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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, is interviewed by Steve Bannon on his show War Room to give a deeper dive into how Dr.SHIVA’s historic 2020 federal lawsuit against the State of Massachusetts was the first to uncover the full extent of the unholy alliance between Government and Big Tech, a story which Steve Bannon and Gateway Pundit were the only media to cover at the time, and how many influencers on the so-called right are now talking about this story in a limited way to hide Dr.SHIVA’s role in uncovering it along with making it out to be a simple backdoor. In reality, those in power have concocted a fully fleshed-out infrastructure to silence American Citizens bypassing the First Amendment. Steve Bannon called Dr.SHIVA’s revelations “explosive,” that the Censorship Portal is still fully operational.

Dr.SHIVA in his historic lawsuit was the one to discover this GOVT BACKDOOR Censorship Portal.

Transcript Below.

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We got Dr. S, Dr. Shiva to join us for a few minutes here this morning because of Winback freedom.

com. We spend a lot of people there yesterday, and I just want to make sure Dr. Shiva, particularly people, they’re going to go there and read a lot of information over the weekend.

how important this is. This came up about on this on I guess, Elon Musk putting up all his all the formulas and all the algorithms up that people can look at. And people notice that there was lines of code that might provide a backdoor to the US government.

And we said no, Dr. Shiva has been suing on this for years, I think going on three years now. Talk to us.

How serious is this? How dangerous is this? Not just for people using Twitter, but for citizens in this country that are kind of being misled by this by the owners of this crime scene, sir. Yeah, Steve, the bottom line is social media is a government controlled entity. And the seriousness of this is the following the First Amendment says that the Congress will not do anything to bridge the freedom of speech.

What Congress has done in collusion with Silicon Valley is that they have created a infrastructure, which I call the backdoor portal, which came out of our lawsuit, and through the playbooks and the long fuse report, which we first put together in a wonderful diagram, which I’ll go to, but fundamentally, that backdoor portal allows government to essentially tell Twitter tell Facebook what to do to silence us citizens. And these people, they have put this in writing that they consider their First Amendment a problem. So they needed to do an end run around it.

So what did they create? Steve, they created this backdoor portal, which is fundamentally an ecosystem. It’s not one line of code. It’s not one agency, as has been recently been coming out by these quote unquote, conservative influencers, who are essentially lapdogs to Musk hiding this larger infrastructure, which is that system, it is an interconnected system of government, of non government players of agencies Siza, DHS, a whole slew of them Nasod.

And it involves particularly NGOs, that in the next diagram, you’ll see there’s a wonderful network diagram, which brings up all these people. Now what’s interesting, Steve is in this graph and the previous graph when I started exposing, as I was put back on Twitter on December 28, I said, Hey, Ilan, are you going to take down this backdoor portal. And in response to that every tweet, I increase more and more demanding that he takes his portal down, Steve, more, more, more, less and less my impressions became went from 500,000 impressions to 300,000 impressions.

And down I think I’m now at 20,000 impressions, which shows that that backdoor portal is not only government, non government agencies, but it also involves his algorithms. You know, for 30 years, Steve, I’ve been involved in the field of AI I did a lot of the AI work originally for the White House, built a whole company on it for analysis of email, AI algorithms involves keywords, ontologies rules. So what Musk has actually done, and that was his job, he is actually continuing to run this crime scene and his role is to sheeple conservatives to quiet down to think he solved the problem.

He was brought in by Silicon Valley to put a face on Twitter because the vagina got a and Jack Dorsey’s were just open fascists. Musk’s role is to put a clean face on it to make people think he solved problems. But what he’s actually done is people like myself, people are independent voices are actually held in digital cages.

And through this backdoor censorship portal, again, it’s not one line of code. It is an entire ecosystem is that diagram that we submitted as courtroom testimony. One of the important things, Steve, that people need to understand is when after yesterday’s video that we did people are saying, well, you know, there’s no evidence.

Well, there’s actually courtroom evidence in 2020, where the judge asks the social media director of the government, are you you know, how did you do this? She goes, we are a partner with government actually in black and white text in court transcripts. And then when the judge asked her how you use the portal to take down Dr. Shiva, who was a US Senate candidate, how did you feel they said, we felt relieved.

