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In this discussion, Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, The Inventor of Email, sits down with Clayton Morris of REDACTED to expose the the SECRET – the ACTUAL METHOD – the “Limited Hangout” – to COVER UP the Big Truth of Government and Big Tech Censorship Infrastructure discovered by Dr. SHIVA over TWO YEARS ago in his historic 2020 Federal Lawsuit. All the documents related to this are at:

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  • The Biden Administration is looking to monitor over 200,000 sources of data from social media companies in an open admission of their partnership with Big Tech.
  • The US Government’s admission deflects from the fact that their infrastructure is not merely set up to MONITOR American citizens, but to CENSOR them.
  • This admission follows the recent “DHS Leaks” story, which is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Dr.SHIVA discovered in 2020.
  • When you look at this whole network of interconnections between Government, “Non-Profits”, and Social Media Corporations, it’s all one systems network.
  • Dr.SHIVA explains the term “Limited Hangout,” and how this method is used by Intelligence Agencies.
  • Pierre Omidyar is an intelligence asset, with extensive ties to NGOs and private firms that work as middle-men for Government agencies.
  • What the public needs to understand is that this has been going on for a long time.
  • We must raise the public’s consciousness and build an independent movement.

The Biden Administration is looking to monitor over 200,000 sources of data from social media companies in an open admission of their partnership with Big Tech.

Interviewer-Clayton – Well, a Deep State Censorship of Political Opponents is about to get much worse. A new report from Reclaim the Net claims that the Biden Administration is about to sign a contract with Data Miner, which is a licensing deal for the company’s product that is used to monitor social media.

This will give them the power to monitor over 200,000 online sources of data, then the White House can leap in action and basically CENSOR Anything that they want, based on what they see after there, maybe a little bit instead of a whole new office that’s going to be monitoring all of this, someone who knows all about being censored and deep-platformed is Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, he is the he uncovered the deep censorship infrastructure between Big Tech and the Federal Government.

Dr.SHIVA, welcome back to the show. Thank you so much for joining us, I want to get into what you uncovered. And just how big this deep state infrastructure actually is. But first, I want to get your reports on this, your, get your thoughts on this new report out today about the Biden Administration looking to monitor over 200,000 sources of data. Does this surprise you at all?

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – No, it doesn’t claim a little bit of background, you know, I went through the Data Miner, which is a tool that they’re going to be using, it’s a licensing deal for I think about 30 different licenses.

What’s fascinating about this is, I have a sort of an intimate experience in this from the Science and Technology standpoint, back in 1993. You know, when I was doing my PhD in what’s called AI and Pattern Analysis, I actually won a contest to automatically analyze and route and categorize email, and it was a contest that was sponsored by the Executive Office of the President when Clinton was there.

And the government at that time, there’s some legitimate uses, because you wanted to use it against foreign adversaries for threats to the President, right, etc. So, I ended up winning that contest and my technology won.

I ended up creating a for profit company in the field of Customer Service. So, if you send an email to, for example, American Express, our technology is figured out and routed to the right people.

Now, the government was more interested in using that, you know, at the surface level that was put out for monitoring threats to the President, threats to the U.S. Citizens. Now technologies like Data Miner, and in fact, what I built back then could easily be used for monitoring on U.S. Citizens. And this is what the issue is, obviously governments want to protect their borders and their citizens from foreign adversaries.

The US Government’s admission deflects from the fact that their infrastructure is not merely set up to MONITOR American citizens, but to CENSOR them.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – But the reality is, technologies like this are being used against U.S. Citizens. In fact, there’s a whole technology infrastructure. And that’s what we discovered back in 2020, which is not just any one player, or just one technology, Clayton.

It’s an entire system of technologies, a system, a network of operations involving academia, it involves the government, you know, and essentially private companies where you can Launder Censorship, but tools like Data Miner have been around for a long time.

When I was at MIT in 1981, when I came as an undergraduate, the entire third floor of the MIT Computer Science Lab, everyone knew it was run by the NSA. So, we have to understand that every four or five years, the News will put out stuff like this, little piecemeal pieces.

And I think we need to get a little bit smarter as a public to recognize that the technology which was potentially used, like Data Miner, which they say was, was used by the Air Force.

In that article, right, for foreign adversaries now is being pointed at the U.S. Citizens through this Domestic Censorship Infrastructure that we discovered in 2020, which allows the government at this layer, using eight non-profit NGOs to Launder Censorship. And that NGO infrastructure was funded not only by DHS, but by Pierre Omidyar, who is a founder and who funds The Intercept.

This admission follows the recent “DHS Leaks” story, which is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what Dr.SHIVA discovered in 2020.

Interviewer-Clayton – So, when the DHS, when the Department of Homeland Security comes out on 9/11, and you have Mayorkas saying, you know, we’re not so much focused on foreign adversaries anymore.

