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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Candidate for U.S. President, provides an in depth SYSTEMS analysis of WHAT IS EVIL, and the DYNAMICS of what is to be done to annihilate evil.

Transcript Below.

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Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:00little girl. Okay.

All right, John, can you share the video? Thanks. Yeah, so Oh man. So I think what I’d like to talk about today, okay, is Elon fucker Tucker Carlson? And this full Robert F.

Kennedy these three guys?Owen Benjamin 00:16Yeah, let’s do it. The Trinity of nonsense.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:19Yeah. Because these three people to me are represents a huge opportunity for people really to understand what is evil the systems dynamics of it and how those in power essentially getting ready or have already put forward a whole nother set of characters to manipulate people. Oh, and and I think that’s what the that’s what we want to talk about.

Owen Benjamin 00:44And I think like that I like I like that. ButDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 00:47yeah, so if you if you think about Elon, right? Let’s just start with him.

And but all three character all these three guys on or are very closely interlinked, among others, you know, but they’re sort of the core that’s being promoted right now, in a very, very profound way to manipulate people to let go of their own sensibilities of what truth is or having any integrity for themselves. So you take Elon, so when were you thrown off on?Owen Benjamin 01:18This is gonna get weird, dude. It was 17 176 days before I was left back on and Yeah.

Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, I was out for that exact amount of time. And then I returned from the wilderness with my teeth sharpened. And I just viewed as a great way to communicate.

And so that’s why I’m having a blast out. But yeah, it was it was 17 176 days to the day.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 01:42Yeah. And it’s interesting. I think I was put back on literally on my birthday 12 to 22.

You say? Oh, yeah, there it is. Yeah, numerology 12 20202022, right. So I think we can talk about a lot of these very synchronous things, you know, that occur from a spiritual perspective, or even from another perspective.

But if you look at Elon, and if you just, if we all just recognize what was really going on the so called left, actually loves censorship, right? They hate the First Amendment, they do not want people to speak, that’s a given. In my view, the last hope of the world is really the American working class. In terms of them, actually, particularly that what you would call the quote unquote, conservatives, I don’t even put a label, but let’s call it that set of people who actually, you know, I’m saying, because there’s also a motley group in there, but the sense set of people who say, I had like the First Amendment, and I understand that revolution took place, and we broke from this other set of characters to at least give these values called the First Amendment.

And I think the reason the First Amendment is so profound, is because it basically says that the you as a soul or an individual have your direct relationship with your Creator. And out of that relationship comes your definition of you as a human being, right, your creativity, whatever you want to prescribe that, but it’s a very holy relationship. And in order to have that relationship, you must have the freedom to speak freely, to move information matter and energy, which in the, in the in the science of engineering systems, that’s called the aspect of transport in the ancient Indian sciences, that would be called a principle of vata, but it’s a movement of information, matter and energy.

And out of that principle of movement, we can start having this conversion process, which is taking crazy ideas, right? Throwing them against the wall, people debate it out, are you actually and it doesn’t, it has nothing to do with consensus, you come to understanding or closer refinement of truth. And when you have truth and freedom, then you have the ability to get to health, economic health, physical health, and that and that physical infrastructure of health supports the pursuit of freedom and truth. But it really the sense that the ability to speak freely is essential to this.

So if everyone agrees with that concept, and how profound what 1776 was not only to people we call Americans, but to the world, it was a set of people who took a very principled stand their walk match their talk, right. And so in my view, the working class in America, including the immigrants who came over and the people that ascribe to that are one of the most powerful forces in the universe on the planet. And there has been a continuing effort by those in power to destroy that group of people through many, many things we can talk about right? Health, destroying people mentally, emotionally, etc.

And so and if you look at that, March, right, in my personal experience in you know, when I first came to the United States, I remember when we came here, my I asked my dad, why’d we come here he goes, he said one word freedom. And then to me that was very, very important because I grew up in India, as we’ve shared before Our caste system where there was a multi tiered system where your birth determined your future in life. And my parents were quite extraordinary the fact that they came to the United States, etc.

But in that process, as you know, in 2020, it was the lawsuit that I filed pro se in Massachusetts, when I was thrown off Twitter on, you know, first on September 25 2020, and then again, fully D platform on February 1 2021, when I expose the fact that the government of the United States and all governments have created these backdoor portals into social media, it was our lawsuit that expose that Oh, and fucker Carlson do it, it didn’t do anything. And it’s very, I think it’s very important, and I’ll explain why I use that term to describe him. There were a few news outlets which did that which expose it but it was our lawsuit are sweating, massive effort, because we had to file the lawsuit on our own.

We won in federal court multiple times, that no one covered and we had to go direct to people because we were an independent movement. We weren’t in the left or right camp. And the left people don’t like it and the right people don’t like it.

They don’t like bottoms up movements, they want people to be more you know, I’m saying if you’re in their if you’re in their club, and they promote you, but if you’re not in their club, you’re dangerous because you’re going to take their eyeballs and their views and their from their view their revenue away. So but we did this in freakin 2020. And this guy Carlson knew about it, I sent it to him.

Greenwald knew about it, the ACLU. None of them did anything. So everyone listening, please write that down.

As a very important factual point, if you go to win back I have the emails we sent to Tucker, we have the emails we sent to so called Greenwald, who’s this guy acts like he’s for against big tech censorship. These guys stood silent, they waited and they waited and they waited.

Right. It’s called delay truth. It’s called the limited hangout.

It’s a CIA methodology don’tOwen Benjamin 06:54like them more than the quote unquote, left because it’s like, I know, I’m like you. I know people all over the all over the spectrums. And I went through a period where I was like, Oh, the right wings, the truth wing, you know, after coming out of Hollywood and seeing, like, all that mental anguish that was happening.

And then I realized that it’s almost worse because they know and they’re playing make believe and they’re getting, because I know a lot of left wing people that are just a bit deranged. Like, yeah, they believe it. They’re like, you know, you know, I don’t want to you know, I know we’re on Twitter and I’m following the TOS but it’s like, they’re more sincere than a lot of these people like if you look at the Robert Kennedy like I can see through that am I aware like a Joe Rogan or somebody where it’s like, they’ll pace you and groom you like we’re the truth guys, but whenever anything’s important, or whenever there is a a major spell being cast, they fall in line immediately and that’s almost more dangerous because you know, like, I was posting on Twitter, all the Steven Crowder stuff and like when I was doing comedy with him, and he just kept trying to get me an address and I’d like my guard was down because he’s this Christian conservative.

On the left, and tight white pants and leotard stone the lab, and I’m like, dude, is this guy fruit like fruity? Like I? Because my guard was down because I’m like, Oh, this guy’s a truther Joe Rogan, I’m sorry about DMT Bob Tucker Carlson will say the real truth and and those are the guys that are the most they’ll they’ll ensnare you the most. Because like, you know, like a Gavin McInnes literally took his pants down and put it down as as to on the left on a live stream. I’m like, Anderson Cooper never did that.

Why is the most depravity coming from the guys claiming to be conservative, you know, and so, yeah, I’m like you I will look at these people and be like, Oh, it’s it’s a demoralisation campaign. And I’ll just say one more thing. And now, we’ll get back.

But talking about synchronicity. So last week, I posted on Twitter for the first time I did a movie review in like a year I’m like, I’m going to review the film network because I saw this. I saw this clip that was like, Wow, this movie was ahead of its time.

And I’m like, you know, Howard Beale, the number one rated TV channel and all the truth are thrown out about how they use it to demoralize and blah, blah, blah, and how it’s all about ratings. And then they cancel them, you know, by killing them at the end. And I’m like, I’ll do it on Monday.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson gets fired. And people are like, Oh, Owens glowing. He’s a fat.

I’m like nowadays, that’s called synchronicity. No one told me, like for the first so I just happen to want to do network on the very day that the plot happened. And so we had this really interesting stream and those are the things that aren’t really explainable by conventional science.

You know, I know that you’ve touched on it when it comes to energy nodes, and that’s why it’s really cool. You have more of an Indian background with some of the spirituality stuff because you know, the flow of energy on a metaphysical level between human beings is unbelievably cool. And a lot of Western religion and Western culture doesn’t really address it.

You know, it’s more linear, you know?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 10:12Yeah. And oh, and we’ll come back to that.

One of the things is there’s, when you look at systems science, this is why it’s really a much more generalized way of looking at science, what we see in the universe, talking about what we call this mechanistic view of the world, right? Started with really Newton in the 1600s. To what we have today is this notion that you can predict everything in the universe, you get enough data, right, you can create the laws of the universe. But the reality is that mechanistic model of the universe is actually a subset of something much more profound, the universe is actually in a mode of actually chaos.

And it is under certain circumstances that we have this predictive universe. And this was a work of Ilya Peroni who won the Nobel Prize in 1957, he doesn’t get a lot of credit for this. And he, he proved this in some very, very interesting physical chemistry experiments.

But the fundamental view is that the because he was he was trying to contend with the fact that he was actually a lover of the humanities in terms of like, philosophy and trying to understand what you would call spirituality and the fact there’s these physical laws, first love, you know, the laws of thermodynamics, the laws of mechanics, and how do you resolve these two worlds. And the resolution comes in that you start recognizing that there are that the universe is actually in its natural state, chaotic, and it is under certain circumstances that the predictive universe comes out of that chaos. So what that means is that the universe is actually has much more flexibility than we think.

Now those in power, what they want to do is based on the laws of Newton that were discovered, and or he discovered in the 1600s, right, is a concept that okay, what did Newton actually discover, he actually discovered the laws of mechanics, right? And live minutes, and him came up with calculus, etc. But what they were really saying was that if you look forward in time, and you take the motion of a planet, right, or the motion of an object, you could predict exactly where it was going to be. Right.

So I fire a projectile. And using Newton’s equations, I could predict exactly where it’ll land. But what that what it also said was that you could also predict stuff in the past, right? Because it’s a timeline.

And because you have laws of motion, you could predict into the future and into the past. So in their model of time was reversibly, goes forward and backward. Now, when the laws of thermodynamics came, there was a big hitch in this because the laws of thermodynamics said that time only moves irreversibly because of the law, second law of thermodynamics, which says that everything goes to entropy, right? full, complete disorder.

So if I hold, if I put a beaker of water, and I drop, you know, a blue ink, and it’s a classic thing you learn in like third grade, the blue ink disperses everywhere. So if everything is supposed to be dispersed, and goes to disorder, the question that started coming up to people’s Why is there even? Why do we even exist? Because we’re organized matter, right? It shouldn’t exist? Why do these planetsOwen Benjamin 13:25actually thinking about this? Oh, wait, that’s crazy. You’re talking about? Yeah, yeah.

So it’s fascinating.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 13:28So why does order exists? Because according to entropy, everything is supposed to go to disorder.

So what would happen is many of the scientists wanted a hand wave that Boltzmann was one of the people who tried to explain that, and he was vilified. Because what people were contending with was okay. If the laws of Newtonian mechanics are you can predict the motion of everything.

That means everything is freaking predictable, right? Everything is a mechanistic world. Where does that lead you to? Well, that leads you to where we are today that I’m going to collect enough data on people. I’m going to watch all of Chivas followers.

I’m going to build little vectors. I’m going to build pattern analysis algorithms, and I’ll know exactly who his followers are. And this by the way, I’ll get to why they keep us on Twitter.

Okay, I’m going to develop a predictive world of who Owens followers are who Chivas followers are, and then I’m going to find all of the other people or potential followers and I’m going to push Robert Kennedy to them or push Elon Musk or put Tucker Carlson, you say it’s called predictive and I used to do this work for 20 years, okay. So when you get into the mechanistic view, philosophically of the world, we’re just automatons. Today we’re in a carbon based body tomorrow silicon, it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to manipulate the world as simple as Oh, and bought this, I’m going to send him this to buy this. You say marketers have been doing this for the last 4050 years. So it’s a very predictive model of the universe.

And what it what’s the end state of that the end state of that is a finite set of people will gather enough data, and we can manipulate anything because we believe it’s a mechanistic universe based on Newton’s laws, etc. All right. Now, this is a serious issue because this leads to where we are today.

And it basically leads to people saying, well, I guess that’s just the way things are, I guess, I’m just a fool. And I’m a nobody, I just have to choose, you know, Kennedy or I have to choose, you know, Trump, but you know, it’s just the way it is. It’s our lot in life, right? We all have a prescribed thing that leads to this concept of primogeniture, the laws of manifest destiny, this is just the way things are or the Indian, screwed up version of Hinduism that, well, that’s just the way things are, you’re born this life, because you did something.

Everything’s all destined, and it’s done. So what is life mean? Then life means? Everything’s predict Destin, you don’t really have any free will you don’t have any free choice. That’s where that leads, don’t you following me? Okay, so now, now you go to the second law.

And that means you can predict stuff into the future, you can predict stuff into the past. Now, when all of the Newtonian view of the world came out, suddenly, you had the religious view come up at the same time in opposition to that, because the religious view basically said, Wait a minute, if everything is predictable, then there is no God. Right? Then we have no choice as God talked about, right? So you had this version of science come up over here, and this version of religion, and they were put in opposition.

And that’s where it existed until around the 1950s. When proni looked at this, there was he, there was a very, very interesting experiment that he observed. And let me describe it in a simple way.

Imagine I take a big box open, and I put in a bunch of white, fill it with white ping pong balls, right? So you would just see white, right, and let’s say there’s blowing around. And then I put in a bunch of black ping pong balls with that. And if they’re also blowing around, it’s big enough box, you would see a gray color, right? Because it would come to sort of an even disorder.

Does that make sense? That’s like the law of entropy in place. And you would assume, okay, it’s always going to be gray. And it’s just because that would be the second law of thermodynamics.

So that’s total chaos and disorder. This is what was fascinating. It’s quite amazing.

Now, this is called chemical clocks, under certain conditions on you know, what happened, suddenly, that box would become all white for a certain amount of time, and then will become all black and all white. It was, like, predictable. So out of chaos, emerged, this predictability.

Quite amazing. So the predictable universe there that emerge, which, which is what Newtonian and Einstein talked about, it’s all a mechanistic world emerges out of this larger world, which is really chaotic. And how does that occur? It occurs through a, what people started saying was that these ping pong balls are actually communicating man, synchronicity, right, that the 100 Monkey saying that there’s something going on in the universe that goes, that’s a fluctuation out of thought emerges all of this.

