thought he had it in the bag, the establishment thought he had it in the bag.

There was a truck driver, this guy Ed Durr. Ed is a truck driver, and Ed decides to run against Sweeney. Ed, a working class guy, ran against Sweeney primarily because he was pissed off that they were trying to stop his carrying license. Attack on the Second Amendment.

So, he decides to run. He spends a total of only $153. Let me repeat that. A working class truck driver goes against an incumbent state senator who has been there for I think 10 to 15 years, and he spends only $153. To give you the magnitude of Sweeney’s support in the last election, you’ll notice right here, Sweeney spent close to $24 million. $24 million. That was in 2017.

In New Jersey, the way they run is they have a slate. A Senate slate plus two assemblymen. So Sweeney plus two Assemblymen ran as Democrats against Republican Senate and two Assemblymen in total, totaling $24 million spent. They said that was the most expensive local legislative race in US history.

So Sweeney spent a lot of money in 2017. This time he spent, you know, several million dollars. I forget the exact number may have been high hundreds of thousands, but six figures to seven figures. Ed Durr only spent $153. And let’s look at the results. And it’s interesting, this isn’t more on the news.

If we go to the results, we find this. You can see right here that Ed Durr is beating Sweeney, 52% right now to 48%. Sweeney won by 30,000 votes. He’s got 2,000 votes. So Ed Durr apparently got pissed off and said, wow, this guy Sweeney won, you only need 32,000 votes. So he threw in the hat.

I think his funding was he paid for his people to go to the Dunkin Donuts to get tea and donuts, $153 for his whole campaign. So anyway, look at the results here. Ed Durr, $153 is beating this incumbent Sweeney, who’s a complete scumbag by the way. He wants to jab everyone and he wants to eliminate religious exemptions, so Ed Durr runs against him.

Now, what gets really fascinating about this event that took place in New Jersey is that the main New Jersey newspaper, like the equivalent of the New York Times, declared by 8pm yesterday that Sweeney already won. And then they were forced to retract that and I’ll show you the retraction right here. So here’s the retraction, you’ll see retracted. So this is a retracted article, Sweeney, Burzichelli, Taliaferro win in the third district.

They had already put in at 8:10 p.m. that Sweeney had won. So they had to retract it. Now they put “update: this race call was retracted at 1:11 a.m., after it became clear all three Democrats stood a strong chance of losing.

So remember, these guys run as a slate. Ed Durr ran as a commercial truck driver, he ran with an EMT Bethanne McCarthy- Patrick, and a realtor Beth Sawyer. That’s a very interesting point here.

What I want to talk about here is that it looks like when you look at the election Systems, this was a local election, the establishment thought they had it in the bag, they didn’t have to “cheat”, they had the mainstream media say, oh, Sweeney won, and they had to retract. This was a major embarrassment.

What is the lesson here from the Sweeney Durr race? The establishment wants centralization of tabulation of votes, they’re not fully done with that process, this was a local state Senate election, they weren’t ready for this. They thought they had the cat in the bag and they were done, but they thought they didn’t even have to cheat in my opinion.

They are now trying to create a situation where first they told the public that Sweeney won, then they had to retract that.

But what’s fascinating is, I guarantee you, if Sweeney was winning by this percentage as we see here, they would have called it. What’s fascinating is why haven’t they called this race for Ed Durr. He’s clearly, even on their own standards, winning. So that’s the first sort of anomaly and “fraud” you need to look at. Truck driver, $153, is about to oust a major incumbent.

Let’s move over to Virginia. Virginia is very interesting because that was a high profile race, and the establishment was ready for this. And for those of you who are joining, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, I’m doing a Systems analysis using the knowledge of election Systems that we’ve been teaching people for over a year now, and looking at the Virginia race and the New Jersey race.

We began looking at a local New Jersey race where we have a truck driver who looks like is on the verge of beating an incumbent, and the incumbent establishment didn’t even see this coming. So now they’re scrambling, and even though the guy is winning, they don’t want to report it, and they had earlier reported that the other guy Sweeney had already won.

