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  • Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD – Inventor of Email, Systems Scientist, engineer, educator – speaks with an Arizona radio show about EchoMail’s findings from the audit with the Maricopa County 2020 General Election and the attempted smear campaign from Lawless Lawmakers.
  • EchoMail was asked to look at one part of the system, when people return their early voting ballots, it comes inside an envelope, the envelopes are imaged and then people are doing signature verification. Dr.SHIVA was not asked to do detailed signature verification, only to look at the signature region of the envelopes. Was it a blank, or was it a scribble? – A very basic analysis.
  • The main finding that EchoMail discovered was that the Maricopa County election officials in their CANVASS report, have more ballots than envelopes. 6545 more ballots than we can account for the envelopes.
  • The second important finding EchoMail found; out of the nearly 1.92 million early voting ballots that were counted, only 587 were found to have bad signatures. That is .031%, three one hundredths of a percent.
  • Another very important anomaly to highlight is EchoMail found a number of people who had two voter IDs. Having two voter IDs with the exact same name and with the exact same address.
  • American election systems are “squishy” and unverifiable. Election officials should publish their Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP) Anyone with an engineering background understands the importance of audits, and well documented Standardized Operating Procedures.
  • Audits are encouraged by law and necessary to improve the integrity of election systems. Attacks on election audits as “unAmerican” are fundamentally racist.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai: Hello everyone, this is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai. I’m going to be doing a live interview on Arizona.

Interviewer: Pattern Recognition Software, who holds a PhD from MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr.SHIVA is best known as the inventor of email, he was contracted by Senator president Karen Fann to review images of more than 1.9 million affidavit return envelopes withheld. The early ballots mailed in or dropped off in Maricopa County voting centers between October the seventh and November 3.

In his testimony to the Senate, Dr,SHIVA reported that nearly 4500 early ballots may have been counted in Maricopa County 2020 general election, even though the voters signatures were missing on the envelope, as required by law. Dr.SHIVA is in the center ring of the conservative circuit. Dr.SHIVA you took a look at the miracle election system for systems review. As a systems expert, is Maricopa County’s system broken? If so, is that intentional?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, well, by the way, welcome. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Look, the bottom line is this, the Maricopa County systems and that’s what we want to look at our systemically dysfunctional, they’re broken, absolutely broken. And let me explain why I mean, why I say that they’re broken. If you look at any engineering system, you know, airplane systems, space systems, election systems, the hallmark of really profoundly functional systems are they have what are called Standardized Operating Procedures, which means, you know, end to end how processes occur, procedures occur and, you know, things are documented.

The second aspect is that if you ever, as an engineer, or as an outside person, or as a customer say, hey, look, I noticed this little thing or this thing’s not working. You don’t tell those people you’re a conspiracy theorist, you’re this or that you say, Well, thank you very much. Whether that anomaly is insignificant, or monumental or small or large, you are open. That’s the culture of what you want when you want to improve a system. That is not the culture with the Maricopa County people who run these, they are opaque. They don’t want to talk about it, and they viciously go attack people who want to talk about it. In this case, I was a part of the audit team, which was commissioned by the Arizona state Senate, State Senate, which was elected by the people of Arizona. And more importantly, my entire life has been about engineering systems.

So, when I look at this behavior, it seems absolutely intentional, to not be open and transparent, and share what we call the Standardized Operating Procedures. SOP’s. Look, I’ve done many audits, people have audited stuff that I’ve done, and the way you resolve it when people say hey, Dr.SHIVA, can you show us how you did this, you immediately produce the documentation. It’s been over two weeks now or two weeks, exactly. We’ve asked for documentation. We’ve asked for SOP’s. And none of them have been delivered, except attacks, you know, through a proxy blog. And you know, an unknown blog in Arizona.

That’s what the Maricopa County officials did to unleash, frankly, misinformation and disinformation. And some, you know, my view is actually a racist smear campaign on top of the misinformation and disinformation. So yeah, the system is absolutely broken. We need engineers to run the systems, not unelected political officials who think they know better and dismiss when you bring up anomalies. The other point I want to make sure we’ll come back to is 52 USC 20701 was created. To encourage citizens to question elections, it encouraged audits.