And you see what I’m saying? So the real universe is composed of information, matter and energy. And it is under certain circumstances, we get this known universe where you have predictability and an autonomic mechanistic world but the reality is the true nature of the universe is absolutely unpredictable, chaotic, and one human beings thought, or set of human beings thought, when they start moving in a wave can create something that’s quite profoundly different. And this and this, and this is what the, you know, ancients or spiritualists, or mystics talked about, in fact, a lot of people don’t know most of Newton’s work he did a two times more work in exploring some of the mystical fields and he didn’t even in the mechanistic world, a lot of that stuff was burned.

Apparently, there was a fire that took place in his home. But the point is, the true scientist is exploring the universe. from a systems perspective beyond this very narrow mechanistic view.

To me the evil nature of the universe is when you make human beings automaton. So you take a guy like Elon Musk, right? Let’s just really look at this guy. Okay, wherever he’s gone.

It’s always been about him projecting himself and building his brand. You can go see it says, Well, I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Pay Pal.

He almost basically screwed up. Peter Thiel came and bought it. And then you have Pierre Omidyar, who was the head of eBay.

And by the way, everyone can look up these facts. Omidyar buys eBay and buys PayPal from feel and musk, right. So here to this is sort of this Omidyar musk and Peter Thiel Peter Thiel today runs Palantir or is the founder of it, are funded it which is a massive data collection organization, which is like this with government.

Musk entire existence is based on the government where government ends an Elon Musk begins. Nobody knows. SpaceX $5.

7 billion, completely government funded, right? And what is it for it’s to create the Starlink satellite systems, right, which will be observing everything we do, and essentially own space and the world of air. Now you go to Tesla, Tesla owns a ground these Tesla’s are essentially walking and moving surveillance devices. They’re not just cars, right, based on the cameras, the connection they’re connected to.

And Tesla’s entire profitability was based on receiving $1.5 billion in carbon tax credits. And if they didn’t receive that profitability, they if they didn’t receive that credit, they would never have been profitable.

And as many people know, the valuation of a company is a multiple of profitability in the Silicon Valley world. That’s how they achieve that $600 billion valuation. Now you go to Twitter, Twitter is completely reliant on government.

Largest because Twitter is a social media platform like Facebook, Yelp, all these guys. They’re not a publishing. They’re not a publisher, like the New York Times, right? Or what we’re doing here on right.

They are a publishing company gets 1x to 2x. When they when they say, Oh, how much is the New York Times worth? Well, the New York Times made a billion dollars in revenue this year, let’s say they get mainly two times the value two times a multiple of their revenue, which means $2 billion of value the New York Times because Wall Street and Silicon Valley is deemed as something called a publisher. However, Twitter and Facebook and these other organizations are deemed as platforms.

Why are they deemed as platforms? Well, you and I, we tweet on this thing called Twitter, right? If you say something defamatory against me, like Shiva kicks his dog all the time. I can’t sue Twitter. That’s what because they have section 230 immunity.

I can sue you. But I can’t sue Twitter. And because of that indemnity, they were given a multiple of 10.

Okay, on a good day or even more, which means when Twitter makes a billion dollars in revenue, they’re worth 10 billion. All right. So how did they get this valuation multiple? Well, because of the collusion between Silicon Valley, and Congress, Congress is not supposed to pass any laws to do to abridge the freedom of speech.

That is the first amendment Congress, not the Supreme Courts, not the executive branch, but Congress shall pass no laws to bridge freedom of speech. But over the years Congress, in order to get elected, they go to Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley funds them, and this unholy alliance, allowed them to create what I discovered in our lawsuit was the government has created through Syska, which Trump signed into law, all the Conservatives need to listen. The Ciseaux was cybersecurity infrastructure security agency was put into by Trump, and that agency created all of these deals.

So all of these social media companies in return for getting section 230 immunity would allow government to have a backdoor versus started in England than India, then Taiwan, New Zealand, and was brought here in 2018. And that’s what our lawsuit exposed in 2020, fully exposed, fully exposed and courtroom transcripts. The government of Massachusetts saying yeah, we decided to take Dr.

Schiff out, because we didn’t like what he was saying. Judge says How did you do it? Oh, we have a special portal, Your Honor. Judges, like what are you talking about? You still believe in the First Amendment.

That’s what we discovered. Owen, we told it to Tucker Carlson, he did nothing. It’s the most important lawsuit of the United States in many ways of the modern times, because it exposes that the First Amendment has completely been obliterated, because Congress laundered censorship through an endOwen Benjamin 24:03way to put it.

Yeah, also launder slander through Wikipedia. I’ve no longer Yep, yeah. Because, like my Wikipedia page is, is just a mess.

Like, and you can’t even change it. No, I had all my listeners start writing in stuff, and they just put it all back. And the way they do it, is they’ll write something not true, then a next year blog will quote it.

And then the next one will quote that. And so then they’ve they’ve created liability shields. And then I noticed that if you say true things that they use for shame, they take it down when it comes true, like I said that Bill Gates was going to do is you Genesis that funds all this stuff, and I was talking about, you know, various medical stuff in like 2017.

And then they had that up, they’re like, Oh, this guy thinks this and then when it happened, they just took it down, because they’re like, that isn’t demoralizing. Yeah, but don’t you think that because we We are in a synchronistic state and the mechanized worldview is actually wrong. That over time they fall apart.

Because like, that’s one of my hopes is Yeah, soDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 25:10what’s going on? So II and it will fall apart. When there is a raising in consciousness among enough particles, just like the ping pong ball example, what Perrone said was he didn’t understand how this work, but these balls are actually communicating.

It’s like the 100 Monkey saying one monkey figures out on one part of the island, how to open the coconut and it spreads. So there’s something quite profound taking place. When you have the raising of consciousness, when consciousness awakens.

And what what I’m trying to do in with truth, freedom and health is we’re teaching people this law, you say, because people need to become aware that the universe is actually non mechanized. That’s the first thing. When that awareness comes, people expand their consciousness, and they’ll start to see themselves for much more than a unit in a mechanized world, right, a cog in the wheel.

Yeah, absolutely. So it’s a raising of consciousness, which is central to this. And you don’t need everyone to raise their consciousness.

You just need enough points on the network that start communicating and you change the dynamics of the way. But when you look at a guy like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Pierre Omidyar, these guys are from the mechanized world. They are, they have the hubris to think they will control everything.

And, and then everyone else is stupid. And that’s part of this. And also part of their hubris is their words do not have to match their deeds, they can talk the talk, but they never have to walk the walk.

And this is central to what I call the dynamics of evil. If there is a definition of evil, it is the definition of a set of people thinking that they never have to walk the walk, and they can just talk the talk. And furthermore, when someone discovers they haven’t walked the walk, they can redeem themselves by just saying, oh, like Tucker Carlson is doing right now.

Right? He gives us a little beautiful speech. Well, you didn’t fucking know this for your life, then you should bow down Tucker, and go back to school you shouldn’t be on you shouldn’t have this kind of megaphone, because you’re unqualified. So that’s what I find quite interesting.

When these people are caught. It’s like those preachers right there, bang and everyone. Then they give this huge speech.

Oh, yeah, I’m gonna redeem myself. I’m so sorry, Lord, right. Please forgive me and then right.

But that’s what Tucker Carlson is doing right now. He that’s whyOwen Benjamin 27:29I tried to I try to break the programming with one with comedy, because when I do I heard this great quote, you know, Sebastian, I think his name’s Sebastian.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 27:36Yeah, we watch him. He’s funny.Owen Benjamin 27:38Yeah.

So he had this quote, yeah. entire career. And he’s not even a comedian.

He goes, offend the mind, reveal the heart? And I’m like, yeah. And so he talks about how because my job is to offend the mind. And then the trauma comes out.

And I have about 90 seconds to make it funny or else right on top of it. And so I’m doing basically a form of alchemy, where I transmute trauma into comedy. So it’s like, I’ll say something where someone puffs up.

And that’s one reason why Twitter can be a bit of a nightmare for me, because sometimes I need, like context and one out of context can be like, Oh, how dare you? So I offend the mind. I reveal the heart that trauma comes out. It’s almost like an exorcism.

And then the laughter comes out. And I do this with relationship comedy all the time where I say stuff that you think would trigger the hell out of people, but it actually heals people with the laughing and so I that’s I don’t know what point I was just making about that. We’re just talking about that about offending and what are we just talking about? Oh, about? I don’t know, I lost my train of thought.

But it’s about,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 28:40you know, we were talking about I was, I was talking about Tucker Carlson. And howOwen Benjamin 28:46I’m showing people how he works.

So I posted a clip of his speech I said, this is absolutely true. Because what he said was, was, you know, that when you speak the truth, you gain power, right? It’s true. You lie.

You become this like Gollum. I posted that, and then I followed it up with he giggles like a Pillsbury Doughboy. You know, and so I’m basically shattering the idol.

So it’s what if you just go at it and you say, like, this guy’s you know, a shell of CIA demoralisation, agent or some that people script says, you’re a hater. You’re just Gallus, there’s like a script that that comes into play. So what I like to do is show what I like to do is show that someone what he said is obviously true.

And then, you know, no, no idols no sacred cows, no saviors like this guy is not going to help you what he said is true. Take the information. And I want people to do this with me.

Like everybody listening right now, no matter what platform there’s something I have an opinion on or believe that you find wildly stupid. Let that go. I’m not your idol.

So it’s like, take what you like for me. And one thing that I’m trying to do with raising consciousness is farming because farmers have some of the highest consciousness I know. You’re just like, maintaining systems seeing conscious snus, you know, nibbling on greens doing work having a lot of downtime.

It’s like, it really is a profession of understand why our country was founded by farmers, you know, like Jefferson and all those guys, because it really is a great way to structure society. So I’m trying to bring that to people. And then if enough consciousness goes up, it doesn’t matter what these people do.

You know, they can run around with their little Tesla’s and all that if you can see through it, if you can see that. A man can say a true thing that resonates with you. You feel it, you have that emotion.

What Tucker said was true. But he’s still, you know, he’s giggling like the Pillsbury Doughboy. And he does demoralization, like one time I showed a slideshow of his last 50 His last 50 titles of his videos.

And if a homeless guy said it to you on the street, you’d walk them up. He’s like, this is the end of America. Aren’t you mad yet? This is really happening.

Nothing is bad has ever happened. It’s like every single title was like demoralisation. Yeah, causation.

With no solutions. That’s what these guys do. Every time they see the truth.

And people go, finally, yeah, it’s right out of network. It’s like, I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore. It’s like, so what do we do? And then they go get mad.

And you’re like, why? Right? And you have guys like me and us. It’ll point out the charlatans, which is doing a service to society. You know, people go, why do you care? They’re living rent free.

I’m like, because the shepherd points out where the wolf is. And I’ll try to make it funny and I’m not jealous. Like, I don’t want to be Tucker drawls I would never wear a bowtie like that’s ridiculous.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 31:35Well, well, oh, and I think the key is, I think you get get back to what you’re saying with the alchemy. Right? So what’s really powerful about farming and also engineering, right? Or actually chemistry, in many ways, a lot of farming and engineering.

Actually, farming is really about active chemistry. Right? You have to understand soOwen Benjamin 31:57an engineer, my wife’s a trained structural engineering. Yeah, like all about homesteading? It’s yeah.

It’s like working perfectly.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 32:06Yeah.

So engineers have to do something, or farmers have to do something that is very real, right? It’s where heaven meets Earth, you can’t sort of bullshit it where a scientist who scientists can take a bunch of data. And they can fit a line to a curve that can come up with various types of laws, they can make up. But engineering or if you have to farm right, you have to, it doesn’t matter.

You can talk all the talk you want. But ultimately, does it work, right? You built a building? Or a bridge, right? If you didn’t apply the laws of physics, right? It’s going to fall apart, right? So engineering and farming are very honest professions. Because if you write a piece of code and doesn’t work, it didn’t work.

If you build something or build it, or airplane, you say, Well, I think an airplane is gonna fly like this, and it falls out of the sky, or you don’t get food the next year, it means you did something wrong, right? It’s you have to live you have to walk the walk, you have to, you’re very accountable for your D for your for your deeds. These other fields, by and large, quote unquote humanities, right, quote, unquote, law right, are profoundly different because you can BS your way through. And in many of the ancient traditions, they had three types of intelligence to denote this one intelligence was the intelligence of the instinct, right? Where something came at you or you reacted like an animal, right? It just action reaction.

The next type of intelligence was this intelligence that they called Rational intelligence, where, frankly, you could rationalize everything lawyers do this all day, all day long, right? They could take complete evil and make it look like truth.Owen Benjamin 33:42If my client didn’t kill his wife, think of that. Yeah,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 33:46right. Right. So but you can, you can, and academics do this, you know, this, this academic guy who literally photoshopped pictures of a complete photoshopped pictures of western blots.

And for the last 16 years, people thought Alzheimer’s was caused by this, and it was completely caused by something else. And a hundreds of other scientists supported him $3.2 billion went into it, nothing’s gonna happen.

Nothing has happened to these people. And then and then there’s, so that’s the rational intelligence where you can rationalize everything, it’s sort of where the devil operates. And then there’s something beyond that, which I call intuition, which you get within microseconds, right? Because of the hard work you put in the actual work, where you can look at a system and you can say, that’s what’s wrong.

This is what needs to be done. There’s no rationalization. It just comes from within.

And that intelligence in my view, that pure intelligence comes from people actually work with their hands actually have to build something, not from these people are manipulating sort of engrams right words. And to your point, that’s why I do curse. And I do believe we should, it’s a right curse word at the right time for the right person, because it literally breaks those engrams and people said you have to like you said, hit the mind your bed.

basically going in as an alchemist, and you’re breaking that mind, and but then you have to insert it with the solution. Exactly right.Owen Benjamin 35:08If you don’t, you have like 90 seconds.

I liked how Sebastian was talking about that. Yeah, it’s like a child would be crying and they have like 90 seconds until their mood changes. Yeah.

And well, the iron is hot. Like, you’ll get something high, you’ll say something. You know, Caitlyn Jenner was Woman of the Year, but it hasn’t been a woman for a full year.

It’s like you have this, this moment where people like, but I should be mad. But that’s funny and kind of true. And, you know, and like, because my stand up comedy career.

And that’s why I have such an advantage in social engineering, even though I’m not nefarious and don’t want to control anybody, is because I approached it as an engineer, like my original podcast was called widen, they laugh where I would show the same joke in five different crowds, and how I would keep tweaking for the laugh. Yes. Because I was I’ve never had victim consciousness.

So I’m like, if the joke fails, it’s because I didn’t do it properly. And so I would show the behind the scenes work of the engineering of what funny is and a stand up comedian. If they don’t laugh, you fail.

There is no like, you know, Netflix can change the algorithm and take away thumbs ups. And but, you know, try and make Amy Schumer look funny. It’s like, no, but it’s failed, though.

