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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT Ph.D, Inventor of Email, is interviewed by Steve Bannon on his show War Room to discuss how Dr.SHIVA’s historic 2020 federal lawsuit against the State of Massachusetts was the first to uncover the full extent of the unholy alliance between Government and Big Tech, a story which Steve Bannon and Gateway Pundit were the only media to cover at the time, and how many influencers on the so-called right are now talking about this story in a limited way to hide Dr.SHIVA’s role in uncovering it along with making it out to be a simple backdoor. In reality, those in power have concocted a fully fleshed-out infrastructure to silence American Citizens bypassing the First Amendment.

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I want to go to Dr. Shiva, Dr. Shiva if memory serves me, this is all your lawsuit, I think a couple of years ago, at least two years ago or even longer, all brought this to light that this backdoor explained it.

Just first I want to just make sure people understand nomenclature. Why is this important? What is a backdoor John Mills is, you know, worked with DEA is not an Intel guy per se, but worked in the intel community as being second lead over there knows a lot about this. He was blown away and got to me over the weekend, when this was exposed on Twitter.

And he hadn’t really heard of the lawsuit. I said, Hey, this is somebody you know, Dr. Shiva has known this for a couple of years.

What is a backdoor? Why is it the third rail? Why when you found it out, it was so important, and I realize hasn’t been covered to the depth that we everybody should have covered it. But why not? Why is this so important? And why does this really put up glaring light on the crime scene? That’s Twitter and quite frankly, Elon Musk, quote unquote, management or mismanagement of Twitter since he’s taken over the crime scene, sir. Steve, the important thing to understand is, you know, the First Amendment says that Congress shall essentially pass no laws to bridge the freedom of speech.

What has happened is the unholy alliances between Silicon Valley and Congress resulted in the formation of Siza, which resulted in the creation of this backdoor portal, which our lawsuit was the first to expose. And it was only you and Gateway Pundit that covered our lawsuit. And it is my opinion that the other influencers and mainstream media were essentially told, directed not to cover this third rail.

And the reason is why, because what our lawsuit uncovered is that the First Amendment is essentially gone. That and when I say backdoor, if you recall, Steve, what we uncovered was on in this September 2020, in October 2020 hearings in Massachusetts where I was thrown off Twitter, and I was thrown off, because I expose government malfeasance, I went into court, represented myself against three attorneys in federal court. And it was revealed that the government, the first revelation was the government has a thing called a Partner Support Portal, a VIP access into Twitter, that they used to silence a US Senate candidate, I received a huge victory at that point on October 30 2020, you guys covered it, Jim Hoft covered it.

And the importance of this was that government and big tech we have fat actually has a particular vehicle to get into it. So you know, John Mills is not getting this, right. It’s not a line of code.

And if we just think it’s a line of code, we’re letting these guys get away. Here’s the big issue. So in October 2020, we figure out there’s a thing called a Partner Support Portal.

That results in May, on November 4, being put back on Twitter, judge ordered Twitter judge ordered the government of Massachusetts that you will not screw around with this guy with his election? Well, on November 4, I’m back on Twitter, unfortunately, after the election, and then I start tweeting away on February 1, when I once again share the evidence on Twitter when I’m put back on of it that the government had participated in election fraud by deleting ballot images boom, Steve, I’m taken off within 17 minutes. And that revealed the existence of algorithms. I went back into federal court on May of 2021.

And during that period, state, Steve, the second part of this portal was I had discovered which I shared with you guys, a series of documents called playbooks which were created at Harvard Belfer school. And those playbooks revealed a step by step manual on how you would silence US citizens if they went against the government. And that manual was revealed in court.

And what that revealed was it was not just the portal with the Partner Support Portal, but an ecosystem of government and non government officials, a rotating door of people who had gotten together at Harvard Belfer school with my defendants, which included Twitter, which included the government of Massachusetts and a whole array of people to create a silencing infrastructure. Okay, which today the Grifters are calling the censorship industrial complex and none of those people covered this in 2020 or 2021. You did Steve and Jim Hoff did.

