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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Scientist & Candidate for U.S. President, will provide a systems analysis of the true nature of Elon Musk & Robert F. Kennedy Jr. whose role it is to mislead working people into thinking they are “fighting for them” when in fact they serve to advance Government’s end-run around the First Amendment and invasion of our Medical Freedom, Musk & Kennedy, respectively.

Transcript Below.

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Good afternoon, everyone. This is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai.

Welcome. Today we’re going to be having a discussion on my systems analysis of what I consider two people, Elon Musk, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr, to be what I call government frontman and actually fake fighters, we’re going to really walk through a systems analysis of how, in a recurring process, it’s very unfortunate those in power, put forward people to get people all excited that these people are going to fight for you.

And in this case, we’re looking at two people. Elon Musk was promoted as someone who’s going to fight for free speech. And he’s a free speech absolutist.

And Robert Kennedy who is being promoted as someone who’s for medical freedom, and, and will really talk about how both of them are really supporting government’s interests in this process. And for me, having been on the front lines, as many of you know, fighting and exposing how government has taken over social media, and also as a scientist, and as a system scientist who’s an expert on the immune system. Since 2019 2020, we’re going to talk about the real fight for medical freedom and how Robert Kennedy is essentially a government frontman, just like Elon Musk, and also the commonalities to support me in this discussion, you’ll hear my friend Peters voice from overseas, and Peter is going to essentially help facilitate this discussion through some very, very interesting questions that Peter will ask.

So let me so you’ll see me but we’ll have Peter asked me a question. So Peter, are you there? Yes, I’m there. Hello, doctor.

Hi, how are you? Peter? Welcome. So we have our I mean, Warsaw, Poland. My name is Bill shocked.

Oh, I’m representing a Broadway show started as a Polish name for my station. And you know what this guy interview is about? Yeah. We’re gonna go there, right.

Link, is there a mosque in? Mr. Kennedy? So how come they are producing this kind of, I call it fraud. And I turn I’m telling you why the fraud because two or three weeks ago, we have this while Elon Musk is taking over Twitter, he’s gonna be better.

No censorship, whatever, whatever. But, you know, last week or two, all my friends or the journalist independent journalists in Poland saying about Twitter, the same thing? We are shadow bands is even worse than before. So I’m asking you, Doctor, what’s going on? How come and who choose him to be this some kind of freedom fighter, when in reality is not is a government? A government? Boy? Yeah.

So So Peter, you’re asking that a lot of your friends and journalists in Europe are noticing what I’ve been. I call that almost six months ago that Elon Musk is essentially a frontman for government. And why? Why he’s doing that and what what the what the, who he actually serves, right.

And then similarly, just to give the audience a preview, we’re going to do the same analysis with Robert Kennedy. Right? Very, very similar parallel. Pat’s right.

I think you were saying in Europe, people consider him some Hero fighting for medical freedom. Is that right? Yes, absolutely. Because, you know, he said, I’m gonna me, you know, let the Trump in.

I’m gonna put the other people who have been banned before. But well, that’s Elon Musk. I’m talking from my perspective.

Dr. Shiva, from my perspective, from my own perspective is even worse. You know, I don’t I have like 28,000 subscribers.

And I had such a, you know, very good response. Every time I posted anything yet about my videos about my some texts about reality, whatever, or now, it’s like, completely like it total example of being shadow banned. Right.

So that’s, so that’s a lot. So that’s Elon Musk. That’s a preview on Elon Musk, we’re going to talk about to sort of everyone, we’re really going to get into the details how Elon Musk is being presented one way and the reality of what’s going on.

Right, Peter, let’s just we’ll just do the summary of Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy is the same thing, right? People in Europe and other parts of the world think he’s like fighting for medical freedom. But the number of contradictions he has, is quite immense.

And I was one of the first people to call out Robert Kennedy in 2020. And I lost 20% of my followers, because all these people bow down to him. And we also want to talk about that right? Now.

What I’m going to do is we’re going to do everything on our platform. So those Have you listening out there, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc, just please go over to our platform. And the link is where John is right below.

It’s right in the post, if you go to the link in the post, you’ll and you click it, it’ll take you over to our platform. And you can see it. And the reason we’re doing this is because there is so much censorship, Peter, and so much control that I don’t really care to give my content to them.

And I could speak more openly and freely on our platform. So in the next, you know, I’ll count down but 54321 Countdown, where you’re just going to go over to our platform on va

Right. Go to va

And it’s also on the front page, right, John? People see the A Shi VA and you’ll be able to see us. And John, how do I turn this off? Do I just click here? Yeah, just tell me on right here. So to everyone on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Right here. Yep. Is that off? No, it’s not.

What do I do? Are there like it? Yep. Yep. And then remove, remove.

So remove? Don’t delete on Facebook. Just a remove? Yep. Okay, so two people on Facebook.