Now, the real threat is at home. He’s just representing a small piece of this. So, your research has uncovered that that is really the DHS piece of this. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you look at this whole network of interconnections between Government, “Non-Profits”, and Social Media Corporations, it’s all one systems network.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Oh, yeah, I mean, to just talk about DHS Leaks, in many ways is a subterfuge, it is a misdirection one of the things that occurred, Clayton, as from what we spoke about last time, is you know, what was racking my brain was here in 2020, we had figured out not just the tip of the iceberg, but the entire iceberg.

That entire Network Diagram, which includes multiple layers, government, academic organizations, who created many, many different systems architecture playbooks, which is right on that diagram at Those architectural diagrams when we put them all together, out of that emerged this Domestic Censorship Infrastructure Network Diagram, we call it the Government and Big Tech Infrastructure Diagram, which is out there, which has been out there for two years.

And when you look at that diagram, the basis of our lawsuit was that we had discovered that the government over here is not supposed to monitor the U.S. Citizens. It’s a violation, a gross violation of the First Amendment.

So, what we found in these documents they said was, in order to monitor the U.S. Citizens, we had to fill in the gap with non-governmental entities who they can launder the censorship through. Well, to fill in the gap, a non-governmental entity was called the Center for Internet Security, which is not only funded by DHS, but none other than Pierre Omidyar himself, who over here is also The Intercept funder and founder.

So, and then when you look at this whole network, DHS is one little piece of it. You have CISA, you have Harvard-Belfer School involved, you have all the Big Tech companies involved. You have the families like the Murdochs, the Zuckerberg, the Omidyars.

And then you have AP, and News organizations. It’s all one Systems Network. So out of that Systems Network, Clayton, to simply pick out the DHS and leak it itself is an intelligence misdirection operation, and that’s what The Intercept did.

So, when I started, you know, after we spoke, you know, speaking to a very good friend of mine, I said, You know what, it seems like recurrently you have the big story, the big iceberg, and somewhere along the process, I have it down to a science. Conceal.

Then Plagiarize, step two, then Misattribute, step three, Prevaricate and lie, Hijack the original story and disseminate a small piece of it. And that is what The Intercept Fang and Klippenstein did.

I mean, come on, you can just type in Google, and you’ll see on Influenced Watch that Pierre Omidyar funded the Center for Internet Security, which houses ISAC, which is the clearing house for the communications, which we brought out two years ago.

But if you look today, they amplify their small tip of the iceberg. And this is a misdirection because what it does is in a recurrent process of News dissemination, the public thinks, oh, wow, we got the quote, unquote, “Truth”. Let’s move on. This process. Interestingly, Clayton, I found out recently, is called the Limited Hangout.

Interviewer-Clayton – They actually. So, they have a name for this. They

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Yes.

Interviewer-Clayton – Where they release a small piece of information as a misdirection. Yeah, they call it a Limited Hangout. Now, where does this come from? Who, who came up with this name? Where does this term come from?

Dr.SHIVA explains the term “Limited Hangout,” and how this method is used by Intelligence Agencies.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Fascinating. So, since we spoke, you know, separate from doing the stuff that I do as an independent journalist and a researcher, I also run a company in which we do medical research.

So, I was on a phone call on scientific research with one of the largest cancer institutions talking about science. At the end of that call. They had seen this News and they said, “Dr.SHIVA, tell us what’s going on.”

And I told him, you know, there’s this very interesting process. One of the guys on the phone call was an MD, PhD in Cancer Research. He said, “You know what, that what you just told me is a term called the Limited Hangout.” And I go, what does that mean?

He goes with a release of a limited portion of the story. They let it hangout. And this term came out of the Nixon Watergate tapes. Apparently, Nixon knew that he was seriously involved in the entire burglary, etc. So, he and Haldeman in those tapes are saying, why don’t we do a Limited Hangout, let the story be limited, a small piece of it Hangout.

And so I went, I did some research on this, and anyone can find this a guy called David Brown and, and it’s out there he says, There is a term in art and politics and among and he defines this among intelligence professionals, that is known as a “Limited Hangout.

Whenever one’s veil of secrecy is penetrated spies or politicians can employ misdirection to distract the public. That technique involves disclosing a self-contained and sensational, relatively benign version of the story to lay out all the cards on the table in assuage concerns that anyone is trying to hide anything upon learning the quote, unquote “Truth”, quote, like the DHS Leaks as presented, the public is mollified and moves on with no real scrutiny of note missing the Real story altogether.

They would acknowledge certain events and withhold others with the effect of clearing, in this case, they talked about Nixon, the President, in this case, Pierre Omidyar, of any wrongdoing. It’s a classic technique.

It’s almost like they have a scientific capability and it’s part of the Intelligence Network. So, when I stepped back and looked at it, it’s like you just use your rational mind.