Let’s go to Virginia, Virginia was high profile. Everyone knew about this race.

Trump had endorsed a guy called Youngkin. Youngkin however, really didn’t fully embrace Trump’s endorsement. He didn’t even want to be seen with Trump. The Tele-Rally that Trump ran, he didn’t show up to that. However, he was seen openly and he embraced Nikki Haley. Deep State Nikki Haley. What’s interesting is that Youngkin is your model RINO.

He’s a model RINO. He’s your Romney equivalent president of Carlyle Group, you can go look at Carlyle, a big deep state organization. It’s essentially one of the largest corporations in the world. It’s not for everyday working people.

And he was running against a guy called Mcauliffe. And obviously, the establishment elites see how much they can get away with manipulating working people. But Youngkin, they have their “model Republican.” When I say “they”, I mean the establishment, left and right.

So, we know there’s been so much magnification and attention on election integrity. A Lot of the work that we’ve been doing here at V.A.Shiva and the Truth Freedom Health movement starting back in September.

We have made our efforts singularly I would say, have made election integrity, a big, big issue. Because if elections are selections, we can’t fight censorship and get to Freedom. If elections are selections, we’re not going to be able to have real science and get to Truth. If elections are selections, we’re never going to be able to get people like Fauci out, we’re never going to get to Health.

Truth, Freedom and Health is dependent on real elections. And in my view, when you look at the election System, they made it so squishy, that the elites, left and right, can come in and manipulate as they need.

The predominant effort of the establishment, left and right, they are praying that this election integrity issue just disappears. They have to get rid of it. So what better way to get rid of it than saying, see, nothing to see here, a Republican won in Virginia. If a Republican won in Virginia, endorsed by Trump,

then what better way to say there’s nothing to see here. What’s fascinating about this guy Youngkin is he’s not anti-establishment, he’s not a “pro-Trumper,” and it appears that the Republican RINOS are saying, well, Trump was able to use his rhetoric to get working people riled up. Let’s accept his endorsement, but we’re gonna keep them away.

But we will embrace Nikki Haley. So what they’re doing is they’re sending signals to both wings of the establishment that Youngkin is a guy that is acceptable. And that’s what took place in Virginia. And they also now get the double whammy, they can say see, nothing to see here. There is no election fraud. There are no issues here. Youngkin is a republican and he got voted in. But the reality is Youngkin is as deep state establishment as you get. He’s acceptable to both parties.

He’s the equivalent of a Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, equivalent of a Mitt Romney in Utah, or a Lindsey Graham, and that’s what he is. So he was acceptable. But they did something very clever again. They used Youngkin to manipulate the working class votes who support Trump to also join them.

And in the last few days they needed to get the Republican precincts in Virginia, which don’t like anti-establishment politics, which don’t like Trump. So they distance themselves from Trump. And that’s a game that was played very cleverly. And now they can all say, see, here’s a guy who is endorsed by Trump, they can get the cake and eat it too, there is no election fraud, let’s move on.

Now, let’s move over to New Jersey. New Jersey is quite fascinating, and the news that just came out is even more fascinating. So all the spotlight was on Virginia. The establishment needed to make sure that all working people were calmed down, there is no election fraud, see, a Republican got elected in Virginia.

So, that was their goal check in Virginia. The State Senate race in New Jersey, they didn’t expect it and now they’re scrambling. But in the gubernatorial race between a guy called Ciattarelli and a guy called Murphy, Murphy is the incumbent Democrat. By the way, in Virginia and in New Jersey, It’s always Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican.

Same thing in New Jersey. Democrat Republican, sometimes the Republican serves two terms like Chris Christie, Murphy has one term, and the goal was he’d get a second term. Trump didn’t endorse Ciattarelli in New Jersey, for example, the Republican. I don’t think Chris Christie even endorsed him.

This guy, in some ways, was not receiving a lot of national attention. And the Democrats thought they had it in the bag with Murphy. Murphy is the Democrat Governor incumbent running against Ciattarelli, who’s the outsider Republican.