Interviewer: In your assessment, Dr.SHIVA, you were very careful to say that your conclusions or impressions were based on the information available to you. Can you tell us the findings in a nutshell and how different would have been if the county absolutely cooperated, instead of, like putting up stone walls?

Dr.SHIVA: Sure. I mean, look, we were asked to look at one part of the system, which is the part of the system when people are returning their early voting ballots, and it comes inside an envelope, the envelopes are imaged, and then people are doing what is called signature verification. We weren’t asked to do detailed signature verification, only to look at the signature region of the envelopes. Was there even a signature? Was it a blank, or was it a scribble? Okay, very basic analysis.

And the main finding that we found was that the Maricopa County election officials in their CANVASS report, have more ballots. 6545 to be accurate from what you mentioned; 6545 more ballots than we can account for the envelopes. Very important finding again, this may be a normal systems process, maybe they don’t, a system A is not communicating to systems B, you simply disclose it and we have a conversation about it.

The second important finding, we found out of the nearly 1.92 million early voting ballots that were counted, only 587 were found to have bad signatures. What that means is .031%, three, one hundredths of a percent. Now they can say, well, we did this and we did that to let things go through. Great, then please share with us your signature point, that verification algorithm. If you cured signatures, who did you call? How did you settle it? All right, those are again, basic SOP’s. Another very important, by the way, is that there are 11 or 12 anomalies. Another very important anomaly I want to highlight is we had found a number of people who had two voter IDs.

Okay, so that would be you having two voter IDs from the with the exact same name with the exact same address. And those people, that one individual with two voter IDs submitted. Early voting ballot envelopes, we have the images, they were signed, and they were counted as votes, again, could be a legitimate reason. But these are the kinds of anomalies but the two major findings are that the signature verification process where when you see a signature on the envelope, and you’re comparing it to the voter registration files are unverifiable, meaning to process, even the Atlantic, which is a left wing journal, or the LA Times have called this process, witchcraft, and ripe for error. So that needs to be audited. The second important process that we found out again, which I’ve mentioned over and over, again, is where your Standardized Operating Procedures be open and transparent. But those are the two fundamental issues.

Interviewer: This information is, I mean, it makes everything muddy. You’re right. These are questions that need to be answered. So, if the Maricopa supervisor would have cooperated with this audit, would these questions be answered?

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, definitely. I mean, look, I again, when you do audits, in any particular case, and when you do any kind of audit, what typically happens is, you know, if I’m being audited, or I’m auditing someone else, typically there’s massive cooperation, and you can talk to anyone who’s done auditing, right? The auditors come in, they do the first pass audit, they come up with a list of questions. They say, Hey, can you answer this? And then they answer them, then they go back and do more analysis and they come back. It’s a very, very friendly back and forth process. Typically, if the person being audited gets ruffled, that’s when you know there are issues. Right. And you can see the level of ruffling that occurred by unleashing vitriol that took place to try to deny this to try to make it unAmerican to even do an audit. So, the typical thing is, you cooperate, that is the nature of an audit.

Interviewer: I have more questions that I want to ask and see if we can keep Dr.SHIVA on for another segment. They’re both Dr.SHIVA, can we hold you over for one more segment?

Dr.SHIVA: Sure. Sounds like

Interviewer: Okay, hold on to here, because they’re trying to spin this one way to try to spin it another way. And there’s really nothing to spin here except for the fact that the system is way off. It’s broken then it needs to be fixable, with Dr.SHIVA

Dr.SHIVA: Everyone listening out there, I’m doing a live radio interview with the number one radio station in Arizona. And what we’re trying to do in this conversation is really to focus on the fact that lawmakers in Washington are lawless. They don’t understand a law and we’re going to get to that. You see the lawmakers in Washington do not understand the law. The law was created to encourage audits, okay. And in fact those laws were passed by a house at the time, which was a democrat majority. We need to get back to the heart of this. This is not again, I just want to emphasize this is not about Republicans or Democrats. Republicans and Democrats have both participated in making sure that these systems were squishy and arbitrary. So they could be unauditable.