The other Facebook, I will see you shortly on our platform. And those people also on Twitter, I welcome you to our platform where we’ll continue this important discussion about to government frontman and fake fighters, Robert Kennedy, and Elon Musk, and also delete which, right here, okay, and same to the people on Twitch? Also. Alright, so I’m gonna say Save changes are now just x, right? Yep.

Okay. And All right, everyone. So those of you who are joining our platform, I have Peter here.

And we’re going to have this very, very deep discussion, on probably one of the most important things that Peter, I think people need to understand. People really need to we have a huge opportunity to break out of the cycle. People are essentially in some type of drug cycle, every four years are given this new drug in the United States, Obama, then Trump, then this person, then that person, and the whole goal is to make sure that people get enslaved, and they don’t really go solve the underlying issue.

So I think Elon Musk and Robert Kennedy are perfect examples. Absolutely perfect examples for people to learn this dynamic. Everything okay, John.

All right. Go ahead, Peter. Yeah, so let’s start from your mouth.

Can you explain to us why he’s a fraud? Yeah, this is why Elon Musk is I think you can use the word fraud, which is a good word for both of them. But I want to use a specific word Peter, government frontman, their frontman for the government, because they, the reason it’s important to use that word is because they’re acting as though their opposition to the government. Right.

So again, Elon Musk and Robert Kennedy, we’re gonna start with Elon Musk, present themselves as frontman to the government. I mean, anti government, you know, fighting for freedom in some way. But the reality is, they’re completely the opposite of it.

And in order for Peter, what I the reason I thought it’d be important to, as I go into this discussion on Elon Musk, I think last time we talked, you said, Hey, Dr. Shiva, you always seem to see the future two to three years ad. Right.

And I wanted, yeah, yeah, I called you some kind of magician or a warlock or whatever. Because last time, the fan the very first time for those who haven’t seen it, I spoke to Dr. Shiva in the March 2020.

And he predicts everything which is going to happen in next year. It predicts vaccines, vaccine passports, even now, a few weeks ago, I read this interview, I seen this interview, and I was so amazed after, and I don’t want to give you a cheap compliment. I was so amazed that you predict absolutely everything.

What happened next, and it’s still happening. So I’m calling you probably the wisest guy on planet. Well, the reason I’m able to predict this, Peter, there are fundamental principles and laws that play out.

And once you understand the principles, everything is a manifestation of those principles. So what I have learned from an engineering This is almost a scientific process. So those in power over here, they’re constantly watching people below, right? They want to maintain power.

So in the old days, you know, the kings would maybe send out people into the villages, right? And they’d hear stories. Nowadays, in the world of social media. They’re collecting immense amount of information.

Right? They can collect information through your texts, through your chats through your phones, right. People are watching cameras. I mean, there’s an immense amount of petabytes.

bytes of data coming in every hour are second into these huge organizations. In the United States, there’s an organization called Palantir, PLA n tr, and you can look them up, they collect data, the government collects data. And I used to do a lot of work and pattern analysis, Peter many, many years ago, for nearly 20 years, what you call AI, where I used to get data, you can use algorithms to figure out patterns and data, and then can do what’s called predictive analytics.

I know this field well. And after a while, if you get enough data, you can see beautiful patterns. And you can see which way like the fish are moving where they’re gonna go.

So just like the kings used to do by sending their spies out, when the modern world with data analytics and pattern analysis, people are able to see patterns. And one of the and whenever they see people Peter wanting to rise up bottoms up, when they ever see that phenomenon going on people rising up, bottoms up. They want to get ready for that, right.

And so first of all, that one of the principles is if the establishment sees that people are breaking away from the King, right, breaking away from the structures of power, mentally, they have to bring them back into alignment. Does that make sense? So yeah, so first of all, they have to have the data. And by the way, at truth, freedom health.

com. You know, in one of the courses that I’ve created, that I used to teach at MIT, I teach people what’s called systems analysis. And in systems analysis, you find that systems or systems have a goal, right, they want to go somewhere, and they get gathered data through their sensors.

And then they make decisions on what inputs they need to put into the system to manipulate people to achieve their goal. Now those in power want to achieve power, profit and control, keep people, you know, corral, like, you know, sheep, right. And in order to do that, they need to know where people are going.

So whenever people are going outside of the system, they need to bring them back. So there’s two ways it can bring people back. One is just like, absolute violence, right? Fascism, right? Just shoot, start shooting people, beating people up what you call complete fascism.

That’s one way bringing people in, like total control, right? Over the last probably 100 years, 50 to 100 years, the elites have learned if you just go hammer people, you’re going to create immediately revolutionary conditions, right? So they have created a different way of doing this, and I call it the not so obvious condition, the not so obvious establishment, okay. And what they do is, so first of all, they see people going this way, they’re getting out of their corral. So instead of hammering them, they find people who will act talk the talk as though they’re for the masses, talk the talk.

