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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Candidate for U.S. President, explains how we achieve Truth Freedom Health® for working people independently of the forces of Power Profit Control.

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I want to welcome everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. This is our morning, open house that we do for truth for human health warriors.

We do it every Thursdays at 11 and a pm this evening, there’s going to be sort of, as I mentioned to you what we’re starting to do, I said, we start to do it this week, but at the evening Town Hall at 8pm, which will record them we’ll put up there, we’re going to start educating people on how to strengthen their immune system. That’s how we’re going to do and the week thereafter that we’re going to do one on how do you buy local foods and eat healthy the week after that. Let Me In fact, bring up the path that we have put together that was articulated, let me bring it up.

So everyone can see this. I mean, this, we’re going to do this globally, this is not only for, but you can see that we’re talking to people look, you got to strengthen your immune system. That’s our health care policy.

That’s it. There’s nothing else to talk about. All these politicians talk talk, talk talk.

So today, we’ll be doing that we’re going to start teaching the world how to strengthen your immune system, because if you take care of the immune system, that is health care. That makes sense, because your immune system is the operating system of your entire body. And people are going to learn you take care of the immune system, you take care of, essentially pretty much every ailment in ancient systems and medicine, they always said all disease is one cause and it’s your immune system.

All right. The next thing is environment. Well, we got to teach people how to eat locally healthy foods on a budget.

Next is education, you got to be able to separate truth from lies. And everyone knows here, we have the solution for that, which is knowledge of systems. Next thing is innovation.

Well, let’s start making our children smarter. Teach them how to create. And from the life lessons I have as creating email as a 14 year old kid, we have a seven part little series.

So we’ll do that on May 12, how to be a leader in your community governance, you can’t trust these leaders anymore, right? So we’re going to have to do the work and train people how to be leaders. And then finally, from an economic standpoint, it’s very interesting, you know, immigrants will go to a country like the United States. In this case, my parents came with 75 bucks, and then they know how to save money.

They don’t rely on the government, right? They just figure things out. Most people don’t know what a cash flow statement as a profit and loss statement is, they don’t know what a balance sheet is, we’re gonna have to train people. So our movement is going to be best service.

This will be the back of a flyer that everyone could go to door to door to door. All right. Before we go on, I want to invite each of you to come to our next open house for truth, Freedom health.

I personally host the open house every Thursday at 11am PST and then again at 8pm PST, you’ll learn about truth for health, which is a movement, a platform as well as a community and much more. And we are dedicated to raising your consciousness through education theory and action practice, you will learn how to think beyond left and right Pro and anti so you may start to see things as they truly are and become a force for real and lasting change in your community. Again, to join us simply RSVP at V A shiva.

com/orientation, you’ll meet lots of great people from across the world. Again, it’s every Thursday at 11am PST and again at 8pm PST simply RSVP at VA be the light.

Now let’s go back to our program. Now, what I wanted to share with people as some of you may have seen this graph our entire movement globally, or in this case, I’m running for president United States, the message is singularly the same. It’s one message, okay.

And the message comes down to recognizing that wherever you are, you cannot in any way put any more faith in the elites at all in any manner. And why do I say that anyone who tries to say what are you going to do? What are you going to do for me? And how are these people going to help needs to really recognize that this is a dead end? Because now why do I say that? So the best way we can share that is through this video that I shared at the event. And I want to play that for everyone because it’s really, really important.

It’s a three minute video, but it really gets across the central point of everything we’re doing. And let me play for everyone here. But you’re going to get a really deep appreciation for those of you who are new.

Welcome. Those of you who are veterans, it’s going to help you recognize in a very sharpened way, what has really gone on. What I’m going to share with you in this video is what’s gone on in the United States.

But remember, most countries are five to 10 years behind the US. All right. And then I’ll also share with you modeling work that was done at MIT I think in the 1990s which you either predicted or engineered all of this.

All right. So let me just share this with you. Because we know one thing that the people of the United States are in massive suffering right now.

And none of these people care about you, and none of them will ever do anything to change anything. And why do I say this? I say this from simple scientific facts, I’m going to just show you one graph here. When you see this graph, everyone should be appalled.

You know, what this graph shows? What does this graph show, it shows the life expectancy of people in the United States as compared to the other industrialized nations, and just look at this graph. And anyone who sees this graph, wants to choose the lesser of two evils after tonight has to have their head checked, which means you want to be a slave to these people. And let’s look at this graph carefully.