It’s like the plane fell out of the sky. And so right, right, that’s one reason why I can see behind the curtain where they are failing. Because, like what you were talking about, like, let’s say you on puts us on, and they’re trying to hijack people that resonate with us.

And then they feed them, you know, they’re approved, they’re authorized. That’s why my websites on authorize that TV. You probably relate to that.

Yeah, the authorized will. Because we’ll say true stuff. People go I resonate with that.

Okay, well, here’s the fake bird, here’s the margarine. But people, they’re they’re starting to develop an immunity to it, where they’re, like, almost developing, like a visceral hatred for it. Where it’s like, oh, here we go.

You know, it’s like, here’s the bullshit. And I’m very, I’m very optimistic about that.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 37:00Well, what’s what’s it? Yeah, so what’s interesting? Oh, and so getting back to Elon, right? He is He has been created because of sort of fascism. 1.0.

On Twitter, since we’re, it was you had open just censorship of people, right. We don’t like that guy. Take him out.

Right. That’s what the DJI got got into it. But I think what happened was a Silicon Valley guy said, Well, wait a minute, this is, this is too much.

It’s like, you know, back when the slaves who rose up, you just smashed them, right? And then people get even more emboldened. So this dynamics of evil in many ways has been that I think over time, those in power recognize that, first of all, we’re going to observe, and this is sort of systems engineering system science. First of all, what is our goal, our goal is power, profit and control over these people.

That’s our goal, sort of that sort of in engineering system science, there’s nine principles. One is you have to set a goal. So they understand they have to set a goal, then they have to observe through their sensors, what is actually going on.

So over time, I think right now, if you look at what Peter Thiel, who basically is the data gathering platform for all of these social media platforms, all of them, ultimately, the data is going to Palantir. And they know from their sensors, they want a cheap power, profit and control. They say, wow, people are wanting to break with the left and the right.

People, by and large are figuring this stuff out. Right? There’s right. So in order to control that the third element of their intelligence systems is called the controller they see people are breaking away.

And they need they’re using their evil mind to see what do we do now? Right, the control system, and they know there are disturbances coming across from them doing that, which is guys like you and me on. Okay. So in order to overcome that, they have to put a new input, which is the other fifth part of this principle into this broad system society.

And that input is no longer hammering people, which is what Twitter 1.1 point oh, did and openly censoring? We’re going to bring someone like Elon Musk into it, we’re going to present him as some genius, right? present him as a guy who does all these things. And we’re going to say that he is going to be a free speech absolutist, right? So they take this, they create part of this dynamic because they’re going to create a messiah or a false god.

And that’s part of this dynamic. As they know, people are rising bottoms up, they will create a false god to resonate with that rising but the purpose of that false god is to drive them into an institution that can be controlled. With Trump.

Yeah, they did with Trump’s if you go back to India in the 1900s, you had people rising up to have a good revolution against the British. So they literally create a false god called Mahatma Gandhi. I mean, that’s a made up name.

Mahatma means a great one. It means God you His name wasn’t that wasn’t Mohandas, Mohandas K. Gandhi, same with Martin Luther King.

His name was not Martin Luther. Yeah. Right.

So, Mike Wright is middle. Yeah. So people were rising up in the civil rights movement, poor blacks and poor whites wanting infrastructure in the inner cities.

It was Robert Kennedy, another major scumbag, Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s father who and by the way, these people have studied this dynamics. So they took over the southern nationalist Christian conference, they find this block bourgeois, you know, who was banging everyone who was doing a lot of drugs.

And, you know, there’s all sorts of litany of things about Martin Luther King, but he was controllable. They elevate him with the I Have a Dream speech. The March on Washington was a circus, as Malcolm X says it was organized, you see, and then they drive all the masses into their institutions.

They never addressed the issue of the infrastructure in the inner cities. They made it about affirmative action, which pitted blacks against whites in India, they never addressed the issue of the inequities of what the British had done. Mahatma Gandhi’s job was to create the Indian National Congress, a nice little safety valve, get all these darkies and they’re arguing among themselves, and then go from white men with crowns to brown men with white hats.

And once that is a solution, people need to understand those dynamics. So right now, they know because there are true leaders who are coming bottoms up people who actually work for a living like us. And we’re pointing these things out so people are starting to break.

So they have to go find an Elon Musk. And they have to present him as a free speech fighter. And the guys never fought for free speech.

I didn’t see him in 2020. I never saw him in 1978. When we were doing I never saw this guy anywhere overnight.

He’s a free speech absolutist command, the guy can barely talk.Owen Benjamin 41:50And Morrisons dad started Vietnam. So it’s like they’ve been doing this forever.

It’s like, yeah, so you so you have authentic anti war people. And so Admiral Morrison was the guy who did the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam, his son. So they start the anti war movement, they create this circus about like, free love and drugs.

And so then they never have to address a war. It’s like, I almost feel bad for the evil guys, in a way. I don’t really, but I’m like, What a nightmare their life is.

They’re just constantly creating these chaotic fire events. And no one just looks at the fact that everything’s about currency. And, you know, like gang wars about making everyone use the dollar, you know?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 42:33Yeah, but but I think the key thing to understand is, what we’re talking about here, Owen is that they actually have an engineering process, masses are rising up, we see the data, boom, pull out a false God, Messiah, in whatever the field that is creating an institution of power where we could bring people there. And then that’s a controlled fusion, right? That we can control. So Elon Musk gets brought in and on was on December a couple of days before December 2, I did an article exposing Musk I said this guy, censorship equals surveillance equals Elon Musk, whether you’re in the air, sky or ground, you’re in the world of Elon Musk were no one knows where government ends.

And Elon Musk begins. Shortly after that, I’m put on Twitter, right? After two years now, why? Why are you on Twitter?Owen Benjamin 43:28The reason I started my own social media and they couldn’t get the data.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 43:32Right, exactly. And all of us should be doing that. That was the original concept of the internet decentralize.

Everyone builds their own website. And somehow they built these large platforms, and they use the Seven Deadly Sins of laziness and sloth and everyone went to their platforms, right. That was what really happened.

But the goal of the process here is they want the Getting back to the American quote, unquote, conservative working class, which are the last sort of tip of the spear are fighting for freedom. They want them to sucker them into thinking Musk is their Savior. And that was the real purpose of this.

So they promoted him. They made invisible our lawsuit on October 28, when Musk is walking in doing his acting show, oh, let this sink in right into Twitter office. The 29th is when I did a post on Facebook, where my followers have not the number has not changed for nearly two and a half years.

For 508,000 followers. It stays there. Right.

And you have to wonder why. So I put a post out said Ilan, if you’re truly about free speech, why don’t you take down the backdoor portal that I discovered in my lawsuit? Here’s the link to the lawsuit. The next day o n is when the intercept the organization founded by Pierre Omidyar, the intercept presented to the world as a organization that does investigative journalism.

They dropped the stories that oh my god, we discovered this backdoor portal run by DHS as well, there’s many more players. And right then, Tucker than amplifies their message. He knew about this back in 2020.

We were on the frickin trenches man fighting, and we want we wanted some air cover. He didn’t do anything. When this he’s gonnaOwen Benjamin 45:17know he’s full of shit is because he could have let’s say it was an honest mistake.

He could have been like, Hey, welcome, Dr. Oz. And so it turns out this guy that emailed me was right, like he would have given you props.

You know what I mean?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 45:27It’s all there. The thing is, if you go to win back freedom.

com, we have his email. Same with Glenn Greenwald, right. So all these guys are intelligence agency people, and it’s hard for people to absorb this, but that is who they are.

And the way that you can test this is there is an intelligence agency technique that was developed called the limited Hangout, which I learned about back in December. It is a technique where you have a big iceberg. And you put a manicured version of a tip of the iceberg because of people’s attention span and you hope they don’t dig deep.

It started out in the Nixon administration. It’s on the tapes, right when all the minutes talking to Nixon. And Nixon says let’s do a limited hangout on the burglary and people forget everything else.

So that’s what the intercept did. So they put out a little piece of the story. Forget about the entire infrastructure we discovered, Tucker amplifies it, Glenn Greenwald amplifies it, and never acknowledged when they both had the data that had they said something in 2020.

We could have affected history, because the bottom line is what you just said, Oh, and they have no interest. They just want people to put into learned helplessness, helplessness and desperation. They just want to pummel people.

How screwed up the world is how screwed up the world is. But you can’t do anything. Except Listen to me telling you how screwed up the world is.

Owen Benjamin 46:41Dude, it’s so true man. You say? It’s a Mind Control technique, and also the false savior that never comes, you know? Right. I started to realize that the more the Savior doesn’t come, the more people believe in it.

Yeah, really weird. Yeah, that’sDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 46:55interesting.

Yeah,Owen Benjamin 46:56I think World War Two, they really revolutionized mind control. Because I think Hitler is very similar to like Martin Luther King Jr. and these other guys, like there’s an authentic, scientific, incredible revolution happening in in Germany, you know, you had Viktor Schauberger, and all these guys, and, and the working class was not into the war that they just had.

And they’re starting to realize that, you know, everybody in World War One, or like first cousins that just fought each other, and everyone died for no reason. And so then they roll out the clowns, the boot boys and mean, Mr. Mustache, and then they control it.

And I think what really came out of World War Two was mind control, where they’re like, I don’t know what happened in those camps. But I think that there were some experiments, and it wasn’t what were told, I think it was more like, how do you get someone to break? How do you exhaust them? How do you give them false hope? How do you get them to save four lights or three lights? You know, and, and I think that that’s when war really shifted from, you know, just blowing each other’s brains apart until these like false gods. And, you know, I think the engineering of the human mind and the 40.

And now we’re seeing, like, you know, because even if you follow the money, it’s like, a lot of these Nazis won. It’s like, so many corporations are owned by the same holding companies that were the Nazi families. And so then you question what war? Are you in his real allocation of resources? You know, it gets pretty interesting.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 48:22I say, Oh, yeah. What are you trying to share? It’s okay.

I wanted to share something with Owen here. I’m not sure I can share this. But oh, and I think the the dynamics here were that they have gotten it down to a science to literally create a false god.

So that’s what they had to do with Elon Musk. And then what he’s done is he’s taken all these conservatives brought them back on Twitter, right, thinking that they have this free world right now. But they’re, and they’ve let guys like you back, you and I back on, but it’s very, very controlled.

I noticed in December, and I think I may have shared that graph last time that I first got on, I said, Ilan, why don’t you make me CEO, right, that went viral? I think he got like 20 million views with about 500,000 impressions per day. Subsequently, I said, Ilan, are you going to take down the backdoor portal that we discovered? Here’s the lawsuit, here’s a lawsuit. And you could see the views start tanking.

Every month that I escalated my attacks on him started being pretty vicious against him, because it tried to again break people’s engrams you can see that the impressions went from 400,000, down to 300,000, down to 20,000. Right? Right. So you can see this inverse thing.

So it’s basically putting people in digital cages, managing them. And then as I shared is we have people who are in our movement, who started getting stuff from people who were completely exposing. So the idea is all your followers now you can build a profile, as I said, of all of Owens followers, all of Chivas followers, who are these people, oh, isn’t it interesting, they’re on to farming there.

And I mean, you can build that, right? And then you go toOwen Benjamin 50:09attacks, I know that some of the attacks on me have been engineered. They’re like, Oh, this because the Reddit pages will do profiles on your followers, or they’re really into Christianity. They’re really into this, oh, let’s take little clips of Owen making fun of religion and then hyperfocus it.

And for some reason, I’m not allowed on YouTube. But everyone who hates me, that does clips of me is a lot on YouTube. So I say always trying to break authentic following.

That’s why it’s just important to keep an authentic connection, that post office, you know, meet ups, right. Know being genuine building that trust, because we will win. I mean, because they don’t actually have anything.

They’re like the shadow people. Right? How do you think they communicate?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 50:52I mean, you mean actually, how do they communicate?Owen Benjamin 50:55Now? Like, how do you think, do you think Elon just like an actor? Or like I think it get their scripts?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 51:01Well, well, you were when you were out in LA, right on? Yeah. Okay. So I think it’s a swarm just like we’re talking about self organizing systems.

I think they are their communication is in a similar way, right? It’s basically do you want to be in that club? It’s like that swarm of birds moving around that you may say, and if you don’t play so, look at this contradiction here. This freakin guy, Robert F. Kennedy has a big party at Kennedy.

That’s great. That’s what it should. That’s what we should call them.

I call them booby. The bullshitter. Okay, because all these people don’t know him.

They start calling him Bobby. Bobby, like, Are you fucking serious? This guy doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t know you.

And then you’re creating this mythos as though he’s your friend. Okay. Party wear masks back in the day.

No, he had a party at his home. Not back in the day in December 21 2022. Everyone has ordered to be vaccinated.

Yeah. Okay. And then he blames his wife.

Now how many people sincere people took a principled stand against the mRNA vaccine. And some of them had seriously contentious relationships. fact some people broke.

But here’s a guy who claims he’s against medical freedom, the outer actor, talking all the shit, okay. I hate this guy. Man.

I really do. Because I think it’s pure evil. And I’ll talk about it.

But internally in his home, there’s medical tyranny, medical freedom for I’ll talk about it, but in because he has to appease supposedly his wife, right? Supposedly they haveOwen Benjamin 52:35his wife won’t give him authority. Why would I like those good questions I’d ask right. And his wife is going to do that in the White House, your woman, you can’t stand up to your woman, but you’re gonna stand up to world leaders, right?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 52:45And he’s gonna be in the end, his wife will be that in the White House. So what kind of house is that going to be? Right? Who’s running this thing? Is that the guy we elected or someone else? So that says contradiction? Now what’s interesting Oh, when is when? In 2020 When I was really getting involved with the medical Freedom Movement moving to this guy, is that I noticed all these really wealthy bougie women in New York are funding this guy shitload of money, all Bobby’s fighting for us. And many of them vaccinated their kids.

And they have guilt. Right? So they want to give him right. So they want you asked what it is, so they give him money.

And this guy, when in January of 2020, has a huge demonstration that we helped organize in New Jersey. And we made it very militant, right, we got people really angry, and the Congress people in Trenton got so afraid they didn’t pass the bill. Kennedy comes in and he tells people she was going to you know, upset everyone, because these people do not want these organic, authentic bottoms up angry movements.

They want to control so they can do backroom deals. And that’s when all the lights went off. And I said this guy has been sitting on this frickin movement.