But that’s one thing. So they find people who can they can present like an actor, okay, that will talk the talk. And then what they do is they use these people, to lead people into an institution of power that they control.

Okay. I’ll give you an example. In India, when people were starting to rise up, bottoms up, and they wanted a good revolution in the 1920s against the British.

Right? What did the British do Dayton, brutally just annihilate everyone. They brought in this guy Gandhi. All right, yeah.

And so they, when they bring these people in, they make them look like they’re fighting for the masses. Make them into like a god, a false god. Mahatma meant, God.

In fact, that wasn’t even his name. His name was Mohandas Gandhi. They changed his name to Mahatma Gandhi.

Okay, step one, they create a false god image. And then they create an institution. So the British created an institution called the Indian National Congress.

And they told all the brown people Oh, you can come here and you can have your own parliament, you can talk and you can discuss etc. You follow? So they had Mahatma Gandhi promoting freedom. And then they brought people into this, their own institution, which the British and the Indian elite still controlled.

So government control. Gandhi talked a good game. And what ended up happening in India is they never had a really good revolution, to CES for systems overall.

They let the white men with crowns leave India and brown men with white hats took over. Okay. It was a transfer of power.

It wasn’t really a systemic change. Alright. One example, in the United States that occurred with Martin Luther King, there was a bottoms up so Civil Rights Movements coming up of poor blacks and poor whites, wanting to bring infrastructure change infrastructure into the poor communities.

So the Kennedys, if you do the research, Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Jr’s father, who was a complete scumbag, he was the attorney general, he was spying on all these civil rights leaders. So they found this guy called martin luther king, and his name wasn’t Martin Luther, again, like Mahatma Gandhi, they made this name like Martin Luther, the religious leader. And then they suckered all these black people into following a few organizations, and all they did was never fight for infrastructure in the inner cities.

They basically made black people and white people fight against each other through something called affirmative action, you see a government controlled program. All right. So that’s the dynamic, they always create a fake leader, and then they create a fake an institution, which is still controlled by government.

And that is what is happening with Elon Musk. Elon Musk did Peter we didn’t see him and 2020 talking about censorship, did we? I never heard of him. Did you? Know, I didn’t, yeah, he wasn’t there saying, Oh, if I I mean, he wasn’t like a man from the moon, you know? Right.

Right. But he wasn’t there fighting. Yes.

Suddenly, he just show up. Right? When I was asking who is this guy? Right. So who is Elon Musk? Let’s look at him.

Right? And I’ll give you the punchline where government ends and Elon Musk begins? Nobody knows. Okay, why do I say that? So what is Elon Musk? First of all, Elon Musk? Really, if you look at his history, he always winds his way into a company he’s never founded. And then he puts his name on the documents and promotes himself.

Okay. You know, he said, Oh, I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. So that’s what he is.

He’s an actor. Okay. So if you look at PayPal, he didn’t, he actually almost destroyed PayPal.

Him and Peter Thiel. The Peter Thiel company bought Elon Musk company. And then Pierre Omidyar, who was the founder of eBay, bought PayPal, okay.

Okay, with that money, somehow, Musk becomes over into SpaceX. Now, what is SpaceX? SpaceX is putting up all these satellites all over the world, Starlink satellites. So when you’re on your cell phones, you’re going through Starlink, like on a boat on a bright those kinds of things.

Now, think about I mean, we’re having some work done in our kitchen, right? In my home, we’re building a little sump. And I have to go to the city of Belmont to get a permit if I’m going to do some work. Right? If you’re going to do some building work, you have to go get a permit.

Now all of us know to get a building permit is very, very difficult. Okay. Yeah, takes time.

How does Elon Musk get all these permits to put up 1000s of satellites up there? He’s like this with government. In fact, he got $5.7 billion from the US government.

So his future with the government relationship has to be like this. That’s just one of his companies. Let me go to Tesla.

Elon Musk believes in the entire climate change, carbon tax scam. In fact, he’s praised Greta Thornburg. And if you look at Tesla, as a company, how did they become, quote unquote, profitable? They became profitable by selling carbon tax credits to the government.

Okay. And I think they got about 1 billion to $1.5 billion.

And because if they didn’t have those carbon credits, they wouldn’t have become profitable. Once they became profitable, then they got their 600 billion valuation. That means Elon Musk direct wealth is connected to government, SpaceX, Tesla.

Does that make sense? Yeah, the third is a stalk about Twitter. Twitter, valuation. Twitter’s valued when he bought it at $40 billion.

Okay. 40. Okay.

They were only making 5 billion in revenue. How so that means eight times revenue, eight times five is 40. So they got a multiple of revenue of eight times revenue to get a $40 billion valuation.

Does that make sense? The New York Times which has around I think 2 billion in revenue only gets a two $2 billion valuation. That means they’re only getting one time revenue. Why the difference? Well, there’s a difference between a publisher and a platform, Twitter, Facebook, are platforms.