What do you see in this graph? You see a bunch of gray lines. All right, and I’ll point them out to you. These are all these gray lines of other countries, Japan, Germany, etc.

And the United States over here, this hard gray line is an average of all those industrialized nations life expectancy. Isn’t that one of the measures of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is it not? That we’re supposed to live longer? In fact, your kid should actually live longer than you? Well, what is this show your kids are going to die younger than you. Think about that.

Let that sink in Elon Musk. That’s what should sink in. That’s what you sink into all of these people who’ve been behind this result.

And we need to look at this result very, very carefully. Because you see, this dark line is showing every other country is increasing in their life expectancy. Is that not right? Is not the United States, the number one nation in the world, with the highest GDP, well look at this, this where this is going.

And it’s not COVID. Because this life expectancy started to go down before 2020 Starting in 2019. In fact, it started to go down starting in 2014.

But more importantly, look at the graph very, very carefully, you will see that this started in 1980. Other countries are going up the United States curve goes the other way. Everyone see that? It’s black and white, or in this case, red and green.

Okay. You now you tell me if you look at that graph, and you have any sense of simple math, what does that tell you? That tells you since 1980, till today, that all of these people with all their big names Trump, Kennedy’s AOC, Bernie Sanders, all of them have screwed over the American public. That’s what that says.

You get it, Republican and Democrat. And this is what happens when you follow the policy of keeping voting for these people over and over again, remember, Lucy, Charlie Brown always thinks things are going to be better. It never gets better.

In fact, this is what’s happening. And just look at this graph and absorb it. Because there’s nothing that should impress you more than why you should stop voting for the lesser of two evils.

can’t do this anymore. And that graph represents the suffering of working people in this country. And no one is talking about this graph.

You know, who put out this graph, Kaiser Permanente, one of the biggest health care companies, why isn’t this on the front page? Why isn’t this being discussed? Because they do not care about you. That’s why. And you have to get angry about this, because this is a disaster of the Democrats and Republicans.

And again, this is what you get when you vote for the lesser of two evils. You get suffering and you get an early grave. Everyone clear on that? That’s what’s happening.

So if you ran a company, and year over year, over a year, your management delivered those kinds of results. You have to fire them. And Reagan in the 80s that it was the bushes that it was the Clintons and it was the Obamas it doesn’t matter.

They’re all one. And every four years they keep up coming with new theater. First was Obama in the US than they used from now they’ve done it’s like different actors that come in in a soap opera.

Now they got to pull Kennedy out. Okay. And the only reason they’re doing Kennedy’s after we announced and what happened was after we announced he announces and right that we already have exposed him two years ago we did this we have all the material John said we have that flyer.

We have the website RFK expose when we dropped it, you could see all of these dumb people thinking now the same Trumpers are not going Wendy Kennedy, saying Trump errs, who were following Elon Musk. You see, it’s the same mindset of people. And what is that mindset is people don’t want to get off their butts and build their own movement.

So they want to outsource it to a Kennedy. Kennedy’s like this with Arnold Schwarzenegger is like this with Maria Shriver, they’re all one. I have hung around with these people.

They’re all one. And they want to breed people who are star fuckers. Star fuckers are people who want to be among them, and want to get their vibration with them.

And they know that and they’re taking advantage of people. It’s a syndrome. And we have all those facts.

People say, Oh, when did he do that video? You guys have seen the video I’m talking about right, the RFK expose? Well, it doesn’t matter when he did it. He said he is for full vaccination. All Americans, whether he did it yesterday, today.

That’s what his policies. Then in 2016, he endorsed Hillary Clinton three times that they endorse his own nephew here and raise money for him in 2020. And then in his own home in 2021, you couldn’t enter his home without being vaccinated, and he blamed his wife.

So this is the kind of guy who wanted to be president, what happens when his wife is heading up the White House? If his if he has to blame his wife for a vaccination policy in his own home, what is he going to say? What is going to be the vaccination policy symbolically and literally the White House. But you see, this has happened because people have been brainwashed because their health has been destroyed to give up all their strength to fools like the Kennedys. The Kennedys are one of the most notorious mafia families in the United States.

It was John Kennedy who invaded Vietnam started invaded Cuba almost started a nuclear war. It was John Kennedy, who made it easy for corporations to do offshore tax havens. They’re the ones who reduced the corporate tax rate massively, and income tax rates went up.