Okay, you have people making money grifting off election fraud. So the issue is not Republican or Democrat. The real issue is this needs to go beyond left or right. So we’ll get back to this wonderful conversation we’re having with this radio interview, but this is the number one radio show in Arizona and They’ve been having a series of the people who were on the audit team to discuss these fundamental issues. But we’re gonna get shortly to this fundamental issue about what took place yesterday.

And we’re going to talk about the fact that you have lawmakers, I hope we get to this guy Ro Khanna. Again, there’s an Indian guy, okay. You know, your typical quote unquote, good Indian, right? You know, dark skinned, brown skinned indian guy, I think he came from a pretty elite family, right? But he plays the game, he’s a good Indian, I refuse to be the good Indian, because I don’t want to be in the swamp. Okay, and we’re going to talk about this guy. But what we want to recognize is that anyone that tells you that auditing a system makes you un-American, you need to be able to respond to them very, very effectively, that reality is – auditing a system is something that is a foundation of the election voting systems by the laws that were passed 52 USC 20701. And I’ll go over it separately from voting systems.

We need to recognize that engineering systems are all about creating a system from point A to point B, that you can audit all the components of that system, and you create rules and regulations and laws around that. We run a data center here, right, we run a building here, right? Give you a simple example, we get a new tenant, they are a new input, we make sure that we have a process, they have to sign up for the keys, right?

They have to let us know how many keys they have, if they get new people who are they, they have to sign out for those keys, when they leave, they have to give us an exact number of keys back, they have to sign a form saying they didn’t make extra copies. So all of this is documented in a process, okay, even for a tenant that comes in with the keys. Now you’re talking about building an airport system, an aeroplane system, for an airplane to take off from point A San Diego to Boston, people are traveling that route every day. When you get on that airplane, you’re not questioning whether the plane is gonna crash, right? It’s in the way, in the back of your mind. The Standardized Operating Procedures from point A to point B, the millions of procedures all documented.

Just to give you an idea, the documentation to have the process to build a B-52 won’t even fit inside a B-52. bomber. These are called Standardized Operating Procedures, and an engineering system Siri, you have these procedures. Now, this is why you get into an airplane and you sit comfortably, you’re not freaked out that it’s going to crash, you have confidence in the airplane systems.

When you go get an X-ray done to your doctor. There are Standardized Operating Procedures, which are saying how many rads you’re supposed to get how you’re supposed to be shielded, and all those processes. That’s why people go get x-rays done. If you, when you get in your car, and you drive on the highway systems, right? You have a certain set of rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed. They’re documented.

But what’s amazing is one of the most foundational systems, election voting systems, which are also an engineering system. It seems like if you start saying, Hey, what’s what’s going on here? Maybe everything’s fine. But if you question them, you are called all sorts of names. Racism is unleashed on you – real racism, which I talked about yesterday. And what we fundamentally have are people who believe that they’re above the law, who believe that you can’t ask some questions.

And if you’re not able to do that, systems do not improve. The key takeaway before we get on this conversation is you think about any aspect of your life. Any tool you use, you know, the iPhone here, Steve Jobs, very interesting story. A friend of mine told me Larry Ellison, who’s the head of Oracle, went over to his house. And Steve Jobs had just finished the movie, Pixar Toy Story. And he was looking at, you know, he just finished it. Larry Ellison came around, he goes, that looks great. And Jobs are looking at it as well. The lighting there is wrong. This is wrong.

Engineers, real artists, real people who want to better something, you’re always looking at anomalies. And you always want to make it better. If these people who run these election systems, and it’s not about voter ID, you have now a bunch of people that are just voter ID, voter IDs are not the solution. If the system end to end is all loosey goosey. That’s what we need to recognize: it’s about the entire system.

I want all of you to put up a little link here. I encourage all of you to take time because this System’s Approach is what I teach every Monday. Go to, and I want you guys to take advantage of this because what I’m realizing is that this is the only way out of this.