According to the United States government, a platform gets a much higher valuation than a publisher. Why? Because if the local newspaper For the New York Times writes something about you. That’s false.

You can sue the New York Times. But if someone on Twitter writes something about you false, you can’t sue Twitter. That’s called Section 230.

Immunity. So that immune immunity from liability gives Twitter a much higher valuation. All right, in order to keep that immunity with the government.

The government makes deals with the social media companies. One of those deals Peter is you will give us a portal, you will give us access. Government can have access to your company’s data and information you follow.

We can track people. And if you know if you notice when you covered us in it was in October 30 2020. It was my work.

And I’m going to take full credit because people always try to plagiarize our stuff. So I’ve learned that you can’t be humble anymore. And it was our work the lawsuit that I filed in Massachusetts, which discovered that the government has a backdoor portal right into Twitter.

So if here’s Twitter government has this backdoor portal, and if you remember, I discovered that we talked about it. You guys talked about it. A few other companies talked about, I think undercover DC.

Who else was it? I think gateway, Steve Bannon, very few people covered it. Tucker Carlson. He’s an agent of the government.

He didn’t cover it. All these people didn’t cover it. But we got the word out to 200 million people.

We were the ones who are more probably the 300 million people telling them that the government and social media companies are one. We showed that in our lawsuit and cross examination. It all came out.

Okay. Yeah. And that’s what we discovered.

Okay. And when we discovered that it was a profound understanding that the First Amendment in the United States is gone. And if people go to win back freedom.

com We re laid out all our lawsuit. So people listening to go to win back It was us who did it.

I did it without any lawyers. Peter, if you remember, I represented myself, because all these lawyers are pussies. They didn’t want to take on the government.

Okay. So now, so that’s an that was in October 2020. And then in May of 2021.

And none of these people were there talking about this. All right. So October 28.

of last year, Elon Musk buys Twitter. On the 29th. I did a post on Facebook.

I said, Hey, Ilan, if you’re really truly about free speech, so getting the Elon Musk Elon Musk was promoted all I’m a free speech absolutist, right? He was talking to a lot of big shit, right? I’m great. I’m great. I’m the one who’s gonna stop and I’m gonna, I’m gonna let everyone back on dadadada.

Right. All right, so October 28. He buys Twitter, the 29th.

I put out a Facebook post. Stating, Ilan, if you’re going to truly fight for free speech, there’s a backdoor portal into Twitter, you have to remove it. All right.

On the 29th, the another CIA intelligence agency front end organization called the intercept, which presents themselves again as Oh, your we do investigative journalism they stole plagiarized my work. And they said, Oh, my God, we found this backdoor portal, okay, two years later. And Tucker Carlson then gives them a lot of publicity, and I expose them.

And the reality is that what they were doing was they were just sharing a little piece of information, Peter, to act as though they were doing something, you say, but they covered up the big backdoor portal. So what I did was, I did various videos, and I said, Look, Elon Musk better remove this portal or he’s full of shit, okay. And as a part of that, what I did was I wrote a blog post, and I realized all these connections, I said Elon Musk, where Elon Musk ends and government begins, nobody knows.

Now, shortly thereafter, they put me on Twitter. Quite amazing. So on December 28, I’m back on Twitter.

And I always wondered, why are they putting me back on Twitter? Right. So anyway, on December 28, I get back on Twitter. And then a few weeks before that, an organization called redacted did an interview with me and they and they went out to millions of people.

They said, You know, this is the guy you expose the backdoor portal. And if you remember the Twitter files were coming out. Okay, we’ll get to that.

Anyway, on December 22, one of the journalists, Clayton Morris had redacted. They had this thing called Twitter space, as you may know of where people get together Okay, so Elon Musk was on Twitter spaces. Okay.

And Clayton Morris asks him, you can find it the videos up there in December 22. He says, Elon, Dr. Shiva DeRay.

And he’s asking Elon Musk directly, he said on December on December 26, Dr. Shiva DeRay, in October, discovered that there’s a backdoor portal into Facebook and Twitter from the government. Now that you’re the CEO of Twitter, are you going to tell me if this exists? Or are you going to take it down? And how do you reconcile that with the fact that you claim your free speech? Okay.

So he asked him in front of I think there must have been 100,000 people on that Twitter space. And Elon Musk’s reply is quite interesting. He goes, Oh, I’m paraphrasing goes, Oh, that sounds like big brother.

He goes, let me look into it. Let me he said, Let me dig into it. And I’ll get back to you.

Now, this is the most important thing when you say so you’re saying your free speech. And here we have a lawsuit. I’m sure he knew about it before, because it was the only lawsuit where Twitter got dragged into court and free speech, which is my lawsuit.

So he acts dumb, you say, but he tells in front of 100,000 people, he’s gonna dig into it and get back to this guy. Okay. He never got back to him.