So, what happens is a very, very close race. I think .05%, Ciattarelli starts winning against Murphy as of yesterday. But today, and suddenly, I think they stopped the voting just like they did in the Trump election at 95%. And suddenly they announced just earlier today that in 53 districts, the votes were not counted in New Jersey.

And there was a mistake made in something with the voting machines. Let me repeat that again. In New Jersey, Ciattarelli who wasn’t endorsed by Trump, who wasn’t really on the radar, even by a guy like Chris Christie who was a former governor didn’t endorse him, Ciattarelli overtook Murphy. The elites didn’t expect this because it was in the bag for Murphy.

And it was a very close race. He was winning by .05% Five one hundredths of a percent, about 1,200 votes. And suddenly today, they said that there were 53 districts in New Jersey where the voting machines had a problem, and now they found all these votes that need to be counted, all in Democrat districts.

And not only some random districts, we’re talking about Newark, New Jersey. I grew up in New Jersey. Newark, New Jersey, is one of the largest cities, probably next to Trenton, in New Jersey. So they suddenly have found all these votes.

One of my theories, and again, this is a theory, it’s a conjecture, is that in these elections, if you notice, they always get to around 90-95% and suddenly it stops. Have you noticed that? It stops, the vote counts. So they see how the election goes.

If it’s not going their way, it looks like they have 5-10% in the bag, that they can pull and they can make it go the way they want. And that’s what it looks like is happening in New Jersey right now. So in summary, the establishment in Virginia used it to get a RINO Republican win, they can say there’s no election fraud, was “endorsed” by Trump.

But again, this guy kept his distance from Trump. So he gets the best of both worlds. The more interesting race in the small race and State Senate, a guy called Sweeney, a guy called Ed Durr, spent $153, is on the verge of defeating him.

The establishment called it for Sweeney, then had to retract it, but still hasn’t called it for Durr. And then finally in a gubernatorial race in New Jersey, suddenly 53 districts votes weren’t counted. So you look at it. This is 2021. All of these elections should be fully transparent.

And what we’re seeing in New Jersey is the evidence of the fact that the establishment has not gotten fully organized to centralize and watch all the elections perfectly. So in these local small elections, they don’t care. Big elections, they do care. All focus on Virginia. So now they’ve created the situation where you think election Systems are perfectly fine.

So that’s my analysis. This was interesting, so Bergen County, one of the counties in New Jersey, a very large county, reported 100% of the votes were in at 1 a.m. with Ciattarelli ahead. Then after 3 a.m., suddenly only 83% votes are in and Murphy’s ahead. So you can see that these people are paid. These people are being paid just to count votes and they can’t even do that properly.

Do I think New Jersey will request a recount? That’s a great question. I think that’s essentially where it’s heading, and if it isn’t, it should definitely head there. But I think more importantly, what should happen in New Jersey is the following. Why is it these 53 districts didn’t count the votes? Why is it that they held back? And this is what we need to understand.

It’s almost like they have an accelerator and then they have a repository that they can use. If things aren’t going right at 95%, they can potentially go play around with that 5 or 10% that they have in their holding. And remember again in New Jersey, even Newark wasn’t counted. Jack says, they’re not giving up. Twenty lawyers on the ground. That’s good. That’s excellent.

This is shameful, definitely. This is an opportunity for all of us and for all of you. We need to take a Systems Approach to understanding this. This is beyond left & right.

And that’s what I’m dedicated to doing from my own experience from running for Senate, from an Engineering Systems approach. All of you need to recognize this is not a left or right issue. Both Republicans and Democrats, the establishment, have created these voting Systems which are designed to be, what I call, squishy. At all different points they’ve made them squishy. So they have various levers, they can come in and make elections, selections.

And that’s what it is. And the way out of this is we need to understand a voting System is a System. You need to understand how Systems operate. So that’s why I want to encourage all of you to go to, learn Systems Science. You should have your kids take this. Everyone should take this.