Nothing he’s done has ever worked. And here we win there. So that I started connecting the dots and you find out this guy’s endorsed Hillary Clinton not once, not twice, not three times, yet he runs Waterkeepers which is supposedly to stop poisoning the waters here he’s over supporting Miss Monsanto, whose campaign had was, you know, Pro from Monsanto, one of the directors there.

He also Hillary Clinton was pro rabidly pro vaccine mandate in 2016 endorses her. Then in 2020, he comes to Massachusetts and endorses his nephew raises money for him with a you’ll see all those Hollywood people, right? And the guy’s pro rabid vaccine mandates. Now you put this out there.

And people are like, Well, that was then and maybe he said that then there’s a video where he says I am vaccine. I believe we need policies for full vaccination of all Americans. It’s like what the fuck he’s saying this.

And then in the next nine minutes of the video, he rails on the government being so corrupt. Oh, the government is corrupt the CDC. Okay, well, he just said he wants full vaccination.

The government is corrupt. We need safe vaccines and who’s going to do it the same government, government officials who you just railed against? I mean, the level of contradictions that people accept goes down to the heart of this issue of what is evil to me evil is people who do not walk the walk and and big hand, they have gotten away with convincing the broad masses of people, it’s okay that I say this, and I’m going to do something else. And you’re just going to still bow down to me.

To me, that’s the alchemy that they’re playing. So, I took me about seven hours. On to do this tweet, I did an eight threaded tweet.

I said, Okay, this guy says this, look at this video. Then for 10 minutes, he says the government is corrupt. And then he ends by saying he’s still pro vaccine.

And he vaccinated all of his kids, all six of his children 60 times now. Okay, so you can reconcile that. Okay, if you can reconcile that.

Can you then reconcile? He had a big party at his home, where everyone had to be jabbed, okay. If you can still reconcile that? Can you reconcile that he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times in his nephew? Okay, if you can still reconcile that? Can you reconcile the fact that he believes people who are climate change, skeptics should be thrown in jail? And he supported strict lockdowns? Like Fauci and he made money. Right, so the contradictions and the people’s acceptance is open.

To me. That is the perpetration of evil and people’s acceptance of these overt contradictions.Owen Benjamin 56:38Yeah, and people just got to own it.

It’s not a big deal. Like it’s one thing that I keep seeing is some, like somebody will do something that they find embarrassing, but they won’t just own it. So then they try to normalize the horrible thing.

Yeah, like, no, just admit it, you shouldn’t get hammered and make an Ask yourself, like, I was having a good time, man. I had a rough week. Yeah.

And it’s, it’s like that extrapolated out to everything where it’s like, I think Clinton, it really started kicking into gear with Lewinsky thing when not only wasn’t it bad, it’s fine. You know, and then you’re like, Okay, so now the entire the entire world starts normalizing every single level. And that’s what I’m trying to reverse right now.

I’m like people talk about, because I think a nation’s morality is where a lot of their wealth is, yeah. And their honesty and their authenticity and not being a scumbag. And it’s like, if people just give everyone free passes.

Now, if Robert Kennedy said, publicly, yes, I did that it was really stupid. Like my first two kids were vaccinated. And so I got really into raw milk.

You know, it’s not a big deal. Everybody does shit, right? Yeah, it was like I was insistent on it. We didn’t even have proper health care at the time.

And they were like, it’s 1500 bucks at jab, and I’m like, gotta raise the money. We got to keep our kids safe. You know? And now looking back, it’s obviously a bad move.

But I’m not like guilty about it. I’m okay, I had bad information. I made a decision based on loving my children.

So now what do we do? Wow, your raw milk is great. Let’s really get them outside. Now.

They’re the healthiest kids ever. It’s like, you just got to own it. You know it, but people will be like, No, I was never wrong.

That’s where evil really lies. I see that too. Where? No one because my quote is, I might be wrong, but I’m not lying.

Yeah, there it is. I might be lying. But I’m not wrong.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 58:22Right. And I will never admit that I was doing either.

Right. Right. Exactly.

Right. So Oh, and go back to Clinton. So I had this very interesting experience in 19.

Was it 1993? Or I think it was 1993. So long ago now. But I was running a company.

You know, I won this. For my PhD work. I was doing a lot of stuff in pattern analysis.

And I just won this contest to analyze email, right. It was done for the Clinton White House. Okay, then we grew that to it was just a MIT contest that was held, right.

So what’s interesting is, after I started this company, many years later, we’re running this company now because we started a company to help customer service. When email comes into websites, our technology would analyze email. So instead of this poor slob, going through 100 emails a day, right, our technology to figure out the email and proposal response, right.

So and to do it, basically. So they would it was Customer Support Technology. Anyway.

So one of my board members, a guy called Larry Weber, you can look them up, Larry’s a big donor to the Democrats. And he said, Shiva, I’m going to meet John Kerry, I was in DC, and he was in DC, and he said, Would you like to get like, Okay, let me go see what this film is about. So, we go to John Kerry’s house, and John Kerry, some people may know, he, he I’ll tell you how foolish he is.

You’ll you’ll see how dumb this guy is. So Carrie, basically bankrupted his first wife. And and district meeting.

Owen Benjamin 59:51Hmm. Is it the Heinz lady? No, no. His firstDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 59:55wife, he ran for office completely bankrupted her, used all of her money and won his first saw if it’s right for Senator, then he married Teresa Heinz from the Heinz ketchup family. So anyway, we go to his house, which is in DC, and it’s all these huge paintings, you know, all this artwork, and obviously his wife’s home. So we’re hanging out there in and Clinton walks in.

Okay, I’m unannounced. And this is at the height of the Monica Lewinsky thing we were just talking about. Remember, he’s in the press the cigar incident, right? All that stuff is out there.

And then eight of us are invited to have dinner in Kerry’s little downstairs little place. And it’s a very interesting group. It’s people like Eric Schmidt from what is it Google at the time? The guy who’s running Yahoo, very interesting people, I was sort of this outsider was just invited, right? But anyway, Clinton goes around the table.

And we but we were all internet pioneers. And he says, Hey, I believe we can use the internet. So 9394, for campaigning, I’d like to hear you guys talk about how we can use this technology.

So people want around and I shared some very interesting ways you could combine email with the internet, right? So we talked about this. And so at the end of this conversation, what I saw what this guy had figured out, so this, he had heard everything go around and he said, Oh, Dr. Shiva has something very interesting to say he goes, so what you’re telling me is, I can use the internet for having these one on one conversations through email.

He goes, I get it, but his quote unquote, brilliance was he was able to take this vast amount of knowledge and distill it to the essential piece. And that’s what he was doing with the Monica Lewinsky thing. He knew no matter what occurred, he his evil rational mind had figured out that all he had to keep saying was I did not have sex with that woman.

Right? That was his legal way out whatever he defined sex to be. So that is the rationalized mind, that’s the evil piece, they figure out their way out of something. And that’s all he kept doing.

If you notice right what is remembering there they have him on the on the deposition, they go he goes what is that? Like? What do you mean that like he starts questioning? What is that mean?Owen Benjamin 1:02:13Right? What are you? What is isDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:02:15what is is yeah, what is is so so but you could see to your point the morality of using the the mind in its more wicked ways to take a very complex situation where you were clearly at fault and figuring out this one little thing that you could use from a legal alchemy to get outOwen Benjamin 1:02:37that picture Clinton with all you guys, okay was like, Are you guys develop the internet? So how can I send everyone my deck? Well, well,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:02:49no, but oh, well, let me finish getting back to Carrie.

Let me finish his job. So at the so what happens is so in the middle of this conversation, remember, there’s a very small group, there’s only one woman there, right? I think. So remember, everyone, some people may not remember that you can go read about it the lewd things that Clinton did with a cigar with Monica Lewinsky.

Okay, so anyway, stupid carry, you know, even as he goes, Okay, now that we finished dinner, anyone who wants to have some wine, and some cigars can do that, and the whole room becomes quiet. And Clinton without a without a any loss. He goes, and any woman who wants to have cigars can also have them.

Right. So that showed that he didn’t care. He had figured his way out.

And then Kerry goes to his drawer, and he pulls out cigars. And they’re all Cuban cigars. I don’t smoke, right.

And basically, which is basically illegal cigars from Cuba, which they’re also attacking all day long, right? So that’s a level of contradiction these people live in and they’ve gotten away with this evil of convincing all the peasants that we get to say this and we don’t have to do this. And you will also accept the fact that we live in contradiction. And that’s what the evil of a guy like Kennedy is or an Elon Musk is or a Tucker Carlson.

They are from the sober spooned class. And this is the evil that if we can break through this in an accelerated way, oh, and it’s much faster when we can save a lot of suffering. Because when you really look at the suffering, let me I wanted to share this one graph with you on Can I share this one graph? I don’t know how to do the share.

Oh, you can Okay. So you just make okay but if but there’s a very interesting graph I’ll describe it. So this single graph says oppositeOwen Benjamin 1:04:35of an Indian technically like do by the way, I just gotta tell you this so so some so whenever somebody says like Oh, I I called customer service and I talked to this Indian I’m like I’m friends with the Indian the created customer service.

Yeah.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:04:52What do you ever see that university the Russell Peters one, now Was it him? Eventually he mentioned you call He was saying, okay, so we outsource everything to India.

And eventually they bring back stuff to the US and someone is Mahatma Gandhi or something, right? They put on an accent, right? So, right, because if people start anyway, but I think the the, the the cool thing that we have an opportunity to do, I think guys like us and others, if we can educate people on his dynamics of evil, it’s really a system dynamics of evil. You see where people are coming, you have all this data and mechanistic data, you then create a false god for that situation, and you drive them to an institution they can control. And this is what the Kennedys did.

I mean, the frickin Kennedys. They smear everyone they’ve made John Kennedy appear as though he’s his great lord, when the guy is the one who started Vietnam. He made everyone be communist to start got us into a nuclear war.

He’s the one who created offshore tax havens for the super wealthy. And if you look at it, they created this martyrdom out of him, and they will always create a camera pictures to make him Camelot, but he’s the one who signed the 1962 vaccination Act, which was based on a 1915 old model of the immune system. Okay, so you could say, okay, he was done.

Then his brother Ted Kennedy, and Waxman create the National Vaccine Injury Program, which absolves all the big pharma company. So instead of getting rid of this old outdated Act, which basically said one size fits all medicine, that they created another institution of power called under Health and Human Services. In vaccine court, I just, it’s not whether it’s beyond pro or anti Vax, I want people to understand this dynamic.

So instead of instead of, like you said, admitting they were wrong, they created another corrupt institution. And then all these angry parents are funneled into this, they’re controlled area, and they only get maybe 250k liability, then this other fool Robert Kennedy comes along was a heroin addict, right? And then to absolve him of a sense, he said,Owen Benjamin 1:07:02Why doesn’t he look droopy? That That makes sense.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:07:05I didn’t know that. But anyway, he then he starts Waterkeepers, which he really didn’t start someone else did. And then they get him into being a medical freedom.

It’s like only the Kennedys always get branded, as if people come from above and are gonna save the masses. Right? And what does he do? He talks a good game, but he wants safe vaccines from the same people are going to who created these corrupt institutions. So this is a contradiction.

Oh, and that I believe it’s our mission to break people out of this recurrent process of accepting duplicity. And one rule for them and another rule for you, and you should just accept that, oh, Bobby had to do that. Because at the time, he had to do that at the time, he had to say that well, freaking at the time yet to say that, is he going to actually pay any penance for all the damage that he caused? You say atOwen Benjamin 1:07:53and it’s all about the people accepting it, too.

I got a funny Russell Peters story. So yeah, Russell tours a lot in the Middle East. And so he gets access to some of these royal families.

And they and so one of the rope and he’s telling the story on Leno. And I know Ross, He’s a good dude. Yeah, he’s a good guy.

Yeah. Um, he’s telling this story on Leno about how he’s in a basement of one of these kings mansions in the chute and gold plated machine guns and all this shit. And the king calls him like freaking out like bloody good.

What did you do? And I point that out to people that because I point out, a lot of these countries have less tolerance for hypocrisy. And I’m like, yeah, a lot of the guys at the top are hypocrites, but the people don’t accept it. So this trillionaire King is spiraling.

Because the people hadn’t broke yet, then like, oh, yeah, you don’t get to you don’t have to follow Sharia. But we all have to. And I tried to tell that to people.

I’m like, in America, don’t let them get away with stuff. Like if they. And I think sometimes they like to rub rub our nose in it, like they almost commit crimes just to show that they can and get away with it, like the cigar thing.

Where, you know, with a population that accepts the rules for the not for me, exactly, are a slave, like there’s no rule. Yes. And there are countries that don’t accept that.

And I know that, you know, there’s corrupt royal families, especially in areas of the Middle East and all that, but they hide it like they, they can’t just flaunt it in your face. And there is a real demoralization to when they do it in front of you like it’s one thing. It’s one thing like let’s say you suspect someone’s cheating on you versus they show up at your party with someone else.

Yeah, that’s another level. You know.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:09:37Yeah. My uncle many, many years ago, a lot of my uncle went to Saudi Arabia. He was brought there to be a surgeon there, you know, many years ago, one of my uncle’s.

What’s interesting is, he said that alcohol is not allowed there, right, but people wouldn’t flaunt it. Apparently, when you want an alcohol you would call the ambulance. Okay.

The hambulance would bring you the alcohol, right? But what you’re saying is, is important on because I think the boldness, and the temerity of the US elites is fuck you. We’re just going to do whatever the hell we want. And and they have brainwashed the average American to say, Oh, well he had to do that because fill in the blank.

Owen Benjamin 1:10:21Yeah, and I think even the elite like I think they’re so advanced that they you not like they’re smart but they have this one dumb psychopathic game down right? Where the rollout fake elites like Elon Musk, right? Just in case the peasants freak out because back in the day, you know, some of my Irish friends are telling me they’re like, oh, you know, the, the king will come out raping and killing everybody until people get pissed off and up and take their fucking head, you know, and I’m like, they’ve almost set up these liability shields where if people get pissed off and out, they just take out actors, right? You know, the guys behind the scenes there, like, you know, I had this weird thought about that’s like, what the raw child thing really is, like, redshield. Like, almost like, they’re puppets. Because everybody, like conspiracy people think the Rothschilds that control the world? I’m like, I don’t know, I don’t think everybody would be talking about the people that actually control stuff.

I think a lot of times those are liability shields. Like, if people get pissed off, and it’s like, you know, send out the clouds? I don’t know, though. That’s my focus.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:11:23I think I think the issue is a lot of the those people try to point it at one point, the those in power are really more of a swarm. It’s not in any, it’s sort of just like we talked about a self organizing system.

They too, are self organized, they’re decentralized in a number of places. And it’s more of a consciousness. And I think once we start viewing this as consciousness, it’s easier to combat it.