What they then do, is they start releasing Twitter files. This is back to the Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, acting. It’s all front end, who we discovered this, who we discovered this, everything we discovered back in 2020.

You say? It’s not called nothing burgers, but because of the public because they control the media. People like Oh, Elon Musk, Elon Musk, he’s doing Twitter files. He’s doing Twitter files, right.

So in December when I got back on Twitter, okay. What I did was I did a sort of a test tweet. And I said, Dear, Mr.

Musk, you say, you know, I said, Look, I’m the guy who invented email. I’m a technologist, you can read my resume, I would like to be the CEO of Twitter. And that tweet went viral all over the world.

I think it got like 20 million views. People can go look at it. Let me repeat again.

So I told Elon Musk, why don’t I be your CEO? You’re looking for one. And that went viral. Peter, okay.

And then what happened after that, is that I started doing tweet asking Elon Musk, are you going to take this backdoor portal down, right are going to take the portal down? So if you look in December, I had a 500,000 people viewing my tweets. It’s called impressions. In January, I did around 10 tweets.

December, I did four tweets asking us about the backdoor portal. And then I did 10 tweets. And you notice my impressions went from 500,000, down to 300,000.

And then in February, I did I think 20 tweets, Peter, asking Elon Musk, are you going to take down the portal, and suddenly my impressions dropped down to 20,000, which is what we call shadow banning. So no one was seeing my tweets anymore, Peter, as I attacked him, my tweets went down. It was obvious.

And then last month, March I, you know, contacted Steve Bannon and I said, Steve, Elon Musk is part of the problem. He’s part of the government. And Steve did two interviews with me, which went viral.

And then you notice that Elon Musk suddenly does this interview with Tucker Carlson, who, yes, the government is involved. Okay. And Tucker Carlson as part of the government too.

It’s a different thing we’ll talk about okay. But what you see is they built up Elon Musk to act as though he’s going to fight for free speech. But the reality is Elon Musk and everyone should write this down.

And remember, it has not taken down the backdoor portal into government. So what he’s done is given this aura that he’s fighting for free speech, all the conservatives, Peter, the conservatives, remember the left wing in the United States love censorship. They love it.

They don’t believe in free freedom of speech. The right wing conservatives were the last hope to fight for free speech. You follow? Yeah.

So they needed to sucker them in. Right? They needed to bring everyone into alignment. The left wing is already there.

They needed the right wing in So Elon Musk talks a good game. They do this what I call a limited Hangout, which means giving a little stuff with Twitter files, very clever, never talked about our lawsuit which really exposes the entire thing. And then All the Conservatives lot of them who are Trump supporters who Elon who, Ilan, who? Ilan, right? But Elon Musk has not taken down the backdoor portal into government.

And what he’s doing is to people like you and me, people start exposing him, he puts us in a digital cage, right shadow banning you. And what they’re doing with this process, Peter, is that I’ve noticed my followers don’t really go up. So they’re a little bit of predictive analytics.

For all let’s say, I have 300,000 followers, you know, have 100,000 followers, Peter, for every one of your followers, they can build what’s called a profile, like a consumer profile. For every one of your followers, they can gather, let’s say 100 pieces of data, their age, their, where they live, etc. And then they can do what’s called pattern analysis, and create what’s called a vector, or RA, a feature that describes all of these people follow you, okay? Maybe all the people follow you are people who like to eat, I don’t know, eat shrimp, and they live in Northern Ireland, you see what I’m saying? They get a profile.

Once they get that profile of you, they can go across billions of people. And they can say, oh, among these billions of people, these people will like Peter, these people like Shiva, okay. And then they can send messages to them and control their behavior or shadow banned those people from ever finding you.

Okay, so this is a form of censorship. That is worse than the direct censorship because at least when you’re directly censored, you know, you’re being censored. Now, you’re there, but you have a digital cage around you.

Okay. And if you remember, Elon Musk was very clear. He says, I don’t believe free speech equals free reach.

I’ll give you a free speech. But you can be talking in a little tube all day, right. You could just be talking to yourself.

No one else hears you. Okay. Yeah, we doctor I, as we speak.

Now. I see a Twitter account. So you have let’s we have have a look.

322,000. Sorry, the Yeah. 323,000 subscribers, so some people watching you? Yeah.

So it’s unbelievable. That one of your twit four hours ago or whatever. I can tell.

Yes. So they are only a few people forwarded. It’s impossible.

Yeah. Not even some people who are watching you, Peter, I have a video and we’re going to expose Elon Musk even more. We’ve already exposed him a lot.

We have an actual video of one of our followers, clicking the heart button, okay. on someone who supports my tweet, clicks a heart button. She scrolls down and comes back.

The heart is gone. Okay, in real time, you can see it. So what Elon Musk is doing the reason he’s an absolute scumbag.

Is he remember, he’s like this with government. So people really need to realize what’s happening is the everyday person gets hit with so much media. Oh my God, He’s great.