Pierre Omidyar is an intelligence asset, with extensive ties to NGOs and private firms that work as middle-men for Government agencies.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Here’s Pierre Omidyar, who’s, by the way, everywhere. He’s the one who was involved, anyone does a little bit of research, and we have it all on

We’ve documented from other sources. He’s involved in the intelligence work over in Ukraine, right? He’s involved in putting out Fake News over here. He’s actually involved in developing technologies like Data Miner to watch people’s behaviors and figure out how to quote unquote, “Intercept” these communications.

So, what is Pierre Omidyar doing? He’s an intelligence asset Clayton when you really put it together, over here, he funds all these intelligence and media organizations he funded the Center for Internet Security, and if you look at what he particularly funded was how government, the protocol, would communicate through the NGO through the ISACs to the Big Tech organizations.

And we’ve had it up there for two years. Glenn Greenwald. We sent it to him.

Interviewer-Clayton – Yeah.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – The ACLU knew about it. And now they amplify the HALF Truth. So, I have to come to the logical conclusion. Here’s Pierre Omidyar, he created The Intercept for fearless and courageous, you know, aggressive, investigate the communication.


Over here, he’s involved in the Censorship Network, and Fang and Klippenstein purposefully leave out his name. So, our work is the original work that was plagiarized, wholesale put out there, as a part of this Limited Hangout.

What the public needs to understand is that this has been going on for a long time.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – And so, I think what the public needs to understand is, yeah, they’ll want to know, oh, Data Miner, this and this, and this has been going on for a long time before Snowden came out.

Anyone in technology knows that the NSA has been involved in spying on all of us. The issue is, how does the News organization release the story in these Limited Hangouts to assuage the public, and so we move on, but we’re not going to let them get away with this this time, Clayton, because we did that story.

In fact, if you look at my Facebook posts, I wrote to the Pulitzer Committee, and the Polk Awards Club, because these guys are probably going to try to get a Pulitzer out of this. And we want to cut that off.

And we’ve documented that if they’re going to give a Pulitzer, it should go to the person who did, and I say this without arrogance. We’re the ones who busted our butts to do this.

We were like, day and night, that diagram is another PhD Thesis. The important thing is when you study that diagram, it’s everyone’s involved. Harvard is involved. The Belfer Institutes involved, Stanford is involved, they have created a Domestic Censorship Infrastructure.

So, they can do an end run around the First Amendment, they can Launder Censorship and those terms we put out there in 2020. So, you have to start wondering, my conclusion of all this is anyone who’s leaking the so-called Big News, and they’re getting Major News, media visibility, they’re part of it.

Interviewer-Clayton – That we know is one. Yes, it is one big, it is one Big Censorship Party, and they are all part of it. They’re all part of this one Deep State cabal.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Limited. And they have this Limited Hangout feature now, which is a wonderful part of it. Because in a democracy, people like you and I, we will do research, we will, you know, do the hard work.

So, when the Big Iceberg of REAL Research comes out, they have this methodology to release a piece of it to mollify the public, but hide the big piece. And that’s exactly what The Intercept intercept DHS Leaks is about. No one should give them any credit, they plagiarized. They did a Limited Hangout period. And in, we’ve updated the front part of that website. And we’ve laid it all out. So, all the contents from two years ago there, plus our new analysis.

Interviewer-Clayton – Wonderful. Well, Dr.SHIVA, keep fighting the good fight. And I wanted to get you on to talk about this latest news plus this limited Hangout. So, thank you so much for your continued, continued work on this. And being a ray of hope, against, against this Big Government, Big Data Tech Censorship. Thank you so much for joining us.

We must raise the public’s consciousness and build an independent movement.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – One final point, I want to make Clayton and I want your audience to notice that it’s more than a ray of hope we have now because we’ve built our own independent movement,

We had all these independent journalists, other networks of people during those two years, they got the story out, over 200 million people saw all the content we’ve done. And that’s also documented.

And that’s only the way out of this Clayton, we have to build our own Independent News. And always put it out first and keep it in front and front facing. So, I’m glad you’re doing this piece.

And you did it before because we cannot give credit to those people. We’re doing these Limited Hangouts and credit matters because it drives people to understand who their Real Leaders are.

People come Bottoms-up, not these top-down people who get all the visibility and are actually there to crunch the actual stories and the actual truth. I appreciate what you’re doing.

Interviewer-Clayton – Well, my pleasure and I want all of our audiences watching right now. I don’t usually ask you to do this but please, you know, share this story, just click on the little Share button and you know, share it out with a friend.

Send it as a text message to somebody who you know is constantly consuming mainstream media, these News organizations and just tell them, Watch this interview with Dr.SHIVA. Just watch this. It’ll open your eyes. So, Dr.SHIVA, Thank you so much for joining us.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai – Thank you very much Clayton. Be Well.

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