And the consciousness that needs to be raised here is people I think, ultimately saying, do they have respect for themselves? And I think that that that goes to people starting to acknowledge that they value the work that they do, do they walk the walk? And if you’re walking the walk, and and you’re doing those things, then why are you allowing these people who actually say this, and they do this? And I mean, I mean, oh, when the reason I decided to run for president was this, right? I said, Okay, you have these people for over and over again, I know the plight of the working class. Are you fucking serious? How does Robert Kennedy know the plight of anything? I mean, he lives in Malibu, right? He plays with his falcons, right? Like old kings. And or, I mean, think about it.

I mean, these people do, but the fact that they say that, they say they’re over here, and they understand the plight of everyone, and they are going to help people, right? It’s such a such a deep contradiction. And because of that contradiction, you can see that they have basically come to the position that I can say whatever the hell I want, and the people will just accept it. And hahahahaha what, and I think this is deeply ingrained to them.

When I was out in Hollywood, right? The person I was with would say the masses are asses. And she actually believed that. Now think about that.

That means deep down, they believe people are stupid. And this is what they can do over and over and over again. That is okay.

They have this huge disdain for humanity. Yeah, it’s really deep, man. It’s like people let thatOwen Benjamin 1:13:25creep in.

I’ve had mild elements of cynicism almost creep in, and I’ve recognized it and stopped it. Like I don’t even use the word massive. No, I don’t like it.

What I’m saying is, but that’s the word that you’re quoting them. No. Yeah.

Like during the lockdown. I like when I’m seeing people put masks on their kid’s face and putting bubbles and stuff. Like, I had this little whisper and that’s why it’s important just to not accept these whispers of being like, these fucking people need to be controlled.

And then I’m like, no, no, that’s evil. Like that’s, like that’s, that’s a thought that I’ve had where in a lot of times, it’s fake. Like, like, if you’re on Twitter, like you’ll just see you should die.

You’re dumb. I hate you. You’re a piece of shit.

You’ve lost your mind you like, like one of my theories was Elon let me on Twitter just so that I would accept like, you know, subjugating people. But I won’t I now assume it’s usually a bot. Or someone’s mis directed because it’s almost made me more optimistic.

So I’m just like, I tried to see that. You know, that whole namaste thing where the divinity and me recognize the divinity in you. Yeah, I’m excited to see the spark and people no matter how, like far away it is, because I know the evil wants us to look at people as you know, like house and I’m really forged.

That’sDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:14:42sad mechanistic world view. Oh, and that’s because I workOwen Benjamin 1:14:49just like that, right? That’s why I gotta say, this video of me with the gods where it’s like, you know, I’m like, I get the blonde girl and I tell her we’re gonna make America great again.

I get the black guy and I tell him like what Ghana Black Lives Matter. I put them in debt around the neck. I give them pornography and their dish, and I castrate the ones.

And I tell them, they’re brave and beautiful. I’m like, I’m showing people I’m like, the mechanized worldview. You are a cattle to them, right? We’re not cattle, and we can act like animals, but it’s a choice.

And we can always choose out of that. And that’s why I love talking to you about this stuff. Because it really is a system thing.

It’s like bees don’t choose to make the hive it’s like the way they’re vibrating makes the hive and that’s why conspiracy can get weird because it you know that they don’t get like a memo, like, kinda like what I asked about how they communicate, like the swarm is how it is.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:15:39It’s a swarm communication.

It’s basically signals. It’s yeah, it’s signaling that’s done on their own intuitive, you know, this. It’s a swarm.

It’s they it’s not it’s any one ant, you step away. It’s the entire anthill. Like now there are certain points in that network I don’t know if you saw the story with this guy you know, you know that guy Ari Emanuel right the big agent who runs right complete spraying down Elon just yet photo of him spraying Yes.

Now check. Check this out. A little story came out at a lot of people ignored it.

But he said, Are you manual, too? People don’t know. Ari Emanuel is a big agent. His brother is Rahm Emanuel, who was Obama’s Chief of Staff.

Right. And who was a mayor of Chicago right. Now.

Ari Emanuel was the head of what is it? What’s that big starts with a W WM Rs. Yeah. And William Morris pretty much is a handler of most of the big Hollywood actors, comedian, whatever you want to put.

They became endeavor, they changed their name. So they own the Hollywood theater. Ari Emanuel.

He also owns UFC, Joe Rogan, that doofus, right? And then this article is saying they had just bought WWE from Vince McMahon. So think about from a platform architectural engineering perspective. He’s got Hollywood, he’s got UFC boxing, and now he’s got worldwide wrestling entertainments, different things for different states of consciousness.

But now you go to the fourth layer political theater, it turns out, are you Manuel was Trump’s agent.Owen Benjamin 1:17:20Dude, my agent was Hillary Clinton’s agent. Oh, really? Oh, yeah.

And I remember this is when politics reallyDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:17:26started breaking down, but I’m saying they own political theater, Hollywood theater, boxing theater,Owen Benjamin 1:17:32agent, but one guy, my agent, my old agent, who’s now this mega, like, hedge fund guy. He was repping Hillary Clinton and he was so excited.

And he was like, Cool. I used to get along with these guys. You know, I liked their chutzpah, but at the end of the day, they are misrepresenting themselves.

And I saw that they were structuring a pretty fucked up society. But he was like, I think I can sign Mike Huckabee. And I’m like, aren’t they enemies? This was like, Oh, this is fake.

Like, you guys are structuring mythology. Right? Like, so my agent who is like used to be Hillary’s aide when he was like, in college, and then becomes and he was like, Cool. He’s like funny hutzpah, all that stuff.

But that’s all fake. It’s like so I’m like, wait a minute. So But Mike Huckabee is supposed to be like the red team like Don’t they hate each other? It’s almost like when, when? What’s his name? Brett Farve went to Minnesota.

Everyone’s like, I remember being like, I thought they were enemies. It’s like, oh, no, this is all completely fake. And so I think they are just creating myths to control people.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:18:34Yeah. And I Yeah.

Oh, and it’s basically they own. They have read, you know, people like Joseph Campbell’s work. They know the power of archetypes and myths that are within us.

Right. They know this alchemy. So now they’ve created I mean, one guy in this case, it is one guy are you manual, and they were going to put get this so you have Trump who is agent as Ra manual.

So it’s a direct connection. And they were going to put Elon to be on the board of endeavor, who he sprang down, right? Yeah. And you have Trump saying that he would do anything for are you manual quoting like this guy’s I’ll do anything for him.

In fact, he wanted him in the White House. So I think what people need to understand is this is a swarm of, of people are very, very close knit. And the experience you find it’s not about left versus right.

There’s all this is theater. It’s freaking theater. I mean, you go from I remember when I was in Malibu.

Kennedy’s other brother had this event at his house and they brought this other doofus in Sadhguru. You know, the guy with a turban and the beard. And I’m like, This guy’s a fucking idiot.

And all these people are always talking. I said he’s not saying anything. He’s like a fool.

Okay, so all these people think no, because he’s got the beard and the turban. He’s saying anything, but you could see his existence. The Hollywood actors who bowed on him because they have no spirituality, anything they’ve done They work on themselves, they have to go to this idiot, right? But it’s one big cluster swarm of the same set of people.

And I think they basically remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon, the coyote, and the Sheepdog check in thinking, okay, and then they go at each other, and then they go back. And I think there’s nothing, it’s that simple, man. It’s nothing that different.

And I think the masses actually are brought in. And they have different now, theaters for them, okay, you can watch over blown WWE, you can get UFC, you can get Hollywood or you can get political theater. And that’s why I think Trump’s whole indictment, this thing with I think Kennedy is being engineered.

This is my view, he’s being engineered to be the next president. And that’s why I consider him very dangerous. And I think he needs to be absolutely exposed when I started exposing him on back in 2020.

You know, what the guy did? I mean, this is what he said that I run a vaccine manufacturing company I got so under his saying, he went completely, and that I’m in bed with Bill Gates. And he said that I work with the Clintons. I mean, just blatant Hitlerian.

Big lies.Owen Benjamin 1:21:16Those people lie all the time. No, but I’m sayingDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:21:18the lies that they do are so egregious. Yeah, that and I tried to sue the guy for 95 million, and he’s been evading service hiding away, we’re still gonna go get him. But the point is that these guys have learned this technique of blatantly lying, never having to ever be responsible for what they do.

And can and then the setup, people actually start supporting them. And I think this is what the dynamics of evil art.Owen Benjamin 1:21:49Yeah, and the bigger the lie, the more people go along with it, because the more effective it is, because like, what if they’re wrong? You know, that’s why they’ll do some of these manufactured events to get the heartstrings going.

Because you don’t want to be the one that question something if there’s victims, you know, because a lot, so if somebody says you are literally creating vaccines with Bill Gates, it just creates that little shadow of doubt. And that’s why they go so big with their lives, like the things people say about me are fucking crabbet left my farm for more than 12 hours and over three years, I say, most boring, like, like normal lives ever have no secrets like nothing. And so people have to literally be like, Oh, he secretly.

And because they, they need that slander, like they can’t just fight your ideas, they have to fight the person with the ad hominem. Right? And hopefully people are seeing it. I don’t know, what do you think? Do you think people are starting to see the mechanist? Well,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:22:45so So I have this view, go back to the thing. We’re talking about the concept of the mechanistic world, and this notion of a thought, you know, can change the world? I think the reality? Oh, and is this, that if you look at his iPhone, right, that we all use in this stuff, this thing just didn’t come into being? Okay. And so it’s a very deep question you’re asking.

So if you look at your life, and you look at where we’re at, right, this moment, it’s a slice of a long movie that goes back millennia, right to your parents and their parents. And I mean, you could do a whole movie that brought Owen Benjamin, right here. And the thing that brought me at this point, right? So if you consider all of that, in that journey that we went through our consciousness went through a process, where we’ve come to the position where we realize that we need to actually organize something that is part of that wave of consciousness.

So when Steve Jobs made one of these, this doesn’t just happen. Think about the amount of millennia of things that took place to form this iPhone, okay. You had to figure out transistors work, you have to figure out how to create ceramic glass, you have to figure out user interfaces and miniaturization.

I mean, and then one individual because of his state of consciousness decides to compel all these energies together, if you think it was jobs, whoever, right to organize to create this, right? But that’s a movement of consciousness. Now, if we’re saying like to answer your question, can we fundamentally change the world? Well, how does that occur? Well, one theory is, well, it’ll just you oppress people enough and they’ll just occur bullshit. What is shown as you oppress people, they get more oppressed.

So our life journeys bring us to a point where we have to say, Okay, what do we do, what is to be done? And that what is to be done leads you to a point, okay, because of the journey I took because of the sacrifices others made, and because of that effort, I have been able to capture this knowledge and that knowledge of system science, which is what we’re, what I’m coming to the conclusion leads us to the fact that we must actively now self organize that thing that we want it to occur, you say So once you understand there is a self organizing system, how can you raise consciousness? Right? Because now we understand that is a dynamic. And our goal is truth, freedom and held their goals power, profit and control. So for power, profit and control, they create false gods.

They watch what we’re doing, and they want to create this mechanistic world. Well, my life brings me to a point I want truth, freedom and health for myself and others. So what is the organizing principle I want? Well, you ultimately have to teach people about this system dynamics, they don’t want to teach people the system dynamics, because if they do the genies out of the bottle, so I think the goal overall is to teach people this dynamics.

And so that’s why when I was thinking about this, I said, Okay, we have to teach people in a very simplified way, the system science, right? We have to build a community, right? You have, that’s why many of the people from our last video that came from the bear, your bear community, awesome people, and they’re like, totally in resonance with this. It’s like you don’t have to, sometimes you could get wacky people coming this crazy conspiracy, like you have to deal with this really weird matter. Yeah, the matter that came from you, the people that were listening to us were totally in resonance.

So the goal is we have to consciously organize or be the catalysts we can’t organize, be the catalysts. So the self organizing principle comes in for truth, freedom and health. And that means that so what does that mean? That means we have to talk about the system dynamics, what you’re talking about in your way, you’re breaking the ngrams, I do it in a different way, right.

So you have to once you were afforded all this knowledge, you have a big duty now to serve. And that service comes in like just like this was created, you have to actually organize a movement, it’s not just going to, and those in power know this. So the movement they’re organizing, is a movement of automatons, their end goal is depopulation.

Ultimately, whether you look at it whatever way you want, their end goal is more for them less for everyone else, right. And so one of the curves that I have is, if you go back to 1980, till today, I can’t do it. But imagine a axis like this.

And the y axis is life expectancy, right? I mean, ultimately living, you forget about long life, but living healthy, I would ascribe is just one outcome of if this whole matrix is working well. So in that graph, there’s individual gray lines for Japan, right over the last 60 years, how their life expectancy going up, or Germany or etc, or us, and then they average all of these life expectancy, and you get this sort of 70 degree line like this, okay? You look at the United States since 1980, it was going like this, and now it’s going like this. It is the only industrialized country, which is going the other direction.

Now, what’s so powerful about that graph is it exposes all of these people left and right, all the way from the beginning. So you look at this graph, and you say, I don’t care what you say, This is what you’ve delivered. It’s like you can talk all you want, but this is what you delivered, it doesn’t matter.

And so that graph to me, Owen, behind that line is all the system dynamics of veterans coming back from wars, who have PTSD, who won a veteran with PTSD affects 100 people in their communities create stress, that’s the chickens coming home to roost with all the imperialist wars, these guys started. Then you have the big pharma, you have the big ag. It’s not any one thing.

It’s not vaccines. It’s the elites policy, the policies that they’ve done, whether through actual harm or just selfishness has resulted in a graph. Every other country is going like this, we’re going like this.

It’s black and white. So that’s what I want to hammer on. Like, I don’t care what the fuck you say, look at this graph, explain this.

You see, like,Owen Benjamin 1:28:50Missouri, Missouri is our state motto is to show me state I always like that. It’s like, well show me. It’s like what you say doesn’t matter.

Look it like people are dying, you know, and that’s where the sophistry is really, really hitting people. I’m glad you liked the bears. Yeah, they’re, they’re a group of people that that are productive and optimistic.

And there’s almost no victim consciousness in the community, which is probably why a comedian was good at making this community because like the hammering and the jokes I do, because no sacred cows. You know, that’s why various groups have tried to latch on to me like, Oh, you’re gonna fight my enemy. I’m like, I don’t have a dude, I make fun of everybody.