He’s a genius. He’s this. We don’t know who Elon Musk is.

Nobody knows no one’s met him. No one. I mean, most people don’t know.

But over here you can see his actions. He is one with government. He believes in climate change scam, he gets money from government, his entire he made most of his wealth during the pandemic.

He was worth this much. And then he shot up to 200 billion in value, his wealth went up 1,000% during the pandemic, okay. The problem is people need to get out of their what I call their star worshipping mentality.

That’s where people are out there looking for a savior. They don’t want to build a bottoms up movement. So at truth, freedom health.

com We teach people how to build a bottoms up movement, which is people coming together bottoms up. So Elon Musk is positioned as a false God as a false prophet. He talks a good game and whenever I attack him, then he acts that he moves Oh, Twitter files he does this.

But it is because our work because we’re an independent movement. Peter, we don’t count down to the Republicans and the Democrats. Our movement for truth, freedom and out this completely independent and that bothers them.

They do not want to give eyeballs to an independent movement. But Elon Musk, if you look at everything he’s done. He does not talk about the backdoor portal, everyone listening.

You have to tweet at him and say, Ilan, have you removed the backdoor censorship portal into into Twitter. Have you removed government’s back to our portal and you will get big silence from him? Zero. The other thing that’s important understand about Elon Musk.

Peter is the following. I predicted about six months ago that the government Congress will pass a law to legalize the backdoor portal. According to the First Amendment of the United States, Congress shall pass no laws to abridge the First Amendment.

Right. That is the First Amendment of the Constitution. Congress, which is a legislative unit will pass no laws to abridge freedom of speech.

Okay, sorry, freedom of speech on First Amendment. All right. That’s the Congress won’t do that.

What Congress has done, along with Silicon Valley, who gives Congress money to win their elections, through the section 230 immunity, what they have done is do an end run around the First Amendment. They created these NGOs, that launder the censorship, the backdoor portals. That’s what’s happened.

There is no First Amendment in the United States anymore, relative to the fact that government and big tech companies are one. So here’s an example of government and big tech or one. Elon Musk’s, doesn’t answer the question, whether that backdoor portal exists, number one.

And what he’s done is he’s done a very clever tweak. People who attack him and really are the true independent fighters. He keeps him in a cage, a shadow band cage, giving the illusion that you have free speech when you don’t.

And you’ve seen it. My impressions went from 500,000 300,020 1000. It’s like I’m a slave in a cage, you say, where my voice only goes so far? Before I would do a tweet, and I’m gonna get 30,000 retweets.

Right? So that is what Elon Musk is about where government begins. And Elon Musk ends. Nobody knows.

He’s a government frontman. And he’s a fake fighter. Period.

All right. My time is up a little bit. But I have like 10 minutes left.

And I will kindly ask you, Dr. Shiva. But I know that we have another actor in this show.

Yeah. Which is Mr. Kennedy.

And, you know, a lot of people who are anti this, you know, global changes movement. Here. They are looking at him and said, guys, Kennedy is a great man.

I remember myself as a journalist, I went to Berlin two years ago, and he gave a speech over there. In Berlin, there was a massive rally over there, like more than 1,000,002 million people in Berlin, Germany. And you know why he was treated like a god.

But when you telling me stuff about him, I’m like, wow, nothing’s changing is the same kind of thing. What about Elon Musk? And Mr. Kennedy? Is that right? Yeah.

So so let’s begin with the Robert Kennedy is a complete scumbag. And I use that term because to break people out of their hypnosis, just like getting out of Gandhi getting out of Martin Luther King, you have to understand, I challenge everyone listening, by the way, challenge Robert Kennedy to an open debate with me open debate, and he won’t do it. And I’m running for US president people know, he’s running for US presidents, I challenge him to open debate, Robert Kennedy is a walking mess of contradiction, just like Elon Musk.

First of all, let’s talk about some very common things with Robert Kennedy and Elon Musk. Okay, they both promote the climate change scam, both of them both profit from the climate change scam. As a scientist, as an engineer, if you really studied is a complete scam, it’s about carbon tax credits.

I mean, if you did the calculations right there, and I don’t even do the calculations right. Okay. But Elon Musk and Robert Kennedy both support the climate change scam.

Both of them got vaccinated. I mean, sorry about both of them. Support vaccinations.

Now people say What are you talking about Robert Kennedy. All right. Let’s begin with this.

There’s a video I put up on my Twitter, where Jake Crosby an individual used to work with Robert Kennedy sent me the video, but three years ago, two years ago, and I noticed something very interesting about Robert Kennedy. You see, I’ve been a fighter on the ground. I like going and distributing lifeless leaflets.

I like doing bottoms up movements in I notice that Kennedy always was into doing backroom negotiations with the Democrats. He doesn’t like a real bottoms up movement or if he sees a lot of people, like you said in Berlin, then he parachutes in to act like he’s some big fighter. Okay, that’s part of creating this nonsense.