This is a piece of knowledge you can use anytime you want, anywhere you want to understand your body as a System, etc. I’m going to play you a video that I created that will really educate you on what we mean by taking a Systems Approach, because I’m so sure and confident that if we do not take this Systems Approach to understand how Systems work, or for that matter how anything works, we’re at a significant disadvantage.

I’m going to play you this video, but I want to emphasize that all of you need to start learning Systems Science. And what we’ve done in the environment here is we’ve created a world where we have 60-70,000 people all over the world learning Systems Science.

We have to move beyond left and right. We cannot be entertained by this nonsensical thing called elections that come every two or four years, and drawn into something that never really leads to real solutions except further subjugation of working people.

I want all of you to go to, become Warrior Scholars every Monday, or you can learn it at your own time. Every Monday I do a full interactive session, you get direct my time with it, but more importantly you get a rich set of knowledge so you can learn Systems Science. I hope you guys become Truth Freedom Health Warriors.

I want to let all of you know that when you study Systems and you really learn Systems, you will understand that everything in the world is a System. And there is a science to understanding Systems.

And without that science, we will always, you will always, everyone in the world will be in the dark to actually figure out what’s going on. Right now what we have in the world is massive confusion. People voted for the left and they voted for the right, then they thought this person was going to be their savior, and then now they see that elections are selections, and there’s massive confusion.

The only way for you to make it through that confusion is you cannot be following somebody. You need to go down and understand the Foundations of Systems Science. And that is what we teach. And that is what I want you to learn. But you don’t have to go to MIT for 20 years. You can learn in about a few hours at your own self study pace, and we’ve made it very, very accessible.

But one of the features you’ll understand about the Science of Systems, it can be applied to anything. You can apply to election Systems, you can apply it to relationships, you can apply it to understanding a computer System, you can apply it to understand your body as a System.

One of the parts of this program, it took me 20 years to create another tool where you can use your body as a laboratory to understand how these principles unfold in your body. The bottom line is you can’t build a bridge without understanding Newton’s laws, you can’t build an airplane without understanding Bernoulli principles, you’re surely not going to be able to build a movement to change the world without understanding Systems principles. .

I hope you guys enjoyed this. We’ll be doing a further analysis. In the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing some interesting analysis that we’re finishing up in data, how in a couple of states, the Democrats are also screwed by the machine, outside Democrats.

What I want to say with that is that it appears that this election selection System does not like outsiders, be they left or right. They want their insiders. We did a talk a couple of weeks ago with Tim Canova who was a law professor who ran as a Democrat in a primary. This was about three or four years ago against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was part of the Democrat machine.

He was clearly winning the election. They stole the election from him. But more importantly, what they did was he filed a lawsuit. In the middle of that lawsuit, the county supervisor deletes all the ballots, nothing’s ever happened to her and it’s on deposition tapes, etc.

Democrats steal from Democrats, Democrats steal from Republicans, Republicans steal from Democrats, Republicans steal from Republicans. And what we’re seeing is one of the patterns that appears in the places where they’re putting attention is it appears that there’s an agreement made.

Sometimes the Republicans get to own the state legislature, because that’s where the money moves in the state, and then they give the Democrats the ownership of the federal offices. But you’ll see that this horse trading is going on. You can look it up yourself. Go look in Virginia, and go look in New Jersey. It’s Republican, Democrat, Republican, Democrat.

If you’re looking at a 10-20 year period, you’ll find it’s about 50/50 split. So you really have to wonder whether outsiders can ever really come in and what they will do to outsiders. And an example right now is this guy Ed Durr, an outsider truck driver in New Jersey who came out of nowhere and looks like he’s going to unseat Sweeney, but they’re not announcing it.

Please go to Do it for yourself. It is an educational environment where you can actually understand the Science of Systems. And we want to make sure that we move beyond this left-right narrative. It’ll give you the tools for that, and you get to meet a lot of people, globally. Thank you, everyone. Have a good evening.

The original research in this video is made possible by generous contributions from supporters of the Dr.SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® movement. Please contribute so we may continue to bring you such original research, valuable education, and innovative solutions.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator shares Systems Analysis of New Jersey and Virgina Election. Beyond Left & Right.

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