And so if you get through that means you have this like cancerous ego that’s like, oh, how dare you? Right? And those are some high quality people. And so that’s why I try to lower people’s dependency where people are saying do not comply. We and I know the power of rhetoric, so I said do not rely rhymes and then it actually transmits their little phrases where it’s like, instead of a hill to die on, oh, there’s my Hill to die.

It’s like what’s your Hill to grow on? Consciousness? You have to make it right. And I say you only control what you create. You know? Do not rely, because if you’re if you rely, you have to comply.

But if you don’t rely, it’s your choice. And so then we just, you know, persistence is fertile. That resistance is futile.

And I know, that’s the maybe the black rapper and me why yay likes me. But I love those words, I love those little rhymes, and that alliteration and stuff like that, because that really hammers at home.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:30:20Well, the thing is on what you just said, it takes you talk about engineering to come to these words, to put them in these very small packets of knowledge. And consciousness is not something that occurs overnight, it requires a tremendous amount of hard work, because what we’re trying to do is to get the right words, in a framework that really compels other people to go through this process faster. And to me, that is, you know, engineering of this is that engineering process, you’re trying to put stuff together with the knowledge that we were afforded in such a way that you can advance this faster, because the faster you do this, you you lessen suffering, right, these guys don’t want the suffering curve to go down, they don’t care.

That curve that I’m talking to you about is fundamentally what exposes they do not care. They do not care about people to die, they want people to die, because how and the every since every other nation sort of follows the US. That curve is a pattern that is going to occur everywhere.

Now Jay Forrester was one of the leading guys in the world. He died in 99. He came from Missouri.

In fact, in Nebraska, I’m sorry. He’s a professor at MIT very, he was one of the fathers of system science. And back in the I think 2000, they had done this whole system dynamics curve.

Now, I don’t know if this was engineering, a projection. But so one of the curves that they have is they have the death rates from 1990 Going down, and right around 2023 starts going up like this, that was a prediction done in 2000. All right, so death rates come down and they go like that.

Now, is that engineering? Or is it prediction? You see what I’m saying? Or were they so if you look at what I just said, with the United States, that quote unquote, the greatest country with the biggest GDP has, that means what that curve is saying is the life expectancy of your family and their children is going to be worse than today. And people just need to absorb that. So all the people on the left, every Elite is implicated in this.

If you’re a professor, anyone who has a big name is implicated in that graph, that we need a systems overhaul because that shows whether you’re in academia, media, any of these people, they contributed to that, because they had power. They had a megaphone, and no one is talking about that graph on no one, because it implicates all of them. Everything we’re talking about is implicated in that one line graph.

Owen Benjamin 1:32:45Wow. Yeah. And a lot of what they do is like, they’ll they’ll paste the truth where Joe Rogan in March of 2020, it was like March 13.

That’s why I wonder like, do they do sometimes get scripts and talking points where it’s like, he said that anybody that’s against vaccines is a kook and imply that their children should be taken away. And so when he rolls out ivermectin, nine months later, he gets to salvage his credibility as a false god idol. Keep gatekeeping but when it mattered, he threw everyone under the bus.

Yeah, that’s, it’s pretty gross. And these people do suffer for their horrible behavior. Like they’re, they live pretty miserable lives.

What’s your opinion on that swarm? Like, are they intelligent? Are they happy people?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:33:31Well, you know, it’s interesting from my observation, right? I think these people live two lives. This outer life right if you go to Nobu over in Malibu, right? That restaurant right in that VIP section, they’re all the same people who get in there and they live this outward life.

Of they are there they are, you know, it right there on top of the heap. They’re living well, but I think there’s this other life that is absolutely devoid of any type of soul when I’m around those people. Oh, and when I first met Kennedy was pure evil.

I mean, I can’t tell you man, there’s something really off with that guy. And he lives I think literally two lives all these people live two lives. That’s why the giggling you see from fucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson, right is that it is an evidence of someone who is not hold.

And this wholesomeness is not there. So they have become very, very good at this outward acting, and being able to manipulate people and it gives them this hubris that everyone else is stupid, but they’re smart. And the reality is, I don’t even think they have thought about what is happiness.

Oh, and I mean, we were thinking about these questions right? To them. It’s a very visceral sense. Do they have this and others don’t have this? So they have this and others don’t have this, but I don’t even think they get beyond that man.

I don’t think there’s any sense of that discourse and everything they do. Every everything is a messaging. You see, that’s done to advance.

So the story I heard was stuff is going to come out about Tucker about some stuff that took place at Fox. Right? He was apparently a woman has a video of him. We don’t know all the details.

I just heard this this morning. So that they know when even their own swarm spit some out there ready for the next gig, right? So now he goes over, hangs out with Alex Jones and puts this whole thing together that now he’s he didn’t know about how screwed up the world was. Now he’s coming to a great awakening, what great, but what is going to be your penance that you’re going to play pay for that? Tucker? Will you pay anything for any of this? Will you will you apologize to what you did to our lawsuit when you could have had an effect? They never say when things matter? You talked about Rogen when things matter.

They don’t use their megaphones because they’re all on golden handcuffs. They’re slaves.Owen Benjamin 1:35:52And they’re waiting for this signal from their slave masters.

Right? So like, I’m like, okay, Bruce Jenner is taping his way into his leg. That’s a joke. Like, if no one’s doing this joke.

We’re not comedians, right, buddy. Just the swarm was like, they’re looking for their signal. And I’m like, Dude, I don’t look to other people.

I’m six eighths, right? And so I do the joke. I get all this heat and cancel. Then five years later, Chappelle does the same joke and everyone’s like, fighting the deep state, but like all it was was the OP ended they sucked it dry they got the graph went whatever the graph finished, and then they’re like, Okay, salvage it.

Let’s throw out our fake truth towers and keep the people in trained in this false mythology. And it’s just so obvious. That’s why they despise people that aren’t in that, because it reveals it.

I think you’re so right about that. Like if you ask them if they’re happy, they’d be like, Well, I have a Bugatti and you have a Ford Focus.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:36:51Exactly. Right. Yes.

When you ask him that question that distain is Why are you asking me that question? Who the fuck are you asking me that? Look at what I have.Owen Benjamin 1:36:59And instead, they’re also very insecure. Like, this imposter syndrome is really interesting, right? Because they are impostersDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:37:07right? Yeah, that’s why I think oh, and I think one of the most powerful things we live in a very, very important time because those in power are creating they’re almost have a manufacturing facility of false gods now before was one or two. Now they have like, oh, factory, Tulsi Gabbard, next one, okay, Trump, we ran him through, right? They have a whole factory now, because they have to be ready to it’s almost like they’re doing marketing testing. Okay, that guy, let’s try this out.

Okay, that didn’t work. Let’s go to the next one. That’s what they’re doing, which false god can they put today in this arena, to manipulate people back to them.

And that’s the fundamental phenomenon that’s taking place right now. The manufacturing of false gods and false prophets, through their, you know, autonomous, autonomous engine that they’re doing. And that that’s why it’s exciting because what is the biggest anathema to them is independent people who do not own owe anything to them coming and the only way that they treat that is now with a cloak of invisibility, they make them invisible.

That’s our goal, and they are invisible. And then they plagiarize our material. And they put it out when it doesn’t matter.

Like the Dave Chappelle example you gave or Tucker Carlson coming two years later Oh my God, and he puts on that face you ever seen that disingenuous face? He does like as though everything is like oh my god this is shocking. The conversation him and musk have I wanted I said to CIA agents getting together Musk saying Oh, yeah, we discovered that the government has been in Twitter so you didn’t know that and then acting like this is a fucking newsman.Owen Benjamin 1:38:50It’s like watching the Daily wire profit on the trans kid thing.

I’m like,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:38:54Who says that? The Ben Shapiro fools.Owen Benjamin 1:38:55Walsh knows Yeah, I’m like, I was talking about this in 2016.

I got kicked out of CA like, you all know it, like every and now that you can market it right and almost like, like eat the scraps. It’s almost like they need the child trans stuff to make money. Now it’s like, you know, they do the fact that they’re allowed to do a college tour.

I’m like, when I talked about the trans kid hormonal abuse thing in 2017 or 2016 2017. I have detailed emails about why it wasn’t allowed at UConn, I wasn’t allowed at any of these colleges that I was booked out at because of my transphobia and then I couldn’t have an agent. If they’re allowed to go to colleges, it means it’s approved by the system that’s doing it so it’s like so they make their money on their trans stuff and then they make their money pretending to oppose it.

And that’s it it’s like they’re nobody’s attacking any of the roots of it. Nobody talks about Teva Pharmaceutical out of Israel that has a monopoly on the hormone that’s why I just don’t even it’s that they don’t care. I care deeply but I care about like Creating my communities creating the food, like doing our festivals, crowdfunding for land for the festivals.

We don’t have to be in debt. But like, because I’m just dealing with these people, I’m like, You never talk about what causes it. It’s only like, and I feel bad for some of these trans people.

I’m like, Dude, you’re you’re literally shaming people that are in pain, like, like, that’s your whole thing is your point. Ben Shapiro, and all these people, they point at these like depressed, broken, psychologically traumatized college kids, and they tried to bait them. And all they do is try and make them feel really bad about themselves.

It’s funny that I’m seen as this like, mean comedian and I have way more empathy and compassion for a lot of these marginalized communities that are now completely just used as cash cows. It’s like, it’s now they sell his her chocolate. It’s like, Well, do you talk about the DSM five, making it so gender dysphoria is no longer a mental illness so that now you can market it to eight year olds based on Obamacare, like you don’t even look at the Hey,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:41:04yeah, hey, oh, and so so that, yeah, so so the the right wing, whatever is making essentially money on this, right? That’s what they’re doing. So they take an issue, and they attack these people without compassion. What’s interesting is, in 19, late 90s, there’s a very interesting PR agency, you may know them called Burson Marsteller.

You know, these guys know, they’re a PR agency. That’s like the premier PR agency for crisis management. So like, when Toyota has their wheels falling off their cars, they call them or and they do the spin control for them.

So many, many years ago, when I was in my late 20s, when I started this company, because for customer service, right? person called me and they said, Oh, you know, we want to see if we can use your technology for working with companies predict when a crisis is going to come. So anyway, so I was meeting one of the senior heads of this company, and we went out to dinner and I said, Oh, tell me like, What was your biggest achievement? Because Oh, let me tell you my biggest achievement, I got really okay. He goes, You know who Eli Lilly is, okay.

Eli lady’s a big drug company. They are the ones who made Prozac, okay. And he goes, Well, I was brought into Eli Lilly, because they had a serious crisis.

I was a crisis. He goes Prozac sales were dropping massively. I go, what do you do? Here’s what I did was I came in and I said, You got to change his whole brand.

You can no longer I forgot their brand was like, we’re a big drug company that was there for and he changed it to we help people’s lives. First step. And then I go, what else do you do? He goes, we then he goes, I told them, they need to go start a nonprofit to save battered women.

I go, why is that? So they started. So Eli Lilly funds, the formation of this nonprofit he was telling me and what this nonprofit was going to do was they actually they took out big full page ads in newspapers, which said to women, Hey, is your wife’s is your friend’s husband beating her? If so tell her that she should tell her husband to take Prozac. So they took all these ads out there as though they care for battered women created a nonprofit.

And I go how to work he goes Prozac sales went up like that. So theyOwen Benjamin 1:43:24give you a snack it then now you hate battered women.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:43:27Right? Right. So now now go to trans. We know that there were some very so remember them when the 2010 census were coming out? Was it 10 years ago? Right? There was an interesting thing that the Census the US government census wanted to remove? Male and female question.

I don’t remember this. They wanted to, they didn’t want to ask gender. And a friend of mine very good friend of mine from New Jersey, Lorraine, and I sit and she’d come to visit and I go, wow, why did they want to do this? And then I said, Wow, that means because we know the census about collecting lots of data and seeing patterns.

I go so that means they want to disassociate gender, because maybe there’s a pattern that’s coming up with gender that they don’t want people to observe anymore. Right? So I type in gender changes, and boom, this article comes out done by this guy called Tyrone Hayes, who’s a professor, you know this work Tyrone Hayes’s work, okay, so Tyrone Hayes is a is a professor at Berkeley, who was funded by Syngenta, a big ag company. To prove that Atrazine was absolutely fine.

Atrazine is a restricted use pesticide and are up that is typically sprayed on golf courts or children’s. You know, when you go play football or soccer. It’s a restricted use pesticide.

It’s a weed killer. And so he was Syngenta wanted him to basically put the rubber stamp saying this is absolutely fine, no safety issues. Tyrone Hayes actually did research right.

He actually went and got the African clawfoot frog And he gave it Atrazine and he noticed that the males were becoming females. Okay, in the embryos, they were imaginating. Okay? That was sex change taking place.

And so he says, Okay, I’m going to publish this. And Syngenta comes in, threatens them because they thought he was gonna give the rubber stamp. They harass him, his family anyway, he publishes it, and then he showed it in mammals.

Now, the reason I want to told you that earlier story is this is a hypothesis that I have. Yeah, so so we know there’s some distribution curve of let’s say, gender is some flexible thing, right? Meaning there’s a set of people over here who are questioning their gender, but it’s sort of on the tail ends, but you have a large, maybe the curve is like this, okay, like the Gauss,Owen Benjamin 1:45:48my piano teacher growing up did have gender dysphoria. There’s like, it might be like one in 3000.

And they’re kind of like shamanistic mystical type people. Yeah. Not like an you know, it’s not like what we’re seeing now, like, there is a curve, yes.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:46:02Yeah. Like in India, those people are revered as like sort of gods or something like that.

But I give it when I went to MIT, I had a friend of mine, who came from a Hispanic migrant Farmer family where all the children used to be migrant farmers, every one of them had a gender issue, because they’re out in the fields with all this pesticides. So check this out. So imagine Oh, in that, just like the Eli Lilly example, they know that that curve has become really fucked up.

Okay. So now we create a PR program, to normalize something where the numbers have become really bad, to basically normalize the fact that these pesticides are such deep levels in our environment, that it is fundamentally causing gender change. Right.

So what would you do rollOwen Benjamin 1:46:54out an agent like Alex Jones to make it look crazy to question exactly. The frogs? Gary,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:47:00that’s what I’m saying?Owen Benjamin 1:47:01That would you even bring it up? You’re now associated with someone that acts right.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:47:05So you have Jones who does crazy shit to take real steps, they lead with him to make the shit look crazy. Right, but what I’m saying is, so here’s Burson Marsteller, the number one PR agency, look at what they did.

It was an engineer technique. We’re going to save these guys. We’re going to create a nonprofit, we’re going to normalize unison, I’m saying using the oppressed, right, in a particular area to sell a product.