And they’re the ones who had cameras following them around trying to make them seem as though there’s some great heroes in Camelot. These people are master Master manipulators. And they’ve just been taken for a ride, then you had Reagan come in.

And then you had bush and Clintons, same thing. They’re all one family, but they do not care about our families, they do not care about your family. And by the way, to those people in Germany, and those people in Finland, many of this stuff, it will occur 10 years in the in those countries too, because those other countries just like 10 years behind the US.

That’s what this is about. And I want to share with you why I think this is by design. And this was planning that was done by a very elite group called the Club of Rome.

And some of you may have seen this graph. I was exposed to this many, many years ago. And it’s the mapping of it’s a mapping and modeling that was done in the 1990s.

Now the issue is, is this a model and I’m going to bring it up, or is this engineering, okay? And what you’re gonna see here, I can get you the original report. Okay. But let me bring this up to you.

Okay. And what you’ll see in this analysis, is the analysis was done, nearly I think now, probably 30 years ago, okay. And some of you may have seen this.

And what you see here is from 1900 to 2100. So here’s pollution, they’re claiming, the world is gonna be polluted. This this line right here, as you follow it, represents industrial output peaking here, this line shows food per capita peaking here, and coming down.

This line is that’s actually coming down and then right here that start increasing, okay, Burt’s coming down, it increases, but the overall population for this tan line goes up and comes down. And we’re like right here right now, right? We’re right here is where we are. This is 20.

This is 2020. This is 2050. So 30 years, halfway would be 2035 is about right here.

So we’re like right here. And this is where we’re at where the number of deaths right here is going to start explosively growing. You see, we’re right at this point.

And this will read and this is not a small this is called an exponential asymptote. So I would argue ladies and gentlemen, this is by design. And while they’re doing this, Robert Kennedy sits in Malibu, he gets to eat all of his biodynamic thing and walks around talking and so he’s gonna say what are the Kennedys? done for 50 or 60 years? Why should we trust any of these people, and that’s what our movement is about.

All of these people should be fired all of the people in academia, all the experts, that’s the results that they’ve delivered. You guys, I’m sure I’m saying, like you would fire these people, let’s say you hire someone to do your landscaping. And every time he completely destroys your lawn keeps doing it over and over again, you hire a doctor, every time you go to me, your kid gets sicker and sicker and sicker.

Are you going to keep that guy around? I don’t care how many degrees he has, what he is, what would you do? What would you excuse that person? No, because your business will die, your family will die, etc. They want to kill us. That is why that graph is so powerful, and no one is discussing that graph except our movement.

They’ll talk about trans they’ll talk about oh, yeah, you know, um, for climate change, which is Kennedy’s for, don’t talk about the right wing and the left wing, but they will not talk about that graph. Because that graph exposes all of them. They do not care about your families, they want you to die sooner, and your kids to die even faster.

That’s what that graph says it’s black and white. There’s nothing to discuss any more. And there’s not one inch we should give them.

And we’re going to take that graph. every millisecond we’re going to put it in front of them. And we’re going to talk about Robert Kennedy saying, I want full vaccination of all children, we’re not going to let them get away.

Well, he said that maybe he meant this. Are you serious? Why are you making excuses for these people? Are they your friends? It’s like you’re in a bad relationship. And the person is a drunk.

And for 20 years, he comes home every day and beats the shit out of you. Well, he had to do that because he had a bad day at work. You know? Well, you have to do that today because I did something wrong.

Do you know what I’m saying? That’s called being in a codependent abusive relationship. And that is what they’ve trained the people of the world to be codependent abusive relationships. All of them should be fired.

Every single one of them. You see in academia for 16 years, one professor, literally Photoshopped images made up a lie about how Alzheimer’s was caused was funded. And over the last 16 years, $3.

2 billion went into Alzheimer’s research based on his Photoshopped images, what a kid would do it, you know, kindergarten school, seriously. Another professor in 1960s proved it was homocysteine levels, which cause heart disease, and you can solve it with just taking a B complex vitamin. Well, Harvard didn’t want that.

They promoted the Lipitor, the the HDL theory, Lipitor made billions and billions, hundreds of billions of dollars for Pfizer, one vitamin could have solved it. This is what these people do. And yet not nothing happens.

Nothing happened to that Harvard professor. Nothing happened to that University of Minnesota professor. There is no responsibility.

The Kennedys killed people literally. Ted Kennedy killed this woman. Chappaquiddick nothing happened to him.