But let me give you an example. Okay. In.

In this video, Robert Kennedy says quote unquote, he says, Let me be clear, I am emphatically pro vaccine, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans. It’s a video he said in the first part. And then if you go to RFK exposed.

com, we put it up. And then after that video, for the next nine minutes, he talks about how the government is corrupt, and they’re corrupt, and they’re corrupt. So first part, he says, I’m for full vaccination of all Americans, Peter, and then for nine minutes, he says, the government is corrupt and they’re corrupt.

We need safe vaccines. Okay. And then he says, this same government that’s corrupt, we’re going to somehow he’s going to save the day and get this corrupt government to create safe vaccines.

All right. And what’s interesting about him is in this video, he says I vaccinated all my six children. With all 60 Plus vaccines.

In the same video, in the beginning, it says I’m emphatically pro vaccine, I believe in full vaccination of all Americans. I vaccinated All My Children, you can go read it. Hear it? And then he says the government is corrupt and current government is corrupt.

And all these idiots who think Kennedy’s their Savior, oh, see Bobby’s against the government? Well, you’re stupid. Because if you knew the government is corrupt, Peter, why would you go vaccinate your kids? You’re saying this government is corrupt, and they produce unsafe vaccines, yet you vaccinated their kids. So on the one hand, he’s saying I’ll vaccinate my kids, but I’m going to tell everyone else not to get vaccinated big contradiction.

Then in his home on December 20 21st 2022, he has a big party. Remember, this is a guy who is fighting for medical freedom. Everyone coming into his home, was ordered to be vaccinated.

Are you kidding me? No, go go read about it. And then a bunch of idiots who want to again, bow down to Kennedy? Oh, well, you know, Robert Kennedy is for full vaccination, but he wants safe vaccines, not the mRNA vaccine. I go, Are you an idiot? This is in December 2022.

Everyone in his party and had to be vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, which he has said is an experiment it violates the Nuremberg Code, right? i Right. Skies, a fucking bullshitter choose my language. It gets me so angry.

All right. So in his own and then when people exposed him, he said all my wife made me do it. So that means I mean, I have seen so many couples that split because of the COVID thing, right? They took principled positions, I don’t.

So that means in his home, there’s medical tyranny, and outside, he’s a big freedom fighter. That doesn’t that doesn’t compute to anyone. That’s like saying, I’m Malcolm X, and I go fight against racism here, but in my own home, I’m going to be a racist.

Right. So number number two, number three. In 2016, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president that was a third time this woman is pro Monsanto would poisoning the planet.

And he says, Oh, I’m for clean water. He endorsed Hillary Clinton three times. She’s as Monsanto’s you can get and she is pro vaccine mandates.

Okay. Then, in 2020, right here in Massachusetts, when I’m running for Senate, he endorses Joe Kennedy, his nephew for Senate who is rabidly pro vaccine mandates. All right.

So um, so if you can say okay, he had to do that for this, he had to do that. Let me give you more. Kennedy was if you go look back, he was full.

He was for very strict lockdowns. Go look at it in 2020. He was you know, he was lockstep barrel and Fauci and then he writes a book against Fauci, by the way, he didn’t write that book, a ghostwriter wrote that book for more material, because we were the first ones to expose Fauci in March of 2020.

We ran the fire Fauci campaign. All right. And, and Robert Kennedy said that anyone who’s a climate change skeptic should be thrown in jail.

We have it on video. All right. So if you believe all of that, then you got to ask, why would a guy in that 10 minute video first part of it, he says, I’m pro vaccine, and I’m emphatically pro vaccine.

And then he says, Oh, the government is horrible. I’m the fighter against the government. If you think the government is so corrupt, why do you think the government will now create safe vaccines? Does that make any sense, Peter? No, not at all.

Yeah. And so the guy’s brain is fried probably from all the heroin he did. All right.

And the real issue is getting back to government front men, and I’ll close on this. You see, just like Elon Musk has provided the portal to government to destroy the first amendment then he does little song and dance. Kennedy’s doing a song and dance.

You see 1962 His uncle Kennedy, Rob, John F. Kennedy is the one who created the 1962 vaccination Act, which created all those government agencies, which allowed the government into your body to control your body. Just like Elon Musk’s allows the government into our social media.

It was John Kennedy who created the 1962 vaccination Act, which was created by the way based on a very old science of the human immune system from 1915. Then in 1986, it was Kennedy’s other uncle Ted Kennedy, with Waxman on the House side. They created a bill because people were suing the vaccine companies.

All right. And Ted Kennedy on the Senate side sponsored the bill to protect the big pharma companies from getting sued another Kennedy. So they put a bandaid on the 1962 vaccination action go away.

Why is government involved in your body? It shouldn’t be. What right does government telling you what to stick in your that’s but that was done from the 1962 vaccination act. Then people are getting sick.