And I think that’s what potentially could be going on here that you have created an ad campaign, because Ari Emanuel owns a home theater. He’s got the he’s got the platform, you tell me what you need. I’ll deliver it for you.

Right? Yeah, he’sOwen Benjamin 1:47:48like the devil. He’s like, Yeah, he’sDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:47:50he’s a front end.

He’s a user interface. So when I look at software engineering, you have the data layer, the application layer, and then the front end, so he controls a front end. Okay, Ari, I need this done.

All right. I need free speech. I need people to think okay, Elon, put this stupid guy here.

Right. Okay. Joe Rogan, I need the short guy over here to do this for me, right.

So they have these people on the front end to deliver stuff back to the back end, right. And I think they’ve engineered this man. And we have to expose this engineering architecture to people then people wake up.

I mean, howOwen Benjamin 1:48:24old is Atrazine? Is it like everywhere? Now?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:48:26Well, check this. Well, it’s so what I did was, so it’s not it’s used on sports fields, right? So I went and said, Wow, Bruce Jenner’s father’s job.

I just typed it on Google. You know, his father was his father was a tree surgeon. What did tree surgeons do? They cut off trees, and they used to put in pesticides so the tree wouldn’t grow.

So what if, again, hypothetically,Owen Benjamin 1:48:47hey, I’m into it,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:48:48you see what I’m saying? So I am, as a biologist who studies this stuff every day, the molecular pathways are so complex, man, you hit a certain, you know, Target, you can cause a whole chain reaction in reactions, particularly at certain phases of development. It’s particularly embryology.

Right, particularly in the mother’s womb. So I think that’s what’s happened. Oh, and, and that’s why when you look at that curve of lifespan going like this, this is the aggregation of all of these policies that chickens have come home to roost, as Malcolm X would say, right, right.

It’sOwen Benjamin 1:49:23such a good point about the vets too. It’s like, so so many of our alpha males are now just like broken and sad because they had to do some banker war. And like that, in fact, whole communities,Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:49:34right. 100 People get infected by one person who’s a PTSD. Now in ancient Mongolia, when a soldier came back from fighting, they didn’t introduce them into the community, they still do tapping.

They remove this memory out of their fascia. We just take these poor people, man that were poor, working class people were strong men were put in these environments, and then we put them back into societies with no support nothing And that’s what that curve represents, and a tonOwen Benjamin 1:50:03of lies because there are some wars where it’s more logical, like if the narrative works like the soldiers I know what the worst PTSD were the ones that broke, broke from the rules of engagement and like Johnson people that they shouldn’t have shot in their rules. And that we could be my brother used to call them mortal wounds, because, you know, they, they were they had a really hard time with it.

So if you’re in a war and it’s one reason why they’re so repellent some of these guys have truther stuff, is because there are a whole world of breakdown if they realize that so many of these wars are based around like, you know, banking, currency, opioids, you know, and, and then all those memories. And the reason you did it if your narrative starts breaking down, because they’re like, there was this one study that like that there was way less PTSD in the Pacific Theater. It’s funny, they call it theater, then the German Theatre in World War Two, because the fighting was more vicious and obvious was like, people are trying to kill you, you kill them versus like, some of these conquest wars.

It’s really tough to deal with that when you come home, you know?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:51:08Yeah, it’s interesting, you say that we have this certification we built for Farm to Table food, it’s a very high tech call clean food certified. So I got a call one day from some guy who had seen our clean food seal, and he had a question about it.

So they call me on my phone. You know, randomly. This guy was a veteran in the in the Gulf War, and I said, What did you do? He goes, Shiva, I have such bad PTSD.

He goes, I had to leave. And I go, what do you do because I was in a room. I was the one who was manning drones to drop on people.

And he goes to me, to your point, oh, and he goes, that war was so bad, because I would be killing people that I didn’t even see. It wasn’t like I had to face them. And I had to have this human relationship.

He goes, it was so psychically and spiritually bad for me. And, you know, he got rid of all that. He said, I took care of my body, I learned meditation, I started eating off the land.

But he goes, that was what his healing process and he’s still going through that. But he said, This disenfranchisement from him actually seeing the enemy.Owen Benjamin 1:52:13And if someone’s trying to kill you, regardless of it, the narrative, if I read a manual created something where people should not be fighting, but they are based on bad information.

If someone’s actually trying to kill you, and you kill them, doesn’t create the same PTSD than if you’re like, yeah, like what that guy just described, where you’re just a cog blowing people up with a machine. It’s like so hard on people. That’s why executioner’s have a lot of problems.

And I was doing a stream recently about how torturing people you’re going to execute is really bad for your soul, where it’s like, if a society deems a mass murderer to die, to torture, that person is to torture yourself like to be like, No, I want them to suffer because they make people suffer. It’s like, aren’t you executing them? Like, it’s the same with animals, like you should never make them suffer. It’s like, if that’s what you’ve deemed, because people will revert to being a child again, and be like, Mommy, mommy, and somebody’s like, strapped down and you kill them.

That’s your memory, and you got to carry that. And that’s going to cause a lot of problems. I don’t care what the fucking guy did before.

If you’re not engaged in combat, and there’s just someone sitting there and someone kills them. There’s, it’s so that’s why the executioner’s weren’t allowed to live in villages. Because they only live with each other because they’re like, so like karmically and psychologically damaged people.

You know?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:53:39What’s interesting on because the research I was doing about a couple of that 10 years ago is, there’s a part of it our bodies, which carry these memories, and it’s not just in the brain, it’s physically in your entire body. And people have beenOwen Benjamin 1:53:55the issues, what’s that? tissues have the issues? Yeah, tissuesDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:53:59have the issues of fascia actually. And you know, how you say you feel it in your bones, we may have talked about this. So your bones actually carry memory, your fascia carries this memory.

It’s not just in the brain. Some people have all of these elements, it’s literally this. These karmic memories are actually carrying in their bodies, and it requires some type of spiritual healing you have to go through.

So getting back to your earlier question, I think these people were talking about these evil people, I think they carry this physically in their bodies. So when I look at Kennedy’s voice, which sounds like something from his voice does not is those words don’t match his deeds. That is not accidental.

It’s voice sounds like that. You can talk about well, poor guy had this Well, I think there’s, there’s something with his existence. You have to look at that.

Okay. Because I think the physiognomy ultimately carries these things on some deep level. And, and that’s why men and then you have to look why some of these people almost just live for a long time? Do you not? I’m saying they’re almost living off some some other energy in a bad way.

You know, I’m saying they’re sort of justOwen Benjamin 1:55:11so yeah, they’re like puppet, it’s almost like they get hollowed out. And then something else is puppeting. Mostly yes.

Yeah. Because I’ve known some of these people do some of the most brilliantly evil shit. And they’re not smart.

And so I’m like, how does that happen? Yeah, like that, like the Bill Clinton example that of, of like, he will take this large idea, and just figure out exactly what he’s gonna do oneDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:55:36thing you just hang your hat on this one thing? Yep. Interesting.

Well,Owen Benjamin 1:55:41my friend, where can people find y’all I’ve taken up over two hours of your time. So Well, I’m really excited about you running for president. That’s awesome.

Yes. Especially just to get like just to get these ideas out. It’s just because I think the the fight really is consciousness.

I know that you agree with ours. Yeah. It’sDr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 1:55:59it’s consciousness and creating an environment. They have created a theatrical world. I mean, look, theater.

Ultimately, if you go look at the works of Broto, Brecht or Shakespeare, their ancient ancient, was ultimately was supposed to be used for good. Theater was supposed to be a way that you taught people it was political theater was the most powerful theater. And what what has happened is these people have taken over art.

I mean, art, from, you know, was a movement of its times it was supposed to reflect what was actually going on at a deep level. None of this art talks about the suffering of working people, none of this talks about any of the realities of what’s going on. Right.

So any when you look at a guy like Ari Emanuel, what he controls what Joe Rogan does not talk about when it matters, right? What the contradictions, they are basically running a world of theater, which has nothing to do with reality. So that’s why it becomes you know, running for president. It’s like, it’s going to give, I mean, we already are going to do it anyway.

Right. But it lets us say, You know what, okay, so you’ve created this world. I’m going to step into your world and fight you duel you on that world, one of the things I want to do Oh, one is here’s an idea.

Challenge. You know how they want to do a WWE, okay, I’ll play your WWE. I will challenge Tucker Carlson.

And Robert Kennedy and Elon Musk, they can do a triple tag team against me, and I want to talk about certain issues. And I’ll give them three minutes to my one minute. But let’s talk about Twitter, free speech, let’s talk about really vaccines and contradictions.

And let’s really talk about the news media. And I will take they all can three against one if that’s what they need. But I was going to do it, they won’t do but I was gonna say, look up.

I’m sure you guys have money issues, you need money, you’re begging for money. I’ll pay for your flight here if you need it, right. Since you’re into climate change, if you want, I’ll get your Amtrak but basically, Owen is to expose these people that they do not want debate at all.

And so that’s one it right, so this forum starts giving us an awkward, I think that’s what needs to happen. These people for far too long have been held at this level, they need to be brought down to what they really are. They are not really someone who serves life.

And for far too long, they get way too much respect, you know, and they need to be in a very, very, in a very, very directed way be absolutely disrespected. So people can break these engrams and start saying why are you calling him that? Why are you calling them that? Well, this is why this is what he said and this what he did. Are you a fucking idiot.

We need to have that conversation with people because this mindlessness needs to be broken. And andOwen Benjamin 1:58:56and and there’s ended their money doesn’t mean they’re good. Like that’s not my like breaking through there like Joe Rogan’s so much more successful than you you’re so you’re so jealous.

I’m like, name one actual thing that he’s more successful at than me. And all the guys money. They’re like, he’s so rich.

I’m like, dude, getting little gold stars from the devil isn’t really the accomplishment you think it is? You know? And because that’s one thing I love about America is America culturally, always has this idea that it’s like, it doesn’t matter what your title is, or what money you have. It’s like, what’s your moral character? And can you survive the winter? You know, and yeah, I want to really keep that American culture because I think it really I, I know, you know, it’s unique. A lot of people take it for granted that, you know, I make fun of the baby boomer grit stuff because it gets so annoying because they want to dress like the debt problems or like some of this bullshit that they’re doing.

I like that idea of grit and bootstraps actually is good. It’s just been kind of used in a bad way by people that are oblivious to how much harder economically their grandchildren have it but Yes, like it?Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:00:02Yes.

So, oh, and I think what’s what we’re going to try to do in this campaign is start elevating those people actually work. Someone like you gets up and works or, you know, people make something, right? These people actually put a shitload of effort to earn their degree or earn a skill and do it. I don’t know what Robert Kennedy has ever done.

I mean, if you if you didn’t come from a Kennedy, what would he be? Or Tucker Carlson if you didn’t come from his background? Right? Or Elon Musk? Like what would these people actually be? You say, and I think we need to go back and go back to these very core American values, which were about, you actually earn stuff and you worked your butt off, right? And you can’t find I mean, you, you try to do something in your home, and you’re, you can’t find anyone who wants to work anymore. It’s very hard. And so that one phenomenon segments the other hand, they’ve made people so destitute, and then and they don’t want to give them anything, and they call them all these names, right? So the right attacks these people, and the left wants to subjugate these other people, so they don’t learn any skills.

So you have this total attack on working people of American. Back to your point on I think, the end of this, if you look at the tip of the spear, from a globalist it was the American male, which was supposed to be the fighter for the world working class. And what’s happened is, when you look at that graph, it is actually been the destruction of the American male.

Because in a very profound way, because you destroy the American male, you take away the real warriors, who would have fought for the First Amendment and you replace some of the slob like Elon Musk, or giggling fool like Tucker Carlson, or some idiot like a contradictory fool. Like, like, these are men? I don’t think so. Robert Kennedy.

So they’ve degraded what a man needs to be, right? I mean, Robert Kennedy hits on every fucking woman. I mean, puts hands up their skirts, people should go do the research, and this is no value for any honor nobility, etc. And that’sOwen Benjamin 2:02:13kill him like his uncle.

You know, it’s like, what’s that? For a Kennedy to just mill last? It’s actually the moral Kennedy like, Ted Kennedy fucking killed whileDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:02:21he fucking killed one here. And then.

Yeah, I mean, it’s crazy. Right? So that’s what I’m saying. Murderers.

Right. Yeah. I mean, you see that movie, Nixon in the movie, Spiro Agnew tells Nixon, you know, they stole it from you fairly and squarely.

Right. So I think it’s an opportunity right now for people to really think about what it means to be an American. Yeah, what what did these value systems mean? Why did people come by the droves to this country? And that’s what I want to talk about? Do you really value people who work who really earn stuff? Or why are you giving value to a freaking guy who talked about eating maggots and shit Joe Rogan, right? Or some guy who had this huge megaphone Tucker Carlson in 2020, he didn’t say shit about the most important thing.

The government destroying free speech, all these people need to be exposed because they weren’t men. I’m not talking about women, not to disenfranchise them, but even wantOwen Benjamin 2:03:22people like you to say these things, because a lot of women are starting to get this like, scared feeling where it’s like, where’s the men? So I don’t think any woman would be offended by you saying that, because they want the man to hold the line. Even when the woman at the time is scared.

That’s when the man has to do with the most when it’s like, yeah, but my wife really wanted to get back. So it’s like, that’s the time she needs you the most. Right? Right.

Like you’re the guy like women fall for social shame so much more than men, which is fine because it makes them great moms and community leaders and stuff like that, but like they don’t want to stand out you know, they don’t I used to do a bit about how women or communist men are capitalist where, you know, for a woman whoever is having the worst time sets the tone where it’s like, if all the women are out like ones like I’m having a really bad night you know, Brian’s here with his new girl all the other girls are like, Debbie, you’re in charge now we’re all going home to lick your tears and manner like if one’s having a bad night it’s like get away from a studio Buzzkill. You know, but the opposite is true where for men the fastest and smartest we make our captain and leader for women. If it’s like she’s the prettiest tell everybody she has herpes, you know, or it’s like, the whole social ostracism thing for women is their whole nightmare.

And so when all the social levers are saying, if you don’t take a vaccine, you hate Grandma, you hate bla bla bla, women fall for that so bad and that’s why they need a man to say, Yeah, listen, they know that there’s gonna hurt for six months and then after they love you even more for it. Yeah, women don’t respect men that they can roll over. It’s like men have to be like, listen, I this is the right answer.

And that’s the masculine needs like butDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:04:59that’s But I’m saying what Kennedy did there shows the ridiculousness of this existence as a man. On the one hand, he doesn’t take it.