Imagine if your eyes family name was Johnson and we had someone in our family killed somebody, our name would be marred, wouldn’t it? Oh, those are those Johnsons who kill their name gets elevated because they have a massive PR machine. It’s the only way. Bernardo you can imagine if someone in your family had the name viscera, right.

And killed somebody. Everyone’s Oh, yeah, that family did that. How did they get away with it because they have a massive machine behind them.

And we’re not part of that guys. And that’s what our movement is going to hit on this campaign or whether we talk about our movement globally. And we our campaign has a singular mission, which is to raise people’s consciousness to stop or at least inspire people not to be slaves not to be Star fuckers.

And I want to use that word. It’s a very powerful word, Star fucker. Write it down star fucker.

What does it mean? It’s the word that they call you. When you go up and want their otter God that Bobby but that’s what they call you. When you walk away.

They say another star fucker. That’s what they call you. And I’ve been in their circles when they call you that.

Our movement is here to educate people to have some dignity for themselves some self respect. And we need to get rid of all of these people, all of them. They don’t deserve to be in power.

The management needs to go home. Now in order to get there, you have to have the heart and the soul in the mind, physically, mentally, emotionally, to bring yourself to that moment. It is truly an inner journey.

Now to do that inner journey, because there’s so much pollution everyday hitting you how great these people are, how fantastic they are out there, your saviors that you have to actually go through a spiritual, emotional journey to get to this point. And our movement exists to support you in that journey. We’re purely an infrastructure that supports that.

Now, how do we support that? Well, first of all, we give you knowledge of the science of systems, so you can start to see truth from lies so you can get over the bullshit, you actually see what they did. What did they actually do? Well, Kennedy actually endorsed Hillary Clinton not once, not twice, three times this woman is pro Monsanto. She hired the head of Monsanto, one of the heads to run her campaign.

And here and what Kennedy does is the media puts that oh, he won this Monsanto trial bullshit. Some other law firm did it. He came in later and took a picture.

That’s what he does. It’s theater. That’s what the Kennedys are about everything they do is theatrics.

And it’s hard for you to believe that because you’re not that kind of person. But that’s what these people are. When John and I went to that event, all the people coming out and we’re like on a uniform wearing their pimp striped shirts, the Harvard uniform with their khaki pants, elites.

I didn’t see one poor black person or poor white person, did you John, coming out of that? No one was all very, very bougie people, all bougie people. So so the same let this sink in. So the good news is we exist if we didn’t exist right now.

And the only reason they picked Kennedy to do this is because we exist. That’s what’s going on. For the first time in history, a true opposition exists.

And so they have to create a fake opposition. That’s what they always do. In India, they created Gandhi, Martin Luther King in the civil rights now they have to create this fool and he’s a frickin fool, is a doofus.

He’s never created anything. He doesn’t have any science. He literally sweeps and takes over other people’s movements and puts his brand on it.

That’s what they do. That’s what’s happening right now. You’re seeing it happen right now.

The good news is we exist and we’re gonna hammer away these people and we’re gonna expose them. And we’re gonna expose the star fuckers. You see people after they see that flyer and him saying that still wanting to support them, call them a star fucker.

Wake them up. Tell them Are you a star fucker? Cuz that’s what you are, you have no dignity. You have to use those words, because these people are in some mindless neural network Idiocracy.

Why did they come? Bobby, have you thought about that guy is not even your friend. This is how close they want to be to these people is fascinating. It’s fascinating to watch psychologically.

So the good news is our campaign exists. The good news is we’re going to expose these facts, lifespan is going like this. And it was done in the last 60 years.

And it began during 60 to 70, when the plans are put in place, starting with the Kennedys. And with every administration, since then, all of them should be fired. And you can look in your own countries, you’ll see the same phenomenon starting to occur there, wherever you are.

So our movement exists to do one thing to give you the tools, number one, the science of systems so you can look beyond left and right. Number two, to give you a community of people, so you know you’re not alone. Number three to give you technology tools and books, so you get educated you don’t get enslaved.

And number four, our leadership program is to empower you to get the messaging the how to learn how to articulate because these are very powerful concepts are talking about. You have to move people from this left, right nonsense like ping pong balls one day, Obama next day Trump or one day, the Labour Party one day, the conservative party, right, they keep moving like this way to get them out of that. So we have a tough job.

But the good news is we exist and we have the infrastructure, it is not easy. But we will make it easier and easier and easier. So to the new people are here welcome.