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com/orientation be the light now let’s go back to our program. And that led to the judgment lawsuit. If you remember the judge said this lawsuit Doctor Chivas lawsuit will go down in history as a lawsuit that will be covered in every constitutional law class.

While we were on your shows, and others did, we were getting this out to close to 250 million people. Again, none of the mainstream media, none of the so called free speech influencers purposely didn’t cover this because this is too. It’s a third rail.

So that led into a follow up hearing, which was supposed to take place in July, in May of 2021. The judge appointed me a constitutional lawyer, he said, You’ve done such a great job in fighting this lawsuit. And at that point, it was me against seven lawyers, three from Twitter, three from the government of Massachusetts and the state election director and the National associate state election directors.

In fact, Wilmer inhale, thought I had shadow counsel, because they said, There’s no way this guy could have written all these briefs. So in June of 2021, you may I remember, Steve, there was a document that came out from the Stanford internet Observatory, which we were the first to expose. And that was called a long fuse report, in the long fuse reported detailed, not only the Partner Support Portal, not only the government and non government actors, but it also detailed the fact that Pierre Omidyar, the guy who founded the intercept, the Murdochs, and other billionaires had contributed to create the non governmental NGO called or support funded called the Center for Internet security, which served as the laundering mechanism.

So government would shut would send their request to silence someone to this NGO, and then the NGO will would tell Twitter, Facebook, etc. That ended up resulting Steven a wonderful diagram, which people can go see on when back, which became part of the second amended complaint.

Well, the lawyer that the judge appointed me freaked out, Steve, and he said, Oh, my God, he goes, where’d you get this? He then two, three days before the lawsuit is due, he guts my entire lawsuit, says Shiva, you’re going to make history be happy to just bet get back on Twitter for it with injunctive relief, drop all the claims against the government? Well, I don’t want to play that game state. And I refused. And within 72 hours, not only that, I have to fire this lawyer, but then I had to do 1000s of pages of briefs myself.

When I went into court on July of 2021. It was like a pit of vipers. Steve, by the way, 5000 people were in zoom over the course of this watching this lawsuit.

And again, none of the mainstream media covered this. In July, what ended up happening was a judge threatened me he said you will only you will drop all the claims against the government. He threatened me with going after all my computers threaten me with criminal time, jail time, etc.

And then he sealed the lawsuit. Because he wanted to hide that diagram. While I’d already put it up on Twitter.

I mean, up on social media, on my own website went back But what that revealed was that the backdoor portal is an ecosystem of these billionaires who funded the NGOs, government, non government officials, the entire sort of it was a it was a mini PhD thesis, Steve.

So we are so again, no one covered it. But you guys, in October of this year, or 2022, October 2020, you may remember Musk walking in to twitter saying oh, I’m gonna let this sink in. And on the 29th I was still on Facebook, I posted I said, Ilan, if you’re serious about free speech, are you going to take down this backdoor portal? Well, that started going semi viral, and then boom, the interset drops his story, saying, Oh my God, we’ve discovered this backdoor portal with DHS.

Well, remember, see the backdoor portal is a full ecosystem. And this is what is called in in the intelligence community, a limited hangout. It was a damage control.

And Fang, who was with the intercept gets suddenly promoted all over the internet. Tucker Carlson has him on Glenn Greenwald retreats from the ACLU. And it was a plagiarism of our lawsuit.

But it was a limited version. It was a tip of the iceberg. This is a classic technique where the intelligence community releases a little piece of something and then wants to hide the larger ecosystem.

Well, I blasted the intercept, I blasted you know, Tucker, etc. Because why Why don’t you cover our stuff? Because I emailed Tucker and Greenwald back in 2020. And the reality is that the intercept story was a limited hangout damage control because they knew Dr.

Shiva, I wasn’t going to stop. And I continued blasting it out there. And but but, but back on Twitter, hang on a second, Glenn Glenn Greenwald had been at the tip of the spear of exposing this.

Why would they? What did Fang who’s pretty well known guy? What did Fang not cover? When they basically said hey, we now see that there’s a there’s a backdoor portal, what they that they didn’t get to the depths of the ecosystem that it’s actually just deeper than a portal. There’s an entire ecosystem that part of it’s funded by these by these billionaires in partnership with Stanford and other people. Is that what They didn’t get to.