So this is not any conspiracy. This is in black and white courtroom text, and transcripts. What’s unfortunate as this was three years ago, Steve, you guys covered a Gateway Pundit covered it all these conservative influencers, who today claim that they are for fighting for free speech, where were they in 2020? Because we all know delay truth is deadly.

Had they covered it, then we could have had impact over the last 24 months. Well, everything is sort of fossilized. You have the quote unquote, conservative things Musk is there, you know, false, false god.

And you know, it is Easter coming up steam. We can’t forget that most of Christ’s work was not going after the direct establishment, but the not so obvious establishment, the Sadducees and the Pharisees, and that’s what we have today. And it’s also important to recognize that Pierre Omidyar the Murdochs particularly Pierre Omidyar funded the non governmental agency known as a Center for Internet security, again, one part of this backdoor portal, and Omidyar funded that to be the clearing house to launder the censorship.

Well, I find it fascinating that the intercept does a plagiarize version of our work to just recently tries to take credit for it when we are the ones who did it. But they leave out this big thing. Pierre Omidyar, even, you know, big tech censorship experts like Glenn Greenwald, who have exposed Pierre Omidyar, they leave out this connection that Pierre Omidyar is the one who funded this backdoor censorship portal, and the data is there.

It’s all in courtroom evidence. So the bottom line is this is this backdoor censorship portal is an ecosystem. It’s dangerous, because it’s an Enron against the First Amendment.

And you know, in 2008, when the Bush administration was around, hey, just hang on. We’re running out of time. And I want to make sure we get this in before the weekend.

So your study with all the testimony they’ve had in the weaponization of government committee, are you saying that this the backdoor portal and the echo system is still operational as we speak today on Twitter. It’s fully operational. Stephen, in fact, has gotten more sophisticated.

And you can see what Musk is doing is this. So this, you know, open sourcing is just a limited hangout cover up not to discuss the real issue. Clayton Morris directly asked Musk on December 22nd.

And open Twitter spaces Dr. Chivas lawsuit expose the backdoor portal, have you taken it down? How is this consistent with your being a free speech absolutist he goes, ooh, let me get back to you on it. That sounds Orwellian.

But that’s four months ago, and I haven’t been the only one who has been tweeting against it, exposing it. And he thinks he’s doing me a service, Steve, by putting me back on Twitter being a free speech guide. The reality is, every time I tweet it against on this issue, more and more and more, I’m being squeezed.

And if you notice, an article came out, saying that Musk has a list of 35 people that he actively promotes AOCs on it, Ben Shapiro’s on it. So he promotes the not so obvious establishment on the left, and the not so obvious establishment on the right to create this fake dialectic as though he’s some supporter of free speech. This guy’s one of the most dangerous people what Dorsey was easy to identify what Musk is doing is giving the illusion of free speech when he is maintaining this backdoor portal and will not ask a fundamental question.

I challenge Elon Musk, if he’s about open source, release for each Twitter account, each account the ontologies a key word, right. And all the internal external requests that have been issued for my account, your account everyone’s account, Steve, that would be open source. But he won’t do that because he’s an alignment with government because his multibillion dollar valuation of Twitter demands that he maintained section 230 immunity.

We all know social media companies get a 10x on valuation, publishers get a 2x. So in order to maintain his immunity, he’s got it serve his masters, which is government SpaceX got 6 billion from government. Tesla, the entire profitability of Tesla is based on you know, government tax credit he was he was he was in my office in the White House all the time begging for subsidies.

We got a bounce win back freedom all one Is that where people are supposed to go over the weekend to immerse themselves in this Dr. Shiva.

Yes When back That’s where people should go and people go to truth freedom They’ll also see a solution texted Dr.

Shiva look forward to having you back on next week and we’ll dive into this over the weekend. Thank you very much, Dr. Shiva.

This is pretty shocking. The most shocking thing is Dr. Shiva.

Shiva is assertion that this backdoor portal in this ecosystem is still quite active in the crime scene known as Twitter. We’re gonna try to get to the bottom of it all next week.

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