And what I want to impress on the new people is that there’s a number of people here who are absolutely new maybe to politics and all of this, and some people actually went through some journey where they tried the left or they tried the right or they tried to do and they realize both of them suck. Those people have a big advantage because you actually we don’t have to we don’t have to say okay, you’re gonna have to learn this. You already know it.

And now you’re at the point you’re saying how Why, what is the real solutions? And that’s what we exist. Sometimes 20 People haven’t gone through that everything’s just theoretical. Are you sure Bobby Kennedy’s like that? Are you sure Trump is bad, they haven’t been beaten enough.

So sometimes you have to go back out and get whacked upside the head for another 10 years. Hopefully, some people have the wisdom to use their brain to see this. So they don’t have to go through that pain.

You know what they say? Right, you can learn from the experience of others, or you can go through your own bitter experience. Hopefully you do the former, you save yourself a lot of time, energy and heartache. So we have those stories here also.

So I want to welcome everyone to the movement for truth, Freedom health, I want to also welcome anyone to also come to our event today at 8pm. Where we’re not just going to hammer them we will hammer these people viciously. They deserve to be hammered.

And let me just tell you something when people say, Oh, why don’t you be nice and diplomatic? Part of this stuff is something’s also happened to people’s souls and minds. You see, I grew up in New Jersey, where you didn’t take shit from anyone in the 70s and 80s. And if you’re a mother, think about yourself a mother and you have a baby and King cobras coming at you.

You take a bat and you hit it, don’t you? You don’t say well, let’s be diplomatic with that. Cobra, let’s talk talk. Let’s know, the natural reaction, if you’re still a human being is to decimate that thing that wants to attack you.

So where has people’s souls gone? And I’ll tell you where it’s gone. It’s gone over the years of brainwashing all this weird psychology. All this weird.

Well, let’s Let’s all think through all this. Kennedy’s slogan is heal the divide, heal the divide. Are you serious? Now we need to do surgery, we need to do radiation on this cancer.

If someone has serious cancer, you don’t say, well, let’s heal it. No, you got to go in there. If they’re at that late stage cancer, you got it surgically take that out, you have to hit him with serious radiation.

You’re way beyond taking B vitamins at that point. You’re be way beyond prevention. That’s where we’re at the whole system has collapsed.

There’s nothing so they’re going to talk about Kumbaya. In fact, in Kennedy’s speech, he said, Yeah, we need to stay away from being angry. Well, he has that luxury you say, because he gets in his private plane goes does his falconry, and he could sit there and talk about all this shit.

While he’s facing his beautiful home in Malibu, and has everyone taken care of yeah, you have this luxury of not being angry. That’s luxury not to be angry. So let’s remember when they say we, there we are, and their mode of thinking is for their class interest.

It has nothing to do with us. The we that they’re talking about is not you. It is their weak.

So that’s where we’re at. We’re at a point in history when I showed you that data, share it again, this was done in I think 19 Something, look at this. We’re right here.

2023 right here, look at the black line, debts were coming down. Now they’re going up. We’re right here at the bottom of the well, when you 23 Right here.

And this is what we’re looking at. And this is brought to you by all of them any questions? Pretty powerful, isn’t it. But you have to look in the mirror and look at this data very, very clearly because this is where we’re at.

But we exist. So let’s move forward. Because we have a plan.

And the plan is we’re going to get on the ground. And we’re going to educate people door to door to door. And that education is going to be this program that I just shared with you, which is a program of giving people the solutions and the answers.

And guess what, we don’t need to wait for them. We have the solutions, right? Here’s the solution. We’re going to tell people if you need to strengthen your immune system, and you want to know how to strengthen your immune system.

We’ll teach you okay. You got to learn food as medicine. We’re going to teach you I mean, this shouldn’t be this difficult.

You can’t even get good food anymore. But we’ll we’ll help people figure it out. You want to know truth from lies will teach them a course on May 5 will teach you my version of the systems course here but a condensed version.

I have a seven part lecture on how to make your kids smart. It’s called the seven secrets of information. We’ll give that away.

We’ll teach people how to be leaders on May 19. And we’ll just keep doing this every episode of course we due on April 21, six weeks later, we’ll do this again six weeks later, we’ll do this again. And your goal is to go on the ground, get people to come to this and learn and learn and learn.

They have to learn that we have the tools to help them learn. That’s it. So we have we have the analysis, we have the tools, and we also have the solution and they have nothing Thank you

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