Yeah, that’s what I, you know. Yeah. Because on the one hand, he’s telling people to fight for medical freedom.

And then when it’s caught that he has to have medical tearing in his home, he doesn’t take ownership. He blames his wife. What a prick, man.

It’s like a double mortalOwen Benjamin 2:05:28man. That’s why men that get cooked by women don’t trust because he probably has been caught cheating. 1000s of times.

Exactly. So that’s when the woman rules the roost is when, you know, it really is that simple. Like the guys like I would tell her to stop, but then she won’t let me watch may point out, right, like, oh, that’s what you are, right? And that’s why I get to meet my family is because my wife knows I’m an honorable man, where it’s like, yeah, we’re moving Idaho.

And it’s like I you know, and it’s been a great call, and she’s very happy. But it’s like, because she knows that I’m not betraying her. And that’s why these like scumbag man get, like, totally rolled over by their women.

It’s like, I would have stood up for medical tyranny. But Brenda said, No. Yeah.

Why does Brenda have power over you, Robert? Right. Because you tried to bang her sister when she was drunk. Right? Yeah.

I just tried to loosen up. I’m very stressed out.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:06:26Yeah, I’m telling you, man, that’s I think that’s that’s the era I think the goal was to destroy the American male, because America is the one who had the first amendment in the Second Amendment, which are the most powerful weaponry for the liberation of all humans. And the tip of that spear after World War Two, whereas the American male, and when you look at the growth that took place, you had to go destroy them. And so people really want to ask in 2024 Do they want a pussy to be running their country? Do they? I mean, Tucker Carlson is a fucking pussy.

bowtie wearing giggling puts Yeah. bowtie wearing giggling pussy, or the ad talking guy who who cannot who talks about medical freedom swoops in whenever it’s needed, but can’t even in his own home, have medical freedom. Are you fucking serious? Anyone when I put out that tweet exposing him that idiot chief nerd, they have all he has all these little minions backing him up.

These guys are also not men. They are basically a minion of feminine bots. I don’t want to say feminine because they’re not even at that level.

You know, my grandmother, people where I grew up were powerful women, you know, around others. They’re goats that have been castrated. Yeah.

Goats that have been castrated. And that’s so the question and 2024 is, are you going to have goats that have been castrated? Are you going to have people who pay off porn, oh, a porno stars and then get indicted, and then we feel sorry for them.Owen Benjamin 2:07:52I mean, convictive is Donald Trump.

I mean, he’s paid that horror. 130 grand to shut him up. I did his bit where I’m like, Bill Clinton is calling up Donald Trump, like, you know, you can just kill him.

Right? Yeah. That’s pretty much our leadership class. And that was kind of I made someone laugh.

I’m like, yeah, don’t trust African. I don’t trust African Americans. And someone’s like, please, white.

I go, it’s not about the skin. It’s about Africa. Right? That was kind of funny.

He really is like a foreign guy, too. Yeah. Like people are just like, oh, just like, dude.

I don’t know. It’s pretty funny.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:08:28But I think oh, and I think that’s, I think we should have a to me, you know, our campaign is gonna be a lot of fun. It has to be about service and adventure. And I’m talking shit.

Yeah. and talking and talking to a lot of shit about these people and breaking all the rules. And it’s going to my, in my view, our campaign is going to be a fun campaign, it’s going to open up a huge amount of opportunity for people to awaken to the nonsense that these people are, and hopefully great men to come out of it.

So what we’re doing so the site is people can go to Shiva for That’s your standard website.

But the truth, freedom Truth, Freedom health is where the solution is, right? The solution is awaken your consciousness. How do you awaken your consciousness, you got to put in some time you have to put in the work, we’ve created the tool, so you understand the dynamics of how systems work, you have a community of people who are coming from all over the world.

We want people to be leaders in their community, in our in the platform that I’ve put together. Owen, it’s what you know, what our health care platform is, is it boosts your immune system? That’s it, build natural immunity, and we’re gonna that’s it, talking about all this other bullshit. How do you understand the dynamics of how your immune system works? And how you boost it? How are they going to get that we’re not going to wait to win in 2024 every other every sixth Thursday, I teach a course free you come in I teach you the immune system.

I teach you how, at the molecular systems level. What’s our program for the environment, learn how to grow your own food or learn how to support local farmers how to get. That’s the environment, right? Because if you if you if you value food as medicine, everything else comes out of it.

Owen Benjamin 2:10:12That’s an interesting little switch. It’s like not the environment, your environment, your environment, localize it is a very important little switch you can do right through.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:10:21And the next one is education, the education is learning truth from lies, wisdom, how do you learn that? Well, you have to understand the science of systems. Next is you get to innovation. What is innovation, innovation is solving a frequent problem, not sending a drone over there to bomb some people, some that’s not innovation.

So there’s an innovation program we have, we’re going to teach people what is money, right? Why is it an immigrant comes here with 10 cents in their pocket and makes 10 million where they learn about frugality, you know, using resources properly. So we’re going to our whole campaign is going to be door to door open, teaching people to come to these courses, learn, teach and serve. So and in so that’ll be the solution space.

But in the middle of that we want to just destroy these people in a very powerful with humor with comedy or whatever, you know, all these tools, and expose all these tools.Owen Benjamin 2:11:14And it’s good for men to be mocked when they’re weak. You know, it’s like, I was in this feud with this guy, like four months ago, and their main thing was that I was fat because I gotten a little because my wife had been pregnant for seven straight years.

So I was getting fat. And I’ve been running every morning I’m down like 30 pounds because I was sick and people call me fat. You know, it actually is good for man to be like a talker Quit being such a pussy now.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:11:38Well, that’s what happens when you grew up in Jersey, man, everyone jokes around you make fun of shit. And you just get over it and you improve.

Now you can make fun of every Yeah, people take it all personally and stuff. You know,Owen Benjamin 2:11:48I know. It’s like it’s helpful for guys.

Oh, you’re getting kind of jiggly. They’re big guys. Kind of let people know where their weaknesses are.

And it strengthens man and strengthens the whole. So that’s why I really liked it. You’re attacking feminized men, because it really you know, the whole soft man, we have a hard time saying it’s so true and our elite have never been softer.

In my opinion. It’s like, just incapable of even hearing.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:12:14Well, I think these men who fuck around on their wives are truly feminine men, because that means that they have no dignity for any so Robert Kennedy is a pussy with Donald Trump is a pussy. I mean all these people what the fuck are you doing? You’re married you have a wife and then you’re banging these people and then you pay her off and then you you were you’re the victim Come on, and then people are giving him people gave him 40 million $20 million and 10 million bucks. feeling victimizedOwen Benjamin 2:12:46fatties mocking the woman he banked it’s like, let’s say you’re just some Don Juan character and you just love lamb and he doesn’t even like them.

He’s right, whose face his face is a bit I’m like, then why did you hate you? Like you didn’t even find her attractive? Right? It’s just like, and I have a weird theory. And I think you’re somebody that I could actually run this by wouldn’t think I was crazy that there’s a there’s almost like a spirituality to promiscuity where it can start feminizing guys where it’s almost like, it’s so odd. Because we’re always told that the more women you’re with, the more of a man you are growing up in some of these environments, but what I’ve seen is there’s like an age where if guys keep doing it, they just get more and more like materialistic and like soft and weird.

Like, I know some guys that have been in prom promiscuous for like, decades, and they almost become like gay guys. It’s bizarre, you know, like Robert Kennedy like that weird, like, you know, because they’re not doing it because they like it. It’s almost like this approval seeking behavior where they want a woman to, to approve of them or they are it’s just like, their eyes go black.

I don’t know what it is. But it’s very weird. I don’t I don’t trust guys to cheat on their wife.

I think it’s real. It’s a it’s a telling sign that they’re either like, compulsive, they love their like, they like high risk behavior for no reason. Or they seek approval or they’re just like, really bizarre people, you know?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:14:12Well on it’s, it’s a couple of weeks ago, I had a very interesting issue that a friend of mine and I just met, we were talking about, you know, spirituality and he said, You got to read this book. And he sends me this book, I actually ordered a I got it. And it was a book about this very interesting couple who had lost their child when they were very young.

Right. And they wanted it they were asking the most profound questions like What is the meaning of life? And they had some very interesting experiences. Anyway, the mother wrote this book on life and the afterlife, you know.

So anyway, I got this book, big 300 page book and I said, Okay, what is what must I learned from this book randomly open up to a page and it comes up literally, just got it open up the Amazon and the book comes up to a page which says Your mission in life. And it said your mission in life is to fight evil. And to never, that was it, and I never I haven’t even read the book.

I give it to Michelle to read, okay, she’s reading it right? She’s read the whole thing and talks about the seven realms of heaven and you know, blah, blah, and it goes, you know, but that’s a mission in life. So you’re supposed to fight evil period, and in Cyrano de Bergerac and on the end of it, right. Some people say, Well, why should you fight evil, you know, it could be useless, you may lose, you may win.

It doesn’t matter. You’re supposed to fight evil no matter where it leads, that that is the end and the means now in order to fight even the greatest in all the greatest literature, you always had men with great honor great nobility. If you read the Ramayana, write the story ROM, or all these great epic stories, which is the true mythos that they don’t want to bring out the true architect of the hero’s journey.

They don’t want to they want to fill it with other myths, but the realOwen Benjamin 2:16:00things and all that stuff like, like the old Indian literature, yeah,Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:16:04like the Ramayana is a great story of ROM right? Rom is this guy who’s supposed to be the king? His father had bang some other wife, he didn’t tell him at the last minute when he was supposed to. He goes, Oh, I gotta tell you that I made a deal with that woman.

Anyway, so rom being nobly says okay, you can have my other because I honor you father, right. And he gets exiled, banished into the wilderness for 14 years and the ROM Magnum starts where he has to save his wife from this evil thing, but it’s the story of a what they consider the true man. Honorable noble fights for truth, right is willing to go through, but there was this concept of what fighting evil was, and men were supposed to leave that charge.

uncompromisingly. These people aren’t fucking fighters for evil. I mean, are you fucking serious? You fucking cheat on your goddamn wife.

You’re fucking banging anyone you can get a hold up and I’m supposed to trust you. How can you trust them?Owen Benjamin 2:16:57Like the funniest part is like I know some scumbags that are kind of lovable scumbags? That just kind of know they’re scumbags. And they are they are, dude, Trump’s he’s a scumbag and a victim.

He’s like, I’m being attacked. Like, guys are just kind of like, if you’re like, Hey, man, did you pay that ogre for a blog? That’s like, Yeah, dude, I know, but Trump’s like, I’m leading the charge against the duck this it’s like, bro, you don’t even know what youDr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:17:27Yeah.

And then the people are saying like, he’s like Christ being persecuted. You know that right? There wasOwen Benjamin 2:17:34I’m trying to sell an NF T. And deep state when that fake news.

Was that fucking telling me it’s a great gear. 2014 navy. Oh my god, this guy is like, he’s the most feminine guy I’ve ever seen just so feminine.

And people think he’s like this fighter. He’s like, listen, okay, the deep state is making me feel uncomfortable in that chair. Am I Oh, that’s why I’m optimistic because I think these things are going to.

You’re right, though. We shouldn’t just wait. We shouldn’t just wait to have oppress people.

You know, you have to build through it. Yeah, I mean, because your people aren’t. The more oppressed they get the more degraded they?Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:18:16Yeah, that’s a very famous quote. Some of the Russian revolutionaries talked about this. They had this big debates in the 1970s.

Like talking about how you make revolutionary change. One theory was that you oppress people enough and they’ll rise up. Well, that hasn’t happened in Jamaica and Haiti, you oppress people, they get into greater oppression.

And they know that it’s like the Monty Python skit, right? Like, the guy says, Oh, we were so poor. We lived under a paper bag. Oh, no, we were so poor.

We lived under the paper bag and the sword like you can keep oppressing people and they’ll keep modifying their existence to lower and lower and lower levels. So So change has to be organized, no different than you get organized to plant when you have to plant. There’s some methodology, there’s some engineering, and I think that’s what they don’t want to teach people with crazy religious shit.

Oh, there’s some Messiah gonna come from somewhere to help you. They want to take away people’s mental capabilities to figure out something Okay, I got to do this. Now then I got to do this.

And I got to do this. First, I got to realize that these people are scumbags. And this is why they’re scumbags.

This is then we have to understand how they fuck me. This is what they do. And this is the mechanics of being screwed over.

I’m going to teach you that. Then you got toOwen Benjamin 2:19:29know the mechanics of being screwed over.Dr.

SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:19:31Exactly. The system dynamics. We can put we should I mean, second.

No, seriously, man. It’s like an engineering. It’s like an engineering physics that we’re developing.

And people need to understand there is actually and they have all these people at major universities running these engineering. How to fuck people over ink, right or one on one? That’s what they’re doing, man.Owen Benjamin 2:19:53Oh, dude, so that’s why it’s like I wouldn’t wear the masks.

I’m telling people I’m like, when you can sell Imagine a girl being like if I just let him touch my genitals stop. It’s like, No, you’re consenting to the next layers, right? You can set like that’s why I’m so like, draconian when it comes to people getting me to do stuff, when they’re like, oh, no, just just come out, play a little ball. Just accept a little bit.

I’m like, Dude, it’s seduction. It’s like, at what point it What point? The earlier you stop, the easier it is. And so if you’re like, I’m not engaging in any of it.

People kind of leave me alone. Yeah, they’re like, Okay, this guy’s weird. No, well, Shiva.

It’s been awesome. We got him here. And if you ever need anything with the campaign, I’m all on board.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:20:37Well, y’all, so you’re gonna run all of Idaho. Hey, you know, we’re gonna do Oh, and we’re gonna map out all of our cabinets.

So we should make sure you’re in their head ofOwen Benjamin 2:20:46Secretary of comedy.Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:20:47Okay.

Secretary of comedy. All right. Thanks, Ellen.

Be well. Take care.Owen Benjamin 2:20:54Guys.

That was a great Dr. Shiva. I love that.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai 2:20:58All right. All right, everyone.

That was a US with Owen Benjamin. We forgot to put that in the tweet. I hope you guys had enjoyed that.

But bottom line everyone listening out there we need real men. Robert Kennedy is not a man He’s Robert F and Kennedy the F stands for feminine. Tucker Carlson the F stands for feminine is not a man and Elon fucking Musk is these people aren’t men stop looking to them.

And if you have problems with my cursing recognize that I believe that we should curse at the right time at the right person at the right place. So be well be the light and I wish you all wherever you are a good night or or but go to Shiva for and support this wonderful campaign be Well, thank you very much and do I shut it off John and ending logo.

Okay. Thanks, everyone.

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