Yeah, well, they didn’t get to the, the important piece of Steve this ecosystem. DHS is one small piece. It’s like, you know, you’re looking at the elephant, you’re showing them the tusk and you say, let’s move along.

The reality is who funded the Center for Internet Securities Clearing system to do this laundering of censorship? Pierre Omidyar. Steve Pierre Omidyar, as you know, is the one who founded eBay. He’s the one who bought Pay Pal for musk and Thiel.

And guess who funded started and funded the intercept and funded it, Pierre Omidyar. So why don’t you cover your boss who founded started the intercept? Why aren’t you revealing that he’s the one who funded this backdoor mechanism and funded the clearance mechanism. So this is, you know, you remember the Nixon administration and the Haldeman tapes, they found out, Nixon said, Oh, we don’t want to really release everything about Watergate, let’s release a manicured story.

So the public thinks they got it and let’s move along. And that’s what they do. Let me go back to this.

Is your suit still sealed by the judge that he is your suit still sealed? And the only thing that we have? Is your diagram, the only thing you were able to get out? What I? Yeah, what I did, Steve, was that they wanted to buy me out, which is just get back on Twitter, you know, and drop all the other claims. And the judge had a threat of criminal and all this stuff against me. So what I did was I filed a an amended complaint, which included the diagram, and I said, Screw you guys, I don’t want to just go back on Twitter and hide all the stuff.

But now, Steve, we’re starting the lawsuit, which we’ll be we’ll be filing very shortly against SYS and DHS. You see, we went after the government of Massachusetts. Remember we never went after Twitter.

The judge brought in Twitter. It was always a government. And now we’re going after the real issue, which was which is the federal government Syosset and DHS, but the bottom line I think that third rail is that if you look at this, Elon Musk knows everything about it.

The day that I got back on Twitter in December 2020 22. I did a tweet which said, Hey, Ilan, I’ll be the CEO of Twitter. Well, that got like 20 million views.

After that, Steve from December, January, February, March, I started escalating my attacks on musk. I said, Are you going to take down this portal this backdoor portal, Clayton Morris from redacted in an open Twitter spaces on December 22, said Musk Dr. Chivas lawsuit has shown that this backdoor portal Are you going to take it down now? Musk thinks everyone else is stupid.

He said, Well, that’s very interesting. It sounds very Orwellian. I’ll get back to you.

He’s never gotten back to anyone. But since December, January, February, I’ve escalated tweet after tweet after tweet. Are you going to take down this backdoor portal? And I’ve had to take a lot of heat from quote unquote conservatives, who think that Musk is their, you know, false god.

And the reality is, every time I tweeted Steve up upwards, attacking him, my impressions have gone down from 500,000 per day to 350,000 to 50,000 to 20,000. Musk is not it’s a crime saying he’s part of the crime scene. I know.

There’s no doubt about it. Dr. Shiva, we’re gonna have to bounce back get to get you back on after the show.

We’ll figure it out. Right now. How do people go and get access to as much information because the graph immerse themselves in this where do they go right now to get the most information possible to heavy background? They should go to win back freedom.

com. It lays out all the all this dossiers and the transcripts of our lawsuit exposes you know, all these influencers te B and all these people who are essentially lapdogs for Musk covering up and doing essentially feigning transparency, Steve So when back There’s a lot more to this, but Musk is really the devil here.

And people and conservatives are being shuffled back into you know, thinking that he’s solving free speech. In fact, what he’s done is created an environment where it’s it’s essentially the death of free speech. 2.

0 Dorsey was very open about it, Musk is essentially taking a much more sophisticated view and people are in digital cages now. Okay, let’s get we’re gonna get everybody to the site and then we’ll return to work with you and get you back on tomorrow to go on and take another cut of this and go into more depth because this is very explosive. I knew as soon as Mills came to me with the technical part of it.

I said, well hang on this dovetails right back to what she was talking about. And now remember, it was actually before the election 2020 You were you think exactly September October, September, October. Okay, Doctor.

Thanks, Steve.

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