Okay, okay, great. I’m ready. So we’re going to go back live on the number one show in Arizona, but the point is that one of them Important things we need to recognize is that all of you need to break from this left, right narrative pro anti narrative, or saying, oh, we’re gonna just solve, you know, election integrity by just doing voter ID, we’re just going to solve it by this. There’s no one solution. It’s a system solution. So go to Over the last 50 years, I’ve consolidated, as a public service, into a course. And we’re educating people to become Truth Freedom Health warrior scholars. That’s how we break the Left and Right narrative, okay, so please recognize that none of these issues are Left or Right, I’m going back on the interview.

Interviewer: Arizona audit was only here yesterday. He got a lot of information. You got some things confirmed, but we’re talking to Dr.SHIVA right now. Dr.SHIVA is an expert in engineering systems and pattern recognition software. He holds a PhD from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is best known as the inventor of the email. He was contracted by the Senate President Karen Fann to review images of more than 1.9 million affidavit returned envelopes that were held in Maricopa County. And he doesn’t do interviews often. I’m very, very honored to have him in the center ring. And he is telling us things that should alarm you, Dr.SHIVA, a welcome back to the center ring. I want to go back to something you said earlier, a one to one person on this whole system. You said the system is broken, especially here in Maricopa County. So given that I want to ask you, is it un-American to want to audit an election?

Dr.SHIVA: It’s a great question. You know, this is a central issue. I noticed there was a congressman who apparently went to Yale Law School, Ro Khanna who asked this question, and and he and the entire, quote unquote lawmakers on that, whatever you call that event yesterday, we’re trying to tell the American people that it is un-American to audit, let me just make everything very clear to people. So people get a little bit educated in, you know, 52 USC 20701 is a law. The law was created to encourage audit.

Congress passed a whole new law 50 years ago by a democrat majority 52 USC 20701, because Congress declared that election audits are a public good. First point. Second point is election audits are a public good, because they provide real data and feedback about the integrity of an election. That’s the engineering systems process, you get feedback. Third, auditing the integrity of an election is a public good because American citizens are entitled to the constitutional guarantee of One Person, One Vote.

That’s what we’re trying to see here. We’re looking at a system we want to make sure did one person get one vote? Or did one person get two votes? Or do one person get three votes? Or did one person get a half a vote? Fourth, Congress declared that election audits are to be a public good because Congress supports that principle of One Person, One Vote. And the other most important principle here is this. Only persons and everyone should hear this not in support of the entitled, our entitled rights of American citizens to this constitutional guarantee “One person, One vote” would actively defame a request for an audit as conspiratorial disinformation.

And this is settled law and it was passed by a democratic majority 50 years ago. So the net of this is this. Congress encouraged, wanted us to do audits – 22 months, because they know nonsense can take place. They wanted the American people to have the audit rights. So this guy, Ro Khanna who by the way, is an Indian guy who fits into the brand of being a liberal Democrat, right? That’s what kind, that’s what you’re supposed to be. He’s grilling someone and he went to Yale Law School. He doesn’t know the law. He’s a lawless lawmaker, he should go read 52 USC 20701. It was created to encourage audits, that is being American and to be to, to attack people as quote unquote, conspiracy theorists to call them all sorts of names. That is not only un-American, but it goes beyond essentially a new type of discrimination.

Interviewer: Well, that’s exactly what happened to you Dr.SHIVA, now I gave some of your bona fides here. There’s no, there’s no doubt that you’re more than qualified to address this issue. You spend time going through corporations and looking at their systems and they pay you a lot of money I imagine to come in and do that. And yet when you started to do the work that you were contracted to do here in Arizona. That’s exactly what happened. That was the wrap up smear. People defamed you, they called you names, accused you of things that you have not done. They said you were some type of crazy person. Of course the media took it and they went with it to try to discredit you and the work that you’re doing here. And I agree with you that it is un-American. And what’s really a threat to our democracy, is the fact that we probably are not going to look into the very things you just brought up right here in the center ring that has to do with some irregularities in the audit process in Maricopa County.

Dr.SHIVA: Yeah, look what needs to happen. You know, I recently wrote a response back to one of the smear attacks and I, it’s interesting, I said, This smear campaign was not only misinformation and disinformation, but I said it was racist. And some of the conservative friends who read it, they said, what do you? Why are you? Why are you calling it racism? I said, Look, we need to understand that, the Right, and Republicans say that racism doesn’t exist. Therefore, the Left has tried to monopolize the definition of racism, right, which is don’t use the N word. And if you don’t support affirmative action, then you must be a racist.