The other Kennedy put a big band aid protected the vaccine manufacturers. This Kennedy comes along. And he goes, Wow, yeah, I’m against the government.

I want safe vaccines. In his own home, he’s vaccinating people. Ordering vaccination when I expose this Peter in 2020.

You know, he put out completely defamatory news saying that I run a vaccine company. And then I’m friends with Bill Gates because I started exposing him. So I sued Robert Kennedy for $95 million total lies.

And he rant kept running away from the sheriff from getting served. So Robert Kennedy is a complete scumbag, and anyone who believes in MC, when Gandhi and Martin Luther King were taking place, there wasn’t a guy like me to call them out. But there is a guy like me now to call out Robert Kennedy and Elon Musk, they are all government agents.

That’s what they are. That’s what Robert Kennedy is, because at the end of the day, the 1962 vaccination act must be replaced with something that supports natural immunity. Okay.

And Robert Kennedy and Elon Musk both believe in climate change, both live in the Hollywood world, they are both one little couple who are agents for government, it’s black and white. And I’m the only one who will expose them, because everyone else wants to who follows a Kennedy style wants to be a star fucker, as I say, Who Robert Kennedy Ooh, Elon Musk, you don’t know who these people are. Kennedy was not there and 2020 Attacking Fauci or Elon Musk, it was me.

I didn’t see Kennedy or Elon Musk, talking about the censorship portal in 2020. It was me. So it’s time that people recognize and that’s why I have the ticker down there.

Truth, freedom I’m into building a bottoms up movement.

I’m not into looking above, I’m into looking to our brothers at our shoulders, Peter, we need to build a movement. And that’s why I decided to run for President of the United States. And the reason we’re running for President of the United States is to support and educate people that we must build a movement.

Nothing comes from above, nothing will come from Kennedy or Elon Musk, what you’ll get is fascism and control and manipulation. And it’s time that people wake the fuck up. That’s a technical term to that’s what needs to happen.

Thank you very much. Yep, I’m going I will have to It’s almost midnight in Poland. Okay, thank you very much for your wise words again, and for the knowledge, the true knowledge about who we think is someone good.

Yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you, Peter.

Be well thanks for asking question. I’ll continue her in closing. What I’d like to let everyone know here is that the bottom line is this everyone that I wanted to do this video, as it was called government frontman and fake fighters, you know, I decided to run for president on some very, very important aspects, then you can read more about it you can go is that we need to build a movement and the movement has to be centered around you.

The movement has to be centered on truly mobilizing people. Bottoms up, not you know, outsourcing our future to the scumbags like Elon Musk, or Robert Kennedy, or any of these fools. These people are created by the establishment to make you think that you have someone who’s fighting for you when in fact it’s exactly opposite these people are not fighting for you, what they’re actually doing is subjugating you.

So I want to, I want you to all In summary, if you really look at what I’m sharing here, the most important thing to recognize is that Elon Musk serves government. All of his wealth comes from government, government tax subsidies for SpaceX, government, carbon credits for Tesla and Government Section 230. immunity for Twitter, Robert Kennedy, I mean, his whole family has profited immensely from acting like they’re fighting for you.

It was his uncle, John F. Kennedy, who started the Vietnam War did all this anti communist stuff everyone’s a communist. His uncle is the one who under his administration, they started creating tax havens for the super wealthy in these countries.

So you go look at the Kennedys and his other uncle created the National Vaccine Injury Program with others to protect big pharma companies. And Robert Kennedy look at his contradictions. One day, he’s saying he’s against the mRNA vaccine.

Next day, you got to be vaccinated to come into his house. One day, he saying is for full vaccination of all Americans. And then And then he’s railing against corrupt government officials.

And then he’s saying he wants the same corrupt officials to create safe vaccines. He’s the one who was for strict lockdowns, just like Fauci, he wants to put people in jail, who are against the want to speak out against climate change. But the establishment is very clever, extremely clever at manipulating people into the left or the right.

And the only way out of it is for you to start thinking beyond left and right. You have to start thinking beyond left and right, you have to learn as a banner says, learn how to think so. Every Thursday’s you know, I do an open house.

It’s an educational forum where you can come and you can really learn the science of systems. So come to our next open house. That’s Thursday at 11am or 8pm and then go to VA shiva.

com/orientation. So I hope you come there. Alternatively, go to truth, freedom health.

com and become a warrior scholar. We are building a movement 360,000 people all over the world, but three 400 million people know about our movement, but nothing is going to come from these scumbags what will happen is Neo fascism, a vert fascism Neo fascism you think they’re fighting for you, but they’re not. And the only way out is to build a bottoms up movement.

So I hope all of you recognize that all is not lost. We have a massive opportunity go to truth freedom and become a warrior scholar come to our orientations.

And now that the reason I’m running for President of the United States is we need real leaders bottoms up all of these guys are top down, top down top down. Anyway everyone this is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai be well be the light.

Thank you very much, be well

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