The reality is – there is real racism. And the real racism is putting people in boxes. A dark skinned Indian guy who suffered real racism, who came from nothing, right? Who got highly educated, got all those degrees from India, originally from India, I’m supposed to be a liberal Democrat, right? I’m surely never supposed to audit election malfeasance, which may help, you know, the opposite of the Liberal Democrat. So when that occurs, what do you do? You go attack the person’s credibility. And they have a problem here though. I have four degrees from MIT. I’ve won every major award, Fulbright Scholar, you know, nominee for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in their response.

Debbie Nightingale is one of the esteemed professors, University Distinguished Professor. She was at MIT for 17 years. She wrote a response. She goes, You know what? I’m a Democrat. She said, I voted for Joe Biden, Dr.SHIVA voted for Donald Trump in 2016. He didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2020. Okay, because he was concerned that he wasn’t going after the swamp enough. So we all have our differences. But the reality is, when it comes to voting systems, these are engineering systems. This is not a left or right issue, to try to do that kind of smear campaign. That is a real racism. So you’re supposed to be in your box, if you’re a black person, you’re supposed to eat this way, be this way, if you’re a white person from the south, you surely must be racist, right? These boxes are what they put people in. And in this situation, I wasn’t willing, frankly, to be a good Indian. Ro Khanna is a good Indian. Right? He is, you know, he was, you know, he’s the real Uncle Tom. Okay.

Interviewer: This is you, you’re absolutely speaking to the choir, and you’ve taken it to a different level, which, which is, I think, a part of the whole wrap up smear. But I wanted to have you on. I wanted people to hear you, I wanted people to hear your analysis, because I was aware of the fact that you had been put in this box with a wrap up smear. I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to explain what you learned in your analysis with the Maricopa supervisors. And I’m going to or should say, with the audit, and I’m going to continue to point out to our legislators that we have to do something about it. I appreciate you giving us your time.

Dr.SHIVA: Thank you be well, okay. Bye. Bye. Bye. Alright, everyone. So, this is Dr.SHIVA.That was just an interview that we did with the leading radio station in Arizona. And the point we wanted to make here is these lawmakers are lawless. They don’t even follow their own laws. And then when you know very competent people like myself, or you or others working people, you don’t even have to go to MIT. But when you ask basic fundamental questions, hey, how come this number, they’re more or less on envelopes and number of ballots, they attack you.

These are engineering systems. We live in the world of engineering systems. I encourage all of you to become System Scientists. It took me 15 years to, you know, get to this point where I could educate others, every Monday evening. At one time, I started John, 7pm to 10pm. We teach people, we have a whole community of around 60,000 people now globally, our goal is to educate people to move Beyond Left and Right. The Left, the Right, Republicans, Democrats, and there can be some good people among all them, they’re not going to solve these problems.

We live in a world of Engineering Systems. And if you learn System Science, go to You will start. First of all, you get access to a whole community of people. We do it on our own platform, but our goal is to move Beyond Left & Right. So anyway, let’s use this opportunity, okay, to start recognizing that nothing is going to change. So, the existing legal systems, it’s not going to change with the election systems. It’s going to change by building a Bottoms-up movement and that movement is for Truth Freedom Health. Without Freedom, which means if you censor people, you can’t do science to get to Truth.

We, the United States, have lost the First Amendment. You can go read the videos I’ve talked about on this. And without that, we have people like Fauci, we have people keeping people like Fauci. Okay. And therefore you don’t get to the heart of science. And then when you can’t get- you don’t have Freedom and you don’t get to Truth, you can’t find out what’s right for your body, the Health of your body, your infrastructure. Without Health of you and the infrastructure you can’t fight for Freedom. You don’t have the strength, nor do you have the wherewithal to explore Truth. – do this for yourself. We made it very accessible. I will do these videos, but I really want you to start getting your chops. If you want to change the world, there’s a physics to changing the world. Okay, so I’m going to share with you guys what the whole movement is about. Here we go.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, Educator shares Dumb Lawmakers in Washington Unlawfully Attack Election Audits.

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